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This will be my first time at a story/fantasy so I hope you will all be nice and let me know how you feel after reading this one!It was a hot summer day and all of us girls from work decided to go to the nearest bar for a couple drinks. Being a professional woman, I am usually wearing a short skirted business suit. After serveral drinks and a couple hits we were all having a great time flirting with every man in sight. Turning on the construstion workers that were playing pool by spreading my legs for them to see my pantyless pussy. I heard them talking about my shaved pussy and how they wanted to get a little closer to smell that cunt. One had said that I bet that bitch cant take all of this, while grabbing his package. They were all laughing as I spread my legs a little wider for them to see my wet pussy.After several drinks I knew it was time for me to leave and find some differnet action. As I was driving down the interstate I hiked my skirt high for all the truckers to see my wet pussy. As I was driving by one semi, the trucker kept up with the pace of my car. He kept honking, I I lifted my skirt high and showed him what he wanted to see, my pussy! He kept honking and I shoved a finger deep in my pussy. As I pulled out my finger it was dripping with my cunt juices. As I sped away, another trucker slowed down for me to catch up. I thought to myself, they must be on the radios and telling each other about the hot bitch in the monte! I had too many drinks at the bar and really had to pee so I stopped at the next rest area. As I was walking in, a man was sitting on a bench inside,he made comments about my legs and I could tell he was a nasty old man. I was hot and thought I had better give him a show as well. I accidently dropped my keys bent over so he could see my ass checks and my hairless pussy. He called me a whore that needed to be fucked as I walked into the restroom, I smiled back at him as the door closed.When I walked out of the restroom there stood about 10 men. As I looked over the faces of some of the men I had recogmized two. They were truckers that I had given shots of my wet pussy. One man stepped forward and said why dont you show me whats under that skirt. My pussy was getting wet at the advances, but I wanted to be raped, so I told them I had to get moving. One of truckers grabbed my skirt and pulled it up to my hips while I danced around trying to get it away. All of the men laughed and called me a slut. I heard one say Look at them long pussy lips. That nasty comment got me going. I bent over and they kept talking to each other about what a hole I had. I pulled my skirt off and showed them my pussy. I bent over, spread my ass checks so they could see my puckerd hole. MMMM I was hot! Please someone fuck me I thought to myself. They started to grab my ass and shove their fingers into my dripping hole then suddenly a man stopped them. A big man from the back yelled this bitch needs a real fuck. He brought his black lab close to me and shoved my body over so the dog could lick my pussy. I felt the tongue slide from my clit to the crack of my ass, I was in heaven. I could hear the man talking about how I liked to be licked by a dog, what a slut! This bitch needs fucked one said, and then they all laughed. As I was bent over to get the licking of my life a man grabbed my hair and shoved his hard cock in my mouth telling me to suck him off. I sucked the cock up and down and all around! He moaned and squirted his hot cum deep in my throat. Finally the owner of the dog pushed me to the floor and his dog mounted me. He kept jabbing and missing my love hole. I reached back and grabbed his red cock and helped guide him into the dripping slit. He pounded my pussy like I have never felt before. The men had their cocks in hand, cameras rolling and snapshots were taken. I moaned as I came time and time again, from the fucking I was getting from this dog. After a couple of days I got on the internet and found my pictures that those nasty men had taken. MMMMMMM I hope it happens again!
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