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Introducing AmyAmy hurried about the house getting everything ready for her blind date. Well actually it wasn’t Amy’s blind date, it was Lady’s. Lady was Amy’s chocolate lab. When Lady was younger she and Amy were the envy of all the area lab owners. Lady was a fine pure bred animal, with many ribbons and trophies to prove it. Amy no longer entered Lady in shows, now she bred Lady with only the finest studs of her kind. Her babies were always beautiful and many had gone on to win awards themselves.Amy had bred Lady with only one male, Duke. They had produced many litters and Amy was quite proud of all “her babies”. Unfortunately Duke was no longer available for breeding. Amy had been dating Duke’s owner and when their relationship ended, so did Lady and Duke’s. Amy was anxious to breed her again for just one more litter. It had been a couple of years since Lady had been with a male. Come to think of it, it had been that long for Amy too.Amy and Larry had met online. They were both in a chat room talking about their dogs. They hit it off right away. They soon realized that they lived very close to each other, shared many interests, and both were looking for a lab to breed with their dog. Once they met the sexual attraction was immediately obvious. Amy wasn’t sure who was having more sex, the dogs or her and Larry. Quite often they would begin by just watching the dogs mating and before they knew it they were so turned on they were down in the floor making love themselves. Amy and Larry both enjoyed watching the dogs and found the occasional accidental bump or lick only added to their passion.The doorbell brought Amy back out of her daydream. She opened the door and there stood Craig and his dog King. They had come over for a “meet and greet” as Amy called it. Lady would soon be in season again and she wanted to make sure that the dogs were compatible before they were actually put together for breeding. Amy also wanted to size up Craig and see what kind of owner he was. She wanted to make sure that they understood all the terms of their arrangement so there would be no problems down the line.Amy had found Craig through a couple of friends, or perhaps he found her. Amy often went to a dog park with some of her girlfriends in the evenings. They enjoyed watching their dogs romp and run about. One day when Amy went to the park her friend Tina had handed her a business card for a Mr. Craig Taylor. Craig had heard about Amy and Lady and was interested in possibly breeding King with Lady. He had spoken with Tina and asked her to give Amy his business card. Tina assured Amy that both Craig and King were very fine animals, excellent for breeding. Amy was amused. Tina was always trying to fix her up with someone.It took her about a week but Amy finally called Craig. They talked for a while about the dogs and decided to get together at Amy’s house the following weekend. It would give them a chance to talk about their expectations and also give the dogs a chance to get used to each other. Tina was right. Both were gorgeous. Amy could hardly take her eyes off Craig. When she did finally look down at King she was amazed at what a beautiful animal he was. Right away she felt comfortable with both of them and invited them in. She showed Craig around the house and took him and King into “Lady’s room”. The room was right off of the family room and contained anything a dog could possibly want. There were many toys to play with. Her food and water bowls were there. Plenty of treats were available. There were large pillows on the floor and in the corner was a large shallow box, sort of like a sand box, that had been built for Lady to “nest” when she had her babies. Craig was very impressed with Amy and the way she treated her dog. He could tell they had a very close bond, as did he and King. They walked out of the room, still within earshot and talked while they watched the dogs interact. The dogs both took turns walking around and sniffing each other. Lady laid picked up one of her toys, laid it at King’s feet and then went and laid on one of the pillows. In no time at all the two dogs were comfortably lying beside each other sleeping. Craig and Amy knew it would be all right to leave the dogs along together for a little while so they went into the next room to talk.Amy felt very comfortable with Craig. It had been a long time since she had actually spent any time in the company of a man, not since Larry left. And although they were mainly discussing the dogs it was clear that Craig was very comfortable with Amy also. After a little while Craig said it was time for him and King to leave. He told Amy he looked forward to getting the dogs together. As he walked out the door he asked Amy if he could call her sometime just to talk. Amy felt her heart skip a beat and said yes, that would be nice.Amy and Craig talked on the phone for a couple of weeks becoming more and more comfortable with each other. They discussed the fact that Lady should be in heat within a week or so and how they would arrange to get the dogs together. They agreed that Amy could call Craig at any time for him to bring King over.It was Friday afternoon when Amy called Craig. She told him that Lady had started to show signs of being in season and asked if he could bring King over that night or the next day. Craig had no plans for the evening so he told Amy he would bring him over that night. He offered to pick up dinner on the way. Amy and Craig both looked forward to their evening, and to getting their dogs together.Amy greeted Craig and King at the door wearing a sundress. Immediately King stuck his nose under Amy’s dress. Amy blushed, Craig was embarrassed. To break up the awkwardness of the moment Craig said “he likes the way you smell”. Then he leaned over and smelled Amy’s hair. “I don’t blame him” said Craig, “so do I”.Amy had already put Lady in her room. The door to the room was a storm door so that Amy could see what was going on at all times. She was very protective of Lady. She opened the door and Craig let King in. Immediately King was sniffing Lady. Unfortunately lady seemed uninterested. By now King had picked up on Lady’s scent and was starting to get excited. Soon there was pink starting to emerge from his sheath. While Amy was getting turned on she was also a little uncomfortable with Craig standing right next to her. Amy suggested that they might be there for a while and asked Craig if he would like a glass of wine. Craig said yes. Amy expected him to follow her to the kitchen but instead he stood at the door watching the dogs. Amy was getting even more turned on. She liked the fact that Craig enjoyed watching too. She noticed that there was quite a bulge in the crotch of his pants. She started to get wet and left to get the wine from the kitchen.When she returned Craig was still at the door watching the dogs. He said he was a little concerned because Lady didn’t seem to be interested in King and now King was lying on a pillow a few feet away. He suggested that perhaps they should go into the room with them for a while to make sure both dogs were comfortable. They took their wine into Lady’s room and sat down in the floor, resting against the wall. They sat and talked and drank their wine as they watched their dogs sleep. Both commented that they had never seen their dogs behave this way before. Craig said King was normally very amorous and Amy commented that Lady was usually very accommodating. Right now they were showing no interest in each other at all. Amy was starting to feel a buzz and she layed down on the floor between Lady and King. Craig sat across the room and watched the three of them lounging around on the pillows. Soon Craig was feeling a little tipsy and lay down with the other three. He started to gently rub Lady’s belly and she started to perk up a little. He suggested to Amy that she pet King and try to get him to perk up. Within just a few seconds the dogs were well awake yet neither seemed to be interested in mating. Craig had an idea. He suggested to Amy that perhaps if they played with the dogs it might stimulate them to mate. Amy wasn’t quite sure what Craig meant so she asked him to tell her what to do. As Craig reached over and started gently rubbing Lady’s stomach he told Amy to gently rub King’s belly. Amy followed Craig’s lead. They were both rubbing the bellies of the dogs. Craig told Amy she must be doing something right because King was starting to show. Amy looked at King’s underbelly and saw that once again his pink cock was starting to come out of its’ sheath. She was a little uncomfortable with this, in all the years she had been breeding Lady she had never had to stimulate a male, yet at the same time she started to feel a tingling inside her and felt her panties getting wet. Amy turned to see what Craig was doing. Lady had turned over on her back and had her legs spread open. Craig was rubbing Lady’s now exposed clit and Amy was shocked to see how Lady was responding to him. As Amy watched Craig rubbing on Lady she saw Lady slowing start to open up and watched as juices started to bead up on her pink inner skin. Suddenly Amy felt something wet on her thighs. She turned to see King licking the inside of her thighs. Amy wasn’t quite sure what to do. She had fantasized about having a dog lick her, had even fantasized what it would feel like to have a huge canine cock swelling inside her, but never in her wildest dreams did she think it would really happen. If she had been with King by herself she wouldn’t have been nervous but she wasn’t sure how Craig would react. Apparently Craig was very turned on also. He was enjoying watching King lick Amy’s thighs. At this point the wine had kicked in and Amy had really started to relax. Craig told her to trust him that he was going to make sure they all enjoyed themselves. Amy did trust him and turned her body over to him. Craig removed Amy’s panties and spread her legs. He stared at her beautiful clean shaven pussy. “It’s all yours boy” he said to King. King very gently licked Amy. She moaned slightly. King started to taste Amy’s juices. The more he tasted the more he wanted. He started to lick harder and faster. Amy felt a wave of ecstasy start to wash over her. “Craig…..” she called. “Relax Amy and enjoy it”. King licked Amy harder now. His tongue rubbed across her clit and she shuttered. Amy could feel her juices start to run down her pussy. King reached down with his long tongue and buried it in her asshole, then licked all the way up to her clit, lapping up all her sweet juices. He took his tongue and slid it inside her pussy, licking and sucking up all the moisture he could. Amy couldn’t hold back any more, and she didn’t want to. She came harder than she ever had before. Craig watched as his King ate Amy’s beautiful pussy. “More” cried Amy, “I want more”. “How much more?” asked Craig. “All of him, I want to feel his cock deep inside me now”. Craig helped Amy turn over and get up on her knees. He positioned her so that her arms were folded on the pillow in front over her and her beautiful pussy was wide open for King to enjoy. Craig noticed that King’s huge cock was now completely exposed. He took King by the collar and led him around in front of Amy. “Suck him Amy; make sure he’s good and wet”. Amy did as she was told. She took as much of King in her mouth as she could. She felt his warm spray start to slide down her throat. She loved the taste and sucked even harder. Craig could see that King was starting to swell and knew that if Amy was going to be able to take him he had to get King inside her soon. He led King back around to Amy’s backside. Amy had cum again and was now well lubricated. Craig motioned for King to get up on Amy’s back. King quickly did as he was commanded. Craig took hold of King’s cock and led it directly to Amy’s tight slippery pussy. King barely felt it on the tip of his cock before he quickly thrust it in as far as he could. Amy screamed. She wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure but soon she was begging for more. She could feel him swelling and getting larger inside her. She had watched Lady with Duke so she knew what was coming next. She felt him thrust deep inside her a few times and began to feel his knot swelling. She felt his cock up inside her, further than any man had ever reached. Amy pushed her ass back toward King and immediately his knot slipped inside her. She felt a wonderful rush as he sprayed his cum into her pussy and up past her cervix. Then she screamed. She felt him continue to spray short spurts and felt them running down her leg. “Make him stop Craig, it hurts”. Craig told her there was nothing he could do at that point; she was just going to have to wait until the swelling went down. He told Amy to just lay there and relax while he took care of Lady. While Amy waited for King’s knot to go down she watched as her beautiful Lady opened her legs and let Craig gently slide one finger inside her. He removed his finger from Lady and put it up to Amy’s mouth. Amy greedily licked Craig’s finger. Craig gently rubbed Lady’s clit, occasionally gently inserting one finger at a time and feeding her juices to Amy. After what seemed like forever Amy felt the swelling of King’s cock subside. She lay on her stomach and felt his cum drain out of her. She turned to see what Craig was doing, what was happening with Lady. She didn’t know what to expect next, nor did she care. She was in her own little world, heaven on earth. Behind her she felt King start to move again. She turned to look at him. She couldn’t believe it when she saw that huge cock was still outside of it’s’ sheath. He got up and started to walk toward her. She thought he was going to mount her again. Instead she saw Lady stand up on all fours. As King walked up behind Lady and started to lick her she felt Craig curl up behind her to spoon. Together they watched King mount Lady and bury his cock deep inside her. Lady accommodated him as she had Duke many times. Amy was in a bit of a fog. Had she really been mounted by a dog? Did she really watch Craig fingering Lady as if she were a woman? Did she really taste her sweet Lady’s juices? Amy didn’t care. All she knew at that point was that her pussy felt incredibly warm and full. There was an incredibly sexy man lying with her and together they watched their dogs mate as they hoped they would. She felt satisfied knowing that together she and Craig had helped facilitate this, and she drifted off to sleep as she dreamed about being introduced to Craig and King and this incredible new form of pleasure.
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