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OK just incase people readin this didnt see my reply to the age problem in the first part of this littel series I clicked 14 when I ment 18 on accedent so no she isnt underaged. Hope I get some replys on this story. Possitive or neggitive everything can be used to improve. Hope you enjoy the story Kylie woke up as soon as the sun had risen. She thought all that had happend yesterday was just a dream. A mear dream from which nothing bad could come from it. She thought how odd it was that shed get such a weird dream a week after she got out of the hell whole known as high school. Only two weeks before I head off to collage she said to her self. She got up and stretched her arms for a bit. Thought how lucky she was to be 18 instead of the poor freshmen who were just geting in this upcomeing year. As she stretched around she noticed how swore she was down near her womanhood. She panic and thought could it have actually happend? Could the dog have actually fucked her yesterday when she got out of the shower? All questions were raceing through her head when she took off her undies to inspect herself. Her hole was still gapeing huge and red all over from how hard she got fucked yesterday. She then relized that it all had happend. It wasnt just some fantisy dream she seems to have every now and then. She quickly put on her panties and put on a robe then ran down stairs. Her parents greated her and asked her how she and the dog were geting along. Could they have known? Where they just being polite? These questions ran through her head as she just said yes and eated some breakfast. After morning breakfast the parents had to go out and asked her if theres any thing she wanted wile they go out. She said no thanks and they left. As she sat there eating her english muffin and thinking what to do now. She had obvisly had sex with a dog yesterday. But did she like it or not? No she was thinking crazy thoughts now how could she like having sex with a dog its all just crazy. Just then lucky the dog nugged his head inbetween her legs and greeted her with a puppy dog face look. She immiditly scooted back and said to him youv been down there enough yesterday and walked upstairs to her room to get dressed. She closed the door behind her and took off her robe. She put on a short skirt and a shirt. She then noticed the dog had came in the room. Must of left the door ajar on accedent she thought. The dog had a slight errection under him she could see that. She then got a idea. Maby she could have alittle fun with this pet of hers. No thats stupid and aginst the law she thought shaking her head. Then she felt her dogs nose go under her skirt and past her thong licking her womanhood. She was overcome by this wonder full sinsation and layed down for more of it. She opened her legs up more to alow him deeper access into her. His toung felt so wonderfull and I was like in heaven. Before I could relize it he was on top of me and I was starreing streight into his eyes wile this thing kept pokeing me down below. She looked to see it was the dogs cock trying to find its way into her again. She gained back her sanity and quickly got back up and on her hands trying to get away. The dog got on her back and forced her down. She relized what was going to happend and got curiouse so she deccided to let it happen(not that she had much of a choice). The dogs cock was probeing all around her then it hit her butwhole and thought it was her pussy so pushed on foward. Before she could stop him he had pentrated her ass. She was so tight down there she couldnt feel anything but pain. She tried to get his cock out and into her pussy but he would have none of that and just pushed through her hand to the spot he wanted. He was pushing ahead so hard it was like he was trying to plant something in her. She knew he was trying to get his knot in her and was pushing away trying to get him off but couldnt becouse of the dogs shear weight. She finialy got her hand on his cock but lost strength and her hand droped. Suddenly he stopped and with one forcefull move shoved his knot in her. Now we are one and I will be her for a half hour she thought to her self. ************Hour latter************* He was still inside of her when she finialy felt him about to blast off in her. She couldnt wait to get back up and inspect the dammage. She braced her self for it and it hit her with all force filling her insides up with cumm. She felt like she was going to explode. Finaily it was over and she was glade. But deep down she knew she wanted more and was just trying to denny it to her nice side. He had cummed in her and wanted off now. But becouse her ass was so tight his knot was not letting him get off. She had to hold him on for another five min before it was small enough to ploop out of there.... And it did with one finial squish sound he left his bitch and went inanother room. She could feel all the it would seem gallons of cumm falling out of her ass. She couldnt even get up to walk and clean up the mess it hurt to badly. But she liked it and knew thered be more fun with her new found man in her life........Stay tunened for part 3 comeing soon.
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