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Janet and Bob had been fantasizing about Janet and a horse for many months and finally decidednow was the time for Janet to have her ultimate fantasy fulfilled. They had heard of a farm thatspecialized in training females of any age to be mated with horses. Bob called and made an appointmentfor the next week, as it was his planned vacation from work.They arrived at the farm on Friday evening and Bob was glad the drive was finale over as Janethad talked about nothing but the upcoming experience the entire trip. They pulled up to a well-keptmain house to be greeted by a gorgeous woman in her thirties who introduced herself as Jenn. She ledthem into the main reception area where other couples and single females were sitting and talking abouttheir experiences with the Horses. Janet heard one women talking about her experience with aClydesdale that morning and the surge of orgasms that had come over her from the time his penis hadtouched her until he had come and gone limp inside of her. A young girl in her teens described withpride her graduation from ponies to stallions. Janet found out that she started being pony fucked, and now at 18 had finally stretched herself and graduate to stallions. Her next goal was to befucked by the biggest Clydesdale on the farm before her 19th birthday.Janet and Bob talked with many others and all of them agreed that they were in for the time oftheir life in the upcoming week. Janet was in a hurry to get started and asked Jenn when she could getstarted on her ultimate fantasy. Jenn told her and Bob that there was a mandatory interview andphysical that was scheduled for her at 7:30 Saturday morning and if all went well she could be matingwith her first horse that evening. Jenn offered to give them a tour of the mating facility and both jumpedat the opportunity.Jenn led them from the main house to a stately looking barn, which was surrounded by largestables on three sides. Jenn explained that each stable was stocked with various breeds of horses that hadbeen trained as breeders capable of sustained pumping lasting from 5 to 10 minutes before coming intheir female mates. This had been found to be the optimum time to allow a female to reach multipleorgasms without much discomfort. She also pointed out that once a mating had begun, it could not bestopped without the horse becoming unmanageable, She led them into the mating barn and as theyentered Janet was amazed at the clean and modern looking interior. Jenn told them this was designedespecially for the comfort of the horses and their clients. Jenn said that there was a mating about to takeplace and asked Janet and Bob if they wished to watch, both tried to respond without showing too muchenthusiasm, Jenn smiled at the bubbliness of their response.They watched in awe as two men wheeled out a clear plastic device that looked like the torso of ahorse. Jenn explained this was a highly modified version of a semen-collecting device used on manyhorse farms. The men positioned the device and secured it to the floor, they then unfastened clips on oneside and opened the device exposing the inside. Jenn told them about the modifications made to the it,there were 6 openings in the lower half to allow the future mates legs, arms and breasts to protrude.These were on a movable platform which is adjusted to provide the maximum penetration that eachfemale was capable of, which is why the physical tomorrow. Jenn told them that the farm had many ofthese devices which had been tailored to the various sizes of horses they had in their stables and thevarious sizes of females they serviced. This one was for a stallion in the medium size range.A young girl who appeared to be 18 entered the barn and Jenn introduced her to Janet and Bob,her name was Naomi and this would be her first mating. Janet and Bob asked if they could watch themating, Naomi was more than happy to have an audience urging her on and said yes. Naomi went overto a chair in front of a dressing table and began to undress. Her firm breasts bounced as she took off hertop and they both noticed she was not wearing panties as she took off her slacks. Completely naked, shewalked to the mating device, climbed a ladder and proceeded to mount the device by placing her legsthrough the two holes, then bending to allow her arms and breasts to protrude from the other holes. Anassistant entered with a tray of implements to prepare Naomi for her upcoming mating. Jenn explainedthe preparation procedure as it happened. First Naomi will be lubricated using a large dildo designed todispense lubricant from deep in her to the outside to prevent the horse from being chafed during themating. Naomi let out a soft moan as the dildo was inserted and the spring-loaded plunger released. Asthe Dildo was withdrawn, they could see the plunger moving in causing the lubricant to completely coatNaomi inside and outside. Next a harness was positioned over Naomi's shoulders and two other strapswere placed from her sides to the middle of her back and fastened. Jenn said these were to preventNaomi from sliding forwards during the mating and spoiling her experience. The assistant tightened thestraps fastening Naomi to the movable platform. He then placed two large suction cups with attachedhoses over her breasts. Jenn explained that Naomi liked her breasts sucked and thought this wouldenhance her experience. Naomi adjusted a dial strategically placed within easy reach and her breastsbegan to expand into the cups. She played with the dial until she achieved the suction she wanted. Theassistant next adjusted the platform backward to the desired position. Jenn told them this is to ensurethe maximum possible penetration during mating. Once positioned, the assistant locked the platforminto position and proceeded to measure the distance from the back of the mating device to Naoni'svaginal entrance. He then selected what looked like a long tapering funnel from the assortment on thetray and secured it into the device. Jenn explained this was to ensure the penis would enter Naomi'svagina each time the horse thrust, and not her anus as anal penetration by a horse penis could causepermanent damage to the female.After a final check of all the preparations, the top portion of the device was closed and secured.Janet and Bob saw Naomi smile a contented smile in anticipation of the upcoming mating. Anotherassistant entered the barn leading a fabulous looking stallion. Jenn told them all the horses in their stablehad been trained to become aroused when they saw the mating device. As expected, they viewed thehorses penis begin to become erect and were amazed at the length and girth of it. The horse approachedthe device with Naomi inside slowly and ever so gently began to mount it. He thrust a few times beforefinding the opening with his penis. Slowly, he pushed his penis into the tube leading to the awaitingNaomi. As the device was made of clear plastic, the entire mating was viewable and Naomi could watchthe entire event on monitors positioned to allow her various views of the mating. As the horse's penistouched Naomi's vagina, he paused for a moment and then began gentle short thrusting motions. Theflared head of the penis did not look like it would ever be able to fit into her vagina, but with a singlethrust, it disappeared into her. Naomi breathed in sharply at the massive intruder that just hadpenetrated her. The horse sensing her discomfort paused his thrusting until she was breathing normallyagain. Jenn told them this was also a part of the horses training.The horse had 8 inches of his penis still to enter Naomi before the device would prevent anyfurther penetration. As Naomi became accustomed to the head buried in her, the horse gently pulled thehead out and thrust it back in but this time a little deeper. It took a few minutes for the horse to get all 10inches of his penis into Naomi. She had 4 huge orgasms during the penetration phase of the mating andhad turned the suction valve to maximum causing her breasts to enlarge almost filling the suction cupsplaced on her breasts. Jenn said that this horse would last about 9 minutes from the time he beganpumping Naomi until he filled her with his sperm.The stallion began to rhythmically pump in and out of Naomi, each time pulling the flared head ofhis penis completely out and pushing it in to the maximum the device would allow. Janet and Bob couldsee the outline of the horses' penis showing on Naomi's stomach as it was inserted and withdrawn.Naomi's eyes flashed from one screen to another so as not to miss a single moment of her mating, but thiswas not to be as she screamed in pleasure with each crashing orgasm. After her 20th orgasm, the horsebegan to snort and Jenn told us the best part was about to happen. Each horse could shoot about a pintof sperm into their mate, which would fill Naomi even fuller than she already was and as the horses peniscompletely filled her, the sperm would be trapped inside of her until the horses penis began to shrink.The horse let out a loud whinny and tried to push as much of his penis into his mate as possible, and thenall could see the semen pulsing through his penis and into Naomi. Naomi's mouth fell wide open as herinsides were stretched further than she ever thought they could be. The pressure built and Naomi'sstomach pulsed and stretched larger with each ripple of the horses' penis. After what seemed like a fullminute of the horses sperm being injected into Naomi, the horse stopped pushing against the device andlet out a loud snort. Shortly, his penis began to shrink and all were amazed at the amount and force ofthe semen spurting out of Naomi.Naoni's arms and legs went totally limp and the expression on her face was of total ecstasy. Theassistant led the stallion from the barn back to his stable for a good rub down and a well-deserved mealof oats. Two other assistants came in and began to remove Naomi from the mating device. They had tolift her out, as she was totally exhausted and satisfied at the same time. They placed her on a bed next tothe dressing table until she was able to compose her self and rest enough to stand. Janet asked Naomiwhat her mating had felt like? Naomi just smiled and let her head rest on the pillow.The next morning, Janet and Bob went to the designated room for her physical and interview.The room looked like a doctor's examination room with the exception of the instruments. They did notlook like anything Janet had seen at her doctors. Jenn came into the room and told them she would bedoing the exam and interview. She asked Janet to get undressed and get up on the exam table. Afterundressing and climbing onto the table, Jenn positioned her legs into the stirrups and spread Janet's legswide. She explained the first part of the physical would determine the maximum girth of horse penisJanet could accept. Jenn opened a drawer under the table and removed a strange looking device. It had4 paddle looking fingers pointing towards the front. Jenn explained this would be inserted into Janet'svagina and a motor would slowly spread her opening. Janet would have a button in her hand whichwhen pressed would stop the motor and she could release it any time to continue the stretching. Jennpointed to a monitor that displayed a progress bar indicating the size of horse penis that Janet couldsafely accommodate. Jenn inserted the instrument into Janet and turned the motor on. Janet and Bobwatched the progress monitor begin to move up the graduated scale. After a minute, it indicated Janetcould accommodate a pony. Another few minutes and she could accommodate a small stallion, after 5more minutes the monitor indicated a medium stallion. Janet depressed the button and looked dejected,as she wanted to be mated with the largest stallion on the ranch. Jenn comforted her and told her to keepthe button pressed for a few minutes and then release it for a short time and to repeat this until she couldnot take any more stretching.Janet tried Jenn's suggestion and was amazed that the monitor now indicated large stallion. Shetold Jenn that this was the maximum she could be stretched. Jenn then positioned a video camerabetween Janet's legs and displayed a view of Janet's stretched vagina on the monitor for her to view. Shegasped at the gaping hole that she was viewing. Jenn told her to relax and let her vagina becomeaccustomed to the stretching for a few minutes and she would proceed with the interview to pass the time.Jenn picked up a clipboard from the table and quickly reviewed the questions before beginningthe interview. She asked if her and Bob were into bondage, Janet blushed and shook her head indicatingyes. Jenn checked a box on the form and proceeded to ask if she wanted to be gagged for her mating.Janet said she would so that her mate would not hesitate but impale her immediately. Jenn smiled andasked if she wanted to be butt plugged, Janet said no, she thought she would be stretched enough withoutone. Jenn asked if she wanted to be filled with a warm water enema during her mating and Janet saidshe thought that sounded wonderful. Jenn made another mark on the form. She then asked about nippleand breast suction and again Janet said yes to both. Jenn asked if there was anything else she desiredduring her mating, Janet thought and said she could not think of anything else, but asked if she could addanything else at a later time and Jenn said of course.Jenn looked at the progress monitor and noticed Janet had let go of the button and pushed it a fewmore times during the interview and it now indicated she could take a medium Clydesdale. She askedJanet if she had any preferences for a mate and Janet told her she had always wanted to be mated to astallion, Jenn commented that this was an excellent choice as it would provide much deeper penetrationthan she could have with a Clydesdale. Jenn flipped a switch on the cunt stretcher and the motorreversed relieving the pressure and allowing the device to be removed. Janet's cunt was still wide openeven after it had been removed. Jenn then opened a cabinet and selected a large stallion horse dildowhich she told Janet would be used to judge the maximum depth her mate would penetrate her. Sheplaced it against Janet's waiting cunt and gently pushed it into her, she then attached another motorizeddevice to the end of the dildo and again placed a switch in Janet's hand. She told her that the averagepenetration depth was between 8 and 11 inches and not to be disappointed if she could not match thesefigures at first, as she had all week to get there during her mattings to come. Janet again released thebutton and felt the dildo begin to inch into her. She watched the progress on the monitor and felt filledbeyond her wildest dreams. As the dildo reached the 8-inch mark, she had her first orgasm of themorning, and at 10 inches she pushed the button and had a dejected look on her face. Jenn told her notto be discouraged, rest and try putting more into her in a few minutes and she had some preparation todo for the next phase of the exam and would be back in about 10 minutes.Jenn went through a door to an adjacent room to get ready for the remainder of the physical andwhen she returned, looked at the progress monitor and smiled noting a full 12 inches of penetration intoJanet. Jenn made an annotation on the form and told her this concluded the first part of the exam,removed the dildo and asked both of them to follow her into the next room.Bob helped Janet down from the exam table and went with her into the next room. There was atable that had movable wings where Janet's legs would be, she climbed onto it and waited for what was tocome next. Jenn stated this was to determine how much warm water she could have forced into herduring the mating and proceeded to get a bardex nozzle from the tray next to the table, lube it and pushit into her ass. Satisfied it was fully inserted, she gave the inflation bulb to Bob who knew just what to do.One pump, then two, three, four and stopping at five when he noticed Janet's body tense. She instructedhim to connect it to the tube leading from the five-quart bag and adjust the flow to what he thought shecould take. Janet watched the water go down in the bag and her own stomach begin to becomedistended. She told Janet that Bob would be the only one that would stop the flow so lay back and enjoythe filling. Janet noted that there was just 2 and one half quarts left in the bag, she remembered that themaximum Bob had ever forced into her was three quarts and wondered how much she could actuallytake. After taking three and one half quarts, she asked bob to stop the flow, as she was completely full.Jenn got a pump gag harness from a drawer and told Bob this would be a good time to get her used to thefeel of it. Bob wasted no time in securing it to his wife and inflating it until all that was heard was a lowmuffled moan from Janet.Janet's body tensed as four quarts had been forced into her, just then Jenn told Bob to clamp offthe bag and handed bob the horse dildo Janet had in her just a short time ago and instructed him to fuckher with it. Bob noticed there was a shield placed at 13 inches from the flared tip of the monster, smiledand knew he was to see how far she actually could take being fucked. He thrust it into her with one push,causing her body to tense and arch while at the same time she let out a moan through her gag. Bobcontinued pumping her, she felt the warm water churning inside her and it drove her to a massiveorgasm at which time Jenn opened the clamp on the enema tube. Janet watched as the water in the bagwent up and down with each stroke of the massive dildo until all but one half quart had been allowed toflow into her. Her mind was in a blur thinking of taking more than one and one half quarts more waterthan she had ever been able to take and at the same time take a stallion dildo. She felt as though hercervix was being crushed with each penetration and her cunt was ready to be torn apart from thepressure. She was floating in and out of one massive orgasm after another for what seemed like hours,but was only fifteen minutes.Jenn told Bob that concluded the exam, clamped off the bardex, disconnected it from the nowalmost empty bag and removed the dildo from Janet. Bob helped his wife off the table and smiled at theway she looked. Her stomach was descended as to make it look as if she were pregnant and ready todeliver. Bob deflated and removed the pump gag, helped her over to the toilet, deflated the bardex andstood back to avoid what he knew what was to come next. It took Janet ten minutes to force all the liquidout of her, and during this time she had the look of total fulfillment and pride at her accomplishments sofar this day.Jenn returned with the results of the exam and reviewed them with them. She stated that Janetwas certified to mate with the stallion of her choice and would have a chance to pick her mate thatevening after she had rested. Janet looked dejected, as she wanted to do it right at that time, but Jenntold her this was farm policy and she grudgingly agreed.Jenn said that they could return to their room or join others in the main reception area andmingle with them, and that lunch would be served at noon and dinner at five. After dinner she would beintroduced to the stallion's and choose her mate for her first mating. They decided to mingle with theother guests of the ranch. When they arrived back in the reception room, they were greeted with arousing round of applause. It was then that they noticed the electronic bulletin board listing the statisticsof each female mating. To both of their surprise, Janet's name was third of the fifteen girls and womenlisted. They talked and compared their experiences with other guests throughout the morning and intothe afternoon. Dinner seemed to arrive too quickly, as they were enjoying themselves and theconversations with other couples, women and girls.After a fantastic dinner, they were led to the stallion stable and shown the three stallions that fitthe profile indicated on Janet's chart. Janet fell in love with a jet-black stallion and decided that hewould be her first mate. Jenn congratulated her on her choice as he had the greatest stamina and thelongest staying time of the entire stallion stable. Jenn placed a tag on the stall, Janet and bob noted thatit said Janet, 7:30. They assumed this would be the time assigned for Janet to mate with him.Jenn instructed them to be at the barn at 7:00 to allow enough time to prepare Janet for herupcoming mating. They arrived at 7:00 sharp and were surprised to see all of the guests assembled tocheer and urge Janet on. Janet needed no instructions in what to do. Her heart was racing withanticipation of her upcoming fucking, quickly undressed, had Bob put the pump gag harness on her,insert the bardex into her and inflate it. It was then that she realized how high off the ground the matingdevice was, and realized she had chosen just the right mate for her. As she climbed the ladder to placeherself in the mating device, her legs felt wobbly and her heart felt as it was going to explode from herchest. She placed her legs into the designated holes and only then noticed that the area where her bellywould lie had been removed to allow her stomach to hang down with the weight of her upcoming enema.She lay down allowing her arms, breasts and stomach to extend below the device. An assistant fastenedthe harness on her, looked at the chart, smiled and adjusted the platform to the indicated distance fromthe rear of the device, lubricated her cunt and entrance, selected and fastened the guide tube, connectedthe enema tube to the bardex, attached the nipple suction tubes, breast suction cups and closed the lidover her.Her mind raced as she anticipated all the sensations she was about to experience. She looked atthe monitors and saw her mate being led into the barn. Bob inflated the pump gag until all that could beheard was a muffled moan, the guests gasped and held their breath as they knew what was about tohappen. The stallion was led to the rear of his mate, his penis grew to its full length and stood erect inanticipation of what now to happen. Janet thought about what Jenn told them, that once the matingstarted, there was no stopping it. A look of anticipation crossed her face, but all the others gave herencouraging grins. She watched as her mate approached, mounted the device and probed until his penisfound the guide tube. She watched as it slowly penetrated the tube and came to rest at the entrance ofher cunt. Jenn nodded to Bob who released the enema clamp and Janet felt the warm water begin to fillher. Bob whispered to her that the 6 quart bag had been raised an additional two feet to compensate forthe huge penis waiting to penetrate her. Janet felt the pressure as her mate pushed the flared head of hispenis into her and then listened for the expected gasp, but the gag had worked as expected, preventinghim from hearing her surprise and excitement. With a single thrust he forced all 13 and one half inchesof his massive penis into her. Janet's response was instantaneous, as her first orgasm exploded. Hermate sensing the tightness around his penis picked up the pace causing her to have one orgasm afteranother until she could not tell when one ended and the next began. Time became a blur, her stomachwas filled to capacity and beyond, she could feel the water sloshing in her with each thrust of her lover.She finally looked at the monitors and noticed she had not even begun to stretch her nipples and breasts.In her state of arousal, she turned both valves to the full position. The feeling of having her nipples andbreasts both stretched to their maximum drove her over the edge again as she bucked frantically againstthe harness securing her wanting more of her lover buried inside her.Jenn placed a button in her hand and whispered that if she felt she could take it, she could pushthe button and force her platform back towards her lover. Janet immediately pushed the button until shehad moved it back another inch. She felt the flared head of her lover's penis press against her cervix andwished it could penetrate beyond that. She was able to move the platform back another inch before shefelt the pain from being stretched to and slightly beyond her limit. The one thing she had forgotten washow much semen would be forced into her when the stallion finally came. She heard her lover begin towhinny, at first softly and build to an ear shattering snort. The view she watched on the monitors droveher wild as she watched the semen pulsing through his penis and into her. She thought she was going tofaint from the increased pressure, the added stretching of her already fully filled cunt caused anotherorgasm to crash over her. She felt pulse after pulses of hot semen continued to stretch her until her loverwas spent and snorted. She tried to protest as he started to go limp but to no avail. Janet wanted thisexperience to last all night, but her lover could not deliver. As he dismounted, the audience erupted witha rousing round of applause at Janet's accomplishments on her first try. She did not even notice theassistant opening the mating device, clamping the bardex, releasing the vacuum from her breasts andnipples or unfastening the harness. The next thing she was aware of was being lowered onto the toiletand the bardex being deflated. Janet did not remember anything else until she awoke in their bed. Shewas confused, as it was 10:00 but it was still light out. Bob said good morning sleepy head, did you enjoyyour first horse mating?Janet was confused until she realized it was 10:00 in the morning and not at night. She mentallyrecounted all the sensations she had felt but they were a blur in her mind. Bob turned on the TV and shethought to herself "oh great, he just wants to watch a game or something". Only then did she notice thevideo of her experience being replayed for her. They had taped the entire mating from start to finish.She was amazed to watch her reactions to each phase of the mating and rewound the tape many times tosavor and re-live in her mind the experience. She gave Bob a big hug, sighed and said she wished shecould have taken the entire length of her lover's penis inside her, and that would be her ultimate goal.After a fantastic lunch Janet met with Jenn and told her about her latest fantasy of having theentire penis of her lover inside of her. Jenn said this was possible but only one other client had requestedit and it would take two days to prepare her for the mating. There would be extreme discomfortthroughout the cervical dilation and wanted Janet to make sure this is what she wanted and was willingto endure the discomfort and pain for two days. Janet said she that if she could put up with naturalchildbirth twice, then she could endure the upcoming dilation. Jenn told her she would have to giveJanet an injection tricking her body into thinking she was pregnant in order to loosen her cervix andstart the dilation process. Janet replied "give it to me now, I want to start yesterday!" Jenn went into thepharmacy and returned with a hypodermic needle and gave Janet the injection and told her to return tothe examination room that evening after dinner to have the dilator implanted.
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