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Hello everyone! This is my first post, so I hope you all enjoy it!! Please let me know what you think! Thanks!! She was new to the neighborhood. She had just gotten divorced and had moved to a new town to start anew. The home she bought was a cute little private house, large trees and bushes in the front and a spacious backyard. Her name was Laurana, and she was 29. She was tall, with dark hair and a slender build. She was no sissy, but this was her first real house, and she lived alone now, so she thought maybe a guard dog would be a good idea. A month passed, and she had gotten settled into her new job. The house was unpacked and everything in order. She had been so busy, she hadn't had the time to see about getting a guard dog. She was excited about this also becuase she had been so lonely, not enough time to go out and meet people. The neighbors seemed to keep to themselves. She headed out to the dog pound Monday morning before work. She saw several cute little dogs, and some cats that she almost brought home before she finally came to the one she knew she would have to take home with her. He was a german shepherd, about a year old from her guess. She got the attendents attention and asked him some questions. " Where did this dog come from? Was he a stray you found?" The attendent told her that the dog had been found tied to the step railing that very morning when he came in to work. She leaned down and looked through the wire of the pen. The german shepherd just stared at her, almost pleading with her to take him home. She asked the attendent to take him out of the cage, to see his reaction to her. She wanted to make sure she found a dog that was nice, but not timid or afraid of people. The shepherd came to her side, and sniffed her hand, giving it a small lick. She walked away from him, and said " Stay, Sit." He stayed, and he sat. He seemed very well behaved. "He seems like a trained dog, not a stray. You say someone just left him? I wonder why?" Laurana said to the worker. Thirty minutes later, Laurana left the pound with the german shepherd, whom she had dubbed, Ceasar. She got him set up in the backyard with some food and water before she rushed off to work. On her way home, she stopped at the pet store and picked up some treats, toys and general doggy items. Upon arriving home, she went out to the backyard to see that Ceasar was doing just fine. She loved dogs but had not had a dog since she was in high school. She went in the backdoor calling Ceasar to come with her. He investigated the house, seeming to make himself comfortable. She sat down after dinner to watch tv and Ceasar jumped onto the couch, making himself quite cozy. She smiled, thinking she had found the perfect dog, he was so well behaved. The next week, Laurana came home from work. Made her dinner as she usually would, talking to Ceasar about her day the whole time, while he ate his dinner. After dinner, she took a long hot bath, the steam and the warmth making her sleepy and dreamy. She got out of the tub, threw on some panties and a robe and crawled into her bed. Half asleep, thoughts hazy, she started to massage her clit, probing into her wetness with her finger. She lays there thinking about how long it has been since she has been with a man, but she was so exhausted from her long day at work that she falls asleep before she can continue to pleasure herself to orgasm. A few hours later, she awoke from a dream in which she was being given the best oral sex she ever had. As she opened her eyes from this dream, she looked down to see that Ceasar was licking her through her panties. She jumped up and yelled, pushing him away. He jumped off the bed and stood there looking hurt. Laurana saw his face, the poor guy. " It's ok boy, you startled me, that's all. You should not have done that" She patted the bed and he jumped back up, laying his head on her stomach. She stroked his head, and started to think about the dream she had. Her body was still tingling with the pleasure of the dream, coupled with the feeling of the dog's tongue through her panties. She nudged Ceasar's head off her stomach and reached under the blankets to feel her pussy lips. They were so moist with her desire and yearning for a man. She rubbed her clit, the sensations making her moan a little. Ceasar's head perked up but she didn't notice it. She had her eyes closed, trying to capture the sexy images from her dream. All of a sudden, she yelped slightly to feel Ceasar's tongue rake over her bare pussy, in one long stroke. She went to push him away again, but as her hand got to his head, he licked her again. His tongue sliding all the way from her ass to her clit. He licked at her clit some more, focusing on that spot. His tongue licked her pussy and she felt it slide in just a little bit.She found herself enjoying it, but thought she must stop this. It was so wrong! It's her dog! People just do not do this she thought!! But it felt so wonderful! Ceasar started to lick her faster, his tongue sliding into her pussy deeper. Every time he licked her clit she would let out a little whimper of pleasure. Laurana raised her hips and arched her back as the orgasm racked her body, Ceasar lapped at her juices with a new frenzy. He stopped abruptly, crawling up her body and just lay on her. She stroked his head, "good boy Ceasar, good boy, time to get up now" She tried to push him off of her, when she realized he was humping her inner thigh. She felt something warm and wet on her thigh and she realized he was trying to put his dick inside her. She gasped, trying to get him off of her but he was too heavy. She looked over at the nightstand, to turn on the light and happened to see that the window was open and a man was looking in at her!!! She didn't move for a brief moment before she realized that he had his hand in his pants and was rubbing his cock!! He was enjoying seeing the dog lick her! As he realized that he had been caught peeking in her window, she realized that if this man was turned on by what he saw, then what the hell. She opened her legs and as soon as she did, she felt Ceasar's hot pink cock poking at her pussy, trying to get in. Laurana continued to stare out the window, maintaining eye contact with the peeping tom, when she felt the dog cock finally hit its mark. She gasped as it went in, then went in a little farther. The peeping tom outside of the window had pulled his cock out and was stroking it as Ceasar's cock slid into Laurana's pussy all the way. She loved it, it was so naughty, so taboo and it felt great. Ceasar humped furiously at her pussy, the man outside the window watching the whole time.Ceasar's hot pink doggy cock was making her feel like no man had ever made her feel. Laurana was in another place, the pleasure and the naughtiness and the man outside the window. She orgasmed again before Ceasar shot his load deep inside of her. She looked out the window to see the peeping tom cum at the same time that Ceasar did. After cleaning up, she heard the doorbell ring, and sure enough, it was the peeping tom. " Hi, I'm John from next door. May i come in?"**************************This shall be continued if you all think it is worth it Hope you enjoyed the first installment!!!!
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