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Righto, here's the next part of the story. Just like the last one, I've written the first part but I have yet to finish the second part. I'll post it later in the thread when I finish it (because I can't edit the first one, obviously). This one certainly got my imagination going a bit, so I hope you all enjoy it.PS. Click for chapter one.Written by Arcnay----------------------This is the second chapter of the story I'm just creating as I go along. It's called 'A Night Alone'. Ann is elsewhere, so it's just Peter and Bubbles sharing another evening together, as they often do. This time's a little different though...=======================================It had been two days since Peter had last seen Ann. She sometimes had a big project due at work and would put her life on pause for sometimes a few days at a time in order to complete it. While it wasn't completely uncommon to not hear from her like this, the event it coincided with had him worried. Ann had seem quite calm and content in the afterglow of her orgasm that night, but perhaps...Peter struck the thought from his mind. He wouldn't let paranoia get the better of him. The indicator on his car started flashing and the brake lights glowed bright red. Left. He turned into his driveway, aimed the car at the garage and applied the brakes. There were too many boxes and other things in the garage to actually put the car in, so it was stuck outside in the weather. He popped the bonnet.Once a week Peter checked the fluids in his car. Washer fluid, radiator overflow, oil. As he was replacing the lid on the washer bottle he could hear a quiet bark. He knew it was bubbles. Another bark issued forth from behind the house as he finished his checks. Someone had been waiting for him to get home, and that someone was anxious to see him....Peter had barely started opening the door when Bubbles pushed her nose through and used it to slide the door across far enough to allow her entry. Wasting no time she ran in through the door blindly, running straight into Peter's leg. Stunned by the suddenness, Peter stumbled back, tripped over the rug and fell onto the carpet. Again wasting no time, Bubbles stood over him and started licking his face. She was happy to see him home for the week."Yes, yes, hello. I love you too." he said with a hint of sarcasm. "I know they say love is blind, but next time watch where you're going." He gently pushed the dog aside and sat up. After a brief hug and pat to return the hello, Peter heaved himself off the carpet. It was the end of the week and things needed doing.Pay day was Tuesday, so the bills for the week were pegged on the fridge ready to be paid. Next the recycling went out to the bin. Not to be forgotten was the usual Friday afternoon ritual of putting a 6 pack of beer in the fridge, taking one out and putting it in the freezer so it would be cold for dinner. During all of this, Bubbles followed him like a second shadow. Though he appreciated the attention, he wondered why his dog was acting differently to usual.The thought left his mind as he set about preparing dinner. Nothing quite like iron and protein to help the body after a physical week at work. That was all the excuse he needed to whip up one of his favourite steak burgers. With the steak thawing in the microwave, he set up the kitchen with all of the reagents he required to work his culinary magic. "Maybe you're hungry. Is that it? You want your dinner Bubbles?" he questioned. Not one to pass up an opportunity for food, Bubbles wagged her tail enthusiastically. Her tempo increased as Peter picked up her bowl and scooped in a few handfulls of dry dog food. Peter set it down in its normal spot, counted to three as the dog sat obediently then praised her and let her eat her meal. It was then that he noticed why she'd been acting differently.As he put his steak on the frying pan to start cooking, Peter glanced over at his faithful pet inhaling the contents of her food bowl. Between wags of her tail he could see that her vagina was swollen and red. She was on heat again."Aah, ofcourse," he muttered. "I can't believe it's been 6 months already. Time flies when you aren't paying attention." More loudly now, he spoke directly to the dog, "Well, little miss, we'll just have to keep you inside for a couple of weeks. I'm not going to have the neighbourhood dogs after you like last time."...Peter groaned heavily. His two steak sandwiches had been satisfying, tasty and delightfully unhealthy. It had filled the hole nicely. To his left, Bubbles was wagging her tail in the hope that she would get some left-overs. Little did she know Peter had eaten every last morsel of his dinner. She quickly learnt, however, that there would be no after-dinner snacks. Peter ran a sink of hot water and began the usual task of washing up. Always one to make good use of his time, the dishes he'd used to prepare dinner had been rinsed while they were still 'fresh'. It was only two minutes before he was washing the frying pan; always the last item to be washed.While he rinsed the suds off, he looked over to Bubbles again, who had been watching the whole odreal. As he did, the dog did something he'd never seen before. She turned around and held her tail to the side, exposing her swollen vagina. Peter stopped still, unable to draw his gaze away from the sight before him. He started for a moment longer and the dog shook her head as if to say 'come on'.With images of the events of two days ago still fresh in his mind, Peter nervously dried his hands on a tea towel. He habitually made sure they were completely clean after washing the dishes. Walking as if in slow motion, he made his way over to Bubbles. Still at half speed he lowered himself down to his knees behind the dog. He was now scant inches from the object that so dominated his attention.Suddenly he was distracted by a flash of self-conciousness. He shot a guilty glance at the front door, then the back door, and finally the kitchen window to make sure no one could be watching. Suitably assured, he returned to the his previous fascination. Even as he pondered what he should be doing, Bubbles shifted backwards to push herself up against him. Peter atleast had the sense to figure she was seeking a release to her sexual tension. He eyed his right index finger momentarily. His nails were cut and his finger was clean. There were no reasons for him not to do what he was thinking. Slowly he moved his finger to the entrance of Bubbles' vagina and started to insert it.Bubbles pushed herself backwards onto Peter's finger. The sudden movement surprised him a little, but it also reassured him that the dog really did want it. Paying close attention to the dog's response, he started to move his finger in and out. There was plenty of natural lubrication, so it was almost effortless. After a few strokes, Peter changed position so he wasn't kneeling so uncomfortably. As he did this, his finger changed angle and he stroked up against the dog's clitoris. Instantly she humped her hips downwards to increase the stimulation. This time the sudden movement startled him even more and he recoiled. It took a moment before it sunk into his head, but he was overcome by a very lewd grin as he reinserted his finger and started working with the movement of the dog's hips to keep the stimulation up. There remained no doubt that his beloved pet was having the time of her life.Within a minute or so, he decided he could further increase her stimulation by using two fingers. Peter pulled out his first finger and slowly inserted his middle finger on it's own. Almost instantly it was covered in the dog's natural lubricant. With both fingers now well lubed for the task, he began to reinsert them both. Once again, Bubbles pushed backwards to get his fingers further inside her. He held his fingers vertical, one about the other, as they went in. This rubbed hard against the dog's clitoris again. Very quickly they were back in the previous rythm of him working against her thrusting downwards.As their rythm increased, Bubbles began moving her head side to side and licking at the air. The more excited she became, the more it spurred Peter on. He pushed in and out faster and faster, and Bubbles bucked her hips down onto his fingers in time. It only took a few more thrusts before the dog's tongue started flailing around wildly and she had her first ever orgasm.Peter now noticed the muscles inside Bubbles' vagina contracting and releasing in a rapid rythm. Seeking to prolong her orgasm, he continued rubbing her clitoris, albeit a little slower. Much to his surprise, he was able to keep her orgasm going for over a minute. Slowly the contractions slowed and decreased in intensity. When the finally did stop, he removed his fingers and stared at them in disbelief. He only had a moment to remain transfixed however. Bubbles turned straight around and began licking Peter's face and pushing up against him, much as she did after they'd spent a day at the park playing, or an afternoon napping together on the sofa. Peter and his dog loved each other more than ever, and now more intimately. Still, he was now as horny as he'd ever been, and Bubbles was still in heat after all... This post has been edited by Arcnay on Oct 9 2005, 03:24 PM
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