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I dont know if anyone else has or has posted this kinda thing before...But I dream of being with a raptor. Not 'just sex'. But being intimate, and loving.I myself have dreamt and fantasized of having a sexy, warm raptor male slowly make love with me, and I him... Oh man, I cant even begin to describe the wonderful, wonderful details. Even though I am male, I also have frequent (sometimes more frequent) fantasies about a male raptor and a female human. It doesnt involve me, but it still is one of the most intense and loving feelings I ever recieve.Both of them, love eachother so much, care for eachother so much... They have a nearly perfect life... and oh, how incredible the visions of their intimate moments are... The raptor gently kissing, licking and purring to his mate, while she kisses back and whispers how much she loves him...His scalie body, softly rubbing against her warm, smooth skin...He is only hers, and she is only his...The bed, softly creaking as they lower down onto it, her back resting on the sheets as he lies above her...His claws gently run over her skin, ever so carefully and delicately...She rubs her hands over his body, holding him closer, moaning softly with passion as he gently licks over her breasts with a deep purr and a loving snort...He undulates gently over her, his member rubbing against her labia. So wet...Her juices, leak from her sex running down her legs, wanting him so bad...Their musky scents strong in the air, it brings the feelings of his intense love for her... His sickle toe-claws gently twitch and glide over the sheets...She wraps her arms around his neck, and moves her legs up against his sides...His tail curls with one of her legs...They kiss deeply, as his member gently enters into her, beginning their intimate, love-making coitus that would last throughout the night... One that they only share with eachother... Mates eternal...Ohhhh... I'm sorry got a little carried away there... But it is so incredible... I just needed to share it...I hope you all enjoy the experience.. If I was able to communicate even a portion of it.
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