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Jane sprang briskly out of bed and dragged on her creamy white pants and a loose white top. She quivered with a mixture of cold and excitement. Today was the long awaited day of her being able to hire a horse from the new riding stables that had opened up in her locality. She had had a booking to hire a horse for a full day under the pretence of going for a “mountain climb” for nearly a month. The stables had been mobbed with reservations, mostly from parents wanting their kids to learn to ride because it was the first ever public stables in the area. Jane had learnt to ride when she was a kid, and living in the city but out in the rural area, hiring a horse was unheard of, and she didn’t have enough land out the back to keep one herself. She had always been a horse lover, but today she intended to become one in a very different way. She pulled on her trainers and ran lightly down the stairs. The dogs had been locked in the kitchen again, because she definitely needed a good nights sleep this time. Last time she had been about to go riding, she had been going out with Steve, back in the city and his dad had owned a riding school. Unfortunately, Steve found another girl on the very afternoon they were supposed to go riding together, and when Jane eventually reached the stables, they were enjoying themselves a little too much in the back of Steve’s Jeep. A month or two later, Jane had moved to the country, to a medium sized two storey house with Stitch her Greyhound and Blue her Border Collie. Now, as she opened the kitchen door, they came barrelling out at her, vying to reach her first and jump up to give her a long slobbery kiss. She laughed and pushed them away, striding into the kitchen to pull up the blinds and take down her car keys from the hook on the wall. “Who wants to go for a drive, boys?” she asked in a whisper. The two dogs pricked up their ears, looked at one another and sat instantly, tails brushing incessantly against the floor. “Come on so then,” she said, walking out of the kitchen and to the front door. She opened it and stepped outside, closing it carefully behind her. “Be quick,” she announced to the two dogs; the usual command for them to go to the toilet. They did so and then she whistled them to heel as she marched over to her Jeep. She opened the back door and the two dogs jumped inside, curling up on the seats instantly. She started up the engine and drove out of the driveway.As they drove along the country roads, bumping over potholes, she heard a slurping noise from the back seat. Looking in the rear view mirror, she saw that Stitch was washing out Blue’s cock for him. “Stitch, leave,” she warned, noting the disappointed look in the Greyhound’s mournful brown eyes. “I don’t want to arrive at the stables with the backseat covered in doggy cum!” The obedient dog left, glaring at her every so often. When they arrived at the stables, she let the dogs out and locked the door. They stayed glued to her side, hackles rising when a large Rottweiler appeared around the corner and began barking furiously. “Calm down guys,” muttered Jane softly. She stood still, waiting for someone to appear, and eventually a tall blond woman came out, calling to the dog to be quiet. “Hi there,” said Jane. “I’ve a horse booked for day hire today. My name is Jane Byrne.”“Oh hello,” cried the woman. “You must think me dreadfully rude. I’m Lucy; I own the stables. I’m so sorry if Ace scared you. She patted the large dog on the head and his growls simmered down.”“It’s ok,” laughed Jane in reply. “I think it was more the sight of my two here that annoyed him.” She indicated the two dogs waiting patiently at her side. Lucy clapped her hands in delight. “Aren’t they little angels! So beautiful too! Well listen, come along now and I’ll introduce you to your mount.” She led the way along a row of beautifully kept looseboxes until they reached the end one. Slipping back the bolt, and ordered Ace to “stay,” she slipped inside, having first taken down a bridle from a nail on the wall. There was a clattering inside the stable and then she reappeared leading a magnificent black horse. Jane gasped and caught her breath. The stallion was huge, with a beautiful shiny black coat, fiery eyes, strong muscles rippling through his coat, and from what she could see at that view point, a very large heavy sheath hanging down below. “He’s handsome,” she breathed. Lucy looked anxious. “I know he looks very wild and strong but he’s gentle as a lamb. We even give the kids riding lessons on him if needs be. His name is Midnight” Jane smiled. “Don’t worry I’m well used to horses.”She took the saddle Lucy handed her and fixed it on the horses back. When she ran the belt underneath to tie, she took a few seconds to clink it shut, gazing in fascination at the gigantic sheath. “All done,” she announced cheerfully. “Don’t worry about a riding hat – we’re just going climbing mountain rides, I won’t be galloping him at all, and I’ll be bringing the dogs too.” Ignoring slight protestations from Lucy, she hoisted herself aboard and called the two dogs in behind. “I’ll be back by six,” she promised, feeling a thrill run through her as she imagined five whole hours of fun with this creature. Then they trotted out the yard and down the road towards a forest, with beautiful hills in the background.Jane rose up and down steadily, enjoying immensely the feel of the animal moving beneath her. As soon as they reached the woods, she jumped off the horses back and walked him through the forest, looking for a safe place. She found an empty hollow oak tree just inside the entrance, and decided it was perfect. Looping the bridle firmly around a branch, she removed the saddle and placed it in the tree, praying it would be safe. Acting fast, she then stripped off all of her clothes, knowing what she was doing was absolutely insane. Then she led the horse to a stump, used it as a mounting post and climbed back up. The feel of the horse’s strong furry back beneath her bare pussy caused her to shudder with delight. She wrapped her feet under his belly and clicked for him to move on, wanting to get deeper into the woods before stopping to play. After riding straight for approximately twenty minutes, they reached a small fairy tale like glad with a little lake, and a patch of grass warmed by the sun. She halted the horse and slid off, landing lightly on her feet. Blue and Stitch ran up to her immediately, noses sniffing the air for the faint smell of sex coming from her. She laughed and fondled their heads softly. “Lets have some fun boys,” she said quietly. She looped Midnight’s reins safely around a tree, doubled back and tied onto a branch, facing the forest so that the glare of the sun would not be in his eyes. Turning around, she ordered the dogs to ‘sit,’ unsure how Midnight would take the events that were about to happen. Stepping closer to him, she ran her hand down his mane, over his back and down his flanks. She squatted on her heels and looked up in fascination at the large heavy sheathed cock. Cautiously, prepared to back away fast, she ran her right hand down and onto his cock. He didn’t budge. Growing in confidence, she began to trace a path with the tips of her fingers from the sheath tip all the way back to his round hard balls and back again. He shifted slowly, spreading out his back legs more. Taking this as permission to continue, Jane brought up her right hand and made a cup of both hands at the tip. She jacked him off, slowly and first and then faster until the tip of his black cock began to slide out. She paused in her work, savouring the feel of the hot rubbery meat sliding between her hands. It slid out and kept coming until it almost reached the ground. Jane gasped in delight and shifted her position so that she was sitting cross legged underneath Midnight’s stomach. She lovingly caressed the long cock, and then brought the tip of it up to her mouth. She licked it once, waiting for a response, but when Midnight didn’t object, she sucked the large tip into her mouth, barely able to fit her lips around it. The horse bucked involuntarily, pushing a few more inches to the back of her throat. She gagged and gingerly pulled it out, retching a couple of times. Still licking the tip, she clicked her fingers and called the dogs over to her. They sat parallel to the huge cock, waiting for the command. She patted it and said “eat” and the two dogs shot forward, their tongues licking busily at the black cock, and their own cocks growing rapidly. Jane stopped her work and let the dogs continue, crawling out from underneath Midnight and over to Stitch. She held and rubbed his long thin cock, loving sucking the tip hard while running her hands over his balls. It wasn’t long before he began humping into her mouth and came in long white streams of cum. She withdrew as he was still cumming and moved over to Blue to repeat the experience. At this stage, the horse still had not cum, so she had another idea. Wanting desperately to fuck him but knowing that it was far too dangerous without the right equipment, she decided to improvise. She pulled Stitch around to the tip of the cock, and let him lick the most tender spot, knowing this would drive Midnight crazy. Then she hoisted herself back up on the horse’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck. She began rubbing her pussy up and down his hairy hide, delighting in the unfamiliar sensations coursing through her body. Then she caught hold of his mane in a tight grip and used this hold to drag herself up and down against his back, using the hard warm skin as a substitute cock. Midnight snorted and shifted uneasily, unused to the long tongues slurping at his cock and the young girl rubbing herself off on his back. Jane humped her ass eagerly slamming herself against his neck before freezing, hold on tight, while juices streamed out of her pussy. “I’m cumming….oh I’m cumming…yesss Midnight yesss….goooood horse” she moaned estatically. At that moment the two dogs’ lickings paid off and Midnight hunched his hindquarters and smothered them in horse cum, spurting for a good three minutes. The dogs began licking each other off, and then, overcome with excitement, Stitch sprang lithely on Blue’s back and inserted his cock into Blue’s anus, humping in and out frantically while Blue pushed backwards at him. Jane patted Midnight’s neck gently. “Thank you fella,” she said softly. “We’ll have to see about having more fun in future.” That said, she slid off and lay flat on her back in the grass, soaking up the warmth of the sun and relaxing in her dreams…..To be continued!
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