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Chapter 10Art carefully reviewed the current situation. He had four dogs and four bitches that wanted nothing more than to remain in their habitat with each other. Kato and Sarah, Trigger and Liz, Jeff and Julie and now Brutus and Cassie. This was the pairing that each of them assumed. They were happy spending their days watching TV, working out and fucking. The dogs indicated to their mates when they were ready to screw, and the girls spent a lot of time on all fours. The girls had learned how to best accommodate their lovers, and injected some variety in their daily routines by teaching the dogs the missionary position and the wonders of anal sex and blowjobs. They spent some time bathing their canine lovers and bathing themselves to be fresh and clean in return. Each girl could take the knot and except for Cassie, occasionally swapped mates to add to the variety. Dogs are naturally territorial and in most instances would fight one another until only one remained to take all of the bitches, to spread his seed as far as possible. But there was so much pussy available, that the dogs never had to fight for it. When a dog jumped up on one of the girl’s legs or back, the girl was more than happy to respond to the whim of their male.Cassie didn’t like sharing Brutus with the others since she felt that he was her true mate. Brutus though would occasionally choose to fuck another bitch since he had no reservations and wanted to spread his seed like the others. So occasionally Cassie had to resign herself to watching her lover batter Liz or Sarah. Julie thought that Brutus was just to big for her and he made her uncomfortable when he swelled to full size inside of her. So she tried to stay close by Jeff hoping that his presence would keep Brutus at bay.A month after Cassie returned she began feeling the first signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness followed by a bloated feeling accompanied her days. After a few days of feeling ill, she said to the others, “You’re going to think that I’m nuts, but I think I’m pregnant! Brutus and I are going to have a baby…or puppies…or whatever..” Julie looked up at her, startled. “It can’t be Cassie. There’s no way a dog can get you pregnant! Different species, you know!”“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been feeling ill every morning and my tits are swelling…”“Probably a false pregnancy” Liz told her. “Brutus just fills you with a baseball bat and then floods you with so much cum your mind probably tells your body that you are pregnant…”“Well, I hope you are right! I don’t know what kind of offspring we would have!” Cassie replied.As if understanding the conversation, Brutus raised his head, looked at them and then placed it back down on his paws. “See – now that he thinks I’m pregnant, he doesn’t touch me as much!”The others looked at Brutus who gave no indication of his thoughts. Cassie stroked his flank as he continued to lay there. To show the others that she was still attractive to Brutus, she continued to stroke him, allowing her hand to gradually wander down to his belly, then softly stroking his sheath with her fingers. She looked for his reaction and Brutus turned over on his back and spread his legs.“I know what he wants!” Sarah said. “He’s not coy at all!”Cassie didn’t care what they thought as she brought her lips down to where the tip of Brutus’ pink penis poked out of its sheath. He definitely seemed to be responding to her…She stuck the tip of her tongue out and gently tasted his salty organ. As she began to swirl her tongue around his tip, Brutus responded by feeding Cassie more cock. His sheath retracted and more of the shaft was exposed. Cassie gently began sucking the end of his prick, gradually working more and more of it into her mouth. She sighed around it as it expanded to the stimulation. Soon, she had about eight inches of it in her mouth, his rod increasing in diameter with each pull of her lips. She noted the soft, warm yet firm texture, and the taste of his precum as it began to trickle down the back of her throat. Her lips came up to the knot which was beginning to swell. Cassie knew that she couldn’t get the full erection into her mouth or down her throat. So she gently pushed back the remainder of his sheath and grasped his shaft behind the knot. Liz saw how Cassie struggled trying to please her dog and she decided to help. She came up behind Brutus and gently stroked behind his huge balls with the tips of her fingers. Brutus squirmed a little in surprise. His ball sac was black, and tightening in response to the stimulation that Liz and Cassie provided. Liz ducked her head down and began to gently lick the back of Brutus’ sac. The taste was pleasing to her, and she fondled the front of his sac with her fingers, while gradually licking the back of his sac with firmer strokes of her tongue. Brutus liked the warm, wet feeling of the two tongues – one around his shaft and one licking his balls. Liz took the whole sac into her mouth and now started sucking on it in earnest. Brutus’ shaft and knot grew even larger in size, and Cassie was now swallowing a steady stream of precum. It tasted different to her than his sperm-laden cum; this was thinner and saltier. She tried to get his enlarged shaft deeper into her mouth and throat, but it had grown too big. Liz found a spot behind Brutus’ ball sac and while firmly sucking on his balls, she vigorously rubbed the area right behind his shaft and sac. Brutus had never felt such pleasure and he squirmed to stand so he could fuck the closest bitch with his throbbing prick. But Cassie and Liz held his legs in place, keeping him down on his back. He stopped squirming as he felt a huge load of cum boiling inside, and the familiar feelings leading to orgasm. Liz pulled on his balls with her lips while rubbing the area behind his sac. All at once she felt a steady pulsing where she rubbed while Brutus’ balls tightened and pulsed to the same beat. She knew he was about to cum.Cassie felt Brutus’ shaft pulse and the center swelled causing her lips to strain and her jaw to ache. His knot throbbed and hardened and she also knew he was about to cum. In a combination of barking and whining, Brutus felt a tremendous orgasm overwhelm him. His legs went limp, his eyes rolled back and a forceful blast of cum was released from his prick. Jet after jet of sperm shot out of the end of his prick, quickly overcoming Cassie who choked and sputtered as it filled her mouth, throat and nose. She gagged and had to release Brutus’ pick as a load of cum poured from her nose and mouth. Sarah looked on in amazement, as she had never seen so much love juice released at one time. And that was only the beginning. Cassie tried to go back down on her mate as he shot several volleys of cum into the air and over her body. Liz was having a great time, having discovered that rubbing a dog behind his ball sac massaged his prostate and caused an almost unstoppable flow of cum. Cassie settled her mouth over the first five inches of prick, as she couldn’t handle any more at the time. Too much cum flowed and Brutus could only lay there and whine. After a few minutes, Brutus’ body was emptied, and although his prick kept giving mighty throbs, very little cum was produced. Cassie picked her cum-covered head up while gently holding Brutus’ cock, allowing him to come down from his cloud. She said, “I don’t know what we did Liz, but I never saw him cum like that! We should leave him to recover…”“He’s not finished yet” Liz replied. “He has to remember to be good to you – his mate.”“Liz, there’s nothing left!” Cassie shot back.Liz pulled on Brutus ball sac with her lips, and slid her hand to his knot. “Cassie, you need to finish him off. Take the tip of his cock in your mouth!”Cassie did as she was told, although she was sure Brutus was finished. Liz grasped Brutus firmly behind his knot and massaged his balls with her tongue, pushing down between them. She pulled on his knot, and it reacted as if stuck in a bitch. His prick began throbbing and more cum shot out into Cassie’s waiting mouth. This flow was less and she swallowed it greedily. It tasted so good to her. After a few more volleys while Liz continued to pull on Brutus’ knot, only the throbbing remained. When she saw that Brutus was truly out of cum, Liz sat up and let Cassie clean off her mate. When she was done, Brutus turned over and stuck his head in Cassie’s lap. She now knew that Brutus was happy. As he lay there, she stroked his head and he enjoyed the smell wafting up from her anxious pussy. But he was in no condition to mate at the moment. He would need time to regenerate.Cassie turned to Liz and as if reading Brutus’ mind she said, “Gosh Liz – I am so horny. I hope Brutus is ready to fuck soon!”Liz looked at her cum covered friend and said, “I know what you need. She called over to Trigger and scratched his head. He sniffed the air and smelled sex. It was coming so much from Liz, but it was coming more from Cassie. He sniffed at her and started licking Brutus’ cum off of Cassie’s face and chest. She giggled as his tongue was tickling her. “Hey Trigger, you’re giving me a bath!” she laughed. Trigger continued to lick strings of cum from Cassie’s belly and then he smelled her strong sex emanating from between her legs. He stuck his head in her crotch and licked at her already wet cunt lips. He pushed his snout further into her, covering his nose with her cum. “Oohhhhhhh…Trigger…who told you…” she started to say. But her warm, wet lips opened further in response to his prodding snout.“See” Liz said, “I know what ails you…”Cassie uncrossed her legs and lay back against the bed as Trigger continued to lick at her sweet cum. She knew that her session with Brutus had left her in a needy position. And Trigger always seemed to perform admirably with Liz. Trigger’s pink tip poked out of his sheath, and Cassie saw moisture welling on the tip. He was already issuing precum in anticipation of sex. Trigger grabbed one of Cassie’s legs and began to hump slowly, a sure sign of what he wanted. Cassie knew she needed sex to relieve her inner ache. Brutus was asleep in the corner of the room, so she turned over onto her hands and knees and presented herself to Trigger. She dropped her head onto her folded arms, raising her ass to a higher position. Her pussy lips parted, moist and waiting, and Trigger stuck his snout into them and began to lick. “Oooooooooohhhh………uuuuuunnnhhhh” Cassie moaned, experiencing her first orgasm. She realized she was so ready, but wanted more than his tongue. She moved her ass, trying to interest Trigger in mounting her. The licking was good, but not what she wanted.Liz sat back and allowed her mate to fill his nostrils with Cassie’s scent. Then she watched as he hopped onto her back, jabbing his slippery cock
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