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Getting PregnantWhen I look back at how it all started and the Love I feel for both of them It makes me feel all warm inside and yet I have kept this my little secret for almost a year now! The two men in my life knew nothing of each other!! Well at least my husband of two years knew nothing of my lover. Unless I told him or he caught us in the act he would never find out!!It was not supposed to happen! I consider my self a very loyal and trustworthy woman, yet there are certain times in our lives where natural instinct and strong forces drive us towards things we can’t fully control.Two years ago we got married and everything seemed perfect. We had a beautiful house in the country side, my husband had a good paying job and we had a great relationship and the sex was good!After 6 months of marriage we decided to have children. We decided we wanted to have two.We started having sex with no protection for the first time!! It was very exciting and we tried to plan having more sex around the period when I was ovulating between my periods!! After 6 months and still no luck we decided to go to the Doctor to check my fertility. I was happy to find out that I was perfectly fine and in addition the Doctor mentioned I was very fertile and asked if my husband had a recent sperm count check?After talking about it my husband decided to go and get checked even though he insisted that his sperm was just fine. A few days later my husband went in to get a sperm count and after a few days of waiting the results came back!!According to the test results his sperm count was extremely low!! He took the news badly and mentioned a few times the next few days that he felt like less of a man!I assured him over and over again that He was more than enough man for me!! Besides the doctor recommended a diet and exercise for him to follow and avoid using tight pants and underwear. He recommended avoiding stressful situations which was difficult for him in the line of work he was in. We kept trying over and over again until it started to feel like more of a routine to me!! I could also sense the disappointment in him! I tried to encourage him and tell him to be patient.I was also getting a little frustrated and would never admit it to him. I was after all a woman in my prime and ready and very fertile and wanted to get pregnant real bad.I used to take my temperature in between my periods with a thermometer inside my vagina monitoring my temperature to time the perfect time to have sex and when I was peaking in my ovulation!!I even started to have fantasies of a male stud coming over during my ovulation and lending me his services by penetrating me with his huge cock and filling my pussy with his rich sperm and fertilizing my egg!! I used to get very aroused thinking of it and my panties would get soaked, but would never do something like that to my beloved husband whom I loved dearly. My husband came home from work one day with a very big surprise for me! He had swung by the animal shelter and bought a one year old black Labrador to keep me company the long hours he was away working! He was adorable and very playful and energetic! My husband knew how much I loved animals and I think he was trying to help fill that void inside me of not been able to get pregnant.I grew very fond of Casey and we would go for long walks in the country side. I even used to talk to him and explain my frustration of not been able to get pregnant! I mentioned to him that if my husband was more of a man both sperm count wise and in penis size It would be just perfect! Even though I never mentioned it to my husband for obvious reasons I wished his penis was a little bigger! It was below average from what I had read on the internet and never really got that desire of been totally filled with dick!! Then of course there was the very low sperm count that started to bother me now even though I loved him dearly. I decided that I would make a personal sacrifice and try ignore it!! Besides there were other things in life besides sex and penis size!!The months went by and we stopped having sex as often except for the peak ovulation periods that I still closely monitored.I found my self looking at healthy looking young men and staring discretely at their packages when we went into town, wondering what size and how much healthy rich sperm they were carrying in their huge young balls!! Dying to be filled with just one load! I found my self getting wet on several occasions and having to change my panties when getting home!! My husband never had a clue, but somehow Casey knew! He would occasionally put his snout in my crotch and sniff me!! I brushed him away quickly as not to draw any attention.One morning while walking in the woods behind our property I came across another woman walking her female Retriever along the same path. We stopped briefly and greeted each other before walking on! Casey pulled hard at the leash and got loose and started chasing after the other dog! Something had gotten his attention and he had a wild crazy look in his eyes!! I turned around and followed him shouting his name and calling him back! He was very drawn to the scent of the female dog and started sniffing her intensely around her private area!“Oh No you don’t” said the other woman She told me that the other male dogs in her area had also behaved like this and said she thought her dog was going into heat!! I giggled to my self as I knew I was ovulating too after taking my own temperature that same morning. Casey was wild and frantic unlike I have ever seen him before! I realized his strong sense of smell was telling him she was ovulating and ready for breeding! I tried reaching for his leash, but was a little too late both dogs took off running along the path with both of us in their heels! In a matter of seconds Casey was on her back with his powerful front paws wrapped around her waist with his hips dancing franticly behind her! The other woman cried out: “Oh no we cant let them get stuck” I had no idea what she was talking about!We finally closed inn on them and I got the shock of my life when I saw 4-5 inches of his wet slippery pink cock protruding out its furry sheath humping wildly into the air searching for her entrance spraying a clear liquid in steady powerful streams! My mouth was wide open as I saw his pink tool right in front of me desperately trying to find her opening. I had seen him lick himself down there before and on occasion seen the bright pink tip slip out of his fury sheath, but never thought much of it besides been a little curious.Then with one powerful jab he hit his mark and drove his slippery pink cock inside her. The other woman kept yelling “don’t let him get stuck” I was still puzzled by what she meant and tried to help her separate them!! He was pounding her franticly and with such amazing intent I was amazed!!I reached for his leash and pulled as hard as I could the same time the other woman pulled her dog the opposite direction!! With a loud plopping sound his cock pulled out of her as I pulled him with all my force!I stepped back and stumbled backwards onto the soft grass pulling Casey on top of me!! Then the warm sensation of something wet trickling down my inner thigh hit me!! The same time I looked up and saw Casey standing over me with what seemed like a 7-8 inch thick pink cock throbbing and spraying huge amounts of very warm sticky cum down the inside of my soft inner thigh and into my loose small shorts! I was totally frozen and could not move I was in shock! His huge cock was only inches in front of me and I noticed the huge swelling at the base of his cock and realized what the woman was talking about now! “Not getting stuck”I had never imagined that my dog had such a huge cock and never imagined he had so much cum! It was like I was in a trance and could not move, or maybe I did not want to move right away !! I felt his cum running down my thigh! It was very warm and there was lots more spurting out!! It ran down inside my shorts and I suddenly panicked and realized I was not wearing any panties under my loose stretch shorts and could feel the warmth of his cum running against my pussy and sticking to my soft pubic hair.I finally pulled away from him as he stood there still cumming in steady streams!!“Oh My Gaaawd” I thought to my self “That is the most cum I have ever seen in my life and his cock is huge”The other woman finally came back towards us after chasing down her own dog!!“Is everything all right” “Oh yes yes we are fine” I said trying to hide my soaked shorts with all his cum on it!! “Well I better get him home before he tries that stunt again” we both had a good laugh! And walked our way!!After reaching home I quickly locked the gate behind me and let Casey loose and ran towards the bathroom to clean up!! The inside of my thigh was sticky and wet from his cum and when I took my little shorts of I discovered that my pussy was also soaked and I could see the milky grey droplets of his cum attached to my soft pubic hair!! I don’t know what became of me and what urged me to do what I did next!! I gently ran my finger through my cum soaked pubic hair and felt how slippery it was between my finger tips! Then to my own disbelief as if an outside force was controlling me I slipped my cum soaked finger inside my wet pussy!! I realized that not only was I soaked by his cum, but my own pussy was soaked from the inside!!Oh my god what was becoming of me? Why was I wet ? I started having flash backs of his thick pink cock throbbing right in front of me just moments ago and seen and feeling him spray large amounts of cum all down my thigh and into my shorts totally wetting my pussy with his warm cum! Thoughts of the amazing intensity of his powerful thrusts into the female dog went through my mind! I felt very dirty for thinking about it and yet my pussy was tingling like crazy! I realized I had two fingers inside my pussy now and I was fingering my self thinking of how rich and fertile his seed must have been and why my husband did not have so much cum, and yes why my dogs cock was almost twice as big as his!!This was crazy and forbidden I had to stop this right now I thought!!! Yet my two fingers were slipping in and out of my pussy like crazy the same time I was thinking of all that cum that went to waste!! I rubbed my fingers through my cum soaked pubic hair and drove them deep inside my wetness and realized his cum was inside me now! I never thought I would have another male’s cum inside me after getting married. The same time I shuddered and trembled and arched my hips before exploding into what seemed the most intense orgasm to ever rock through me!!! I screamed out load knowing that nobody could hear me!! My pussy was fat and swollen and clamped and relaxed through my orgasm.I laid down on our big King sized bed and enjoyed the intense afterglow from my orgasm! “What was I thinking” “What caused me to respond to what happened in the woods in such an intense sexual manner”? Was I dirty was I a “Freak” or was it simply the forces of nature taking over and expending all that sexual frustration built up inside me for so long. Also contributing was the almost routine sex life I had for the last year and a half!! Seen this very dominant young male dog of mine show such passion towards the other dog and then finally showing his amazing penis and most importantly showing off his amazing fertility and huge quantities of healthy rich sperm that seemed to be the root of my husbands problem or lack thereof! The tip of the ice burg was when I was fingering my self and thinking of the most forbidden and naughty thoughts that ever entertained my mind before. The thought of his huge thick cock pushing my soft pussy lips to the side and then clamping around it as it penetrated my most sacred and ejaculated inside me over and over again with his warm healthy cum filling me until I was so full it was running out!! With that thought I had one of the most intense and forbidden orgasms ever!!I eventually came around again and stepped into the shower to wash all his cum off me. After a long shower and after shaving all my pubic hair off I put on my robe and walked downstairs to start preparing dinner before my husband got home!I found it difficult to concentrate after what had happened a few hours ago and kept getting the wrong items out of the fridge!!My thoughts went to Casey and I realized that he must be hungry too by now. I put aside what I was doing and went to get his dog food!Casey came running to the back door as soon as I opened it. I let him inside and He knew it was dinner time and obediently sat down wagging his tail as I put his bowl of food in front of him. He gobbled the food down as I knelt next to him to admire him. I could not help it, but my eyes moved under his belly and towards his furry sheath! I could never look at him the same way again having seen what he had hidden inside his furry protective sheath.“Stop right now” I told my self!! This is insane I am sitting here thinking about my dogs penis!I got up and went to finish making dinner for me and my husband.I sat down in the living room to watch some TV when the phone rang!! It was my husband.He told me he would be up very late working on a project that needed to be finished by tomorrow afternoon and that he was going to sleep over at a hotel right next to the office in stead of risking driving the two hours back home late at night!I was very disappointed and reminded him that I had measured my temperature that morning and I was peaking in my ovulation cycle! “Maybe we should take a break and try again later some time” His words hit me hard and I felt the tears running down my cheeks! I tried not to sound disappointed and shocked by what he just said. I calmly said good night and hung up the phone. The tears ran down my cheeks as I walked to the couch and plumped down as the tears kept running. All the emotions from the tension involving having children hit me and I sobbed and let it all out!!! Casey came into the living room and sat down in front of me looking at me with his big brown eyes sensing my saddened state. I reached out and patted his head thanking him for his concern. He rested his head on my thigh looking at me making sure I was fine!! I was glad for his companionship in this difficult period in my life. His head felt warm against my bare skin as my robe slipped open! I did not even bother closing my robe again even though I was totally naked under my robe. I knew he understood me as I patted him and told him that I was ovulating and my husband was supposed to be with me right now trying to take advantage of the very few days I could get pregnant a month! Just like the female dog that was in heat today except her cycle was every sis months! My thoughts went back to what happened today and I was still amazed by His very strong interest in the bitch after picking up her scent!I remembered the wild intense look in his eyes and desire and drive he had to comply with the strong instinct deep down inside him.I admired that in him and found it very attractive and masculine even though he was a dog. I could not help wonder if he could sense my readiness and that I too was in full heat? I gently spread my legs wide open exposing my vagina to see how he would react! My heart was pounding and I was blushing from the little experiment!Immediately Casey started sniffing the air indicating an interest in this new sweet scent that was filling the air around him! I was glad to see that he was responding and it made me feel very curious what he would do next!Casey looked at me as if seeking approval before he pushed his snout between my spread legs and sniffed some more!! I jumped when his cold nose touched my bare pussy and his long pink warm tongue brushed over my whole pussy!! It sent a warm tingle inside my pussy that spread to my belly. “Oh My God” I uttered as he kept lapping my pussy sending all the right signals. I felt my sexual arousal building by the second and felt my pussy tingling and I realized I was getting wet from my dog licking me. I cant explain the feelings going through my body as I was been very stimulated by my dog! It was a forbidden and very naughty feeling that only highlighted the experience.Today was a rude awakening for me!! I had never imagined in my wildest fantasy that I would ever get sexually aroused by the incident this morning and now having my loving dog licking the soft folds of my newly shaved pussy with amazing warmth and talent! My husband never liked oral sex and now I was getting it from my dog.He was stimulating me in a way that I had never felt before as his tongue slurped franticly at my sweet and now soaked pussy! My pussy lips were swollen fat and he had opened them wide as his tongue occasionally snaked inside me searching for more sweet nectar. “Oh God Casey you are turning me on” I knew he must have sensed my readiness and just the thought of him thinking of me as his bitch in heat made me wet. I curiously looked to the side and what I saw next sent a wave of warmth through my whole body and I felt my pussy start throbbing like never before! His pink tip was protruding out his sheath and looking very wet and slippery. I started thinking of that morning and the full size of his penis and the amazing amounts of cum he had stored in those big balls. I could not help my self!! I was after all a woman in my sexual prime and on top of that I was ovulating. Only a woman can know what I was feeling right now!! That deep instinct that drives a woman when she is ovulating and the desire to breed and reproduce!!I wondered what was going through his mind right now! Did my scent and taste turn him on? Did his very strong animal breeding instinct tell him that I was in heat and ready to breed right now? Could he actually breed with a human female?I felt very dirty and naughty by even entertaining the thought of him breeding with me yet the remote thought of letting it happen turned me on in a way that I had never felt before.I could not resist the temptation and reached over and ran my hand under his belly and gripped his sheath firmly in my hand. I felt the texture of his penis under the soft skin of his sheath and bravely started moving my hand back and forth along it! The sight of his wet pink pointy tip peeking out every time I pulled his skin back started a chain reaction that I could not stop even though I tried! His hips started humping back and forth. The feeling of his penis getting thicker and longer in my hand told me I was turning him on too!!His cock kept getting bigger for every stroke. I had never felt a cock of that size in my hand before and knew it got even bigger. My body was screaming out loud now and my pussy was fat and juicy and my lips spread open like a flower in preparation for one thing only. His pre cum started shooting up my arm and I decided at that point that I wanted to feel his sex organ against mine. I was not sure how to proceed with my decision, but all I knew is that my whole body was willing and ready to let him have me now if he wanted.I had feelings for him and wanted him inside me badly!! I took a deep breath and got down on all four in front of him hoping that he would know what to do next! I rested on my elbows and spread my knees far apart and pushed my ass in the air totally exposing my self to him!It was like he knew exactly what signals I was giving him and quickly came behind me and licked me twice before jumping on my back and gripping his powerful paws around my waist and humping his hips the same time his rear legs were dancing behind me positioning his penis against my soft swollen pussy. I felt the warm sprays of his pre cum hitting my pussy and knew I was well lubed by him and my own juices now! I felt his tip searching and knew I was at the crossroads to been unfaithful to my husband. This was my husbands pussy and now another male was at the entrance to his wife’s pussy invading his property. when it finally slipped past the soft folds of my pussy lips and dipped into my warm wetness it all went crazy!!!!He arched his hips back before thrusting forward driving his slippery pink member inside me! The lips of my pussy gripping his penis forcing the soft skin of his sheath back exposing his whole cock and resting behind the slight bulb at the base of his penis. “Ahaaaaa Casey you are inside me” The sensation of his warm slippery cock inside me was mind blowing!! Then when he started humping his cock in and out of my pussy I knew I was in trouble! He did not waste any time!! His primary goal was to breed with me and impregnate me as fast as he could!! His cock started swelling thick inside me leaking pre cum mixed with his cum inside me as he franticly f***** me! Harder and harder he drove his cock into me and the sensation of his knot expanding fast pushing my pussy lips far apart before settling inside me was amazing!! It hurt a little at first as his cock and knot swelled inside me pressing against the walls of my pussy and the feeling of his pointy tip touching unexplored depths of my pussy before resting at the entrance of my womb. There was no turning back now! Another male had his cock inside me and was satisfying my needs finally! I loved my husband, but this male was superior to him when it came to pleasing me in the sex department and I could not deny that!What happened next I will never forget and it remains the highlight of this whole event !! The amazing warmth spreading through my pussy and the pressure of his cum spurting powerful jets of sperm deep inside my pussy sent me over the edge as I pushed back to meet his thrusts and ensure he was as deep as he could get making sure his sperm was forced into my belly!! I exploded violently into an orgasm that made me loose my vision temporally it was so intense!! The feeling of finally been filled with cock to the max was out of this world!!!We were breeding and nothing could get in between us now as his cock expanded inside me locking us together by his baseball size knot and trapping his sperm inside me giving it lots of time to work deep inside my womb!! Even though my husband caught me now it was too late!! My lovers sperm was already deep inside me, rich and fertile and the amount was 20 times more than he could ever produce. I would feel sorry for him to see us, but I had certain needs that need to be forefilled and my lover was doing it very well. Casey made me feel like a real woman again. My belly felt bloated with his rich seed!I was ovulating and knew my chances of getting pregnant were very high with the amount of sperm I had inside me now!!We stayed stuck together for a long time! I had several orgasms in that period and could still feel his warm cum trickling into my pussy the whole time!! My pussy milked his huge balls for every single drop of his precious seed. It was the best sex ever and I wanted more!!! When he finally started shrinking and pulled out the amount of cum that followed was amazing!! It splashed all over the carpet under us!! We both walked upstairs to my room as his cum ran down my leg the whole way. We cuddled up next to each other and took a nap!! I knew I had to have him inside me again later. I decided not to shower yet let his warm sperm work it’s way deep inside me and let nature take it’s course. I had taken a huge step in my life today by offering my most precious egg to another male than my husband to impregnate. He made me feel like a woman like never before with his powerful and intense thrusts into me filling me like never before and then unleashing amazing amounts of rich healthy sperm bloating my belly with his seed and filling a void that I had only fantasized about for a long time. Now that we had successfully mated I lay back next to my lover as our sex fluids mixed inside me and my egg got bombarded by his strong swimmers and hopefully one would attach. The feelings I felt for him right now was the love a woman feels for the father of her children!!I wanted his love seed inside me many more times the next few days during my ovulation I really wanted him to make me pregnant with his offspring!! I would keep it a deep secret and even give birth to our puppies in secrecy.Maybe I was been very unrealistic, but that is how I felt right now! I felt like I had gotten in touch with my feminine side after his deep penetration and powerful ejaculation inside me today and wanted to exploit it to the fullest.I was awoken after a short nap by the sound of my sister Ruth calling my name and knocking on my door. I quickly put on a pair of white cotton panties and my night gown and hurried downstairs to open the door for her.I let her inn and we hugged. I made some tea for both of us and we sat down to catch up. She could not stay long. She wanted to know if there was any new news in my attempt to get pregnant since I had told her all about our problems! I blushed slightly and felt a warm sensation thinking of what happened earlier!! “No luck yet I am afraid” I replied. After a lot of chatting back and forth I walked her to her car and we said our good bye’s.Walking back to the house I felt real slippery between my legs as they rubbed together! Then I felt the unmistakable feeling of his warm milky grey cum running into my panties leaving a big wet spot and reminder of our breeding earlier.I felt like a slut as I started feeling horny again after the little leak into my panties. My heart started beating wildly as I started to fantasize about taking all my clothes off and walking into the woods with Casey and crawling on all four with him and pretending I was his mate in heat as I let him take me over and over again. I had seen many big male dogs in the woods on our long walks together before and I started getting wet thinking of other strong healthy male dogs picking up my scent and fighting in between them to breed with me and taking turns slamming their huge cocks into me stretching my pussy and filling my starving pussy and belly with their rich sperm as they got stuck inside me and my pussy milked each one of them empty in turn letting their sperm compete to impregnate me first and each one desperately trying to secure their offspring inside me.I knew I would like to exploit this fantasy.The thought was driving me crazy!! How had I transformed from a faithful good wife into a doggie slut overnight? Somehow the animal inside me had been awakened and my natural strong breeding instinct as a woman was running in overdrive!!I knew I had crossed a line that would change me forever! I could never go back to that innocence I had before today. I knew it was forbidden and yet I could not help my body responding the way it did and the craving it had to be satisfied and allowed to feel like a woman.The thing that turned me on immensely too was the fact that somehow there was a mutual sexual attraction to breed with each other even though we were not of the same species!Knowing that he took me with such passion and brutally f***** and stretched me like every woman deserves to be taken. And that he tried his best to impregnate me no matter how many times he had to breed with me. That raw primitive feeling of knowing that he wanted me and I let him have his way with me!I loved the fact that the smell of my sex attracted him and his kind to have a strong urge to breed with me. That my pussy gave the right signals showing my readiness.This was about raw sex in its very primitive and instinctual state. No complications or phone calls and feelings involved in having a sexual relationship with a man!He would not talk and tell and his unconditional love and faithfulness towards me and readiness to take me anytime of the day as long as I gave him the right signals and gave him permission. Next day I decided I would wear something very light and walk with him in the woods this evening and get naked for him and crawl around on all four to create the sensation of been in one with nature in its pure animal form and let him take me the same way he wanted to desperately breed with the other bitch last evening. The thought that I was actually going to try it this evening made me extremely excited! The thought of the possibility of other big male dogs discovering us and watching the politics between them as they struggled for first mating rights with me and letting the law of the jungle take it’s natural course where the “survival of the fittest and strongest” would take me first and try to embed his cock and swell stuck inside of me unleashing his enormous load of cum inside me and preventing any other dogs cum to enter me while we stayed locked together by his swollen knot inside me while he filled me and the knot sealing it inside me giving it a head start over any other dogs attempts to be first as they each took turns with me after the leader. For all I knew Casey’s sperm might have reached already, but I wanted to make sure I was bred as many times as possible by Casey and different dominating males the next few days of my ovulation to ensure at least one of them got a hit!That evening I removed my panties an slipped into a short skirt that could be removed easy and a tank top without a bra showing my natural large well shaped tits that seemed to be swelling from the protein rich cum inside me already and my excited state!We walked into the woods behind our house and followed the path into the woods looking for a nice spot and away from the path just in case some other people were out walking too! My ears peaked when I heard some dogs barking in the distance!! My heart started throbbing and my belly got warm as I realized that maybe just maybe we would encounter them!I deliberately started walking towards the area the sound was coming from and could not believe my own eyes when four large dogs came running down the path towards us!Was this really happening? Could I be in some long dream and wake up soon?Casey was very uneasy by the large dogs and naturally tried to defend me by barking at them! I instinctively started looking under their bellies and was astonished to see that they were all large male dogs!! The four dogs started sniffing the air and approached as Casey started sniffing the air to see if there was a threat.I looked around me and saw a dense wooded area off the path and started moving towards the area with Casey now staying behind with the other dogs sniffing each other and determining the rank between the dogs!I was so excited by all the anticipation I was trembling in my knees the same time! I got to the area and made sure it was well off the path and nervously took my short skirt off and my tank top revealing my full breasts!I got down on my hands and knees and tried to slip into the role of been a female bitch in heat! The fact that I really was ovulating added to the extreme excitement I was feeling and just guessing what might happen next! I nervously called Casey and prayed the other males would follow him!I kept calling Casey and pushed my ass in the air and spread my knees far apart in the hope that my sex would fill the air and their strong nostrils would pick up my scent! Then the moment of truth was here as all five dogs came over the little mound and saw me on all four in a very suggestive manner!! Immediately Casey came up as the first dog and licked my face quickly before moving behind me and started sniffing my sex that was fully exposed for all of them to have.Shortly after the four other dogs were behind me taking turns sniffing me!Then it happened! I don’t know witch one of them did it first, but the sensation of one of them licking my pussy sent a quiver down my spine and soon started lapping at my pussy using the full length of his tongue wrapping from my ass all the way up over the soft natural fat folds of my pussy lips and over my clit that was growing bigger by the second!I could not believe that this was actually unfolding the way I had thought about earlier! Was I dreaming or were all my long feelings of neglect and desire to be treated like a woman been fulfilled!Soon I felt several tongues lapping my ass and my pussy!! I felt them competing to get to my sweet spot! Occasionally they would growl at each other and I knew they had started the politics between them.I could feel my body starting to respond to all the attention I was getting from the five strong males. My breasts were swelling with anticipation and nipples were a sensitive from standing erect for so long. My pussy was throbbing and my juices were flowing and before they could run down my crack they were feverishly licked up from either of the dogs that managed to get their tongues there first.I lowered my head and looked under my belly to try get a glimpse of their keen interest in my sex! I noticed that the biggest of the dogs was getting the most of me and the others including Casey would get a little lick here and there!I heard the deep growls from deep within the biggest dog and realized he was warning the others and showing them his rank among them!! His aggressive dominant behavior turned me on and I pushed my pussy into the air giving him the signal that I was ready.He was obviously very experienced and instinctively jumped on my back and within seconds I felt his pointy tip against my wet entrance and only after a few smaller jabs feeling his way around until his pointy tip felt my warm wetness he lunged forward driving his long slippery penis into me! It had all started. Like two wild animals in the wild we were breeding. The other dogs just watched in anticipation of their turns and did not dare interrupt the bigger stronger dog taking the lead and making sure his dominant strong genes were passed on first!!I did not care who was first, but the bigger stronger dog had taken the lead and was now slipping his cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy!! Soon he picked up the pace and my eyes got real big when I started to feel him swell inside me the same time the unmistakable feeling of his warm cum started shooting inside me! He griped me tight now and pulled himself so deep the tip of his cock was trying to pierce inside my cervix opening he strategically held his cock inside me allowing his knot to swell inside me!!The pressure was enormous as his massive cock forced the walls of my pussy wider than they had ever been before and I felt the pain of his knot swelling to the size of an orange inside me!! I pushed back to meet his thrusts into me and it felt like my pussy took his knot a little deeper to accommodate him more. The pain turned into the most amazing satisfying fullness I could imagine as his cock twitched franticly inside me just before feeling a powerful stream of hot cum spray inside me.I felt every pulse of cum spraying inside me and the feeling it gave me knowing I was ripe was amazing. I wondered witch spurt would contain the sperm that fertilized me! Then he stopped humping and just laid on top of me with his massive cock embedded and locked inside of me!I was his prisoner now and nobody could get between our mating act that was still in progress!! The amazing thing about it is he kept shooting his cum inside me the whole time I came several times during the act from the pressure of his knot rubbing against my G-spot and the other dogs trying to lick some cum spilling out my pussy and hitting my clit the same time! The other dogs were going crazy waiting for the bigger dog to finish so they too could have their chance!! I was in heaven and could not wait to feel the initial frantic humping of the other dogs inside me filling me with more cum than my pussy and womb could hold.After a little pulling from both of us and the slowly deflating cock of the bigger dog it plopped out of me unleashing a small river of cum running down my pussy an belly and trickling down my breasts and nipples before dripping onto the ground!!I stayed in the same position as he quickly licked my pussy trying to close my wide spread lips closed with his tongue securing his deposit inside me as long as possible for obvious reasons! No sooner had he finished and laid down to rest and lick himself clean another dog was on my back humping away and jabbing all around my ass looking for my fat and juicy pussy!! He slipped his cock in and out a few times as he was cumming already half spraying into my pussy and the rest all over my ass and down my leg!! It was so warm and sticky! This dog did not have much experience and wasted a lot of cum. His knot was fully swollen and he had not gotten it inside me so he could not tie with me reducing his chances of hitting home! This must have been his first time!!! Still I loved the intensity and effort he put in to trying to impregnate me!In turn they all slipped their cocks inside me and deposited their seed inside me. Only Casey managed to get his knot inside me and tie while the others were a little smaller and slipped out of me after cumming inside me!I cant count how many times I came over the period, but I was floating from the amazing attention and competition of the dogs fighting over me and taking their turns with me!I finally got up of my knees and put on my clothes. I felt weak and started moving back towards the path with the dogs at my heels trying to get a lick of the cum that was dripping down my leg as I walked back home.I was bloated with their cum in my womb and my belly looked bigger somehow!The dogs followed me home and knew where I lived now opening up the door for future visits!I opened the gate and let Casey and my self inn and said my goodbye to all my new friends and walked inside and went right up to the shower to clean up before my beloved husband came home!I was so exhausted that I collapsed on my bed and slept until my husband rubbed his hand on my back asking me if I was ok!!I looked at him and smiled!!I told him that I understood him yesterday about giving it a break trying to get pregnant! He looked relieved and I knew he could feel that enormous pressure to perform lifted off his back!!! “maybe we could get a donor if it does not work out”“we can talk about it later honey” I told him knowing that my womb was still filled with many donations from today!We huddled up and fell asleep, I kept my night gown on since I was still leaking doggie sperm into my panties! And would hate to have to explain that if my husband had noticed!!!I slept like a baby that night satisfied in many ways than one!!!!!!
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