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It's been awhile since we've posted anything in this forum. We made a mistake a long time ago by not putting a personal logo on our videos to license them and they were posted on a site without our knowledge. That was our mistake and one we will not repeat. Now to get to our story.This is something that we, mostly me, have been looking forward to for a very long time. I have always wanted to experience seeing a man with a female dog. Have tons of videos of this but desperately wanted to be there and see it up close and personal. Last summer someone dropped off this rather homey looking female dog. I saw her one morning and could tell that she had pups somewhere. I saw her again a few days later and so did Mistie's Mister.That evening we started looking to see if we could find the pups. Sure enough they were in an old barn nearby. We fed her, she was almost starved to death. Nothing but bones and skin. We felt sorry for her and her pups. Somehow she had them well fed and healthy as they could be. We moved them up to the house and took them in. Found homes for the pups and kept her and one of the male puppies.She has filled out and is healthy now. Still not the prettiest dog you'll see but she stole my heart. We brought her in the house a few weeks ago. Never having trained a female dog and not wanting to hurt her it did not go very well. But spring is here and as spring does she has come into heat. Needless to say she was more receptive.I brought her in the house. Put down a matt. Started stroking her and getting her used to being touched. Mistie's Mister watched as I oiled her up and prepared her for him. I put one finger in her. I have never seen anything so tight. She would squeeze my finger very hard. "You'll never get into this". I put two fingers in. Making sure not to hurt her. I had her on her back and she was just laying there. Never flinched or tried to get away. I remember thinking that someone may have "broke her in before". But I let that idea go because she was so tight.I had to work at getting three fingers in her. Mistie's Mister paying close attention, stroking as he watched. After a few minutes of this he could take no more. He got down on his knees, leaning over her. "Move". When he got into position I moved my hand out of the way. He lowered himself on top of her. She never moved. Just lay there like she knew what was going to happen and was showing no fear. After several attempts of trying to penetrate he moved back. "She's to tight, I'll never get in that"."Just hold on a minute". I went to our bed room and got two of our dildo's. One of them small and the other slightly bigger.I used the small one on her and she took it without a problem. Still laying perfectly still. Once I had it in all the way I let it rest there without moving. Stroking her side with my hand to let her know it was okay. I pulled it out about an inch and slid it back in. Then started to slowly stroke her with it.I did this for about five minutes and then slid it out and took the larger dildo and tried to slide it in. It didn't want to go at first so I put more pressure on it. Making sure not to hurt her. Then it started to slowly go in. Inch by inch she took it. Once it was all the way in I left it still for a minute and then moved it out about an inch. When she showed no signs of pain or apprehension I started making longer strokes with it. Mistie's Mister watching intently. Getting more and more excited, still making slow strokes to his own manhood.He watched this for about five minutes and could take no more. He came closer. "Take it out". Which I did. He lay over her and with little effort slid into her. Just the head to begin with. Then she relaxed her muscles and he slid ball deep. "I've got her". I couldn't believe it. "You do?" He nodded to me, leaned over and kissed me softly. "You want to see?" he asked. I was desperate to see. I had her laying on my legs so had to move out from under her. I went behind them to see. I lifted his balls so I could get a good look. Sure enough he was as deep as he could go. I was so excited. I stroked his balls and the base of his cock. I could hear him moan with delight. I could just imagine the pleasure he must be feeling. I knew how tight she was. And very hot.He started to stroke her. She had such a grip on him he could not pull out very far. I stroked him from his ass to his balls back to the base of his cock. He has the best stamina I have ever seen in a man but due to all he had seen and the pleasure he had given himself with his own hand and the tight grip she had on him now and my stroking him it wasn't long before he was on the brink of pure bliss."Do you want me to cum in her, pull my cock out a bit so you can see it jerk?". Oh did I! That is what I had been dying to see! He pulled out so I could see his cock and then shot his load. I was holding his balls and caressing the base of his cock. I couldn't believe how exciting it was to see him shoot his load like that. He pulled out of her slowly. I took his cock and rubbed her with the head of it for a bit and then he pulled away. We kissed each other gently."Did you like that?" he asked. You damned right I did !!!!!
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