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The lights flicked on and I was awaken out of my deep sleep. A few of the other dogs started jumping up and down in their pens, barking and yelping for attention. Most of them just cowered in the corner of their prison, far away from the door. A new man I had not seen before walked into the room. He carried a big metal flashlight and would occasionally hit it on the door to one of the cages. "Look at all of my new little bitches," he said as he peered into the pens. He walked over to my pen and kneeled down. I hesitated, but then walked over to the door. He held his hand out and I sniffed, trying to decide what he wanted. "Look at you, a big doggie," his voice was soft and sweet to my ears. I had been locked up here for a day now and was waiting for my family to come claim me. Maybe this man was coming to let me out. I sat up on my haunches and whimpered. "Look at that, you are a new mommy aren't you?"I was a new mom, the only way he would be able to tell was because of my long, dark nipples. Another reason why I needed to get back home, I had to feed my puppies. The man stood up and peered into the cage above mine. It was a smaller cage, and I had not been able to tell what was in it when they brought me in. The man opened the cage and reached in, "Come on now sweetie, here girl, here girl." He backed away from the cage and I could see he was holding a Chihuahua, a little bigger than the usual Chihuahua, but she still acted like one. Shaking and crying, the Chihuahua looked up and started to yelp. "You are new here, aren't you?" the man said as he held the dog up to his face. The dog started to lick the man's nose and he kept petting the sweet dog. He then lowered the dog down and started rubbing the dog on his pants in his crotch area. The Chihuahua started shaking again as the man pressed the dog harder into his pants. He changed his grip and held the dog firmly with one had as he moved his other hand up to his mouth. He stuck his index finger in his mouth and sucked on it, still rubbing the dog on his crotch. When he pulled his finger away a stream of spit from his mouth trailed and he lifted the back end of the Chihuahua up and started rubbing the little dog's pussy. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger and then all of the sudden he pushed his finger all the way into the little dog. The Chihuahua yelped in pain as he stared at the back end of the dog and kept pumping his finger in and out of the stretched out hole. The dog shook and yelped as the man lifted the back end of the dog up to his face and started to lick and smell it's back end. He kept pumping into the dog's pussy for at least five minutes and then finally pulled his finger out. He lifted the dog up and started to pet her, speaking so softly I couldn't understand what he was saying. The man then put the dog back into the pen and closed and locked the gate. He turned around and started walking away, which I was understandably thankful for. I felt sorry for the little Chihuahua but knew there was nothing I could do. The man then walked to the other side of the room where there was a larger more open cage for bigger dogs. A Great Dane was standing at the bars where he had been watching the man play with the Chihuahua. "Hey boy, you sure are a big one," the man said as he knelt down. The Great Dane barked and jumped once and held out his paw to shake with the man. "And you're trained, good boy." The man shook the paw and reached up and scratched the dog on the head. He then lifted up his hand and held out his finger under the Danes nose. The finger had been inside the Chihuahua and now the Dane was soaking in the smell of the little dog's pussy."You like that don't you?" the man said as he kept his hand in front of the dogs face. The man looked under the Dane and could see his shaft starting to stiffen. "Good boy, keep smelling boy, it's so good." I could tell the Dane was becoming more aroused to the scent of the man's finger as the man reached in under the dog and tugged on his shaft a few times. The giant dog danced around and moved the side of his body closer to the bars of the cage. "You like that, don't you boy?" the man asked. He reached under the Dane again and grabbed the shaft. He slowly started to stroke it and the pink head of the dog cock started to protrude from the hairy shaft. He started pumping faster and faster and the cock on the Great Dane kept growing and growing. It hung out at least 12 inches now and the man was moving his hand up and down the full length of the giant cock. The Dane stopped sniffing the man's finger and stood straight legged with his head pointed up into the sky. The man kept pumping and then suddenly reached up to the dog's balls and grabbed him hard above his balls. A sudden pain shot through the dog, replacing the nice feeling of having his giant cocked stroked off. The man pulled as hard as he could, forcing out the knot and another 4 inches of the big pink cock. The Great Dane yelped in pain, throwing his body away from the bars of the cage, but the man's grip was too tight and it send another wave of pain through the dog. The Great Dane barked loudly, then growled as his head swung around to where the man was holding. Just as he did, the man let go of his hard dog cock and the Dane's powerful jaws snapped down onto thin air. The man stood up and started laughing as he rubbed his still hard cock through his pants. "See, even you are my bitch," he said to the Great Dane. The Dane's huge cock had stared to soften and he sat down on his hind legs so he could lick the pain away. A buzzer sounded throughout the room and the man look towards the door. I knew that meant someone was dropping off another animal and hoped this meant the rest of us would be left alone. The man turned out the light and walked out the door, hopefully to never come back.Only a few minutes had passed before the door opened again. The light was turned on and I could see the man holding the door open for two other men. I wondered if they were here to pick up their dog they had lost. They all three walked into the room looking into each cage and the first man would occasionally say, "That's a new one." They finally got to my cage and one of the new men looked down at me. I dropped my head and turned to the side. "I like this one," he said as he stuck his fingers into my pen. The first man then reached down and patted him on the shoulder, "I already picked that one out for me," he said. I turned back around and saw that the third man had already taken two dogs out of their pens. The were mutts, medium sized dogs with short hair. The first man then leaned down and unlocked my door. Reaching in he led me out and into the open room. He made me sit and then he knelt down light in front of me. He reached under and pulled and tugged at my nipples, moving his hand from one and then the next. He slid his hand farther under me and I could feel him stroke my pussy a few times. "You are a good girl, such a good girl," he said as he started to unbuckle his pants. He stood up and pulled down his pants past his knees and kneeled back down on the floor. He was stroking his cock in front of my face and still reaching under me to pull at my large nipples. I turned and saw the third man playing with the two mutts. He had his pants pulled down also and he had the dogs on their backs. He rubbed their bellies and scratched their heads as he pulled on his own cock. I saw that every now and then he would lean down and lick the dog's pussies. He would move from one to the other all the while rubbing their bellies and stroking his cock. They seemed to actually enjoy the attention and didn't try to move too much. His tongue was now licking up and down them, every now and then finding their asshole and prodding it with his tongue. The second man was sitting down against the wall. He had taken his pants completely off and was throwing a squeeze toy from one hand to the next. A medium sized Boxer was jumping up and down trying to catch the toy. He put the toy down and started to scratch up and down the dogs back. The dog just stood there, enjoying the attention. The man then pulled the dog back and off his feet, leaning him against his chest. He brought his hands up and down rubbing the dogs belly as the dog reached around and licked the man's face.My attention was brought back around as the first man turned my head and held his hand up to my face. He had a dollop of peanut butter on his finger and I instinctively reached my tongue out and started to lap it up. "Good girl," he said as he reached his hand into the jar of peanut butter and started to rub it on his cock. I immediately went after the peanut butter, licking it off his cocks and where he had spread it around his balls. He moaned and started to rub himself, my saliva and the remaining peanut butter mixing together. I kept feverishly lapping at the peanut butter treat, one of my favorite special foods. He took another scoop of peanut butter and put it right on the underside of his balls, almost to his asshole. I kept right on licking as he kept stroking himself faster and faster.When I finished the peanut butter on his balls, I worked my way back up his cock and finished up what was left. "Good girl! You are such a good girl," he said as he grabbed my head and started scratching. I stood up on all fours and he grabbed me and turned me around so I was facing away from him. "I have something else for you sweetie," he said, as he scratched my back. Now that I was turned away from him, I could once again see what was happening in the room. The third man still had the two mutts on their backs, but now he was focusing all his attention on the bigger one. I could see that he had taken his pants completely off and had his cock buried into the poor dogs pussy. He was pumping himself into the dog and rubbing and holding her tummy with one of his hands. His other hand was rubbing the stomach of the other dog and I could see every now and then he was putting his fingers into its pussy. Sometimes two fingers, sometimes it was three. He was moaning hard and every now and then the dog he was fucking would let out a few whimpers. I couldn't believe how far into the dog he was.I saw the second man still sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and the Boxer he was playing with was still leaned back against his chest. But something was different now. The dog just looked off away from me and I could tell it was a boy dog. Then I noticed what was happening. The man had put his cock into the Boxer's ass and was fucking him. He had his hands around the dog's stomach and was pumping him up and down on his cock. The Boxer just sat there leaning against the man as the man's cock kept stuffing him over and over. I didn't have much time to take it all in as I felt something pushing against my backside. Then I could feel the man behind me pushing his cock into my pussy. It felt huge and I knew he couldn't get it in, but he kept trying. He just had the head of his cock in my pussy when he grabbed me by my hind legs and started to pull me back and pump into me. I felt helpless as he kept pushing himself into me, holding my legs up off the floor at times. My tail involuntarily rose for him exposing my asshole to him. Finally he must have gotten his entire cock into me because he started to get into a rhythm, pumping in and out. He reached one hand under me and grabbed one of my hanging nipples. His breathing was getting heavier and he kept pulling and pinching one nipple after the other. Then I felt the head of his cock rubbing me against the lower inside of my pussy. It felt different and then my hips started to move up and down. He kept pumping faster and now my back was raising up higher and higher trying to take him all in. I kept thrusting up and my back legs started moving forward trying to get more and more of his cock into me. He then grabbed my by both of my hind legs and lifted me into the air. Suddenly I could feel the head of his cock growing bigger and he kept pumping over and over into my pussy. With a final groan he pushed himself up into me, stabbing my insides and filling me up with hot cum. We stood like that for a few minutes and he finally let go of my legs. I moved forward and felt his soft cock fall out of me. I walked away a few feet and laid down on my side to examine myself. My pussy felt big and swollen and I reached my head around and started lapping at myself to clean up. His cum was warm and I didn't mind the taste. While I licked myself, I turned my eyes to the third man and the mutts. He must have finished a few minutes earlier because the mutt he was fucking was now walking gingerly on her hind legs and her tail was still sticking straight up in the air. The other mutt was behind her and was licking the dripping cum out of her inflamed pussy. It was gaping open and glistening with spit and cum. Now both of the men were standing next to the second man. He was still fucking the Boxer in the ass. He was all the way to the hilt and must have been getting close. The other two men then grabbed around the stomach of the dog and started to pump his faster and harder than ever. They were laughing as the pushed and pounded the dog on the man's cock. The man fucking him reached around and grabbed the dog's cock and yanked on it a few times, making the Boxer squirm and try to get away. The two men forced the dog farther and farther onto the man's cock until finally his toes pointed forward and his cock burst with cum. The two men helping just kept pumping the dog up and down and laughing until finally the man getting fucked made them stop. His soft cock fell out of the Boxer's ass and fell between his legs covered in cum. The men let the dog down and he ran off to lick his wounds. The men talked and laughed and started to walk towards me. I cowered down, not knowing what to do. One of them scratched my ears and grabbed me by the neck pushing me back to my pen. Once I was locked up they put the rest of the dogs away, got dressed and walked out the door, turning the light off as they left.I sat in my pen and licked my pussy. It was not as swollen now and I felt a lot better. I was very tired and knew it was late. I put my head down and as my thoughts drifted off, I just hoped my family would come and claim me tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow... or at least... the next day.
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