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I was a freshman at a small university and had this huge cruch a a guy named Kevin. Kevin had gone to my highschool with me and I had a crush on him since about freshman year in highschool.He knew I liked him and would always tease me about it, and get me to do things for him like his homework or walking his large chocolate lab mix, Louie. I was always happy to do things for him, and he knew he could get me to do anything.He asked me over to his dorm to help him study...which I knew meant he'd sit around while I do his work for him. I didn't mind, I was just happy for any attention from him.To my surprise when I got there he had no books out and his two roomates were gone. In my mind I was ecstatic, I was thinking maybe he'll finally ask me out tonight. He told me to sit down on his bed so we can talk. He asked me if I was willing to do anything for him and I immediately said yes. He kept asking me if I was sure, and I kept replying yes. I didn't see what he was trying to get me to do, but no matter what it was I would do it, I was completely infatuated with him and I would have no inhibitions when it comes to him."Take off your clothes," he said. This took me by surprise, but I couldn't say no and I slipped off my poloshirt and pulled down my skirt. I hesitated with my pink bra and thong( I always came prepared to his house, just if anything would happen). "Take it off, or else I will have to get more forceful, you agreed to this." I know I didn't have to take them off, I could have just gotten up, taken my clothes and left, but he knew I wouldn't, he had me under his power. I unclasped my bra and laid it on a desk, then slipped of my thong and accidentally dropped it onto the floor."Well?" he asked."Well, what?" I said, not knowing what he was asking of me."Pick it up," I started to reach for the thong when he slapped my back. "On your hands and knees, pick it up with your teeth." Without questioning I got on the floor and did what he said to, being as careful as possible to keep my legs tightly shut due to the humiliation in the back of my mind telling me not to show him how wet my pussy was getting.I was about to get back on the bed, when I spread my legs just a little bit. In less than a second I felt two of his fingers inside of me. I jumped and started faintly crying. I couldn't believe what was happening, and it made me sick that I was doing this out of my own free will. Tears ran down my face as I felt him violate me but I didn't move, I didn't want to.He got on his knees and started eating me out. His tongue flapped over my clit driving me closer and closer to orgasm. He stopped, unzipped his jeans and positioned himself right infront of my face. Without hesitation, I started sucking him off. In a few minutes he squirted his jism into my mouth, commanding me to swallow, I did."Louie! Come here Louie." He called. His dog louie emerged from a large cage in the corner of the room. I had no idea what was going to happen. I was a virgin, and pretty conservative when it comes to even discussing sex. I had never heard of bestiality, and was shocked at what was about to happen.Louie started licking my pussy. I orgasmed and my arms collapsed so my butt was in the air and I was in pure ecstasy. Louie finished licking and was about to mount. I pleaded to Kevin no, that I didn't want to lose my virginity to a dog.I could tell that when I told him I was a virgin he was surprise, Im sure that by the way I acted around him he thought for sure I had had sex before.He took some mercy on me and said I could just suck Louie off. I agreed and positioned me so I was infront of Louie's large 9 inch cock. I took it in my right hand and got a feel for it. It was pink, long, skinny, and slimy. I put the tip in my mouth and he immediately started humping my mouth. I had to hold the base to prevent from gagging. I felt a larg thing at the base protruding and knew that I would choke if he got that in my mouth so I held and cupped it to prevent him from getting it into me. After a little while he came. His cum was hot I felt like it was burning the inside of my throat, but it tasted pretty good. Salty.I thought I was done and I was about to get up, but I noticed Kevin had gotten hard again."You wont lose your virginity to a dog." He said. and pulled me up onto the bed. My eyes were puffy and red by now from my crying but I didn't refuse. I was thankful he decided to do it missionary position, I was getting tired of being treated like a dog.Even though the events before this seemed harsh, and he seemed incaring for me, our sex was so passionate, It did hurt, and I let out a yelp when my cherry popped and a trickle of blood ran down my crotch. He took it slowly and constantly asked if I was okay. He did care for me, and I could tell he appreciated a very different way than most people are appreciated. We came around the same time and I was thoroughly pleased. I loved him, he knew I did.I wanted to just lay there with him but then he said. "There you lost your virginity to me, now you can do Louie." The tears came again. I couldn't believe him, part of me hated him, but most of me was still in pleasure from our sex, and I couldn't refuse.I got on the floor and positioned my self. Louie wasn't completely hard. And he ate me out. I had a small orgasm, and he work himself back to full length.His front paws went on either side of my shoulders, scratching me pretty badly. I could feel the tip of his slimy penis searching for its target. I lifted my hips higher just so he wouldn't get me in the anus.Bingo.He thrusted deep inside of me. Poking the entrance to my cervix and humped furiously. I screamed in pain, but it was a good pain. I worked up a rithym and I started moaning in pleasure. I had forgotten about the knot and with a hard thrust he pushed it inside of me. I screamed, loudly. He continued trying to hump and I felt the knot grow. I could feel the inside of my pussy stretching to its limits. His tip was in my cervix and causing me great pain. He humped one last time and spurted his hot jism into my womb. I came and collapsed. I passed out.I woke up a few hours later, naked in Kevin's bed. It was about 10pm and Kevin was sleeping next to me, quietly snoring in the cutest way. I loved him, I put my arm around him and fell back asleep. I woke up the next morning in Kevin's arms. When I opened my eyes I screamed.His two roomates, Chris and Tyler were staring at me. Tyler had a digital camera and snapped a picture of us. I turned my head and saw Kevin, awake, i made myself believe he woke up when I screamed and wasn't posing, but I knew he was.I tore off the sheet, forgetting i was naked and started walking to my clothes. Chris tripped me, and there I was on all fours, as Tyler took another picture. Chris called Louie over and said "Lets have an encore of last night shall we" He pointed to a small webcam on Kevin's computer. I was humiliated. Anyone with a computer could have seen me.Louie came up behind me and licked my pussy and anus causing me to twitch and tremble. He mounted me, reopening the scabs that had formed over the previous scratches and started humping. He missed and kept getting the area in between my anus and pussy, it hurt like hell. The tears came again wiith these two as an audience, and the fact that I knew the webcam was probably on. He got me in the ass.I screamed in pain. Not only had I never been f***** there, I had never even been fingered there. There was absolutely no pleasure in it for me, but Louie was fast approaching and I knew if I tried to preventthe knot I would have collapsed, allowing even deeper penetration."What, aren't you going to cry for your ass virginity?" Chris mocked me, causing me to sob more,"Come on you guys,, don't be hard on her..."Kevin said. I smiled, thee fact that he defended me made me feel so much better."...thats the dogs job." I pretended that that was just my imagination.The knot was force inside of me. I could feel it expanding. I swore it was tearing my intestines in half. He came and when he pulled out, with a huge force to get the knot out I passed out again, I felt so weak.Half an hour later I woke up, locked in the dog cage, I screamed for Kevin, but was told by Chris he went to class. I spent over two hours in that cage, naked, being poked and violated by Tyler, using the tip of a cane he had used for a halloween costume, to poke inside of me through the cage wires. I couldn't reach behind me to take it out and I couldn't move because it was between some wires. If I backed up in was pushed deeper inside of me by Tyler, if I moved forward, Chris would pet me, in this creepy way. With the cane inside of me a bowl of wet dog food was put infront of me, mixed with some flea medication."If you f*** like a dog, you should eat like a dog." Chris said. I refused and Tyler pushed the cane atleast 3 inches deeper inside of me, it was well past the entrance to my cervix and it hurt a lot. I had no choice. I ate the dog food and felt like I was going to throw up. Tyler started fucking me with the cane, and as I orgasmed all the dog food came right back up."Now look what you've done. Bad bitch. Lick it up." I knew I had no choice so I was about to when Kevin opened the door."What the hell is going on, I told you to get her dressed and send her home. She's been through enough." He opened the cage and cleaned me up witha towel."Comon Kev, just one more time?" Chris and Tyler asked in unison,"Well....." Kevin said."Sure, why not." I knew I wasn't a person to these people, but I still felt like I had to do anything to please Kevin. So I got on all fours and called Louie over myself. All the way up to my orgasm I was asking Kevin if he loved me. At the end, Kevin whispered yes, just quiet enough that I could hear. Tyler and Chris highfived eachother like a couple of morons and decided to take Louie out on a walk together to leaveme and Kevin alone, the one decent thing they've ever done to me.Kevin and I talked for hours, locking the door. There was no sex, no forcing anything, just talking. He said he had liked me ever since senior year at highschoolbut due to a bad relationship in the past he said he could only love someone whom he had complete control over...its not exactly the sweetest thing ever, but it worked for me. I kissed him passionately and we finally opened the door. I got dressed and went to my dorm, where my roomate was waiting to tell me about Kevin's webcam video, which she saw almost every hour of.I just graduated from my university, still dating Kevin. I still had my "encounters" with Louie, and Kevin enjoyed watching me getting violated by TYler and Chris(never full on intercourse, Kevin made sure they didn't actually touch me. Sadly Louie was hot by a car the end of my Junior year, Tyler is going to law school, and Chris had a serious car accident recently and is living with Kevin and I, I admit, its nice having control over him, I don't hurt him though I promise, just make him beg for things...kind of like a dog. Kevin and I have recently started thinking about getting another dog.
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