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" It started like this "below is a letter from a wife to her husband rather hurtful but truthful , they had been married 12 years had 4 kids under age 12 & her husband worked long hours from 4.30am up to anywhere past 11.00pm .Her job was to get the kids up for school, breakfast, lunches & off to school, normal house duties during the day because she didnt work , then pick the kids up off home afternoon tea home work then football practice 3 times a week & football games on weekends in summer time it was basketball. Dear Gerald , For the last 12 years we have had our up's & downs , our highs (the wedding , buying the house , having 4 beautiful children ) our low's (YOUR JOB HOURS). but of late something has been missing from our life .I cant quite explain what it is to you because , well, to put it plainly .our sex life has died , you get up in the morning you go to work you dont even kiss me goodbye , how do I know ? because your stupid alarm wakes me every morning but I dont get up .I listen to you bustle around the bedroom then in the kitchen then I hear you leave . I know your work pays our bills but I sincerely believe the hours you work are not compulsary as you say they are , I know your boss is a rotten so & so but every other guy that works for him gets to go home to their partners & family .does your boss have something against you that you cant tell me ?. Well either way now it doesnt matter because i am writing this to let you know our marriage is over & that I have found a new love .He is a husky (yes a dog) he wandered into the yard quite by accident about 4 months ago & he visits every day.confused?.... well dear you see 1 day while I was hanging washing in just my dressing gown after having taken our children to school he came up to me & stuck his very warm snout in between my legs , now of course you wouldnt know this but the reason I sleep in my dressing gown is because it is warm & I dont wear anything under it . So max as I call him stuck his snout between my legs & lapped @ my pussy , I have to say it gave quite a thrill I was shocked @ 1st but the way he rounded it on the edge of my clitoris I came right there & then I finished hanging the washing then invited max into the house, I removed my robe sat @ the edge of the couch & invited max to come lick me some more which he did quite enthusiastically unlike you who stays away from my body as much as possible .when was the last time we had sex or made love I cant for the life of me remember. But anyways max licked my pussy & nibbled it quite gently his tongue sank deep within my hot pussy causing me to orgasm as he lapped @ the most inner folds of my sex I noticed his dog cock just showing from the sheath & reached down to rub it , it was pink & quite slimey but warm none the less I licked my fingers to get a taste of it & even though it was quite a well a weird sort of taste I am not sure what you would call it but I decided to get down onto the floor lie on my back & suck on his dog cock he continued licking my wet sex with his huge tongue omg just the memory of the roughness of it against my velvet sides . I took his shaft in my mouth & began licking it & sucking it I got it out pretty far it wasnt very big but I didnt care I mean afterall a dog cock , or human cock as long as it wants to satisfy who cares .I continued sucking on max's cock he stopped licking me to hump my mouth with his shaft it was so slimey it just slid right to the back of my throat & started to grow as this clear fluid started squirting out .I decided I didnt want him to cum just yet so I got up went into the bedroom got some socks ( because you see i have been on the web surfing forums & found this site which said to stop dog's scratching use socks ) so I returned with the socks tied them to his ankles he was of course quite confused but after rubbing his ears & letting him lick my face & assuring him everything was ok I got down on all 4's right in front of him.@ 1st he just licked me from my cute little butt right to my hot cunt his tongue searching again for the taste of my juices oh god the orgasm its a pity I have never experienced this kind of orgasm with you . Max then climbed up onto my back & his cock was jabbing me in the butt , my thigh , it was obvious I was going to have to help him but when I looked under me to reach back & help his shaft had grown so much he must have been @ least 8 inches long & the thickness of it , wow , he managed to slip it in just as i reached back my eyes almost bulged out of my head @ the feel of the thickness , now I am not saying your 6 inch cock didnt satisfy , but after you have had a large cock like this I seriously doubt i could go back even if you were ever interested in saving our marriage. The feel of that huge shaft pushing deep into my cunt now he doesnt have much precision he was jabbing it in hard & pulling it out he wasnt caring if I was comfortable or not but I didnt care just the feel of his doggy cock deep inside my cunt , he was rubbing against the opening of my womb & all I could think of was yes blow your seed deep into me you gorgeous beast impregnate me with your flowing cum. But I wasnt prepared for the cum that was to fill my body , my stomach bloated up so much as his cum warmly squirted around the inside of my now very hot wet sex , just when I thought I could take no more as my juices mixed with his & it flowed down my thighs onto the floor in a huge puddle I felt this large thing trying to enter my cunt .when I looked back I saw something the size of a grapefruit hitting against my already swollen pussy & somehow I managed to relax as he slid this huge thing inside of my already full cunt. It felt like he was tearing me in two but I didnt care , ooooh the memory of the knott ( I found that out on the site as well) his paws were wrapped tightly around my waste he was pumping as hard as he could my cum was just flowing so freely my head was being thrown back it was spinning while he was fucking my cunt with that huge shaft we had moved halfway along the loungeroom floor, when was the last time we had sex outside of the bedroom .when he finally let go & turned arse to arse with me we stayed like that for @ least half an hour he was still squirting his cum deep inside me & I was cumming right along with him. Max & I do this every day @ least 4 times a day while you are working & the kids are @ school .why am I admitting this to you ?. Well its quite simple dear I want to keep max & you will either agree to divorce or I will make sure your whole family knows the little secret you revealed to me 13 years ago when we 1st started dating, so you keep my secret about max , I will keep your secret & we can all be happy . lovingly yours your wife Kathleen p.s : you will also agree to the divorce agreement which is I keep the kids, the house & the car you can keep the money except child support which you will pay monthly into the kids accounts.
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