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I lie down in my bed one night, alone with window open to let in cooling breez. I turn to see my cat moonlight had snuck his way in through and was now coming to snuggle. I pet him for some time, his forpaws neddling at the blanket as he purrs audiably. Curious I slowly move my hand towards his hind end and tweek his single nut. He still purred and was now erect, his little pink penis poking out of the sheath. Playfully I took it into my forfinger and thumb and began to grant him a hand job, he was defanatly enjoying it judging by the fact he was purring much louder as I did this. Soon enough[as is true for most cats, it happens quite fast]Moonlight came all over my hand leaving me a nice little preasent of feline ejaculate. Now each day when it is warm out, I leave my window open so my little moonlight can come in and play again.[Please forguive the shortness of the story i hope it is good]
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