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Not mine but makes me laugh. EnjoyAuthor Unknown"Grip! Fang! Wolf! That's it, good boys!" called Farmer Maggot as hecame down the dirt path. "That's it, don't let 'im move!" The ruddy-facedhalfling walked up, carefuly, to the three hounds. They all stood in acircle, growling and snarling at the prone figure on the ground. Maggotscowled. This was the third trespasser in as many days. First that black-cloaked Big Folk from foreign parts, then the visitors from Hobbiton, and nowthis. The figure tried to move, but stopped immediately when Grip gave out aloud "BARRK!!!Snarrrrrrllllllll!!!!!", barring his shiny white teeth. Maggot looked down at the intruder, and noted the dress. She tried look upat him and Grip barked again. "Grip! Heel!" shouted the farmer. "Well, well,well, if it isn't Miss Dora Goodbody." The young halfling, in her tweens,definitely deserved her last name. Pretty enough in the face, with long brownhair, and a well-padded, "pleasingly plump" figure, the kind most halflingmales lusted after. Her facial expression was one of obvious fear, for Griphad only backed off a little and still had his teeth barred. The other dogsalso faced her down, just slightly less close. "Please don't let him bite me, Farmer Maggot!" Dora begged. Maggot smiled;he had already noted the stolen mushrooms scattered on the ground. His best"love mushrooms", the rare aphrodesiacs that Maggot grew and sold quietly,mostly to rich dwarves visiting the Shire for "a little fun." Probably a"little fun" like Miss Goodbody. "And what about my mushrooms, young lady? They's spoilt' now, they don'tkeep long once ya pick 'em. You're gonna have ta pay me back for those."drawled Maggot, grinning. He knew Dora wouldn't need much prompting; from thetalk he'd heard the girl had "rolled in the hay" with most of the local malepopulation, at one time or another. After thinking about it for a moment, shestarted to crawl on hands and knees towards him, but stopped when all threedogs started barking and snarling all at once. "Heel! Fang! Wolf! Down, Grip! Heel!" ordered Maggot. The dogs backed away,and Dora resumed her crawl, stopping when her hands touched Maggot's feet.She reached up and pressed her palm against his crotch. As she did so Fangpushed his snout underneath her dress and started sniffing. Dora paused justa moment, then started rubbing up and down on the bulge in Farmer Maggot'spants. A grin broke across the farmer's worn face. Suddenly she moaned hotlyand pushed forward. Maggot could hear Fang licking and slurping between thegirl's legs. Rumor had it that Dora usually didn't wear anything underneathher dress, and it looked like the rumors were true. Dora tried to push thedog away, but couldn't. Maggot waited and watched as Fang's red penisextended from its furry sheath. Then he placed both hands firmly on Dora'sshoulders and smiled. "Fang! Mount!" Dora mouthed a "No!" and tried to get up, but Maggot held her down as Fangmoved around behind her. The dog raised his forelegs up and rested his bodyon Dora's back, shifting around to position his penis correctly. She gaspedand squirmed when it found its target. Then Fang started thrusting, pushinghis penis deeper with each stroke. With each one Dora moaned loudly, thelarge male organ (far bigger than most halfing penises) stretching heragain and again, a pain and a pleasure at the same time. Soon Dora's sexwas wet enough to let Fang's shaft slide in and out freely, and the dogpumped his bitch with eager abandon. Both were panting, though Dora's tonguewasn't hanging out like Fang's was. By now Farmer Maggot has his trousersdown around his legs and was stroking himself, watching the show with aperverted leer. Dora's eyes squinted tightly shut as she squealed and buckedunderneath the wildly-humping dog. Fang's thrusts quickened in pace. Everyso often Dora's face would contort and she'd gasp or moan or wimper softly.Then Fang pushed all the way in and held there. Dora threw her head back andlet out a long "Ooohhhhhhhh!!!" as she felt warm spurts of dog-cum flowinginto her. Maggot followed his dog's lead and left a puddle of semen in thedust of the path. Fang licked Dora's cheek. She tried to get up but hegrowled in her ear, instinctively wanted to hold his penis inside her andtie with her. "Fang! Heel!" shouted Maggot, pulling up his pants. "Heel, I said!" Fangreluctantly pulled out of Dora's sex and trotted off. The girl lay there fora minute or so, then got up herself and walked away wordlessly, still gaspinga little from her ordeal. Farmer Maggot watched her leave as he gathered upthe love mushrooms, grinning. Time to dry them and get them ready for sale.They worked much better that way than when they were fresh. While he gatheredup his almost-stolen wares, one of Maggot's sons walked up. "Was that Dora Goodbody walking off?" "Yep. Had to set the dogs on her." "Again?" "Uh-huh. Sixth time in the last month. I'm beginning t' think the littlehussy likes it!"
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