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This is my first story here, i just thought maybe i would post one that i liked an idea of and not to mention the idea of a huge Lycan taking a female vampire ^.^ if i get many replies ill do the part two i was hoping for Enjoy ^.^Part 1 The background and the DreamThe war had spilled into the streets centuries back, but now it seemed other sects, clans and coverns among the Vampire and Lycan (werewolf) empires had stopped fighting. Each day rumours were heard of a serum that stopped "The Thirst" and for both empires it seemed, the war would slow to a standstill. Evidence in the north below canada, had shown alliances were being made for peace between Vampires and Lycans. Other sects and clans had made the serum illegal and anyone known to take it were condemned to death.This story truly begins with a beautiful Vampire warrior named Y'utra one of the best in her clan, she was now condemned to death for taking the serum believing the war to be over. She stood up at her trial screaming "The war?! what would you of the council know of the war! it has ended! word has spread of alliances and we should do the same!" She was to continue until she smelled something she hadn't smelt for 100 years, her master walked by the council and up to his childe, she would not dare say anymore and felt fear rush her for the first time. His voice seemed distant in many ways for a hall that would echo it."Those clans, will be dealt with my childe" He moved and sat by her, his aura noticeable only to her. She submitted to silence in front of her master often, his powers were far beyong the others she had seen in the covern.The decision was made and she could not fight to change it, accepting it was the best possible choice knowing she would not be tortured like the others. She was given the chance to talk to her friend who wished to see her so desperatly, yet she said no, but even a no didn't stop her friend Yumi charging several guards to get to her shouting her name."Y'utra!!"Y'utra had seen that look of desperation before when Yumi had seen a male vampire trying to seduce Y'utra. Yumi was now asking questions and telling her how much she loved her. She finally calmed Yumi down and told her not to worry, as Yumi was about to answer Y'utra nodded, she knew what that meant, usually when Y'utra nodded staring deep it meant there was something going to happen and she could feel it. They held hands and said a short "see you soon" as the guards glared at Yumi who was sticking her tounge out at them, and continued taking her to the main hall ready for transfer to the temple. The temple was like a huge castle or church, the biggest difference being it was designed with one great hall and a circular shape above that would open on command, pouring sunlight directly to the centre of the hall for an obvious purpose and effect.The drive seemed to take a long time, with which she felt like she was being watched. She turned to the guards in the car, none of them could care less of her beauty or what she had to say as they were trained not to care or get involved. She turned to the window of the car feeling contempt to just watch the blur of humans and life go by, she liked watching the sky usually at night. The car had stopped at some stop lights in an abandoned part of the city, her heart began to beat harder and she couldn't understand why. Suddenly she knew she was being watched and looked up in the direction her senses told her, there on the roof of an old apartment building was the biggest Lycan she had ever seen, even in battle she had never seen such a strong legged and muscular Lycan, it was staring right at her she could feel his eyes, her head was spinning. She swore she could see a grin on his face when the strong Lycan tilted his head at her before jumping from the roof tops landing in front of the car, smashing the front hood of the cars metal to pieces, the guards had leaped out quickly and all Y'utra heard was silence. She looked up seeing the Lycan still standing in the street, climbing out she saw what had happened to the guards. The Lycan moved grabbing the shaking beautiful warrior, she thought this was it it's all over, instead she felt herself jerked and lifted as the Lycan held her by the waist jumping back to the roof tops. She felt herself moving at incredible speed through the air and lost consciousness.The dream...Y'utra saw Yumi lying on the bed squirming around trying to sleep, she knew all Yumi needed was someone to cuddle while she was sleeping, she decided to take off her cloak and warrior suit sliding it down her smooth colorful legs. She had only just come back from buying and drinking the new serum, she felt for the first time cold. She shivered and walked over to Yumi's bed staring down at her as she watched Yumi wake grinning and guesturing her to climb in. Y'utra climbed under the held up sheets and open arms giggling at her neediness for a cuddle, as soon as she felt Yumi's body press against her with Yumi embracing the need to cuddle, she felt so warm as if she had just been out feeding. Yumi and Y'utra neither felt or needed "The Thirst" to satisfy their hunger anymore, they had both taken the serum now (which only needed to be taken oncein a Vampire or Lycan's lifetime), they felt happy to never need to kill satisfy that empty hunger they felt again. Yumi sighed at how happy she was to feel another with her, Y'utra stroked her hair wondering what Yumi was thinking about. Suddenly she felt Yumi's hand slowly running along up and down Y'utras warm body, Y'utra gasped turning to look in friends eyes. Yumi wasn't blushing at all, her hand moving, feeling, searching for somewhere warm and soft to stay. Her hand had started massaging Y'utras breasts that were already perked up from sudden arousal, Yumi giggled whispering. "mmm, see even you cant hold back" She held her close by her breast, still massaging so gently while her free hand moved down Y'utras red hot body to between her thighs..Continued... ^.^if anyone wants to know, the story will get to the Lycans and female vampires and even im getting impatient of my own story ^.^ tell me what you think and ill do a part 2 ^.^
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