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I knock on the front door, and a man about 40 years open. He ask me to come inside, while he finds the money for the pizza a brought for him. He leads me into the kitchen, and closes the front door behind us. Then he tells me to wait while he gets the money. I stand in the kitchen alone, when suddenly a big dog starts barking at me. I turn around and stand still, thinking that it will go away. But instead it's coming closer. I back of a little wondering if the man gets back soon, but he's not coming. Then another dog enters the kitchen, also barking and I'm beginning to panic, I never liked dogs that good. Then suddenly a rope i thrown around me from behind, and tied immediately. Both my arms hangs down my side, and the man from before who throwed the rope ties it even more. I ask him what he's doing but he tells me to shut up and lay down. I refuse and tells him to let me go, but that only makes him force me down on the floor. Then his wife enters the kitchen. She takes some more rope and while the man holds me down, she ties my feet together. Then she take a scissor and begins to cut my cloth of me.I'm now laying completely naked on the floor, tied up, and the two dogs are still standing right beside me with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. The man tells me that we are going to get really messy and have some fun. At the same time his wife has picked up a lot of whipped cream in the refrigerator which she brings over to the table beside us. They both begins to smear it all over my body, covering every inch of my skin. Then sit down beside me and the man says that him and his wife are going to show me what the dogs are gonna do to me. They both stick their tongues out, showing them to me. The woman has a normally sized tongue, but the mans tongue is huge and really gross. They gather some saliva in their mouths making their tongues very wet and the man place his head right in front of mine and starts breathing on my face and his wife does the same."now this is what the dogs are going to do," he says and covers my face with his huge disgusting tongue. I try to turn my head away, but he holds on to it with both of his hands, and they both begins to lick my face all over, until they have removed all of the whipped cream. This was so disgusting that I forgot about the dogs, but when the woman came with some more whipped cream I remembered, I was to go through this again, but with dogs this time. At least they weren't barking anymore. The man called them over and made them lay down on both sides of me. I could feel and smell their heavy breath on my face. Their long, pink tongues were hanging out of their mouth, glistering with saliva and ready to lick all of the whipped cream off of me. Then the woman bowed down and tapped on my face as a starting signal to the dogs, and they began to lick my face furiously.Each lick covered my whole face, and I closed my eyes, hoping they would stop.Then suddenly I felt something down my crotch, and I shivered as a senstions run through my whole body. One of the dogs was licking at my penis, and it got hard immediately. This caught the other dogs attention, and they both began to lick my crotch and my inner thighs. Allthough the thought was disgusting, they had only licked for a few minutes, when I came in a shivering orgasm. The dogs didn't notice at continued their licking of my penis, legs and stomach. The man was clearly amused by my sensation, and he sat on my chest with a leg on both sides, so i couldn't see the dogs, but only feel the long strokes of their tongues.He told me to show him my tongue, and in my arousement i stuck it out at him. He moved down to my face and licked my tongue with his own, which I no longer found as disgusting as before. I let him lick at my tongue without licking back and he moved his tongue all over my face. He licked me all the way down from my neck to my forehead, a motion he kept doing a couple of times. My penis was hard again and I was getting really horny, and without giving it a thought, I started licking his face, which he clearly enjoyed. We were slobbering at each others faces, as his wife joined us, and while the dogs licked my member, we took turns licking each other faces until I got my second orgasm. After that I was all done, and the man tied me up again. I told them I was actually glad the forced me to this, and they told me to come back any time.
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