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Alright. time to start a library in here. I will start posting all of my stories. I am only glancing through them so if there is any objectionable content please let me know and I will change the story. Enjoy.Cindy's Breeding. by JeepsterMy wife Cindy is a woman who is one of those totally uninhibited sexually adventurous typesthat are often written about but seldom seen in real life, at least not to the average guyanyway. This story takes place a few years ago before all the std's were around and swingingwas still very much the popular pastime of many couples. Not being really the kind of man to gofor all those all night marathon fuck and suck sessions with strangers presented a problem forme. Cindy is 8 years younger than me so I quickly found out that the last couple months our sexlife had gotten boring because I had a little difficulty in keeping up with her enormous sexualappetite. It was either allow her to do her own thing and still maintain the hope of keepingher or just go ahead and turn her loose. I didn't want to give her up so I just told her onenight that it was o.k. with me for her to go out and find some hung studs to satisfy her sexualcravings.With that agreed upon Cindy soon started bringing home some magazines featuring swingers adsand stories of the most graphic sexual nature I ever saw. She became real interested in meetingsome of these people so she ran an ad and even sent some people a few hot pics of hermasturbating with her toys. Needless to say during the next months our relationship changed inways I would have never believed and still have a hard time believing to this day. Only becauseof the net and the emergence of stories of similar type am I able to dare relate this storynow.Cindy agreed to meet some group of black studs that ran an ad where they showed how they wereinto group gangbangs of white housewives. I was going out of town on business so we said ourfarewells and I wished her a good time with a stern warning to not forget to take condomsalong. We both agreed that because she was on the pill for birth control the added safety ofcondoms would take care of any second thoughts of risking pregnancy on her part. After theirfirst meeting at a nearby large city hotel went pretty smooth where they just went through theinitial deatils, Cindy agreed to meet them again next night in one of the rooms there where shewould be given the royal treatment.There were 6 black guys at the first meeting but after seeing the pics of these studs in actionshe agreed that a few more hung guys would be that much better. She would be assured of gettingher fill of black cock that night, anyway. Cindy left a note on the answering machine that shewould be away a few days and not to worry,she would fill me in on all the details when Ireturned. The following is Cindy's account of that first real session.I was very anxious to get serviced by all those well hung black studs so when I dressed for theevening I picked out my sluttiest outfit I had which just barely covered my ass when standingand was skin tight lycra so the effect it had on most men was almost comical. As soon as theygot a look at those 38D's with my bullet point nipps it would be all over for them. The staresand drooling looks would be a given. Well,on my way over to the room I had to wear an overcoateven though it was warm for fear of being followed. When I got to the room Jerome and theothers were waiting anxiously for me to get things started.After a few drinks and some small talk to get comfy everyone proceeded to the bedroom wherethey were quickly peeling of that outfit and feeling up my dripping cunt. Jerome took the leadand started in on sucking my tits while I stroked all their cocks. Quickly, Ken and Jim werepicking me up and laying me down on the bed where with legs spread wide I felt some hot tongueon my welcoming pussy. The administrations to my body continued for a while until my moaningtold all that I was ready to be fucked. Not having to wait long for the first volunteer toclimb up on my trembling body, Jerome quickly lay on me as I grabbed his steel hard monstercock.It was much larger and longer than any of my white lovers I 've been with in the past so I knewright at that moment I was in for a real thrill. As I felt Jerome's cockhead rubbing up anddown my sloppy slit spreading the lips wide to accept that huge cock I suddenly rememberedabout the condoms. Jerome was ready to sink that monster cock balls deep into me, but he wantedto make sure this is what I wanted before going any further. Looking me right in the eye he gotthe answer he was looking for. I was hot for a night of fucking and they all knew it. Just tomake sure I moaned and told Jerome to go ahead and give it to me. I want all those cocks andall that hot potent sperm in those big black balls to be shot all the way up to my tubes.Jerome then started fucking me slowly, sinking that cock in all the way before withdrawingslowly again. In a few minutes I felt the head of Jerome's cock nudging up against my cervix. Ithought I would swoon at the feeling this gave me inside. So good that I felt myself losingcontrol of my body at that point. Telling him to fuck me harder, Jerome quickened his pace andstarted that power fuck motion that always sends me over the top. Jerome was grunting now so Ilocked my heels around his back and looked him in the eyes, telling him to come on stud, fuckme harder. I wanted that hot come now so I was rocking back at Jerome on the downstroke tryingto pull him in farther still. Then with short staccato strokes he slammed it to me furiouslybefore I felt the hot jets of that pulsing sperm hitting the back of my convulsing cunt . Iyelled to him "that's it Jerome,shoot it in me. Oohhh,Ohhhh, Ohhhh " as I felt each spurt afterthat first one inundate my swimming hole. I was cumming too and almost passed out from thepassion.As soon as I finished spasming Jerome withdrew and climbed off. I was only getting startedhowever as I told Ken to mount up and give me more cock. Ken quickly slid into my sloppywetness without any deliberation as by now the juices were everywhere on my thighs and all overthe bed beneath me. Ken quickly picked up the pace as by now I wanted all their cocks hot andhard. I told Ken to fuck me hard and so he did. Ken didn't last very long either so within afew minutes Ken added another big load to the sea of cum already in my sloppy cunt. I couldfeel his spurting however as his cock lurched inside me as each jet of sperm shot out of hiscock and I held him tight imploring him to give me every drop. Soon as Ken was finished Jimtook his place on top of my sweaty body. I was in slut heaven now. My entire crotch was wetwith sweat and cum. I pulled my legs up along my sides and presented Jim with a target hecouln't miss. I could feel the cum running out of my stretched hole as Jim wasted little timesinking his huge cock into my sloppy depths in one swift stroke, I moaned loadly as I felt hisbig cockhead at my cervix. I was cumming again so as I went over the top I implored Jim to justfuck me hard and fast. In a couple minutes as my climaxing, convulsing cunt was sucking on theend of that big black cock I felt Jim shake with his climax as he sent a huge load of spunkright into my womb.My god I thought at that moment. What if I wasn't on the pill. I had enough of their potentblack seed in me to impregnate a dozen women by now. As Jim was finishing up his spurting in meI had the most intense erotic thought that I could not stop thinking about. What if I let themall fuck my unprotected pussy full of all that potent sperm and wasn't taking any birthcontrol. I shuddered at the idea and started cumming again. Several minutes later I was totallyspent. The thought of letting them all fuck me without birth control gave me a thrill that Ican't describe. I know it would be the ultimate slut fantasy come true. A belly full of thatblack seed growing inside me. I made my mind up right then that the intense orgasm I justexperienced due to the thought of getting knocked up by these black men would lead me tofulfill that very fantasy myself.When we were finished for the evening my pussy was one distended, stretched out mess ofsoreness. I couldn't believe the pounding I took from all those men had such a toll on me. Iknew that there would be more black cock ganbanging in the future. As they say "Once you tryblack, you'll never go back" and I knew then that hubby's average 7 incher just wasn't going tocut it for me anymore. I was hooked. A black cock slut and I wouldn't stop going back untilI've had my fill.In a few months we set up a special party at a friends of Jerome's who had a farm for studservice. Thinking about watching those horse cocks in action had my poor pussy wet withexcitement almost immediately. I didn't tell anyone about my fantasy of letting those black menfuck me unprotected but I could not stop thinking about how exciting the thrill of riskingimpregnation gave me. So as soon as I got back home I went off the pill altogether. Now twomonths later I'm sure my menstruation cycle is back to normal again and I could actually feelin my fertile time of the month the wetness present and my increased urge to fuck during thistime was very pronounced. I took care as to not let hubby fuck me then either. I surely didn'tneed him getting me in the family way so I just practiced with my trusty black dildos for 2months in anticipation of this next meeting with my homeboys. When I got the phone call thatall was set I went straight over there.The stud farm was something I had no idea of what would happen there so I was really excitedwhen Jerome met me at the gate and showed me around the place with the owner who also was apowerfully built black man named Don. We would have some good times together here Don assuredme. A few hours later as the rest of the gang showed up we all had some drinks again andwatched one of the ponies being led into the breeding stall to be mated with one of the mare's.It was a real turn on watching that pony's cock slamming into the willing mare's cunt. I wish Icould sample some of that pony cock myself.Then we were all gathering around a bench in one of the side rooms. They explained that thisbench was for a woman to be serviced by one of the ponies. The height of the bench being justthe right height to accomodate the woman laying down on her back as the ponies cock is guidedinto her. What a thrilling prospect that was. Don promised me a turn on the mating bench withthe pony sometime in the future but all that long cock had my overheated pussy trembling inanticipation of some other long, hung cock from the black men and so we all got naked as Donguided me over to the bench. Telling me to just lay still as he applied lots of lube to mydripping pussy as everyone stood alongside me, stroking their cocks slowly to erection. It wasthen that the realization of being fucked full of potent black cum had me at a new level ofexcitement.I told them all then that I decided that the only way to really be a black man's cum slut wasto take all their cocks unprotected and raw just like nature intended. I also told them that Iwanted them all to fuck me hard and deep and to not hesitate in shooting their potent seed intomy womb. At that point Don smiled and walked over to me showing me a syringe full of someliguid. Don said that this was a fertility drug used at the fertility clinic to give to thosewomen that are having trouble getting pregnant. He went on to say that this drug was among thestongest used and for a normal, healthy woman to be injected would almost certainly result inconception when given at anytime close to ovulation. With that my sinister brain took over formy wanting body and I told Don "Yes, I want you to inject me with a double dose of thefertility drug and I want all of you to fuck my womb full of your sperm until my belly isswollen with a black man's baby." Without any further ado Don placed the syringe at my ass andgave me my shot. My head was swimming with emotions of what I was about to do. I reached outfor Jerome's hardened huge cock and told him to mount my pussy now and give me that hot seedthat my body craves. With my legs spread wide Jerome lay above me as I guided that monster cockinto my again sloppy pussy. With one long stroke he sank it to the balls as I locked my legsaround his back to initiate the mating dance.I swooned in exquisite slut heaven as his balls were banging against my upturned ass. I toldJerome to fuck me hard ,fuck me deep, breed me like the slut I am. Jerome needed noencouragement though as he power fucked my poor spasming pussy at a relentless pace. Faster andfaster he went as I reached one orgasm after another, they were almost simultaneous as myclutching cunt was trying to pull that cockhead in as deep as it would go. My cervix wasdilated and I could feel the cockhead of Jerome's huge tool spearing into the mouth of my wombon the end of each stroke. The complete feeling of total animal sex at its best had me in stateof fever pitched orgasmic heaven. I was in no control over anything happening to me at thispoint. All I could do is hold on to the pistoning steel hard black cock that about to completethe mating process nature had intended as Jerome was grunting loudly and told me amost therebaby. I said to hold in me deep all the way when you cum and Jerome at that point slammed it inone last time as the swelling cockhead pierced into my womb again.I reached between our bodies to squeeze Jerome's balls as he spurted the first jets of potentcum inside my very womb. As he continued to spurt jet after jet my fingers kneaded his ballsinto giving me all the sperm that was there. I moaned in response to each spurt of that seed asI felt it bathe my womb. "That's it baby, give me all that precious life giving seed." "Breedthis bitch, knock me up with your baby." As Jerome finished up and withdrew a river of spentcum dribbled out of my stetched hole. When the next man took position on the bench to fuck me Ireached down between my spread legs, gathered up a large dollup of sperm on my fingertips thenlooked into Don's eyes as I shoved my fingers into my cunt again showing them all that I needmore cum in me. With that Don quickly shoved his huge black babymaker into the hilt and fuckedinto me fast and furious. There was nothing left except the brutal fucking to cum by theremaining men. Within minutes Don added his load to the pool of sperm already deposited andwithdrew. The next few hours had me taking each one of their long black cocks till they eachshot a load deep in my fertile spasming womb until I was absolutely fucked raw.I was on the verge of unconsiousness as the last one climbed off me. I knew that I had beenfucked like never before. I also knew that I had to be pregnant with all that sperm in me. Itbelched out of my sore cunt as I was lifted up and carried over to a tub filled with warm waterwhere I was cleaned up and washed off. I was so tired I had to be helped over to one of thebeds in the house. When I awoke I could feel that sperm still soaking inside my belly. I lookeddown between my legs and saw a huge wet spot. I better get up and go see if there is any hopefor a pregnant slut gangbang. I have reached the ultimate goal of a black cock slut. Abellyfull of a blackbaby. I wonder if I'll have twins?THE END
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