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I'm your normal 5' 6" medium sized girl with (normal?) desires and fantasies... I think!? This all started happening to me about 4 years ago. My boyfriend at the time bought a sex film about a girl that got mounted by her dog! I was strangely excited at the time I viewed the film and enjoyed sex with my boyfriend right afterwards... he had no idea how much that film had excited me! Later I kept thinking about the way that girl seemed to like what happened! I couldn't get it out of my mind and it all seemed very sexy and exciting... and if I had a dog nobody would know! Well, I didn't have a dog and the experience took a back seat to reality... my job, chores, etc., etc. but every now and then the thoughts would resurface and I would get wet just thinking about it... about the dog's cock being shoved forcefully into "my" pussy! That's right! I was no longer thinking about the girl in the film, but about the dog mounting me! I kept thinking about how big the dog in the film looked and how much he would have filled the girl he mounted! I longed for that feeling of being secretly filled! I was home alone one evening and my friend Jane called me and asked if I would take care of their dog for them while they went on vacation... Jane was a married friend of mine, she was married to a guy named Jack and they had been friends of mine for years! Anyway she went on about how they had asked a kennel to take care of him (the dog) last year and was kinda upset about the condition their dog was in when they came back. He was dirty and smelled bad! Also the dog had an attitude and it took them weeks to make friends with him again! So this time they wondered if I would help them out. I told them that I would be happy to help them out. They were going to be gone for 2 weeks and even though they offered... I wouldn't accept any money! I'd be glad to help just because I'm a friend! Well, when they brought their dog over... He was a huge Doberman Pincher that stood about 3 feet tall at the shoulders and weighed about 150 pounds! They gave me lots of food so that I wouldn't have to go out and buy anything, some toys he liked to play with and his favorite blanket and stuff. They even brought over his doghouse which we put outside the back door. The dog was friendly from the start! He had been trained not to jump up on people by Jane and her husband, and he was house broken! Even though I had a small yard for him to run in... I intended to keep him inside for the majority of the time. The first weekend I fed him every day and grew to like him as he was very playful and attentive! I almost wished I had a dog like him! Anyway it was about the 3rd or 4th day that I noticed him cleaning himself while I was watching TV and the old thoughts about that girl in the film came back to mind. Looking at him licking himself I couldn't help but wonder how big he was... I went over to him and started to pet him. Then gradually I stroked his side and then his belly ... and then, I finally worked around to the object of my attention... His cock! When I first started to manipulate his penis it was limp and flaccid and didn't amount to much... And I was beginning to think that this was wrong! But curiosity kept me stroking him and in a few moments the tip of his penis started to poke out of his sheath! He had been laying down up to this point and when I finally got his attention by manipulating his cock, he stood up and took notice... Looking at me with a quizzical look on his face. I continued playing with him and he continued to grow, and grow and grow! He turned his head and licked my face as I was playing with him and by this time he had grown to where there was about 8" of him outside of his sheath! He was huge! His cock was about an inch and a half in diameter and pointed and his knot was about 3" in diameter... He started to move his hips back and forth as he though he was fucking my hand. I was mesmerized and had to finish him off! I was getting hot just thinking about what was about to happen and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter! I reached down and touched myself under my dress and was shocked at how wet I had gotten! His cock started to drip pre-cum and I caught it in my hand and worried about making a mess on the carpet, I rushed into the bathroom and got a towel to put under him. When he started to hump my hand his cock felt so powerful and so big! I got this feeling that I wanted to feel him come! I wanted to experience his huge cock throbbing & throbbing. I wanted to be the cause of it coming and I wanted to be part of his experience! I continued my manipulations and his humping actions on my hand increase in tempo and speed. His cock was bigger than any man's cock I had ever seen and he was humping my hand with more energy than I had expected. His urgency was increasing as he expected to come and his constant energy level was very exciting! I reached back under my skirt, brushed my panties aside and started to play with my clit but it wasn't very long before he started to come and come and come! He came all over the towel that I had laid down under him and all over me! This kind of broke the spell because he had made a mess that I had to clean up now! I went into the bathroom, got a wash cloth and cleaned up the mess before it had a chance to dry! He had gone over and laid down on him blanket and was cleaning himself again! I reached under my skirt and removed my panties, sat down on the edge of the couch and started to play with myself as I thought about what almost happened! Or rather, what did happen! I leaned back, closed my eyes and thought about how huge and strong his cock had looked while manipulating my own pussy! As I was laying there getting more and more excited my hand moving faster and faster... I suddenly became aware that Jane's dog had wandered over and was sniffing me! The suddenness of finding him sniffing at me scared me a little at first, but then I wondered if I could get him to lick me like the girl in the film. At first he sniffed and took a lick or two, but didn't seem to want to continue.... But as I kept moving his head back to my vagina and pushing my pussy in his face, he would take a lick or two. It felt great and I was in heaven ! I went to the kitchen and got some honey and spread some of it on my pussy and up inside me! Now the dog licked with a renewed interest! His tongue was long and broad, and when he licked all over the outside of my pussy hitting places that no man had ever hit. He caused me to come like I had never come before! God! I had never been so excited! I think it's because it's forbidden that I found it so exciting! But right after I had come I noticed that his cock was beginning to stick out of its sheath again! I had been sitting on the edge of the couch with my legs spread and he had come over and was standing between them licking me! While I was looking at his cock he jumped up with his front legs straddling me on the couch and started to hump me like he wanted to fuck! I was hot! And I wanted to experience his cock! But I didn't think that this was the position to do it in, so I got down from the couch and got on all fours with my skirt bunched up around my waist. I spread my legs and pushed my pussy in his face. He sniffed me again, licked me a couple of times and them jumped up and mounted me! The first thing I realized when he mounted me was that he was a very heavy dog! His weight was enough that it almost knocked me over! He held me firmly with his front legs around my waist and started humping me. His cock pressed against me several times while he was futilely humping without getting it in me and I reached back to help. I had a hard time getting him started but when his cock finally found the entrance to my pussy I was so excited and wet that it didn't have any trouble sliding in at all! THIS WAS IT!!!! IT WAS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! My mind was going crazy with nothing more than pure lust... lust... I WANTED to be fucked by him I was expecting it to stretch me a little and to feel tight but was surprised when he slid in with little or no effort! But soon after he got it in me he started to grow! His legs held me attached to him insistently and I submitted to his sexual demands! I was his bitch at this point and he was "my" master! The roles had been switched and I was his bitch! I buried my face in the carpet, letting him take me... there was no way to get him to stop... oh god... I didn't want him to stop... He was really close to coming in me now... I could feel his thrusts were quicker... I raised my ass higher, offering him more access to my open pussy I pushed back against him as I felt him slam his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy. His cock had grown to the point that it felt huge inside of me and I felt him bottom out against the opening to my cervix and he wasn't even all the way in yet! He slammed his cock deeper and deeper and it started to hurt... but it was a good hurt and I didn't want it to stop! I could feel his cock pressing against my internal organs. I had been filled with more doggy cock than any cock I had gotten before! I felt indescribably full! And it felt good! Then his knot slammed up against the opening... I pressed back against him even more and felt it squeeze past my vagina muscles. It was in me now and we were "tied". I had come once while he licked me and was excited as hell when he mounted me but didn't really come until we were locked together in a "tie." His knot had expanded to the point where he was locked inside of me and couldn't get out. I could feel his cum running down the inside of my leg and my pussy was soaked! As his cum mixed with my juices a doggie smell permeated the air that told me that I had just been fucked by one of the best! After he "tied" with me he got down off of me and turned the other way so that we were facing away from each other! I wasn't expecting the knot to be as exciting as it was! Especially when he turned to face away his knot pressed and rubbed up against my "G" spot and caused me to come more violently than I had ever come before! As we would move one way or the other, his knot would rub up against my "G" spot. I probably came 3 or 4 times while in that position! I lost count and lost track of time! We spent about 10 minutes locked together like that and when the swelling in his knot finally went down enough, he slipped out of my cunt and a big gush of doggie cum followed. He went over into the corner to clean himself again and I collapsed in a satisfied heap on the floor! I couldn't believe how exciting it had been and how satisfying! The dog was huge and I was awfully sore from something that I wasn't used to, but it was a good hurt and I was looking forward to more! While he was in my charge, I think we both knew who was the boss for those few minutes! For those that don't know where their "G" spot is, let me say this... If you want to find your "G" spot and don't know where to look, lay down and put your middle finger up inside your vagina as far as you can. Then curl it forward against the front lining of your vagina and feel around. The "G" spot feels like a swollen rough area about the size of a quarter or smaller. When you are excited it can bring about some really great feelings! You will come a lot stronger and more forcefully! You will notice that you will discharge a clear fluid when you come this way, and I'm assuming that it's natures way of lubricating even more! The next time I initiated sex between King and me, I knew exactly what I wanted to happen! I knew that I would ache from him because he was so huge, but looked forward to submitting because I felt so powerless while being possessed! He was the boss and I loved thinking about be "taken" by him! I laid awake at night fantasizing being tied and held mercilessly spread-eagled while he would mount me against my will and fuck my brains out! I would wiggle and squirm to try and get away and King would still impale me on his cock and fuck me silly! No matter what I would do, I couldn't get away and when he "tied" with me I would start to come... I would be embarrassed and red-faced but couldn't escape and against my will I would come and come and come! But fantasies are fantasies and reality was reality! When we mated the next time I was a little more ready for what was about to happen and wasn't taken by any surprises! The only surprise I had was that I seemed to enjoy it more and more each time! I began to look forward to getting home from work and having the dog mount me! Feeling his knot inside me and the feeling of being trapped, of being a prisoner and not being able to escape is overwhelmingly and irresistible! King loved it too! But I began to notice that when I would come home from work that he would immediately try to sniff my pussy, I guess to decide if he was gonna get any or not! He would try to mount my leg and hump the empty air at the worst times! Once when my neighbor was over visiting he tried to sniff me and I pushed his head away. When I sat down to talk to my neighbor he jumped up on my leg and started to hump the air! I pushed him away and just said something like, sometimes I don't know what comes over that dog! And would hope that nothing would be noticed! The two weeks flew by and Jane and her husband came by to pick up their dog sooner than I expected and I sort of felt cheated that they could have him back! I really miss that dog and am now searching the ads for a good dog! I don't know whether I'll ever find a dog that understands fucking like that dog did, but I think I'll enjoy looking! If you know where I can find such a dog, please tell me!
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