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As you all know by now my bf is in the military. He is back from Iraq and is stationed in Alaska. Leave it to him to find the nearest strip club and tell the owner about his hot stripper gf. Needless to say I'm here in Alaska to work for a few months. Max and the club owner an older guy named Dave picked us up at the airport, me and our 2 dogs. Max and Dave must have gotten pretty close cause he knew about our sex life with the dogs. They took us to the house that Max had rented for me and I settled in. After a few hours it was time to go check out the club. It was an ok place nothing like Houston, or the clubs out in Cali but what the hell money is money right? I did not dance that night just met everyone. Dave's girl worked at the club too, a young sweet girl named Sarah. She was pretty hot! We watched the girls dance and had several drinks. Dave came over and said lets go to my house Sarah will be home later. So we did.Dave lived out on a small ranch, in a huge house. We sat around talking and then Dave said ok I have to see your body in person so I began to strip. Soon I was fully nude infront of Max and Dave dancing and rubbing my body. Dave said "give me a lap dance" so I did. He glided his hands over my firm tits down my tight stomach right to my freshly waxed pussy. Max was watching and had his cock out stroking it. I could feel Dave rod growing under my ass. It continued to grow as his fingers probed at my pussy. I started to get wet watching Max jerk off at the sight of me working it. I stood up for Dave to adjust himself and pull his cock out. Then without any delay I mounted it and he gasped and said "your cunt is on fire baby f*** my cock" and thats just what I did. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Max get up and leave the room. I continued to f*** Dave as he poked at my ass teasing my asshole. It did not take long before he shot his load in my pussy and plunged two fingers into my ass resulting in my first orgasm of the night.I was laying there on the fur rug when I looked up and saw Max with some sort of huge dog. It was a fullblood Timber wolf. He asked Dave if he was ready for a real show to begin and Dave said "hell yeah!" Max asked if I were up for it and you all know me by now I love dog cock!! The wolf sniffed at the air around me. I spread my legs wide and slid a couple of pillows under my ass. Max lead him over and he grabbed one ankle and Dave grabbed the other spreading me wide for this beast. He sniffed at my dripping cunt and agressively went to work lapping at the cum dripping from inside. My clit began to swell and the beast began to nip at it with a wildness about him. I could tell this was going to be a new kind of lover for me. I asked if he would f*** me and Dave said yes when he decides he's ready. I was excited to have a wolf f*** me, I knew it would be wild and rough. He lapped at my cunt with force and then walked over and stood by my head. I saw his cock sticking out from its sheath and I took my bitch que. I raised up and licked at it and more of it came sliding out. Gently, I took it into my mouth sucking slowly more and more of it. He had a different taste than our dogs, wilder more musky. I smelled the musk of his precum and it set my cunt on fire along with the guys fingering my pussy and ass as I sucked on this wonderful wild cock. As his knot began to grow he pawed at me I took the hint and rolled over on all fours. I lay my head and upper body on the pillows and the beast danced around behind me. Then he did it he mounted and drove his chest onto my back I raised my ass to meet him like a good bitch. His soft fur felt wonderful against my back and ass, I told the guys guide him I have to feel his cock!! Just then he lunged forward and plunged into my waiting cunt wildly. I gasped at the force of this beast. He gripped me around the waist and his legs and paws wrapped around my upper thighs and wildly drove his huge cock deep inside me as his paws spread my legs wider for deeper penitration. It was increadible in no time I felt his knot growing against my g-spot it was deeper inside me than the Mastiff's(our dogs) I pushed my ass to him with each of his thrusts. I felt him inside me deeper than I've ever had. I grunted as he started to pound me faster than I've ever had. It was pure animal lust. He bit down on the back of my neck and his knot pushed deeper into me. How much more cock did this beast have? My cunt began to pulse with every stroke of this beast until I exploded I howled for my lover. His knot was locked tight on my gspot forcing me to cum over and over. 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