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Kirsten was up early today, she was helping her friend Tiffany take her four prize winning great danes to the stud farm. Tiffany took the dogs there once every month to mate with other peoples dane bitches and she got paid a lot for it too.Today was different though, Tiffany had recieved a letter from a stud farm several hundred miles north of her in Glasgow telling her that an owner wanted her danes in particular to provide his bitches with some pups. Tiffany had to get the dogs up there for 10am which meant setting off from home at 7am. She had called her firend Kirsten the previous night asking for help and as Kirsten was so fond of dogs she was more than happy to help.Kirsten had a spring in her step on the way to Tiffany's, she hadnt seen her firend scince they had come back from traveling the savanah earlier in the year. Both girls were 19 and had been together through secondary school, upon passing their A-Levels they had decided to embark on their trip to Africa together. Kirsten was a tall girl with shoulder length blonde hair she was regaurded as one of the best looking girls in her year at school. Tiffany was about 5ft and a size 10, she had a real nice ass (or so the guys said) and long jet black hair she wasnt as good looking as Kirsten but she wasnt far behind. the thing both girls had that was the same was their 34CC boobs that were marveled at buy all the girls in their year.Tiffany had been awake since 5 ish and had just got out of the shower, she was still alone in her house apart from her danes who were asleep in the kitchen. once she was dry Tiff decided as she was feeling a bit horny that she would walk around the house in the nude. she went into the kitchen to let the dogs out for a pee, they had a lot of car travel to do and it woulndt do any harm to empty their bladders before hand. as Tiffany opened the door a blast of cool morning air breezed over her, this brought her nipples to attention and gave her a slight tingle all over. She shut the door behind the dogs and got some cereal and 2 bowls out for her and Kirstens breakfast, Kirsten had said she would like to have breakfast before she went up the road. Tiffany's nipples were still hard ad she gave them a little pinch and gave her self a little rub, she figured it would be a while before Kirsten came round. She leaned back on her kitchen counter and started to rub her clit, just genlty enjoying the sensation. A noise at the door brought her from her masturbating, it was the dogs now done peeing wanted to come back in. Now that they were awake they were very active, runing in and out of the kitchen and living room, they always got like this around this time every month, they knew they'd be getting some female dane action later on. One of the dogs had a good sniff at Tiffany's crotch, her earlier horniness had given her a scent the dogs liked, they all started to sniff her there. Tiffany was shocked and lept back as one of her more confident dogs gave her a quick lick thatgot her clit and pubes. "BAD DOG!" she shouted, this had little effect, the dogs seemed determined to find the source of that scent. Tiff tried to fend off their snouts from her crotch by spinning ournd every time a dog got close. This made her a little dizzy and she bumped into the kitched counter and slipped over......Tiffany hit the floor, not to hard because she put her hands down, still a little dizzy she got onto her hands and knees (i know, i know, we never saw that coming). That moment one of the danes saw his chance and mounted her hard and fast locking his fron legs around her in seconds, she was trapped, no escape. She felt the first probing thrusts of the danes cock on her bum cheaks and thighs, she started to panic when she remembered seeing the full size of a danes prick after a mating she saw once, a good 10" long 3" wide and a huge bulge at the base, could she take it?Tiffany felt the jabs getting closer and closer to her cunt and knew it wouldnt be long before she was getting the fucking of her life, her poor pussy would have 10" of dane hung up in it, there was nothing she could do but try and relax, she was about to be raped wether she liked it or not, just then "ah!" there it was the first couple of inches of dog meat found their mark and the fast and heavey thrusting began, the dogs cock gaining deeper entry on every thrust, he was now 6" into his bitch only 4 to go before he had her all tied up. Tiffany was screaming she was being stretched like no other cock had stretched her before, she could feel every vein of the invading cock, she felt precum coat her insides making her easier to fuck. 8" now deep inside her, she was in uncharted waters, this cock was deeper than any man had gotten and was starting to feel aroused, how could she? this beast was raping her and she was almost enjoying it, now she felt it all 10 inches of great dane were in her. she was helpless, impaled on the biggest cock in the world (to her at least) and she loved it. The tingling had started a long time ago now she was getting waves of pleasure rocking her with every stroke of the rapist, he hit her fast and hard with no mercy, pulling back 4" then slamming his cock home with superhuman power. This beast had gone where no man had gone before and he wasnt finished yet. Tiff could feel the danes head beside hers, she could hear and feel his hot heavey breathing in her ear which made her even more horny. She put one hand back between her legs to rub her clit and then she felt it, the knot was now banging her outer lips, she wanted it in her so she shoved back against the dogs thrusts with wanton lust untill it started to enter her, it was huge, she felt like an orange was trying to get into her. her clit was now like a nipple sticking out for all to see from her stretched lipps.Kirsten arived to sounds of screaming coming from the back of the house, she ran round to the open kitchen door and nearly fainted when she saw Tiffany on all fours, screaming for dear life with one of her loyal dogs burried balls deep in her cunt and thrusting hard. Kirsten had been fantasising about seeing something like this for years but had kept it secret. She walked over to the couple and stood behind tiff for a closer look, she could see the dogs meat all the way in and Tiffs pussy being stretched, she saw the bulge at the base of the danes cock, something tenis ball sized trying to make its way into her friends cunt, it was about 1/3 of the way in pulling and pussing edging forward centimetre by centimetre, Kirsten noticed her firends obscenly swolen clit, licked her figers and started to rub it. At this Tiff looked back to see what was touching her and went silent when she saw Kirsten, the dog didnt care and kept on trying to shove his knot into Tiff, "its ok, please carry on tiff, ive wanted to see this for years, please dont stop now, i want to make u come" at this Tiffany gave a very perverted leering smile at her freind, opened her mouth closed her eyes and started moaning. she then gritted her teeth as the pain set in, the knot was now approaching its widest point and still pushing forward, tiffany bit down on her lower lip, eyes still closed and help firm waiting for the tie to be completed, MMMPH, MMPH, MMPH! That was it, done, 1 great dane locked in one horny teen. The dane was still thrusting to make sure he had a good tie, tiff looks back into Kirstens eyes and said in a slow sexual voice "rub my clit and make me come" Kirsten needed no more telling she started to rub Tiffs clit with a passion which was sending tiff into outer space, tiffany was on the brink of her first animal induced orgasm when the dane on her back stopped thrusting and let fly with his huge load, that was it, tiff went over the edge she screamed one long scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and started shaking as she was pumped full of semen, squirt after squirt of sticky white liquid filled her womb and Kirsten continued her furious clip play. Tiffany finaly stopped cumming and was enjoying her warm after-glow, the dog had stopped too but was still tied up deep in his new bitches cunt, tiffany could feel the dog shrinking inside her as the gap left by his cock was flooded with sperm. finaly his knot shrunk enough for him to pull out a bit, at this tiffany told kirsten " get a glass, quickly" kirsten ran to the cupboard and got out a big pint glass "hold it under me when he pulls out, i wanna see how much cum he gave me" the dog moved back and there was a sloppy poping noise as his shrinking coknow left his victim. Kirsten was there with the glass as the last bit of cock left her friends pussy, bouncing of the rim of the glass as it did. A trale of sperm about an inch thick left tiffs pussy into the glass below and as she sat back on her knees above the glass, when the cum had finaly drained out the glass was 1/4 full, the girls looked in awe, one set of balls had spewed that much cum, both girls tasted the sperm, tiffany first took half of the liquid into her mouth in one gulp and gagged heavily spitting it all over the floor and sending the rest dribling down her chin onto her legs, kirsten took the other half of the cum into her mouth and suddenly grabbed tiffany's head and kissed her open mouthed so they both got the cum all over each others tounges. As soon as Kirsten felt Tiffany start to swallow her share she pulled back opened her mouth to tiff and said "watch this" she let the remaining cum in her mouth form a pool on her tounge then kicked her head back and swallowed the lot and grinned at tiff who still had a face full of the stuff from her gagging. Kirsten started to lick the rest of the cum from tiffs chin and swallowed that aswell.The rest of the dogs were now very restless, they all had 2-3" of meat poking out of their sheaths, Tiff turned to kirsten and said very obscenly "take ur clothes of and get down on ur knees, its ur turn for a fucking!"Part 2 will be online soon, this is my fisrt attempt at a story, tell me what u think i need to improve on, did u like it? (cumming up in part 2 - kirsten gets her first beasiality experience)
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