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this is the first story i have ever written. i hope you all enjoy it. comments would be greatly appriciated Sarah had just gotten home from a long day at work. Her dog Buster greeted her at the door. “hey boy” she said, “ I beat your really hungry.” She then feed him and went straight to her bedroom. She didn’t bother to close the door. She lived all alone and the front door was locked. She had been extremely horny all day. But enough of that. You should have some background information first I suppose. She was a 5’5 thin woman with beautiful D size breasts. She was tan to the point where you would think she was a Hispanic, but she was white. She went to her bed and took off all of her clothes. She started to masturbate her pussy and rub her breasts. Her nipples were stiff and erect. Buster must of heard her moaning because he came in. Sarah didn’t notice him. He ran over and sniffed her pussy then gave it a good lick. Sarah jumped about a mile off her bed as shock and orgasm hit her at the same time. When she had settled back down she said “what do you think your doing boy?” and pushed him away. But Buster was persistent. In no he licked her again. “Stop it!” Sarah said. But she was shocked to realize that she was actually enjoying it. After a few attempts she let him do his thing. She moaned out loud and trashed around as a second powerful orgasm hit her. The most powerful she had ever felt. When she came back to her senses she immediately thought. “Oh god! I just got eaten out by my dog!!!”To be continued
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