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f***** Up Faerie Tales - Little Red Riding HoodOnce upon a time, in a small town probably not too far from where you live, there was a girl named Rachel. All her friends called her Red, because of her long red hair, which hung straight down her back. Bright green eyes blazed from a slender and adorible face; legs stretched long, waist was thin and breasts were big. All in all, Red was one of the most attractive young ladies in her town. And as with most young people, Red smoked pot with her friends. To be able to smoke pot, of course, someone would have to venture through the town, to the other side, and visit Gramma's house. It was on one of these treks, made by Red and Red alone, that she discovered animal sex.It was a bright sunny afternoon when Red left her home to venture forth in search of bud. Summertime was upon them, so she was clad in merely a bikini top and short skirt, thin thong beneath. Sandals with laces reaching sexily up her legs were the footwear of choice, and long red hair was pulled into a tight pony tail. Red looked hot, and she knew it. A long walk was ahead of Red, nearly 45 minutes one way, and she sighed. Two hours gone, just like that, for the sake of pot. She shook her head and began to jog slowly, sandals making it hard to move faster than very slow. About half way through her walk, she noticed a wooded trail that she speculated to lead to the street before her destination. A short cut! Smile shone brightly on her face as she began to walk more slowly down the new trail. A section in the woods was cleared out, logs and rocks arranged in a circular fashion. Red stopped here when she came to it, sighing loudly as the cool breeze blew calmly over her flesh. Her body screamed in relief as she lay on a flat rock, the coolness of it bringing her external temperature down. Hands slid over ivory white skin as she lay on her back, eyes closed. Her skirt was drawn up slightly, thong pushed to the side as fingers began to play lightly with her clit. A soft moan escaped her lips as she began to buck her hips up and down to the swift motion of circling fingertips. Juices began to ooze swiftly from the delicate folds of her pussy, and her scent began to surround her. Rolling over so she might rub herself against the rock, pressing her tender breasts into the harshness and arousing her nipples. Hand slid under belly, playing still with throbbing clit, and a louder moan was heard as she felt the beginning quelms of an orgasm.Her body started to shake, and moans came effortlessly to hang in the air around her as orgasm struck. Cum ran from her and down the rock as animal-like noises portrayed her enthusiasm. The smell of her was heavy in the air, and even one without the usage of scent could find her from the moaning and groaning her ecstacy was causing her to make. Free hand coming to tug violently on her nipples, Red was completely unaware that the solitude of the clearing was no more. Her ears didn't catch the sound of something walking across the ground over her own sounds, nor did she hear the sound of something moaning and grunting softly. The first thing to draw her attention to the new arrival was the feeling of a tongue across her bottom. As she screamed in fright, and attempted to roll back over, the thing moved above her, on top of her, stabbing wildly at the back of her head with a penis. Closing her eyes to scream as it moved off of her once more, she felt something warm and furry over her face, then a cock plunging wildly into her mouth.It took Red a moment to calm down enough to realize what was happening. There was something furry fucking her face, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Without thinking of what it might be, or why it was, she began to suck, first to make the thing go away faster, then out of enjoyment. With the beast fucking her face, she was left with both hands free, which she used to her advantage. Left hand tugged on nipples as right hand played with clit. Her enthusiasm in the event was short lived, however, when the beast climbed on top of her and walked over her, then lept off. It was only then that her vivid green eyes opened, looking around in wonderment. She began to rise from the rock, but moaned loudly as the tongue was once more administered to her cunt.The width and texture of the tongue drove her insane. It only took a few moments before she was bucking against it and screaming bloody murder at the force of the orgasm it was bringing. Able to cover her entire arousal area with one swipe, the tongue pulled perfectly over the sensitive skin, tickling her with its ridges. As a second orgasm tore through her body, her fingers dug into the rock, amazingly finding gripholds from previous users. Her body shook with absolute pleasure that bordered on pain as the tongue was removed. Her body sighed in relief, thankful for the lack of stimulant, only to scream once more in horniness as the furry mass lept onto her back, digging into her sides with claws and poking at her most private region with his penis.Unhuman cock began to poke at her opening, trying to force itself inside. Screams fled from Red's mouth as she was raped by something of another species. Her body responded to the stimulant of penis poking at her opening, and soon soft moans were escaping her lips as she bucked back against the furry plunging mass that attempted to copulate with her. Body screaming in desire, it only took Red a few moments before she had sucessfully directed herself onto the unknown penis. As it entered her, a moan of almost complete satisfaction escaped her lips.The beast's penis spread her wide, nearly splitting her into two. Red had yet to see her sex partner, but knew it wasn't human and didn't care. Animal-like moans escaped her lips as she felt the beast plunge delicately into her. The rhythm that the beast assumed was regular, pleasurable, and Red forced herself back onto the cock that only filled her halfway. Her desire was so high that she didn't care anymore what she was fucking, only that it was fucking her. Her perfect ass in the air with the horny beast draped over it, Red experienced mindblowing orgasms that tore through her body and left her wondering where she was. The penis on which she impailed herself was longer than she knew, and with every thrust of her animal partner, she took it deeper.Soon Red felt a large mass trying to spread her larger. The silky smooth skin of whatever was fucking her plunged in and out, though a bulge pushed at her pussy opening. Moans escaped parted lips as Red tried to force herself upon the mass of flesh, not knowing that if it entered her, she would be stuck. Her body relaxed as she came, her cunt opening itsself more to her sex partner. The mass which tried to enter her on every thrust was slowly pushing itsself inside, and soon Red screamed with pain. A quick thrust of her furry, clawed sex partner left her scraped along her ribs, but completely filled. The mass had entered her and, unable to come out, limited the movements of her partner. Short strokes, with something striking her clit, left the young woman screaming as she came a third time, then a fourth time. The animal's mass kept her on the rock as her sex partner continued to plunge in and out. Short strokes were now used, Red forcing herself back onto the beast as his cock mass kept him inside her. Her cunt filled to the absolute fullest, Red screamed as she experienced her best orgasm yet.A few strokes after she had regained her sences, Red began to feel full; nearly overfull as her sex partner began to cum. Thrusting motion ceased as male rested atop her, filling her with cum. Red began to orgasm again as the bulge in the penis rubbed against her G-spot, and it took only five minutes for her partner to be able to exit. As Red felt the cock slip free of her body, she sighed, then rolled over, only now willing to face her partner.When Red turned her gaze upon her new f*** friend, she gasped. Only now did she realize fully that a dog had taken advantage of her. Her body still trembling with orgasm, she opened her mouth to scream, only to have it filled with the german shepard's tongue. Responding to the french kiss only in body and not in mind, Red's hand sneaked down to begin stroking the dog's furry sheath. Confused thoughts ran through her head as she did so, and a small moan escaped her lips. Face pulled away from dog to peer under his body, watching her hand as his cock extended once more. Soon a length of nearly 10 inches faced her, a large lump adorning it's base. Red watched as the dog humped helplessly at her stroking, teasing hand, and soon the dog began to shoot cum, covering her face and chest with it.A small laugh escaped Red as she stood, straightening her skirt and underwear as dog cum coursed down her legs. Fingers found the creamy liquid and brought a sample to her lips, causing her to moan slightly at the almost nutty taste. Tongue stroked lips gently, searching for any reminants of the cum, and desperate fingers brought last traces to her lips. Red looked at her rapist, a large male german shepard. His coat was brushed carefully, signifying that the beast was owned, but Red wondered if he would be at the clearing next time she came. As her legs carried her carefully down the path, she smiled at the canine which laid down carefully, and whispered secret words."I will come back to visit you, I promise."
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