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Lisa was very surprised when Jonathan came home with a present."I'm going to be travelling a lot for the next few months, so I didn't want you to get lonely," said Jonathan. It, was a beautiful one and a half-year-old German Shepard. "I didn't want to get you a puppy, they're too much work. The shelter swears that he's a trained and housebroken already.""He's beautiful, Jon, but shouldn't you have asked me first?" said Lisa. She was having very mixed feelings, but not for the obvious reasons."I want someone here to protect you while I'm gone," said Jonathan.They had been living together for over a year now, and this was the first time he would be away for any length of time.Lisa was instantly taken with the dog. He was quite a handsome animal. But she was nervous having a dog around. Especially a male dog. And this one was obviously quite male."Why don't you give him a name, Lisa?" Jonathan suggested. "I don't know," she said reluctantly."How about Duke," he suggested. "Too trite," she said, "you might as well call him Rover. If we're going to keep him, he needs a real name. How about Samson. He looks strong.""Samson it is," said Jonathan. Lisa looked at the dog nervously, "So I guess we're keeping him?" she asked. "Absolutely," said Jonathan. "What if he doesn't like me?" Lisa asked (actually her concerns were completely the opposite, but she didn't say anything. Didn't even think it, mostly.)So, Samson moved in and became part of the household. He was quite friendly, and took to Lisa especially. Jonathan remarked on it, "He's a good dog, but he really seems to like you the most, Lisa. I guess he knows I got him for you."Lisa shivered a little at that. Jonathan was leaving for a two-week trip to Asia tonight and she would be all alone in the house with Samson. She was a little nervous about that. She couldn't articulate why completely.Samson was a good dog, and since he'd been around, she had felt safer. He was very friendly to her, always following her around and licking her hand. Maybe because he was so 'obviously' male. She couldn't help noticing sometimes when his 'thing' started showing (his 'thing' she laughed at herself; how old are you, its a cock! you'd never know I'm thirty sometimes.) Despite herself, she felt herself blushing.She had always been a little nervous around dogs. Well that wasn't really true. She'd always had mixed feelings about them. She had a dog in college, a female named Missy. Also a very friendly dog, always licking. She smiled remembering. Once, one of her sorority sisters had told her, while they were very drunk, about letting her dog lick her 'down there' and how good it had felt. Lisa had been floored by the conversation, and pushed it out of her mind.But the thought had stuck and one night when she had been drinking (a lot!), she had come back to her apartment and Missy had been very glad to see her. Well, it was a particularly horny time of month and Lisa found herself on the bed, playing with herself when Missy jumped on the bed. Remembering her conversation with her friend, Lisa thought, "Well, maybe just a little lick." And she pushed Missy's head into her moist crotch. Missy dove in with enthusiasm, and Lisa found herself, quite unexpectedly, coming like crazy.Afterwards, she felt mortified. "How could I have let that happen." She pushed Missy away and went to sleep.But despite her deep feelings of embarrassment and denial, Lisa found that there was many a night when she came home drunk, only when she was drunk!, and let Missy take her to a forbidden and embarrassingly powerful orgasm or three.But all that had stopped when Lisa graduated, moved to the big city, got a small apartment and a busy job. She had, reluctantly, had to give Missy away. And she gradually pushed the whole thing out of her mind.Until now! Looking at Samson, all the familiar feelings of guilt and embarrassment and, yes, and lust, came flooding back to her. Lisa was suddenly afraid. Afraid of what she might do, What she might want to do, if she was alone in the apartment with Samson."Please don't go, Jonathan," she said suddenly reaching for him. Jonathan laughed, "I'll miss you too, honey, but I have to go. Two weeks will go by pretty fast though, you'll see." He snapped his suitcase closed and got ready to leave."Gotta go, car's outside." Inexplicably, Lisa started sobbing. She wasn't usually the emotional, clingy type.Jonathan picked up his suitcase, gave her a big hug, a deep kiss, and was out the door.Lisa slumped down on the couch, "I guess its just you and me, Samson." She looked at the dog nervously. "I need a drink," she thought, and got up, pouring herself a scotch. Actually, it was a big scotch. She gulped it down and splashed some more in the glass. "nothing to do tonight but have a few drinks and go to sleep," she said to herself.Samson came over and laid down next to her. A few minutes later, she began feeling much more relaxed as the scotch spread a pleasant buzz through her head.She was feeling warm and a little... well warm.She started as she felt Samson like her foot. "Now don't you start getting ideas," she giggled to herself. "I'm going to bed." She got up to go to bed, looking down at the dog at her feet. She suddenly blushed, "He is definitely male," she thought. The pink tip of his cock was poking out! She was totally embarrassed. "I can't believe I'm looking at it!" she thought to herself. Flustered, she walked quickly to her bedroom to get ready for bed.[to be continued]
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