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heres a older story from me i posted some time ago on another listHB58Subject: short furry loverDate: Fri, 12 May 2000 23:03:38 EDTthis is a quick story about one of the spicel k9s thats passed thur my life she was a chow chow))for a gift one xtams i got my wife a chow chow puppy, i still had my shep female who was my lover,the male had already gone on to rainbow bridge. and not wanting to get one like him we had argued about what type of dog to get i wanted a dalmatian she a chow.well i found a chow pup for her,some friends had had a litter and were selling the pups, i found out which one she liked best,and then made arrangments to buy it without her knowing(as it was too pricey i told her)and come xtams i gave her her chow pup. i really intended for this dog to be hers and not involve myself with it.)))yeah right! just let any dog come within sight or reach and i must touch it petting on it etc. just cause i love dogs peroid.well as the pup grew up she started to pay more attention to me. after the cute puppy days wore off my wife started to pay her(cuddles) less attention,not ingoreing her but not spoiling her eirtherso cuddles would follow fancy around and when fancy came to me for some pets so would cuddles, she was a brown chow and had the black mouth,tounge etc ofthe breed,as well as the bright shiny eyes and powder puff fur and till she came of age i had never "played" with her, but she changed that one day. i was home alone and using the throne room when she bounded in (you have to see a hyper chow in motion to understand this)(and for a dog who only got to be 18 to 20 inches tall she wieghed 60lbs)bright eyes gleaming blacktougne hanging out,i reached down to scritch her ears then moved down to her chest rubbing in between her front legs causingher hind paw to do the scratch reflex)), then with out warning she jumped up,grabed my arm with her legs and started to hump me like she was a male,well i weakened a reached around with my other hand and rubbed agianst her vulua,at this point her humping became more frantic,lasting about 20 sec then endedwhen she orgasmed or peed for the wetness that had suddendly appeared from her vangina and covered her and ran all over my hand.i was thinking wow!! never had that much of a reaction from fancy,when cuddles reached her head up stuck it between my legs,pushed her nose agianst my pecker and started licking any part of me she could.well the thought of never "playing" with her sorta went out the window then,as she started giveing me a k9 version of a tougne job,she had watched fancy doing this many times and i guess she dicided it was her turnwell over the course of time she became more and more my dog(chows tend to bond to one person) and this became me. our little games of pleasuring each other stayed with fingers and tounges for quite a while and it was her sec heat when she offered herself to me seeming to want me to be her mate.(a footnote here i was told by the breeders that chow when there in seasonare TRAMPS and quit insatibly)well cuddles and i had shared many hrs of pets rubs and licks, over the time her fav thing to do was jump in my lap while watching tv roll over on her back and get tummy rubs while she tried to freach kiss.anyway on the day during her second heat she offered herself to me i could,nt refuse))she stood beside me asking for pets, which she got ,if i touched her hips,she would squat and look back at me,eyes pleading for me to mate with her.well off came the shorts and out came some lube, (we had already spent some time just laying together kissing etc and i had been fingering her hot passage among other pleasuresso the lube was added to her vulva lips mixing with her own jucise,s and some spit form both of us, and added a goodly amount to my own rock hard 6ins a gentleygrapped her by her hips which caused her to back into me trying to find the meat she wanted to be filled with, she kept looking back eagerly ,i grined and placed the head of myself agianst her opening,suprised by its heat,rubbing myself around a could feel her clit throbbing as i slowly started to insert myself, as i was trying to delay the act and enjoy it she was imppicitice for more pushing back agianst me trying to forse more of me in her,i felt myself sliding into her snug slippery hot passage as we both bagan to lust the moment, i felt her passage tighten even more as i encountered herspicpter muscle, with her pushing lustly back into me and me pushing into her,her ring gave up and sollowed me, slipping over my head and trapping me at the shaft, there we both paused, me grimising ,trying to hold back my pending orgasm her adjusting to the fullness of herself, but she didnt wait long andagian pushed back more as i pushed in and we finally meet pupe to pupe as i gained control of myself enough to dalay coming, she worked her muscles up anddown the lenght of meboth of us then started the dance of lovers pushing and pulling in and out each working to please our lover and reciving great satisfaction as well. the more i pumped in and out of her the hotter she became and the hotter she became the more her passage worked to milk me of my seedsuddendly she froze in mid hump with her lips smashed agiant the bace of my pecker, and as her pasage throbbed up and down my lenght i felt a suddenwettness coving our concetion this was the last straw for me i i to went over the brink, slamming myself deeply into her, my pecker spewwed its load of seedinto herlocked together in estasy we shared our release.and slowly as the heat faded we shared a kiss, me leaning over her, letting her black tounge slide in and out of my mouthhappy and spent we cuddled for some time, still having hours before the family got home. enough time to clean up and then share some lap time just like normalafter this event cuddles became even more my dog her claiming me as her human for the time she had left with usHB58this quick post dose no justice to cuddles and my times together, but i had a little time today so thought i,d put something up
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