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I repostedChapter 1 of 2:Spring came early this year, the air was warm and the rays of the sun glistened off the water of the dolphin pool. As three dolphins played chasing games they were being observed by a new trainer named Rose. She stood there sitting on the side of the tank with her feet in the water. Her blonde hair flowed in the breeze when one of the dolphins swam towards her. “Hey Tabby, I missed you so much” She said to the dolphin. Tab clicked as he laid on his side. “I am so happy that I am finally going to be able to do water works with you for the first time!!” She said to him. Before she could say another word Sasha, Tab’s tank mate came over and chased him away. “Sasha, that was not nice.” Rose said to her. Sasha turned and exposed her belly for a rub and shook her pectoral fins. Rose smiled softly. “Oh you, I can never stay mad at you guys” Rose said as she began rubbing Sasha’s belly. “Well guys, I have to go now.” She said to the dolphins. “ I will see you guys later” Rose said as she flashed the dolphins a wave. Tab acknowledged the wave with a fluke wave. “Silly dolphins” She said to herself as she walked down the stairs.Later that day, Rose donned her bathing suit and walked over to the separate holding area. While the other two trainers were setting up for a show, along with Rose’s help they separated Tab from Sasha and Jerri. Since Tab was much older and more experienced than Sasha and Jerri, he was going to do waterworks with Rose. Though Rose had worked with Tab for over a year, she never did entered the water with him, until today. She was alittle intimidated by his size, but something about the way he looked at her seemed to calm her. Rose swam to the middle of the pool and just floated there, she kept a close eye on Tab who was swimming circles around her. She called him towards her and began the session. Tab would do a few jumps and push Rose around a bit, she went for a dorsal tow and even a ‘dolphin dance’. which was her holding on to Tab’s pectoral fins. The session was ending, Rose decided before she left the water she would give Tab a rubdown. As Rose begun to rub Tab down his back, she felt something rub against her leg. But thought nothing of it. She continued to rub Tab’s dorsal fin and then felt something rub against her upper thigh. She looked down to see that Tab had decided to expose himself and was rubbing his member on her thigh. She stood there in shock for a moment and thought to herself “I’m in the middle of a pool that’s 24ft deep with a horny male dolphin and there’s no one around.” Tab’s member was about 12 inches long and prehensile. She figured if she tried to swim for it, most likely he would use his member to pull her back.Then all of a sudden, she felt his member rub across her pussy. She jolted to the side, but with Tab’s persistence he kept on and she just gave into the fact that he was rubbing his member against her pussy. She felt a sensation of excitement and nervousness. Then she felt Tab’s member pushing against the fabric of her bathing suit. It was clear to her what he wanted. She shifted her bathing suit bottom to the side. Tab’s member slowly moved up against her thigh and then rubbed across her clit again and again. She shuddered for a moment, it felt so good to her. He then slipped his member into her. “Oh” She said to herself. It felt so incredible. Tab pumped a few times as Rose began to give into the feeling of a building orgasm. She wrapped her legs around Tab’s body and felt a release of tension. She had orgasm while Tab was still working on his he continued to move it inside of her and she felt another orgasm building, she was very close to having another when Tab pulled out of her, he came the minute he pulled out of her. She didn’t want him to stop, but it was too late. Breathless and alittle frustrated at the fact that she was left mid satisfied; she regained her composure, adjusted herself and gave Tab a kiss on his melon. She reluctantly left the water and went to the locker room. As she began to change she thought to herself “what did I just do ??!” She was confused by the feeling, but she wanted more of it. So she decided to try it again One more time “Tonight” she said to herself. (more to come)
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