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It's been quite a while since I last wrote anything. I've been distracted by other stuff in life, but I guess I felt I really should write some more. So here's the next part of Peter, Ann and Bubbles. It's not as long as the previous parts, but it's more of an addendum to chapter 3 than a big chapter of its own.Incase you haven't read any of them, here are links to the previous chapters:Part 1Part 2Part 3Written by Arcnay----------------------So now for the story. This is a direct continuation of chapter 3, and occurs later that same day...=======================================After Peter had finished showering, he roused Ann from her nap so she too could have a nice, hot shower. He turned the oven on to warm up for lunch, then slipped into the shower to make love with Ann. When they were done, Peter left Ann to finish her shower with only one remark:"I've got an idea."...Over a lunch of reheated lasagne Peter laid out his idea."I say we go to the national park and take Bubbles along for the walk. I haven't taken her there for ages and you know that WE haven't spent the day together properly for weeks. What do you reckon?""I don't know, I'm still a bit tired," retorted Ann. "I'll come if it's your buy at the juice bar on the way.""Done and done," replied Peter excitedly. Although it would be nice to get out for the day, he had a secret plan. Back in high school he often went to this forest with his mates. He had a 'secret spot' that was secluded from the main path. Perfect for hiding youthful mischief.."Do you still have my jeans here?" asked Ann."Sure. Left hand side of the cupboard. Your old hiking boots are down the bottom too. Better them than your heels," he instructed Ann. "How about you, little miss? You want to go for a walk in the bush again?" Bubbles knew she was 'little miss', and she certainly liked the proposition of a walk in the bush, so she wagged vigorously and barked in agreeance....Ann made a slurping noise as she finished off the last of her vegetable juice. "That always gets me going. I should get a juice maker for home.""I don't know how you can drink that crap. Carrot, beetroot and wheatgrass? Sounds like something you'd give to children as punishment." Peter was much more a fan of fruit juice, having already finished his orange, mango and passionfruit juice.Bubbles trundled along-side them as they headed for the entrance to the national park walking trail. She went walking with Peter often, so she felt comfortable in her harness and had mastered the knack of staying just ahead of him. She paused to look up at Peter as they reached the entrance to the trail."Well, go on," encouraged Peter."I can't even remember the last time I went for a walk here. Must've been not long after I met you," mused Ann."I've been here more than my fair share of times. I'll show you where I used to go."As they walked, Ann looked down at Bubbles and noticed that she was, infact, in heat. It was the first time she'd seen a bitch in heat, so she regarded the sight with curiosity. Peter just grinned smugly as he watched her fascination...."...but the path goes off to the right.""I know. Just trust me. I used to go this way as a kid. Come on," assured Peter. He hadn't planned on Ann objecting."...""Well? Bubbles is keen," he noted as Bubbles pulled on her lead eagerly."Fine."The trio headed up a small hill, away from the beaten track. Bubbles seemed eager to crest the hill and was almost towing Peter along. She could smell something (or someone) and wanted to investigate.When they made it over the hill, there was nothing to be seen. Convinced that Bubbles was imagining things, Peter gave a quick whistle and nodded his head towards the small hollowing he'd been looking for. He'd found the place he was looking for, so he started to smile with anticipation."What are you smiling at, monkey-man?" she asked."This is the spot I was looking for. No-one can see or hear anything we do here from the path. about it? You've always wanted to do it outdoors," Peter quizzed."But I've already had three orgasms this morning.""Yes, but we're all rested again. C'mon, I've been looking forward to this all morning.""I don't know..." Ann seemed uncertain. It wasn't that she was tired so much as nervousness about getting caught. While she was busy thinking about it to herself, Peter had already unzipped his jeans. Ann turned around to see what the noise was, only to find that Bubbles was already licking Peter's erect member. "You really are encouragable, you know," she scowled. Considering the consequences of being caught with Peter and Bubbles doing what they were doing, she figured she might as well get some fun out of it too.Peter watched Ann undress awkwardly from her jeans. When she had them off, he lay on his back and beckoned her to kneel over his face with a lewd gesture of his tongue. Bubbles only had to take a step forward to keep licking Peter...."Shit dude, look at that. He's letting his dog lick his dick!""Bullshit man.""No kidding dude, look!"A pair of younger local labourers had been wandering around the bush and had heard Peter, Ann and Bubbles coming over the hill. They'd run off over a nearby hill to hide, figuring it better not to be spotted. Between sandwiches, one of them had peeked back over the hill and seen the threesome unfolding below."Dude, that's hot. I'm getting a boner just watching," ogled the first of the two to see the sight, as he reached into his pants."That's sick man. Put it away," replied the other while moving his legs to hide his own developing erection. Before too long, he too was sub-conciously rubbing at the front of his pants...."Aargh, you're so good with your tongue, Peter. I don't think I'm going to last very long." Ann moaned. She'd forgotten all about Bubbles and the outdoors. With her eyes closed, she moved her hips around to increase the sensation from Peter's tongue.Peter had an interesting idea come to mind. He snapped his fingers three times right behind Ann, trying to get the dog's attention. With his other hand, he gently slipped a finger into Ann, then wiped his coated finger over her anus. Bubbles had looked up in time to see this, and it grabbed her attention. Trying his best to get the timing right, Peter had two fingers read to slide back into Ann's vagina just as Bubbles started to lick on Ann's anus. With only a slight mis-judgement, he managed to thrust both fingers in and lick hard against her clitoris as the dog started licking."Unngh!" Ann grunted as she reached orgasm. The sudden stimulation had caught her by surprise. Her leg muscles twitched and her mind overloaded as the orgasm rushed through her. She fell forwards, head first into a pile of dead leaves. When she regained herself a few moments later, Peter was rolling around laughing."Baaahahahahaha. Atleast pull the leaves out of your hair. You look like a yeti," mocked Peter. Ann's response was simply to fall backwards again and bask in the afterglow a little longer. "Well, girl. She's had her fun, it's gotta be your turn."Peter was already very aroused after the thorough licking he'd been given, and doubted that he'd manage to hold off long enough to give Bubbles an orgasm. That just wouldn't do, so he called the dog over next to Ann."Bubbles is the only one that's been left out so far, Ann. Would you like to have a go at getting her off?" asked Peter."Uhh...I'm really not so sure. It still know, pretty wrong. I'll just watch."Peter shrugged and leant over to the dog. He gave her a hug, then reached around and started to rub gently on her outer entrance. Bubbles knew what she wanted, so she turned around facing her rear to Peter and moved her tail to the side. He was on his hands and knees next to Ann, so he reached up with his right hand and started to work his index finger in and out until it was well lubricated. Then he repeated with his middle finger until they were both well lubed. Once that was done, he set about bringing his dog to climax just as quickly as he could.His hand got a bit tired so he leant back and sat on his heels, pulled the dog towards him and used his spare hand to start massaging Bubbles' nipples. Meanwhile, Ann lifted herself off the ground, crawled around Peter and moved for his crotch. He was already erect and aroused, so she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could without disrupting his 'work'.They quickly settled into a fervent pace. Bubbles' was humping here hips down just as hard as she could, and enjoying every thrust. Ann was no novice either, so Peter was enjoying his impromptu blow job. With the excitement of being outdoors, he couldn't last very long. His efforts were quickly rewarded by Bubbles clamping down on his fingers and having yet another orgasm. As much as he wanted to keep it going for her, he couldn't concentrate.Slumped down and relaxed, he grunted as his own orgasm hit. Despite having already been busy that morning, he still had plenty to shoot in Ann's mouth. As his ejaculations eased off he took a breath and fell to his side on the ground...."Dude, that was fucking hot," one of the interlopers exclaimed. In the end they'd both given in to jacking off. There was a little puddle of semen beside both of them as lay in their hiding spot, watching the threesome below get dressed and head off."I wonder who they were..."
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