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The next morning, Duke and I left Oklahoma City for Dallas. I couldnt help thinking about the truck drivers who serviced me very well the night before. My cunt burned at the thought. All that cum and all that warm piss. Shit this is going to be a wonderful trip, I quietly said to myself. We arrived in Dallas about Noon and checked into a pretty nice place. I had some meetings to attend the next day so I was free for now. I got Duke all squared away in the room, and I stripped and put on a two piece swim suit, and headed to the hot tub. I knew that I would pretty well have the run of the place being this early. God this feels good as I slipped into the warm water. There were some kids playing in the indoor pool area, and their poor dad looked like he was run to death, keeping up with them. Glad its him and not me, I thought to myself. He looked to be in his late 20s and built pretty good. I watched him chasing the kids, and looking like he had rather be somewhere else. My mind kept going back to the truck drivers, and watching this guy and his kids. About that time a real bitch from the gates of hell arrived. His wife. Shit she was rounding up kids and yelling at hubby for not having them in for a nap or some shit as that. The way she was yelling I expected to see the top of her head to just fly off. What that whore needs is about a 10 dick shoved in her ass to the balls, and another in her mouth to shut her up, I grinned to myself. That would fix her up. She stormed out with the kids, making hubby feel about an inch tall. Damn shame, people act that way. I stood up to get out of the tub, and I guess that was the first that he has seen me. He had been so busy with those kids and the whore from hell. He watched me as I dried off, I was taking my time, slowly moving the towel over my body, so he wouldnt miss anything. My suit had worked its way up into my cunt, so I turned towards him and pulled it from inside me. Allowing him so see my bald cunt. I wrapped the towel around me, and headed for the door. I glanced back and smiled and winked at him as I left the room. Duke was ready for a walk when I returned, so I leashed him and away we went towards the back side of the building. Hurry up Duke, its chilly out here I am almost naked and wet too, I told him. It looks like someone likes what mom looks like Duke. The man from the pool was following, trying not to look like he was following me. Well if you will get done we can have some more fun. Off we went back to the room. The room we had was on the end of the building, the jeep infront of the window. We can do this Duke. Moms going to suck you for the nice man. I walked over to the window and pulled the shades back. Sure enough he was out at the edge of the parking lot. He can get a real good look at us Duke. I closed the shades about halfway, allowing him to watch what I was doing. Up on the bed for mom, up boy, I told Duke. He jumped to the middle of the bed. I stood with my back to the half opened shades, and slowly started taking off my swimsuit. I Tossed the top on the dresser, then took a hand on each hip and slowly moved the bottoms down over the cheeks of my tight little ass. Bending all the way over allowing him to see my naked ass. I stood and went to the bed. Duke was licking his cock, let mom do that for you boy. I bent my head down to the red point of his cock, and placed my full lips over his dick. I watched the man moving outside to get a better look, as I sucked Dukes cock to the back of my throat. God I love this. I love to show off my dog sucking talents to men. Dukes cock was leaking precum down my throat and that made me suck even harder. Cum for mom, I said cum in your moms mouth boy. I placed my mouth back over Dukes massive red cock. I worked my tongue all around the red shaft, wanting his cum. Fill your moms mouth with your sweet cum, I told him, I licked his balls as I jacked his cock. Even from a distance I could tell the man watching was now glass eyed. His cock standing hard in his shorts. I smiled and kept eating Dukes cock. He was face fucking me now it wont be long now. He started shooting his cum into my mouth as he face fucked me. I swallowed for all that I was worth not wanting to loose a drop of that sweet dog cum. I licked the few drops of cum that I missed cleaning the dogs cock with my tongue, then licking his balls, sucking them into my mouth one nut then the other. I bent around and gave his asshole a wet kiss and stood up the man was out by my jeep now, he didnt miss anything. I went to the shade smiled at him and closed them. As I closed them you could see the disapointment in his face. Until I cracked the door. Your turn now. I said to him. I want you to fuck my ass while I suck my dog some more. I want your cock in my asshole and fuck it hard for me. I went to the dressing table and got a tube of ky jelly, and handed it to the man. My name is, I dont want to know your name I interupted. I just want that cock of yours in my ass. And I want you to fuck REALLY hard. The man stripped and put the jelly over his cock. I went back to the bed where Duke was. His head on one of the pillows. Moms going to eat your asshole while this nice man fucks mine, I said to him. With my ass in the air I turned to the man, fuck me like you should fuck your wife. Take no prisioners use my asshole, I told him. I bent down to eat my dogs ass, as the man placed his cock between my ass cheeks. As I placed my mouth over my dogs asshole, the man eased his cock into my tight little shitter. Shove to the balls, I said. With that he did, I screamed a little as his cock streached my asshole. Now fuck me hard, I told him. He moved the length of the shaft in and out of my hole while I put my tongue inside Dukes asshole. I sucked the dogs ass harder with each stroke of the mans cock. I was licking from the dogs asshole to his balls to the end of his shaft, the man was moaning and I knew he was going to shoot soon. I have yet to find a man that can hold his cum for very long, while watching me eating a dogs cock. Dont cum in my ass, I told the man I want to eat it. Eat it now then bitch I am cumming. He pulled his cock from my asshole and I went straight for it. He grabbed my hair and shoved his slick dick into my mouth. It exploded as my lips went over the head, filling my mouth with his hot sweet cum. He was shaking all over his ass clenched tight and he shot a wad like he hadnt cum in a month. I swallowed all of the sweet juice, Then licked his nuts cleaning him just like I clean my dogs. The man had to sit down he was weak and exhausted. My asshole was still burning. and wanting more. Go sit in the chair and watch, see just how you fuck a woman in the ass. Up Duke, Show this man how to fuck moms asshole. I got to my knees on the bed and slapped my ass. Mount mom boy, I said. Fuck moms asshole. You can take that cock in your ass the man asked. I can now that you have been there first. Duke mounted my wanting ass, his cock stabbing air and around my cunt. I got his dick and put the tip inside my ass. Duke is much larger than the man. But he went into me great. Duke was fucking and i was pushing my ass farther down the shaft. I had about 8 inched of dog meat in my asshole and now I want that knot. Duke was getting close to filling me now, I need the knot. I felt him getting deeper into my ass with each stroke. I pushed hard against his knot and felt it streaching my asshole. I pushed harder and it was thereI had it. As the knot pushed in I felt Duke cumming in my ass. FFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK mmmmmeeeee, I screamed, not caring who was around. Duke made his turn and I had him locked. My cunt needed some attention while duke was pulling in my ass. I looked at the man, Crawl under me and eat my cunt. The man looked almost like a robot. He stood and came to me. Eat my pussy. He got under me and placed his mouth over my wet cunt. Eat mmmmeeeeeee. I came. the man eating my pussy, a dog cock in my ass, each time Duke moved I came again and again. He was almost out of my ass when the man eating me got me off one more time. As Duke pulled away from me his dog cum was running down into the mans mouth. I expected him to pull away as well but he didnt, he licked Dukes cum up as fast as it ran from my asshole. He slid farther down trying to get his tongue to my spent ass. I sat up on his face and Dukes cum poured from me. The man ate every drop of Dukes cum out of my ass. He shoved his tongue inside as not to miss any of the cum that was left in me. I fell to the bed. Not wanting to move. You better shower before you leave. That monster you live with will smell me on you, and that wont be a good thing for you. He showered, and asked if he could come back later on tonight. we will see. I am not sure of what or who I will do later. I am on a working holiday and I am going to see how many people in Texas I can fuck. He didnt come back. thanks for reading dottie
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