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No sooner than I arrived at my folks' for an impromptu visit, they shuffle out the front door with suitcases in hand. I just stood there and soaked in this moment and listened to them say "This is the weekend we're going to Vegas". A quick peek on the cheek from my mom as she whisks by, dad rolls his eyes and follows her lead. This is really nothing unusual. They're on the go all the time. Going here and going there. It's not uncommon for me to stay here at home, away from my home, for some peace and quiet in the country by myself. I go in, lay down my bag with clothes for this weekend's trip and dodge to the frig. With a cool beer, so inviting on this hot August day, I hear the car leaving the driveway by the sounds of gravel crackling underneath the tires. I knew that sound all too well. When the crackling ceases, they're gone. I chuckle to myself thinking of the things I would do while they were gone. I leave the kitchen and head for the deck outside. I am not allowed to smoke inside so therefore back out in the heat with a cold beer, I light up a smoke and drink in the wonders of this day. Looking from the deck out to the right, a grove of trees forms a small forest I used to explore as a kid. There's a stream back there I used to make dams in, there's a big oak fallen from a storm I used to climb. How innocent it was of me then. How I have changed so much. There's not a house for miles in this area of eastern Illinois. Corn fields, soybean fields, and more corn fields dominate this area of my old home. You can run around naked here. Who could see you??From the corner of my right eye I notice some moment at the edge of the grove that ends near the backyard. I notice two dogs. One white, one brown. You don't see a lot of strays here at my parents. Usually it's a distant neighbor's dog(s) that escaped the pen or dashed like hell from the house. The dogs seem occupied sniffing the ground. Not too much walking are they doing at the same time their sniffing but their heads go right and left and right and left. Sometimes one would find that spot and sniff at it intensely. I am not sure if they're aware I am watching them from the deck so I make my presence known and cough.Unabated by that with their short look towards me, they continue to sniff and root around in the same spot. I was watching the white dog. The dog's ass came around into my view and noticed a pink swelling under the asshole. "Whoa!" I thought, that dog is in heat.Obviously, they had been fucking because as I looked closely at the brown dog, it's sheath was darker than the rest of the fur. It was probably wet from a fresh f*** that was probably happening as my folks left on their vacation. In my assessment of all of this, I had not noticed that my cock was swelling. When I became fully aware, man, I knew I had to take advantage of this. I wonder if the dogs are friendly, I wonder if the male would be aggressive towards me. This was nothing too new to me. I played with dogs in the past. But I never had a bitch in heat to play with and now...I set down my beer and draw in the last puff of my smoke and gather the courage, the HORNY courage, to see where this will lead to. I knew where I wanted it to lead. Can I be so lucky to experience this? Can I really f*** this dog? I walk down the steps of the deck into the yard and head toward them. The brown dog wagged its tail and went back to sniffing around again. The white bitch, she trotted right over to me. My dick began to pour out pre-cum. Is this her invitation to mate? "Oh please", I thought to myself, "please let it be for real that I might be able to f*** you". As I pet her, and for as long as she trusts me, I begin to pet her side and gradually pet more towards her butt. Her tail begins to point upwards as my hand pets closer to her pussy. I see it in plan view as she swings her ass toward me. Man is her pussy wet. It beamed pink in its color and the lips are plumpy and glisten in juices. As my dick pulsed from this excitement I can feel the large amounts of pre-cum leave my dick hole and soak my dick head inside my underware.I don't know, maybe it happened too quickly for second thought, suddenly I dashed toward the house with her in my grasp. I am going to get me some dog pussy and I am going to do it now. She's medium size about 30 pounds so as I grab my beer and my smokes, I take her in my left arm inside the house. I set her down on the floor. She stood there and looked. I think she's been inside a house somewhere? Or maybe she has always wanted to be inside of one and now here is her opportunity. I stand there swigging my beer, admiring her goodies and noticing my cock hard and bound up in my shorts. I signal for her to follow me to my old bedroom. Will she follow me? Will she figure it all out and want to do it too? She follows without hestitation and we both enter the room. I shut the door and begin to undress. The bitch walks around my room sniffing the carpet and my bed. She walks over to the dresser and smells the sides and the front, then she snorts and walks out of view on the opposite of the bed. It was that soon when I was standing there totally naked jerking on my cock. It was so excited I thought I would come in no time doing that. I get on the bed and watch her explore the floor with her nose. I see her pussy and watch it. Is she too preoccupied to end her exploration here? Does she have the patience to play the way I want to now? I knock on the bed with my hand a few times to coax her over. She receives my signal and hops up onto my bed. This can't be possible. This is unfolding perfectly. I AM going to have some pussy. I AM going to f*** this dog. Oh man!I turn her around and draw her closer to me with her pussy at my face. As I am bring her near she notices my cock and her muzzle presses on my shaft. My cock sprang with each contact with her nose and she begins to lick at my pre-cum. I focus on her pussy and begin touching the lips on the sides. Her pussy perks up and down with each touch and my blood boils from the excitement. My crazy mind is full of white noise and my heart is racing so fast. Now I am licking her cunt during all this craze in my mind. I am darting my tongue in her hole and I get inside of her so easily. I don't taste too much of anything. It's tangy I notice but not so bad. The smell is strong from her heat. I think I favor that part the best. It's so wet inside I shouldn't have a problem sliding myself in her. I am not too long and not too short. I am not too thick and not too slim. So this all has to be right. I know my cock wont hurt her. But will she LET me? I get on my knees and I grab her towards me. Soon I have her wet pussy lips on my cock's shaft and I immediately slide my cock up and down. "Oh my God, your pussy is HOT on my cock, bitch", my heart is racing even faster, "I am going to stick my cock inside of you, I am going to cum inside you". I grab my cock and put in the head of my dick. I slowly glide it in and for a moment I didn't move a muscle. My whole cock is inside of her. It feels her whole body panting quickly and the tingle from it is driving me and my cock wild. I begin fucking her.Her pussy isn't super tight, but I can feel her moist tunnel consume my entire cock with no displeasure to her. She stands there with a lowered head and pants so fast I wonder if she'll be able to make it through this. I was wondering the same for me as my heart raced and pounded in my chest. My cock pulsed with each inward thrust and I wanted to go deeper and deeper. I wanted my entire ball sac in her.My pubes at the base of my cock are drenched in juices from her pussy. Her pussy smell is all over my room and I love it. My cock is pouring so much pre-cum in her I hear juicy noises from her pussy as I f*** her. It's driving me crazy. And it's so hot in there. The heat alone makes me want to cum so fast. Oh is she going to get a huge load from me.Even though this is all happening from start to where we're at five minutes later, I feel it's the right time to unleash my [SPAM] of cum I've saved up for a few days. My cock head finds a sweet spot in the depths of her cunt. This adds the perfect amount of sensation my cock head is so crazy for. I feel my nuts tighten and before I know it, I begin to shudder more and more as I come close to blowing my fucking load. My cock is so hard and I am so close to an orgasm that will be like no other. I hit the sweet spot one more time and thurst hard past it to plant my seed.My cock pulsed so fast with each squirt, I couldn't count the amounts in my head. It was shooting to fast. I hold her so tightly that she doesn't move. I can't move. My cock is so sensitive that her panting heavily and rapidly adds to the already overwhelming orgasm. "Oh God, please don't move...Oh God." I stay in her for a long time. My cock never went soft. It stayed hard and tingled the whole time. It was soaking in its brew inside her and it didn't want to come out. Ever. She looks back at me and I release her. My cock slides out of her hot hole and I watch it come out. She laps at her pussy and I grab my cock. I jerk it slow and hard a few times. It's time for her to leave now. It's time for her to go back outside. The session is over and before I become to spent and need a nap I lead her from the bedroom back outside. From the door leading to the deck and to the grove outside, I open the door and she trots out, crosses the deck, and finds her direction towards the place she was before."Thanks, bitch...I will never forget this moment. Ever".
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