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My grandfather always had a small flock sheep, 10 to 15. During my childwoodi was used to go into the fields with him and my cousin, i had seen thesheep mate and that awoke my curiosity about sex. For some time I tried tohave contact, but there was always someone around.The opportunity arose one week that my grandfather was gone and I stay withthe responsibility for the sheep. I decided that I would try to fuck a eweon the first day that my grandfather was away. In the days before he went Ichoose the one I thought was better, and tried to be as intimate as I could.The flock was composed of 6 adult ewes, 4 rams and some lambs. There were aram that dominate the others was he only one to mate with the ewe.I decided that the only place safe was in the barn, because there were lesschances of being caught, as much as this seem the obvious solution there wasa problem, the barn floor was covered in shit,, my grandfather use the sheepshit mixed with grass to fertilize the fields, so I have to deal with afilth, smelly barn if I was to fuck something. I have no choice.The time had come, I was very nervous but I was determined that today I wasfuck an ewe.In the barn I have to deal with another problem the space was not very bigand the other sheep were around, even so I manage to take the ewe that Ichoose into a corner of the barn, she was very obedient as if she wasanticipating what was going to happen.I began to touch her back, moving slowly in to her tits, she liked it. Aftera while I finally got where I wanted, her pussy, first I touch it with myfinger, massaging her, the ewe pussy begun to open and some fluid came out,I couldn't resist o it and I licked her for awhile, the taste was strangebut it wasn't very bad and my excitement was enourmes. She was becoming veryhorny, pushing herself into my mouth. My dick was hard since the minute Ienter the barn was exploding. In seconds I drive my entire dick into thathot juicy pussy. The ewe pussy was tight and very warm and as I fuck her Ifelt she thrusting back at my dick, I last only a couple of minutes beforeI came inside her. It was the best orgasm I ever had and my legs went weak.I let stay my dick into the ewe awhile, and when I was trying to recoversomething weird happen the dominant ram came behind me and try to mount me,I freak out and leave the barn immediately.I spend the whole night thinking on what had happen, I was afraid of the rambut thrill I had when I fuck the ewe was bigger than any fear so I decided Iwould try again the next day, after all I had few days of freedom.The next day I was back in the barn and ready to have some more pussy, whileI was kneeling down the ewe touching her tits, the dominant ram came behindme and mount me, I fell on my knees and without having time to react the ramwas on me trying to mate, I was naked so my ass was fully exposed and with arapid thrust the ram rammed his entire dick up my virgin ass, it hurt ashell and I scream, the ram didn't care he continue to fuck his newly foundewe, he was on my no more than 30 seconds but it felt like an hour the alltime he was fucking he fill my ass with cum, when he dismount me I fell intothe floor, trying to recuperate from my anal assault, I was all dirty fromthe cum and the shit from the floor but I didn't care. After 5 minutes onthe floor I manage to stand up and put some cloths. I went home and directlyto the bathroom to see how my ass was. I could still feel cum leaking frommy ass, it didn't hurting so much.I've never played with my ass before, but during that night the only thing Icould think was on that ram fucking my ass, I masturbate two times.Next day I was sore so I decided to stay home, but I new that I would try itagain, I had few days till my grand father was back so in the other day Iprepare myself for another round, this time I took some oil to lubricate myass, and some old clothes. This time when I arrived in the barn I put myselfon hands and knees, and wait for the reactions. In no time the raw approachme and immediately mount me, like the first time his dick found my entrancein no time and he fuck my ass like there was no tomorrow, it look like myass was made for him. This time I was prepared and I enjoy every thrust hemade, he came inside my ass and dismount in seconds. While I was on my kneesresting after the fuck, something unexpected append one of the others rawcame to me and try to mount me, he was a clumsy and I had to guide him so hecould find his way up my ass. He last longer than the other male, this wasprobably the first time he could fuck anything, the dominant male wouldn'tallow the others to fuck the ewe, but in my case he didn't mind becauseafter the second ram was finish another one took his place in my ass. I wasreally being breed by this rams, the opportunities for them to fuck werelittle and they clamed my ass to them. For about 20 minutes my ass was usedand abused by this tree rams as a, cum deposit. In that afternoon I tookmore cum than any of the ewe in the flock.When they finish with me I rest for a few minute and then because my dickwas still hard and I haven't come yet, approach my ewe and begin fondly withher pussy, in no time I was fucking her hard, and with no disturbance fromthe rams they were all dried up and I could fuck the entire flock if Iwanted to. When I finish with the ewe I went home and clean myself, the ramcum in my ass was leaking so I took an enema to wash all the cum from it, inthe next days I still notice the smell of ram cum in my body.In a couple of days my grandfather return and I couldn't didn't have sexwith sheep again. I would like to know what do you think of my story, I alsowould like to share experiences and talk about zoophilia, you can write tomy email
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