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I know this has been a long time in coming, but I hope that it has been well worth the wait. I have decided that this will indeed be the final chapter in the Mare Mistress story series. I will, however, continue to write here. You can expect to see more stories from me soon, hopefully they will all get as good of a response as the Mare Mistress series has. I hope you all enjoy this, and as always, comments are welcome and greatly appreciated!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mare Mistress IX-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was now summer. The winter and spring went by so quickly, it felt as though the night we rescued B'rial happened only a few days ago. Now that B'rial was home and Esyro was back to her old self, we were all having wild nights together almost every night. The relationship between all of us had intensified greatly."My love... my love you must wake up." I heard Adara whisper very late one night sounding somewhat panic-stricken."Wha.. what's happening?" I asked. I could hear low rumbles and saw bright flashes in the barn windows. I heard what sounded like distant galloping and whinnying. I saw Saphira standing at the barn door looking out."Joran is here." She whispered."Saphira... Adara... what's happening?" I asked, becoming frightened.A robed, hooded figure entered the barn and walked toward me. As the figure removed the hood I could see it was Joran. He looked at me with deep concern in his eyes."The capital city is under attack." Joran said. "All Equans are being evacuated to the surrounding cities. I'm afraid your barn is inside the danger zone. You must all leave, immediately."I shot up, instantly shaking off the effects of being awakened from a deep sleep."What? How is that possible? Who is attacking, Joran, who!?" I asked, enraged and fearful at the same time.Joran looked down and sighed. "The humans. They've been amassing forces this entire time. They began their attack with an airstrike. Fortunately we had already begun the evacuation so there were no casualties. Our intelligence indicates that they're planning a ground invasion sometime within the next 6 hours.""Why?? Why would they do this?" I asked to nobody in particular, grabbing my head and shrinking down to the ground, nearly collapsing."They want us eradicated." Joran replied. "There are 20,000 humans out there that have organized against us. We have no weapons, no armed forces, no military... and no defenses. There's nothing we can do but evacuate. We've tried negotiating, but have failed miserably in all our attempts to come to a peaceful resolution. They won't be satisfied until every last Equan is terminated.""We have to do something... maybe I can reason with them..." I said."We've tried. Any human ambassadors we've sent to them to try to talk peace we haven't been heard back from. We presume they've been captured... or worse." Joran replied."So what..." Adara said, "We just let them invade the capital city? Destroy and steal everything that has been created there? Surely there must be something that can be done.""Joran... Let me go to them, try to reason with them." I pleaded."Okay." Joran sighed, "but once you go in, you're on your own. I have responsibilities to my people. I can't abandon them now.""I understand." I said. "Adara, Saphira, B'rial, Esyro. I want you all to go with Joran. Go where it's safe, where you won't be in any danger. I know the brutality that my kind are capable of. If something happened to any of you I would never forgive myself."All but one of the horses nodded in compliance. Saphira stepped toward me. "I'm not letting you go alone. You were always there for me and I'm not going to abandon you now.""Saphira..." I started."You can't talk me out of it, so don't try. I'm going with you." She said, stomping her foot."Alright." I said, turning to the rest of the group, "But the rest of you are going with Joran. I won't risk all our lives."The rest of the group nodded. Adara approached me, putting her head over my shoulder. I hugged her tight, closing my eyes as a tear rolled down my cheek. "I love you Adara. Whatever happens, never forget that I love you." I whispered, kissing her neck as I held her tightly."And I, you, my love." She said back, pressing her head into my shoulder, her eyes closed, not wanting to leave my side.I let go of Adara and approached B'rial and Esyro. "You two take care, okay? I'll see you both real soon" I said, hugging each of them."Come back in one piece." Esyro said, trembling as I hugged her."I intend to." I replied, hugging her as tight as I could.Joran approached me and handed me a piece of paper. "This will tell you how to get to the human command center. It's heavily fortified, so watch yourself. Good luck." He said, shaking my hand."And to you." I said, firmly grasping his hand.I climbed onto Saphira's back, holding on tightly to her mane as she walked out of the barn and started to gallop."The command center is eight miles from here." I said to her. "Pace yourself, you can't gallop that whole time."I could hear the report of rockets and mortars overhead as the night sky flashed with each distant explosion. The reports got louder and I could smell gunpowder and sulphur from the smoke trail of the weapons as we approached the command center. There was a sudden explosion very close to us, the force of the impact knocked Saphira to the ground and I went tumbling over her head. There was another explosion almost immediately afterwards that struck a nearby tree. The tree came crashing down and fell on top of me before I could roll out of the way. I instantly felt darkness overcome me.When I came to there was a very bright light that blinded me. Once my eyes adjusted I could see around me and I appeared to be in a holding cell of some sort. I tried to get up but found that I couldn't move. My arms were restrained to a wall above my head.A human dressed in a military uniform and holding what looked like some sort of rifle entered the room."Well, well, well." He said laughing as he slowly walked toward me. "It looks like we have ourselves a sympathizer here." With one swift motion he jabbed the butt of the rifle into my stomach, doubling me over in pain."Where's Saphira?" I asked, coughing blood."You mean the mare you were riding when we captured you? I'm afraid she was a bit... uncooperative." He said, looking through the scope of his rifle as though aiming at some unseen target. "Most unfortunate.""YOU ANIMAL! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!? I SWEAR IF YOU'VE HURT HER I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF." I screamed in anger, fighting hard against my restraints.The man looked at me and laughed. "Oh, you're welcome to try. I'd love to know how you plan to escape those shackles though."I spit in his face as he approached me. "You coward. You sicken me. Attacking a race of innocent creatures that wish only to live in peace. I'm appalled to be a member of the same species as you."He struck me across the face hard with the butt of the rifle. "I SICKEN YOU!?" He exclaimed in a fit of rage. "YOU are the one who has abandoned his people. YOU are the one that copulates with horses, blaspheming against nature's design. YOU are the one who lies with horses at night and calls them your lovers instead of finding a woman and helping us repopulate our species. Oh yes, we know more about you than you realize. It is YOU who sickens ME." He yelled, striking me repeatedly. He then gathered himself and calmed down. "No matter. You will serve your people whether you want to or not. Tell me now, where are the remaining Equan cities located? What plans does their leader have for retaliation? Where are they evacuating to? ANSWER ME!" He screamed.I remained silent, staring at him with a cold glare that would easily have stopped a less bold man in his tracks."Not feeling talkative, are we?" He said. "Well that's too bad. Bring her in!" He called to a guard outside.Saphira was led in, hobbled and restrained."SAPHIRA!!!" I screamed. "Are you okay? Have they hurt you?""I'm okay, my love." She replied. "Oh my... you're bleeding... what have they been doing to you?""ENOUGH!" The man said. "Tell me what I want to know, or you can say goodbye to your 'lover.'""Please. Be reasonable. Just listen to me. What do you have to lose?" I pleaded.The man thought for a moment, looked around, then eventually responded. "Okay. I'll humor you." He gestured to the guards to take Saphira away so he could be alone with me."You don't have to do this. Hasn't there been enough loss already? If the Equans DO decide to retaliate, they could wipe out every last human on the planet with the technology they have. If they were any threat to you, don't you think they would have done that already? They just want to live in peace. They have no interest in eliminating the human race." I pleaded with the man. "Please... if you have any heart... if you have a soul within you, then for the sake of all that is good I beg you sir... end this. End this before it destroys us all, humans and Equans alike."The man looked at me contemplatively. "Why should I?" He asked. "I lost everything during the so-called 'awakening.' My family, my friends, all of them.""How is that the Equans' fault? They are just the result of the awakening, NOT the cause! What will vengeance get you? These creatures... these Equans... they are sentient. They have families, friends.... lovers. By killing them you'd be doing the same thing to them that happened to you. You'd be causing suffering on a much larger scale. End it now, if you have any shred of decency in you then you won't put another living creature through the suffering you've been through. Don't you think I lost all the people I cared about in the awakening too? All we can do is make the best of things and try to move ahead. Don't live in the past, and don't let your pain blind you to the future. You can be happy in this new age. All of humanity can. You just have to let the past die and allow a new future for humanity to be born. Make peace with the Equans. Don't be the downfall of all civilization as we know it." I said, making one final desperate impassioned plea.The man thought for a while... then looked at himself in the mirror. "What... what have I become?" He whispered. He immediately released me and called out to the guards. "Release the mare. And get on all of the communication channels. Order all units to cease fire and return to base, immediately. We're calling off the attack."I sighed with relief and ran to Saphira. "Oh Saphira... we did it." I said, crying as I held her in my arms. "I was so scared... I thought I was going to lose you.""It's over now, my love." She whispered to me. “It’s all over now.”The man approached me and looked me right in the eye. “Thank you.” He said, extending his hand to me. “Thank you for preventing me from committing a great atrocity.”I shook his hand. “No problem. I’m glad you finally decided to listen to the voice of reason.”“You know… we don’t have much experience dealing with the Equans. If there is to be peace between our two peoples, we’re going to need an ambassador of our own. I can think of nobody better suited to the job than you.” He said to me.“Thank you… I’ll have to talk to my friends about it. I’ll get back to you, okay?” I said.I mounted Saphira and we began our journey back home. When we finally arrived, we were devastated by what we saw. We had ended the violence, but not before what had been our home was destroyed. Where the barn once stood there was now only a charred, broken frame.“Adara and the others must be in one of the cities.” I said. “The nearest city other than the capital is over 60 miles from here.”“Well then,” Saphira said, “we better get going.”I slipped my leg over Saphira’s back and we were off again. We were almost half way there when we stopped for a break. It was daylight now and the mid-July sun was beating down on us, hard. Saphira was completely lathered with sweat, making it difficult for me to stay on her back. I nearly slid off a few times. We stopped next to a small spring that was just barely trickling water. I cupped it in my hands and tried to let Saphira drink as much as she could so she didn’t become dehydrated. I took a few drinks myself, sweat covering my own body.Saphira lay down in some grass underneath the shade cast by a great oak tree, breathing heavily, and motioned me to lay with her. I approached her and kissed her on the muzzle. I sat down on her back, lying over her neck, stroking it and playing with her mane. I blew softly all along her neck, causing her to quiver at the cool sensation. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the soft ground beneath her. I continued stroking her ever so softly; letting my fingers dance around, wander through her mane, touching her in all the right spots. She let out a sigh and in no time was asleep. I lay my head on her neck, fatigue slowly overcoming my body. “Not a bad idea.” I yawned as I drifted away.When I woke up, the sun was setting. I nudged Saphira to try to ease her awake.”Saphira...” I whispered. “Saphira… wake up.”The paint mare’s eyes slowly opened and she raised her head, arching her neck to look at me.”Hello my love.” She said to me.I stood up and stretched out. Saphira flung her legs out in front of her and stood up. For some reason the way horses stand up always amused me – how such a graceful creature on foot turns into such a clumsy one on the ground. A brisk wind was blowing, whipping through her mane and tail. Her silhouette against the setting sun was absolutely breathtaking. I enjoyed it for a few brief moments.“Shall we continue?” She asked me.“Yes… we probably should.” I replied, stretching one last time and popping my back. I mounted Saphira again, and we continued our journey. By the time we reached the city night had fallen. Crickets were chirping in the tall grass all around us. Saphira continued galloping over the rolling hills. Finally the lights of the city were in sight. An absolutely captivating sight it was, too. Though smaller than the capital city, this city looked nearly identical, buzzing with technology and life.We didn’t have to even travel into the city to find our friends. I could see them all running toward us, Adara in front, tossing her head back and whinnying with Esyro and B’rial behind her forming a chevron.Saphira came to a stop, allowing me to dismount her as the three horses approached us at full speed. Adara slid to a stop directly in front of me and I threw my arms around her, crying uncontrollably.“You’re okay!!! I was so worried about you Adara… Oh I’m so happy to see you.” I said to her between my tears.“Oh my love. I was terrified you had been killed. My heart is bursting with joy now that you are here with me again.” She said as I hugged her tightly.Esyro and B’rial both approached me after Adara stepped back. I hugged them each.“My friends… my companions… it’s so good to see you. All of you. The violence is over now. The humans… they’ve halted their attack. I was able to talk some sense into their leader. He wants peace.” I said.“This is wonderful news.” I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around and was a bit startled to see Joran standing there. I shook his hand as he patted me on the shoulder. “Well done my friend, well done.”“How did you do it?” Esyro asked me.“It’s a long story.” I replied. “And I’ll tell you all about it later. Right now I just want to enjoy your company.”“My friend, I would ask you to join me in the city center at your leisure. I would like to discuss many things with you.” Joran said. “But for now I must depart.”“I’ll get there as soon as I can. Thanks for everything Joran.” I said, shaking his hand one last time as he departed.Esyro and B’rial both said they wanted some time alone, and were going to a small lake to enjoy each other’s company for a few hours. I hugged them each one more time before they left.“It looks like we’re alone my loves.” I said to Adara and Saphira. They both knew exactly what was on my mind. It was on their minds too.I went behind Saphira who wasted no time lifting her tail to expose her delicious pussy and ass. I immediately went to licking, more passionately than ever as Saphira grunted and moaned with desire. Her clit started winking in and out as I pressed my tongue hard all along the lips of her pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned with intense pleasure at the tastes that were filling my mouth. My cock instantly became erect, pulsating with intense arousal. I felt something bump me slightly out of the way. Adara was now standing next to me, licking at Saphira’s pussy at the same time I was. Saphira raised her tail even higher as Adara slithered her long tongue into and out of her pussy. I kept one hand on Saphira’s rump and let the other wander down to my cock, stroking it hard as I greedily licked at the paint mare’s pussy, my tongue occasionally meeting Adara’s somewhere inside. I felt Saphira clamp down and I felt a powerful orgasm overtake her as she whinnied loudly covering both Adara and I.“Now it’s your turn.” I said to Adara.Her tail was already raised, her clit winking and her pussy dripping wet with anticipation. I licked her until I thought my tongue would go numb, feeling her tremble as she enjoyed the intense sensations I was giving her. I then mounted her, thrusting into her as hard as I could. We both shared an incredible climax and I then collapsed onto her rump, breathing heavily as a bead of sweat fell from my forehead. I pulled out of Adara, her pussy still wet and winking after her orgasm, and gave her a big hug and kiss.“I love you, mistress.” I said to her as I held her tightly.A few minutes later, my two lovers and I headed toward the city to find Joran and our friends, and to begin our new lives.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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