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She lays eager, breathing heavy. Her hands- tied to bedposts by silk scarves carefully restraining her, keeping her wanting. In darkness she hears more breathing, no- panting. She becomes scared and anxious. Her legs close instinctually, her pussy warms involuntarily. The night air fills with desire for things thought wrong. "What am I doing?" bounces around her head.She has no answer, no interest in stopping what is about to happen. With each quick breath tits rise and fall. Mouth open, biting lips, licking lips, eyes closed. She whispers “Wait…Wait…”Hands on her breasts- lovers touch, reminds her of safety. “Wait...” She pulls lightly, her binds don’t budge.Hands slide down her belly to her thighs, slip inside her thighs and press open her soft legs, spreads them wide and releases the sweet smell of hot cunt into the air. He smells it strong now. Instinct burning against the leash holding him back, chokes his throat, suffocates his craving.Silence.Quick, short breaths. Pitter-patter of paws and nails drawing closer.Cold wet nose probing sweet hot cunt.Juices flow as his tongue finds sweet treats waiting eagerly. She moans.She moans as he licks, her pussy wets- hot juices flowing on his long tongue. Hips sway, gyrate with each stroke of his licking tongue. “Do you like it?” A voice familiar in her ear.“Um Hm” she barely creeps out.“Do you like it?”“Yes.”“You like that doggy on your pussy?” “Um, hmm”“What do you like?”“I like dog gee on my pisee, oh god I like doggy on my pussy!”“Tell me what you like!”“Oh my god, I like him to lick my pussy, oh my god! good boy, good boy, yes, oh yes, lick me Jake! Oh yes, oh yes!”“You want Jake to f*** you, don’t you?”“I don’t know.”“You want Jake to f*** you in your pussy, don’t you?”“I don’t know, oh god, I don’t know!”“Jake’s gonna f*** you right in your pussy and make you cum and fill you up with his doggy cum, ok?”“Oh god, I want him!”“You want him?”“I want him, I want him to f*** me, please make him f*** me! Jake, f*** me! f*** me Jake and fill me with your doggy cock!”“Ask him nicely.”“Please Jake.” She can barely speak now. “Please fick me, pls fick me so hrd” To be continued…
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