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3 days ago i was in a businness trip and i accomodated to a motel room for 2 nights.The second night at about 11 pm while i was going to my room (No. 15) i saw a woman going into her room (No. 16) accompanied by her dog. The dog seems to be a rottie but i am not sure.Anyway when i got to my room and while i was preparing to have a bath and to wach tv , i thought that i heard some noices from the next-door room.I put my ear to the wall.The thin walls between the rooms let me hear her to talk to someone.I took a sampaign glass from the room's bar and put it face down on the wall and i put my ear to its bottom.Now i could hear very clear even the wispers. She was talking to her dog."ok good boy " "keep licking there" "yes, yes like this mmm" "no,no not yet" "its not time yet" " you silly dog you want all from the begging" " i will tell you when"i was hearing his paws strike the floor as he was jumping. Then i heard the sloppy sounds of his tongoue and her moaning.i took about 10 or more minutes when suddenly i heard her whispering to him " its time now" " let me take off my robe" " be good ok?" and then some noices of his paws striking the floor and a deep groan of her and then " yessssss that is mmmm slowdown slowdown mmm yes " " mmm stay there stay there " yessss mmmm yes my love " i feel you now" " yo make crazy" " mmm i am cuminggg"A short time of silence and then she started moaning slowly telling "stay there""nice boy" " let me move a bit " " mmm i am moving slowly you have stuffed me to the limit ..i love it mmm what a warm streching .. mm i cumming again" The whole action took 2 hours and all this time i was masturbating and i had a lot of orgasms .Finally she went to the bath with him and after that she invited him to her bed telling " come on its time to sleep now" I have a long drive tommorow . I left the motel early in the morning but i still hear her voice and her erotic invitation she was makig to her lover. I left the motel early in the morning to catch my flight.
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