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It was a few hours before I was to go out with my friend Kelly to a movie. She was at work and I had decided to go and take a shower. I pulled out my pig tails to allow my hair to brush my shoulders. To give you an idea of what I look like, I'm 5'4", 112lb., black hair, brown eyes, and have 34B's. Nonetheless, I removed my top and bra, the proceeded to kick off my shoes to allow my unbuttoned pants to easily slide off. Grabbing a towel from the hook, I entered the bathroom and shut the door. I waited for the water to heat up before I stepped in, enjoying the sensation of the warmth over my body. Perhaps I was enjoying it too much and soon found myself rubbing my clit only after a few minutes. It was taking a bit longer than I had hoped and as the water started to get colder, I quickly finished my shower and exited unfulfilled.I immediately slipped on my robe and went to my room where I left the door open. In the sexual frenzy I was in, I plopped down on my back on the bed, my ass hanging on the edge. Pulling open my robe, I would rub my finger up and down my shaved slit and then bring my index finger up to my clit, where I began to rub myself once again. I must not have heard it but both my Collie Lexi and my Rottie Hero had come into my bedroom and were watching me. When I became aware of them, it didn't seem to bother me, so I allowed them to watch their mama while she masturbated. It was only a few minutes later and Hero was between my legs, sniffing and licking my inner thighs. The sensation was very pleasurable. It wasn't long before I moved my hand and he began licking my pussy. My brain pleaded me to stop as my body enjoyed his oral assault. My heart skipped a beat when I felt his teeth nipping at my saliva covered lips, but he was doing such a good job!It was then I realized he had stopped licking me and hand jumped up onto the bed, his forepaws scratching my rib cage and even my breasts. I cringed as the burning sensation was clawed into me. My hands went up to push on his chest, trying to get him off of me, but he responded by growling at me and leaning forward, taking my throat into his mouth. I froze in horror as he growled again, his teeth not puncturing me, but enough force to show me he was serious. I lay still as his hind legs came up and pressed his semi exposed cock against me. I began crying and pulled my hips up so that his cock would not touch me, but slide beneath me. Hero would not have this, he growled again, his teeth still clamped around my throat, his hot breath causing me to sweat. I found it hard to breath and quickly put my back flat against the bed, that's when he thrust again, more of that cock exposed. After a few unsuccessful thrusts, his pointy tip found it's mark and pushed into me. I screamed in a confused state as that crimson meat slide up inside my already wet tunnel, pushing frantically into my pussy. He was just so thick, his cock hard and pumping at a blinding speed in me that my body let out the softest whimper of pleasure as he f***** his owner. Forepaws tip toed side to side as his back legs were brought even closer to the edge of the bed, the claws scratching my flesh even more. My body couldn't help but enjoy the forbidden pleasure Hero was giving me as he pumped that canine cock into my cunt. It just felt like nothing I had ever felt. My mind, still repulsed by the actions happening, was quickly overwhelmed as I got light headed and dizzy, my legs almost unconsciously lifting off of the floor to wrap around Hero's hips. As so, my arms wrapped around his neck and he soon thereafter released his hold on my throat. I let out a gasp, taking in a deep breath of air as my hips ground against that cock deep inside of me.He kept on like this for what seemed like eternity when I felt something else trying to ram into my already stretched pussy. It hurt with each thrust now and I couldn't see past my new canine lover to see, but I knew what it was...he was trying to knot me! I began to grunt in pain as his thrusts were shorter, but harder now, and it, with a few powerful thrusts, pushed inside me. Another scream filled the room as I felt his cock swell up inside of my body and begin cumming. Jet after jet flooding into my womb uncontrollably. And in a mixture of emotions I felt myself cumming with him, body tense as my hips jerked to f*** his knotted cock. I couldn't tell you how much cum he f***** inside of me, but I never felt so full, so satisfied in my entire life. He quickly tried to pull out of me, but we were tied for the better part of 35 minutes, him laying atop of me, growling occasionally and licking my face, before he was able to pull himself free, his cum rushing out of me and covering the bed sheets. My back arched once more as his seed emptied itself out of me and I moaned at the feeling. I couldn't believe what had just happened, but more so, that I enjoyed it beyond my wildest imagination. Hero, by far, was the best lover I had ever had.
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