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Ok this is my first try so please be gentle with the ratings .Ok my story starts with my late night walk through the park as I am walking down the sidewalk and hear to my left some moaning and a dog making noises. I thought that maybe there was a hurt animal and went to investigate. So as I push some bushes out of the way I see a woman on her knees sucking a big mastiff off. I have only seen this in pics and movies and never in person so it was a major turn on to see up close. The dog had a huge cock and looked very wet from her spit and its precum. So as I am watching this I am taking out my cock and playing with it and I guess got a little loud and she heard me. I was going to leave until I heard her say dont just stand there come and help me. I took this as my chance to experience it first hand. She smiles as I come out of the bushes and says " I see that you like the show". I say "Hell Yes I do". She tell sme to lay on my back so I can help her and she can help me too. I do as I am told and watch her straddle me facing away and getting on her knees above me. So I am just inches away from her very wet pussy and she is starting to use her mouth on me and she stops for a sec and says help him fuck me please. As she says this I see a huge dog cock come into view. I reach up and grab ahold of it and it is rock hard and very hot. I position it at her wet pussy and she moves back a little. He feels the wetnesss and knows what to do from there and starts to thrust back and forth. I am just numb from all this new and exciting experience and say what the hell if I am gonna do this I might as well have some fun and lean my head up and start to lick her as the big dock is fucking her hard. I am getting her juices along with the precum that is leaking from him too. It is a different taste but not one that is bad. As I am doing this his knot brushes past my tongue and starts to go into her. Wow what a site this close up. She is moaning like crazy and her mouth is amazing on me too. As the mastiff gets his knot all the way in he stops thrusting and holds still except for the shaking his cock is doing inside as it empties into her. I am still licking her good while this is going on and it is starting to get very messy with dog cum leaking out everywhere and I am trying to clean as best I could but I have it all over my face too. Just as I am about to cum in her mouth the big dog moves a little and I have a very large and wet dog cock pop out of her and into my mouth. I jump at first then proceed to clean him off good as I cum in her mouth too. She then gets up on shaky legs and says thanks for the help. I say the pleasure was all mine and that i hope to find her here again so I can experience more of the fun.Well i hope everyone liked the story let me know what ya think and if I should think of some more to write here.
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