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Angie's Dog Orgy Chapter 1It was almost one a.m. The dance floor was crowded, swollen with anerotic jostling of squirming loins and legs and asses. Angie had beendancing almost nonstop for the last two or three hours. She loveddancing--it made her feel so alive, so sexy. It was dancing that let herexpress all the latent urges and frustrations that smoldered beneath thesurface of her seemingly calm and self-confident appearance. She letherself go on the dance floor as she did nowhere else, sensuouslywrithing her hips and buttcheeks in their flesh-hugging trousers withthe rhythmic abandon of a well-trained belly dancer. In fact she hadtaken belly-dancing lessons for a few months. But, like so many of herfleeting fancies, that one had soon fallen by the wayside.At last the hot, urgent number that had been throbbing on for the lastfifteen or twenty minutes, hypnotizing the dancers in their own privatefervor of rock ecstasy, came to an end. Though Angie knew that herforehead was beaded with a light film of sweat, that her throat wasparched, that her exhausted limbs longed for a moment's break, sheremained standing, waiting for the next number to start, airilyoblivious to the entreating looks of her tired partner.Angie and her date, Dave Wagner, had exchanged scarcely more than ahandful of words since they'd entered the nightclub. And that was justfine with Angie. She had had little enthusiasm for Dave's advances sofar, but the handsome real-estate agent had been persistent so, equallybored with the prospect of an evening at home in front of the TV, Angiehad agreed to come dancing. When she was dancing, it didn't reallymatter who she was with. She could enjoy herself just grooving on thehard, insistent presence of the music, her head empty of anything butthe beat, her body leading an existence all its own, flying with theband, turning on to their wavelength--and moving.From time to time she emerged from her private world to note admiringglances from the men dancing nearby. Their admiration gave her a feelingof power, of confidence. She didn't need them. She was operating on aplane far away from them. But still she enjoyed the titillation of theirheated glances on her full swaying tits that moved freely under the thincovering of her Indian cheesecloth blouse, on her rounded ass grindingsensuously inside her clinging, modishly long jeans. She had left hershoes under their table, and even her bare feet on the cool dance floorfelt incredibly sensuous as her toes gripped the tiles in methodicalresponse to the beat.The band had struck up another number, only this time it was a slowmournful ballad, the first of the evening. Angie was disappointed andturned to return to their table, deciding that this was as good a timeas any to enjoy a drink and a rest. But before she reached the edge ofthe dance floor, Dave had grabbed her hand and pulled her back towardshim, enclosing her in a tight embrace and a slow waltz rhythm.Resignedly she acquiesced, burying her blonde head in her partner'sshoulder and gradually letting herself drift with this more subtle callof the music.Dave Wagner had been waiting all evening for his chance to lay hands onthe ripe, sexy-looking body that had been grinding so tantalizingly, soteasingly before his rapt gaze for the last several hours.Jeez, she's a hot one, he'd said to himself, barely able to keep hishands by his sides as he surveyed the rounded lushness of her full boobsunder her blouse. Obviously she was wearing no bra, but her tits stillstood up firm and luscious, almost begging to be squeezed and caressed.When she'd turned her back to him and wiggled that tight swelling assright at him, he felt a responsive jerk in the crotch of his pants. Thiswoman turned him on, and no mistake, but she seemed cool, distant. Hefigured it would take a little of the old psychology to get into herpants tonight.And the first step had been to get her into a close embrace, dancingslowly and gently with her held tight in his arms. He felt she couldlearn to trust him this way, realize that he wasn't going to attack herthe first minute he got near her.That would come later, once he'd got her nicely mellowed with booze andseduced into the plush confines of his lavish bachelor pad.Angie began to sing silently to herself along with the music, her bodyswaying in comfortable harmony with the big man who held her so strongand close.Maybe this isn't going to be such a crummy evening after all, shethought dreamily. Maybe big boy here has more sensitivity than Ithought. I figured he'd be the type to clutch first and wonder how Ifelt about it later ... He's sure got some bod, too. If he's got a cockto match, it must really be a huge hunk of meat.She ran her hands lightly over Dave's well-muscled back and shoulders,relishing the firm, hard feel of him through his silk shirt. The musicwas pulling its old tricks. Making her ravenously horny and high as aboozed-up sluut."Hey, Angie, baby, what's the matter? Didn't you hear me?""Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, Dave. Lost in the music, I guess. What did yousay?""I asked you how you'd like to sit down and have a nice quiet drink fora change. I don't know about you, but my tongue feels like a littlepatch of the Sahara.""Yeah, I guess a drink sounds pretty good."Angie's suspicions of Dave had given way to a dreamy compliance. She wasgetting into a good mood for the night ahead, and she was ready to comedown from her solitary cloud. She edged in close beside Dave in thebooth and downed her drink thirstily when it arrived. Delighted with thesigns of success for the night's seduction, Dave quickly orderedrefills."Looks like you were thirstier than you thought," Dave kidded her as hishand rode lightly up the inside of her thigh under the table. He noticedthe dreamy unmistakable look in his date's eye and realized he couldvery likely do anything he wanted with her at this point. She was ready.Funny--he'd noticed a lot of chicks got like that when they weredancing.The music must really get to them, he thought. All that squirming andgyrating around starts the old juices flowing in their pussies.When their refills had arrived, he began to sip slowly at his bourbon,even as his free hand rose steadily towards the crotch of Angie's tightjeans. He felt her pussy wriggle slightly, encouraging his explorations,and Dave cursed the day women had ever started wearing pants. Sure madeit hard for a guy to cop a free feel."This place is beginning to bore me."Angie tossed her long blonde hair back from her eyes and turned to faceher companion, her red lips glowing wet and full in the dim light, hereyes bright with passion."What say you and I get out of here and find someplace more comfortableto talk ... and things?" She giggled kittenishly and snuggled her faceinto Wagner's neck for a moment before rising to leave.Dave was a little slow to follow her, unaccustomed as he was to womenwho took the lead in seduction. The way he played the game, it was hewho called the shots, he who decided when they should retire to his cozylittle penthouse apartment. He wasn't entirely sure he enjoyed thereversal of roles. Took some of the fun out of it somehow."Well, are you coming or do I have to see myself home?" Angie wasstanding above him, hands on full hips, smile taunting. Gulping down therest of his drink as well as what remained of hers, Dave rose a littleunsteadily to his feet and followed the sultry blonde towards the exit.Heads turned as Angie walked by, her asscheeks churning like they wereat war with each other, her tits bouncing invitingly in front of her,her long legs moving in a slow and sensuous rhythm.Dave felt his desire to fuk the shapely, obviously highly sexed womanreturning as he realized there probably wasn't a man in the joint whowouldn't happily change places with him tonight. God, what a bod, hecongratulated himself. You really know how to pick them, Wagner. Andyou're just the guy to show her what real cock is, too.Surreptitiously he gave his prick a little pat through his pants as hepassed through the doors into the cooler night air. Wagner was proud ofhis nine hard inches of dick and the way all the girls stared wide-eyedwhen they got a look at his tool.Once she was out on the sidewalk, Angie turned to wait for him and sawhim rub his hand lightly over his crotch. A coquettish gleam in her eye,she extended her own hand to trace the path Dave's had just taken.Reassured by the growing cock-bulge there, she rose on tiptoes to planther lips firmly yet briefly on his."Mmm, feels good down there," she told him lewdly, her blue eyespenetrating his in the gleam of the streetlight.Wagner nervously turned his head to left and right to make sure theywere not being observed. The only person around was one of the clubbouncers who'd come out for a quick break and a smoke, but he waslooking in the other direction. Reassured, Dave took Angie by the armand led her towards the parking lot and his car.Angie had noted her date's nervousness after she copped a feel of hiscrotch, and she smiled up at him a little condescendingly as he took herarm. "What's the matter?" she taunted him. "Worried about yourreputation?""There are just some things I think ought to be done in private, that'sall," he told her tersely as he held the car door open for her."Jeez, that takes a lot of the fun out of life," Angie replied gailybefore he'd closed her door. She was in a raw reckless mood, the productof a lot of dancing and a little liquor. Though she knew already shewould never really like Dave Wagner, she admired his strong body andhandsome features.Angie was game for some wild fuking tonight. And the sooner theystarted the better.Realizing she had probably wounded Dave's feelings a moment ago, shedecided it would be a good idea to play the game his way for a littlewhile, to get him back in the mood.As they drove in silence along the beach highway, the radio filling thevoid of conversation with some after-midnight jazz, Angie slid overcloser to the brooding man and laid a hand gently on his upper arm,snuggling her face against his shoulder."Mmmm, you're so nice and strong," she cooed in a deep lusty whisper,running her fingers appreciatively over his biceps and shoulder.Though he had been rather perturbed by Angie's taunting remarks, Davefelt his anger abate in proportion to the soothing effect of her hand onhis arm. True, she was a pretty wild woman, gutsier than the women hewas used to, more shameless in a sense, but her touch at the moment wasgentle and soothing.Dave felt a hot ache in his balls that signaled his renewed desire tofuk her."Gee, the beach is so pretty tonight," Angie murmured, her soft breathgrazing his ear as she spoke. "Why don't we go down and sift sand withour toes for a few minutes?"Wagner agreed readily, pulling his Cadillac to an abrupt halt on thebluff overlooking the long moonlit strip of merging sand and surf. Hewas excited by the idea of a few minutes' necking on the beach. It wouldbe a fitting prelude to champagne and seduction back at his apartment.They left their shoes in the car and rolled up their pantlegs so theycould walk through the shallows. The cool water felt soothing andrefreshing after the long night's dancing.Angie and Dave walked along hand in hand for a few moments, neitherspeaking, both momentarily overwhelmed by the easeful beauty of theirenvironment.Suddenly Angie released Dave's hand and turned to face him, both handsrising to the back of her head to raise her long, silky blonde locks andtoss them sensuously back from her grasp. The action made her boobs riseinvitingly towards her partner.Almost involuntarily, Dave's hands rose to grasp one firm-fleshed jug ineach hand and give them a hard excited squeeze. Just the feel of hertits, even through her blouse, made his cock jerk impatiently.God, what fantastic knockers, he thought feverishly, just likenew-picked, ripe, juicy melons. I can hardly wait to get her naked andmoaning on that big waterbed of mine.Angie had been watching the effects of her maneuver eagerly. Thestimulating caresses of the slight sea breeze coupled with her ownthoroughly aroused sensuality had given her an idea. She wanted to fukright there on the beach, right in the surf. It was one of her eroticdreams, and she figured tonight was as good a time as any to realize it."Kiss me," she whispered huskily, her own mouth already reaching forwardfor Dave's.Excited by her avid invitation, Dave enclosed the voluptuous blonde inhis arms and planted his mouth down firmly on her full trembling lips.He was startled by the ardor with which her small searching tonguedarted right up into his mouth, dueling tantalizingly with his own andsearching out the farthest recesses of his throat.She was thrusting her lush body invitingly against him, her bellygrinding lewdly against his hardening prick, her boobs cushioningthemselves generously against his chest. A low groan curdled hoarsely inher throat and then developed into a more vocal whimper as he reacheddown a hand to massage roughly at the round, churning globe of one ripeasscheek.Jeez, I've never seen anything so hot, not even a cat in heat, Davethought wonderingly to himself, as his mouth worked feverishly to keepup with hers. I'd better get her home quick before she makes me come inmy pants.It was only with difficulty that he managed to draw his mouth back fromhers so he could speak."Jesus, honey, you're really something else," he said, his facecontorting into a hungry leer as he stared into the lust-heavy eyes shedirected so pleadingly towards his own. "What say you and I go back tomy place where we can be more comfortable?"Gently he began to lead her back towards the stairs that led to the topof the bluff and his car. His mind was already lost in erotic picturesof the fuk to come, and it took him a moment to realize that Angie wasactually resisting his lead."Let's not go yet," she cooed, her lips again reaching for his, one handgrasping his hand and leading it to the warm swell of her cunt-mound. Asher tongue stabbed hotly between his lips, one hand pulled down thezipper of her jeans while the other encouraged his fingers to enter thegap she'd opened for him.Dave was ready to argue with the horny blonde, when his attention wasarrested by the startling discovery that she wore no panties under herjeans.Why, the little bittch, he thought excitedly, churning that ass in everydirection all night and all the time she's naked under her pants. Lookslike she's always cock-hungry. Well, she's come to the right man, if Ican just get her off this fuking beach.But Dave was now in less of a hurry as his finger explored the soft,sparse fur of her pussy-hair and wormed its way to the top of her gashand into moist contact with the already hardened nub of her clitoris.His fingertip prodded and circled the turgid bud frantically while hismouth melded hotly with hers. His finger was trying with difficulty tomove down her puffy slit and reach her obviously seeping cunt-mouth, buther jeans were so tight that, even with the zipper open, it wasdifficult to make headway.Angie realized at once what Dave's problem was and she wriggled her buttin broad lewd circles, helping the man work her pants far enough down sohe could slip a finger up into her craving cunt-hole.How she wanted to fuk! Frenziedly and intensely, right here at the edgeof the tide. She wanted this spontaneous animal coupling like she hadn'twanted anything for a long time."AAAaagghhh!" she moaned suddenly as Dave's finger finally worked itsway inside the tight mouth of her quivering cunt."Oh, yes! Yes, that's it," she crooned into his shoulder as she groundher twat down to meet the thrusting finger, her senses glittering withlust."Finger-fuk me, lover! Do it to me right here on the beach. I need itso bad, Davie."Her hands roved caressingly over the big man's ass as she spread herlegs a little wider and thrust her clitoris against the palm of his handwhile her cunt-hole rhythmically swallowed and disgorged the maddeningintrusion of his finger. She reached up to kiss him once again, her wetlips sucking hungrily on his tongue that jabbed out to meet her, in lewdsimulation of the finger-fuking that was going on down below.Angie felt uncontrollable waves of animal excitement wash over her hornybody. Her need for his cock was building furiously, and she thought shemight even be able to come once before she asked him to fuk her. Shedidn't think she could hold out that long, though.Angie wanted something longer and harder and thicker than a finger upinside her juicing snatch. Her whole world had become that rousingsensation up inside her cunt and the skewering tongue ramming in and outbetween her lips.Dave had almost forgotten his designs for the evening in the sheereroticism of what was happening right now here on this lovely desertedbeach. He was holding the wildest creature he had ever encountered,ramming his tongue down her throat and his finger up her pussy, and hewas beginning to think she was going to go right out of her mind the wayshe was grinding and churning her cunt-mound up against his hand. Hegripped her firmly around the shoulder to brace them both against herexpected reaction to the second finger he shot up her hotly juicingcunt.Angie's reaction to the second finger shoved up into her clasping twatwas at least as intense as Dave had expected. She began humping over hishand more feverishly, rising on tiptoes just to shove her pussy downeven harder onto the erect shaft of his cock-stiff finger."Oh, God, yes, yes!" she cried again and again, her head thrown back,her mouth abandoning Dave's lips as her whole being concentrated on theclimax that was building deep in her belly."Do it, Dave! Shove your fingers up my cunt! God, my pussy feels sowonderful! Just another minute and I'm going to come ..."Angie's whole being froze as those wonderful fingers suddenly abandonedher cunt completely. Dave wrapped his arms around her and stood verystill, his body rigid with alert intensity."My God! What did you stop for?" Angie wailed. "You bastard! I was justgoing to--Mmmmpphh ..."Her words were stifled by Dave's hand shoving her head roughly forwardagainst his chest. She was held firmly and could not get free, much asshe struggled against his restraining grasp. Frustrated in herstruggles, she held still to catch her breath, and it was only then sheheard voices fading down the beach."Christ, let's get out of here," Dave breathed through clenched teeth."Those people must think we're some kind of goddamned animals."So roughly that she was not able to resist this time, Dave dragged Angieacross the beach and up the stairs, his feverish energy not abatinguntil they were safely inside the car and heading on up the highway.Angie was unable to speak for some time. Her whole body was tremblingwith the violence of her frustrated orgasm coupled with her reaffirmeddisgust for her nervous companion. At last she felt she'd calmed downenough to speak."Well, I've seen some chicken-shit maneuvers in my time, but that had totake the cake," she growled through tight lips, her gaze directedunswervingly at the road ahead."What was I supposed to do ... give them a goddamn encore? They mustreally have got an eyeful as it was.""So damn what? They don't know us. We don't know them. They wereprobably looking for a deserted spot to do the same thing. Everybodyfuks, you know. There's nothing weird or freaky about it. Men have beensticking their fingers up women's cunts since Day One. I'm sure ourstrollers didn't learn anything new tonight."Dave turned towards Angie and stared hard at her set profile for amoment, his thoughts a mixture of confusion and disgust."You haven't got any idea of shame, have you, Angie?" he asked in avoice that was hard and flat. "You'd probably fuk a rhinoceros inSafeway at high noon without blinking an eyelash, wouldn't you?"He paused a moment, and when no response was forthcoming, he goaded her:"Well, wouldn't you?"She turned towards him at last. "A rhinoceros would undoubtedly be moreinteresting company than you are. You're so cooped up in your narrowlittle life you haven't got the imagination to try to do something alittle different now and then. It obviously scares the piss out of you.You are a chicken-shit little coward, that's all, Mr. Wagner." Shesmiled sadistically in his direction. "And if you've got the address ofthat rhinoceros, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass it on."Neither spoke for a good ten minutes. As he drove, Dave's contempt forthe highly sexed young blonde began to flower into a kind of perversepassion. Despite the fact that he wanted nothing to do with her aftertonight, he was turned on by the idea of taking her home and fuking herears off, then throwing her out when he was finished with her.He figured that was just the sort of thing Angie deserved--and wouldprobably really go for. He'd heard broads as raunchy as this one justloved to be pushed around. Well, he could handle it. She'd taken enoughshots at his ego this evening to make him want to get some of his ownback ... with maybe a little extra for good measure.Angie felt hurt and frustrated inside. Why didn't she ever come acrossanyone who enjoyed good imaginative sex the way she did? They wereeither Don Juans or sadists. There was no happy medium.Jeez, I don't want to see another man for a month, she thoughtdesperately. But the nagging itch in her cunt told her differently.At last Angie began to realize that they were passing through herneighborhood. Did this bastard still think she was going home with himafter all that? Not goddamn likely!"Take me home, Dave," she commanded. "You missed my turnoff back there."Dave's erotic thoughts had mellowed his earlier anger. "What the hell,Angie. Can't we be friends? It was a misunderstanding, and I know youfeel bad 'cause you didn't get to come, but I guarantee I'll make it upto you ten times over." He leered invitingly in her direction."Forget it," Angie replied in a voice that was firm and hard. "I likemen, not boys, so we've obviously got nothing in common. I want to gohome."His anger reignited, Dave brought the big Cadillac to a screeching halt."I've got a good mind to fuk your ass off right here! Might teach yousomething about manners, bittch!""Manners are only important to people who haven't got the guts to actthe way they feel. And as to teaching me a lesson about anything, youought to know the sheriff's department patrols this route regularly.Aren't you afraid they'd catch you at it and see your cock?"Dave had had enough. "Get out of this car before I rearrange your face,sluut."Angie suddenly felt nervous. She didn't relish walking the streets aloneat three in the morning. "Aren't you going to be gentleman enough todrive me?""Get out," he repeated, and this time Angie was convinced she'd betternot try the big man's patience any further. She opened the door and gotout of the car.As soon as the door was shut, the Cadillac sped off, showering the youngblonde in a cloud of dust. Bending forward to brush herself off, Angienoticed her fly was still open. Quickly she zipped it up, and thenlooked dubiously around her.The road was deserted.It was a good twelve blocks to her apartment, and she decided that,rather than chance it, she'd stop by her friend Sally's house and ask tosleep on her couch for the night. The house was less than two blocksaway, and Sally was her best friend. She wouldn't mind.Fatigue now replacing her horniness, Angie began trudging resignedlytowards the house, watching the ground for bits of broken glass or sharprocks. Her shoes were still in Dave Wagner's car.
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