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Hope you like it... It's one of my favorits... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Encounter With a God By FuzzWolf This story is of an erotic furry nature, featuring Male/Male sex. This story and the character of Justin are Copyright of FuzzWolf. Anubis is Copyright ancient Egypt and her people. E-mail comments to The lampís light flickered. For a moment, Justin feared it would go out and leave him in the alone in the dark. Luckily, he was able to get the fragile flame stable again. Breathing a sigh of relief, he continued the ritual. This was already getting creepy enough as it was, he really didnít need the light going out right now. He looked around one last time to make sure all the artifacts were here before he began to recite the ancient incantations. As he spoke, he noticed strange sounds seeming to emanate from out of the darkness itself. His body began to shake as he finished, he wondered if that was from the cold that had suddenly sprung up or nerves. He shrunk back a bit against the nearest wall when the room began to fill with mist. He clutched his robe close to his body to ward off the bitter cold that swept in with the mist. The mist coalesced in the center of the room, right in the center of the small circle of ancient symbols that Justin had collected. He started to wonder if this had been such a bright idea when he saw the shape of a person begin to form out of the white mist. Very gradually a shape became visible. The shape could clearly be seen to be that of a person, although about eight feet tall in this case. More detail became clear as the mist died down, leaving only a jackal standing and looking down on the one who had summoned him. Justin gazed in awe; he couldnít believe this had worked. The god Anubis stood before him. His body was picture perfect, having clearly defined muscles along his stomach and chest, a generally lean form with a cover of muscle on top. Being eight feet tall, he appeared a very intimidating size to Justin, but he noted his body was overall very slender and sleek. His tail started out like a pantherís, in one piece at the base, and then separated at the end into a more hair-like bushel. He was of course, completely black. Justin couldnít tell from this distance if that was black skin that covered his body or if he actually had fur as he did. Justin shuffled forward a little, still on his knees to get a closer look. The jackal god wore ceremonial garb as he was usually depicted as wearing in all the ancient texts Justin had found. A simple cloth fastened about his waist covered his lower extremities. He wore a large, decorative necklace that matched the bands on his wrists, ankles, and tail. He was just about how Justin had thought he would be, but even more impressive in person. ďWhy have you summoned me?Ē Anubis asked, rather puzzled. He had not been called upon by a mortal in a very long time. In fact, he had thought that the old ways had been long forgotten by the mortals by now. He looked curiously at the young lion who crouched before him. ďMy Lord, my only wish is to serve you. I-I offer myself to you.Ē He stammered out, more than a little nervous. Anubis cocked an eyebrow, and inwardly sighed. Not a thing had changed, these mortals only called upon the gods when they wanted something. Here this one was offering himself to him as so many others had in the past. ďAnd what do you want for the offering of your immortal soul?Ē Justin was confused now, all he wanted was for Anubis to take him and make him his. But how could he phrase that? He began to feel a little embarrassed, why would someone so powerful be interested in anything he had to offer. Blushing a little he responded, ďI want nothing from you sir, I want only to serve you and minister to your needs.Ē The god sighed again, a little more audibly this time. This was a bit perplexing. Normally theyíd just state their demands, heíd deliver their souls to the god of the underworld and that would be it. Hades was always in need of new souls, what did it matter to them if someone was willing to sell theirs a little early. In the days of old, Anubis would not have had the time for this kind of game, but he hadnít enjoyed any time in this more physical plane for nearly a millennia. He decided to play along for now, and see what this mere mortal truly desired. ďCome with me.Ē Anubis stated as he pulled a lever on the wall that Justin had not noticed before. The wall slid open to reveal a darker room within. He meekly followed the god inside, watching in awe as Anubis snapped his fingers to make light appear from nowhere. The room contained a throne covered in dust, and decaying as the walls were. As Anubis made his way through the room however, the walls and floors repaired themselves, and the dust and cobwebs vanished. By the time he got to it, the throne looked perfectly new again. Anubis made himself comfortable in his throne; four-footed jackals appeared from dark corners and approached him. One sat on either side of him; he reached down to briefly pet one on the head with affection. The others made themselves comfortable on the floor around the throne, watching Justin intently all the time. The dark god turned his attention to the trembling lion once more. ďShow me how you will Ďministerí to my needs.Ē He sat back in his throne, waiting to see what the young mortal would do now. Justin knew the moment had come. Now he had to do what he had dreamed of for years. He drew himself up to his full height, just a little under six feet. He stood tall and proud before the jackal as he threw the robe off his shoulders to the stone floor. He was completely nude underneath, his tawny fur shone in the mysterious light. He approached the god slowly, trying to control his nerves as he kneeled down right in front of him. Anubis raised an eyebrow; this wasnít what he had been expecting. Still, it was interesting, and a break from the tediousness of his immortal existence. He wondered what this lion was planning to do. Now that he was very close to Anubis, Justin could see that he did in fact, have fur. He began to stroke the godís legs very gently. His fur was very soft, and quite short. It didnít obscure his magnificent physical form at all. Every curve and bulge of muscle was still clearly defined under his thin pelt. As Justin softly stroked his legs he could only reflect on how beautiful Anubis was. If he died right now, he thought, heíd die happy. Even with both Anubis and his four-footed guardians watching him, Justin felt a little bolder now, having got this far. He stroked farther up the dark legs, gently massaging Anubisí tightly muscled thighs. His breathing increased a little now as he could now tell the jackal wore nothing under his ceremonial robe. Justin could feel his own cock begin to slide from his sheath, his skin flushed a little under his fur with embarrassment. Heíd know for sure if heíd be allowed to continue with his next move. He had to somehow get Anubisí robe open, and hope the god would not be offended by such a bold move. Justin removed his shaking paws from under Anubisí robe, and began to move onto the next step. He nervously fiddled with the simple ties that help the godís robe on. He somehow succeeded in undoing them, and opening the decorated robe that covered Anubisí waist and thighs. Justin looked at the prize that lay before him for several seconds before being able to move again. At this point he made no attempt to hide the wanton lust in his eyes. There, between the jackalís shapely thighs lay the prize that Justin sought. Anubisí cock has already slipped free of his short, furry sheath and lay un-erect over his very ample ball sack. The dog godís member was male beauty incarnate, it was the same perfect ebony black as his fur and had a shapely head that looked like it had been sculpted that way by some great artist of bygone days. It appeared long and sleek like the rest of his body, but that was much larger than the mere mortal who crouched before it, in worship. At a guess, Justin measured it at an impressive length of about nine, maybe ten inches, and a thickness that made him shiver at the thought of taking. The nervous, but getting bolder, lion reached a paw out. Anubis looked on with wonder. This was most definitely not what he had been expecting from this. He could tell that the mortal was not armed, and his canine guards did not seem to detect any danger. He decided to just let this play out, and see what this lion truly intended. Justinís paw softly stroked along the skin of Anubisí cock. The god inhaled a bit, it had been a long time indeed and the soft touch felt incredibly good. Taking that as a positive sign, Justin moved on. He wrapped one paw gently around the girth of the jackalís member and began to slowly stroke up and down. For several minutes he masturbated the dog god gently, watching in amazement as Anubisí cock gradually stiffened to full hardness in his paw. He curled his fingers around the cockís impressive girth very loosely and slowly moved his paw from the base to the very tip of the sensitive black head. The light and gentle teasing on his member was driving Anubis wild. He tried to maintain his regal composure, but the occasional erotic grunt slipped out anyway. It had been a lifetime since heíd felt his cock swell with so much pleasure. The head of his cock throbbed with need as it started to drip his seed. Justin smiled to see he was being rewarded with some precum. Clearly he was doing something right, and Anubisí made no motion to stop him. He leaned forward and, using his rough leonine tongue, slowly licked the dripping precum from the jackalís tender tip. The extreme pleasure of the sudden lick on his maleness took Anubisí breath away for a moment. If he had actually needed air to live, he felt he surely would have passed out from the pleasure at that point. He sighed deeply, relaxing as best he could. He was really enjoying this intimate attention. The lion squeezed his godís cock tightly in his paw for the briefest of moments to get a little more precum out of the impressive member. A thick bead of cum formed at the very tip and was quickly lapped up by Justinís tongue. Anubis was now beginning to whimper a bit and Justin decided the time for teasing was over. He now did what he had always dreamed of doing. He took the thick head of the jackal godís cock into his muzzle, guiding it slowly in till several inches of the shaft were in his mouth. Anubis moaned now as Justin began to softly suck on his member. Justin kept his eyes open as he bobbed his head up and down so he could watch in fascination as the godís slick, ebony cock slid past his lips. He gripped the thick base of the shaft tightly in one paw as he sucked, giving little squeezes now and then. He let his long, pink tongue wrap around the perfect smooth flesh, sucking hard and paying a lot of attention to the sensitive, dripping tip. Anubis couldnít help but moan at how good it felt to have his cock sucked on after so long. His claws dug into the arms of his throne as he fought to keep his composure. He knew that his seed held great power and could not be given over to just any mere mortal. They must be proven first. He tried to speak, and almost made it too, just as Justin began fondling his balls. The thought went out of Anubisí head for a moment at that. Justin held the dog godís sack in one paw; he rolled the heavy balls around inside their velvety black-furred home. He noted that the jackalís balls were quite a good size, and felt very full and heavy. He knew Anubis needed relief, and he hoped to be the one to give it to him. He tilted his head back to open up his throat, and slid downwards, allowing Anubisí length to slide down his throat. He stopped when his nose bumped the small patch of pubic fur on Anubisí belly. He contracted his throat muscles, giving the entire length a good, hard squeeze. He could feel precum flow down the back of his throat now. With his eyes watering with pleasure, Anubis very reluctantly pulled the lion from his cock, which was now fully hard and throbbing painfully. He needed release, badly but he had to do this properly. ďWhatĒ he gasped ďIs your name mortal?Ē Surprised at suddenly being deprived of his muzzleful of dog cock, Justin bowed before Anubis once again. ďI am known as Justin my lord.Ē He responded, trying to ignore the sensations from his own erect, dripping cock. ďJustin you seek to take something that is sacred.Ē He warned, before going on. ďYou wish to serve me in this manner, forever?Ē ďOh yes, yes my lord!Ē Justin responded, unable to contain his glee. ďVery well, but before you can receive the gift of my seed, you must prove yourself worthy.Ē Justin sighed a little; maybe this would not be as easy as he thought. He looked up a little hesitantly. ďWhat must I do?Ē he asked. Anubis smiled down at the young lion. He spread his arms, indicating his jackal guardians. ďThese are my guardians, they protect my realm and appear as my messengers in your world.Ē The four jackals rose and moved closer to their master. They stood watching silently as Anubis spoke. ďThey are like a part of meĒ he continued, ďThey are my purest form. First you must prove yourself to them. If any of the four of them find you lacking, they will devour your flesh and I shall take your soul to Hades.Ē Justin quivered more from nerves than arousal now as he looked at the four guardians. They licked their lips, and looked back at him hungrily. Justin watched them closely. They appeared near-identical. They all had the same lean physical appearance and short, ebony fur that Anubis himself had. They also wore decorative collars that resembled Anubisí elaborate jewelry. Justin could also very plainly see that they were all male. ďH-how do I prove myself to them?Ē Anubis smiled. ďThey will show you the way.Ē With that, he snapped his fingers and the four black jackals approached the very frightened young lion. Justin backed up a bit as they approached. They surrounded him in a circle, and walked around him. He realized they were sizing him up. Without warning, one leaped out at him. It knocked him to the ground. Justin cowered on the ground, terrified. He looked up to see the jackal looking down on him. He looked almost smug, Justin thought. He wondered what would happen next. The jackal that had knocked him down slowly stepped over him. He stopped as Justinís head was on the ground between his hind-paws. Justin looked up to see the dogís black sheath and dangling balls just above his head. Slowly, the animalís cock emerged from his sheath. Unlike his master, the jackalís cock was more dog-like. It was slick and red, and Justin could see where it began to swell out at the base where a knot would be once fully aroused. It was actually the largest cock Justin had ever seen on a canine. It appeared slightly longer than average, but what really set it apart was its immense thickness. It looked nearly twice as thick as his own male member. The dog leaned his haunches down. This brought the pointed tip of his cock closer to Justin. When Justin still sat there, unmoving, the jackal looked back at him and growled savagely. That got Justin moving pretty quickly. He jumped up and took the dogís slick cock into his muzzle. The young lion leaned on the ground, head buried between the jackalís hind legs. Once getting over his initial fear, he began sucking harder and enjoying himself a bit. He remembered in the back of his mind though that if these jackals were not happy with him, they would eat him. As he leaned up, moving his muzzle back and forth, faster and faster, on the canine cock, another of the animals approached him. Justin was sitting up a bit, legs parted for leverage as he sucked off the first jackal. The next jackal stepped up between the lionís spread legs. He leaned his muzzle down and began to lick Justinís softened member. Justin moaned around his mouthful of doggie cock as he felt the pleasure of the gentle tongue on his maleness. The second jackal licked Justin to full attention again. The lionís cock stood proudly erect, sticking straight up and glistening with saliva. Satisfied that he was once again aroused, the jackal moved farther down and began licking Justinís golden-furred balls. The lion again moaned around the first jackalís doghood as he felt this new sensation. The other two jackals approached now also. They stood to either side of Justinís midsection. Each leaned over and began licking the lionís member. Their tongues moved together, up and down, coating the lion-cock completely. Justin sucked down hard on the first jackalís cock. This one had started to hump his cock into the warm, wet muzzle faster and faster. His knot swelled rapidly, and he forced its thickness into the lionís tight muzzle. Justin gagged for a moment till he got used to it. He leaned his head back to try and take it as best he could as the jackal fucked his muzzle hard and fast. He knew from the size of the swollen knot that the jackal was close to cumming. That was good since he felt he was close as well as the three jackals continued to lick at his cock and balls with fervor. On instinct, Justin clamped down on the jackals knot, forming a tight seal around its base. With a loud snarl, the dog humped forward one last time and sprayed his seed down Justinís throat. The lionís nails dug furrows in the dirt as he held on tightly while the jackal filled him with cum. Upon seeing their comrade quiver with the pleasure of orgasm, the other three jackals intensified their attentions. The jackal at Justinís balls began to suck lightly on them one at a time, and the two at his cock give him long laps from base to tip always ending with thoroughly teasing his tip. Suddenly, Justinís cock swelled and cum exploded from it. He cried out in pleasure around the thick knot plugging his muzzle as his cock coated the noses of the other jackals with his lion-seed. After a few minutes of catching their breath, the knot shrunk enough for the first jackal to pull his shrinking cock out of Justinís muzzle. Justin allowed his head to fall down to the ground. He lay there gasping, it was hard breathing with a mouthful of cock and your nose pressed into a dogís furry belly. At this point, one of the jackals that had been licking his cock began nudging him in his side gently. He wondered what the animal wanted him to do. Then the other one that had been licking his member, joined in and helped nudging his side a bit more firmly. Getting the idea, Justin rolled over, getting onto his paws and knees. The jackal that had been licking and sucking his balls before began licking him again. He started on Justinís balls once more and began moving gently up the lionís crack. Justin whimpered, it felt so good to be licked so softly there. Once again, instinct took over and he knew what to do. He leaned down a bit and spread his legs just a bit. This was enough. The jackalís tongue dived between Justinís cheeks, licking his most tender areas. As he felt the tongue move higher up, Justinís tail raised almost by itself to reveal his tight pucker. The jackal now began to lap at the lionís exposed tail-hole. He covered it with saliva and even wriggled his tongue past the tight entrance an inch or two. This was driving Justin wild with desire. His spent cock began to stiffen once more as the tongue probing on his anus continued. He moaned softly as the jackal tongued him deeply. The jackal stepped back for a moment too see if the lion was now ready. He looked in admiration, his thick, red doggie cock swelling and slipping from his sheath, at Justinís uplifted tail, cheeks parted like a slut begging for it, and his tailhole glistening with saliva, waiting to be filled. The sleek, black dog quickly mounted the young lion. Justin grunted a moment at the sudden weight on his back. The grunt changed to another lustful moan as he felt the hot, pointed tip of the jackalís cock teasing the outer edges of his tender hole. The jackal purposely teased it along the edges of Justinís anal ring, dipping it into the hole slightly every now and then, just to give him a tempting taste of what was to come. Justinís only response was to whimper like a bitch in heat. He didnít know what had come over him. Initially he had been very scared, but now he was overcome with lust, badly wanting these creatures to have their way with him. If the jackal were capable of smiling, he would have been grinning from ear to pointed ear as he plunged forward, burying his cock to the knot in the lionís willing ass. Justin cried out as he was invaded deeply, his cock swelled in response to being filled from behind. He pushed back on it, grunting as the jackal took him. The jackal locked his forelegs around Justinís mid-section and began humping fast and furious in true canine fashion. Justin was now completely overcome with lust. His cock was fully hard again, throbbing and dripping precum onto the floor. He raised his hindquarters more to allow the jackal to fuck him even deeper. He closed his eyes in bliss as the hard, fast fucking continued. Above him, the jackal gave a lustful growl as he lent forward to clutch Justinís neck in his jaws. The lion was held helpless, captured by his own raging lust, as the dogís thick cock pumped relentlessly into him. Meanwhile, Anubis watched all this from his throne. His cock had not softened at all even though it had not had any attention while the lionís test was going on. His black member dripped a steady flow of precum, making a white streak down the ebony flesh of his maleness. He felt it drip, threatening to fall to the ground. He took a moment to scoop up the dripping with his fingertip, licking it clean as he continued to watch the young mortalís performance. The lion was doing well so far. It was hard enough to satisfy just one of his guardians, but it looked like the second was already getting very close. Surely there was no way the lion could accomplish sating the lusts of all four. What happened next, shocked him. And it took a great deal to surprise a god. The remaining two guardians had been standing, watching the other take the lion roughly. Their own lust was evident from their huge, thick erections that stood out proudly against their ebony fur. They could not stand their own lust any longer, and began to fight each other. Anubis raised an eyebrow as he watched them throwing each other to the ground, both trying to prove their dominance over the other. After a short scuffle, one gained the upper hand. He held the other to the ground, holding him tightly about the neck with his jaws just as his peer was holding Justin firmly. The jackal that had lost the fight was forced to submit, the victorís thick cock slid under his tail and forced its way into his tailhole. The unfortunate bottom yelped loudly as he was entered. He struggled to stand so he could try and wriggle away, but that only got him into the perfect position for his captor to lock his forelegs around his mid-section and mount him fully. The jackal was used to being the one to dominate and controls others; his virgin hole ached as it was stretched open for the first time. Despite the pain and humiliation of being defeated, his canine cock still throbbed with lust, needing release. He resigned himself to being taken by the more powerful animal that now mounted him, hoping that his much-needed release would still come. Just behind the copulating jackals, the second jackal guardian was getting close. His knot had already swelled up and popped into the lionís tight hole. He gripped the lion tightly and grunted as he gave the last few deep thrusts needed to spill his seed deep inside the young mortal. The jackal growled low as the pleasure of orgasm took him. He bit down a bit harder, leaving a mark of mating on the lionís neck, as the last spurt of his orgasm left him. Justin gasped loudly, falling in exhaustion, feeling the jackal shoot his seed inside him. The jackal rested his weight on Justinís back, ready to wait out their time tied together. Justin opened his eyes slowly. They widened in amazement as he saw the other two jackals. One was still madly humping the other. Justin wondered if that meant he didnít have to take care of the one who was getting off now himself. In a way he felt sorry for the jackal on the bottom. He could tell by the animalís dripping member that he was still hugely aroused and unable to do anything about it as he was relentlessly humped. He crawled over to the two jackals, dragging the one that was tied to him along. The bottom jackal whimpered at him pitifully as he approached. Justin had decided to take pity on the poor, horny beast. He allowed himself to fall onto his side near the two jackals. The dog on top of Justin looked confused as he was dragged along, finding himself on his side on the ground, but still firmly locked to the lionís ass. Justin scooted a little closer, extending his rough tongue. He began to slowly lick the dripping precum from the jackalís painfully hard cock. The jackal responded with a joyful, pleasure-filled whimper. With a smile, Justin leaned forward to take the throbbing dog-cock in his muzzle. He could swear the jackal sighed with relief as he wrapped slick tongue around his length. He sucked hard as he reached out a paw to play with the large, black-furred balls that hung enticingly in front of him. The jackalís large balls swayed back and forth with the movement of him being humped by his fellow guardian. Justin knew that with all this stimulation it wouldnít take much to get the jackal off. Then, all four would have cum, and he could finally face the challenge of Anubis himself. The young lion kept the thought of the sexy jackal god foremost in his mind as he suckled the canine member for all it was worth. The jackal was just beginning to relax a bit and enjoy having his cock sucked. He was just now used to having his tailhole filled when the other jackalís knot began to make its way in. The mixture of pain and pleasure was intense as the lion sucked harder and faster on his doghood while his ass was opened and stretched to nearly breaking by the huge knot that popped in, locking him to his partner. He yelped loudly once again, his tail hole twitching wildly, trying to take in the girth of the other jackalís knot. The jackal on top grunted as he felt the heat of his partnerís body all around his sensitive member. His hips moved like lightning, pounding his thick, engorged cock deep inside the dominated jackalís once-virgin hole. He knew he was getting close now, he could feel the pressure building in his balls now. With a guttural gasp he came hard, pumping the other jackal full of his cum. Justin could tell the jackal far above him had finally cum. The one he was sucking on whimpered, not quite knowing how to feel about the strange sensation of jackal cum filling his bowels. Justin slurped around the thick cock, never letting up. The jackal only lasted another few seconds as the multiple sensations on the most tender parts of his body became too much. With a deep sigh of relief, he came in the lionís warm, wet muzzle. Justin sucked down his second load of cum, thoroughly cleaning the jackalís spent member of cum. He gave it a last, teasing lick before pulling off. Just in time, he felt the jackalís cock slip from his own ass; the knot had finally shrunk down enough to separate them. Justin stood shakily. He walked back to the base of Anubisí throne, practically falling as he leaned to one knee to bow. Anubis looked just past him at the four jackals who were now yawning and beginning to drop off to sleep, thoroughly spent. ďYou have done very well young mortal.Ē He addressed the bowing and exhausted lion before him. ďIt takes a strong soul of a rare nature to accomplish my test. To sate the animal desires of my guardians.Ē Justin dared to look up now to see Anubis gazing at him with approval. ďCome to me, and I will give you what you seek.Ē Anubis stated, his voice now as soft and velvety as his fur. Justin once again rose to his shaky feet. He approached nervously, although the nerves were from excitement now. His cock throbbed again as he caught sight of Anubisí perfect maleness once again. It was still rock hard, standing proudly straight up. When he got closer, Anubisí reached down and effortlessly picked him up just under his arms. He brought the young lion close to his body and began to lower him. Justin made no move to resist. Even if he had the energy, this was what he wanted. He was shocked awake when he felt the thick tip of the dog godís cock against his tail hole. A drop of pre from the divine maleness moistened his pucker. He moaned. This was where Anubis stopped for a moment, easily holding his weight above him. ďAre you ready to receive me?Ē ďYes, my lord! Please, please make me yours.Ē Anubis smiled at the lionís enthusiasm. ďVery well, I give you the gift of my seed, and grant your wish to serve me forever.Ē With that, Anubis pulled the young lion down, his cock plunging into the tight tailhole. Justin cried out in ecstasy, thrilling at the feeling of being filled once again as his godís thick member thrust deep into him. He felt the soft fur of Anubisí thighs against his butt, and knew he was now impaled balls-deep on the dog godís impressive member. He whimpered as he was opened up deeper than ever in his life, the godís perfect cockhead pressing him in places no one had ever touched before. The pleasure wasnít entirely one-sided though; the feeling of the tightness and warmth on his maleness was taking the breath of the powerful god. He couldnít believe how much pleasure he was taking from a mortal body. He began to slowly move the lionís body up and down, his cock thrusting in and out of the tight passage, the pleasure nearly overwhelming. Both beings began to moan and gasp for breath as the slow coitus continued. Anubis parted his legs slightly, pushing up to drive himself even deeper. Justin whimpered, the pleasure was too much to take; his cock began spurting his lion seed as Anubis took him. He couldnít help it, the dog godís cock was pressing firmly on his prostate for an eternity, draining it of cum. The young lion began to cry; the pleasure more than he had ever felt in his life. Tears began to stream down his face, as his mortal body simply couldnít stand the pleasure. He came and came and came. Justinís seed flowed freely from his barbed leonine member. Cum flowed over his balls, occasionally spurting up to coat his belly on the especially deep thrusts. Justin felt like every drop of cum he had was oozing from his body, but he didnít know that Anubis was not even half done yet. The dog god took Justin in slow, measured movements. Bringing him up almost to the point of his cocktip slipping out and then back down again till he was fully embedded in the lion once more. He smiled as he saw the cum flowing from Justinís cock. Mortal bodies gave in to pleasure so easily he thought. But he had impressed the god nevertheless, and once this was over, the lion would be capable of so much more. Almost imperceptibly at first, Anubis began to increase his speed. He leaned forward and began to lap up some of the lionís spilled seed. Justin closed his eyes, tears still streamed from them just as his cum streamed from his cock. Anubis was now licking him clean, his tongue lashing at his tender maleness as he lapped up the thick, white streams of cum. Anubis moved faster and faster, increasing speed slowly until he was moving quite quickly. Justinís body pounded against Anubisí powerful thighs as he continued to move faster. Justin kept cumming the whole time, his cock spurting wildly now. Suddenly, Anubis stopped. He held Justin high above him, the very tip of his cock just poised at the entrance to the lionís passage. He slammed the Justin down fully onto him, hard, sudden, and fast. His cock rammed with force deep inside. Justinís cock shot a stream of cum high into the air at this. The white stream shot over Justinís head and landed behind him. On the floor, the four jackals scrambled to lick the lionís jet of semen. Anubis repeated this several more times, milking Justin fully. ďReceiveÖmyÖgiftĒ the dog god commanded as a rush of pleasure overtook him and he finally came. Anubisí thick cock let loose a torrent of cum into the lionís body. It was pumped deeply, filling his bowels. As Anubis continued to piston Justin up and down onto his cock, Justinís lower body began to glow. With each thrust, the white glow stretched a little farther up. After several minutes of mind-numbing pleasure, the jackal godís cock spurt its last and Justin glowed completely white. The four jackal guardians got to their feet, barking and growling. When the light faded, Anubis slowly lifted Justin from his spent member. He arose and places the lionís inert body on his throne. He looked down on his cum-soaked body and smiled. When you awaken little one, you will be ready to take your place in my realm for all time. There was another brilliant flash of light, and the room was empty. Only a small circle of artifacts showed that anyone had been here recently. And no one ever saw the young lion who had gone searching for a god again.
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