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i've got two small dogs--the mutt bosco and the italian greyhound riki. bosco's just there all the time; very territorial-that's it. rocco, on the other hand, loves to eat me out. he's helped me cum severla times--atleast everyday....but my true fantasy lies in my neighbor's dog, shadow.i'm home alone. rocco and i get down to business (as we usually do when it's just us two). i strip down to my birthday suit and he eats me out while i finger myslef and i cum. as usual, it's great.i stand up when we're finished and walk to the front door. dumb ass neighbor's out therewashing his crappy sex van. something catches my attention---shadow. HUGE. BLACK. BEAUTIFUL. i stick my finger in my wet pussy and scoop out my juices and lick them up off my finger. justs seeing him trot around and his humongous balls bounce around makes me SO hot.the neighbor goes inside. i've seen this routine several times-he's finished with his van, he wont come back for shadow 'til night.i take my chance and throw on my t-shirt and open the door and call shadow. he comes running right inside. good thing bosco's outside. i send riki outside, too.then, i prepare---i've read up on this already and am well prepared....i've got the socks to cover his HUGE paws and towel to lay under us and pillows that'll go under me...we start out with licking. i'm comfortable with shadow; played with him several times the past couple of years. i move into the 69 position and he thrusts his growing penis into me...i've given oral to a couple guys---but this....it's SO much better....time for the hard fucking....i'm soooo ready for this. it'll be my first time, in fact.shadow's so big....i'm sooo ready... his penis in rock nard and big and....ohmygoodness....i'm fingering myself right now...more soon...i've got a date with riki on my living room floor.....
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