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ENJOY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lord Siris' Castle - Version 2.1c By SwampRat & Redvane Foxfur© 1990 The Brotherhood of Pan 1991, 1993 The Rashathran SocietyPart 1 - "Arrivals and Discoveries" -----------------------------------Rujub stood panting, the castle finally in sight. For the hundredth time he rubbed the bag tiedto his chest, both for reassurance and to make sure it was still there. Even though his legsached, his shirt torn so much he almost wore strips of cloth, Rujub could not stop now. TheShadeem would not wait. Just a ways more...Resolutely he stepped out onto the wide path, continuing onward into the waning sun.Could it have been only a week ago that Rujub worked in the fields, tending the crops. A runnercame in and fell in the middle of the square, gasped something and was carried into the hut ofthe Village Elder. A little while later Rujub and all the others were called into the villageto gather by the well. There was much agitated shuffling, mutterings of dare tidings among theolder folk. The Elder confirmed their worst suspicions, saying that the runner had bad news.The Shadeem were on the move again; they had already destroyed Murra, and Fendd Villages. Therewas some panic, but all stood firm. The Elder then asked them to get ready and called Rujubinto his hut. There he explained that they needed the help of the wizard, who lived in the FarPlains, beyond the forest. "You leave in the morning..."The young man slept well that night, proud to be chosen. He rose early making his preparationsto leave. His mother gave him a sack with enough food to last a week as his father lookedsternly at him but concern showed through the mask."You will do good," He grinned."I will make you proud, Father!" Rujub felt as though he could have burst with the pride thatfilled him. His father clasped his arm in farewell, then hugged his son and turned so that hemight not see the tear in his eye, though Rujub knew.At last he went to the hut of the Elder. There Rujub was shown how to find the Castle and apouch that clinked."This is the entire wealth of the Village," the elder told the young man, "Twenty Gold Pieces.Buy the wizard's services with them. Remember, we only have four Moons before the Shadeem gethere. You must get the wizard to come by then."Then he was off. Off on an important mission, an adventure! At least it felt like an adventureuntil he fell into the lake... was scratched terribly by bushes... slept out in the cold... buthe was his father's son and he would do it. Six days later he walked towards the forebodingCastle, not longer sure he wanted anything to do with this wizard. * * *As he drew closer he saw a large deer standing in the gateway, looking at him. The buck watchedhim make his way towards the bridge and Rujub eyed him warily. This must be a powerful wizardindeed who could command the creatures of the forest to his gate."Halt!"The young man stood, peering into the shadows, trying to see who spoke."I come from Village Oltdakn... I wish to speak with the wizard," He wished he felt as brave ashis words sounded.The huge stag snorted and stepped forward, "And why should you be allowed to see his Lordship?"This time there was no mistaking where that voice came from. The buck shook his antlers, andlooked at the human. Nerves already frayed by his first journey away from home, Rujub found hiscontrol slipping."Bbb.. Because...""Not good enough! If you can't give me a reason, I am not going to let you in."This was too much for the lad, all of sixteen summers old. He started to sob. "Because Ourvillage is in trouble, and I hav'ta do good for Father, and this is my first time from home,and..." Rujub felt his legs turn weak, all this way, all the hopes of the village with him andhe hadn't even made it through the wizard's front gate. How could he, a boy from a littlevillage hope to gain an audience with a mighty mage who could even make animals talk! He feltthe ground come up to him and his knees buckled."Shit!" The deer mumbled under his breath and trotted up to the youth, who was now sitting inthe road, crying. "Now, Now, Come on.... I'll let you in, Don't cry..." A splash came from thelarge moat that surrounded the castle walls."Did it again, didn' cha, thick-head."The buck turned. "Go suck on your tail, horse-face!" He retorted at the voice.Rujub looked up. There was another talking animal on the shore, teasing the stag with awhinnying laugh. The lad forgot to cry. "A horse..." He had seen a horse once, a long time ago.Some important person had come through the village, and he was riding on a horse... The youngman got up and stood transfixed as the large grey stallion walked up to him. The deer lookeddisgusted but Rujub was elated. He gingerly reached out a hand and found the animal was real.He stroked the long muzzle, and giggled when a wet nose nuzzled his crotch."He's a Kelpie, a water horse, and he's a pain," The stag announced wearily. "Well, you can'tsee the master looking like that. Go wash yourself," he ordered; a command but with a kindliervoice this time.The young man made his way over to the circle of water, pulled what was left of his shirt off,knelt down to clean the dust of the road from him in the cool moat water.Two jaws bounced off the grass."Just look at the size of that whanger..." A black tongue slid across the long fangs of thekelpie's mouth.The deer grunted. "He's almost as big as you are."The Kelpie grimaced. "I still have another hour of guard duty. Then me and wunna themover-sexed bulls are gonna recharge the generator. Wanna watch?"The buck snorted. "Hell, I may help you!" The water-horse laughed, which died to a chokedgrunt, as the lad turned around, his 11-inch cock semi-erect."How's this?" The deer finally gasped out, "Fine.. Just fine..." The young man picked up histattered shirt, just to have it taken from his hand, by a pair of sharp antlers and tossed toone side. "You will get new clothes. Inside..."He nodded in the direction of the gateway and panted, watching the firm butt wiggle as thehuman walked into the shadows. "One'll get you ten he's a virgin..."The buck snorted, and eyed the thick horse cock that swayed under the animal. "Liked him didya..."The kelpie grunted. "What's not to like? He's male... and Male.." They both grinned. "AndMale!!!"The deer sighed. "I guess I'd better go find the lad before one of those twinky 'taurians doesor the boss will have my tail in more ways than one." He turned and scooping up the dirtycloth, trotted back into the gate, while the monster outside pawed at the turf, then jumpedback into the moat, hoping to find a water-dragon to help soothe his aching hardon. * * *Rujub didn't know it but he was causing quite a commotion. As he passed stalls of animals aripple effect ran behind him: jaws dropped, mouths salivated, whispered comments involving hismaleness and various bodily orifices swirled around."Another Horse!" Rujub uttered. Never had he seen such wealth, to own two horses - this wizardmust be rich indeed. He stopped by a corral where a huge stallion stood. He snorted and slowlyclopped over to the awe-struck boy. The animal outside wasn't one-third as big as this monsterwho gently nuzzled his crotch. He giggled, not understanding why all the fuss about that whichhung between his legs. The horse lifted its muzzle and pressed it against an outstretched hand."You're huge..." Rujub managed to say at last."Thank Ye, Laddie." Having an animal speak to him didn't faze the lad. He'd tried talking tothe few dogs, cow's and sheep that the village owned and even though they never said a word hestill tried. The buck trotted over to them."So, you've met Robert." The boy stood admiring the stallion."He's so big..." Robert smiled, and the buck coughed. "I bet he could plough a lot offurrows..."The horse rolled his eyes and shook his mane, holding down a laugh. "That I have, Laddie, ThatI have.." He chuckled, winking at the deer."Come on. You wanted to see The Master and we still have to get you something to wear."The youth nodded. "Bye, Mr. Robert. Maybe I can see you later." "Maybe we can talk aboutploughing your field," the horse replied.Rujub frowned, confused. "But I don't own any land.."The horse snorted and bit his lip. "You don't need any!"The boy looked even more puzzled and turned to ask the buck what he meant. The animal chewed ona fore-leg. "Fleas, Huh? I get 'em too." He followed the stag, who still shook his antlers,through a doorway, down a long corridor and into a room. * * *"This is where you will stay.""A Bed!" Rujub exclaimed, gingerly touching it as if it might disappear.Feras the Deer grimaced, life in this human's village must be very poor indeed. "And overhere," the deer opened a tall box, "are clean robes." He turned and grinned at the youth,snoozing on the floor, then went over and gently prodded the young man's side. "Up, Up... Bedsare for sleeping, floors are for having sex upon!"The boy sleepily crawled up onto the soft wool blanket. "What's sex?"The buck shook his head again and looking skyward, mouthed 'Why Me?' "You'll find out in themorning...""Will you teach me?" Rujub asked half-sleepily.The animal gritted his teeth. "With any luck, yes...""Good. Father says to ask if you don't know. That way you learn..." A hand pressed against thefurry neck, then fell as its owner practically passed out. The buck stomped a fore-hoof. Thislittle son-of-a-human was giving new meaning to the phrase 'Blue Balls'! Hind legs making widesteps, he closed the door, then went over to the wardrobe, and removed a cloth robe.That should fit him... Unhhhh! He stood there, the clothing forgotten. For rising like a snakein a patch of brown grass, was the youth's penis, swaying, almost beckoning. The stag'scounterpart sprang to full hardness while his enlarged pair of testicles expanded even more.The buck knew he had to get his rocks off, Now! But how...His eyes focused on the outstretched hand. He'd been jacked-off plenty of times. In fact morethan once he wished he had hands so he could feel up a cock; not that he minded how they feltsliding down his throat or under his tail... That ripped it! Walking with stilted back legs hemade his way over to the human. He squatted and rubbed his aching testicles against thetoughened skin if his hand that slumped beside the sleeping lad. Manoeuvring his hips the buckslid his slick penis across the leathery palm. The boy sighed and grabbed him, making the buckshiver. He folded his fore-legs up, placing them on the tan thighs, and lapped at the smoothtip of the monster swaying in front of him. The young man moaned and squeezed on the handful ofcock, making the deer's hind legs dance a bit. He slavered over the dick, until it was shinyand wet with spit. Gently humping the rough hand he opened his mouth and swallowed thepurplish, plum-shaped head. It swelled in his mouth, exciting the animal even more. The bucklet out a growl of lust and continued sucking down the thick shaft until it pressed against theback of his throat. His nostrils dilated wide, scant inches from the thick patch of hair.He whimpered, then took a breath and pressed his muzzle into the wonderfully scented mass. Theanimal had to bend his neck but it was worth it. He exhaled warm steam around the thick stalk,then burying his nose into the swelling testicle sack inhaled the heady aroma of young malemusk. The hand that was gently pressing his penis started pulling on it, squeezing the root andsliding forward. 'Oh, Shit, he must be dreaming of milking a cow...' Feras chuckled. 'I'll givehim some cream alright...' Then his eyes crossed as the balls slapped his nose and sweetboy-cum splashed down his throat. Strong throat muscles clutched at the spurting cock,harvesting all the rich scum they could, trying to pull it even deeper. His own orgasm made hishead swim. Teeth bit into the thick root, and the deer moved up, stripping out everythingpossible. He lapped gently on the head, rocking his hips, letting the last of his orgasm wearitself off. Reluctantly the buck let the shrinking dick slip from his mouth and placed itagainst one thigh with a nudge of his nose, pausing to lap up all his cream off the boy'sflesh. Hmmm, didn't the Kelpie say he was going over to The Wheel, after duty? The thought ofthat big, black cock swaying under the monster made him all the more horny.Maybe he would go help recharge the generators... Making sure the human was still asleep andputting the robe over a chair, he went out into a hall, and re-closed the door. Glancing at thesundial as he made his way to the throne room told the buck he had just enough time to make hisreport and meet the Water-Horse in the Power Room. Knowing Stillwater's preferences, he shouldhave a thick, bull-cock sliding under his tail in a little while... * * *The boy awoke to a rooster's crow. At least that's what it sounded like. The lizard-man cuppedits scaled hands and blowing through them made another call while a ram nursed on its long,grey penis through the rails. The creature then pulled back, much to the disgust of the sheep,and moved on down to the next stall and another eager mouth. But Rujub didn't see any of this,he was too busy trying to figure out who or what was rubbing him up, and down, payingparticular attention to his mid-section, which ached strangely. The bright morning light shoneupon a being that stood on two hooves and looked like a cow but the pendulum that swung betweenits legs didn't look like any milk-sack he had ever seen... and a bright red snake swayedslowly back-and-forth above them. Then the way too large door swung open and something entered.Even though the being wore a simple brown robe, royalty cloaked it. The eyes were blue, fleckedwith silver and had triangular pupils. The scales on the six-finge red hand gleamed in thelight like miniature prisms."Poof, I asked you to watch him..."Strong white teeth gleamed in a brown jaw. "Oh, But I Am, Sire..."A forked tongue appeared for a moment, then vanished, which seemed to make the man-bull weaken,for his legs bent."Good morning Lad, I am Siris. Welcome to my abode... Do you hunger?"The boy's stomach growled in response and Rujub blushed. "Feras," The buck who'd looked afterhim the day before came into the room, "Please make our guest welcome. When he has beenattended to, Poof will show him to our table." The dragon left, taking the Minotaur with him.The youth stretched and grinned. "You're Feras..." the animal bowed, bending one fore-leg, "I'mRujub. Will you teach me about sex now?" The buck had walked over to a large stone tub andmanipulating two stone-rings was running water into it. He damn near fell in.."What?!?"Rujub walked over to the wide-eyed animal and stroked the fur on it's back, then splashed inthe water. "What's this?"Feras, glad of any distraction, grunted; "Your bath..."The boy went pale. Then he grabbed at one thin leg frantically. Sobs started to come out ofhim. Slowly at first, then harder and faster, until the lad was sitting on the floor, crying."What is it now?" More sobs. 'Homesickness?' The buck nuzzled him on the shoulder and a pair ofvery strong arms latched onto his neck again. Feras found himself with his nose pressed againsta semi-erect cock, still seeping pre-cum, while its owner wetted the fur on his shoulder. Hegave it a lick."It's alright... Stop crying, and get into the tub.. You don't want to miss breakfast, do you?"The lad, still sobbing, allowed the animal to steer him into the warm water and show him how touse a scrub brush. Feras got out another robe since the one he had lain out was getting verywet and pulled out a towel. "Out you get lad," Feras said when the boy had scrubbed the grimefrom himself. He stepped out of the bathtub and hugged Feras again; eleven inches of hardnessslid across the inside of one thigh as the lad hugged the animal's haunches."You going to teach me about sex now?"The buck ground his teeth together. "Maybe after you eat..." He finally managed. The hardonthrobbed against the deer's hide."Promise?"Much more of this, and he was going to [CENSOR] the human... "I promise," he hissed, voice huskywith lust. "Now you get dressed and go eat. I'll stay here and wait for you..." The boysqueezed his sides, then let go, and pulled on the robe. Poofenrarer came into collect him.Poof was a minotaur. A Bull-Man. That was easier to say. Poof had big brown eyes and funnyfeet, and laughed a lot. He had 2 Gold rings, one in each ear and a silver one in his nose.The minotaur lead him into a room, with a big table. "Gee," he gasped, then saw the horse hehad met yesterday, except this time he had hands and was standing. He waved to the Kelpie. Poofwalked him up next to the big chair where the big lizard sat; Siris, lord of the castle. Hebowed, like his father taught him to do, in case company came."Good Harvest, Sir."A rumbling answer. "And to you, Kind Sir. Will you join us in our humble repast?"The lad's eye shone brightly, proud to be treated like an adult. "I would be honoured to."Bread and cheese made its way around. "We do not eat meat here," Siris said.Rujub nodded, taking some of the interesting green leaves, that steamed so nicely. "We have acow.. The pride of the family." Rujub made an attempt at small talk."Indeed?" Siris nodded."Father says maybe if we get a good crop, he may be able to get another.." The boy waited for amoment. "Do you wish me to say the prayer?"The dragon's eyes glittered. "If you like..."Now he was glad Father had made him study the village customs so hard. The prayer was simple,Giving thanks, and asking for good health. "Akish!" He said, clapping his hands."Long life!" They chorused.He looked at the things by his plate. The boy rubbed a horsy thigh. "Forgiveness for myignorance, Great One. What are these?"The kelpie grinned. "I am Stillwater, man-child. Nuisances..." He whispered back. "A Fork isused to pick up things too hot to handle. The spoon is used to shovel things. A cup, you drinkout of it. Forget the knife, Easier to bite." Long fangs bit a potato in half, offered the lada piece. He took it with thanks. So many new things...He was careful to leave some for the later meal and was told when he asked for a cloth to wrapit up in not to bother; there would be two more meals that day and he would be at both. Rujubwanted to tug at the Wizard's cloak, but didn't want to seem forward. Besides, he was stillmore than a little scared."What is it, Rujub?" The eyes reflected his face.. "Your sack of Gold is still in the room. Andyou may return with it." The boy's face fell. Struggled to keep his voice firm."Then you will not help us?" It didn't surprise the lad that the Wizard knew his name, hispurpose. He was, after all, A wizard."I did not say that. Let me think on it."The boy wanted to protest, to say time was short but didn't. "I thank you for your Table. Mayit ever be full." He bowed, disappointed. Then brightened. The Wizard hadn't said No...Poof led him back to his room. "Feras is going to teach me about sex." The minotaur almostbroke his neck. Rujub was amazed. He had never seen anyone do a somersault before, let alone astutter-step.The buck opened the string-handled door. "What in the... Poof! I might have known. Showing offagain, eh? One of these days, you are going to hurt yourself. Come on lad. I think I foundsomething you will fit into." He shook his head, and closed the door behind the youth. * * *On the bed was a pair of pants, and a shirt. Rujub dropped his robe, felt the cloth. Then heturned towards the Buck and smiled.Feras grunted. "Alright, I will teach you... Ummm... Have you ever seen animals mate?"The youth thought... "Mate? Oh, jump on each other. Yes. The dogs sometimes jump up on thesheep..." Feras snorted. "And did a calf ever come up to you, wanting to suckle? Wanting... Oh,Milk!" He laughed."Yes. But I chase them back to their mothers. I have no milk..."Feras groaned inwardly, how naive can you get? "Look, I am going to suck on your cock... Yes,that."The boy grabbed his lengthy maleness. "Why?"The buck stamped a hoof. "Do you want to learn about sex or not?""Sorry," The boy whispered, chastised."Hmmpf. Now, lie on the bed, watch and learn..."He nosed the young man's hand to one side and licked on the cock-head."It tickles..." Rujub giggled. "Do I do this to you?"The deer growled. "Perhaps later... Right now, just learn." He swallowed the plum-colored tip,salivating over it. Feras slowly moved his muzzle down then back up the thick cock-stalk. Theyouth watched intently. That wasn't so hard. "Cum, Male!" The Buck growled around the mouthfulof penis. Hooves pawed at the testicles.Rujub found it harder to concentrate. An itch ran up his nuts. "I'm going to..." Whatever thelad was going to went by the wayside as orgasm virtually blew him away. The deer, on the otherhand, thought he was going to drown in sweet boy-semen. The cock swelled in his throat andjetted ejaculate into his stomach, poured thick cream over the furiously lapping tongue asFeras pulled up. He managed to get it all, panting between gulps. With a contented sigh he layhis head on the tanned leg, lapping gently on the plum-shaped tip. It jerked and he lost it."Wow... Was that Sex? Are you OK?" His hand caressed Feras' neck."Yes," The stag gasped, "Now help me up." The young man stood, put his shoulder against a whiteside, and pushed. The Buck shook his head, and blinked. "Re... Ready to continue?"The boy looked elated. "There's more?"The animal gasped. 'He'll be the death of me... and what a way to go!' "Stand. Walk behindme... Now, lean over. Good... Mmmm. Now, grab your cock, and press it under my taiiiieeee!"Rujub pulled away. "Did I hurt you?"Feras snarled. "Put that back!" The boy complied, so hard he almost knocked the animal to itsknees. The Buck threw his head back, the log sliding to the hair in him. "Yessss! Now... *Unnh*Rub my back. Down my sides... Reach under my belly... Feel that? That's my maleness..." Heyelped as Rujub squeezed it tightly."Feels funny... What Do I... Milk It? I can do that!" He stroked the slick deer-cock,Rhythmically pulling on the red flesh. "Mmmmmove your hips... Back... Now in. Aaaa!! Don'tstop!! Harder! Fuck Me... Bugger Me... Ooooh Shit!!!" The deer bowed its furred back, Cumsquirting over the thick fingers. The youth grasped the slick penis, awed by what a few tugscould do. Then the itch under his nuts exploded and he groaned, his cock whitewashing the eageranimal's ass with cum. The Buck lay, head pressed to the cool wood, fore-legs crossed, eyesunfocused. Rujub continued stroking the thin deer-cock. Then he grinned, and pulling free, satin front of his teacher. "Wha.. *Yeeeep*" What the youth lacked in experience, he more thanmade up in enthusiasm.. Hands clinging to the furry thighs, the human leech slurped along thered penis. Feras felt his nuts expand again.. A hand grabbed them. 'Oh, Excrement!!' The Buckpassed out, multiple orgasms shredding his sanity. Rujub swallowed, rubbing his nose in thesoft belly fur of his first lover. He found the stuff that spurted out a bit thin for milk andfunny-tasting but nice all the same. And there was so much of it! He finished sucking on thestrange tit then patted the twin balls, and cleaned up.He finished sucking on the strange tit then patted the twin balls, cleaned up, got dressed anddecided to let his teacher slumber on. Now what to do?He opened the door, hoping to find Poof.. And almost ran over him, kneeling beside the woodendoor. The creature stood suddenly, red creeping up the brown neck. His robe ballooned out infront.. Rujub was too well-mannered to ask about it, even though curiosity made him gnaw at hislip. He closed the door quietly."The deer is sleeping. Can you show me around?"Poof nodded. He took the lad's hand and together they went exploring the castle. * * *The horny creature waited 3 whole rooms before asking how the young man liked his 'lesson'."Tiring, and strange." Rubjub replied, "But I liked it."Poof smiled and squeezed his hand and the lad's face brightened. "Can you teach me more?"Poof once again did a full-out back-slam into the stone, lay there for a few moments thenyelped as Rujub grabbed ahold of the long, red bull-cock sticking out of the robe. "What isthis called?" He stroked it, feeling the veins pulse under his fingers."It's a cock." The minotaur finally managed to spit out. His robe, its single button havingflown to parts unknown, fell the rest of the way open. Rujub ran a hand down the cock-stalk,rubbed the sheath and stroked the long scrotum."And these?" He fondled the heavy testicles."Balls," The bull-man hissed, clutching at the floor. "Lap on them.."The boy, curious, put one in his mouth. It swelled, tasting like leather and dust. He carefullypulled it out and sucked the other nut in; it too expanded. The 'cock' was seeping something...Gently putting the balls down he leaned over and at the animal's insistence licked theglistening flesh. It tasted much like the deer's milk, but stronger. He said so. The creaturelaughed. "Cock-Milk... Well, I never Thought of it as that before... Fits, though. It's called'Cum.'" So many new things to learn... The lad milked another nugget of warm 'Cum' out of thethick maleness. Suddenly, hands pulled him down and turned him around. His pants were opened,moved; a long tongue wrapped itself around his 'cock', pulling it into a warm mouth. Rujubgasped, feeling the hungry creature suck on him. So that's what those calves had wanted! Heleaned over, nibbling on the pointed tip, just like his teacher was doing to him.They nursed on each other's cocks for a while, Rujub trying to take as much of the minotaur'smonstrous red cock as he could, Poof grunting and slurping over the lad's lengthy penis. Thebull-man came, bellowing as best he could around his muzzle-full. Rujub swallowed as much as hecould but some escaped his mouth, to trickle down the long cock-stalk. "Ahhhh... Sooo nice!"The mintoaur lifted the lad off him and harvested the last drops himself. Then gave the lad anaffectionate pat on the behind. "We're not going to get much of the castle seen at this rate myfine fellow. Now come on, I've got something to show you."He seemed sad to watch the still hard maleness vanish behind the cloth. Even gave it a rub..Signing he led the way, telling the wide-eyed youth somethng about the castle and it's owner. * * *Feras moaned as the dragon's cock slipped into his tight ass for the second time that morning,it's slippery greased length filling his guts up with its hardness. Siris grunted and graspedthe stag's furry haunches with his clawed hands, massaging the tense muscles as his thick cockreamed the mammal's hole. The dragon ran his hands over the sweaty stag, back to his tail,pulling it up and across his back, looking down to his shimmering black cock. Slowly he easedit out of the deer's ass, watching it cling to the shiny skin, dark veins throbbing along it'slength as he pulled out to the pointed tip, then just as slowly eased the big cock back intothe tight stag, smiling as he heard Feras groan again."So what do you think of the young human?" He asked. He bent forward as he stroked in and hisforked tongue lapped at the stag's back."He's... interesting..." Feras gasped, shuddering as the twin forks wound around his dick,tugging on it.. Getting a pearl of pre-cum to bubble out. Lord Siris liked to have his peopledeliver their reports in a pleasurable manner. And Feras was most happy to deliver.."He's A little slow, but he learns quickly and..." The stag groaned as the swollen dragon'sballs slapped against his ass, "Soon.. Very soon now.. He's sincere about wanting to help hisvillage.. Ah.. Ah.." Fangs nibbled their way down the long deer-cock, while the ribbon-liketongue played with what still hid inside the furry sheath. The dragon-wizard hummedthoughtfully, leaving his dick deep in the stag's guts where it throbbed, the pleasure nearlycausing Feras to faint."And what do you think I should do?"Feras smacked his snout with a hoof. "Don't give me that! I came here looking for help.. Andgot a dick stuffed up my ass!"The dragon chuckled. "Are you complaining? Did you or did you not come here looking for amate?"The stag shuddered, as his lover and master humped him. "Nnnnn, No Complaintsss.. Aaaaaaa!" Theclawed paws had latched onto his balls and were stroking them, squeezing gently, making themswell even more."I will help him and his people.. But right now, I think I shall help you cum." And did thebuck ever! A river of spunk jetted out of the fat nuts, to vanish down a hungry throat. Again,Feras shuddered, arching as he filled his lord's snout with warm spunk. "Ooooh.." One lastswipe by the prehensle tongue, and Siris let go. Pressed his scaly lips against the buck'sheaving flank. "That was most tasty.." A bowl of warm herb tea floated over, and the deergulped it down gratefully. Then grinned, wriggling his hips. "I Still have an hour before Irelieve the Gate-Guard.. Think we will have time?"Siris started to slide his juice coated cock in and out of the stag's clinging hole again, hispaws once more grasping the animal's hairy flanks. "Is the generator charged?" Feras grinned,his cock returning to it's erect state and slapping against his belly, remembering the nightbefore and the marathon orgy in the power room. "Oh yes Sire, as quite fully as I am."The dragon growled, slapping his butt. "Tease.." * * *Rujub was starting to feel rather worried. Poof the bull-man had lead him down a maze of darkcorridors into the bowels of the wizard's castle. Then had told him to sit beside this pool,"My Master bids me to get an item close by. I shall return in a minute." It seemed as thoughhe'd been gone for ages.Suddenly he heard the splash and ripples. Terrified, he turned to see a scaly head emerge fromthe pool, dripping water from horns and spines along it's head and neck.He gasped; a mere-dragon. Old Amos from the village told of his encounter with one when heserved in the king's militia against the Shadeem many years ago, he was the only survivor ofhis platoon. The scaled head drew closer, the rest of the dragon's dark body coming out of thewater after it; heavy claws scraped the edge of the pool as the monster pulled itself out ofthe water and stood dripping on the edge of the pool. It fixed the young man with baleful blackeyes. Rujub fought back a scream of terror, if he was going to die then at least he would dielike a man and not let his father down.The mere-dragon's head dropped closer, sniffing at him. "Male, most certainly male." Its voicebubbled deep inside his throat, "And I'm hungry for males. His nose nudged its way throughRujub's shirt, nibbling at the bumps on his chest. Then wetly nuzzled his crotch. Claws liftedthe lad up so the cloth could be removed and the reptile gasped as the maleness sprang outfull. "Nearly as long as my fore-leg from mid-palm to elbow.." It whispered, pressing it'sfore-paws to the maleness, hoping it wasn't dreaming.Rujub giggled as the water-dragon's warm, wet breath snuffled over his maleness, his fear ofthe huge beast slipping away. It seemed to him that all the creatures in the wizard's castlewere obsessed with this "sex" thing. Or at least His...A dry scaly tongue lapped tentatively at his cockhead, making him yelp a little bit. A bead ofprecum dripped from the tip and the beast licked it up eagerly. "More," it growled, almostpleadingly, the long talented tongue stroking him like nothing before, not even Feras or Poofsucked a cock like this. Rujub groaned, trying to hold on, preserve the pleasure. "More!" Thedragon insisted, his hot breath washing over the lad's balls. He couldn't hold back for anothersecond and with a moan he spurted hot cream into the dragon's throat. He felt weak at the kneesand staggered, great claws seized him and lowered him gently to the floor, whilst their owner'smouth slurped the last of the come from his balls. "Good..." the happy dragon burbled,"Good..."The lad passed out, feeling the tongue lap at his aching nuts.. * * *He awoke alone and cold.. "Wha..." Rujub heard a noise up ahead, a scraping of claw on stone, asighing howl of hunger like the wolves in winter when food was scarce. Slowly he staggered tohis feet.. Where was the mere-dragon? Where was Poof?? The sound came again, closer this time.Not knowing what else to do, Rujub put his shirt back on, and not findng his pants, movedtowards the source. There it was, up ahead, a shape in the semi darkness, like a man but likesomething else. He moved closer, saw the shaggy fur, the gleaming eyes . A werewolf.He stood in the narrow corridor, staring at the creature. The flickering light ran over itsbody, showing the animal to be totally naked and emphatically male! One paw stroked itserection while the other held onto the wall. Its eyes shone brightly, with perhaps a touch ofmadness.Rujub tried to unglue his feet from the floor, move his head, do something but those eyes heldhim to the spot. It growled, husky and low, then moved closer, it's topaz eyes still holdinghim prisoner. Not until it touched him did he move; but by then it was too late. One paw openedhis robe and the other, lightning-fast, wrapped long fingers around his testicles, then itgrabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, its fetid breath warmed his face for amoment, as it pushed its muzzle against him. It licked his lips and the paw down below dug intohis butt as it rubbed its maleness against his stomach. The robe slipped off unnoticed as Rujubfound his own penis growing. He gave a yelp as a scaly neck slid between his legs and a forkedtongue slapped his balls. "So here you are.." It hissed, pushing between them to lap on thewerewolf's testicles. The creature howled and thrust its tongue into his mouth as the reptilelatched onto its cock, sucking hungrily.The werewolf dropped both paws to knead his buttocks, then pulled him upwards. The young man'sdick slid up through the fur on the animal's belly, then past its chest, and up to where a warmtongue lathered at it. Rujub moaned and gasped as all 11 inches disappeared in one gulp. Thenose wormed around in the hairs surrounding his maleness, the werewolf inhaling his scent indeep breaths that tickled.. There was a roar and suddenly the whole place was full of Orcs!Clawed hands grabbed his legs, tongues slid across his buttocks. One of them winked at him,grabbed the werewolf's thighs and slid its knobbly cock under the arched tail. The creatureyelped around his dick and sucked harder while the orc pulled his head down and gave him akiss. Another came up behind that one and moved it's tail to one side... By craning his neck,he could just see the mere-dragon with a cock in every claw, one orc slid under its tail as itnursed noisily on the werewolf.Claws stroked his legs, fangs bit into his crotch and butt-cheeks. The Monster shuddered thenhowled as he was pulled off Rujub and buried under a sea of warty bodies. A flurry of forkedtongues lapped at his spurting cock. Paws grabbed his ass, pulling him along. More than onewarty snout swallowed him to the roots before it was forcibly pulled off. He continued down thecolumn until exhausted he flopped down onto the floor. One of the biggest orcs detached itselffrom the orgy and came over to him, helping him to his feet. "Master desires your... presence."The guard croaked. It fondled him and Rujub returned his caresses, then the orc took his handand led the lad up stairs, through passages, to a room. The wizard sat there, waiting for him.Siris the Dragon smiled at him. "I have made a decision. The Shadeem will pass your village."The lad sighed greatfully.."But, another village must bear their wrath. You will have to decide which village."Rujub sat down beside the Orc, stunned. Now, more than ever he wished he had a Wiseman here.The blue and silver eyes burned holes in his chest. He tried to think but no matter how hewracked what wits were left to him, only one thought stood out. The boy stood. "None."The wizard waited as though expecting more. "None?"Rujub nodded, standing. "No Village deserves the Shadeem. I will not choose another Village.Even if it means my own people must fight. If you will not help us, then may I ask you if youknow another who might."The wizard grinned and stood, walking over to the young lad. He ruffled his hair with longclaws. "Very good. Then perhaps the Shadeem should be killed?"Rujub shook his head, much to his amazement. "They probably have children too. Is there a wayto stop them from plundering, without killing?"Again the dragon seemed pleased. "Excellent... You are growing every minute... Perhaps we cancome to an arrangement... But first, dinner and a good night's rest." The Orc grinned, lickingit's lips and rubbing the lad's back. Rujub grinned back. A gong sounded. Feras appeared."There You Are!" The lad waived at the deer. "Take him down to the guest room. Clean him up.Dinner is in 2 hours. Try to be on time." The dragon turned, walking out. Rujub was rubbed byboth the Orc and the Buck, as they walked down the corridors.The End
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