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[FONT=Times]Late night lights.I work at night so I arrive home at one or two in the morning. Our drive way is approximately two miles long, our farm is set way back off the road. We own a few horses and sheep, a couple of great danes and so on. I recently hired a new farm hand, she is highly qualified and does very well with the animals (the animals like her a little too much I think) any way part of her pay is that she gets to live rent free in the apartment above the barn. She helps with the chores and tends to the animals, feeding, grooming and so on. My wife works during the day and is always asleep by ten or eleven so I rarely see her or get any attention from her if you know what I mean. I have become pretty uptight over the past few months and have been contemplating some ways to relieve the stress. One fall night as I was coming up the drive and barely noticed a light on in the barn. Normally you canít see the barn form the drive way or the house. So I drove down to the barn parked the truck and unlatched the door to peek inside. Every thing seemed to be in order except there were a few things out of place some blankets and a bench a few bales of hay and such. The animals were secured in their stalls and were fed and had full water buckets. So I turned off the lights latched the door and drove to the house. The next day I asked Theresa (the farm hand) why the lights were on last night she said she forgot, not a big deal. For the next week or so everything seemed to be in order and their were no more problems. Until four days ago I noticed it again the lights were on, this time I let it go. Every night since they have been on. So tonight I decided that if they were on I would walk down to the barn and sneak up on the goings on. Sure enough they were on so I parked at the house and trekked on to the barn. As I got closer I could here the animals making noises and some other noises I wasnít quite sure of. Quietly I peered through the crack in the large door and at first didnít notice any thing odd until Theresa came from the left she was wearing a black trench coat. I figured she must have been finishing up her chores and I almost turned away until I saw what she was wearing under her trench coat, nothing. Surprised and aroused by this I stayed and watched. She headed for Thorn the stallions stall, bale of hay and blanket in tow. I was very curious by now and needed a better view. So stealthfully I slipped through the large doors and crept into the stall adjacent to Thorn, it was Missies stall she is a quarter horse( very tame and docile). Through the gate I could see Theresa placing the bale and the blanket underneath of the now hobbled stallion, his head was tethered to the stall wall and his feet were hobbled together with the hobbling rope, this is usually used for the mare so she doesnít kick the stallion but by this point I had already gathered it was so Theresa didnít get kicked. I was stunned, I pinched my self to see if this were real and yes I was awake this was no dream she was about to fuck this horse. She dropped her coat on the bench and sat atop of it with her legs spread wide, the stallion was snorting and I noticed his giant prick was beginning to descend toward the ground. Theresa pulled a tube of KY from her coat pocket and to my surprise she stuffed it into her cunt and squeezed the contents entirely into her pussy. She began to rub the ooze all over her crotch and then she inserted fingers one then two then three and then the whole fist up to the wrist. My cock began to swell as I had seen not hide nor hair of a woman for a few months. After she fisted her self for a while she stood up juice running down her legs and began to nibble on the stallions ear and then his lips she worked her way down with her sopping hands to his now rock hard slapping cock and began stroking it slow then fast then slow until he began to buck a little. She stopped and slid down onto the bale under the horse. By this time my cock hurt and I decided it was dark enough where I was situated that I could remove my pants and not be seen. So I did and boy was it perfect timing I started to drip and she began to rub the massive member on her twat and then it began to disappear into her straining cunt inch by inch she crammed it into herself squeeling with delight the entire time after about a foot or so was in she started to buck wildly on the huge pole now slurping in her box. Completely frozen I was interrupted by an unusual odor it was earthy and it smelled heavenly I looked up to see the mare squatting to my face and winking her clitoris repeatedly she let out a stream of urine and backed up toward me as if she was saying Fuck me! Fuck me! Please I need it so bad, I was high on the sights and scents at this time and I just let my animal lust take over. I stood up on a feed bucket and she about pushed me through the wall I stuffed my dick to the hilt into her spasming vagina and she did the rest she moved up and down with her ass and squeezed over and over again until I just couldnít stand it any more I exploded into her with more force than Iíve ever cum before I slumped over her rear and slid to the ground. After regaining my whereabouts I looked to see if Theresa had finished with the stallion and just as I looked his cock popped out of her slit like a cork and fluid gushed from her gapping hole. I figured this was a good time to make my escape and get some sleep. So while she was regaining her mind I slipped out and disappeared over the hillÖÖÖ In the up cumming week I hope to see the late night lights again very soon  this is my first story hope you like and I have more events and fantasies to tell, so stay tuned. Iíll never tell which is real or which is fiction because the ones that are real happen again and again the one that are fiction I will make happen.
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