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Just something that happened to me a while ago. I expect thatsome of you will find it boring, however, it might show a few peoplewhat sort of things a real animal lover does. I walked along the fence line, gazing out across the pasturein the moonlight. This place is divided into several small areas witha couple of horses in each. When I reached the one I wanted I climbedthrough the barbed wire and started to search for my friend. I'm not sure whether to call him a small horse or a largepony. He's big enough to be a horse, but he's built like a pony andhas a thick, off-white coat like several other ponies I've known. He'salso got a strong personality and doesn't take any shit from anyone,horse or human. When I found him he was standing by the joining fence to thenext yard, flirting with the little bay pony mare next door. She wasin heat, standing along the fence with her legs spread and her tailstraight up. My gelded friend was trying to nibble on her back, and Icould see his cock pulsing underneath him. He nipped her over the baseof her tail and she jumped out of his reach and squealed at him. Legsstill spread she crouched down a little and tried to piss, but hadobviously run out some time before. He raised his cock up to pressagainst the thick fur on his belly for a few moments, then turned tolook at me watching them. His ears went back a bit, he didn't want meto watch. I sighed and tried talking to him, I was getting prettyturned on by this show and I wanted to keep watching them and perhapsjoin in if they were willing. But he kept his ears back and glared atme until I left. I wandered around to see the other horses that are kept there.None of them are interested in playing around with me, I've askedbefore. I spent something like an hour going around all the othersscratching them behind the ears and along their necks and where everelse they wanted to be scratched or petted. Eventually I arrived backat my friend's yard. The little mare was gone, leaving just the sharp, spicy smellof a mare in heat behind. The gelding was dozing with his rump againstthe fence post. He yawned and stretched when he saw me walking towardshim. I walked up and said hello, this time he was pleased to see me,even though he's not a very affectionate horse. I gave him a pat andalmost wore my fingernails off scratching behind his right ear untilhe'd had enough. Then I slid my hand along his flank and down underhis belly. He didn't react, so I moved my hand further, over his sheath.At that he turned and looked at me. I crouched down beside him andlooked back up at his liquid brown eyes. I moved my hand on his sheathand felt his dick start to swell inside it, moving down towards theentrance. He gave a little sigh and turned his head forward again.The end of his foreskin appeared at the entrance of his sheath and Islid my thumb and forefinger around it and massaged gently. Hisforeskin grew and tightened until the head of his dick popped out ofthe end. I started using my middle finger to stroke the back of hisnow exposed shaft while my thumb and forefinger stayed on hisforeskin. As he kept growing I started to move my hand along his cock,coaxing him out to his full length. It didn't take long to get him out to his full seven inches,just a nice handful I thought. I slid my hand up and down his lengthfor a while, feeling him pulsing gently in time to his heartbeat. Ilooked up. His head was down and his eyes half closed, a horse who wasvery obviously relaxed. I raised my other hand and closed it over the head of hiscock. With a grunt he arched his back and pulled his cock up to tryand touch the tip against his belly. His tail lifted and he put hishead down further, between his forelegs. All this pulled his sheathback to expose more of him so I used both hands to cover his fulllength. His rump rocked a little, not thrusting, but just rocking intime to my stroking. His cock was no longer pulsing, but was as hardas a bone in my hands. I kept rubbing him this way until I felt themuscles trying to pull his cock up start to relax. I took my hand offthe head of his cock and he almost immediately relaxed and let hiscock go back to its gentle throbbing. He was still hard so I kept up my stroking, concentrating onthe back and sides of his cock which he couldn't rub against his bellywhen he was masturbating. I was able to use both hands on him to gethim really hard another four or five times before he seemed to havehad enough. The little mare had evidently left him quite horny, I amusually lucky to get him to do that more than once. But eventually hiserection began to soften and shrink back up towards his sheath. I keptpatting his sheath as he grew smaller, and folded his foreskin backover the head of his cock when it was small enough. Just before hepulled his cock completely into his sheath I leaned over and kissedthe end of his foreskin. I don't usually use my mouth on this horsebecause his owner doesn't seem to believe in keeping him clean. Once his cock was completely withdrawn I stood up and steppedover to his head. He sniffed over my hands, curious about the smell ofhis own cock mingled with my own scent. I gave him a pat on the neckand he thumped his head against my stomach and rubbed the side of hishead against me, covering my clothes with horse hair. When he'dfinished that he just pressed his head against my front and dozed off,looking very contented.
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