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i am a male and in my fantasy...i had just gotten home from school. the siblings were at daycare, whereas i was all alone. i decided to try on some unused clothes of my sisters. i put on the panties and bra first. then the ultra tight jeans and tee-shirt. i look in the mirror and notice that there was quite alot of buldge in the crotchel region. "hmmm..." i said. "i can't be looking like this if i were to be ladylike." Ben, a large samoied, was in the other room watching me pose from the doorway. i was trying to pull my penis under me so that it would do the "man-jina" when all of the sudden i am tripping about with Ben hugging my leg. "is this how you treat my sister?" i asked. soon he started thrusting prety hard, when i lost my balence. i had never experimented with animals before, but i was not hating this position. i fall to me hands and knees, when he manouvers to my rear. his is panting, and it looks like he is smileing (that way they do that). i look underneeth my girlie jeans to see (and feel) his prety pink shaft rubbing between my thighs. imediatly i am turned on by this, and i have an enourmous craving for his cum. so i pull my girlie pants and panties off slightly, so that they are just far down enought to clear my still growing erection. his front paws have a very tight grip on me, so i can't really go anywhere. then his prety pink shaft finds my hole, and starts pushing. it is not going far because i have not lost my ass-virginity yet (being a 100% virgin at the time) i help his shaft into my hole, until i know, he knows what he's doing... "OHHHH!" it enters and pokes into me with a determination. "oh god" i say. this was the first sexual encounter i have ever had, and it feels GOOD! his balls are hovering about, and i watch then in delight as they slap into mine. soon i feel paralized with pleasure as my back arches. he speeds up in his rythm, and starts shooting his seed into me. it is so hot and it makes me hump the air in orgasmic thrusts. his knot begin widening me. i start to climax. "ooooooooooh" i shreek with pleasure, as his stream shoots onto my prostate. this causes me to start spasming. i begin to cum all over my panties. the jets stream out as hard as Ben is thrusting. "mmmmm... wow i think ill stay home sick from school tommorow." i say arousingly to Ben. once he is finished, his knot is still inside me. i hadn't anticipated this, and my mom will be home soon with my little bro, and sis. boy will she be pissed if she find me wearing her clothes with cum all over them and a dog mounting me. i can tell that i am going to be here for a while. so i decide that i can masterbait and get off again while he's still in me. so i just start going at it, using his seed that is occumulating out of my hole as lubricant. some of the doggie cum i try to taste. hmmm, i think. its not so bad. maybe ill try some for lunch tomorow. as i finally cum all over again, his knot subsides and slips out of me. i reach for his freed shaft and quickly put it in my mouth, sucking as much seed as i can get into me. as for the clothes, i take them off and rubthe cumm filled panties all over my belly and butt... i am naked and covered with cum. so i shower off and wash the clothes. shortly after my shower the family comes home. and Ben is in a suprisingly good mood. i pat him on the head and say "your a good boy." to be continued...this was my first story, and i hope you enjoyed it! hugz not drugz!
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