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There was only a light dusting of snow on the ground as I made my journey home, the main roads were slow moving traffic so I decided to take the minor roads, it would add 20 minutes to my journey but looking at the traffice maybe that would be quicker. Five minutes after travelling down the lane the snow started to fall heavily, the wind blowing it into a blizzard. I glanced at the wood either side of the road the trees covered in snow was very pictuesque but I needed to concentrate on keeping the car on the road. It was a dark night the snow obscuring the moon and stars, visibility was poor, the car engine died, the headlights no longer illuminating the road. I turn the ignition key nothing happened. I reached for my mobile phone, no signal registered. The snow was getting deeper, I wound down the car window, I could see a light through the trees in the distance maybe I could phone from there.I shivered as I got out of the warm car into the icy wind, I headed of towards the light the eerie sounds of the wood making me fel uneasy I tried to quicken my pace, the snow falling more heavily now and visibility was getting worse. I,d lost sight of the light I stopped for a moment turned in all directions still I could,nt see it. I looked to the ground hoping to see my footprints so I could return to the car. I was cold and the snow was melting on my clothes making them feel wet the snow had covered my footprints I was lost. I could,nt just stand there I had to go in one direction, an inner voice told me to walk ahead a strange power guiding me. I must have walked for 10 minutes, my legs feeling heavy and tiried I stopped for a moment to look around me, everything covered in snow it all looked the same I was cold hungry and lost. I sank to the ground leant against a tree trunk, I should have stayed in the car why did I walk into the wood alone it was a foolish thing to do, tears filled my eyes and I felt them run down my frozen cheeks, I momentarily closed my eyes. Did I fall asleep?I felt something wet and warm on my cheek, I was startled into consciousness but dare not open my eyes, I felt a tongue licking at my ear. I half opened my eyes and could see the outline image of a large dark creature, oh my god it was a wolf. Feelings of terror and panic filled me. My breathing got heavier as I felt its tongue licking my cheek once again, I opened my eyes it stood at my side looking I dare,nt move. To my suprise it walked away I breathed a sigh of relief with me still frozen to the spot with terror it stopped and turned back to look at me it came towards me I wanted to scream. Its nose nudged my hand and it turned and walked away again once more turning it head to look at me. What should I do? I got to my feet and the wolf returned to my side once again nudging my hand with it's nose before walking away. It wanted me to follow it.The snow was deep and I walked slowly behind it, periodically it would glance behind to make sure I was there. he stopped and relief washed over me as I saw a wooden cabin, a dim light shining from a small window. I walked past the wolf and knocked on the door no reply, I knocked harder still no reply. I reached for the latch the door opened, I shouted inside still no reply came. I stepped inside and looked around, it was just a small room with an oil lamp and small gas stove, a battered old armchair in the corner and a well worn rug on the floor. Before closing the door I glanced outside towards the direction of the wolf, I cautiously reached out my hand towards the creature feeling a bond with it, he had probably saved my life. I felt apprehensive as the creature walked towards my outstretched hand, still unsure of its reaction. To my amazement it brushed it's head against my hand. It was then that I felt the leather collar around it's neck. Now that I was able to think more clearly I looked more closely at the creature, this was no wolf but a domestic dog a mix of breeds but predominately Alsation. He started to lick my hand, it was still snowing and cold I could,nt close the door on this dog and I beckoned it in and shut the door.To be continued
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