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This is going to be a 3 part series:Adriana: Caught OutAdriana: Caught Out 2Adriana: Caught Out 3 - PROBABLY posted after a couple days.Disclaimer:This story is wishful thinking on my part.I am NOT involved with my physics professor (though i wish i were)I doubt she is aware of me as a person.Adriana: Caught OutOkay some folks have asked that i continue my adventures with Zeus. To refresh some memories and to enlighten the new folks: My name is Adriana and i am 18 and a college freshman. i still live at home as i am attending the local community college. i work nights at a local plastics factory and take classes during the day. i'm 5'4" and 115 pounds. i have dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Zeus is the family pet. He is a full male Black Lab. He weighs a little over 60 pounds, has the silkiest jet black fur and is quite loving. Really loving! Zeus and i have been lovers since midway through Fall semester. Yes you read that right: Zeus and i are lovers. He fucks me often. i love it! In fact, in this relationship, Zeus is the Master. i am his. Time has flown by and it's now SPRING BREAK! Mid-terms are behind me and 7 glorious days off are before me! i have scheduled one week of vacation to coincide with Spring Break. Most of my peers are heading to the beaches of Florida, not me! i'm heading off to a National Forest Preserve about 4 hours from home. My physics lab partner, Heather, couldn't understand why i wasn't heading south to frolic in the sun with tons of frat boys. She was quite puzzled by my explanation of needing "peace & quiet & time to recharge & reflect on what my place in the universe is". She just shook her long blonde hair out of her eyes and muttered a ìWhatever!?!î i thought i heard a ìsnortî behind me but i wasnít slowing down to be caught in another hopeless conversation with my peers. i had places to go and things to do!My mom wasnít too thrilled with me camping for a week in a remote location. She insisted i take Zeus for protection. Like i was going anywhere without my boy Zeus! Sheíd DIE if she knew the whole trip was planned around Zeus & i having 7 days of total privacy! i hoping he fucks my brains out! itís going to be heaven: 4 hours from home, just Zeus and me, an empty National Forest campground. Who knows we may even try skinny dipping. That will probably last just long enough to wash some cum off. i hope it doesnít cause Zeusí prick to fall off or his balls to shrivel into tiny raisins!The drive was awesome. it seemed every vehicle going the opposite direction was loaded with college kids heading south! The only traffic going with me seemed to be locals going about their lives. When we got to the National Forest, i drove to the most interior campground and picked a site as secluded as i could find. Yeah it made for quite the stroll to the pit toilet but that was incidental. Privacy was paramount. i set up the tent, with the Blazer in front of it as a further screen. There was a large open area behind the tent-our own backyard. After gathering the firewood and finishing all the camp chores, i decided to take a short hike with Zeus just to become familiar with the area. The air was crisp, cool and scented with pine. Tall, dark trees towered above us. The springy needles cushioned and hushed our passage. i let Zeus off his leash as no Rangers seemed to be around. The trail that started near the pit toilet lead through the pines went over a hill and along a small creek before looping back and ending again near its beginning.Zeus and I enjoyed a great meal of roasted hot dogs and pork & beans from the can. The fire was so splendid- the flickering flames, the pops & crackles, the fantastic aroma. Everything about it soothed the soul, calmed the mind and harkened back to a distant and more primitive time. Sitting in front of the campfire, Zeusí head in my lap, gazing into the flames was hypnotic- I donít know how much time passed. If my but hadnít started complaining about the cold seeping into, we might have spent the entire night by the campfire.The peacefulness that settled into me must have calmed Zeus also. I had thought weíd be fucking like rabbit-fast & furious and all night long, but we didnít. We made love. It was slow and tender and intense and familiar. Zeus, as always, was a very thorough lover. He pumped and stroked his way through 2, or was it 3, of my orgasms. We joined without tying. Rather than washing up, I just pulled a pair of bikini bottoms on to absorb Zeusí plentiful gism. Camping s great!The sun was well overhead and every bird in the county singing itís heart before Zeus & I awoke. The first order of business was sprint to the pit toilet, even before starting the camp stove for coffee. (A campfire takes WAY too long for coffee. I need my caffeine like NOW!). While I fried bacon & hash browns Zeus explored the campground. We still had the whole place to ourselves but during the night there must have been a herd of critters, as Zeus had a host of smells to sniff and posts to mark!Breakfast & morning chores completed I decided to be nasty slut and skip the morning shower until after another exploratory hike. Just knowing my cunt was full of doggy cum kept my pussy twitching and moisture flowing. Across the road from the campground entrance was another trail: Pine Bluff Trail. I packed a day bag with a light lunch and plenty of water for both Zeus and I and we set off. Again the sights, smells and sounds of the ìwildernessî were calming and stimulating. The thinking part of my brain shut down and my senses took over. Birds were heard, then sighted. The breeze was sniffed and then enjoyed. As the trail started to climb towards the bluff, the trees fell away and the sun began to warm me. The stroll worked my leg muscles and I began t become aware that they were there. Not yet painful but starting to feel the unusual amount of exercise. As those muscles woke up so too did the rest of me. Each stride caused my damp pussy to squish and clench. Soon the world fell away and I was only focused on the sensations between my legs. It was quite the surprise when the trail ended at a scenic overlook. There was a fire tower, currently closed for the season. But the view from the bluff was amazing! Tall pine trees stretched for miles and below us was a small river, eating away at the sandy bluff. Not the sound of a car or even a airplane could be heard. Zeus and I could be the only people left in the world!My pussy was wide awake and dripping. Zeus zeroed in on my crotch after marking the fire tower legs. Another good listen assured me that we were quite alone. I pulled my shorts and soaking bikini bottoms off over my boots as I didnít even want to take the little bit of time needed to remove them. I dropped to the ground, assumed the ìpositionî and spread my knees wide. Zeus was on & IN me in a heartbeat! His glorious dog cock was pounding my pussy. His thrusts were fast and furious, deep and powerful. We've been fucking for months and it's always good. Always fast & furious. Always "nasty" but this time was so much " More". More "intense", more "rough", more "animalistic", more ìprimitiveî and ìRightî! i came with a wail! Zeus didn't slow his pace, in fact my cumming spurred him to greater speed, greater power! Jets of dog gism were hosing my insides. Globs of girl juice and dog gism were gushing from my joyous cunt. I dropped my head to the ground and the aroma of pine needles flooded my senses. I heard the birds singing, Zeus panting, his heavy balls slapping. I could feel the pine needles piercing my erect and tender nipples. I could feel Zeusís silky hair sliding on my slick & sweaty back. Zeus adjusted his rear feet and gave another massive thrust. His knot was In we were tied!I focused my senses on my well stuffed cunt. The world fell away. I could no longer hear the birds or Zeusí panting. The pine needles ceased to pierce. All focus was on my twat. I could feel every thrust, even every jet of gism. Zeusí heartbeat and mine merge and beat in time. I could feel my pussy muscles caress and clutch, Zeusí prick twitch and pulse, jet and spray. Time seemed to stand still, yet flow on forever.The peace and my world were shattered by a lilting female voice:ìOhh My! What do we have here?îTBC
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