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A story I found on the netHope you enjoy it____________________________________________________________________Carlos by MariaMy name is Maria. When I was 18, I was super interested in sex, and I was so horny! I was on the volleyball team, and had big breasts, and a big butt like my mom. I had long, curly black hair, and dark brown eyes. Being Mexican, my skin was a smooth coffee color. I was shy at school, and I didn't have a boyfriend, so I was very curious about sex. I was so desperately horny! My 1-year old puppy had humped my leg before, and I had seen the tip of his pink cock on occasion, and was very curious to feel his cock.There came one day in the fall, when my parents had gone over to my grandmother's house, and would not be back until late at night, so I was alone. It was raining outside, and I just had a t-shirt on, with no bra, and a pair of gym-shorts. I went outside to the garage, and knelt down on the large dog-rug by my puppy, Carlos. Carlos was a white lab, and had grown huge, being over 100-lbs. I began petting him, and talking softly to him. Gradually, I slid my hand down to his cock, and began to stroke his cock through his sheath. Slowly, firmly, I stroked his cock up and down, back and forth. I instinctively moaned as I felt how incredibly hard his cock was, and it was so thick!Nervously, I pulled my shorts off, and got down on all fours, and began swishing my ass back and forth at Carlos, who began to lick my ass with his long tongue! Oh, my god, his tongue was so long, and it felt so good licking me! He licked me up and down, from my pussy to my asshole, back and forth. Aghh, god it felt so good! I came easily, gushing my cum in a huge wave that was so intense for me, I couldn't believe it! He kept on licking me, licking me! Gradually, I gathered my courage. I wanted Carlos to f*** me good! I wanted to be filled up! I helped Carlos get his paws up around my hips, and I felt his heavy, hairy body laying on my back. His weight was solid, but comfortable. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, and I felt him trying, unsuccessfully, to hump me. I reached back to his cock, and began to slowly stroke him, nice and strong. I lined the tip of his cock up with my pussy, and I pushed my ass back towards him. When his cock touched my opening, he clamped his paws down on my hips, and drove his enormous cock into me! Oh, my god! Inch after inch slid into me, and I could feel how hard, and so hot! as his cock went way up inside me! I felt his huge bulge push against my pussy, as he began to stroke in and out of me! Carlos started fucking me so deep and hard! I knew I was gonna get f***** good! He began pounding so deep into me, filling me up. I felt him begin to pump me so hard! In and out, he kept pumping me over and over. I clamped down on his thick cock as he drove into me, I could feel him pumping his seed deep inside me! I was coming so much, I thought I was gonna pass out!I began moaning loudly, I was sweating all over as Carlos f***** me good, I began moaning so deep."Aghhh, yes... f*** me! f*** me, yeah, that's it, f*** me faster... oh, yes, aghhh," I panted as he worked my pussy deeper. I cried out deliriously, growling, "Oh, yes, f*** me deep! f*** me harder! Harder! Ohh, yes..."I felt his enormous bulge slam into me, and grow and grow, and grow! Then, he kept pounding deep into me, pumping me so full of hot cum! I felt like I was coming continuously! The feeling of being so filled up was incredible! His cock was so hot! I squeezed down on his cock, just to luxuriate in the feeling of such delicious thickness, driving so deep into me! My pussy was gushing, and in a froth as his cum kept flooding me! He then changed his position on me, and we were ass to ass, as I felt locked to him, and he just kept pumping me full of cum. So much cum! I came and came, as orgasms rocked my body!Slowly, with a slurping noise, Carlos pulled out of me, and I could not believe how huge his cock was! It must have been about 10 inches or more, and so thick! My pussy ached, and felt like it was on fire! Oh, but I was so delirious with pleasure! I had never in my life cum so much, or so intensely! I was delirious with lust, and I held him close to me, as I rubbed his thick cock up and down my face, worshipping his glorious cock. It felt so intense to feel his paws clamp down on my hips, and drive his huge cock so deep inside me! His cock was way up inside me, and as he pulled out of me, streams of his cum, and my own, splashed out of me like a waterfall. Cum was all over me, all down my thighs, and I felt so exhausted. So deeply happy with pleasure.I slowly made my way to the shower, and as I cleaned myself up, I smiled deeply. Our new relationship would continue. I needed it. My mind was spinning at what we had done, and how incredibly good it felt. I would never tell anyone, but our secret relationship would continue to bring me unimaginable bliss. I could hardly wait for the next time that we could f***. So that Carlos, my beautiful dog, could f*** me silly. Ummmm. The feelings were so intense!
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