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Since it seems impossible to get in touch with someone with a trained dog for my first sexual encounter with dogs, I very often fantasy doing shopping in the mall. I am searching something in a low freezer. What I am looking for is very low in the freezer, so I have to bent over quite far. And at that moment a dog is sniffing my croutch. I like the feeling and than the dog is trying to lick my pussy through my panties. I then realise that I am in public and feel very ambarrased and straighten my body and turn around. Just behind me is standing a very good looking older lady with her huge dog. The woman sees me blushing from shame and exitement. And before I can say a word, she says to me: "Hi there, it seems you liked Samson's tongue very much. I guess you want to know what Samson can do more". With a tremble in my voice I say "Yes please" and together we leave the shop for an afternoon I will never forget .....
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