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I thought i might share this i hope he dosent mind . A guy wrote this for me and he couldnt have a t a better time. I dont know who this person is but he lifted my spirits once i read this. I had the pound pick up my little girl. if you read my last story "A girl and the stray in the yard" i had mentioned her. Well shes pregnant and the pound picked her up the other day. and when i came home and my parents told me i was crushed. ive had her since she was a puppy. i never did anything sexual with her. But i just felt that i would like to share my story because i know all of you here love your animals. And i cried. i felt so alone. i live in a bad house hold and i felt that she was my only friend. the only thing that showed me love and affection in that house. i have no money to get her out and i cant come up with $100 in three days. And i hurts knowing that i have to just let her go. But i thank this man for writting me this poem inspired by my email name. He dosent know me i dont know him. but reading this will always remind me that i do and will always have my little girl Daisy in my heart here it is... Crylonley Crylonley... for no one will hear you as you want it to be,Happy on the outside but not so..where no one can see.Deep in your mind and stuck deep in your soul,A need to be into yourself where you have total control.Crylonley for no one may understand the needs that you have,That are so well hidden with a smile and a ready laugh. Crylonley will be the best of lovers a person or being can share,Because even if you are with me ...I may not feel you there........thank you. i would post the name but i want to keep it private for his sake. Im sure he would see it and he could speak for himself thank youass soon as i get a picture of her. i only have one i will post it
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