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Shaggy Bear Story"Wanted: One male model to pose for pictures. Some nude scenes. Apply at...." "Sounds good to me," John thought, as he took the small card off the Job Board. A few hours posing for some "artist" would help pay for his books. John went to the dorm and called. "Hello? Yes, I'm calling about the model...No, no problem with animals...4pm? Sure...See you then." Animals? John went to his room, showered, changed, and left a note for his roommate. "Might be late for beers... Got a 2-hour job stint...John." As he got on his bicycle, he still wondered about that line, "Are you allergic to or afraid of large animals?" It made him wonder.... Maybe he was going to be a star in one of those underground films, where a guy and a dog screw some gal at the same time. "Hah! I should get so lucky," he thought. Between class fees, lab fees, and books, John hadn't had a spare penny for two weeks. And that was also about the last time he'd gotten laid. Oops...almost missed the street...ah, 1227 Blackwater. A fairly large house, but nothing special about it. "De Lau Studios" it said. "And I'm the dean," he thought. But he needed the money, so John got off his cycle and rang the bell. A tall gentleman answered. He had on jeans and a tee-shirt. He certainly didn't look like a weirdo. "Please come in." He ushered the young man into a hall, helped him park his bike, and led him to a large well-lit room. On one side was a large set of curtains with various scenes painted upon them. The man gave him a clip-board, with the standard release form, and left. John sat down, quickly scanned the paper, and shrugged. It all seemed straightforward. He was going to get $150 to let Mr. De Lau film him in the nude, with others as needed. Well... Mr. De Lau returned, with a tripod and camera. "Do you smoke...?" Hmmm..."If you have it." Mr. De Lau handed him a hand-rolled cigarette. John smelled it, then lit it with the proffered lighter. He took a hit, and offered the man the joint. "No, I want my head clear, to focus the camera." John took another puff, put it out, then hid it inside his wallet. Good stuff. He would save it for later. John signed the paper, handed it back, and undressed. The man watched with almost detached interest as John's youthful body was exposed. The curtains with a meadow scene were placed against one wall and opened, while a grass-like mat was placed on the floor. He felt the carpet with his feet. Hey, it actually felt like grass. A few "trees" were put on either side of him, for "realism". Then Mr. De Lau misted him all over with a spray bottle. "What's this for?" "In this scene you've been swimming in a forest pond, and you're going to lie in the sun to dry." "Cool..." John waited until the camera was running, then he walked "in", and lay on his back. Above him, a warm light shone down, making him drowsy. From somewhere in another room, he heard a grunt. Sleepily, he asked, "Who's that?" "Your partner." De Lau whistled, and a bear padded out. "Max. This is John." It moved over to where he lay. "Hey, you didn't say anything BIG animals..." John's eyes widened, as Max grabbed both ankles. "No, but you did sign the release, so if you want to get paid, lay still, and enjoy it...." The bear put its shaggy paws on the man's knees, moving closer. "Please lift your leg... thank you." The bear's wet nose rooted out John's balls, and a warm, wet tongue slapped across them, as John curled one leg around the furred neck. Five claws dug into the man's buttocks, as the animal teased the tip of John's now stiffening cock. "Please rub your penis across Max's mouth." Grabbing his dick, the young man slid the seeping tip back-and-forth along the muzzle, until the black lips were shiny with pre-cum. "Please rub your chest." John ran his hands along his tits, thumbing the nipples. "O.K. Max, go ahead." As he watched, fascinated, the bear opened it's mouth, and slowly, torturously, swallowed all seven inches of his erection. The pinkish tongue slid out, and guided a fat cock-head into the warm opening. Holding the young man down with one paw, Max proceeded to suck and nibble in the sensitive piece of flesh. John wanted to scream, yell, drive the entire length in to the roots, but that massive forearm held him firmly on the "grass". Only when the bear was thoroughly satisfied that the young man couldn't take anymore, did it allow the rest of the man-meat to slide across it's tongue. And it kept sliding its muzzle down, until it had buried that twitching nose in his hairs, and those rubbery lips nestled themselves around the thick hilt. As long as John's dick was, it barely touched the back of Max's throat. One paw squeezed his ass, and the other rubbed his thigh, while a furred head bobbed over his crotch. "Damn! I'm really getting off on this," John thought hazily, still playing with his chest. A paw caressed his balls, and as they swelled, ready to explode, Max suddenly pulled off of his dick. "What?!?" The claws that were digging into his butt, now curled around his slick cock. Now the animal jerked rapidly on his maleness, lapping on the tip, mouth open to catch all of his cum. "Oh shit...I'm... I'mmmm...Aaaarrrrggh!" The cock-head flared, as a wad of sperm splattered against the back of the bear's throat. Max kept jacking, and lapping. More cum gushed out, and was taken in by a fast moving tongue. The bear growled deeply, and slammed both paws into the young man's thighs, clamped its mouth on the still-spurting manhood, and with long sucks, punctuated with snorts and gulps, Max drained John's balls totally. Only when nothing came out of the cock did the bear let the shrinking dick slide out. The young man had two handfuls of the "grass" still in his clenched fists, and his jaw was clenched so hard his teeth almost cracked. Wow!!! He had come close to passing out...But...Wait a minute...What's it doing now? Max had shoved his knees up, and was now sliding his head beneath them. John found himself with both legs over the bear's shoulders, and both hands with a paw pressing down on them. "What the Fu...Unnnnhhhh" A bulbous cock-head slid into his anus, followed by a thick cock. Still reeling from his orgasm, he didn't even put up a struggle, as Max's dick slithered into the sheath. The animal grunted and licked an erect nipple, while it pressed its hairy legs into his buttocks. Both man and bear groaned, then Max started smoothly buggering John, who found his hands free. One paw held a leg up, so Mr. De Lau could get a better shot of the bear-cock pumping the man's tanned ass, while with the other paw Max teased first one, then the other teat. John, finding both hands free, rubbed the animal's fore-legs, neck, ears, and whatever else he could reach. The more the bear fucked him, the hornier he became. Must be the weed, he thought. Suddenly, Max bent double, and started sucking on his erection. The funny part was his head wasn't fuzzy at all. He could feel everything...the cock moving in his anus, the tongue rubbing the underside of his cock-head, the paw rubbing his tit. Max growled around the dick, and as John's second orgasm washed over him, he felt the bear's huge dickhead swell inside him. Bear cum, warm and sticky, sprayed his intestines. John lay back and absorbed it all. Again, the animal didn't stop sucking until the young man's balls were drained. But, this time, so were the bear's. They hung in their leathery sac, emptied into an anus that had tried to pull Max's cock out by the roots. The bear disappeared into another room, while Mr. De Lau helped John get cleaned up and dressed. Groggily, he took his pay, and made his way back to the Dorm.... The following week, once again John was in the studio, but this time he was on "all fours". Max padded up to him from behind, and lapped at his balls, then licked and nibbled on the young man's ass. John groaned. "Come on, Big Boy, fuck me!" The bear put a paw on either side of him, and he could feel the fur tickle his butt and back as Max covered him. The young man groaned under the weight of the horny animal. The bear grunted, and John felt the seeping tip of the huge bear-cock sliding around his ass-crack, searching...and..."Unnnhhhhh!"...finding his puckered anus. One paw latched onto John's thigh, holding him steady, while hard, thick inches of bear-cock slid into his willing passage. John shook his head. Damn, but that felt good! At last Max was in to the hilt, ballsack rubbing ballsack. The paw that was holding onto the man's thigh slid across and curled around John's erect dick. Yow!!! Now, as the horny bear slid out, five claws slid the length of his cock. They squeezed the sensitive tip, then pulled back, as Max humped deep into the human. John was awash with sexual feelings. He couldn't believe it... He was really getting turned on! "Oh shit! Oh, yeah!! Fuck me silly, you big-dicked bastard!!!" John's arms gave out and he fell on his face, his hips still pumping into the bear's groin. His orgasm came like a wildfire, lighting up his nervous system with pinpoints of ecstasy.... It was Saturday, early evening. John got on his bike, and pedaled down to the local bar. He paid up his bar tab, which surprised just about everybody, and sat down gingerly with a beer. His "good" friend Mark came over. Mark was a troublemaker, pretending to be friendly but always stirring some kind of shit. "Wow, man! You look beat. Rough night?" Mark asked. John grinned, and sipped his beer. "You don't know the half of it, man..." Mark grinned at him. "Ummm...You know, man...I've been looking a way to make some bread too..." Good ol' Mark, always bumming something. "Sure, man. I think I have a line on a job for you...One minute..." John got up, and went over to the telephone. "Mmmm, Hello? Mr. De Lau...Yes, it's me...John...ummm, say, I was wondering If you needed someone to make another picture...Well, you see I have a friend who's interested...Tuesday?", he looked at Mark, and a picture formed of Max fucking his friend, while that mouth vacuumed his cock again..."No, no Tuesday will be fine...See you then...Thanks, bye." "Well?" Mark asked. John smiled. Well, asshole, I'm about to get even for all the trouble you ever caused me in the past. "All set. Next Tuesday. It's a photo gig. Oh, I hope you don't mind being nude." Mark grinned. "The guy likes naked men?" "No, But a friend of his does..." And how! "All riiiiight!" Mark enthused. With that out of the way, they got down to discussing serious matters. "Ummm...Say man, have you gotten laid lately?" Mark asked. John sipped his beer. "Like never before, man, like never before..." And that was certainly the truth!
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