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The first time I ever had sex with an animal was very unexpeceted. I had come home from work and I was tired but very horny. I greeted my big black lab that was waiting at the door when I walked in, and I went to the berdroom to get out of my skirt and blouse and change into something comfortable. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, then I sat on the edge of my bed and took off my blouse and bra, and then I just plopped down on my back. I was feeling horny and my hand went to my breast and I let my other hand wander down to my panties and slip underneath the waist band. As I rubbed my breasts I felt my nipples getting hard and I pinched them. My other hand went to my shaved kitty and my fingers played with my dampening kitty lips. I rubbed one finger up and down my slit, teasing myself as my kitty got wetter. I parted my lips with my finger and I dipped it in a little getting my juices on it, and then I pulled it up over my clit sending a shivering thrill through my body. I dipped my finger in my juices some more and made little circles around my clit. I was getting wetter and hornier so I lifted my butt off the bed, and slipped my panties off onto the floor. I was now on my back on the bed and my knees were hanging over the edge with my feet on the floor. I spread my legs wide and settled in for some serious masturbating. As my fingers worked their magic on my kitty and clit, I was moaning and working myself closer to my impending orgasm. Suddenly I jumped because I felt something else warm and wet at my kitty with my fingers. It was my dog Buck, and he had heard my moans and came to investigate. He had his nose in my croch and was trying to lick the juices off of my fingers. I was a little irritated that he had broke the pre-orgasmic trance that I was in so I pushed him away and told him to go lie down. He backed off and sat on the floor a few feet away. As I had been so close to orgasm, I wanted to finish what I had started, so I layed back down and picked up where I left off. It didn't take me long to get back to where I was and I soon felt the waves of my orgasm washing through my body. I fingered myself hard as I exploded and, I had a good cum. As I layed their in the afterglow just massaging my body, I jumped again to feel Buck's tongue slice through my swollen kitty lips and over my tender clit. I was surpised but it also sent a thrill through me. I tried to close my legs but I had trapped his head between them and he got two more licks in before I could sit up and push him away. He wined and licked his lips. I told him what a nasty dog he was and he kind of cocked his head and looked at me. I giggled at him and he tried to get between my legs again. I was trying to hold him off but he was persistent and licked my inner thighs trying to get to my kitty. Suddenly this kind of dirty, kinky, feeling came over me and I was instantly more horny than I had ever been. I parted my legs slightly and Buck's tongue found my kitty again. It did feel really good and his tongue would part my lips and actually go inside me. I felt a hot flush go through me at the sheer kinkyness of it as I let Buck lick my kitty. I was getting hotter by the second and I knew that my kitty juices were flowing heavily and Buck was licking them all up. His tongue would tease my clit every couple of licks and I felt so dirty, but he was bringing on another orgasm. He licked me for about three minutes and I was moaning in heaven, and petting his head with my legs far apart. I was racing towards another orgasm and so close, when Buck suddenly stopped licking and jumped his front paws up on the bed. I could feel something hot and wet hitting my thighs and kitty. It was Buck's cock shooting out the hot liquid every couple of seconds spraying my crotch with it. As I looked down to see, I gasped at what I saw. He had a huge cock and it was spurting all over me and he was trying to hump. I had been so near orgasm, and I almost came at the sight of his cock. I felt another wave of erotic heat wash through me as I looked at his spurting cock, and him trying to hump, but he was a good foot away from my kitty. From sheer lust, I slid my body closter to his cock just wanting to feel it against my kitty. As he humped back and forth, his cock slid against my thighs, and I could feel his hot spurts hitting the lips of my kitty. All of a sudden he jumped off the bed and stood on the floor looking at me as his body humped a little. He looked back at his cock hanging under him, and then he layed down and started licking himself. I couldn't believe what was running through my mind at that point. I was having these erotic thoughts of his huge cock inside me. I was breathing hard, my mouth was dry, and I was shaking from pure lust. I had made up my mind to try to get Buck to penetrate me. I just had to have his huge cock inside me. When I got up off the bed, Buck jumped up also. His cock was still out but not as big. He was excited too as he was prancing around me trying to put his nose between my legs. He would let out a little "woof" once in a while and dance around. I sat down on the floor and Buck licked my face and my breasts. His big tongue felt so good on my erect nipples. He would move down to my crotch and sniff and lick around, then he would bark and lick my breasts and face. I was so overpowered by lust and I knew what he wanted. I got on my hands and knees, my brain was fogged over with lust and Buck went right to my kitty and forced his big tongue inside me, dragging all my love juices out with it when he lapped. I was in heaven and with 3 minutes of that, I had an orgasm that shot through me like a bolt of lightning. My body was completly on fire now. I wanted to feel Bucks cock inside my steaming kitty. I put my butt in the air hoping Buck would try to mount me, but he just kept licking my kitty and ass. I wiggled my butt back and forth as he licked when suddenly, he did jump up on my back. I felt his front paws gripping the sides of my rib cage and I felt the pain of his claws diggin in. I didn't care, my body was so hot with lust that I didn't really feel the pain. Buck immediately started humping and I could feel the hot wet spurts hitting my kitty and ass. I could feel the tip of his cock hitting all around my kitty but not finding its mark. When I tried to reach back to guide it home, he jumped off and started licking me again. I wanted him so bad, and in a moment he jumped back on me humping away. This time I felt his tip go into my kitty a little. I was excited to think that he was finally going to give me what I craved. On the next thrust he slammed it into me and I felt a pain shoot through me from his sheer size expanding the walls of my kitty so suddenly. He humped into me about four times and I guess he pulled back too far, because he fell out and jumped off of me. I was getting frustrated. After feeling his lenght inside me once, I craved to feel it even more. He went back to licking me and I backed into him trying to get him to jump on me again. He ran around me and barked and licked here and there, and he would jump up on me broadside and try to hump. I would try to push him off and get turned so my butt was facing him. HE was almost acting like he really didn't want to, but i knew that he did. He got behind me again and I felt his fabulous tongue on my kitty again. He licked with a vengence and was bringing me to another orgasm. As the waves of my orgams shot through me, he jumped on my back again and this time he found my kitty right away. I was still trying to recover from the orgasm he had just given me with his tongue when He rammed his full 8 inch length into me. Again it hurt, and I tensed up a bit as he hammered into my kitty. I could immediately feel him swelling inside me as the slight pain of his initial entry gave way to extreme pleasure. His cock went deeper than any man had gone inside me and I was taken over by peverted lust. I could feel his cock shooting his boiling hot cum into me as his cock grew even larger. I couldn't belive how huge he felt and I could feel it starting to hurt again. I didn't know it at the time, but his knot was swelling up inside me. I didn't know dogs had knots. I started to get scared and I tried to pull away from him but that hurt even more. His front legs were wrapped around my body holding me firmly and his cock felt like it had grown into a fist pounding away inside of me and I could feel the tip buried in my cervix, filling me with is hot love juice. The pain in my kitty finally gave way to pleasure as my kitty relaxed from being stretched to limit to accomodate his sheer size. I had never felt so completely filled. I felt so much like a woman at that point, and I could feel his knot against my G-spot, and his hot cum spurting inside me. I felt extreme pleasure radiating out in waves from deep inside me, and at the same time I could feel him shooting white hot jets of his cum in me as he was having his own orgasm. Between the fullness of my kitty, his knot against my G-spot and feeling his ejaculate filling my womb, It sent me over the edge. My kitty muscles clamped around the huge organ inside me and I milked Buck's cum from him as bolts of pleasure fogged my brain. I think I almost passed out as I came. Buck's organ still held me tight as I convulsed with pleasure. Buck jumped off me so we were butt to butt. It hurt like hell for a minute or two but I had two more orgasms while we were knotted together. Each time I felt one coming on I would grab his back legs and hump into him trying to get more of him inside me. I was insatiable for a while. I just couldn't get enough of his huge member. As I rocked on his massive meat languishing in the sheer pleasure of being knotted together, I could feel him getting softer and in a moment he barked and pulled out of me. His cum gushed out of me and I flopped over on my back. Buck crawled over to me and started licking it off of my kitty but my clit was so tender I pushed him away. He didn't seem to mind and he set in to cleaning himself off. I didn't even eat dinner that night. I just layed in my bed thinking of how pevertedly kinky that had all been and how much I loved it. Buck has been with me the past four years and even though I love being with a man, few can give me the extreme pleasure that Buck can. Next story I will tell is about a girl I met that owns a farm, and how I found out i could be Bifem and have sex with a pony.. EMMMMMMMM
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