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One summer morning about nine years ago. Just before my divorce I was feeling the need to suck several dog cocks. I walked to the kennel, and this time I didnt take a dog out to suck. I went in to pen to suck the five walker hounds that were in there.I pulled my dress off and draped it on the gate. All of the dogs were excited and jumping around. There wasnt one of them that I hadnt fucked or sucked over the past year. This time I wanted all of their sweet cum. It was still hard for me to believe what a dog slut I had become. I tossed a quilt on the concrete pad, and sat my naked ass on it. The dogs swarmed me like flies to honey. I took two dogs sheaths and started jacking them, feeling their cocks growing bigger in my hands. As the knot grew with my ass in the air, I leaned under the massive hounds belly and stuck his cock in my mouth. He was humping my face madly. With my ass in the air another hound started licking my wet pussy. I was cumming in no time. The hound filled my mouth with his sweet cum, as I was still jerking the other hounds cock. As I was switching my sucking to the other hound, I felt the paws of another on my back stabbing at my pussy. I stopped sucking long enough to help him hit my cunt. I went weak as the hound hammered my pussy. My face was being humped and my cunt pounded together, I came as the dog shot his load into my pussy. The other dog filled my mouth with his cum. The hound had me knotted and the orgasms I was having just kept comming. His knot was as big as a hard ball. My cunt streached to the max. While knotted another hound was where I could reach his sheath. I got his cock stiff and there I was. Knotted and sucking another dogs cock. I was loving this way too much. As the hound shot me another mouth full of cum, I got off yet again. The hound in my cunt slipped his cock out of me. I grabbed another. With his cock hard I layed on my back with my cunt in the air working the excited dog cock to my pussy. With my back arched his knot in my hand I had his dick deep in my hot cunt. The other dogs were licking my face, eyes, tits, and my mouth as the dog inside me shot his load.I lowered my ass to the quilt and one of the dogs started licking the cum that was leaking from my cunt. I spread my legs high and wide to give him plenty of room. I was going to cum again as the dog licked my cunt and asshole. I screamed as I was cumming that time. I sat up on the quilt my pussy just couldnt take any more. As I stood up and started for the gate I noticed the mail carrier driving away from the mail box.I smiled wondering if he had seen me.Let me know what you think. Thank you, Dottie
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