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Just a fantasy here: I would like to be pulled over by a cop and his partner and in lieu of being written a ticket for a violation I know I didn't commit. (The cops are just out harassing people.) One cop tells me to get out and leads me to the passenger side back of the squad car and tells me to suck his dick while his partner plays lookout. When cop1 gets hard he tells me to turn around, assume the position, albeit bent over and pulls down my pants leans me into the car. His partner gets in on the other side shows his dick and pulls my face onto it . Meanwhile the cop1 spreads my ass cheeks and fucks me hard and fast. After I have been royally f***** by these two, I am handcuffed, completley stripped naked, and spread eagled in the back of the squad car and taken to a remoted area-a farm. I am led blilndfolded to a bar and tied to the underside of a horse-where my butthole is at the sac of the horse. The two cops unblindfold me and taunt me by grinning and slowly strip-tease in front of me.Once nude, cop1 one gets on the horses back, and the other cop stimulates the horses gneitals . I can start to feel the horse getting harder and growing into my ass-penetrating me. The horse starts to buck and then the cop2 gets on the horses back behind his buddy. Getting into what they intend to do, they roughly tell me that I am going to learn to to be f***** proper and that I am also going to learn to like it no matter how long it takes to teach me to beg for more.The horse's cock is still growing penetrating me. The men move the horse into walking then in to a full trot and then into a run,. The horse is fucking my ass moving briskly in every direction as I have no choice but to "learn" to like it.After a while, they slow the horse down and let me slink off the horse well after the horse has gushed his juices coating every inch of my insides, spilling out down the horses legs and coating my butt. They may let me rest but not for long. As they are ready quickly and hornier now. They lead me to the rest of the animals.....Alternating getting f***** by them and then an amnimal and them again. At some point they double f*** me-testing me if I dont' want more as soon as they want me to want it.and so on....Eventually they let put me in the shower, watching me and order me to put my clothes on - still watching and grinning from ear to ear. They dress me some, taking care to linger aroung my gentitals and but telling me they enjoyed my show and asking but answering too whether I liked it "boy"-"yeah you know you did." Calling me a tease, slut, whore.Then taking me to the squad car handcuffed behind my back take me home. They tell me not to skip town or nuthin' and laugh. Cop 2 gets in the car and just about when cop 1 get in he turns and tell me that they had fun and maybe they'll come see me again sometime, laughs, then dead seriously says, "yeah, REAL SOON". ``````````````Granted this is a bit too intense for me to ever realize but it does get me off when I self-indulge. I do like guys in authority-uniforms and think about being gang-banged by them and being introduced to their favorite animals, but of course would rather be gently given the chance to do - whatever with someone/group that I would trust to not hurt me or care if I did get hurt. -thanks
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