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This is a great story. I hope you like it... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------AWESOME FARM FIVESOME"The stallion is in here." the man directed me. The man was the owner of this farm that I was invited to. I am an experienced cameraman currently unemployed who posted a message on an Internet forum asking for anyone who owns a farm willing to allow the filming of his or her animals mating. A reply, A few e-mails and a few phone calls later, I had arrived onto the farm and was being led into the shed where the big boy was kept."He isn't erect yet, I hope." I said."No," the man said, "but as soon as he gets a whiff of the mare's sent, he'll be the horniest thing on the planet!"The man opened the shed door and showed me the stud. The man shut the door and turned the lights on. What a horse! Big and muscular. "Try to keep him still." I said as I stood next to the side of the stallion's stomach. I then knelt down so that I could get a good shot of the male's genitals for the camera. The tripod was set and so was the camera to look up at the genitals from underneath the stallion's stomach. I switched the torch that was mounted on the camera to on and adjusted the level of brightness until it was perfect. Finally I looked through the colour viewfinder on the camera and zoomed in on the genitals. Very nice! I stopped zooming when the big balls and the deflated sheath were totally in the picture. I started recording. "O.K., you can let rip the Viagra!" I said. The man took out a small container of clear liquid, put it near the stallion's nose and opened the lid. It was an instant turn-on! The stallion whinnied and it's sheath started to grow longer and became very un-deflated. Growing downwards, the sheath stretched until it's smooth, leathery skin had lost it's wrinkles and could stretch no further. The head of the stallion's incredible cock protruded out of it's hideaway and the rest of it's increasingly fattening cock was slipping out. Inch by inch the massive cock progressed, the head fattened up so it was the widest part of the cock. The stallion twitched which made his cock wobble. Finally it reached it's full length, the head was halfway between the balls and the ground, and from my viewpoint the cock was massive! The man let the stallion take another sniff of the mare sent as it let out a whinny and it's cock hardened up. The head was now swollen and looked as though the slightest touch could make it blow it's load. The cock was stiffening in the direction of up and stopped when the cock was almost horizontal. The cock was thickest at it's base, wider than the thickness of my arm and it's length must have been more than 22 inches (60 cm). I took many different shots of the genitals: of the massive balls close up, scanning slowly along the gigantic cock giving a very detailed close-up, a behind and under the horse shot showing the cock, balls and asshole, etc.I had finished filming the stallion and asked the man a logical question: "Is the mare ready.""A very big understatement! She's outside and hot for 'im!"Outside, I saw her. What a magnificent mare! She had the body that could cut through the strongest storm, a mane and tail that flowed with the wind, and an ever so perfectly big, rounded ass that could make any stallion blow his load even before he shoves it in.I walk over behind the mare, and yes she is hot for it! Her cunt is 'winking' (her cunt entrance opens and closes giving a stallion an open invitation). Moving the tail aside gave me the perfect extreme close-up of her cunt opening and closing revealing her pink, tight meat eager for some sauce. I spread the 'lips' apart with my fingers to get a deeper shot of her churning mass of pink, squirting her hot juice.I shouted the words "RELEASE THE SEX ON LEGS!" and out gallops the horniest stallion anyone will ever see. It had a cock that was so ready to burst, but my camera was pointing at her bum. Only the cunt and her asshole filled the viewfinder as she braised for the onslaught.Forget about mounting your mate, the stallion leapt onto her! His cock completely missing her bum. He tries the second time and hits gold: the head stretching the tight opening while the rest of the cock slips inside her juicy heat.The stallion and mare both scream in ecstasy as their torturous wait is rewarded and the erotic action begins.My own cock nearly jumped out of my pants! I so needed to jack off!! I so wanted to cum!!!The stallion's thrusts were deep and quick and he moaned into the mare's shoulder with every sloppy stab of his super-sensitive cock. From the camera's point-of-view, the stallion's thick cock was now saturated in her hot, marinated juices, trickling down the length of his piston which then dripped from his tool, his sheath and his huge balls which swung freely like a boxer's punching bag. I did many different camera angles: underneath, front, the horses' facial expressions, and behind. That gave me a great view of the stallion's very puckered asshole; I wondered what it would be like fucking that! Thatís when I saw the kid hiding in the shed behind a pile of hay, obviously masturbating. The kid must have been 21 and the neighbor's son. His eyes closed and his whole body quivered; he was cumming, lucky kid!The stallion was now drowned in ecstasy, his eyes were tightly closed, his nostrils flared so wide that another horse could have fucked his nose, and his teeth were bared and were clenched so hard he could cut metal. All this while the stallion screamed onto the mare's shoulder; pumping his rod so deep and so fast inside her hot, wet and very tight rump.The mare had this so easy. She just had to stand there receiving her back massage, possible multiple orgasms while the male just gets the one, screaming at the fire being stoked between her legs. All of a sudden, the mare lets out a high pitch roar as her first orgasm sears through her body. Her roars of ecstasy lasted for many seconds as her juices squirt and spill from her tightening cunt.Her orgasm sent the stallion very close to his own orgasm, her tightening buns severely increasing his searing simulations through his cock. The stallion roared with every shove of his pistoning cock when he lets out the most earth-tearing scream as his cock explodes white hot cum inside her rump. Another scream rips through as a second load of cum bursts from his balls and shoots into her hot, churning cunt. He cums, again and again, squirt after squirt, pump after pump until his deflated balls finally run out and all that's left is one very spent stallion on top and inside of a mare whom has just finish her second orgasm but her screams of ecstasy were drowned out by the stallion.The stallion slide off the mare, his cock popped out of her cunt with a splash of cum. I quickly went behind the mare and opened the lips apart to get a very extreme close-up of the sperm trickling out of her used cunt."That'll do for today. More mating tomorrow. Just gotta check that the exposure was correct on TV." I said. But first I had an emergency! My cock was now pulsing so painfully horny that I ran to my borrowed room; video rewinding in it's camera.Got inside my room, locked the door, shut the blinds, stop the winding tape wherever it was, put the tape in the player I then started, TV on, striped off cloths and underwear and grabbed a towel. The TV screen revealed that I had started the tape in the middle of the steamy horse mating section, my cock was blood red and rock hard and wet with precum, and just hearing the horsesí erotic moans again sent me closer towards my orgasm. I was now on the bed in my favorite masturbation position, towel at the ready, horses fucking and moaning. I grabbed my cock and rapidly started jacking off, sending me in hot waves of pleasure only felt during real sex with someone else. Oh fuck! Ooohhhh FUCK!!! The precum lubed up my cock so that I could jack off faster, harder, forcing my eyes closed. I forced my eyes partially open to see the behind shot of the fucking horses. I imaged myself fucking the stallion deep inside the only unused hole. I was fucking his so hot, so very tight asshole. OH YES! OOOHHHH YYYYEEEESSS!!! OOOOHHHHHH FUCK YES! The sperm bubbled around in my balls, sending me into the heated depths of ecstasy Iíve never reached before. OOOOHHHHHH FUCK! OOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK! FUUUCCCKKK!!!! FFFFFUUUUUAAAAAARRRRRRRKK!!!!I shot a load so hard it hurt, the hot sperm splattering on the towel that I gripped so hard and bit into. Another shot of cum was now pure ecstasy as I screamed into my towel as waves and waves of sperm splashed from my cock that I was no longer jacking but I now bucked and pumped my hips. I pumped my hot seed into the towel again and again, scream after scream, tears poring from my eyes. The storm finally slowed to a trickle as I looked at my saturated towel. Never in my life had I felt an orgasm like that in my life, ever! My last thoughts were as I dropped off to sleep.It was late in the evening when I woke up. The video had finished and rewound and was waiting for it's next instructions. After turning off the TV I opened the blind. Yep, as black as night outside. It was when I was closing the blind when I saw the wife of the man who owns this farm. I should have mentioned her before; she had the job of keeping the mare steady during the mating session. Anyway, the wife was walking the stallion back to it's shed; nothing unusual about that except that the wife was BUTT NAKED!!! And oh what butts they both had! I rubbed my hand around my hardening cock wondering which ass I'd fuck first when they had entered the shed and closed the door. Yep, you guessed it, I grabbed my video camera with a fresh tape and made my way to the shed, and I was naked from the waist down!I found an unlocked door and parted it slightly to get the view clear for the recording camera. The scene inside was more than I expected. The view was side on with the action and not only was the wife bent over piles of hay, sucking off the stallion, there was a bull behind her and a Billy-goat next to her as well!! Both the bull and goat had huge ball bags nearly touching the ground. The bull's red cock was poking in and out of it's sheath and as soon as she got the stallion's cockhead in her mouth the bull stood over her and shoved his pointed, red cock straight inside her cunt. Bulls don't pump like horses do; they just ram it in one shove at a time! With every shove of it's huge red cock, the bull makes a very ecstatic MOO sound, like a howl and a roar combined (sounded like: MMMMMOOOOORRRRUUUUHHH!!!). Again and again the bull rammed it's cock as it roared while she sucked the horse. The bull shoved 8 times when it made louder roars as it came inside her, but his final shove slipped his cock from her cunt and he squirted his last shot of white, hot sperm on her back. The bull's cock then quickly hid in it's sheath. Meanwhile, the wife stopped sucking the stallion to turn her attention to the male goat. She played with it's large ball bag and ducked her head under the goat when it's pointy cock poked out, sucking it in her mouth. The goat's eyes widened and he immediately straddled her head, pumping it's cock deep into her sucking mouth. The goat's teeth were bared, bleating out it's 'moans' of ecstasy. It then bucked it's hips madly as it came into her mouth; wailing in ecstasy. The goat squirted it's last load of cum then it hopped off her. The wife then continued with the horse, sucking and swallowing it's giant cock, hot precum going everywhere. It was then when the bull decided to fuck her again. The bull stood over her and rammed his cock in... her asshole! Not expecting the intrusion, the wife screamed on the horse's cock, vibrating her mouth as she sucked; the horse loving it gave her an extra load of precum. She quickly adjusted her ass to handle the bull's cock. The sudden tightness of the hole overwhelmed the bull and after 4 rams of it's red cock, the bull roared as he came hard into her ass. Cum squirted out from her rammed asshole as the final roar and drop of cum had left the bull, while the very red, hard bull's cock had left the woman with a wider than average asshole. (if you don't already know, bulls cum very quickly, naturally to get away from predators). I envied that stud bull's job of impregnating cows. Imagine how much ass that bull would be getting?! 50? 100 cows? Not including the cows he fucks more than once. And the cows want it. I mean REALLY want it! I heard that a cow will mount another cow to make the bull think there's another bull in the area so that the bull will protect his genes by adding his sperm in more cows quicker... or something like that (I bet the real reason cows mount each other is to help the bull get turned on, wouldn't you? And after about 30 fucks, he'd need encouragement).Meanwhile, back at the orgy: The bull is spent, the Billy goat is horny again and the stallion is getting the blowjob of his life. The wife had her mouth all over his cock, bobbing her head, sucking that 30+ inch of horse meat in and out of her mouth, in out in out in... all the while the stallion just had to stand still in ecstasy, moaning with every suck of his cockhead, every slurp of precum, every lick from her tongue.Now the billy goat wanted a piece of the ass action. He ran over to her rear, leapt onto her back, stuck his red donger in her now relaxed asshole and FUCKED! And I mean he pumped his hips a few times then shoved, pumppumppumppumpSHOVEpumppumppumppumpSHOVEpumppumppump....the goat wailing through his gritted teeth; no nanny goats have ever been this tight!I joined in the ecstasy and jacked my cock off to the beat of the goat's humps, and believe me, I was jacking off fast and I still had trouble keeping up with him! Just as well my balls are still to fill up, otherwise I'd have cum by now.Now the wife was REALLY loving the workout the goat's little red donger was giving her asshole (it's a wonder any pubic hairs didn't catch fire!). She was now greedily swallowing several inches of the horse's cock, which drove the stallion wild. The stallion was now 'whimpering' as almost half the length of his cock is getting drawn in deeper by her many throat mussels that edged him closer towards THAT hot, sticky ending.The goat fucked and rammed and pumped and finally let out the most wonderful wail of ecstasy and he came hard into her ass. He bucked his hips with every spray of hot cum that squirted inside her ass. Squirt, squirt and then dribble as he pulled out.The wife did the same thing and pulled the massive cock from her mouth, to get some well-needed gasps of breath!I could tell the stallion was close; his cock was throbbing, dribbling of precum and his asshole was tensing and relaxing, tensing, relaxing...My masturbating hand was getting sore so I stopped. I couldn't use my other hand since it's operating the camera. My dick is red and numb... hang on! The wife is doing something ELSE. She's turning around (with her ass pointing in my direction)! Oh yes! What a muff! And check the boobs hanging down and wobbling! She has done a complete 180o (her cunt is now where her mouth was and vice versa), and if my cock is any indication, my eyes and the camera's were in for something intense!Moving her hand behind her, the wife grasped the horse's precum lubed swollen cock. The amount of bull cum and 'wetness' that must be in her would be enough for an elephant to fit, no matter how tight she is. The wife pulls the cock head onto the surface of her cunt. I could hear her heavy breathing as she rubs the cock head up and down along her sensitive clit. The stallion couldn't take it any longer, so he spreads his legs apart and thrusts his hips forward to slip more than 7 inches of hard, pulsing horse fat deep into her slippery cunt. You couldn't even imagine the squeal of surprise that came from the stallion as he enters a cunt tighter than any mare could be as he squats his rear to get as little as 3 inches in to as much as 10 inches as he pumps his hips faster than he could with any mare.Her g-spot, clit and every hot spot was getting the full work over when she screamed in explosive ecstasy into the hay as her orgasm raced through her body, cunt griping on to the slipping and slopping cock. She had no control over the fucking stallion (or herself for that matter!), and in that situation she must be getting the best and sooner orgasms.But now the bull and the Billy goat wanted more. Their red hot cocks poked out and in from their sheaths in anticipation. But with her 2-lane highway to ecstasy now blocked by a very horny stallion, the bull/goat duo didn't know what to do. It was then the wife grabbed the bull's cock and slurped it straight into her mouth. The bull roared in the new pleasure experience as he rocked his body forwards and backwards to the rhythm of her sucking. The goat, already in-the-know of the great blowjob she gives, wanted another. With a free hand, the wife grabs the goat's cock and starts jacking him off (and boy did he love that!). As the goat's cock got long enough, she slurped that in as well (!!); she was now sucking off a bull and a goat while she was getting boned up the cunt by a squealing stallion! It was a real mouthful now. Two cocks to suck, twice the load of precum, twice the thrusts of moaning bull and goat.You couldn't imagine the noises made by the animal foursome (wife included as an animal!). Now I was really jacking off. This will be the best footage on the net! But what happened next absolutely blew me away (not my balls though).The kid (remember, he was hiding in the hay while jacking off to the horses mating) in the nude, walks in behind the stallion. The wife saw him as the kid says "I won't tell anyone, only if you let me ass fuck the stallion."Under the influence of ecstasy, the woman says yes (it was more like YEH!...YES!!...YYEESSS!!!). Is that all I needed to do to get an ass fuck?!The kid got something solid to stand on, stood on it behind the huge pumping ass, and lubed up his hard, throbbing cock with his spit for THAT place. THAT place was located between the stallion's large buns at the top of the crevasse just below the erect base of the tail: the very swollen asshole sporting a very tightened hole. The kid placed his cockhead at the entrance, pressed hard inwards and the cockhead slipped in... suddenly to have the stallion pull his hips backwards towards the kid, completely having the horse's ass swallowing the entire length of his cock. The kid now engulfed in ecstasy, roared through his clenched teeth; his eyes forced shut. The kid didn't have to do anything; he just stood with his hands on the horse's hips. As the stallion thrusted his cock deep into the wife's orgasming cunt, his ass moved forward, slipping out most of the kid's cock; and when the stallion pulled back for another thrust, his asshole greedily gobbled up the kid's cock; all within less than a second, again, and again and again.Then comes the part I had been waiting for. All at once the animals (kid included) were preparing for a monstrous orgasm. The stallion squatted down further, fucked quicker and deeper; the kid also squatted, spreading his legs wider, he was now hugging the stallion as he buggered him faster; the goat bucked his hips faster, almost trying to mount her; the bull stood over her head shoving deeper.All animals roared with each shove of their cock, humping faster and faster, intensely roaring louder and louder as they got closer and closer and closer when in unison they all scream and squeal as cocks explode, cream, and splatter white hot cum inside the tight loving holes as the ecstasy levels rip through the ceiling. Squirt after squirt after scream after splash as the animals' orgasms overflows the wife as sticky, stringy, hot cum drips from her overfilled holes and splat to the ground. Squirt, squirt, splat then dribble as the stallion was the last of the lot of them to have finished his orgasm having squeezed the milk out of a very stocked kid and overfilling an exhausted wife that had swallowed what seemed like a litre of the bull/goat cocktail. The bull and goat, both having their load blown from their balls for the umpteenth time, were relaxing in the hay.I left the shed so as not to get caught. Damn! I was the only witness that didn't ejaculate, but I was close. I'd decided to watch the recording in my room and finish there when suddenly I saw fresh horse dung on the grass. I followed the horseshoe marks to another shed further away. Inside was the man (the owner of the farm and owner of the wife). He was naked from the waist down with a large erection. With him were 4 different female animals, all hot for some action! They weren't tied up, they had heaps of space to run away; but they stayed with moist cunts and a sense of knowing what's going to happen. Both animals and the man loved each other.I started taping in a safe spot as the man stuck his hard on inside the mare's cunt (the one I filmed mating with the stallion). The man pumped his bone in and out and in and out as the mare's cunt juices could be heard squishing. He then pulled out of the mare and moved on to the next animal's cunt, which was a cow. In slopped his dick... and out and in and out... he worked his cock on the cow for a few moments then pulled out, to stick it inside a nanny goat (or maybe it was a shorn sheep, I was too rapped up in the moment). Bent down to accommodate his pumping cock, I could hear the squishing, hot juices of a very turned on cunt. And a very comfortable fuck it must be! His cock eventually left her for another female (and a tighter one too). She was a pig.The man had been amazingly silent after 3 females (the occasional heavy breathing), and even if he hasn't orgasmed yet, I couldn't have controlled myself for that long! But with the pig, it was a (w)hole tighter difference! The man got to his knees, his body leaning over her's, one hand on the floor beside her to steady himself with the other hand underneath the sow, fondling her tits when his cock, presses against her cunt-lips, was sucked in by her cunt heat with a SSSHHHLLLUUURRRPP. The man groaned and panted as her juices flowed in the little space. His hips pumping, his cock pumping, they were at it for a minute when he pulled out. He hadn't even cum yet! With no animals left and with enough pig lubricate on his dick to gel the entire mare's coat of fur... he op-ed to gel her asshole instead! In it went with a wet squeeze, pumping his cock in and out and in... it must have been as tight and the sow's cunt with the way he panted. He stuck his fingers in both the mare's and the cow's cunts. His digits must have hit the spots because they were both squealing their heads off as the man entered the cow's ass at the time off the cow/mare orgasm; the cow's anus squeezing his working hard-on with all her muscles. As the cow's orgasm subsided, he slipped out of her and bent down to enter the goat's (or sheep) you-know-which hole, while doing for the pig and goat/sheep cunts as he did for the big, other two. Working his cock in her, waiting for when the time was right, he pulled out as they both neared explosion. His cock was placed just outside the pig's tightening and opening asshole, he timed for the right moment that wouldn't hurt the pig. He waited 'til her spasming asshole widened enough to stick his cockhead in; and that was all he got in when her ass walls slammed tight around the head. The feeling must have been unbelievable because he tried gripping and scratching the floor. In and in slowly he went, until his cock was in all the way, that set her off. Both the sow and the goat/sheep squealed as an orgasm exploded the juice passed his fingers and out their cunts. The pig's asshole locked up with his cock totally buried in it. The man couldn't fuck it for the tightness, so he road out the sow's orgasm and pulled out when the hole relaxed.Like me, the man must be very close. With a throbbing hard on, he chooses his favorite animal, slips his dong into his favorite hole (you get to imagine for yourself what he chooses) and gives her the fastest fucking of her life. No kidding, he was really going for it in there: hot juices squishing in a small space, the female moving to the rhythm of his fucking to suit her and, oh, the erotic moans coming from the man! He got louder and faster when suddenly his legs quivered and weakened and he exploded with a roar of ecstasy to match that cumming downstairs. A few sticky loads shot and he was spent. He pulled out for the last time, and hurried to the house before the wife found him.At last I'm alone with a mare! Stacking up a few bails of hay next to her so I could get the perfect close-up of her behind, I sat the camera on top of the stack. There was no time to lose and this could be my first and last time I make true my dream of ass fucking a horse. Thinking about it sent me almost too close, and I could feel the sperm in my balls forcefully battling for release. Gees! Her ass cheeks seem big from behind! Moving her tail aside, I placed my cockhead on her warm anal entrance and slipped my way IN!!!! OOOOHHHH THE HEAT!! THE TIGHTNESS!!! Her tightness crushed my cock in a way no other female could. Her rounded walls completely covered every square nanometer of cock, the head was squashed all over sending the strongest rush of ecstasy ever felt through my body with every thrust, and at the bottom of the head, the ultra-sensitive skin around the penal hole received so much soft, hot excitement that every ecstatic pump jolted my sperm closer to ejaculation. I pumped and fucked my donger in and out her dry but slippery hole as the best ecstatic pleasure flooded my body with every shove of my cock. I couldn't take it anymore, my legs buckled under me, I bottomed out, eyes slammed shut and I hung on tight. UUUUHHHH!!!! SSSSOO TIGHT!! SOOO HOT!!! OOHH FUCK!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFUUUAAARRRKKK!!!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (SPLOOGE) I scream into the horses soft, furry back as waves and waves of hot, sticky cum spraying from my cock into her hungry ass sent me screaming through the mad heights of explosive ecstasy ever felt by a human. Hips bucking uncontrollably against her large hair coated rump as her tight hole of fire gobbles up amounts of sperm thought impossible to shoot. AAAAAAARRRRHHHHH!!!!! UUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!! UUUUUHHHH!!!!! UUHHH!! UUHH!! Ahhhhhhh.....***************So spent. My cock still inside her tightness. I never want to leave this place.THE END
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