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As promised, here is the second story of my Wife and our dog Wolf. Mrs. TJ wanted me to let all of you know that she really appreciates all the wonderful comments on the first story, and hopes ya'll like this next one as much. I second that. Wolf second story For the next two weeks, Jan and I were kept busy at work. We hardly saw each other except to say hi or bye. We would get in late, shower, and fall in bed. The sounds of our snoring would fill the bedroom almost before our heads hit the pillows. We were always to tired to even think of making love, and I had nearly forgotten all about how my fantasies had actually come true so very recently. At work, I would sometimes daydream about how wonderful it had been to watch Wolf's large, thick cock filling my wife's pussy and sliding deep inside her body. Deeper and harder with each thrust, the veins standing out along the length of his red shaft. How sexy it was to watch the knot disappear as Wolf and my wife tied, and how his hot cum would gush out when it finally went down enough to pull out. Alas, it never failed, that right in the middle of the daydream, the phone would ring or the boss would walk in wanting something done. The work just seemed to keep piling higher and higher, and my mind, along with my blood pressure, was to the point of exploding. I felt would tighter than a two bit watch spring. Finally, one evening I came in, in a worse mood than usual. We had lost a large account that I had worked on for the past month. I had poured body and soul into that account, not to mention hours of my time. Now it was gone and the boss wasn't a bit happy, which meant that no one else in the office was happy either. Oh, it wasn't my fault, and deep down I knew it, but the knowledge just didn't help that much. Another company had stolen the account with the promise of more and better perks, plus, they had sweetened the pot with a little money under the table to the right hands. I threw the door open and heard it bang against the wall with a satisfying thud. I glanced guilitily at the wall for a minute to be sure the door knob hadn't knocked a hole in it. It hadn't, and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that at least something had gone right. I threw my briefcase on the table in the foyer. It bounced once and then slid off and onto the floor. "Oh Well," I groaned, "You can't win them all." For once, Jan had come home early and had decided to cook a great dinner. Everything was delicious, but I just wasn't in any mood to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I'll admit, I was really being a bastard. Jan kept trying to cheer me up, but it was just no use. Finally, she got real quite, and I thought sourly to myself, "Just great, I guess I've gone and pissed her off also." At that point though, I just really didn't care. After supper, my wife came around and slipped her arm around me and said, "Why don't you go on upstairs and take a long, hot bath, and lay down. I'll bring you a drink. I thought that might be a good idea. An early bedtime and maybe I would feel a little better tomorrow. The hot water did seem to take a little of the stress off, but not a lot. I lay down naked on the bed, and in moments my cock started getting harder. "Great, I thought. My cock's getting hard, but I don't have the slightest desire to get any tonight. All I want to do is go to sleep and forget this day ever existed." Suddenly, I heard the door softly open, and Jan entered, a drink in her hand. But that isn't what caused my eyes to open wider and my breathing to get ragged. While I had been taking a shower, Jan had slipped into a pale yellow nightie. It was made of sheer material and I could see her nipples through it and watched in fascination as they hardened into tight, crinkled nubs. The nightie stopped just above her pussy, showing the matching pale yellow panties beneath. It also showed they were crotchless, and I could see a tangle of firey red pubic hair peeping out of the open slit. Wordlessly she handed me my drink, and then slowly put one foot on the bed, the knee bending high in the air and then turning outward, causing the crochless panties to open wide. I glanced down and could see her clit peeping out and growing harder and longer, ready for action. Slowly, her eyes staring into mine, she slid one hand down her belly and over her lower abdomen, to the opening in the panties. I heard her breath catch as her fingers touched the heat and wetness of her pussy. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she slowly fingered herself. Then a shudder went through her as she buried her fingers deep inside then picked up speed as she sped toward her first orgasm. Suddenly she moaned and tensed up as the orgasm washed over her. For a minute she posed like that, her panties becoming wetter as her sweet nectar dripped out of her still spasming pussy. Finally, with a small moan, she removed her hand, opened her eyes, and smiled at me. For the first time in weeks, I had forgotten work, and the account, and everything else related to the office. Taking her leg off the bed, she looked at me with her eyes half closed for a moment. Then in slow motion, she took the edges of her nightie and eased it upward. It hung for a moment on the hard nipples of her full breasts, then slipped over them and over her head. Her nipples stuck out like small erasers. I wanted to suck them in my mouth, but I stayed where I was, but did take a huge swallow of the drink. The nightie made a soft puddle around her feet as she dropped it, her full breasts swaying gently as she straightened back up. Even more slowly, she reached down and started sliding her panties down. I swear, I saw each individual red pubic hair, as they dropped lower and lower, finally falling onto the floor with the rest of the nightie. Naked now, she gracefully moved onto the bed. She reminded me of a sleek, wild, pantherI had once seen in a zoo. It walked to a rock shelf on the wall, and gracefully jumped onto it, then, turning around several times it lay down. Like a poet once said, it was poetry in motion. Almost like the soft, fluid motion of water flowing gently over a waterfall in the Spring, she crawled to me and over me, her lithe, warm body sliding against mine. Leaning down, she covered my mouth with hers, her warm lips opening and her tongue entering mine to explore the inside of my mouth. Her warm breath mingled with mine and I couldn't help but let out a moan. Roughly she pinched one of my nipples and I groaned out loud. Sliding her hand down, she took my cock in her hand, squeezing it gently till it started to harden. Suddenly, she squeezed it roughly and jerked it back and forth a few times. Letting it go, she cupped my balls and gently squeezed them. Breaking the kiss, her lips began to travel downward, stoping for a moment to sharply bite each nipple, bringing more moans from me. Then her mouth continued it's downward journey. Coming to my hard shaft, she stopped for a moment. Her tongue snaked out and began to trace the head. My body jumped involuntarily, and when it did, she squeezed my balls again, which she still held in her hand. Then she sucked me down her throat till she had me all the way down, her lips touching my balls. Back up she went, dragging her hot tongue along the length of me, till she was once more at the head. She started a slow rythem of sucking on my cockhead a few times then swallowing the entire length of me. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum. I groaned when she suddenly took her mouth away, and grinned up at me. Letting my balls go, she sat up. Her grin got bigger when she said, "Not just yet." Scooting back onto her side of the bed she turned toward the door. "Come here Wolf," she called. Wolf must have been just outside the door, because he immediately came through and stopped, looking up questioningly. "Come on baby," my wife whispered, patting the bed next to her. Wolf took two steps, and I could see the muscles bunching in his broad shoulders as he lowered himself and jumped up onto the bed. My breath caught in my throat and I was suddenly harder than ever. I knew what my wife had in mind, and it left me breathless, my heart pounding in my chest. Slowly, her eyes locked onto mine and she swung around, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Lying back onto the pillows, she urged Wolf between her legs. Undoubtedly, the scent of Jan's hot pussy filled the air, because Wolf zeroed in on it, his long tongue flicking out to lap at the pussy that was, by now, pouring hot liquid. Jan's body arched upward as Wolf's long hot tongue slid over her, and over and over her again. My wife began to moan and her hips started to wreathe all over the bed, as the big dog's tongue continued it's assault on her. All I could do was watch wide eyed, my cock by now so hard that I believe if I had touched it, it would have shattered. Finally, I slowly bent forward and took one of Jan's nipples in my mouth and bit it gently. That was all it took. My wife's orgasm hit her like an exlosion, her pussy juice pouring out, which caused Wolf to lap at her even faster. Finally, she put her hand on Wolf's head to stop him. He looked at her questingly and whined, looking a little agitated. "Don't worry Wolf, I plan to take care of you." Turning her face to me once more so she could watch the look on my face, she slowly turned over onto her stomach. Still watching me, she started to raise her hips up in the air and spread her legs wide. Once more Wolf moved in between them, and began to lick her pussy and ass from behind. I watched in awe as his cock began to ease out of it's sheath. Then the big dog backed up a step, and raising himself up on his back legs, he mounted Jan, his front legs clutching her waist and pulling her to him as he started humping, the pink tip of his cock imerging further from it's sheath, growing larger and beginning to drip precum. Jan eased her hips back just a little and Wolf's cock found its mark. I couldn't turn my eyes from the sight as Wolf's cock started sliding deeper into Jan's already well lubricated pussy. Her moans were coming faster now, and had deepened as the now huge cock slid deeper into her belly. Finally, I could see his hairy sheath against my wife's ass and I knew that the entire length was now buried deep inside her. Briefly I wondered what it must feel like to have that hair shoved up against her hot flesh. I didn't have much time to ponder that question though, because Wolf started moving faster and faster. Jan was still facing me, but now her eyes closed as she succumed to the enjoyment of Wolf's large, hot dick repeatedly being buried within her. Suddenly, I could see an orgasm rip through her and her eyes shot open for a moment. I saw Wolf getting close also, his knot starting to enlarge. I started to reach for him to encircle the forward part of his cock to keep that knot from sliding into Jan's pussy. When she saw what I was fixing to do, she stopped me with a breathless, "Don't stop him. I want to feel that big knot filling me up." I settled back and watched amazed as the knot disappeared into Jan's heated cavern, and I could tell from the look on her face that she was in seventh heaven. The knot sliding inside her set off another and more violent orgasm. My wife seemed to lose all thought of time and place as Wolf f**ked her hard and fast, much faster than I ever could. Suddenly Wolf gave one last lunge and started cumming. My wife's eyes flew open and she panted out, "Oh he feels so hot. I can actually feel his cum shooting deep into me. It feels like it's stretching my belly." Then another orgasm hit her and she could say no more. Wolf's head was now lying across Jan's back, his legs still hooked tightly around her hip's, and holding her close as shot after shot of molten cum filled my her body. Finally, he started to back away, but I knew that it would take a few minutes for his knot to go down, so I held him in place and talked softly to him as we waited. After a few minutes, Wolf's cock slipped out, and with it must have been a gallon of cum. Wolf hopped off the bed to clean himself and Jan turned over onto her back. She looked at me and crooked her finger saying, "Come on honey, I want you so bad that I can't stand it." I didn't have to be told twice, and rolled on top of her with a loud groan, and sank my aching dick all the way to the balls with one lunge. Jan's pussy was still wet with Wolf's and her cum, so it wasn't that hard to do. I felt like my cock was a jackhammer, the way I was pounding it and out of her. I was so hot though, that it was only a moment before I exploded, sending Jan into a final orgasm. I slept like a baby that night, and the next day I headed for work with a grin on my face a spring in my step. Nothing could take the grin off my face that day, and you know what, I really think things were a lot better at the end of the day because of it. A few days later, our account that we had lost decided to go with our company after all and I was give a huge bonus. Maybe the karma from that wonderful night that Jan, Wolf, and I spent, reached out and subtly hooked our rogue company and brought them back to us. Hope ya'll enjoyed the story. I know I'm horny from just writing it, but I may have to wait for Wolf and my wife to finish first.
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