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It'd be nice to have a large piece of land, maybe even a small island. Everyone on BF lives there with their zoo friends and family, and their animal lovers. We all live together and as a community; our rooms have no doors, only curtains. Tropical breezes blow past the ceiling fans.We all sleep with whomever we want each day, whether a man and woman, a man and mare, two men, two women and a cocker spaniel - whatever we want. No rules, just pure freedom. Kind of like the movie "The Beach," except without the selfish assholes. The constant sound of lovemaking can be heard coming through the curtains at all hours, unless someone chooses to go for it on the picnic tables There are plenty of places to go on our island where we can be alone with the animal(s) and/or person(s) of our choice, if we wish for some privacy, a secluded beach where you can do and say whatever you want.I could live like that!
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