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Just a story i wrote involving an immortal constrictor snake who takes a liking to the only being ever to escape her cluches, a human male. theres some sad bits, some happy bits and a bit of sex thrown in, as well as some unbirthing at the end.EnjoyThe Iron BasiliskThe Serpent Goddess.Warning, this story contianes adult content, zoophilia and violence.please disreguard if you are offended by any of the above. The great serpent watched with unblinking slitted eyes, below her there stood a hairless ape, carying with them, as they often did, a great many things attatched somehow to there bodies. The great serpent did not know why they did this, only that they did. Stirrings of hunger formed in the center of her great coils. This one was alone, apart from all others of itís kind, and seemingly had no knowledge of her presance. She decided then and in that same second, struck. The human was enfolded in her coils and lifted helplessly into the air where she hung, being pulled remorslessly against the tree, the breath crushed from itís lungs. She squeesed, waiting for her prey to exhale, then she would pull tighter around it, preventing it from inhaling. In but a short time the prey would quietly and peacefully suffocate. The blood to the brain sevearly hampered by the constriction that prevented the normal flow of blood thru the body to reach the brain. All too soon the prey would begin losing there grip on reality as the dreaming took them, then they would pass there spirit to the far realms and be no more. She swung her head back and forth as she held her prey, hissing the song of Taking, giving honor and respect to the prey, asking there spirit to forgive and accept her need. She slithered under her self and sniffed along her prey. Where was it? There... she grasped the front of his pants in her great jaws and pulled. The cloth parted like tissue, leaving his groin exposed. She then gently, ever so gently, took the male organ she found there in her mouth. She had found that prey succumbed far more gently and without suffering if she stimulated them with her mouth. This required much skill, but the effect was worth it. There heartís would race, there lungs gasp and then gift her with there seed as they journeyed on to the far realms. Even females went easier with her forked tongue deep within them. No beast could resist her serpentine patience, her reptilian tenderness. And this prey proved to have little problem in gaining his erect member. She began to pleasure her prey, gently mimicking the act of copulation with her jaws. She waited, knowing that her prey would have to respond, would have to exhale. She knew that he was fighting her, striving for existence. Let go.Her lips spoke with gentile touches and amourus embrace... her demanding tongue whispered. My center is soft and pleasant. Let go and take this final pleasure I have to give. Yield to me and allow me to honor your sacrifice with my song of gratitude for the rest of my existence. Your loss shall not be forgotten, for I shall sing of you and hold a part of you within me for the rest of my life. Accept my need, honored prey. But he would not, she drove him to the edge of his climax, there was no way for him not to breath when he reached it, and it would be over shortly thereafter. She undulated her coils against him like a giant silken sex organ, making love to him one coil at a time. This was her most potent weapon in the silent struggle, and never failed her... until today.He had been waiting, biding his time, and when she slid her coils, his arm slipped free, the remainder of his strength concentrated in this one last brave and noble effort. In his hand was a long killer, the strange weapons that his kind bore that slew with stones flung faster than the eye could follow. She lurched her top coils free of him and buried her fangs in his arm while crushing him with all her might. He screamed in agony, blood spurting from his maimed arm, the sound cut off with a bloody cough as she snapped one of his ribs. But still, he would not yield! She held his arm in her jaws, well she knew how dangerous those long killers were. She could not allow him to get it free and turn it upon her. She wanted to die as she heard his agony, she was causing her prey to suffer needlessly. She had deliberately wounded him, making his passing a red thing of agony, if she succeeded in taking him, and that was still in doubt! The arm holding the weapon suddenly jerked, not towards her in the expected way she had anticipated, but straight out, towards the tree. She was not ready to counter such a move, since the weapon was now pointed safely away from them both. He fired the weapon, a terrible crash echoed thru the forest. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Four times the weapon sounded and she realized then that she had not been the target and had seriously underestimated her prey. The weapon tore great chunks from the base of the branch that they were both hung from, each blast ripping a greater and greater chunk free. With a crack, the branch lurched and then snapped free. They fell with a thud to the forest floor. She came to her senses a moment later and realized what had happened and how well her prey had planned. The fall had stunned her, she being on the outside, her coils cushioning his fall. The impact had caused her to loosen her coils and he was free. There he stood, a small distance away, well out of the reach of her coils. His weapon pointed right at her face. It was over, she had lost, her prey had turned upon her and now would see that she took no more. With a great serpentine sigh, she lowered her head. She could not honor her preyís great struggle with anything less than her own surrender. He had suffered through what no creature had ever survived. She, the predator must respect that and honor it, or else her pride was nothing. She waited for the end, lowering her head to the ground and laying motionless. Her prey watched her, gasping in the life giving air, the weapon lowered in his hand, and he turned and walked away.She shook herself, tossing leaves and branches in her confusion. Why had he spared her? She would have seen him passing through her serpentís gate if she could have, but he had decided not to strike, to spare her. He had defied the mandate of prey and predator. A prey always killed the predator if it could, it was there right to do so. This was the law. In all her endless seasons of existence, never had one such as this came to her. She came to a decision, she would have this one in her coils again. Not to end, but to gift. If he would not take her body as his sustenance, or slay her as was his right, then she would grant him another gift. With the suddenness of the lightning strike, she disappeared into the dappled rain forest as if she had never been. She journeyed, forever on his trail, her instincts honed from millions of years of evolution, of countless seasons of life drove her unerringly to his side. She reached a great expanse of ocean, he had been here, but was no longer. She was at a loss as to where he had gone. Had he crossed this great water? If so, how could she follow? If she swum after him, she had no idea of where he might have landed, in which direction. She settled herself and waited, consuming a foolish one who had stumbled upon her. She had been in no mood to hunt any more of her manís kin. But the fool decided to thwack her with a piece of wood. This was intolerable. She gave a small hissing belch as she arranged the fool in her belly, thinking to herself that at least he had been plump. It was so hard for her to imagine that her man and the one who lay in her gullet were related. This stupid animal had given in faster than a Capibara. She digested her meal and waited for some sign of where her man had gone. She did not despair, she was a serpent goddess. The species of man had worshiped her in the ancient past, giving themselves willingly to her jaws in exchange for her protection and wisdom. She waited with all the patience and subtlety that her thousand years of life could grant her. She knew that fate would lead her to her Man. That she would hold him again in her coils. That he would again be hers. Fate delivered to the Goddess, bowing to her divine desire on the second week of her vigil.A floating thing arrived, and on the breese that blew across it was a scent that stirred her. It was HIM! Her man! The scent was not strong, weeks old. But her man had stood on that thing and floated somewhere upon it. She stared with unblinking eyes at the floating thing. If it carried him somewhere, then it would carry her there as well....She slithered forward and with infinite patience, entered the thing without a single being seeing her well over a hundred foot length as she slithered aboard. She concealed herself in the dark depths of the thing and waited.The ship left port later that day and made itís way up the coast, stopping in a small harbor. There were far more people here, she would have to be careful, a tribe of there kind could perhaps [CENSOR] her if they managed to hold her in place somehow. She waited until nightfall in the water and then moved. It was colder than she liked here, but she found that the men had made many warm things that she took advantage of. She tarcked her man to a wide flat road, he must have used this, somehow. She watched the things speeding down it, they were all going in the same direction, so she must go that way as well. She begin to travel along the road, stopping when it got dark and cold. She came to a brightly lit structure with many of the things that were rushing down the road sitting still next to it. She had an idea. She selected one large one that was filled with some sort of animals, she slid inside. The animals panicked, lowing and kicking the sides. She hissed imperatively and they froze in awe and fear of her. She commanded them to come to her, drawing them to her with her terrible gaze. She then examined one, becoming disgusted almost immediately. They were covered in there own filth, and what was worse, was that although they were male, they had all been mutilated! There seed orbs had been taken... she felt immediately sorry for the poor, filthy beasts. She could do little to help, and instead pressed upon there weak minds her desire not to harm them. She rode with the beasts, kept warm by there worshiping bodies as they arrayed themselves around her. She learned from them that the one who controlled the thing they were riding in was responsible for this, they told of branding irons, sharp knives, horrible suffering, filth and bleak hopelessness. The begged her to end it. To send there spirits on with the dignity of being taken by a true predator. She sighed in remorse. There was nothing she could do to help these poor wretches. She could only grant them one thing, vengeance.She struck as only her kind could, a steer fell with his neck snapped, not even twitching as he fell, his spirit already gone, they came to her jaws, and she sent them on, on by one. Crystal tears falling from eyes that could not close to hide the sight of pain or suffering, who saw all and felt every moment. Soon she was alone, the deed done. She sang a song of regret, of helpless remorse, begging the universe to grant these sad beings the rest they deserved for there suffering. She then turned and thumped her tail on the front of the trailer, hard. Once, twice, she knew that the heartless creature that commanded this thing would hear and wonder. Soon, the thing slowed and finally stopped with a screech. The beast got out and came back, looking in with a light. He made noised of anger and surprise to see all of his evil work now laying dead on the floor, there necks twisted at an impossible angle. Was he stupid enough to believe that whatever had done this to these beasts would not do so to him? He was...The door opened at the back of the trailer, she struck, her massive jaws snapping close on his torso. With a final scream of agony, he was pulled inside, the only sound the slide of scales, the gurgles of anguished death and the snapping of bones, blood sprayed into the night as she crushed him to jelly, every inch of his exposed skin rupturing under the tons of crushing force. She rose, the body sliding free of her, she wanted to regurgitate, the beastís blood lay all over her body, she had to get his filth off of her, to purge his tainted evil from her form. But first she needed to accomplish her task, to lay these to rest. She slid out of the trailer and slid along it, sniffing. Yes, here, in the large hollow thing on the side of the rolling thing. The acrid stench of the fire juice that they used back in her jungle in the things they used to destroy the forest. She had often encountered this, since they often used it to ignite the greenery they had torn up. She tore the tank free of itís moorings as if it was held with a band-aid and then cracked it like an egg in her immense jaws, throwing it to gush itís contents all over the trailer. She then ripped off the door of the truck, with the speed of a true predator, she scythed it along the ground, huge showers of sparks flew into the air, landing over the spilled fuel in such quantities that even the difficult to ignite diesel erupted. She pulled back and tossed the door aside. Commending the now burning pyre to the universe, giving them to the one who ever hungers, the fire being the only creature that could consume them all and give them the peace they desired. She bowed her head in thanks to the ever-consuming one for her service, the fire danced and bowed in the wind in return.She turned and sought a source of water to assuage the taint of death and evil that held to her scales. She sought for a time and then found a river that ran cleanly and well over round stones. It was beautiful, and she swam upstream, allowing Mother water to tend to her daughterís wounded spirit. She lost herself in the simple act of swimming as she put her pain behind her. She finally swam to the shore and rested in the heat of the rising sun. She slept.She stirred as something disturbed her slumber. Something... a scent... familiar.. Sought for.. The scent.. of her MAN! She snapped awake, her slitted eyes widening, she searched with eyes and ears and nose, Where? Where was her man?... There! He was on an animals back! She wondered what he was doing, was he fighting the thing? No, the beast was carrying him? She watched in amazement as the beast carried him willingly, serving him with itís body. He reached forward and patted the beast on the neck, the animal snorting and tossing itís head, pleased with his touch. His man and this beast were allies, though it seemed obvious that the best served her man, it was his, and wanted to be so. It was obvious with the beastís every step, itís every turn of eye towards her man. The beast was a slave, a willing and happy one, as far as she could tell, but a slave none the less. She looked closely. She believed she had seen such an animal, so long ago, when they came with others that burned and pillaged her forest. She had taken many of the men that rode these beasts then. Her gaze wandered to the beastís groin, he had a magnificent mammal organ that was hanging half erect between his legs, swinging left and right as he trotted, a huge set of balls flinging about to match. A male, she wondered what he tasted like... She memorized the scent of the beast, for surely where the slave went, there she would find the master, her man. She then followed the two, taking her time until they led her to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Her man led the beast into a structure and left him there after tending to him, stroking his body with a thing that made his fur shine, gently removing any twigs or burs from his coat. Then he left the beast, going inside another structure that was next to it. She needed to see to the beast, for with his sharp animal nose, she could be revealed before she wished to be. She approached the stable from down wind, sliding into the opening near the top of the building. What confronted her was a surprise. The beast was far too occupied to notice her approach after all.The horse was busily masturbating, his nose pressed to the saddle hung over the door to his stall, taking in great gusts of the scent left on the saddle. She stared, well, she always stared, but she did so deliberately this time. The beast was being aroused by the scent of her man! His eyes closed, his breathing hard, sweat flecking his coat. He was dreaming of sex with her man! She slithered forward, under the side of the stall and looked at the huge equine organ as it stuck out as stiff as a tree branch, jerking back and forth as he prepared to ejaculate, small spurts of semen flying free from the head. She caught one on her tongue, it was rich and heady, a pleasure to taste. She wondered then what this beast wanted from her man exactly, to mount him? Perhaps not. That did not seem the desire of a slave such as this. Then what? To play the female to him? She slid her tail beneath him and lifted it, sliding up and finding his rectum, with out warning she shoved itís tip into him. The beastís head came up in a groan, his eyes wide. But he did not pull away, his tail straight out, his rear throbbing. The stallion opened himself and leaned back. She drove her tail into the beast. She felt him ready and took the head of his penis in her mouth, with a white explosion, the stallion came. The deluge was so thick and heavy that she was forced to open her throat and let it go down lest it escape her. Never had she experienced such a tremendous quantity before. Her man must feed his slave well for him to produce such a bounty! She took it all in and acquainted herself with the slave. It was frightened at first, but she wriggled the end of her tail that was still in him and he submitted to whatever she wanted, becoming her slave as well on the spot. She then used the slave thoroughly, taking her time with it, allowing it to please her with itís broad tongue as she thought of her man, ruthlessly violating itís rear with her tail as was itís want, devouring itís gushing seed as she propelled the helpless beast to orgasm again and again. She then rested with her slave, slung across itís back, soaking in the warmth of the mammal generated by itís sexual pleasure. The beast licked her tail clean in self effacing pleasure as it lay before it. This was nothing she had demanded, the slave desired to serve in this manner. It was literally swimming in bliss as it served. She never had heard of a beast that was meant to be a slave, who archived the same satisfaction she felt when she took prey by humiliating itself, groveling and begging, allowing those it called itís masters to use it in whatever way they wished. The beast would have been just as pleased if she had eaten it alive would not have resisted her swallowing it. It would have probably aided her in pushing itself to itís own oblivion! She had never known of this in any beast, but she soon grew to love the idea of having a slave, she slid her coils around him and gripped him possessively, the stallion beaming with pleasure at being so held. She then waited for her man, she did not know how she would manage to meet him without him being frightened, but she intended to try no matter what. But how could she make plain her desires? He did not know the tongue of the serpent, she could not speak his. She would have to make her body her words. Yes, she would do that. The human went to bed, the sun had set. He had done all he wished to do this day. He sighed as he pulled up the sheets, wishing, not for the first time, that there was someone to share his bed with. Unbeknown to him, a being who intended just that was gently pushing at the frame of the window in his room that he always kept slightly ajar to provide ventilation. The window opened and the great serpent eased into the room. He felt the tiniest of shifts in the surface of his covers and then a wave of cool scales enveloped him. With a terrified shock, he realized that it was the same immense serpent that had almost killed him in the rain forest! He tried to struggle, but it was hopeless this time, she lay atop him, her huge length crossed back and forth atop the bed and his naked body. He could not even lift her. With incredible control, the serpent slid her coils gently around him, all the while looking straight into his eyes, her great head unmoving. She wrapped him in her embrace and he waited for the end, thinking that he would not resist her this time, he had no gun, nothing to fight her with. He was fresh out of ideas. But what was the giant serpent doing? A forked tongue felt across his cheek like the touch of a rose, the great head lowered and pressed cool, silken lips to the side of his neck, gently nibbling there way down across his shoulder. The huge coils around him never tightened, only stroked, caressed, petted. A single throw of her mighty coils sliding between his legs as he was fully lifted from the bed, the blankets sliding off of her as she held him in the total embrace of the serpent goddess. He gasped as he felt a wet opening slide across his genitals, and then with the same dexterity as her own jaws, engulfed his organ, sucking at it like a calf in need of sustenance. Cool liquid dripped down his legs and she undulated each coil of her body in a different direction, making love to his entire body as if he was encased within her vagina even as his penis was. He gasped in shock as the gentle embrace stimulated him like nothing he had ever experienced, the organ grasping his penis pulling and teasing with greater skill than any mouth or tongue. The soft lips parting to caress his face to kiss him. The serpent was making love to him! She brought her lover to ecstasy, delighting in his hot ejaculate as it splashed within her cool loving womb. He was small, true, but her control more than allowed her to compress him delightfully for both of them, her mighty female organ as tight as she wished it to be. She gave him but a few moments pause, running her lips and tongue over him and then began again, bringing his organ back to attention and then eagerly coupling, her female organ rising, falling and sucking at him all at the same time. His back arched, his hands stroked her silken scales as she gifted him with all the pleasure and love that her body could grant him, he held her great head pressed to his chest as she proved her love to him. They lay next to each other, the great serpent encircling her lover, her great coils around him protectively. She tasted his warm salty sweat, the taste of his body's pleasure, the sweet scents of his sexual need. His groin and most of his lower body was covered in the thick sexual lubricant of the Serpent Goddess, the adornment worn by her lovers. She slid forward to rub her scent glands located below her eyes against him while hissing softly, her soaking wet sex slid up slowly between his legs to enfold his organ once again as her cool serpentine desire flared once more...But the stamina of a Goddess was far far more than any human could hope to match and in a mater of hours of her constant attention, he succumbed to exhaustion, falling into a deep sleep. She held him in her coils, listening to him breath in sleep. She considered him, his bare skinned form. His body so plain and unarmored, no scales to protect his flesh, only his thin surface that was as soft and easily ripped as an old web. She gazed at this being and saw clearly his mortality, how fragile he was, how easily harmed, and she marveled again that this being was the one, the one that had faught her, had bested her and escaped her coils out of all the creatures that had ever crossed her path. She felt alone then, so lonely. She had been alone for so very long, born in ancient ages, she had lived thrue the centuries until now. No mate she had ever taken had lasted long, males of her kind were not ones who stayed around. And then were not like her, who, by whatever twist of fate gained the rank of Goddess, self aware and wise as she was. But his cunning, his skill, his courage in the face of death, she saw in him the potential, for every Goddess needs a God. She pressed his naked feet against her vaginal slit, the wet folds of it opening at her desire, stretching wide as her jaws would to do what she must, her silken folds stretched over his feet, sliding him into her inch by inch as she slithered back against him, pressing him ever deeper, ever onward on his sacred journey into her seat of life... he stirred below her and gasped as he saw his waist dissapear into her hugely distended vaginal mouth, she hissed in pain as he tried to struggle. She lifted her head up and gazed down into his eyes, her mind reached out and touched his, ďBe calm my loveĒ she whispered. ďFor i am only granting you a gift, a great and noble gift... accept this from me, along with my heart, my loveĒand his fighting stilled as he gazed into her beautiful eyes as she swayed back and forth, singing to him as she pulled him inside her womb... finally her great slit closed over his head and she strained to move him to ether he must go, to the heart of her sex, her womb, hissing in the strain of the unbirthing of her love... Finally she rested there, her cheek pressed against her side, listening to her lovers heartbeat as her body accepted him and strove to make him a home within the womb of the serpent goddess...well, thats as far as i wanted to go so far in this little tail of violence death sex and love. Let me know if you liked it and i might just come up with a ďFinishing moveĒThe Iron Basilisk.
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