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Patience had to go to work on the monday night leaving Jasmine home alone with smokey she didnt live with Derek he still occupied the flat next door & he worked from 5 am till 3pm every day so there time together was mainly weekends due to the shifts Patience was working which were 11 pm till 8am her nights were full of seperating fabric into groups then stapling them together .Derek had told Patience about what happened with Jasmine & smokey 3 nights ago she hadnt minded they had made love before she went to sleep & as much as she hated Tom for his cheating things were different between her & derek there was no pressure she was quite happy for him to enjoy himself with smokey & Jasmine & it wasnt like he had actually had intercourse with her she was a bit jealous she had missed the action she had no idea Jasmine was into it this much seems their time on beast forum had got them both entwined in it she giggled to herself ."oi Patty , you got that order for the southend delivery yet ?." Max's question snapped her back to reality although she hated him calling her patty she knew he did it to get her attention when nothing else worked " yeah Max its over there ready to go & this order is almost done ," she sighed what a life stuck in this factory night after night when I could be home with smokey & Derek".....Max handed her the next lot of material the girls had cut up that day for her to turn into catalogue books & walked off the night dragged away .when Patience walked back into the flat the next morning smokey came bounding towards her & hit her onto the floor she giggled as he licked her face playfully "ok ok ok you big lug get off ." Jasmine was still sound asleep & Derek had obviously already left for work she showered , changed & walked into the kitchen to feed her faithful friend & make herself some coffee & toast yawning she sat down to eat & read the paper Jasmine walked out in only her see through night gown it flowed down her body like a clear stream of water in a river she looked so sexy Patience almost forgot what she was doing& spilled her coffee "good morning sweety ," Jasmine giggled "have a hard night @ work did we you look flabbergasted ." Patience giggled & threw a teatowel @ her "dont get smart miss , lady of leisure walking out in her see through nightgown what did you get up to last night or should I just imagine ?," taking another sip of her coffee she went back to reading the paper Jasmine walked up behind patience & slowly massaged her neck & shoulders Patience moaned sitting only in her terry toweling robe Jasmine started kissing & nibbling Patience's neck & shoulder moving the robe to her arms she slowly licked her way down 1 side of her neck back across her chest & up the other side she continued to massage Patience from her shoulders down to her breasts moulding each one in her hands & rubbing them together then releasing them slowly moving her hands back up through her hair & down again Patience's head dropped back as she moaned Jasmine clenched her lips to Patience's lips & flicked her tongue across her lips pushing it slowly inside her mouth exploring her with every movement Patience let her hand slide in behind her to roll Jasmine's gown up & feel the clean shaven pussy of the red headed vixen she pushed her middle finger up into the warmth of her pussy & fingered her as best she could with the angle she was on Jasmine pulled Patience off the stool she was sitting on & lead her to the loungeroom floor where she layed her down removed her robe & she passionetly kissed her she got on her knees & pulled her own gown off revealing her body fully to Patience the mounds of her breasts glistened in the morning sunlight blazing through the loungeroom windows her nipples stood a few inches out Patience flicked them with her fingers before cupping them in her hands & massaging them Jasmine moaned & leant into her running her hand up her side along her breasts down her lower abdomen Jasmine found the wet spot between Patience's legs & began by massaging her clitoris rubbing her thumb along the open folds whilst rubbing her outer fingers around her cunt she watched as patience dropped her hands to the carpet trying desperately to grab something as she felt her 1st orgasm hit her back arched & her legs shook her knee went up almost knocking Jasmine flying off of her the girls burst into laughter killing the moment tired from working all night Patience went to bed Jasmine having nothing better to do went with her .Derek arrived home from work around 3 pm as he pulled into the driveway a small black 4x4 was parked in the front of the flats & a man was knocking @ patience's door a tall man of about 5'10" dark hair to his shoulders wearing a plain blue t-shirt & jeans .Derek approached & said hi " hi there can I help you ?." Max turned & smiled " g'day I'm just looking for 1 of my co-worker's Patience she is usually home this hour of the day ." Derek moved in between Max & the front door & put his key into the lock " yeah she'll be asleep she usually is around this time of day I'm Derek ," he exclaimed as he turned to take the mans hand in his own " Max I didnt realise she had a flat mate ." the men entered the flat " she doesnt well she does Jasmine her girlfriend moved in a few days ago I'm her boyfriend Derek I live in the flat next door most days , would you like a cup of coffee or tea or a cool drink ?." " yeah I would thanks coffee white & two , she never mentioned a boyfriend well not since her ex fiance anyway , " Derek turned the jug on & retrieved 2 cups from the cupboard " yeah well we havent been together that long about 5 months & from what I've learnt Pashy is a kinda quiet girl likes her privacy , " he poured them both a cup of coffee , "she's never mentioned you either actually is this your 1st time here ?" Max took the coffee & followed the tall man into the loungeroom they both sat down & conversed some more by this time the girls could hear noises coming out of the loungeroom Jasmine rushed through to her room to get jeans & a shirt on while Patience slipped into a comfortable pair of shorts & a button up denim shirt with no sleeves both girls giggled as they headed for the loungeroom .Patience was shocked when she saw her foreman sitting in her chair "Max ! what are you doing here ," she headed straight to Derek & kissed him sitting on his lap ," I didnt even think you knew where I lived ." she introduced Max to Jasmine "I didnt I got your address out of the work files your phone was as I now see off the hook ". he motioned towards where the phone sat Patience looked @ Jasmine the girls giggled they must have knocked it earlier that day while playing " sorry guess I knocked it without knowing so whats up ?." Derek saw the glint in the girls smiles & wondered just what he had missed today while working .Max answered her question " work is off for the next few days after we left this morning apparently some kind of gas leak was discovered so everyone is on stand bye until it's fixed & given the green light for all of us to return we all still get a full weeks pay so no problems there ." Patience was almost pleased a few days off work gave her more time to explore exactly what had almost happened between her & Jasmine that morning .after a few more coffees & chatting Max asked if they'd all like to join him for dinner @ mama's italian resturaunt they all agreed & they would & the girls & Derek got ready while Max headed home to change , they all met @ the returaunt ate dinner drank wine & chatted more then piled into a taxi because they had to much to drink & headed back to Patiences & Jasmines flat.Jasmine opened a bottle of wine & they sat talking some more when Patience suggested they watch this new dvd she had picked up on her way home from work a cpl of days earlier she rose to put the dvd in & then suggested to Jasmine they go & change into something more comfortable while Derek & Max removed their shoes , shirts & belts from their slacks .The dvd started two women nakid playing with vibrators on each other & a man sitting on a couch close by just out of shot Derek noticed the head of a dog he looked straight to the girls as they entered the loungeroom they just grinned & giggled they were both wearing short silk nighties Jasmine in a green Patience in a dark blue they got comfortable on the floor in front of the boys both leaning on cushions with their buttocks to the boys neither wearing undergarments.the women on the screen were moaning & screaming as they came the girls on the floor were giggling amongst themselves the giggling stopped as a shocked sound came from Max's mouth on the screen before him was a man leading the dog onto 1 of the backs of the women Jasmine rolled slightly to her side looking @ Derek & opened her legs she began to finger fuck her cunt then removing her finger from its moist slot she ran it along her her lips then sucked it into her mouth deeply & releasing it slowly Derek eyed Patience who had now turned she motioned for him to come to Jasmine so he stood up removed his slacks & underwear & slid onto Jasmine he kissed her as she placed her finger back into cunt & fingered the juices onto it then she placed it @ the tip of his mouth he sucked it in.Max in the meantime sat staring @ the screen moving from it to the scene playing out on the floor in front of him Patience slowly moved over towards max & undid his zipped releasing his already hard shaft from it's prison inside of his pants she sucked on it hungrily taking it all in down to his ball sack then back up to the tip of the head it measured around 8 inches nice size for her she thought while Patience was sucking on Max's cock Derek got up walked to the backdoor while Jasmine went to her room neither Max or Patience noticed them leave the room when they returned Jasmine pulled Patience away from Max & took her to the dividing wall that seperated the loungeroom & hallway to the bedrooms part wall the other part was brown wooden bars Patience followed Jasmine to the bars & giggled as she was bound by her hands & ankles to them Jasmine got on her hands & knees & licked her cunt while Derek licked & sucked her tits Max got his pants off & came in behind Jasmine & started finger fucking Patiences arse 1st with 1 finger then with 2 Patience moaned loudly as her 1st orgasm came like a bolt of lightning through her small frame smokey came in beside them & lapped @ Patiences juices as they ran down her leg Derek pulled smokey around behind Jasmine & moved Jasmine to her knees & smokey began licking her cunt his tongue deep inside her Jasmine came they adjusted Patiences ropes so she was almost on her knees & Max stuck his whole 8 inches inside her mouth she sucked & licked his cock nibbling on it @ the base then releasing it to the tip & sucking it back in Max started to fuck her face thrusting it in & out harder smokey mounted Jasmine & & slid his doggy cock inside of her pussy she groaned & grunted @ the feel of this huge shaft inside of her she placed her hand under Patiences cunt & pushed 1st 2 fingers in then 4 pushing up harder & harder as the dog cock pushed into her own canal of juices taking Dereks cock into her mouth so he wasnt left out an orgy of man woman & beast moaning & grunting together Derek's face contorting " ooh yeah baby suck it take it in suck my fucking cock you whore ooooooh " , Max was close to cumming but trying to hold back as Patience sucked his cock deep into her mouth to the back of her throat again & Jasmine pushed the final finger inside of her friends hot wet pussy & was fisting her in rythym with sucking Dereks cock & taking as much of smokey into her cunt as she could get she felt the bulb @ the base of his doggy cock form & grow & pushed back against it to get it inside her fully "plop" came the sound & the warm squirting of doggy spunk all through her uturus opening enough for him to fill her whole stomach she forgot about what she was doing for a minute then rammed her fist into Patiences hole Patience groaned & spat Max's cock out " oh yes ungggggggggg fuck me with your fist push it right in fuck me harder harderrrrrrrrr oh fuuuuuuuuuck yes hmmm hmmmm hmmm more oh fuckkkkk," Patience pushed down onto the fist as Max pushed his cock back into her mouth & blew his load of cum deep into the back her throat she swallowed every drop Jasmine pulled her fist out as another orgasm hit her derek took this chance to move into Patience & untying her restraints from her legs & pulled her out far enough for her to wrap her legs around his waste he lunged his cock deep into her pussy but Jasmine's hand had loosened her up to much so he pulled out & plunged it into her arse she grunted & moaned as he thrust it deep within her tight hole & back out again building them both up Patience came all over the both of them it ran down Dereks legs he thrust it in again then released to the tip using his arms to manouvre her to fit his movement Jasmine screamed as another orgasm hit her & Max moved in to push his cock into her mouth to shut her up she sucked his hard shaft deep into the back of her throat as smokey continued to cum inside of her the grunting & groaning continued for a bit longer as Derek blew his load of cum into patience's arse as smokey moved himself off Jasmine & went to a corner to clean himself up Max removed his cock from her mouth & came in behind her he took her by the arse & rammed it deep within her shithole Jasmine orgasmed all 4 came in unison moans & groans filled the room as Derek came deep inside Patience's anal passage & Max blew his 2nd load for the night inside of Jasmine's arse Derek untied patiences hands & they all fell to the floor in exhaustion ....
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