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"Horse Experience-Part 2"It was a sunny day and a Saturday so I got to be alone with Swift again.I went into the barn and opened his stall door to find him waiting for me..his slave.Like any good slave would do,I took my clothes off and knelt before himoffering myself to him. As if he had grown ten times smarter, he suddenlyput his hoof to my mouth knocking me backwards. He forced me to lick thebottom of it clean which I started doing. Uhh,I said,looks like he steppedin shit last night. I licked around the edges making sure to get all theshit and dirt out of his hoof as possible. When I was done, he locked lipswith me and I sighed in content as we engaged in a long passionate kiss.His big equine lips easily covered my own smaller one and he began lickingmy face with his huge saliva dripping tongue coating my lips and facereally good. He licked my face as I felt the warm spongy thing slop acrossmy face.He stopped suddenly and I saw that his penis was erect. I got up andstarted to go over to his side but I slipped on some of his horse dung andhit my head. Doozy, I saw him put the meancing now fully erect jet blackpenis at the hole of my mouth. Wanting to sexually arouse himself,he letloose the golden flow of piss straight into my mouth which I took the fullforce of. It went down like a waterfall off a cliff and continued. Thepiss was good in a erotic yet tasty way. The smell of it was intoxicatingand hard to resist though I couldn't fathom why I would ever want too.Swift then started to force his penis down my throat slowly but surely. Hehumped in and out,humping and pissing at the same time amazingly. I got allexcited and didn't want him to stop at all. Suddenly though, he stopped. Ididn't know why,but he took his penis out of my mouth and just stood thereas though he was waiting for something.I got up and his ass was facing me. Then I got an idea of what he wanted. Iwent over to his ass and lifted the tail to see that butt hole was in needof cleaning. I got to work right away and started licking away at the brownand yellow shit all over his hole. Mmmm,I said to myself,that's good. Ilicked up and down and into the hole tasting the horse's delightfuldung. Swift's ass cheeks wiggled around as I licked in and out of hisasshole and served him like a good slave.Swift's asshole then expanded unexpectedly and his dung came pouring outinto my mouth! I didn't try to spit it out though...I let the dung pourinto my mouth however but I soon found out it was too much for me and letthe rest of it fall onto the hey covered floor.I chewed the brown pasty stuff and swallowed leaving a brown stain on mytongue. I looked at the inviting asshole and then looked at my unattendedpenis that was erect. I looked up and Swift wiggled his ass cheeks atme. He then rubbed his butt against my body and I got all aroused evenmore. I hugged Swift's ass and I got a stool to stand on.I took my penis and started to hump in and out of Swift's hot and gooeyrump enjoying every moment. I humped into the ass enjoying the feeling ofbeing in this horse. I sighed in content and feel on the rump of this horselaying down to rest. Little did I know what he had in store for me next...To Be Continued...
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