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Alright. time to start a library in here. I will start posting all of my stories. I am only glancing through them so if there is any objectionable content please let me know and I will change the story. Enjoy. Cloud and Dreamer, true stories more options   Author: Shuunka Tanka Date:1997/01/22 Shuunka here,I'd mentioned that that the archives of ASB contains tales of Dreamer and cloud, two four legged lovers from my past. I've had a few people ask me about them and so here are some old posts, pulled up from the archives that are neither form Imazoo nor Archivist.The Past---\ | VFrom: (Andrew John Denis)Newsgroups: Cloud in me in my birthday suitDate: 10 Apr 1994 08:29:41 GMTOrganization: University of North Carolina Extended Bulletin Board ServiceLines: 43Distribution: worldMessage-ID: <2o8ddl$ NNTP-Posting-Host: Today is Shuunka Tanka's birthday! Cloud came to see me early this morning. He is the first to give he a gift today. How did he know it was my birthday? Dogs are wonderful creatures. Maybe he sensed something--the emptiness I've been feeling of late. This roaming dog shows up always when I need him. His gift to me was the joy his presence gives me. He is beautiful, with a luxurious, long gray coat, mottled with black. His brown eyes always glimmer at me as he dog smiles. His affectionate kisses are given freely and frequently. His tongue is rough and his white teeth smooth along with his soft black lips and pink gums. We kissed for while, tongue lapping at each others mouths and noses. He'd eaten wild onion recently but love makes all things beautiful and I didn't care. His fur tickled my chin and lips. He cleaned my face and tears. I cried because I can't be with him. I cried because he wants to stay with me and can't. Loyalties tear him. Cloud will jump in my bedroom window or waltz in the front door if its open but he always goes home. Every time he leaves there is made gap. He lies on my bed now, panting and licking himself clean--tasting the testament of our union. I hope he;ll stay. I pray that his owner will change his mind and let me have Cloud. I wish the tie lasted forever and our hearts were inetricably joined like they are when his knot is in me. If he does leave again, and he will by noon--whining and scratching at the door, ingoring my pleading, then I feel hollow agian. When he leaves, I have to wait for his return, like a wife waiting for her husband on the battlefield. And Clouds battleground is one of splt royalties. He has two homes but als, one heart and it cannot decide. His slurping is loud now. I think I'll help him clean himself. Then we'll share a sandwhich and a bowl of spaghetti. Cloud gave me my first birthday gift in the darkness before dawn. I love him but he'll be gone soon after the sunrise. Mitakuye Oyasin! "We don't want freedom. We don't want justice. We just want...someone to love." -People Like Us, by the Talking Heads From Fri Jul 15 05:18:00 MET DST 1994Article: 13095 of!!!!!!!!shuunkaFrom: (Shuunka Tanka)Subject: Shuunka's Return/Good-bye DreamerMessage-ID: Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest) X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL1]Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 23:11:32 GMTLines: 104 Well, I've been absent from ASBest for a month or three. I return tosee some politicking going on--and some new faces. I like new faces--Ifound a few on ISCA, including an anon who calls himself Equuinox. He is a good fellow.*******ISCA BBS****** I've spent a great deal of time on there the last few months, doingmy bit of crusading for zoophilia. I was completely open to anyone on theBBS and got more than one flame as well as more than one "Don't tellanyone but once--" I also have picked up more than one friend--enoughthat whenever someone flamed me in an public forum that others would jumpto my rescue. It was also nice that I've been able to help a few zoos on there come to terms with their sexuality--and this goes to Hoss Topper--aquestion--Just how in the heck do I succor a zoo who also happens to be Christian, devout Christian about, what she's done? ************************************************************************ Special Queer Beast Wave to Larry and another. He knows who he is. ************************************************************************ What has Shuunka been up to in RL? Well I've moved to NJ to be withthe human that I love--and I had to leave behind the mare that I love. Her name was Dreamer, a seal brown arabian mare. I almost left without saying good-bye to her, mistakenly thinking that would've been better,would've been easier then a big scene of tears. Talking to someone on ISCA changed my mind. I want to thank him for the sweet memory I now have of Dreamer. I wish him and his welsh pony SO all the best. Memories of Dreamer It was approximately one a.m. when I promised him and myself I'd gosee Dreamer one last time before I left for NJ. I only had three daysbefore I had to go and little time. The night was safer anyway. JillTyler's pasture was only a miles stroll down a dirt road. As I walked Ithough about what my ISCA friend had told me. "Do tonight what you neverdared to before. Be different, experiment--this is your last night withher. Make the most of it." There wasn't much of moon to see by that night but the stars let mesee the road. I creptby a few houses and managed not to wake a singlehound dog. The darkness and the lush grass were on my side that night. Iarrived with a pounding, excited heart. What was I going to do? Just hug her a while and tell her how much Iloved her--tell her how many afternoons I enjoyed her company as I wrotepoetry or sketched her and the rest of the herd? Was I to thank her forthe fond nights I had with her when our waters mixed and we shared ourflesh. I had known her for two, almost three years, having known hersince she was dropped by her mother, Summerwind Dreamer was a strangebirth for Summewind had not been expected to fertile, being too old. ButDreamer had been born and had made me very happy. I approached the fence. Faintly I could see the outline of a dozenhorses. They nickered softly and stomped. My arrival had not surprisedthem. Their night vision was far superior to mine and the cool nightbreeze had been carrying my scent their direction for minutes. That windshifted for a moment as I climbed over, wary of the barbed wire at thetop. My nostrils flared as I caught scent of the herd. I hopped downwithout panicking a single horse. Dreamer was already making her way to me. She usually did the sameduring the day when I arrived with notebook or sketchpad in hand. We hadour ritual greeting. She nuzzled my shoulder or side, nibbling a littlewhile I used my hands to scratch her withers and chest. I remembered my ISCA friend's words and this night I used my teeth. I nipped at her theway she had at me. I felt better doing this. I felt more like one ofthem on all fours then one of man. What's more I could smell her as I didthis. Her scent made me heady. She nipped me hard. I nipped her back. Dreamer nipped me evenharder so I slid down the length of her body--feeling her texture on myface a neck, to escape her next bite. As I reached the end of her hindquarters I chomped down one the top of her tail. Much to my surprise she did neither bolted nor kicked but raised her tail. Was she in heat? Indeed she was! I could do more than just say good-bye. And I did. I decided to do another thing I had never done before. I strippedmyself of my clothing--leaving on only my medicine bag and a silver wolfnecklace given to me by my human love. The night air was cool but notuncomfortable. A sudden bit of paranoia struck me and I looked allaround. After all, I stood naked in a field with a road bordering oneside and house on two other sides. It was very dark--getting darker infact as clouds rolled in--so I had some degree of safety. Dreamer circled me a moment then rested her head on my shoulder. Iscritched her behind the ears and smiled. Her hair tickled my naked bodyand I could feel her warmth. I lipped her ears. She shook her head andrubbed herself against me. I smiled and used my teeth again on her--againon her tail and on her hindquarters. She pushed herself into me--rump inmy face. I could smell her but I wanted more of the smell oh so wonderfulscent. I inhaled deeply. I couldn't get enough of her. I got on my knees behind her. She had not gained her full size evenafter three years but was by no means small. I am a tall person as well. I wrapped my arms around her hips and began to nuzzle as her tail flicked out of the way. Her perfume was strong and intoxicating. I lost myselfuntil the morning.There are things I remember about that night--though now its seems soshort and so timeless. Somehow I had shed part of my humanity. I lived in the "equine's second" an "animal now" rather than the "immediate ofman". The experience was deeply spiritual. The lines had been blurred that night. And remembering is like remembering a dream. It is remembering that I was a horse for a time. One thing I do recall is falling asleep with Dreamer. She lay in themiddle of the field. I lay with her, using her neck as a pillow. When weawoke, the sky was beginning to glow. Dreamer and I watched the sunrise. Then I found my clothes and walked home half dressed, not caring if I hadbeen discovered for I had found something--and it was how to say good bye. -- "Wickedness if a myth invented "I don't want grass on by good people to account for my lawn." the curious attractiveness of __ -Kayotae's mother others." -Oscar Wilde \/ From Sat Sep 17 23:37:02 MET DST 1994Article: 14991 of!!!!!!!usc!!!olivea!!amd!amdahl!netcomsv!!shuunkaFrom: (Shuunka Tanka)Subject: Death and Distance....Message-ID: Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL1]Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 19:57:00 GMTLines: 83Shuunka here, Some of you might rememeber Dreamer, a seal brown arabian mare that I sweetly said goodbye to a few months ago. You might also remember my canine lover, Cloud. I finally got back to North Carolina two months ago and couldn't wait to see either of them again. Unfortunately I lived with a friend way to many miles away from either to walk and I had no car. I craved the day that I could get out to see her--or see Cloud who lived just down the road. Finally the day came and I was able to get transportation out to my mother's house. From there I walked the two miles with a bundle of carrots and apple slices as a gift of myreturn. For days I imagined the sight her--remembered her smell--rememebered the night of beauty I had spent with her. I walked happily. The grass in Mrs. Tyler's yard was in need of a mow. She was a busywoman so I thought nothing of it. Her and her husband's truck s were absent.I thought nothing of that as well. They both left for work at noon and it was after two. I continued walking towards the barn. That field was over grown as well but I didn't notice its height--too busy searching for sight of the herd. Perhaps they were around the othr side of the barn, I thought and kept walking. Things were too quiet. The smell was wrong--for there really wasn'tone, not a strong one, anyways. I walked into the barn. A white stallion in a stall on the left should've greeted me. All the stalls were empty. The gate to the pasture hung open on its hinges. Where there had been a stack of hay bails had become a single bail. I slumped down on it in tears. As I took a deep breath I heard a soft meow. I had woken up a marmalade tabby with an extra toe on each paw. He stretched then meowed at me again. I scracthed the too-many toed tom behind his ears and pulled him closer to me as I the tears began to fall. All the tack was gone. I had a bit from Astro but left it in New Jersey along with a roll of film of the herd. Like Dreamer, both far out of reach. I knew where she had gone. Mrs. Tyler had told me she might move to El Salvador. While I was in New Jersey she had. The tabby meowed once more--as if asking me a question. I sighed and rubbed under his chin. "At least she's not dead," I whispered. "And at least I have mymemories. I guess June was the final goodbye." I wish I could've taken the cat with me but my current landlady wouldnever allow a cat. So alone but kept with the company of fond memories Iwalked back down the dirt road to my mother's house. Rather than take theturn that would bring me by my mother's house I walked on further. I could still go visit Cloud. I had missed him too and I needed some consolation. I needed a friendly face. Family had been anything but to me.So on I walked, passed the driveway, then passed the Websters and onanother half mile to I came to the farm house of Bill Allen. As Iapproached I looked for the white gray of Cloud's coat. He was not in the yard or on the porch. I heard the sound of a tractor and looked behind me. Bill drove by, pulling tobacco slides to his barn. Cloud like to follow cars and tractors. Perhaps the australian shepherd was with his owner, I thought, but I did not see him.Bill waved and drove on past me, throwing up dust. I followed himfifty yards to his tobacco barns. He pulled the slides up to four waiting workers. They unhooked the slides as I spoke to Bill. The conversation was the friendly, country type. We talked about the crop, and the weather and the deer and such. Then I brought up his dog. Bill looked at me and frowned. "He got hit by a car-- coupla weeksago." My heart hit my throat. I didn't say a word. I couldn't. "Guess I shoulda kept him on chain," he sighed. I nodded, agreeing--but if he'd kept Cloud on a chain, I'd probably never have come to know the beautiful dog. I wondered if I had encouraged him to wander. Did he look for me when I suddenly vanished?He started up his tractor and offered me a ride back to my mother'sdriveway. I sat on the end of the empty tobacco slide with my eyes closed thewhole way. Memories came as did a few tears. Cloud gone too? As I walked down the half a mile down the back driveway I tried to smile and think about what good times I had had with Cloud. I looked at my hips and the scars his claws had put on them. I remebered the nights he jumped through my open bedroom window--the times I had slept naked, his fur warm against my flesh. A few pictures of him were on the same roll of film that Dreamer's were on. Distance.... Death and distance....both Cloud and Dreamer are out of reach. I miss them even now. I've left North Carolina again. There was nothing there for me. Mitkuye Oyasin! (even across distance and death)-------
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