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..never had she felt such pleasure before. The long hot tongue plunging into the throbbing depths of her womanly folds. A wet nose pressing against her clitoris with just enough pressure to send a wave of sensation through her. If she had to make it stop, she couldn't. She could do nothing but lay there and take it. Had no other choice but to lift her hips to the hungry mouth..and no other choice but to yield to the earth shattering orgasm that hit her. A sharp cry out..then wave...after wave...of body numbing, bone deep...ecstasy. Sweat soaked blankets are hurled away from the small yet curvacious body of a panting young woman. It had been in her dreams again. And in her body, she realizes as she presses a hand to the still throbbing juncture between her legs. A quick glance at the clock tells her its time to get up anyways. Caprice Hunter slips out of bed and wobbles on knees that are still shakey from the wet dream she just experienced. She instantly tries to block the images out of her head. Dogs, for christ's sake! Its always a dog is making her hot at her dreams.. wrapping its urgent forelegs around her waist then slamming its rock hard cock inside....No! She wouldn't think of it. All her friends would think she was a freak. And Ethan would leave her. When she gets into the bathroom, she glances up in the mirror. Her cheeks are flushed. Hazel eyes cloudy to match the wildly tossed state of her moonbeam silver blonde hair. It looked just like she had sex. Heaven help her but she never had an orgasm during sex as hard as what she does during her dreams. She shakes the thoughts from her head and turns on the water, splashing the ice cold liquid across her face. It calms her some. The day passes without any particularly surprising events. She pulls up in her driveway pleased that shes been able to keep her mind under control. Then she looks up and sees her neighbor walking towards her with his large labrador on a leesh. The black short-haired dog trots elegantly beside him. A beautiful creature. Caprice suddenly feels anxious as she gets out of her car and realizes that her neighbor is approaching her. "Hey Caprice! Geez, I hate to ask this of you...But me and the wife are leaving tonight going on a trip. Its kind of a surprise and we didn't have time to set up for someone to take care of Apollo. Is there anyway you could keep him for a few days?"He holds out the leash for her to take. Caprice looks at the offered leash, then looks at the patient and soulful eyes of Apollo. The feeling of a long tongue plunging inside of her flashes through her mind. Then she is looking up in the waiting eyes of her neighbor. Time to make a decision.... ((Next part coming out soon!))
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