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another one of my many experiences on the farm. seemed like a new one happened almost every day. this one really loved getting it. she wore everything out! Hope you enjoy it. (I sure did!)A NEW MILK COWWith a family of boys, we needed a lot of milk with meals. We had 3 milk cows but two were nearly dry as they had new calves coming in a couple months and this was causing a shortage for the family. So Dad headed to the livestock sale and came home with an older cow but one that was milking heavily.In that I was the chore boy and had to milk as well as feed the animals, I spent many hours in the barn doing chores, feeding and caring for all the animals. I was a young man and horny beyond words. Yes, I had discovered sex with our old mare and being insatiable, moved on to every other animal that came into season. Mares were/are always my first love and preference. It only took a few days for the new cow to settle in. She was gentle and friendly and easy to be around. About the 2nd or 3rd day in the pasture, the other cattle came down to the barnyard for water and a snooze in the shade of the trees. She came over to get acquainted and almost immediately one of the other cows mounted her. This brought the bull running and he mounted her and bred her at once. In the matter of an hour or so, he had mated her about 10 times.When I finished the chores and barn cleaning, I separated the field cows from our milk cows so I wouldn’t have to go find them at milking time. I assumed the breeding job was done after all the times the bull bred her. That night, as I got them into the barn to milk them, the new cow tried to mount me. I already had visions of hot sex after the milking was done. I usually milked fast, took it to the house to be strained and cooled and I’d head back to the barn to feed all the animals. None of the family ever followed or helped me so usually was on my own. After the mangers were full and the animals busy feeding, I headed to the cow barn to ease the throbbing boner I had sprung when the first cow mounted the milk cow. I brushed her a bit and then started fingering her and sliding them into her. She would arch her back and push back. I had a small box that was the perfect height. It was there for my Welch pony who was my true love. I slipped off my jeans and moved in behind the cow. There was little foreplay as my aching tool needed her hot vulva badly.I slid it in and thought I’d shoot my load right then, she was so hot and juicy after all the bull cum she had received and that was still dripping from her. I went as slowly as I could and tried to make it last but in just a few thrusts, gave her one huge load of cum. I stopped to relax a bit and she started wiggling her butt back and forth and pushing back into me. I was still hard but that instantly started me working on a second load of cum. She was pushing back so hard she pushed me off the box so I moved it back against the pillar that supported the haymow above. Without anything on my part, she backed right up against me again. Now, I was on the box and the post was behind me so as she pushed back, her large pussy literally swallowed my dick and balls into her. She continued to rock back and forth until I was so hot I blew load #2. I stayed buried deep in her but lay across her back with my arms down on each side. She continued to rock back and forth and was pushing so hard my pelvic bones hurt. But with her pussy sucking me in and the intense heat of it along with her movements I was primed for another gusher of cum, even more then the first 2 it seemed. As I erupted in her again, I thrust as hard and as deep as I could go and pushed hard enough she moved forward a little and braced her front legs.My knees were so weak and shaky after this time, I lay with all my weight on her back and just let my dick stay deep in her. But she wanted more. It took a bit longer this time to reach my orgasm but she was a master at keeping me going and it wasn’t long until I felt it start down in my nuts and come boiling out into her waiting body. Each time had been so total and so intense, I felt I couldn’t handle one more but needed to get my balance and give my tool a rest. So I slipped out of her, put the box back in it’s hiding place, let her lick my dick and balls clean and put my jeans on. I could hardly walk to the house my legs were shaking so much.This was the first of a nightly ritual for us. We found out later she had a cyst on an ovary and this kept her from conceiving and also caused her to be in continual heat. After that first day, the bull would not even look at her or cop a smell. That was interesting to me. The other cows would mount and ride her all the time but the bull just looked the other way. But in the next six months, she milked me dry night after night. Even though I was still screwing my Welch mare daily. Life was good – very good – for an insatiable young man with a perpetual boner.
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