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Stories And Bestiality Animal Sex Pig Bestiality Women Dog Sex Stories
I am new here and have been thoroughly enjoying the site and everyone's contributions. I write a little erotic fanfic from time to time and thought I would try my hand at some zoo erotica. This may turn into a couple more stories, or it may not. But anyway, here is my idea of a little fantasy story. I'll post it in installments; I think that is probably easier to read than one huge post. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and in case it matters, the girl is meant to be college age. I was staying with a friend while her parents were out of town on a cruise. Her brother was away most of the time and she didn't like being home by herself. So, I hung out with her and we watched movies, ate ice cream and stuff. We couldn’t really have guys over because the neighbors would probably tell her folks, so, no parties or anything. One night she asked if I would mind if she went to stay with her boyfriend. If her parents called I could just say that she was taking a bath or something and then call her so she could call them back. I didn’t mind, I’m happy to do a favor for a friend. The only problem was her dog – he was sort of mean and didn’t really like me. But I thought how hard could it be – open the door, let him out, open the door let him in, feed him, make sure he has water. And it was only until the next day.So, Terri took off for the evening and I had the house to myself. I had some movies, and after putting on my t-shirt for bed settled in to watch them. But it wasn’t as much fun watching them by myself. I began to wander around the house and noticed the fully stocked bar. I poured myself some Kahlua and chocolate milk and soon after I was pleasantly tipsy. I settled back to watch the movie, but was soon dozing on the couch. I don’t know how long I lay there sleeping, but I was woken suddenly by something cold and wet touching my knee. I opened my eyes and was startled to see Terri’s dog Charlie standing between my thighs, which were splayed wide open. As I watched, he moved closer and his nose lowered to sniff at my bare crotch. I felt an intriguing tingle between my legs as he did so, but I snapped them shut and pushed him away. Well, at least I tried to push him away. I’m not very experienced with dogs, and even the little ones make me nervous. But Charlie was a big shepherd mix, and he wasn’t a very friendly dog. Instead of backing away from me as I expected, I heard a low growl come from deep in his chest. My eyes widened in fear as he stared me down, daring me to try to push him away again. My breath caught in my throat and I settled back against the couch, determined to do nothing to set him off. After watching me coldly for a few moments, he again lowered his head to my crotch, burrowing his nose between the legs that I was frantically trying to keep closed. Then I heard the front door slam and a set of keys hit the table in the entranceway. Charlie’s head snapped up and I breathed a sigh of relief, hoping that he would leave me alone and go to investigate. My heart sank as he apparently decided that what was between my legs was more interesting than what had come through the front door. Not much of a guard dog. Concentrating on remaining still, I waited, mortified and yet relieved, for Terri to come into the living room and get her dog off me.All sense of relief left me and my mortification was complete as I saw that it was not Terri, but her older brother James, who had inconveniently chosen this moment to come home. He stopped and regarded me, lowering his eyes to take in the dog trying to push his nose between my thighs. With a smirk on his face that made me want to slap him said, “Having fun?”
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