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Hi everyone! I just couldn't wait any longer... this is an excerpt from CCC II that I thought I'd share with you. Hopefully I'll be done the whole thing soon. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors that slipped past my initial proof read.To set the scene, Candi and new room-mate Debbi have been invited to a kennel-ranch. At the ranch are all kinds of dogs including Dusty, a small terrier who goes overlooked because of all the impressive Danes and Shepherds, etc. But kinky Debbi thinks she has found a good use for Dusty's smaller cock! In the middle of the night, while all the other guests are asleep, Debbi finds Dusty and smuggles him into her bedroom!Oh... Debbi is lactating because in return for nursing some puppies (in order that they will bond with human females) she will get her own stud dog. It's kind of a "working-holiday". With no further ado....-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dusty began to bark excitedly, and the mattress began to bounce up and down with his eager jumping."Shhhh Dusty," the big blonde whispered, holding a finger to her lips. It excited her that the little dog was so horny but she didn't want him to wake the whole ranch up. Have the dog in her room in the middle of the night was a naughty secret -- knowing they might get caught only made it more thrilling.Dusty growled quietly in anticipation, watching the curvacious blonde undress for him."In a minute, Dusty, in a minute," Debbi promised softly. She untied her flimsy nightgown and let it pool at her feet. Her enormous milk-laden breasts jutted outward, their fat pink nipples visible through the sheer bra that strained to contain them.Debbi leaned over the bed as she gently undid her bra. The bra came undone and a moment later Debbi's gigantic creamy tits swung forward, her nipples hardening with excitement. On the bed, Dusty sat up in the hopes of getting a slurping taste of those jiggly breasts. Debbi giggled and leaned forward, allowing the little dog a flashing lick or two at her nipples before she stood upright."You can lick my big titties all night, boy" she whispered. "But first I need some hot doggy cock."Dusty whimpered with frustration but was happy to see Debbi continue to undress. In another moment she had peeled off the gauzy bra and expect for a pair of lace thong panties, stood naked at the foot of her bed.Debbi paused a moment to adjust the big vanity mirror and turn the kerosene lamp down to a mere flicker. The shadows in the room deepened, and the reflection of the plump girl and the little dog took on a erotic and mysterious glow.With a deliciously wicked flame growing in her loins and nervous excitement building in her tummy, Debbi slowly turned away from the dog, presenting him with her plump bulging bottom. She turned her head over he shoulder and looked down at the little dog, her eyes sparkling suggestively."Looks like there's a full moon tonight, Dusty," the horny girl whispered. It was a corny joke, but Dusty was indeed gazing at Debbi's backside in erotic awe.Dusty couldn't wait any longer! Debbi gasped happily as the little terrier jumped forward with an eager growl, his tongue flashing. Debbie thrust her big bottom out towards Dusty and his wet tongue slurped over her plump cheeks. The dog's hot tongue slithered over her broad ass-cheeks and probed the cleft between them. Debbi sighed with pleasure and decided she couldn't wait any longer herself! She placed her hands on her hips and slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. Then, rolling her ass back into the horny dog's muzzle she slowly pushed her panties down over her hips. Dusty paused and watched eagerly, his cock stiffening and throbbing deliciously as Debbi's black thong peeled out from between her big buttocks. Soon the dog's cock would be where the thong was, Debbi thought -- deep between her cheeks, hot and stiff and oozing slippery pre-cum. Her tummy fluttered with excitement at the idea.Dusty drooled and growled as the voluptuous stripper carefully peeled back the thin sheet covering her bed. Even at night the summer was was too hot for blankets. With a sensual sigh Debbi slipped between the smooth sheets. She turned on a lush hip, her swollen breasts rolling enticingly, to lay sideways. She patted the mattress next to her."Come on, Dusty," Debbi whispered. "It's bed time, boy."Dusty need no further encouragement. The little dog leapt up the bed and laid down beside her. Dusty wriggled excitedly as Debbi embraced him, pulling him nearer. Debbi's enormous breasts bulged out for the dog and he began licking them eagerly, his hot pink tongue slurping over her nipples and probing deep into her cleavage."Ooooo yeah, Dusty!" Debbi husked. "Suck my big tits! Make `em all milky!"The lusty blonde squeezed her enormous jugs together, making them bulge out for the terrier to feast upon. The dog's tongue teased and tickled Debbi's nipples, swirling around them again and again until hot creamy milk began to trickle out of them.Debbi knew her breast milk was reserved for the puppies of the ranch, but her tits were so full and swollen that she would have plenty for the morning feeding. Besides, Debbi loved that Dusty was so excited by her breasts and she wanted to please the little dog."Aaaaah!... yeah, suck my milky titties!... Aaaaah." Debbi sighed. It was so delicious to have an eager canine slurping at her nipples. Dusty loved it too! Debbi watched in a passionate haze as the little dog's milky muzzle slurped and licked at her nipples.Debbi slid a hand down to her hot pussy. Her fingers parted her swollen lips and found her clit. The wet sounds of Debbi rubbing her juicy pussy mingled with Dusty's wet lapping, exciting them both further. As Dusty continued to nurse at Debbi's huge breasts, the sexy blonde felt something wet and hot rub across her tummy. She looked down and saw a thrilling sight: Dusty's cock had swollen into a hard erection! It throbbed and pulsed, leaving sticky dabs of pre-cum as it bumped against her soft belly. The dog growled and squirmed, jabbing his hot cock head into the plump girl's navel.Debbi's big tits had made the doggy horny, and now he wanted to f***!Thrilled, Debbi scooped some pussy cream from between her pussy lips and then reached further back between her legs, smearing it on the tight rosebud of her anus. Dusty whimpered in frustration as the big blonde roled all the way onto her tummy. With her breasts squashed beneath her there was nothing left to lick. But the scent on Debbi's fingers told the dog there was more in store."Hot pussy, boy," the perverted blonde whispered. "You like that boy? I've got something even better than pussy, Dusty."Debbi had come to love getting dog-cock any way she could. Although Dusty's smaller penis might not be enough to please her pussy, it was the perfect size for her ass. The size of a large hotdog, Dusty's cock would be perfect. He could f*** her all night -- and she planned on letting him!Debbi wiggled her bottom and Dusty's eyes watched her plump ass rolling under the sheet. In a flash the horny little dog was at the foot of the bed, drooling with anticipation. Debbi rolled her bottom as if to hypnotize the terrier. Dusty came forward, jumping up on the back of Debbi's thick thighs. He paused for a moment, then took the edge of the sheet in his mouth. Dusty crept backwards, dragging the thin sheet back over the curves and hollows of Debbie's luscious body. It whispered against her soft skin as it peeled back, and Dusty kept tugging gently until the sheet lay rumpled on her calves.A thrill of lust swept through the little dog as he saw Debbi's wide ass become uncovered. The soft candle light of the room made Debbi's big ass looked even plumper than usual. The curve of each big buttock looked like a ripe melon and the cleft between them deep and tempting.Dusty's boner throbbed harder as he gazed at Debbi's plump ass. Debbi turned her head and gazed back her canine lover. She squirmed in anticipation of what was to come, knowing the little dog was eager to jump on her with that hot erection."Ooooo Dusty... do it, doggie," she whispered. "Put that boner right up Debbi's ass."Dusty trembled with need. Hearing Debbi's words, the little dog sprang forward. Debbi squealed with lust as the little dog pounced upon her. He mounted her quickly, grabbing her waist with his forelegs while his hind legs danced on her plump thighs. With a growl of pleasure Dusty shuffled forward across her wide hips, straddling her big ass.The dog's stiff penis bounced of a creamy thigh, then a jiggling cheek. Debbi moaned with carnal pleasure as she felt Dusty thrusting against her. Dusty humped excitedly, eager to bury his bone but loving the feeling of his cock bouncing off Debbi's fleshy body. Debbi's teasing had swollen his doggy balls to the point of bursting. Thin jets of watery pre-cum splashed Debbi's ass as Dusty squirmed against her. Then, with a lustful thrust, Dusty sank his cock deep between the blonde's fat cheeks.Debbi gasped happily as Dusty plunged in. The dog's cock sizzled and twitched between her cheeks. She squeezed and massaged the doggy-cock. Dusty yelped, rewarding her with a hot jet of lubricating pre-cum that splashed her asshole. The little terrier thrust forward again, the instinct to plunge his cock all the way in urging him on. The tip of his cock pressed through Debbi's pink ring. Then Debbi sighed as she felt the little dog's boner slide all the way up her ass, balls deep.Dusty rode the big girl greedily, jabbing his hard boner deep into in her chubby ass. He squirmed and pumped, eager to cum. His bloated balls squashed between her thighs, his cock felt like it was growing longer with each thrust, seeking deeper and deeper into Debbie's big bottom.Eyelashes fluttering, Debbi gazed back at Dusty. "Oooo... you're pumping me, Boy," she moaned huskily. "I love your doggy-dick in my ass!" Her hips rolled from side to side and her ass bulged, as she urged the little terrier on. "Oh, Dusty --it's sooo good! You can f*** me all night, boy!"The two lovers fell into a lewd rhythm and the bed began to squeak beneath them. Moments stretched into minutes as the little dog pumped quickly and lustfully. Dusty was growling with joy, and his growling got louder as his excitement grew. Debbi squeezed his boner between her cheeks and the dog couldn't stifle a bark of doggy-joy!Debbi blushed -- if Dusty kept it up someone was sure to wake up and find them. Debbi slowed her own thrusting down and gazed over her shoulder once again."Shhhhh Dusty," she whispered. "Slow down, boy. Pump me slow."Dusty may not have understtod Debbi's words, but he understood her tone. It was against his nature to slow his thrusts, but as he did so he realized it felt even more delicious to probe Debbi's offered ass with slower deeper thrusts. Debbi's head sank down to the pillow and her broad bottom wiggled under the horny dog. Dusty pistoned into her with glee, fucking slow and deep as his mistress had ordered. As he drew his cock out of Debbi's bottom she squeezed with her cheeks and anus until the dog's cock threatened to pop free. Then Dusty gripped her hips and plunged forward again, twisting his hips and feeling his cockhead swell bigger as he slid in to the balls.The f***** on and on, Debbi gurgling with lust as the hot boner pumped deep in her, Dusty whimpering quietly as he worked eagerly to cream the big bottom beneath himDebby moaned and sighed, her whole body wriggling. Her anus was melting around the doggy's prick like a wax candle around a flaming wick. Cunt juice oozed from her. As Rex pumped his erection in, stuffing her ass to the hilt, her pussy juices smeared out onto his balls.Dusty whimpered and f*****, growled and thrust, his backbone twisting and his tail lashing. His hind legs no longer reached the bed as he f***** into the plump blonde, instead they clamped her hips as he rode her wide ass like a horny jockey. Her hot asshole was pulling and dragging on his cockmeat, clamped like a velvet vise around that jolting piston. His balls had swollen bigger and bigger. Now they ballooned, threatening to explode. His cock expanded inside her big bottom."You wanna do it, boy?" teased the plump stripper. "You wanna to sperm my big bum, doggie?"Dusty responded with a low growl and thrust into his human mistress even more deeply."Ooooh--you're gonna cream!" gasped Debbi, feeling her itching anus spread wider on his swelling boner.Cunt juice flooded from her pussy as Rex f***** her. Creamy ribbons of doggy pre-cum flowed between her jiggling cheeks as his piss hole dribbled faster and hotter. The doggy was nearing the crest. Debbi, already squirming in the spasms of her own coming, tried desperately to hold back to save the creamy peak until the blissful moment when she felt her big ass pumped full of the dog's jizz."Come--come--come!" the girl wailed, yearning for those jets of canine sperm, for the depraved thrill of feeling a dog boner squirting between her cheeks.Dusty snarled, cockscrewing against Debbie as his bloated balls finally exploded. The thick jizz rushed up his buried cockshaft and came squirting from his piss hole in a creamy deluge. Debby wailed as the cum squirted into her, scalding hot, thick as molten lead. It felt as if that steaming lava was melting her ass. Each time Rex pumped his cock deep and shot another gooey wad of cum into her ass, Debby creamed again. The waves of bliss were rushing across her belly and darting up her trembling thighs, crashing together, deep inside . The girl was transported to carnal ecstasy as the doggy filled her bottom to overflowing with his massive cum-load.Her bouncy ass moved rhythmically, rolling and balling out as the dog's prick squirted between those plump globes. Her lush thighs tightened as she shoved her ass up, then relaxed as she sank down again, riding on the beast's fucking prick. He pumped in, jiggling her cheeks as he squirted her again.She moaned, fucking her bottom back onto his slimy cock. His balls were shrinking steadily, still pressing against her pussy but deflating with every f***-stroke, as more of the creamy cum-load that had bloated them spurted from his cock-knob. The frenzied little terrier was draining his balls into Debbi.Riding her fat ass, Dusty faltered and whined as the creamy crest passed. His fucking became erratic and jerky. The last spurt had shot from his piss hole but he kept on pumping it to her, a few final trickles seeping out, as horny Debbi sighed and squirmed.At long last, the doggy stopped fucking. He clung to her haunches, panting and drooling, his spent cockmeat still stuck up her well-spermed anus.Debbi kept moving for a few moments, working off the final spasms of her joy. Then, panting like a dog herself, and smiling with contentment, Debbi stopped moving. She gazed back over her shoulder at the little dog, pleased at how greatly her depravity had excited him, at how much pleasure pumping and sperming her big ass had given him.More later! Comments appreciated! This post has been edited by K9 BBWBabe on Sep 29 2005, 09:08 PM
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