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His cock is so hot and veins and things all over! And it tastes like venison…real rich and gamey….and good! Really good! And we’re kissing and licking and our tongues are all over! All over! All over each others tongues and each other lips and all over his cock! And I can’t fucking believe it! I’m licking all over a fucking Dog Cock and I’m lovin’ it! Then Sadie takes his cock and puts in her mouth! Then she puts it in my mouth! MOUTH! And I can feel it poking my tongue and poking my inside my cheeks and I can feel all these like hot squirts in my mouth and in my throat and they taste good…like…like metalic and hamburger! I can’t describe it, but it tastes really Good! And I’m drinking Dog Jizz! Right from his fucking cock! I mean I’m drinking this shit! Swallowing it! And I AM LOVING IT!! Sucking dog jizz and its soooo fucking great!And then Sadie says, “Suck it! Suck it! Suck his cum, you PERVERT! Suck it ALLLLL!!!” And I am so fucking hot. I got both my hands on his cock, jacking him off! And he’s pushing and pumping at my mouth and my heads just bobbing up and down! I mean I’m giving this damn dog a BLOW JOB and I am IN TO IT!! I mean, I am fucking IN TO IT!! Its so fucking HOT! Gaaahd! Do it! Sucking a Dog Cock! Its so fucking hot! I mean, I can’t fucking BE…LIEVE IT!!!Then Aunt Sadie screams, “Get on the couch! Sit on the fucking couch! Hurreeeeee!”And I don’t want to! I don’t want to stop sucking his cock! I know its sick and all, but Gaaaahd, I don’t want to stop! And Sadie screams again, “PLEASE! Ronneeeeee! Get…On…the Couch! Ooooh, Gaaahd! Please!!!”. Then she grabs that hot red cock and she tears it out of my mouth. But then I grab it and take it back. I mean, Jeeez! It’s too good! Too fucking good!And she tears it away again. And I see her face and her eyes are WILD…glassy and red and huge and WILD! And she scream, “SIT…ON…THE…FUCKING COUCH NOOOOOWWWW!!!”So I am there! Like light-speed. I am on that couch…sitting. And she scrambles of the carpet like out of control. And then she steps over my legs, facing the same way I am. And then she squats and grabs my cock. And I mean, that thing is so fucking HARD, and its oozing juice all over. Down my dick and all over my balls and in my crack! All over! I never had so much juice! And she grabs it and starts forcing the head into her asshole! In to her hot fucking asshole!And it’s TIGHT! Gaaawd! So fucking tight! And she’s holding my head real hard, right under the head. And she’s wiggle the head all around in the asshole, real fast and real hard like! And my juice is spreading all over her asshole. Then she starts bouncing like. Fast short bouncing! And she’s making these quick squeaky noises out her nose, like Need! You know, noises like begging noices! And, Fuck! Her asshole is so fucking HOT! And she’s bouncing harder and longer and my cock is going in her asshole…and Jeeez! It’s so fucking hot! And so fucking tight! And now she’s like bouncing slower and longer. And my cock is going almost all the way out. And I think its going to pop out. Then she sits down real slow. And she’s making this real loud moaning sound and my cock goes All the Way IN! All the fucking way up her Ass!!The she sits and wiggles like and she kind of turns her head and she croaks, “Grab my tits, Baby! Grab my tits”! Well ,who the fuck wouldn’t?!!! So I got these soft, spongy tits in my hands and these really long, thick nips are between my fingers and she’s saying, “Oooh, Gaaaaaahd, yessssss! Pull ‘em, Ronneeeee! Pull my fucking nipples!!!!” So I’m pulling ‘em and she’s wiggling her ass all over. And I can feel her ass muscles like pulsing all over my cock and Holy fucking shit! It’s so fucking Hot! And I can’ t see, but I know she’s rubbing her cunt real hard…with both hands. I mean her arms are wiggling like crazy! And she say’s, “Harley! Come, Harley. You know what Momma wants, Harley. Do it, boy! Come on, Harley”.Then I feel this hot, rough tongue on my balls. Shit! I mean, Sheeeee…it! It feels good! And I know he’s eating her cunt! I KNOW it. He’s licking her cunt and my balls, too! And I’m up her ass! And we’re like laying way back into the couch and I’m squeezing her tits and yanking on her nipples and she’s wiggling and making all kinds of hot sounds! She squealing and swearing and bouncing! I mean, GAAAWD!Then I feel the back of the couch, like on each side of my shoulder almost cave in and I see Harley’s feet there. Then I feel his cock! Its really fucking thick and hot like boiling and its poking all over…HARD! It pokes my scrotum and my ass crack…then my scrotum again. Then I feel this really hard Pressure right against the seam of my cock…like right at the base. And I know its going in her cunt. Harley’s cock is going in her cunt! And my cock is really throbbing now. And I’m pumping at her and I feel this pressure! And its moving! Its sliding right up my cock! Right up my fucking shaft! And I know his hot cock is going deep in her. My Aunt Sadie! Right up her fucking cunt! And it’s like there nothing between us…I mean, like my cock and his cock are in the same hole! And miiiiiii gaaaahd! Its so fucking hot!And I feel his cock right at the tip of my cock and he starts POUNDING! Not humping! I mean POUNDING! And I can feel it! He’s ramming his cock tip into mine! And its like there’s nothing between ‘em. And SHIT! It feels Fucking FANTASTIC!!! And GAAAAHD, he is so fucking HARD and so fucking HOT! And So Fucking FAST!! And Sadie is screaming all kinds of shit! Like, “Cock! Cock! Cock!!! Boy-Cock! Dog-Cock! COCK! OOOOH FUCK!!! COCKS!” And she is jerking all over…like a fucking rag-doll. She’s like bucking and twisting and bouncing and flopping all over. And screaming like she’s going to DIE! Then I feel like softball is crushing my dick! I mean like my whole dick is being smashed by a big, hot softball! And I think, “His knot! She’s taking his fucking knot!”. And I’m going out of my MIND!I can FEEL it! Crushing and throbbing on my dick. A Dog Cock! A Dog Knot! On my Dick!And then he stops pounding. And then he stops humping. And I can feel this throbbing. His cock, you know, like a hard heartbeat…just throbbing on my cock. And, Man! It’s too much! Too fucking much!And she stops squirming and she lays back on me and the couch and her face is right next to mine and she turns her head and we’re kissing…like deep and romantic. And soft, sweet kind of whimpers come from her nose while we’re kissing. And I’m thinking, “I got my cock in her ass. And I’m kissing her! And she’s my fucking aunt! And she’s fucking a dog! At the same fucking time! Oh! Fuck!”. And she’s talking just like I’m thinking! She’s saying shit like, “My sweet nephews cock all the way up my ass. Ass-fucked. Getting ass-fucked by my own nephew. OOOOO! AAAAAA! And Dog cock! Dog cock in my pussy! OOOOH SHEEEEE..IT! OOOOOOH! FUCK! …..Oh, Ronneeeee! Your cock! Your sweet cock feels so GOOD in my ass! Oh, Baby! Fuck me! Ass fuck your auntie! Ass-fuck your own aunteeeeeee!!” And I’m doing all I can not to shoot it, ya know, but Jeeez! And she can feel me and she says, “Not now, Baby! Not yet! Not now! But, soon, Baby. Hold it now. Just hold it, Baby, ‘cause we’re not done yet”.And we stay like that, kissing and me doing her great tits and my cock in her hot ass and his cock way up her cunt. We stay like that kissing and all for like twenty minutes. The he pulls out with this really gooshy plopping sound and she quick like stands up. And my cock just Pops-like out of her ass.Then she covers her cunt real tight with one hand and grabs my hand and pulls me up and says, “Hurry, Baby. Hurry! There’s more! So much more!”.
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