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My first post ... thought I'd share my fantasies with you all I have several , all horsey and on a similar theme ...I'd like to somehow be bought / abducted / otherwise gained advantage of by a woman / owner who would think of me as an animal ... keep me in a stable , naked except for horsetack and rugs ... and treat me as she would the real ponies.I'd be fed , watered , groomed , wormed , vaccinated ... exactly as a horse would.I'd either be :A foal ( colt or filly ) ... made to suckle from a real mare and become a real foal ... relying on my dam's milk for my survival and being taught how to behave by being nipped / kicked by the mare as well as being nuzzled and licked A mare OR stallion OR both ... depending on the whim of my owner I'm a straight male in RL ... and would never consider a gay relationship ....but ... well.... a stallion ... thats a different matter entirely Would be made to service mares / or BE serviced totally naturally I'd be freezemarked / branded / ID chipped as appropriate and called by a suitable equine name . I'd be hosed down regularly and encouraged to be a good horsie with kind words and mints ... but would never be allowed to speak - just equine noises .Would'nt mind if my dam or mate was pony / donkey / horse or zebra as long as they were equine
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