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SUE and CLYDE Sue woke up early on saturday morning,it bright and sunny it looked as though it was going to be a real hot day. Every weekend Sue would spend with her horse Clyde. Clyde was a huge old Clydesdale stallion who she saved from going to the knackery, she paid $200 dollars for him and she loved him very much,he was such a gentle giant Clyde was a bay colour with white socks and a white blaze down his nose he was a large muscular horse with very broad shoulders.His coat was nice and smooth his mane and tail were almost black. Sue thought he was the best and took good care of him,spoiling him with treats like apples and carrots all the time. Sue herself was a young girl of 18 she didnt have a boyfriend she was a bit shy, although she knew the boys liked her and always asked her out on dates. She was extremly attractive she had blonde hair, cut short like a tomboy and a very pretty face with greenish-blue eyes a small upturned nose and nice full lips. She stood about five foot three tall and had a slim figure with unusaully large breasts. All the girls at school were jealous of her and called her "cowgirl" thats one reason she was so shy but she really didnt care what they said or thought. Sue felt different somehow this morning her nipples were hard and she felt damp and hot between her legs, she laid there a while and rubbed her nipples this made them even harder,the heat and dampness grew as she started rubbing herself through her thin panties with her other hand, she felt her fingers get moist from the juice soaking her now saturated underwear. She panicked and stopped as she was scared some one would hear her moaning.Sue got up and put on a t-shirt and shorts, she grabbed something to eat and headed of too see Clyde down in his barn. Clyde heard Sue coming towards the barn and knew she would have a treat for him and he was right a nice juicy apple.Sue gave him the apple then decided to brush him down. While brushing him down Sue started to think about her earlier predicament while she was lying in bed, she started to get all hot and moist again, her nipples were hard and rubbed against her t-shirt as she continued to brush Clyde down. Clyde smelt something different about his young owner this morning and he liked it, the smell was similar to mare in season but it was sweeter he felt something he hadnt felt for a while he turned to sniff Sue as she bent over to brush down his side. Clyde stuck his muzzle close to her arse as she bent over and breathed up the nice scent. When he breathed out his hot breathe rolled across the tops of Sues legs and made her shiver,she had never felt anything like it before and it turned her on even more. Sue turned around and placed her pussy right near Clydes nose and he went to town sniffing and snorting, Sue loved the feeling of his hot breathe on the tops of her legs and thighs. Sue suddenly jumped with a surprise as she felt a large wet tongue lick between her legs. Clyde wanted to taste were the scent was coming from and he licked again Sue shivered at the thought of letting Clyde taste her pussy it made her hotter her t-shirt clung to her like a glove from all the sweat her nipples stood out like never before she had to take of her t-shirt and shorts no one would disturb her out here with Clyde. She took off her clothes and placed them on a hay bale and sat down on them she spread her legs and exposed herself to Clyde. Clyde didnt hesitate he started licking straight away and loved the sweet taste of the young girl, his tongue thick and hot lashed over her pussy, arse and the tops of her legs, she started to moan really loudly and was close to an orgasm when Clyde managed to shove his tongue into vigin hole and bust her cherry, she cried out not in pain but in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her like a hot iron she almost passed out as her orgasm seemed to go on forever building and building. Finally it subsided but Clyde kept on licking his muzzle was covered in saliva and Sues juices as she looked at him she realised he was her own real love she didnt need boys when she had him she dragged his head up and gave him a big kiss on the snout his tongue came out and licked the sweat off her neck she loved that big wet tongue. Sue stood up to get dressed as she bent down to put her shorts on she looked under the big horse and almost fainted there before eyes was biggest cock she had ever seen, sure she had seen Clyde take a pee but she had never seen him a throbbing hardon before it was huge. She had to touch it to see if she was dreaming or not slowly she walked over to him got down on her hands and knees and crawled beneath him, she trusted him alot otherwise she'd be crazy to crawl under nearly a ton of horny stallion.She couldn't believe the size of it, it had to be nearly three feet long and as big around as her calf muscle at the base were two huge looking balls the size of softballs only bigger sitting in a tight sack. Sue crawled in under Clyde her face only inches away from his cock she could feel the heat and smell the strong odour coming from the hot cock, as she looked at it stuff oozed from the head of it each time it throbbed she reached out one finger and touched the liquid then brought it back to her nose and smelt it before putting it to her lips and tasting the strong smelling juice, after that little taste she wanted more she reached in and grabbed the cock with both hands and moved it to her lips.Clyde felt her grab his cock and he stiffened it causing it break free and hit her in the face smearing precum all over mouth,nose and forrid this surprised Sue and she was amazed at its strength she held it alot tighter this time as she stuck her tongue into the piss hole as far as it would go. The cock stiffened and swelled even more if that was possible. Sue loved the feel and taste of the huge cock she licked, sucked and rubbed as much of the huge cock and balls as she could at the same time wanting to be able to suck him off but it was just to big to fit in her mouth. Sue squeesed her tits around the big cock and licked the head at the same time she saw his balls tighten and his cock head flared then he started humping her tits and face like crazy. Clyde humped like he was humping a mare he was going to cum soon all over his young owner and she knew it. The big cock was getting even harder and thicker Sue couldn't believe her eyes she sucked on the piss hole as if it was a life line, she stuck her tongue in the swollen opening and that was it the cock exploded first stream hit the back of her throat like a bullet, second stream she actual got to taste before she swallowed the last five hit her face, breasts, and her hair she was coated in thick white horse cum from her belly up she couldn't have imagined how much there was in those two big balls and his cock was still hard she scooped up as much of the white goo as she could and swallowed it. Rubbing the rest into breasts and pussy she orgasmed again and again. Clyde still horny stood over her as she rubbed herself off his cock still throbbing up and down still quite large and hard. Sue reached up and sucked up the last dregs of his cum and started to lick his cock clean, wondering if she could fit in her juicy hot hole.Heat started to rise in her again so she decided to rub herself off on the big cock this time instead of her fingers, so she stood up bent at the waist under the big horse and put his cock between her legs along her belly and started to slide her pussy up and down his entire length. She really got wetter and wetter, she slid from his belly to the tip and brushed the big rubbery head on her clit each stroke. Horny as hell Clyde tried to find her moist hole as he humped between her legs and finally managed too get his tip in somewhere moist and hot. Sue moaned she couldn't beleive it was in, but she was a virgin an hour ago now she had six inces of hot horse cock stretching her till she thought she'd burst it started to grow thicker and hotter with each thrust she now had at least eleven fat hard inches in her now and still it grew stretching her cunt like elastic band ready to break but it felt so wonderful she reached forward and braced herself on his front legs so she could hump against his big cock and force more into herself. Oh god she thought as she thrust against the huge hot cock her pussy felt like it was turning inside out with every thrust she was now having one enormous orgasm after another it was heaven, Clyde sped up even more his tail flicked from side too side he felt his cock hit bottom and start to flare he was going to cum again soon. Sue looked at her poor stretched hole and saw what must have been thirteen inches of cock slamming into her and she could feel every vein and lump on it. Clyde whinnied and raised up on his hind legs with one enormous thrust he came in that tight hole filling it with hot cum by the gallon it flowed out of her like a waterfall hot and gooey. Sue nearly fainted as she felt jet after jet of hot cum shoot up into her stretched out pussy, her legs were soaked with their combined juices she collected it and sucked off her fingers, rubbed it all over face and neck she was in heaven she never wanted it to stop ever. Clyde pulled against the tight hole it seemed a bit looser now his fat cock slid out slowly with sucking sound, as Sue fell to the ground on her knees arse in the air she felt the cool air on her exposed over stretched cunt and shivered, her body ached all over but it was nice. Clyde bent his head down and stuck his tongue in to the gaping hole of what was earlier that morning a tight virgin hole now stretched far beyond any 18 year olds wildest dreams, he stuck it in as far as he could and tasted the cum cocktail it was delicous he kept on licking and Sue layed there moaning and groaning on the hot tongue she reached around and felt how big she was her lips were stretched and swollen and she gaped open like she'd just given birth her belly felt swollen. Sue layed there for what seemed like hours resting on the soft warm hay then slowly stood up and felt the juice start to slowly seep out in one big congealed ball of slime she scooped it up and drank it down tasting the horse cum, saliva and her own juices all combined into a pungent mixture of love. Sue put on her t-shirt and shorts and walked bow leggedly over to her lover and stroked his neck and head she noticed his cock soft and dangling covered in there juice, she kissed it as it went back into its sheath to recover for next time, maybe tomorrow she thought with a mischevous grin. Sue laid in bed thinking about her episode with Clyde and his big cock, her pussy still ached but she wanted more and she wanted it now. Quietly she snuck out of the house in her nighty and down to his barn, Clyde stood there as Sue walked in and took off her nighty and started rubbing his neck and chest then moving down too his balls and cock it started to grow and stiffen Sue stuffed it in her mouth before it grew to big she sucked and sucked till swelled and caused her cheeks to puff out then she took it out before it choked her. The big cock tasted so good to her she wished he was a house pet and lived in her room so she could eat it all night long. Noisely she sucked and licked on his cock she wanted to swallow his cum again she wondered how there would be this time hopefully a lot. The cock started drooling its juice again Sue started to carefully rub herself as she was still very tender and sore but it still felt great. Clyde was twitching continousely from her efforts he loved the things she did to him soon he would cum on her happy smiling face and tits again like last time.
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