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this is my first story i hope you all like it One day kevin the husky was walking around the icy tundra when he heard it... the most beautiful sound ever it was a voice, a voice of an angel. he followed the sound until he saw the maker of the sound it was a female human and she was singing the most beautiful song he had ever heard... he walked up to her at first she thought he was a wolf and went for the rifle, then recognizing the dog as her neighbors her crotch began to grow moist and swell with her flowing juices she layed down the rifle and began to masterbate. the dog taking this as her wanting to mate ran twards her and tried to mount her, when she threw him off he was taken aback but it was just a violent orgasm and she called the dog back. he came hurling with full force wet nose in her pussy sniffing and licking, his penis grew and grew and then he jumped and mounted her and began to hump with all his might. he whined as he reached his sexual climax. she, felling his knot growing in her began to orgasm too they both orgasmed at once and she could feel his warm cum flowing into her warming her from the icy chill on the tundra he dismounted. but she wasnt done with him... she grabbed hold of his cock and began to pump with all her might he was yelping with pleasure and happiness. then it happened... her neighbor came over the hill and screamed what the hell are you doing to kevin!" she blushed put her clothes on and said "oh nothing just training him for the real challenge... TO BE CONTINUED oh dear jesus i hope you liked, and i also want you to know i almost cummed in the middle of writing this (lucky you guys now you can read it) your home diggidy dog, alex munoz This post has been edited by alexmunoz on Dec 24 2005, 06:05 AM
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