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Jen was approaching her vet office and looked back to see how Lucky, her Great Dane was reacting. He was about 1 1/2 yrs old now and had been so well trained in his discipline classes. He sat there watching the scenery pass as they entered the parking lot. Jen got out and opened the back door of her SUV and commanded him to come out and heel. Lucky responded like she knew he would, very well trained indeed.They entered the office reception area and were greeted by Sally, the receptionist. She got up and came around her desk and said "Lucky, this is going to be your lucky day. Something new for you that you will luv". Jen thought it was an odd statement as she had brought Lucky there to breed another dane that the vet wanted a litter from. Ken, the Vet sold danes as part of his practice. And he always picked from the best of the ones who he had sold before, and Lucky had great musculature, markings, poise, and disposition so he had asked Jen if she wanted to have him be a stud for fee. Ken told her she could watch if she wanted to. He had an observation room with one way glass so they wouldn't be inhibited in the breeding process. Ken came into the reception area and said "Hi Jen, ready to watch your magnificant stud do his thing?" Jen smiled and said "I am really excited to watch him. I have never seen it done completely before, just some stray dogs going at it in heat without much success.""Come along then. Lucky, heel." he commanded and Lucky went to him and followed him thru a door and down a hallway. At one point he stopped and told Jen, "go in this room jen and relax. I will get things moving in an adjoining room." Jen entered the room and sat in a lounge chair close to the window that she assumed was the one way mirror. She saw Ken and Lucky enter a room and ken released Lucky from his heel. Lucky pranced around looking sniffing and getting aquainted. Ken left the room and returned in a couple minutes with a wnderful looking dane in tow. He released her and left the room and came back in the observation room to join Jen. The dogs were checking each other out. Lucky was sniffing all around the bitch. Soon he was at her rear and was sniffing and licking. The tip of his cock appeared from his sheath, so pink and wet looking. He mounted the bitch and tried to get inside with firm thrusts but missed his mark. He dismounted and again they were snifing each other and again Lucky went to the rear of the bitch and licked more. Then he mounted again and thrust his loins forward and it was apparent he had entered his bitch. He was thrusting vigorously and grasped the loins of the bitch while pounding her. There was a sudden lurch and Jen asked "What just happened. Why did Lucky lurch like that?"Ken replied, "He just got the knot inside the bitch. Now they are tied and will be for many minutes, maybe as long as 8 to 10 or as little as 4 to 6." "And the bitch can't get away?" Jen asked, and Ken said "No not with the knot inside. they will fuck until Lucky is done." Jen watched in facination, watching Lucky humped more with shorter strokes. "he is now fucking without resistance from his bitch" Ken said. Jen was so facinated by the event taking place before her and felt a stirring in her loins that was like nothing she had felt before. She wondered why it was so intense. It was just her dog fucking a bitch, but it seemed so personal. It continued for a good 10 minutes and then Lucky dismounted. His huge cock hung down from his hips and it was wet and purplish in color. The knot was also visible and was huge, as big as a lemon or small orange. Jen stared with awe "Damn, look at that huge cock.Are all danes that well hung?" she asked. "That is pretty close to what all danes look like but Lucky may be a bit bigger." Ken replied. "They will lick and clean themselves off now. Then I will separate them.""Oh I would like to find a man who could fuck me like that. Why can't a man fuck as long and as hard, and why don't they all have cocks as magnificant as Lucky's?" "Well" Ken said, "some gals don't even look for men to look as good or preform as well as their dog. They take things into their own hands.""What do you mean Ken?" she asked, "Are you telling me there is a way to make a man preform like that I don't know about?" "No not that at all. I just said they do what some might not think of and get the results they desire." "And what is that?" Jen asked. "They learn to have their dogs themselves." Ken said. Jens jaw dropped open and she gasped "Oh God, you mean they actually get fucked like your bitch just did?" "Yes, it does happen. There is a whole community of people into beastiality. More that you might imagine." Jens mind was racing now at the images going thru her mind. How would it feel and how could it be done, she thought. "Have you seen it Ken?" she asked. "Yes I have and I do have some videos of it" he replied."Can I see it Ken. I promise not to tell anyone about it. Please." "Well I do trust you Jen, so if you want to see it I will let you. Just sit back down in the chair and I will go to my office and put a video in the VCR. You will see it on the monitor on the far wall." Ken left and Jen sat down,. Soon the screen came alive and the video showed a young gal sitting by a big dog that looked like a dane. The gal was nude and she was petting the dog as she smiled at the camera. Soon she was stroking the dog close to it cock and the tip appeared. The gal bent down and licked the tip slowly, then more vigorously. The cock grew and grew and Jen could feel her loins stirring again. She let her fingers creep down to the hem of her short skirt and then go under to her thong. She sllipped it aside so she could manipulate her clit. On the screen the girl now had the dogs cock fully extended from the sheath and it was purplish in color like Lucky's had looked after breeding the bitch earlier. the gal got on all fours and the dog mounted her. humping and getting inside her cunt with ease. He thrust so hard he almost knocked the smallish gal off her knees but he also wrapped his forelegs around her hips to pull her closer. Then a big thrust and Jen figured the knot was inside her cunt now. The camera angle changed to show the dogs cock completely inside her cunt and then showed her face. There was complete and utter pleasure as well as pure lust showing on her face. The coupling lasted for what seemed like hours but it was enough time for Jen to cum from her manipulations of her clit. It was an orgasm better than she had felt for some time and she wondered if it was because of the dog fuck video. The dog dismounted and the camera showed the rush of dog cum running down her thighs. Then the gal turned and started sucking the dogs huge purple cock, and it was still cumming and it was running down her chin now. Again Jen felt an erotic sensual tingle in her loins because of what she was watching and she came again herself. Her entire body was shaking now and she no longer wondered about the source of her experience being so physically and mentally complete. Never in her life had she felt the thrills of an orgasm like these.Ken entered the room as she was straightening up and looked at her slyly. "Well, what did you think of that.?" Jen knew exactly what her response was without thinking she said "Can I have Lucky fuck me like that?" Ken said. "Yes it is possible. Do you want to train him for that?" "Yes, Ken, I want to fuck my Lucky. Help me to do that please!" (well that 's the end of part one - anyone want more??)
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