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Remember, this story is ENTIRELY fictional(it means it never happened,sodon't get any crazy ideas)and for the entertainment of those who like thesestories and those over 18. If you're not 18,please walk yourself out..."Horse Experience-Chapter 3"Hi my name is Jeff,and this is my continuing story about me and my strangerelationship with my horse,Swift.It was Friday night and I was laying in my bed thinking about only onething... Swift! My horse,my master! Oh,I thought to myself,how I longed tobe near that horse and his beautiful ass again...I looked up at the clock and it said midnight. Oh,why not I said. I'llsleep in with Swift tonight and then shower in the morning! No one was onthe farm except me this weekend anyhow.I got up,put on my jeans and shirt and walked out into the barn. Lucky forme it was warm out tonight.I rubbed my the base of my pants as I opened the barn door and then shut itagain. It wouldn't take me long to find out where Swift was...he was theonly horse we had!Swift neighed and I came running over to where the sound was coming from.When I saw Swift I immediately grabbed his head and we went into apassionate kiss,with his huge equine lips easily covering my own. He thenwent on to lick my lips with his delicate yet soft tongue covering my facewith horse drool. I sucked it in and swallowed savoring the taste of horsesaliva. He licked my face some more making sure my face was totallycovered. I enjoyed every moment as his big tongue slopped up and down myface making me moan with pleasure each time. I immediately shed my clothesand jumped into his stall.Amazed at my quick actions, Swift rewarded me by showing me his ass andlift- ing his tail gloriously. I stared wide eyed at the treasure beforeme... Swift's ass. I got up and immediately groveled before it. As hisass towered overed me, I knew what was coming...I lay down on my back withmy face right under his butt.Swift then let out a fresh yellow/brown batch of shit onto my face gettingit all over my head and body. I managed to get some chunks into my mouthand started was kinda hard to chew but I managed. I rolled theshit with my tongue all over my mouth resulting in horse manure breathwhich Swift fondly approved of. Speaking of Swift,he immediately turnedaround and came over to sniff me laying in the sawdust with his shit. Helicked all over my face cleaning me up and getting me all slobbered upagain.Just when I prepared for a good face licking again,Swift did the unexpectedyet again and went right to my balls...massaging them with his tongue. Imoan- ed out loud in pleasure as he wrapped his salivary tongue around mypenis and squeezed it. I just laid there and continued to moan as my mastercontinued his licking of my penis...licking up and down,up and down untilhe stopped expecting something in return. I was quick to get his pissdripping penis that was suddenly erect when I got a hold of it.The long and rubbery length pulsated within my grasp as I began lick up anddown the organ in my hands. I took one hand and rubbed his balls making himpiss all over me! I made sure some of the golden liquid got in my mouth asit squirted all over Swift's stall and onto me. Even though he was pissingevery- where,I continued to lick the penis getting sticky all at the sametime. Swift sighed in content and stopped pissing. Swift neighed and I gotup. He immed- iately showed me his ass and shook it in front of myface. This was it I was the object of my desires...right infront of me!I immediately came over to his rump and lifted his tail to find a dungcovered hole just waiting to be cleaned. I obliged and just kissed it atfirst. I licked and massaged his butt enjoying every minute of it. Swiftshook his ass cheeks in pleasure at the feel of my tongue and then I wentinto his hole tongue first. I went in and out cleaning him out of shit andcum...mmmm,very good I thought to myself. Swift farted in my face then,andI inhaled the heavenly scent giving me goosebumps.Swift then lowered his body so I could get in. I was thinking OH BOY and inI went with my penis. Like usual, I started gradual humping in and out athis hole until it opened and let my penis through. Swift's ass hole thenput pressure on my penis making me moan with pleasure feeling his warmnessall around me. It was a comfortable feeling having my penis inside thishorse... oh,how I wish it could last. I lay on Swift's rump and continuedmy presistent humping only wanting to pleasure the horse. Swift turned hishead around and licked my face reassuring me. Ooh,I was in heaven in allright...I was defin- itely in heaven! I soon came and cummed right into hisass planting his body with my seed. I moaned and fell onto his back inpleasure. He neighed loudly and I took my penis out of his ass...I lookedat it to see it was covered with brown and yellow shit. I didn't mind was time for Swift's turn.I lay on my belly and put my rump up in the air waiting for Swift's alreadyerect penis to enter my ass. Swift lived up to his name by immediatelyputting his piss dripping penis into my ass...hard! I yelled in pain andpleasure at the same time as he humped in and out of my small ass hard. Hegot a few inches in and pumped and pumped until he climaxed and cummed intome! Flow after flow of cum came into me as I laid there letting him conquerme. Satis- fied with himself it seemed,he took his penis out of me andnudged me onto my back.I put my hand over my head content with tonight's events until Swiftdecided to lay on me! He carefully towered above me and lay down upon me sothat his ass was in front of my head. I felt his entire penis on my chestand his warm underbelly keeping me warm. I didn't mind so I started todrift off to sleep as Swift farted in my face again! Sigh,I said,sleeptime. Swift fell asleep on me and I fell asleep to the smell of horse...To Be Continued
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