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New story i just wrote, hope you all like, if you do, tell me!! I dislike the fact that some of you people out there read my material, then your done with me, thats it! maybe a rating would be nice or a simple comment? Well....W/E here's the story:So after some detailed planning to infiltrate the animal shelter, my friend(and now beastiality buddy) Brad finally got the job at our local animal shelter. Which he actually wanted, because he loves animals. He mostly loves dogs, but not just in a sexual way, he also thought they are great companions. Anyways so he got the job and was working the night shift, mostly because he was just hired. No one really comes in at night, maybe once in a blue moon he said. The night shift was mostly for keeping up on legal papers, etc. So i hear the phone ring and it is about 10:45PM. so i answer it, and it's Brad. He tells me to come stop by, for a little fun, maybe more.... Immediately i jump into my shoes and fly to the door, no way was i going to miss any of this sweet fresh dog pussy he was getting! so i get there and knock on the door, and he sees it's me and lets me in, locking the door behind me. Now he takes me down the hallway to the row of dogs, some going insane, and others looking at me like they were abused. I felt so bad. he shows me this 4 year old mix dog, looked like a shepard/ lab mix. Very beautiful dog. Along side it was a black mastiff female, i said right away "she's mine." He laughed and said ok, fine, she is in season too, lucky for you!. so i go in and check out her attitude, and her parts, and the more i saw, the more i wanted! So i take her on a leash to one of the examination rooms,(every male dog going crazy as i walked her by)and started to "examine her" he he! and brad comes in as well. he opens the drawer and pulls out a bottle of petroleum jelly, and a box of rubber gloves. We slip on the gloves and i dipped my index and middle fingers into the fairly large tub of jelly. i rub it all over her pussy and anus. i try to penetrate her with my fingers, but she is much too tight! So brad says, "ok i will fix this problem, stay here." He comes back with a huge St. Bernard, and immediately he starts smelling her and trying to mount her. At first she tries to get his large body mass off her, but kinda lets him on after a struggle. i could see his slippery red wet dog dick jabbing at her backside, missing its target over and over, when suddenly the dog cries out in kind of a pain, re leaving loud yelp. He is now slamming his doggie shaft up in her violently. I tell brad, i don't want sloppy seconds, so we take the st Bernard off before e ties with her. I pull down my pants and start to rub myself a little, while touching the dogs now red and sore pussy lips, with my other hand, wa-la instant boner! I now slowly press my dick into her warm doggy body. I could feel that St. Bernard was pretty big, but not nearly as big as me, ha I'm so proud! so i grab behind her legs and start fucking her like this was the last time I'd ever have sex! i slow down and pull out my throbbing dick, and get brads help and put her up on the cold metal examination table, i slowly push my wet, red dick into her sloppy twat. I start fucking her, but it was getting less and less friction, so i pulled out and just SLAMMED my railed cock into her asshole pucker, she jolted pretty bad, but seems to like it and made a funny face. Her ass felt so good i stopped and rotated her (while my dick was still in her) onto her backside. i started fucking her like that, and just the way the asshole clenched my dick felt so good, i completely filled her butt with my white hot human seed. I pulled out and sat down in one of the waiting chairs, and Brad slipped his dick into her two holes, and said "uhh... I'm going to get that shepard/ lab mix dog. i chuckled and nodded my head (to winded to answer). He brought her in and immediately began masturbating all over her face and she licked it off, and then he started licking the dogs pussy and eating her out, wow she loved it, i could see him licking her clit. He stopped and he started fucking her and i went over and put my dick in the dogs wet, heavily breathing mouth and she just licked it and licked it, until i shot my load into the back of her tongue, and throat. By this time Brad had been fucking her so long her could pull his dick all the way out and easily slide it back in with no hands holding either his dick or the dog. i came over and he asked if i wanted to join in, as always i said of course and jumped in, but at this time her pussy was so reamed that i put my dick in, and Brad slid his in at the same time, into this dogs pussy! we put some more jelly on our dicks, and in her vaginal area to keep from getting dick burns and we fucker her dual cock style for at least 10 minutes and her pussy was red and on fire, then we decided to do the same with her asshole, it was harder, but eventually got them in at the same time. While i was fucking her i looked down to see her rear totally soaking in mine, and Brads sperm, and the metal table just pooled with out juices all mixed. It made me so aroused that once i saw a string of jiz from her asshole and pussy area, slowly drip onto the table, i blew my load in her all hole, and pulled out and Brad finished up on her now really loose hole. So we took a rest and went back and decided we werent done just yet, so we decided to do something a little bit different....In Brads car he had a Clifford the big red dog costume, and put it on, and then went back inside and found a young chocolate Labrador and went in and got on all fours and started to f*** her, it was just so funny when he pulled out his dick and her pussy were red as his suite! That made me laugh so hard i couldn't do anymore, so i got back and was waiting in the waiting room for brad to finish and i feel asleep. The next morning i awoke at Brads house, and thanked my good buddy for the great night we had, he smiled and said "you feel asleep and missed most of it." i laughed and said, well i got to f*** two bitches, that was pretty nice. He said well i have to go to work. I said "Wow it seems as if your almost always there."
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