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I posted this one some months ago when the board was "reborn" Im not sure if its still existing in the Storysection but since its been such a long time and this place was made for stuff like this, i though i share it again with all of you! This Story is partly based on my own expiereance and partly on a dream i had back then when i wrote it. Its still my first try at something like that.My intention was to write a more romantic story then one only about sex. I hope i reached my goal Let me know what you think about it! ***Love at Sunsetby HoneyraptorSlowly the sun set beyond the far horizon, driving away the dark rain clouds with the last rays of light.The ground was muddy and everywhere were little puddles of water. My boots were coverd with mudd and dirt, remains from our long walk through the woods. Lyana slowly followed me, only few steps behind me. She was as wet as i but strangely her fur was allmost clean except for her paws which were as dirty as my shoes. The rain started to fall shortly after we had left the house and continued all over our walk. So we walked through streaming rain for more then two hours.I opend the door and Lyana rushed in, leaving little pawprints of water and dirt on the floor. I shook my head and smiled, she allways did that and i had to clean up her mess afterwards. I kicked my dirty boots into a corner and dropped my dripping wet jacked to the ground, shortly followed by my also wet pullover. Then i turned around to Lyana who sat behind me in a slowly growing puddle. I freed her from her collar and leash. Not that she would have needed them but out there were to many people with strange views and ideas and a rather big dog like Lyana ususaly scared most of them. Therefor i prefert her to walk on the leash until we were in a save area.Lyana‘s eyes turned up towards me as i grabbed a towel from a chair. And like allways when i looked into them i lost my heart to her againI never had owned a husky or any dog before and never planed to do so. But back then, when i walked past that grey box full of tiny littel balls of fluff, i had a sudden change of mind. When i looked into her eyes i knew we were supposed to be together. She was the only puppy out of six which wasnt yelping and barking at all the people around her. She just sat there looking at me – her gaze catched mine and i was lost to her beautifull eyes. I just had to buy that cute little girl, even if only to get her away from the street.I can still remember the face of the seller when i asked him how much the silent one would cost. He allready gave up selling her at all and wanted to bring her to the pound as noone showed any interest in her. He warned me that she might be ill and could die within a few days...I just smiled and gave him the demanded eighty bucks, he was surprised because i havent tryed to bargain. I just blinked at him and left... That was four years ago, now that cute little ball of fluff had turned into a full grown Sibiran Husky.Layana was a beautie. She had one blue and one amber coloured eye and even though one of her ears had never fully erected, she had remarkable appaerance. Her back was all grey, from the tip of her tail up to a littel grey V on her forehead. The grey was only parted by a black stripe reaching from her tail up to her nose. She also had a marking on her face which made her look like she was wearing a mask – a thing that allways reminded me of her silly but lovley charakter. Only her belly and flanks and of course her paws where pure white. Many people told me they had seen better looking huskys then her but i loved her no matter what they said...Lyana was still panting from the long run we both did across the park. I slowly rubbed her wet fur dry, moving the towel from her broad chest around her neck and down her back til i reached her long fluffy tail. Then i moved over her belly back to her head and finaly stopped between her ears.She didnt liked the toweldrying as i knew and so i gave her kiss on the forehead, right on the littel V. As reward she wagged her tail and showed me a happy face.I dropped the now wet towel right beside the pile of wet clothes on the floor and left it there. A little puddle of water was allready expanding underneath but i would clean it up later...I walked into the kitchen to get us both a decent meal. Lyana followed me, as usual only few steps behind me. Her eyes following each of my movements as she knew what was going to happen next. I opend the fridge and took out two plates of food, a little leftover from yesterday.When i put my plate into the microwave oven and hit the start button Lyana raised her black nose and inhalled the smell. I had to laugh as she watched the plate rotating behind the pane. She never stopped to amaze me with her curiosity and never ending interest in such plain things... One of the many things i loved her for.Finaly the food was done. I took both plates and walked over into the livingroom. I sat down on the floor, right in front of the big window facing the sunset. Lyana followed me and sat down right beside me, still looking at the two plates in my hands.I turned to her and kissed her on the forhead. Then i finaly put down the cold plate right in front of her. She looked up to me, waiting for me to give her the permission to start eating. I slightly nodded and with pleasure Lyana took the first bite from her food.***While we ate the sun moved on, slowly lowering towards the horizont. Her redish light was covering everything with a warm orange glow.We had finished our meal and lay together on the floor. Lyanas head and upper body were resting on my chest so i could feel her heart beating and air flowing through her lungs. She had her eyes closed but she wasnt asleep, only relaxing and enjoying the aftertaste of her meal.For many minutes all i could do was just to look at her beautifull face, so full of freedom and love. I thought about the strange moment that brought us together, which gave us so many wonderfull days...Finaly i couldnt resist any longer and gave her a quick kiss on her shiny black nose.Imediantly her eyes flipped opend and focused me – she looked at me in a way only she was able to. She lifted her head and blinked. Some people say dogs cant smile but in that moment i knew that Lyana was smiling at me – a warm and loveley smile.I gave her another but longer kiss right on her muzzle and this time she returned it. With pleasure she drove her tongue across my mouth, her warm pink tongue parting my lips and touching the tip of my tongue. I opend my mouth to allow her to enter. Our tongues touched and wresteld while i inhaled her warm but pleasant breath.How many wonderfull evenings and plaesurable nights had started like this – with a single kiss? I couldnt remember... I wrapped my arms around her and gently pulled her into my arms, giving her a warm hug. And for minutes we were kissing like this, i had my eyes closed and enjoyed every move and flip of her tongue.After several minutes she withdrew and looked down on me. Her eyes were glowing and she was wagging her tail in excitment. I grined and released her from my embrace, teasing her with another short kiss on her muzzle.„What next?“ i whispered at her and just like a answer she got up and sat down on the floor. Giving me the chance to get up. I smiled and stood up. Quickly i took off my shirt and pants and dropped them behind me on the ground. Naked and exposed i kneeled down in front of her again. My body was allready responding to her delightful kisses and the shear expectation of what was going to come. Just as excited as i Lyana jumped up and placed her paws on my shoulders - i buired my face in the silken fur of her broad chest and inhaled the scent of her warm and still moist body. I never undserstood why people say wet dogs smell, to me it was one of the finest smells i could imagine. I wraped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. Her warm fur touched my naked skin and teased my allready aroused body.I kissed her once more, letting her warm tongue slip betwen my lips again. Her long flexible tongue pushed down my throat while i licked the underside of hers. Time passed by while we were kissing and sharing the closeness of each other.All my senses were filled with her apearence - her scent and taste; the feeling of her warm paws resting on my shoulders – letting me know that this wasnt just a dream.Again she withdrew her tongue from my mouth, just to drive it across my face a last time before she got down on all fours again.I didnt had to wait to long for her to make the next step. Giving me a last glance Lyana steped forward and licked the head of my member. The touch of her rough but moist tongue send shivers up my spine – a sigh of pleasure escaped my mouth. I bowed down and started to cover her head with kisses while she continued to lick me. I rubbed her back and moved down from her neck towards her flanks and her tail. As i reached her butt she flipped her tail aside and stopped licking me. I had to smile when she turned her head around to look at me. Her eyes were still glowing in expectation and she licked her lips like she would do after a tasteful treat. I leaned back and looked at her. This was the point where she could deny me everything. I watched her and felt my desire grow, i knew it would be hard to stop here but i knew i could if i had to. Just like she enjoyed to let me wait and suffer Lyana just stood there, staring at me with her wonderfull eyes – fire and water, love and desire... I looked back at her, whispering words of love of which i knew she understood. And finaly she steped forward and released me from my expectation. She drove her tongue a last time across my belly and chest before she climbed upon me. By placing her paws on my chest she pushed me over. I felt the cold of the floor on my back and the weight and warmth of her body resting upon mine. Again and again she lickt my face and my mouth. Then i embraced her and turned over, taking her with me. Now she was lieing on her back and i was bowed over her, she was wagging her tail in excitment between my legs, hitting my hips and tickling my balls.With a smirk i kissed her - starting at her chin and throad i slowly moved down the lenght of her body. While carassing her i made my way down to her belly, i kissed and circeled each of her teats with the tip of my tongue. I softly nibbled on her nipples with my lips til i could feel them hardening from pleasure. While still rubbing her flanks and and kissing each spot of her exposed belly i finaly reached her hindlegs. I stoped for a moment to look up to her face. She had her head layed back and her eyes were closed, but when i stoped and waited she raised her head and looked back at me. Her eyes were glowing in expectation and her face showed an expression of impatience. I smiled and went on - down between her delightful buttcheeks. My excitment grew and my body responded as i touched her vagina and kissed her warm verlvet lips. I could feel her squirm as i drove my tongue across her pink slit, tasting her delicious juices and smelling her musky scent. She tensed as i slowly pushed my tongue deeper into her, reaching and touching the special spot hidden between her lips. My face was buried in warm silken fur while my tongue was deep inside of her, teasing and licking her clit. I sucked her scent into my nose, letting it fill out my mind – replacing everything with her apearance. Her taste, smell and touch was everything i could think of...The time went by and the sunlight covered our bodys with more and more red light. As the sun finaly disapeared behind the horizont we parted again.Lyana had her eyes closed but her tail was still wagging - her face was glowing from pleasure and excitment. I was panting from this delicious feast, i lickt my lips and bowed down to her again.I was still enyoing her delecious taste when i made my way back up to her face. Again kissing each of her teats i only stoped at her delightful little navel. It was hidden under a little bush of circled fur. I kissed and lickt it, making her twitch as i tickled her. I just had to laugh when she looked at me when i tickeld her with my tongue again. It was just like she wanted to say: What are you doing there? I smiled and kissed her navel once more before i moved back up to her face.I placed my hands beside of her shoulders to support her in her uncommon position. She looked at me, knowing what was going to happen next. I smiled and lowered my head to give her a long passionate kiss. I enyoyed her taste once more while our tongues embraced and wresteld. Her tongue roamed around in my mouth, reaching down my throad and licking over my palate. In return i softly pushed my tongue into her mouth and lickt over the ripples of her long palate. I licked her sharp and pointy fangs, knowing that she would never bite me and withdrew my tongue again.After another couple of kisses we parted and i leand back again. Now it was time.Holding and carrasing her with my hands i placed the head of my member against her opening. Feeling her moist and hot lips i could hardly hold myself back. And with a soft push of my hips i slipped into her. The feeling was intense and i feld myself almost pushed over the edge immediately. She was so hot and tight that it was hard to hold back. I left out a slight groan and closed my eyes to enjoy every second of the pure pleasure of this moment. I could feel her clamping down on me as i pushed in deeper. With every move i feld waves of pleasure running through my body, hitting my mind and pushing me further to the limit.I bowed down to her, kissing her chest and pulling her close to me. Joined like this i could feel every beat of her heart, every breath she took. In this moment we were one, not only joined by our bodys but closer then ever before. We were one! I buired my face in her fur and wished this moment would never end. Suddenly i feld her tongue touching my forhead and i looked up to her. Her eyes were glowing as she licked my face and i returened her kiss. And while our bodys where joined and our tongues wrestled i feld her trembel. Her whole body tensed and she tightend and clapmed down on my member. And with a loud sigh pf pleasure i joined her moan as we both togehter slipped over the edge. I feld myself exploding into her while she was pushing back at me, pressing down and holding me firmly. Still joined i picked her up into my arms and laid back, taking her with me until she was resting on my chest I closed my eyes and together we enjoyend the afterglow of this moment, wishing it could last be forever. I held her in my arms carassing her head and back and kissing her nose and muzzle. Still she was trembling and panting as i did. Finaly i could feel her loosen and we parted again.I relaesed her from my arms to let her lick herself clean. I layd my head on the floor and closed my eyes again as i feld her tongue on my member again. The touch of her rough and wet tongue made me shiver and send a last wave of pleasure through my nerves. Then she walked up to me and laid down besinde me, her face turned towards me. I smiled at her and pulled her into my arms kissing her and whispering words of love. Lieing in the arms of each other and sorounded by the warmth of our bodys we fell into a dim sleep...Finaly the stars came out. Thousands of silver spots on the dark velvet sky, galactic gems and jewelry of the upcoming night. The pale light of a full moon coverd everything with a white shimmer, just like our both bodys curled up on the floor.I was drifting away into a deep and welcome sleep as i feld Lyana move. Distracted i opend my eyes to see what caused her to leave as her tongue touched my face and neck. I looked into her eyes which were glowing in the darkness around us, then she turned around and moved down my body. She licked my nipples and drover her tongue across my chest before she moved further down to my belly. And when she finaly reached my groin and her tongue circled the inside of my hips i knew this evening wasnt over yet. With a borad smile is set up and turned towards her and wishpered. „What next my love?“...End...? This post has been edited by Honeyraptor on Aug 26 2004, 03:08 AM
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