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this is a true story of a girl and my one dog. we will call her Ann and the dog Max. i hope im in the right place with this story? Ann had came down a few times before to visit Max. they had enjoyed f***** together before. this one night ,it was there third or forth time together. Ann was on the couch and Max walked over and went straigh for her pussy . licking it ,and nipping her a little. she slid out so he could get better access to her pussy. Max must of been really horney that no time he was on her as she lied there face up. i wasnt paying much attition to them till i heard somethimg banging on the wall. it was the couch hitting the wall as Max was really f***** her hard. i went to stop him ,because i though he was hurting her. as hard as the couch was banging against the wall i though he was killing her.i hurryed over to pull him off . as i started to get ahold of him ,Ann grabed my arm and flung it away. as i tryed the second time ,she even flung my hand away harder. Max was f****** the he** out of her so hard she wasnt able to even talk to me. with each stroke he was knocking the breath out of her. i was getting a little conserned. i didnt know if his knot was in her or ,or if he was trying to get it in. i sild my hand between them ,and felt her tummy . it didnt take much till i was able to feel the knot as it worked inside her overfilled pussy. the couch was still banging so hard against the wall it was unreal. what a f*****ing she was getting. im glad i live in the country and no one lives close by. after what seem to be a hour , but only about 4 to 5 minutes, Max slowed down to a stop. it sounded like water was hitting the floor. it wasnt water ,it was Max's cum running out of Ann. her poor pussy couldnt take any more and was running over. i ask her if she wanted me to get her loose from Max? she could only shake her head no. when Max finally went down enough to pull out ,Ann was able to recover enough to talk to me. first thing i wanted to make sure she was ok. she asured me she was fine. her first words were , that was the best F******ing i ever had. i have several stories but i will only write the ones that girls ok me too. hope you like ,,,,, the old hillbilly
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