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Before you start, I know this is probably a story you have all heard before, and if it's dull and tiresome, I apologise. But I felt compelled to share this possibly cliched story after reading your stories and spending time in the chatroom with all of you wonderful and supportive people. For that, I thank you. It is most likely that I never would have accepted my sexual attraction to animals if it hadn't been for a series of misfortunes which occurred to me several years ago. Prior to this time, I had come across several beastiality and zoophile sites and there was some definite arousal to encountering these stories and pictures. However at the end of the day I told myself, Hell I scolded myself that this attraction was not normal; that it was the extremity of the material which excited me. Anyway, I was in a relationship with a fairly straightlaced girl at the time so I denied myself even the mere fantasy of it all. At least I tried. The idea of a sexual encounter with another animal kept on creeping into my mind; as well as other fantasies which my girlfriend would have balked at. So I continued to maintain my charade; one which I was sure that I had even fooled myself of. At the time I was living with a female friend who had a labrador called Tony. He was a very friendly, but in my opinion, spoilt dog who at times I could have swore that he thought he was human. Tony was largely my housemate's responsibility; I'd feed him and take him for the odd walk but that was about it. He was a house dog, which on my part took a great deal of getting used to, but mainly he stayed in my friend's bedroom. On the whole, I felt like Tony never belonged to me; he always paid more attention to my friend anyway. Then one night my friend dropped something of a bombshell; she was going on holiday interstate for about a month to visit her boyfriend. She was going to get her parents to take care of Tony but they had two boxers who for some reason took a rather violent dislike to Tony. So it was up to me to take care of her dog for a month. Now prior to this time I hadn't had a pet for nearly six years. Back then I had a cat and when she died I was heartbroken. My biggest hesitations were: A) growing attatched to Tony and therefore missing him if I moved away and the worry of something happening to him on my watch. But since my housemate was desperated I obliged. She was one of my best friends and besides, what could be the worst thing that could happen? Naturally I was only thinking about the worst for Tony, not for myself. A few days after she left and I got two discouraging phone calls. One was my boss who told me that he was going to have to lay me off from my part-time job due to a lack of work. Now for a university student, any extra money comes in handy. The second was worse and it didn't even involve money. My girlfriend had decided to break up with me since I foresook my university holidays "to take care of someone's mutt." There was no reasoning with her; she accused me of sleeping with my housemate which wasn't the case. After ten or so minutes of abuse I hung up. I was almost enjoying my self-pity when Tony padded in. I don't think I ever saw a dog so depressed before. He audibly sighed as he curled up around my feet. I patted him absently on the head and tried to work things out. After about an hour thinking round and round in circles I gave up. It was near dark so I fed Tony and lied down. I dozed off for about an hour and then woke up again. Tony had jumped up on my bed and must had felt me stir. As I switched on the bedside lamp I saw him looking up at me with guilty eyes. I could have told him to get down; to go into his master's room but I couldn't. I neevr had felt so much empathy with any animal before. I reached over and slowly stroked his silky fur. Slowly I rearranged myself so that I was lying by his side. He looked a little happier, and even I felt better comforting him; really now in hindsight, we were comforting each other. I slowly began to doze off again but was then woken up by something cold pressing against my shorts. As I came to I realized that Tony was sniffing and lightly nuzzling my crotch. I froze so much I almost stopped breathing; here was one of my deepest fantasies coming to life before my eyes and there I was; completely perplexed at what to do next. I was just about to push Tony away when I realised how aroused I was. Tony was already well aware of this as he began to snuffle further. It was then a little voice quipped inside my head, "Never say never." My agreement was instant. I slowly sat up and slid my shorts off. As soon as my rigid penis sprung free, Tony began delicately licking up and down my shaft, but concentrated more on my swollen head. I moaned and shivered. I quicly peeled off my shirt and leant over towards Tony, running my fingers up and down his body. Slowly I reached down with one hand and lightly felt his long hard shaft. Tony moved a little to give me better access. The passing thought of had he done this before did cross my mind. This contined for several more minutes when Tony began to buck his hips roughly. He raised his head from my crotch and moved forward, fitting my hand more firmly around his shaft. As he moved forward I lied down gently jerking him off as what felt like a hot sticky shower rained over my body and even some of my face. With my free hand I finished myself off; orgasming like I never had before. Then as Tony's semen on my belly began to mix with my own. his hips stopped bucking. I let go of his massive bright red member, worried that it might be feeling sensitive. As Tony cleaned himself and some of me, I lied back, stroking his head and in total wonder of what had just happened. You see as I look back now, it was more than just sexual fulfilment. Two living things in sadness binded with one another and gained happiness from it. And if neither of us hurt each other; then how can it be painful? In a broader term, it opened my eyes much more widely to alternate lifestyles and made me realise the importance of acceptance. Since then I've experimented more sexually with a somewhat philosophical and spiritual view. And I still smile when I think back to that moment where Tony and I were basking in the afterglow and lifted one arm up to hold him closer and I heard that little voice again; "Never say never."
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