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I'm really embarassed to tell this story even though its true. To make it a little less difficult to speak about whathappened I've decided to write the story in the third person. My name isn't really Jenny, but I always liked it. I'mhoping no one who might recognize me ever comes across this story in writing. I'll post it on the WEB for peoplelike myself, who've explored these shocking, forbidden pleasures. Have fun!Jenny thought the idea of breeding her female dog ridiculous at first. What in the world would she do with a litterof pups? But her best friend Kelly reminded her that she'd bought a pure bread dog in the first place and thatpuppies from the right stud could be very valuable. Then she'd jokingly said something about what a shame thatJenny's pretty little dog might miss out on the chance, at least once in her life, to enjoy some good sex. WhenJenny mentioned the subject to her father a couple of days later, leaving out the sex comment, of course, he'dsaid matter of factly that it would be good to have a litter. Then he announced he might like one for himself.That was probably what tipped the scale for her, though she had no idea how she'd go about finding someonewith a male dog to service Missy. At her father's suggestion she went to the man who owned the pet storewhere she bought her dog. Mr. Neilsen was a nice man who asked all about Missy as he rifled through his cardfile. He soon found the name he was looking for, turning from his desk to face her."I've bought a couple of pups from her. She has a few studs, I think, and doesn't charge too much. They've gotgreat pedigrees too, which'll help when you sell your pups."She walked out of his shop with the small piece of paper in her hand, amazed at what she was about to do.Missy was not a small dog, but Jenny always thought of her as a puppy. Now she was about to put her sweet,young animal in the pen with some big male dog who was going to do what comes naturally. She recalled the fewtimes she'd indulged in sex "doggie style." She could almost visualize Missy beneath some creature whoseforepaws would pull her smaller body toward him the way Jenny's lovers had done with her. The thought was atonce forbidding and if she were really honest with herself, more than a little exciting! She pushed the thoughtout of her mind."Bring her over early so we can give them some time. I don't imagine Brutus will disappoint us, but we want to letthem get to know each other.""I'll be there around ten.""Wonderful, see you then."She followed the directions, only half aware of the fact she was quickly driving out of town into an undevelopedarea she didn't know well. There was a lake not too far away she vaguely recalled, a place she frequentedoccasionally in high school with boys she'd been dating. It was a pretty famous makeout place. Jenny wasbetween boyfriends at the moment and the memories of making out in the front seat of a boy's car, his fingersmoving over her body, warmed her quickly. Then she reminded herself what she was doing, glancing in the rearview mirror to see Missy sitting in the enclosed section at the rear of her station wagon, oblivous to what wouldhappen to her soon. That concession had not been easy she mused, her mind quickly avoiding the provocativesubject at hand. Here she was, an attractive woman in her early-twenties driving a station wagon! Yet, with adog as big as Missy there was no other way. In fact, she was glad she'd made the decision.She found the number on the side of the mailbox as Lisa had promised. Jenny wondered about a woman whochose to run a stud service for a living. What a strange occupation she mused as she turned the wheel andslowly maneuvered between the ruts in the driveway. A fine old Victorian style house sat to the left sheltered bythe large trees surrounding the structure. Lisa had told her to park in front of the garage which appeared to befrom the same era as the house. It definitely needed a coat of paint. She rolled to a stop, noticing the door atthe side of the house swinging open. Jenny turned off the ignition, her gaze shifting in the direction of thewoman walking toward her. What a shock!Lisa was only a few years older than Jenny and she was a knockout! And she certainly wasn't shy about showingoff her assets either, wearing a short skirt that swung around her bare thighs as she walked, and a tight teeshirt literally filled with a substantial bosom. Jenny pushed the door open and stepped out, suddenly feelingdowdy in her torn jeans and tee shirt. She was aware of a twinge of arousal that startled her and added to herdiscomfort. Perhaps it was knowing what was about to happen for Missy, yet she sensed some of it had to dowith the almost raw sensuality emanating from this sexy woman."Hi, I'm Lisa." Jenny accepted the hand extending toward her, feeling her face flush with an embarassment thatsurprised her. It was as though Lisa could read her mind and knew what she'd been thinking. How silly! Jennyforced her mind to keep quiet."Hi. Nice to meet you." Lisa smiled, dropping Jenny's hand as she walked to the rear of the station wagon."So here's the lovely girl." Jenny could hear the welcome in Lisa's voice and felt herself begin to relax a bit. Thiswas no big deal. She peered at Lisa leaning over to get a closer look at Missy, noticing the short skirt rising upalong the back of lovely tanned thighs. Again she felt a surge of feelings in her body that seemed centered in herloins. This was simply too bizarre! Jenny had never felt this way around another woman before. Then shereminded herself of what was about to happen.Lisa, oblivious to Jenny's unsettled feelings was walking around the rear of the station wagon and lifting thedoor. Missy nosed out, welcoming the attention Lisa offered as she rubbed behind the dog's ear."Brutus is going to be a happy dog my sweet." Jenny felt the twinge of excitement at Lisa's words. It wouldn't belong now! Lisa took hold of Missy's collar and encouraged her to jump down. The dog's nose began twitching andher ears suddenly perked up as though she were aware of the dog waiting for her, perhaps a smell thatregistered deep within her animal brain. Jenny stepped around the two of them and closed the door beforefollowing.Lisa's skirt was full but short, twisting from side to side with each liquid swing of the young woman's hips. Themovement of the fabric drew Jenny's eyes to her companion's thighs and round bottom, which was hinted at bythe soft fabric resting on her curves. Jenny was beginning to feel awfully warm!When they passed the corner of the garage Jenny saw the fenced enclosure, her eyes quickly locating the hugecreature as he bounded toward the fence, ears lifted. He was a beautiful animal! Missy seemed to be holdingback but Lisa's firm hand kept the much smaller dog walking."You stay there. This'll just take a minute." Jenny saw the gate farther along the fence and understood that waswhere Lisa would release her animal into the enclosure. Brutus was pacing about now, darting away from thefence, then coming quickly back. Lisa was very business-like as she reached up to open the gate, all the whileholding Missy's collar firmly in her other hand."Back Brutus!" The dog instantly responded, stepping away from the fence. The gate opened and Lisa turned,pushing Missy through before releasing her collar and stepping back to quickly close the gate. Peering over hershoulder she waved toward Jenny, motioning for her to come closer. Jenny forced herself to begin walking, herattention split between the sumptuous woman leaning against the fence and the two dogs moving around eachother on the well maintained grass. She stopped next to Lisa before turning to face the dogs directly. It wasthen she saw that Brutus was already aroused! His bright red cock was emerging from the hairy sheath hangingbeneath his belly. He kept nudging his nose between Missy's rearlegs. Her dog understood precisely what washappening and like most girls was at once intrigued and frightened, her tail lifting, then curling down between herlegs and covering her genitals. Suddenly Missy was darting away, Brutus in hot pursuit. They bounded about theenclosure, coming to stop again no more than ten feet from where she and Lisa stood. Jenny felt her eyes drawnthe Brutus belly, to the organ swinging between his legs. The thing was monstrous and yet, somehow beautiful!It had both swollen and lengthened, the knob at the end shaped like a wedge and already oozing fluid. Jenny feltherself getting weak in the knees! Brutus rose on his hind legs, forepaws coming to rest on Missy's back. Her tailwas lifted now, exposing her genitals. In this position that wicked instrument looked even bigger, hanging down,then lifting its mighty weight as the huge dog thrust forward! The tip missed its target but the thrusting washappening quickly now as Brutus sensed how close he was to what he wanted. Jenny felt her breathingbecoming ragged, juices stirring between her thighs. It had been so long since she'd felt a man's cock riding tothe bottom of her pussy, filling her up and driving her to release!The swollen tip found its opening and the huge dog's hips shuddered as Brutus with two powerful thrusts plungedthat long, thick cock into Missy's body. Jenny's breathing had come to a complete stop as she stared wide-eyedat the glistening cock sliding in and out of her dog's cunt. The power of it was incredible, unlike anything she'dever witnessed before! It was almost a shock when Lisa spoke."I think we should let them be alone." Jenny turned to peer over at this woman she'd just met, surprised to seethe flush on her face, the wild expression in her eyes as though she too had been turned on by watching thesedogs fucking."Let's take care of the paper work." Lisa turned, reaching up to take Jenny's hand and leading her from thefence. They walked toward the house but Jenny's mind was still at the enclosure with the two dogs whosegrunts filled her ears as they threw themselves at one another in the most primitive of acts.Jenny followed Lisa into what appeared to be a living room. She sat at the end of the sofa while the otherwoman got some papers from a desk in one corner."This will just take a couple of minutes. Would you care for a glass of wine?" Lisa turned over her shoulder topeer down at Jenny. The flush still rose from her cheeks."It's a bit early, but thanks. That kind of took my breath away!" Lisa smiled, returning to the sofa beforedepositing the papers on the middle cushion."Yeah, it can get pretty intense back there sometimes. You take a peek at these and I'll get the wine." Jennyglanced down, but her eyes quickly lifted again to follow Lisa as she walked from the room. She felt herundimished arousal and was shocked by it. Of course, she'd been close with a number of other women in her life.In fact, Jessica, a friend of hers in high school had made a pass at her one time. It was awkward and Jessicawas more than a little clumsy when she tried to kiss Jenny on the lips. She'd been shocked, but if she werehonest with herself, feeling a girl's curvaceous body pressing close to hers, then feeling lips brushing against hermouth, had excited her then too. It was all too bizarre for words!Lisa returned with two glasses in one hand and an open bottle of chilled wine in the other. She set the glasseson the table and poured wine into them before returning to the sofa and offering Jenny a glass."Here's to happy times for one and all." Their glasses touched, then Lisa seated herself on the sofa and sippedher wine. Jenny was vividly aware of her companion's skirt sliding up along her tanned thighs as she turnedslightly to address the papers spread on the cushion between them."Okay, let's get started."Jenny felt herself getting light headed as she sipped the chilled wine. She glanced at papers being handed toher, then up at Lisa's lovely face. Their eyes met and held one another, then lowered as this practicalconversation continued. Then out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of movement. She turned to see adog that looked exactly like Brutus. Suddenly she was confused. Had Brutus gotten out of the enclosure? WasMissy okay!? She was about to speak when the dog bounded into the room, catching Lisa's attention as well."There you are big boy." The dog rushed up to Lisa who wrapped her arms around his thick neck and gave him ahug."This is Brutus older brother Butch." The dog pressed closer, dropping its head to Lisa's crotch."You're a naughty boy Butch!" The huge dog had turned in profile by that time and Jenny quickly saw he wasaroused, the tip of his brightly colored cock just appearing from the hairy sheath."He smells his brother outside. He's jealous." Lisa lifted his snout and the dog licked her face."Poor baby's got the hots, don't you." One of Lisa's hands slid along the dog's arched back and he steppedcloser, his head sliding past Lisa's shoulder as he moved between her legs. She was hugging him again, leaningoff the cushion and pressing those deliciously full breasts against the dog's broad chest. Jenny noticed the handon the dog's back had disappeared. Instantly she glanced down and was horrified at what she saw! Lisa's handwas beneath the dog's belly, fingers sliding around the glistening cock quickly extending from the sheath."Mama will help." Jenny's heart was pounding in her chest and she felt her breathing come to a complete stop.She'd never witnessed anything this outrageous in her entire life! The fingers were stroking the distended cock,the same way you'd pleasure a man. The dog's hind quarters were shuddering with excitement, hips locked stillas though he knew what to expect from his master and didn't want to interrupt the exciting sensations. But thenthe dog was moving, its body lunging toward this woman who touched him so intimately. Lisa fell back againstthe cushions, her legs pushed apart by the thrusting beast, skirt riding along her thighs until her loins wereexposed. Jenny's eyes widened, her gaze focusing on the woman's crotch, on the brightly colored triangle of silkpanties covering Lisa's genitals. But it was the thick cock nudging into the silk that fascinated her. It was asthough this dog thought he could actually f*** this woman!?!. Lisa slid down on the cushion, her bottom cominigto rest at the edge, her thighs parting around the dog's hips."Oh god!" Lisa's face turned in her direction and Jenny could see the wild excitement in this beautiful woman'seyes. She was as turned on as Butch was, her hips lifting to meet the thrusting cock pushing into the silk!! Thedog's cock was bigger than any Jenny had ever seen on a man! The beast was unbelievable!Then she saw the fingers slipping beneath the dog's belly again, red tips visible as they reached across anddragged the silk to one side. Jenny could hardly believe her eyes! This woman was preparing herself to take thathuge cock into her pussy, to let this powerful dog f*** her! The cock thrust forward, missing its mark untilfingers clutched the thick, glistening shaft and guided it. With the next thrust the organ found the opening.Jenny leaned closer, no longer able to contain her fascination, eyes fixed to the cock sliding back, then forwardas the dog rammed himself into this young woman's upturned pussy.At last Jenny lifted her gaze and met Lisa's eyes. This desirable beauty was transported to a realm that Jennyhad experienced many time with her lovers, her body filled with a cock, a driving cock, the tension in her loinswinding ever more tightly as she came closer to release. She loved the feeling and now she was watching thisbeautiful woman experiencing it with this frantic beast lunging between her widespread thighs. Butch movedpowerfully, fucking this willing creature whose gorgeous body was spread beneath his hairy chest and thrustinghips.Jenny hadn't planned what would happen next, anymore than she would have dreamed of being present to awoman fucking her dog. But it happened, miraculously it happened, as she leaned closer and touched her lips toLisa's upturned mouth. Instantly the kiss deepened, tongues sliding from mouth to mouth, heads moving togetheras the dog's powerful thrusts drove Lisa's body back against the cushions. Jenny could smell the musky aroma offucking, could feel the heat of the beast lunging atop Lisa's body. Their kiss broke with a loud groan and shewatched this perverse woman turn all her attention to her lover, legs spreading wider, hips lifting to meet eachpowerful stroke. Jenny stared at the connection of these two bodies, one human, the other animal, the thickcock appearing and disappearing with each movement of those thrusting hips. The cock bulged at its base andwith one final lunge the animal appeared to be cumming. An instant later he stepped back, his huge cock slidingfree, cum dribbling from the tip as it emerged from the spread lips of this voracious woman's pussy.She lifted her eyes, taking in Lisa's curves, finding herself for the first time lusting for a woman's body, awoman's breasts. Their eyes met again and Jenny leaned closer until their lips found one another for a secondkiss, a slower kiss, but one filled with possibilities. As this lips parted, Jenny knew she'd begun something thatcould overwhelm her. Lisa's eyes closed suggesting she too had achieved orgasm with her powerful lover whohappened to be a dog.I don't know how long we lay there but when we finally both returned to the land of the living all thought aboutpaperwork was gone. We kissed again, another slow deep kiss that quickly rekindled my excitement. What I'dwitness turned me on like never before in my life and my body was instantly on fire as Lisa's tongue slitheredbetween my lips and her fingers spread to caress my breasts. If only I'd known how exciting this could be I neverwould have pushed Jessica away like I did. This was too much!When our lips finally parted with a gasp Lisa's eyes met mine and I could see the fire was still burning for her aswell. Butch had f***** her brains out but she was clearly hungry for another kind of loving which clearly includedme. (My god! I'm writing in first person now. I got so hot as I recalled that magical moment that I lost myself. Ithink I'll continue!)"I think we should go to my room." Her words were breathless with excitement and echoed my sentimentsexactly, even if I wouldn't have been daring enough to make the suggestion myself. Lisa pushed herself off thesofa and reached down to take my hand and help me up. We walked hand in hand down a narrow corridor linedwith old photographs and finally into a dimly lit room with a large bed. I thought of Lisa on that bed with her dogsand felt myself flush. I was about to make love with a woman who f***** animals!Lisa turned and I stepped into her open arms, transported by the sensations of firm breasts pressing into mybosom as our lips met again. Her fingers slid down my back and caressed my bottom as she pulled out loinstogether. I reciprocated, willingly drawing our bodies more tightly together. Clothes seemed to fly from ourbodies. My fantasy had been right too, since Lisa wore no undergarments beneath her clothes. Her body wasincredible! I could hardly fail to notice the streaks of cum on the inside of her slender thighs, a reminder of whatI'd just witnessed that added to my excitement as we finally fell onto her rumpled bed.Feeling Lisa's curvaceous body moving against me was wonderful! We kissed deeply as fingers moved lovinglyover firm curves. Then she rolled above me, her body rising higher until her breast was against my lips. It wasthe most natural thing in the world to lick her hard nipple and suck it between my hungry lips. Suddenly I felt thebed shift. I knew instantly that the sound I was hearing was a dog panting! Peering down between Lisa's breastsI saw Butch's snout poke into Lisa's exposed crotch, his long tongue slithering down, then dragging up across hergenitals. She groaned, her body leaning back toward the slurping tongue.I was terrified! I lay naked with this aroused beast on the bed with me! Then without warning the snout nudgedbetween my own thighs, cool nose against my exposed genitals followed instantly by a raspy tongue thatseemed to know exactly where to lick! His tongue kept sliding across my already engorged clitoris, driving mecrazy! I knew I'd cum in a few seconds if he kept this up! But Lisa was moving now, her body shifting to oneside, causing Butch to stand back. I saw him fully then, the proud beast standing at the foot of the bed heclearly knew well. His long, pink tongue hung to one side of his open jaw as he panted his excitement. Glancingdown I saw the tip of that monstrous cock once again easing out of the hairy shield. Lisa had turned on the bedand was approaching her dog lover. Butch stood still, clearly well trained in sexual arts with this young beauty. Iwatched in awe, my body on fire as Lisa eased next to Butch, once again reaching beneath his belly and fondlinghis genitals. The cock quickly emerged, glistening pink in its massiveness. Lisa stroked the long, thick organ."My sexy lover wants more!" I was aware of how ragged my breathing was, how unbelievably exciting this bizarreencounter was. Missy was in the backyard fucking this dog's brother while I lay naked before an animal whoobviously knew how to f*** a woman. And the woman who'd no doubt trained him was laying next to him at themoment, her lovely face moving ever closer to the dog's erect cock clutched in her fingers. Having watchedthese two lovers f*** on the sofa, it somehow seemed not so bizarre that Lisa would consider sucking Butch'sbeautiful cock. My eyes focused on the lips that had kissed mine only moments before as they made contactwith the glistening member, tongue extending as the dog's cock eased into her lifting mouth. I reached down totouch myself, encountering the dog's saliva on my genitals as I stroked my clitoris. I began masturbating, myeyes fixed on Lisa's mouth rising and falling, the dog's thick cock appearing, then disappearing again and again. Ifelt the tension building in my loins and hungered for release! I'd seen so much, experienced such shock, evenrevulsion which quickly turned to arousal I didn't know I could experience. Now I was watching this beautiful girlgiving her dog a blowjob and all I could do was masturbate!But Lisa's mouth gave up its treasure, which was now at the full extent of its power. The dog's cock looked like alog swinging beneath his hairy belly! In that instance I felt terror! Butch's eyes met mine and I knew the smellsrising from my naked pussy were causing his nose to twitch. I was just a female in heat to him! He'd f***** oneof us and now was ready for the other. Before I could play that thought out, however, Lisa had joined me againon the bed and I found myself accepting her lips in a kiss that instantly deepened. That her tongue had beensavoring her dog's cock only a moment before only registered for an instant as I lost myself in the passion of themoment. Then her fingers were between my legs, quickly finding my engorged clitoris. She stroked me with anexpertise that only another woman could have, bringing me close to release in a matter of seconds. But shestopped, fingers sliding lower until I felt one digit playing between the tender folds surrounding my fully lubricatedpussy. I groaned into her throat as the finger eased between the lips and slid into my waiting pussy, simulatingthe familiar feeling of having a cock entering. My mind suddenly exploded with the image of Butch's cock hangingbetween his legs and I reminded myself that the dog was still on the bed, still aroused and waiting for release asfully as I was at that moment.Lisa's lips lifted from mine and I opened my eyes, half afraid of what I might see but finding myself gazing up intothis beautiful young woman's face."Butch wants you baby." The words could not have been more shocking but all I could do was groan as a seconddigit entered my pussy."Just say the word and you can have that beautiful cock of his. He's such a wonderful lover." Lisa's lips touchedmy cheek and I instinctively turned my head. Her lips trailed along my cheek until they found my ear. Her hottongue slithered into my ear and I moaned, my hips lifting off the covers to follow the moving fingers. Butch'spanting was in the background, a constant reminder of what Lisa was suggesting. I had never been so turned onin my entire life! I needed to be f*****, to release this powerful urge rising in my loins."Please!" The word escaped my lips but carried a force I could not believe."Roll over my sweet." The lips withdrew, the fingers withdrew and as though I were in an altered state I turnedover on the rumpled covers, instinctively raising myself into a position I knew well. Lisa's fingers caressed myraised bottom, easing down to touch my genitals again. Suddenly a wet nose thrust between my legs! It washappening! This terrible, wonderful thing was happening! I peered along the length of my body and between mythighs to where Butch's head was working, tongue extending again to taste my womanhood. His body shiftedfrom side to side as he threw himself into the task. I could see his cock hanging down, waiting for what wouldsurely happen next. I swooned with excitement, I wanted it so much! Who would ever have believed such athing could happen!?! I wanted this dog to f*** me with that big, beautiful cock of his!Butch lunged forward, rising on his hind legs as his forepaws reached out to take hold of my waist. Ir happenedso quickly that it almost took my breath away! I saw Lisa's fingers clutching Butch's cock, guiding him as helunged toward me. The wet thing slid across the back of my thigh, then nudged against my ass. The next thrustscored a direct hit and I was instantly filled with a cock so huge I thought it would split me open! The creaturemoved with a speed and power I'd never known before with a lover. The huge cock pistoned in and out of mypussy, driving me quickly toward release. I leaned back against the assault, my body fully open to this creature'spower. I was so close to release, so ready to let go! I heard my voice wailing between the gasps for air. I waslost!"f*** him!" Lisa's voice rose above the din of sounds. The dog's huge cock created slurping sounds as it rode inand out of my pussy, while my own moans filled the tiny room. And finally I was cumming, sensations explodingoutward from my cunt. An instant later I felt the surge of cum from this animal's powerful release. I fell forwardonto the bed, my body completely spent. The dog's huge cock slid out. I turned my head and saw the obsceneinstrument of my pleasure dangling beneath Butch's belly, cum dripping from the tip. I knew it had been my pussythat provided the lubrication that shimmered on the now glistening member. I'd actually been f***** by this dogand I'd loved every instant of it! I knew I was going to hell and somehow it didn't matter in the least!Lisa drew me into her embrace and I welcomed her warm, curvaceous body snuggling against mine. I'd never feltsuch a powerful orgasm before and was exhausted. But recollections of the huge cock ramming into my bodymixed with images of Lisa lying beneath my hairy lover licking and sucking that same cock, kept my excitementkindled. The thought crossed my mind that I wouldn't be satified until I'd tasted a dog's cock in my mouth. Ismiled as I drifted into much needed sleep.I was still in Lisa's arms when I awoke. I don't know how long I'd been out, but I definitely felt refreshed. Iglanced down at this beauty's lush curves snuggled against my naked body. I'd had not only my first taste of sexwith an animal, but my first taste of sex with another woman. What a day! As my body shifted Lisa rose toconsciousness, lifting her face until our eyes met. She smiled, her tongue slithering out to moisten her full lips. Icouldn't resist lowering my mouth to kiss those luscious lips. The kiss was sweet, soft and tender, tongues justtouching parting lips before out mouths separated. Clearly there was no need to rush now that we both knewwe'd become lovers. As our lips parted, I noted that Butch lay on the floor near the doorway, his nose buried inhis crotch as he licked his well used cock that had f***** both of the women on this bed. He was one lucky dogand I was one lucky girl! Women fucking pet dogs.
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