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|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||-*Miner note, this is a thought of what I would like to happen within the Future,-||-Nightmare will be a very beautiful Stallion, setting is in German, inside a----------||-Forest where it is miles from human contact. Living in a Cottage & a Stable------||-Trees, Fruite, Vines, a small Pond, and a Well. Yes I am a real Writter, I might --||-Turn these writtings into a book someday...---------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Nightmare Story one - Act 1 It is allways a fresh warm feeling where I live, all the trees & other various plants never seem to have a dying momment; always so fresh. Without the worry of human contact, I have a life of complete nirvana, no equilibrium; no wild fires. There is no need for my clothing, unless I feel like wearing my leather boots or pumps - but only when i'm in ruff territory. As well, though I'm young, I'm retired after making much money off of my books, music, and film production. The sun shines, with a blanket of warmth. Nightmare and I, wake up sometime within the afternoon, inside the stable we are coiled together on a stack of golden "Heigh," with Nightmare's front legs curessing my smooth - pail white - Neck. I rubbed the sheth of his left, "Gut Morgen, chone einer." (Good Morning,pretty 1) Nightmare replied, "Ney." Upon that, he rolled over and stood triumphently up, blockaiding the window in which the sun peeked through. Nightmare yawned, and stretched all of his four legs, then shook his head. I basically did the same action, once both of us were fully awake, we left the stable to welcome the world to yet another perfect life. As we both stood near the pond, I started to pet his head while telling him, "Hungrig bist du?" (Are you Hungry?) Nightmare nodded polightly, then I spoke, "Beides dich und ich!" (You and I both!) So, I set out a very large bowl filled with mixed berries: Blue, Ras, Straw,etc... Just for Nightmare. I however wanted to take a bath first. Nightmare was being a "pig" with the fruit, so I nudge him vocally to be move sincere. Walking into the pond, he starts checking me out off the corner of his eye, he licked his chops and strutted into the pond as well. I was swimming a bit, but since Nightmare was a big slender horse, he was able to still just walk up to me. As I floated to his direction, my long smooth hair slunk behind me, my boobs nuzzle next to his neck. He starts kissing me on the lips, after a few minutes, Nightmare began sticking his long goo like tongue in my mouth - I do the same to him. I also get a large hard on from this. Once we stop, I took out some shampoo and began making his coat clean again, beautiful Nightmare loved it so he tried cleaning me by licking my feet; I laugh and tell him it tickles. * * * Breakfast was over, strapping on a horse seat, we set off throughout the land. It was kind of like how "walking the Dog," he liked it, especially when we get to an oak tree that is hallowed out for which, I begin to play hide and seek; Nightmare does love a good challenge. We would chace each other, laugh, and have a lovely time. All well, until I actidently tripped over a log - scrapping my left knee. We stop, and Nightmare comes to aid with comfort, making sure that I am alright; telling him I'm alright, I huge him and thank him. Suddenly I get a sexual urge within me, and begin french kissing Nightmare again. As I lay down upon the log, he got ontop of me, with his phallus near my face, I tell him that we should wait. But he neyed and lightely tapped his front right foot on the dirt. With that action, I reacted and began to lick and suck him - he quivered. It went on for hours, it rimming in and out of my mouth; then he was spent. All of the cream was able to stay in my mouth, I drink it out of common curtacy. I finish up, and we head back home... * * * As night came, we both became tired, yet still we relaxed next by the pond, Nightmare sat like a dog, and I rested the right side of my head on his ribs. The crickets sang softly, as I read my book. The light was the full moon, still warm and comfortable - still perfect. This time, we spent the night inside my cottage, my bed was just three mattresses and lots of blankets. I had to get rid of the metal rimm - Nightmare was just too heavy for it; it didn't matter it was still soft as can be. Then we fell blissfully asleep, another perfect day for the rest of my life, I'm on the right side of the bed, Nightmare on the left blankets on top of both of us. Tomorrow will be better... This post has been edited by perverse-catatonic-suffering6 on Aug 1 2005, 12:31 AM
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