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This is a story about young men named Bob and his cow.Bob lived on a small farm with his old mother. His father died, and his older brother and two sisters got married and left to a city. He was the youngest (29 y. o. ) and he was taking care for his mother. They had quite big piece of land and some animals. Bob wasn't very smart. He didn't even finish his highschool. He was working on their land and helping others with their land too. Since he was working a lot, he had very nice body. He was a tall, dark, hary and muscular. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair, and 3 day beard - he didn't like to shave. He didn't have a girlfriend, he was too shy, so he was not leaving home very often. Girls were crazy about him, but he was to stupid to notice that. He had sex only onece, and it wasn't because he wanted so, but his mothesr friend wanted to teach him some things, but poor widow died few months later...However that is another story...It was a hot summer morning and Bob was working on his little farm. He fed chikens, ducks and dogs, and then went to milk his cow. When he enterd the stable and wanted to milk the cow, she was nervous and he knew something is wrong. The cow made some weird noises and moved strange. He was very scared and didn't know what to do. He decided to call the vet.While he was waiting, he was nervous, sweating and walking around the stable. He didn't want to lose her because it was their last cow, and his old mother loved her very much. He even took of his shirt because it was so hot and he was to upset and the sun was so strong. Finally the vet came. They enterd the stable and vet started to examine a cow. He took a long glow, moved cow's tail, opend her pink cunt with two fingers nad started fisting her. He was doing that very slow...Bob was watching. In one hand he was very upset because of the things vet was doing - he thought he's hurting the cow, and on the other hand he felt similar like that day when widow Rose took all her clothes and told him to touch her. The vetenarian was penetrating cow's cunt very, very slow but he was going deeper, and deeper. Bob couldn't believe how much she can take! When he finished all his work, he said everything is fine with the cow and she will be even better if Bob finds her a mate - she needs a male as soon as possible. He paid vetenarian and sat on the bench next to the stable. He started to think... He liked that cow, he wanted the best for her, but he has to drive 5 days to get a bull... What he will do now?? He figured out. He didn't want to upset his mother because she was very ill, so he decided to speed up some things, He went into the barn, came closer to the cow and started to pet her. He moved her tail and started to look at her pussy. It was a pink, meaty pussy, and so wet that "something" was driping out of it. He wa stouching it and than he puted a finger in her. He was so excited. He took off his pants - didn't wear underweare and started to jerk of his dick. It was very big (21 cm) and had big balls too. He took two bricks, stepped on them and decided to penetrate the cow. He puted the top of his swollen dick inside...It's so warm, and wet... He was going deeper and it was better and better. He started very slow and gentle. With one hand he was holding her tail and with other he was peting her. He started to pump harder and his balls were slopying in the rythm. Oh, that cow was so wet and that slopy sound was harder and harder. He was tickeling her fat pussy with his pubic hair and raming her with his huge cock. It looks like she was enjoying, and Bob was, but he was very close to cum, and he started to pump very hard. He was all wet and he finally loaded his spunk into her wet, warm pussy...He was so tiered, so he decided to stay over the night in the barn. He decided to "take" care for her needs. Afterall, that cow means very much to his mom and he don't want any of them two to be unpleased!I hope you like this story. My english is not very good, but I hope you can understand it! Didn't get any respond on my first story, so I'll be very glad to know wht you think!
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