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One day in 2600,tech. is so high that we can make things appear in a split second,but we let tech. drive to far and we will suffer...(everyones talking)...and thats how we do it"said the lab worker"is it dangerous to make animals smart enough to fight with there minds"?[everyone is laughing] "no no and this is why...(talks about it alot)meanwhile, a retarded guy gets to the labs and makes the horses have an i.q of 1000 "...and thats why"said the l.w "wtf is happening"?!?horses all around the world have become smarter,killing anyone who dosent comply to them,with telekenetic powers. I was one of the lucky ones,i hid well and could call for help...but it was too late,the military has been destroyed!it was no use,i was found and captured by the horses,and the knocked me out.{day two}i woke up,my head sore from the blow,then i quickly remembered what had happened and i found my self with my mouth over a stallions cock!i tried to move my arms,but the were deep in the bungholes of horses.the stallion said"start sucking my cock"i was surprised and remembered how the can kill u with there mind,so i unhappily sucked his cock.i was cummed all over and pissed on.i was groaning,and thought the worst was over,ya of the leaders came up to me and sentenced me to death,i was scared outa my mind,but the jury disagreed and decided i was going to be a sex slave to jacob and mary,a stallion and mare.i was pulled to there stable(which was huge by the way)and jacob asked mary to leave.i sat there infront of an arabion stallion,and he told me to go into a corner,i did and he walked to me and turned around,lifted his tail,and stuck his ass on my face.i gagged and couldnt breathe,and was releced and he put his bung hole over my mouth and said"lick me clean".his crap tasted awful and i couldnt take it,i broke into a cry and stopped. apperently this horse had no remorse and he kicked me across the faced,and i was unconscies again.{day 3}i woke up in some crap and got up,no one was around,and the door was open!this was my chance at freedom and i ran as fast as i could.i ran out and saw mary's asshole and i ran so fast i couldnt stop,and i was headfirst in a mares ass.she wouldnt let me go and forced me to go with her.she realeced me and i fell onto jacobs stomach,and was told to suck his cock. i did and i was cummed,but it went down my mouth this time! after he cummed,he made me turn my ass toward him,and he fucked me!i was so tired and hurt that i went out,again{final day}i woke up in shit again,and this time i was with mary the whole day.she made me fuck her(which was pleasent,surprisingly) and i was brought to court yet again.this time i was put to death,and the decided to shove me up the largest horses ass!they did that,and i died.The end.Note:this is my second story,and this is a long one to Note:Please give me good reviews
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