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Dawn crept through the slits of the mini blinds and splashed over the still sleeping form of Pamela Tolliver. Dreams of huge dog cocks plunging in and out of her slick cunt filled the beautiful young womanís unconscious mind as she slept. The images were arousing and they were very real. Pamela had fucked her new canine friend for the better part of the night finally giving in to exhaustion in the early hours of the morning.The lucky dog lay, equally spent, at the foot of the king size bed that cradled the sleeping woman he had so expertly fucked the night before. As the slits of sunlight filtered into the darkened bedroom the animal raised his head and sleepily opened one eye to the intruding rays. He yawned enormously and dropped his head with a soft thud back to the carpeted floor of his new lovers bedchamber.Moaning softly, Pamela began to awaken from her slumber. She rolled over onto her back and stretched her arms above her head. Her magnificent tits moved against the sheet covering her body and she shivered at the contact of her sensitive nipples with the cloth. She allowed her eyes to open slightly and she tossed back the bedcovers revealing her nude body to the intruding sun.She felt every muscle in her body had been taxed to the limits from her strenuous bout of sex with the dog she had picked up on the highway the day before. She ran her hands through her luxurious hair, over her face and down to her breasts. She cupped the firm globes in her hands and her fingers softly played over her nipples causing them to spring up in arousal. Her hands glided down the firmness of her stomach to linger at the top of her pussy. She felt the tenderness there from the uncounted times she had allowed the big Labrador Retriever to slam his huge cock into her.She brushed her hands over her pussy mound and her fingers slipped between the silken folds of her cunt to find the wetness that began to appear there. A soft cry escaped her throat as she slipped a finger into her cunt. It was so good! She held her hand over her quivering pussy and slowly began to move her finger in and out of its puffy folds. Her hips rose up to her hands and she tossed her head back on the pillows.The dog smelled something he knew from the night before. He smelled pussy! His head rose and his keen nose sniffed the air. He drew himself to his feet and shaking himself fully awake, he turned to the source of the odor that had awakened him. He hopped up onto the bed beside his mistress."Good morning, boy! I see you decided to join me! Thatís a good boy!" Pamela said, reaching up to caress the dogs chest. She looked between his legs and saw the animals prick emerging from its furry sheath. She ran her hand over the dogs side and softly enclosed the emerging cock in her fist. She began to jack off the handsome beast as he stood beside her on the bed.She lay back, one hand in her pussy and the other clasping the dogs hardening dick and stroking it gently. As his cock grew to its full length and girth in her hand she shifted herself around on the bed so she was positioned at the animals flank. She sat up, keeping her hands busy on her pussy and the animals cock. He turned and his tongue licked over her sensitive breasts."Ooooohh, yes! Good dog! That feels wonderful!" She gasped.Judging the big dogs cock to be fully hard she slipped under the standing animal and scooted down so her face was only inches from his scarlet and pink prick. She could smell his scent. Strong and very male, it was a powerful stimulant to the already aroused woman. She guided his cock to her lips.She licked the entire length of the pulsing organ then closed her lips around it. The taste, she decided was not unpleasant. Her tongue circled the rock hard dog cock and played over the tip as she sucked softly on its length. She took more of the eager animals prick into her mouth and began to earnestly suck him off. While a completely strange sensation, the dog knew what he wanted and his hips began to hump the beautiful and horny womanís mouth. Pamela sucked his prick with abandon. She considered herself to be a competent cock sucker and she used all of her skills on her canine lover. Her tongue flew over his moist, red cock as it slipped in and out of her ovaled lips. Her fingers found her clitoris and she began to stroke the highly sensitive bud with a fingertip. Her hips jumped at the electric shock of her touch on the aroused and erect nub of her clit.She swallowed the dogs dripping pre-cum as it washed over her tongue. Her free hand found his cum laden balls and she gently squeezed the swollen orbs as the slapped against her chin and cheeks. She felt him began to tremble above her and she knew he was going to cum. She would take his load in her mouth. She concentrated on the sensitive tip of his plunging cock as it slid over her tongue again and again.She was about to cum herself and she wanted to feel the dogs jism splash into her waiting mouth when her orgasm finally hit her. She could feel her own body began to tense and her pussy clenched around her finger as she finger fucked herself under the shaking animal. The dog was fucking his prick into the beautiful womanís mouth in short, abrupt thrusts. His cum boiled in his hardened testicles.Pamela allowed his cock to almost slip from her sucking mouth, then she drew it back in until the tip of his jerking dick touched the back of her throat. Her tongue drew circles over his tender cock tip. His hips jerked in a spastic signal to the sprawling woman. He was going to cum! Her ass was raised off the bed to meet the finger thrusts of her hand as her fingers flew over her clit. She closed her mouth tightly around the dogs slick, hot penis as her orgasm ripped into her swollen cunt to shoot through her body.She felt the dogs balls spasm in her hand as his cum shot down the length of his lust engorged cock to spurt over her waiting tongue. His jism jetted again and again into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but still his sperm shot from his jerking tool to escape and leak down her chin. Gasping for breath she held his cock in her hand and drew it from her mouth. Jets of dog cum shot over her face into her hair and down her swaying breasts to her heaving belly.She wiped the hot, sticky cum over her tits and face and slipped his still spurting cock into her mouth again. Her body stiffened as another orgasm hit her with the force of a fist in her pussy. She gasped at the raw erotic power of the ecstatic feelings her pussy generated. She sucked on the dog cock as if it were a candy to be licked and savored. More dog cum shot from his clenching balls to splash into her waiting mouth.Finally, the ravaged beast could not produce any more cum. His legs were shaking and his tongue lolled from his mouth as he panted for breath."Canít take any more, huh?" Pamela laughed.The satiated animal stepped over her body and fell to the bed in exhaustion. He looked at his mistress, covered in his cum, as she collapsed beside him. Gasping, the lust dazed woman lay beside her furry lover, hugging the handsome animal to her cum drenched body."That was incredible! You are a very good boy!" She said, weakly whispering to the still shaking dog.He thumped his tail on the bed in response to her words of affection. He was too weak to do anything else. A full night of fucking and then the mother of all blowjobs left little energy in his stout body. He seemed to be smiling as his beautiful mistress softly petted his head and neck with an idle hand. Soon, both human and canine lovers were sound asleep."Ohhhh, sweet mother of God! I can barely move!" Pamela groaned as she awakened from her sleep. Her body ached in every muscle and joint.Beside her on the bed her new lover whined and moaned his misery as well. The big dog crawled off the bed to set on his haunches beside the scene of their mutual orgy of bestial sex. He looked at Pamela and softly woofed. He rose and took a few steps toward the sliding glass door and looked back at the bleary eyed young woman."You want to go out, donít you? You must be in misery, you poor baby. Let me get my feet under me, boy . . . ". She said, slowly rising to sit on the edge of her large bed."Holy shit! Look at this fucking bed! It looks like a bomb went off on here!" She observed, taking in the damage a night of hard dog fucking had done to her bed. "Come to think of it, I feel like it must have gone off on me! You fucked me silly, you naughty little boy!" She rose, a bit unsteady on her feet, then staggered to the door.Her dog friend bolted out of the open door into the fenced yard beyond and immediately tended to his toilet. Pamela laughed as she saw the obvious look of relief on his canine face. She then realized that she had to take care of business as well. A long, hot shower would feel absolutely heavenly, she thought, and some coffee and food would hit the spot. She made her way into her bathroom and stared at the sight of her body covered in the dried jism of her potent new lover."I canít believe it! He must have cum a cup at least! I look like a total slut!" She laughed, holding her side, aching from the exertion of the nights fucking and sucking. "I am a slut! I fucked a dog and then sucked his cum out of his doggy balls! Wow!" A quick visit to the toilet and then the sound of splashing water signaled a hot and steamy shower for the cum drenched dog slut. After fifteen minutes of relaxing bliss under the powerful spray of her shower, Pamela emerged feeling much refreshed. Her noisy stomach directed her to the kitchen where she started a fresh pot of drip coffee and a search for suitable food. She suddenly realized that she had no idea of what time it was. A look at the microwave clock told her she was having breakfast at three fifteen in the afternoon."Boy time sure does fly when youíre fucking the hell out of a big, beautiful dog!" She chuckled to herself.She quickly constructed a light repast of fruit and fresh coffee and made her way, cup in hand, back to her bedroom to find some clothes. She shook her head in disbelief as she passed her bed. Its state of chaos reflected the events which had taken place on it. She saw the chocolate colored dog laying in the sunlight which filtered through the trees in her yard. He was sleeping soundly. He needed it, she thought. After wriggling into a pair of jeans and a halter top she went to her kitchen and searched for something for her lover to eat when he awakened from his well deserved nap. She decided a steak was a suitable reward for his efforts and she cut the prime piece of beef into chunks for her canine consort. She added a thick piece of crusty bread which she broke into bite sized pieces. An egg finished off the gourmet dog dinner. She placed the bowl in the refrigerator until the exhausted animal was ready for some food.Pamela refilled her coffee cup and went into her home office to check her phone messages. The office had called sometime during the morning and they needed some files she had taken home with her to work on earlier in the week. She took her chair at her computer and began to send the material to her office via email. There was no escaping work even at home, she thought as she skillfully sent the data on its way. There were a few personal matters to take care of while she was at the keyboard so she decided to catch up on her finances and bill paying.An hour or so later, she heard her new lover at the kitchen door. She went into the kitchen and opened the door. Instantly the big dog bounded inside the house nearly knocking over the young woman in his exuberance"Are you hungry, boy?" She asked the alert and apparently fully rested dog.He woofed in the affirmative and his tail was a brown blur as he pranced around her on the kitchen floor. Pamela went to the refrigerator and put the bowl of food she had prepared earlier on the floor. The famished animal tore into the tasty steak and egg dinner with obvious relish."I guess you were hungry! Fucking all night can really build up an appetite, right baby?" She patted the feasting dog on his broad head as he gobbled the food down.She went to her cupboard and got a large bowl down. She realized he would be thirsty, too. She filled it with fresh, cold water and sat it down beside the bowl of rapidly vanishing food. He took a few quick laps of the refreshing water and returned to his dinner.Pamela left the hungry dog to finish his dinner while she finished her online work for the day. Sending the last of her work to the office, the beautiful young woman shut down the system and went back to see what her friend was up to. The empty food dish and nearly empty water bowl meant he was done with dinner. She looked into the living room to see his tail lazily thumping against the cushions of her sofa.She went into the living room and turned on her stereo tuning the receiver to a local rock station. She turned to face the attentive dog reclining on the sofa."Now that weíve got food out of the way, do you want to dance, big boy?" She said, gently swaying to the rock rhythm flowing from her speakers.The dog raised his ears and cocked his head from one side to the other. He wasnít quite sure where the noise was coming from, but his mistress obviously liked it. She gestured to the animal."Come on, handsome. Come here and dance with me!" She held out her arms to him, motioning him to her.He hopped off the sofa and padded over to her as she motioned for him to jump up to her chest. She patted her chest and he rose up, placing his forelegs on her shoulders and balancing on his hind legs."Thatís a good boy! You dance pretty good for a dog, you know?" She said, patting his big head.He licked her face with his broad, pink tongue causing her to giggle."Oh, so you wanna get fresh do you?" She said, laughing.He licked her cheek again. It was hard to keep your balance when you are used to walking on all four legs. He leaned against the body of his mistress for support as his hind legs tried to keep up with her motions."Ok, I get the hint. You can dance on all four legs. Or better yet, Iíll come down there and dance with you!" She said, as the big animal resumed his natural stance at her feet.Pamela dropped to all fours and her companion gave her face a quick lick with his darting tongue. She giggled and mimicking the actions of a dog, she nudged his chest with her head. He excitedly hopped around the beautiful young woman and barked his approval.Since she was on his level he more readily accepted her actions as that of a fellow canine and he returned her playful nudge, hopping around her as the music played a steady rock beat. Pamela swayed to the tempo of the tune, crawling on all fours to match the behavior of the dog. As she turned to keep up with his playful movements he brought his nose to her perfectly rounded ass and sniffed deeply. He woofed at the playful female as she quickly switched her ass away from his nose."What do you smell, boy? Is there something good in there?" She asked the circling dog.He barked again and his nose went to her ass crack where he sniffed deeply. He nuzzled her, shoving his nose between her legs while she remained still. He tried to lick her ass crack, but her jeans were a barrier to his soft, probing tongue. He barked his frustration to his mistress. She should remove the offending garment so he could get a good smell and taste of that delicious pussy he knew was there, ready for his desires."Oh you naughty, naughty boy! Do you want to lick my ass? Will you shove your tongue inside my pussy?" The horny woman asked.Her answer was now growing between the big male dogs legs. She could see the tip of his magnificent cock as it extended from the furry sheath beneath his belly. A glistening drop of pre-cum formed at the very tip of the scarlet and pink shaft."Yeah! You lovely animal! Your cock is getting hard for me! Will you fuck me? Will you put your hard, huge dick in my little cunt and fuck me forever?" Her voice grew lower as she spoke to the excited beast.On her knees, Pamela began to strip off her clinging top. Her tits sprang into full view, the nipples already forming twin hard peaks of lust and desire. She tossed the garment over her shoulder as the dog approached her. His tongue washed the underside of a softball sized breast. It traveled over the hardening center of the firm mound to start its journey again."Oh, fuck yes!! Yessss . . . good boy! Lick my tits, you beautiful beast!" She cried, her tits thrust out for the dog to fondle with his tongue.As the aroused animal licked her heaving tits, she unbuttoned her jeans and peeled the tight clothing from her magnificent ass and kicked them off her legs. She reached for the animals growing prick as his tongue brought her tits to swollen hardness. Her hand softly closed around his tool. Hot and moist to her touch, the organ throbbed with the heartbeat of the virile, beautiful dog. She started to jack off the throbbing prick with slow pumping movements of her hand. Drops of his pre-cum lubricated her clasping hand as it traveled from the sensitive tip to the very root of his cock.Now that her ass was free of the clothing that had covered it, the dog turned his attentions to her wonderfully fragrant pussy. His head dipped to her crotch as she turned so he could more freely access her quivering cunt and ass. His tongue licked over the length of her fiery slit causing the aroused woman to arch her hips to meet the thrusting softness."Aaaaagh! Huhhhh! Oh yesss!!" She groaned.Her eyes were tightly closed at the touch of the animals tongue on her highly aroused cunt slit. It stroked over her mound again and again then dipped between the swollen lips to snake inside the wet walls of her vagina. It sought out the very depths of her womb to dart out over her clit then disappear again into the heat of her womanhood.She sank back to lie on the carpet. Her legs opened widely to allow the dog the fullest access to her wet, waiting slit. Her feet were planted on the floor, her knees drawn up. The animal feasted on her cunt, licking her clit and thrusting his tongue into her body to seek out the fluids which had so aroused him. She pumped her hips up at the invading tongue as it touched every secret place of her cunt. It swept down over her puckered ass hole to wash again over her cunt."Oh God! Oh, oh ooh!! There! Yes, my ass hole!! Lick my ass hole, you fucker. You woman fucker!" She gasped.His tongue was like a living thing, invading her most private places, sending waves of passion throughout her body. She gasped for breath. She could feel her orgasm building. Just a few more thrusts of that wonderful tongue and she would cum! Her pussy was completely exposed to the animal as he ravaged her clit with his long, broad tongue. It swept into her cunt, stabbing into her with a savage determination. She thrust her hips up at his mouth. Her legs started to shake and she felt the walls of her pussy close on the dogs darting tongue.An electric fire started in her belly and rushed out to her cunt. Her legs closed on the dogs head , trapping him at her pussy. He continued to lick deeply into her, thrusting his tongue stiffly into the depths of her quivering snatch."Ahhhggg! Uh huh! Uh huh! Oh yesss . . . fuck! Iím cumming, CUMMING!!!" She screamed.Her pelvis tilted to keep the animals tongue inside her pussy. Her head tossed from side to side and her tits shook as her orgasm washed over her body. Her cunt felt as if it would explode. She threw her arms around the dogs neck and clung to him as her climax shook her lust filled body.Pausing, the excited animal looked down at his human partner. She was shaking from the power of the orgasm he had just caused. Her tits rolled on her chest as she slowly shook her head from side to side. He licked them as she lay on the floor, her arms at her sides, legs splayed open to his advances.Pamela looked up the animal and knew she had to have his cock inside her. She drew him closer and her legs closed over his back. She felt between their bodies for his prick. It was hard as a bar of iron and hot to her touch. He stood still as she adjusted her position. She hunched her ass on the carpet until his prick was pointing at the swollen, slick slit of her cunt. She raised her ass off the floor and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy."Fuck me boy! Shove that cock into my cunt! Fuck me hard! Now!!!" She commanded.The instant the animal felt his cock touch her cunt he shoved his hips forward and sank the full length of his swollen dog cock into her waiting love tunnel."God . . . Yesssss! Do it!" She whispered.He held his cock inside her for a moment then withdrew it until only the tip was inside her body. He lowered his head until it almost rested between her tits then with a mighty shove he drove it home again. She screamed as the huge cock filled her cunt. It bumped her cervix and then was withdrawn again. Bracing his front legs on either side of the woman beneath him, the animal began to fuck her.As the stereo played a pounding rock beat, the dog fed his human lover his animal cock. His thrusts were long and steady. His cum filled balls slapped against her puckering ass hole with every stroke he slid into her. She began to match his thrusts and their rhythm matched the beating of the drums filling the room. A steady slap, slap, slap of flesh meeting flesh made a counterpoint to the music.As he fucked the heaving pussy of his bestial mate, he licked first one then the other of her quivering tit mounds. His mouth closed over her nipple and he suckled the swollen nub like a puppy."Suck my tits, you big fucker! Yes! Like that!! Ohhhh! Suck, suck! Yes, give it to me, baby! Fuck me!" Pamela panted.Her hips pounded up to meet his thrusts. Her pussy closed around his cock, holding him in a velvety glove of wet, hot flesh. With every stroke, her breath seemed to be forced from her burning lungs. His speed increased and she tried to keep up with him. She could feel his cock start to twitch inside her pussy and she knew he was going to cum inside her. He would spray his seed inside her waiting snatch!"Thatís it, boy! Cum inside me! Yessssss! Cum in me, boy!" She pleaded as he pounded his cock into her.Faster and faster the lusty animal plunged his cock into the willing womanís upthrust cunt. Pamela felt her pussy start to contract in involuntary spasms as his cock sped inside her, touching every part of her cunt with its hot, slick smoothness. She felt for his balls and her hands caressed the swinging orbs as they slapped against her ass crack. She felt them as they exploded, sending their load of dog cum speeding down the animals cock.She locked her legs around his hips and ground her cunt up at the dog as he plunged his cock to its full length into her clasping hole. He raised his head and his back arched over the woman. The first blast of cum hit the back of her pussy like the jet from a fire hose. "Ahhhghnnn! Uhhhnggh! Yeah, baby! Cum! Cum!! CUMMMMM!" She screamed as her pussy burst over his cock in bestial orgasm.Jet after jet of thick, hot creamy dog cum spewed from the rutting animals cock. Pamela held his cock inside her, trapped by her clinching legs, as it discharged its load of love deep into her pussy. Woman and dog locked themselves together as they experienced a mutual ecstacy of forbidden bestial love.The lust crazed animal slammed his cock into her with a few spastic savage thrusts, knocking her breath from her with their force. Wave after wave of orgiastic pleasure swept over the thrashing woman beneath her canine lover. More dog cum shot into her cunt to spurt out around his pistoning dog cock and drip down between the clenching cheeks of her ass. Slowly, he stopped his thrusting to hold his still spurting cock deep inside her cunt as it milked him of his dog cum."Oh yeahhhh! Fuck! You are incredible, you big beautiful animal fucker. You woman fucker! Oh your cum . . . inside me, hot, ohhhh!" Pamela grunted.The two lovers stayed locked for several minutes, the dogs cock spurting cum less frequently as the womanís pussy held it in a smooth, wet, hot grip. Pamela let her ass settle to the floor as the animal lay fully along her body, his big head resting on her tits and his cock inside her pussy. She wanted his cock inside her as often as she could get it. She had found her man at last and he was a real dog!
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