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Hello everyone, I have made my first story post and it looks to have done well. Here is another story from me. It deals with an experence I had in Japan. I Hope you all enjoy it.I was on my way home from school one day, just taking the normal route home with my friends Maiko and Sorano. We were taking our time and just enjoying the day. Summer was on its way and it was nice and warm out. We reached the street where me and the girls parted ways. As Im walking down the street, Im just humming and off in my own world. I come up to a local bar, and as I pass it I see a sign posted on the builtin board they had out front. It was just something someone put on it, its a free board they had set up.The paper it said that they were looking for girls to be in a local production. It sayed that they will pay well, and they offer more roles if the proformence is good. I took down the number so I could think about it later. I went on my way, and eventually got back home. I was looking foward to having some fun, my parents wernt home, so I had the house all to my self. I put my things down, took off my shoes and made my way to my bedroom.I called out for kintaro, but he didnt come running like he normaly does. I look around the house calling him, yelling out "You want to eat" and "Mommy need her kintaro". I cant find him anywhere. Then I go back to the kitchen and see a note. "Nozomi, feel free to make your self dinner, your father and I took kintaro to the vets. Well drop him off there while we do some shoping and will be back later tonight. Dont forget to do your homework. -Mom"I was so upset. With kintaro gone, I have no fuck buddy. I go and grab my toys and pull out my laptop. I find some good movies to watch and get my self off. It was fun as always, but its nothing like having kintaro in me. I clean up and go to make my self something to eat. I get our some noodle and have a nice meal. Then I get my backpack to get out my home work and then I see the number from the sign form earlyer. I thought why not, and got out the phone.It rang a few times, then a young woman picks up. "Moshi Moshi, thank you for calling Hanafufuma (falling cherry blossoms) studio, how can I help you?" I tell here about the sign I saw and she asks me some infromation. My age, hight, weight, and a few other things. She says that this is a local porn studio and that they are looking for new tallent. She asks me if I want to set up an apointment. I think about it and tell her one sec. Ive allways liked watching porn movies and had had fanticys about being in one, but never thought I would have the guts to. I decided that its only in interview, so what the heck. We set up the time and date and shes says she hope to see me inperson.A week passed and Im all a flutter when the day comes for my interview. I leave a note for my parents saying I was going to go the libary to study for a midterm comming up and that I was going to be out late. I took the subway, avoiding the normal strangers and freaks who would try to touch me. I allways liked they way the longed to touche me, and trying to dodge them. I followed the directions the lady on the phone gave me. It took me to a backally and the [lace looked kind of small. I open the door and walked in.A woman greated me and I imeditaly recognised her voice, it was the lady on the phone. She was very pritty. She sat at a deck so I couldnt get a good look at her, but she wore glasses and had long hair that was up. I said hi and that I had a apointment for 6:30. She told me that it was the third door on the left down the hallway. I make my way down and pass another girl leaving. As we pass our eyes meet and we each give a smile, knowing what this place is and all. I knock on the door and a man's voice says to come in. I puch the door open and make my way in.He greats me and tells me to have a seat. He says that his name is Takahashi san and what he is looking for. He says that he needs a girl for some bukkake, tellng me what it is as if I dont already know, cause there other girl left for a bigger filming company. Then he asks what my sexuall experences are. I tell him how many guys Ive been with, what Ive all done, and then about my girl friends (the ones from earyler) and the things we have done. At this time Im getting pritty nervous and excited about the chance to be in a porn, my pussy is getting all wet. Then he sighs and says that they need someone who is a bit more of a freak. Then he sends me out. I feel crushed, I try to object and say that Im what hes looking for, but all he does is send me away. As I leave I start to feel sad, but then I take a shot and tell him about kintaro and the things we've done. He doesnt even look up at me and I leave. As I make my way to the door, the receptionist stops me and says that Takahashi san wants to see me again, and to come back a month from today. I get so exsited I almost scream. I smile and leave, but as soon as the door closes I jump up and down.My hands are tired, and this story is getting my horney, so I have to stop for a bit, but Ill finnish later.-Nozomi
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