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I am sooo glad Jeff knows about me and Scooby. Jeff had the day off yesterday and we had a BLAST. We spent the day together and Jeff had a new suggestion for us to try... he wanted to see a horse f*** me. I was shocked. For one thing, I just found out last night that he was into watching my dog f*** me, but now this? Now, I don't know a whole lot about it, but I've seen horses and I know they have huge cocks, so I was a little uneasy about that because I'm pretty tight. We did a little internet research on the subject and eventually he convinced me to try it out. All that research got me horny and I was ready. On to the good bit...How convenient that we live a mile down the road from a stable. So we waited until it got dark and we walked down to the stable and a lot of the horses were outside. We saw a mare sitting in a stall alone and we knew she must be in heat, since she was seperate from the stallions.. So we went over to her and Jeff took a hankerchief from his pocket and wiped some of her juices on it, then he tied it to the belt on my skirt. (I guess the research paid off). Then we went out into the stallions' corral and there was the sweetest little white pony out there, with super long hair and a pink nose...Not wanting anyone to spot us, we grabbed the pony and led him to the barn where we found a rope, so we tied him up to a picnic table that was right behind the barn. Jeff went to the barn to find a saddle blanket, and I stayed with the pony and got aquainted with him. Right away he smelled the mare's juices on the back of my little pink skirt and he immediately got excited. His cock began poking out of it's sheath. I figured it was the best time to make my move. I let him sniff me while I petted his neck, shoulders, stomach and hips, then I carefully rubbed down near his cock and he didn't seem to mind much, so I took it in my hand and played with it a little, then just to be safe, I washed it with a few moist towelettes that I had in my coat pocket. He seemed to like the attention because he neighed and nipped my ass. I guess that's normal. As I was washing him, his tool came out and it just kept comming, until it was about 14 inches long and 2 or 3 inches accross. It was as stiff as a fireplace poker and precum was starting to squirt out, which made me very horny, so horny that I was wet and my juices started trickling down my leg because I had not worn underwear.Jeff returned with a couple of saddle blankets and spread them out on the picnic table. Watching the pony's cock leak and twich made me so hot, I hopped right up on the table and put the hankerchief right under my butt and Jeff guided the pony to my hole and he sniffed the hankerchief again and jumped right up on the table, his front hooves over my shoulders, and I was holding myself up with my elbows and my legs spread wide, waiting for him. He started thrusting his hips and looking for his target, his big pink cock poking around my hole... I was a little nervous, but as soon as he hit his target, all my jitters were replaced with pure ecstasy. Jeff stood there staring in amazement with his hand on his cock coming out of his pants, fully erect. He was loving it. The pony thrust in strong, fast pushes as he slid is enormous cock in and out of my dripping pussy, completely filling my throbbing cunt. He slowed his pace, and he pushed his thick cock as far in as it would go, until I screamed in delight and came so hard I was dizzy, then he filled my box with more cum than I'd ever felt in my life, it flowed from his meat like a garden hose, then he withdrew and his cum poured from my pussy. Just then I looked over at Jeff, and I could tell he was almost there, and he shoved his cock in my mouth, and came right away. After we cleaned up the evidence, we let the pony back into the corral with the other horses, and we started to walk home. Right near our house, there's a nice lake, and I was feeling a little sticky from all that horse cum, so I suggested we go for a dip. Jeff thought it was a great idea, so we stripped and jumped in the lake. We swam around for a minute, flicking water at eachother, then we started making out in the water. As we kissed and Jeff put two fingers in my slit and started fingering my clit, and I grabbed his cock and we started jerking eachother off, then I put my legs around his hips, and slipped my pussy onto his throbbing, rock-hard cock, and he held my ass and pressed me deeper onto his nine-inch cock, until my pussy swallowed the whole length. I rode him hard and fast as he pushed my ass and made me go harder and he sucked on my hard nipples, then I moaned and came just as he squirted his creamy cum into my throbbing pussy. We just sat there in the afterglow for a moment, still entwined, and held each other, then we dressed and went home. This post has been edited by doitdoggystyle75 on Jun 1 2006, 04:43 AM
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