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Hey Everyone, This is Dpl's girlfriend here. I have a story i hope you all will like. If you want more just tell me. I am always willing to create my works of art. Take care and have fun,DclThe names in the story have been changed to protect the people. These are not their real names. My name is Lynne and I've not yet had this happen to me, But it is one of my largest fantasies. Im 5'9" with black hair, Blue eyes, Small waist, and 38DD tits. I have a boyfriend whose already involved in this. I hope you all like my fantasy. From the day I dated my boyfriend I knew there was something special about him. I hadn't quite figured it out until the day I moved into our house. He had boughten a Large Husky. The dog was the most beautiful grey eyes and his eyes kept pleading with me.Being an inexperienced dog lover, I didn't know exactly what the dog wanted. I would sit on the Sofa and the dog would continuosly keep whining at me.I turned to my boyfriend and asked him to go and get the dog some food and water. While he was out of the room the dog came up to me and stuck his nose in my crotch. At this time I was a little scared. I tried to push him away, But he kept coming back to me. Just when I was ready to scream for help my boyfriend came into the room. "I see he likes you, I know what he wants," Said my boyfriend. He then proceeded to explain to me about the dogs feelings.After he got done explaining this to me he got down on the floor and grabbed ahold of the dogs large cock, which had protruded from his sheath. He then told me to come down on the other side of the dog and give him my hand. As soon as I got down on the floor he grabbed my hand and placed it on the dogs cock. What I felt was amazing. The dogs cock was growing and throbbing in my hand. He told me to slowly move my hand back and forth. As soon as I did this I noticed that my hand was getting wet. I noticed tat this must have been the dogs pre-cum. What I did next suprised everyone, Including myself.I got down under the dog and guided his cock into my mouth. I slowly sucked on the dogs cock. I stopped for a minute and told my boyfriend to get in front of me. As soon as he got in front of me I unzipped his pants and slid them down to the floor. This was the greatest, not only did I have one cock, I had two. I put the dogs cock back into my mouth and grabbed ahold of my boyfriends cock. I then began to move my mouth to the pace of my hand. In no time at all I could taste the salty dog cum in my mouth.I tried to swallow all of the dogs hot fluids, But the more i swallowed the more he would cum. I could feel my boyfriend tensing up and I knew he was about to come too. I kept working them both until my boyfriend began to cum. Then I started to get up, I got up on my hands and knees and tried to get up. As I was pushing upwards I suddenly felt something pushing me back down. I turned to the side and saw my boyfriend. It was then that I realized that the dog was on top of me. My boyfriend came over to me and pulled my mini-skirt up and pulled my panties down towards my knees. This allowing the dog easy access.He then proceeded to tell me that I was going to love this. It was then that I realized that my boyfriend had already done this before. The dog kept trying to find its mark until my boyfriend reached up and guided the dogs cock into my butt. At first I was shocked, But after a few thrusts I began to enjoy having the dogs large cock in my butt. As soon as the dog set a steady pace I found that my boyfriend was underneath me. He began to lick my pussy as the dog had his way with me. The faster the dog went the more he would lick. I was about to burst with an orgasm when i felt something large at the edge of my butt. The dog pushed harder and it felt like a tennis ball had entered my butt.My boyfriend realized what had happened and told me not to be afraid. He explained that the husky had just knotted with me. At this point the dog was struggling to escape. With every pull it sent sharp pains up my butt. My boyfriend then told me to relax, Next he grabbed ahold of the dog and held it still. All the while telling me that it will only take a while until the dog could shrink enough to pull himself out. In no time at all (or so it seemed) I felt the dog slowly escaping its deep crevice. He came all the way out of me and then turned to look at me. By this time my pussy was dripping wet. My boyfriend spread my legs apart and brought the dogs nose between my legs.As he did this the dog stuck out his tongue and began to clean me out. In just minutes I felt a huge climax coming about. The dogs tongue was driving me nuts. Then my boyfriend told me to get up on the edge of the sofa. As soon as I got up there my boyfriend brought the dog to me. My boyfriend then began to mess around with my clit. Having the dog lick me and my clit being stimulated made me cum in seconds. As soon as the dog had, had enough he walked to the dining room and layed down. Then my boyfriend got in front of me and stuck his cock into me. He then moved faster and harder making me cum in seconds. After he finished he got dressed and went to the backdoor to let the dog out. The dog immediatly got up and walked out of the door. I hope you liked my story as much as my boyfriend and I did. Although we have no dog as of yet we plan to get one in the near future. More stories to come in the future.
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