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All in the FamilyIntroducing Amy, Part IVCraig started to awake from his slumber and rolled over onto the wet spot on the sheet. He smiled as he remembered what had taken place in their bed just a couple of hours before. The three of them, Amy, Craig, and Tina had developed quite a close relationship. There was no jealousy at all, just three lovers enjoying each other, and occasionally their K9 companions. It was not unusual for the dogs to sleep in the room or even the bed with them. It was a bit crowded but quite comfortable none the less. They all liked the idea of waking up and being able to enjoy their lover, whichever one it might be at the time. Craig usually slept in the middle between the girls with the dogs at their feet. Occasionally after a long night of pleasure one or more of the dogs would fall asleep laying next to their master. Craig was now facing Amy. She was sleeping so soundly. She had had quite a night and had fallen asleep completely exhausted. The three of them had spent several hours taking turns pleasing each other. Craig loved watching the girls together and then taking his turn “finishing the job”. He was daydreaming about the three of them together when he heard a scratching at the door. They had left the dogs out of the room last night and spent the evening just enjoying human companionship. Now one of the dogs wanted in.Craig lightly kissed both the girls on their asses and crawled to the foot of the bed to open the door. The girls woke up and tried to shake the cobwebs from their heads. What an incredible night it had been for the three of them. Amy leaned over and gently kissed Tina’s nipple. “Good morning gorgeous” she said as Tina rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Indeed it is” Tina replied and leaned over to gently kiss Amy on the lips. King bounded into the room and leaped up on the bed between them as if to let them know he wanted in on the action too. “Good morning King, we missed you last night” Amy said as she started petting him.Craig left the room to go check on Lady. King laid down between the two of them and they gently took turns petting him. They talked about how incredible the night before had been. Both of them were still a little wet from the load Craig had left in each of them. As they talked they noticed that King had lifted his head and was sniffing the air. They stopped petting him. “What is it boy?” Tina asked. King got up and started walking around the bed sniffing. He found the wet spot on the sheets that Craig had been lying on just minutes before. He started to lick the sheet. “Looks like somebody else wants some lovin” Tina said. She noticed that King’s cock was starting to stick out just a little. He had picked up the scent from the sheet and knew what had taken place. Indeed he did want some lovin. The girls were uncovered and he started sniffing all around the bed. He put his nose between Tina’s legs and gently licked her thigh. “Yep, you found it boy” she said as King began to lick the cum that had dried on her thigh. Tina spread her legs and let him lick her more. King started licking all over her thighs, her stomach, and when his tongue touched her clip Tina took a deep breath. She was ready for more and King was ready to give it to her. He started lapping at her pussy like he was licking the best tasting treat on earth, and indeed he was. Tina moaned as she felt him licking her, running his tongue over her clit over and over and burying his tongue inside her to try to lick up all the juices. Tina moaned as she came and King began licking even more. It was a vicious cycle. The more he licked the more she came and the more she came the more he licked.Amy was getting quite turned on just watching. She couldn’t take it any more. She scooted closer to Tina and buried two fingers of one hand in her own pussy as she rubbed her clit with other hand. She was getting so turned on, they both were. They loved taking turns playing with King. It was almost a competition for them, to see who could get King to lick them more or f*** them first. And of course King was always happy to comply. Amy giggled a little watching Tina squirm. It was just enough to get King’s attention and he turned to Amy. She removed her hands from her pussy and let King gently lick her. As he had with Tina, he began to lick Amy all over to taste the spoils of the night before. Tina leaned over and began kissing Amy as King lapped at her pussy. Amy was trying so hard to hold back on having an orgasm. She wanted it to be a good one. As King licked more and Tina kissed harder Amy couldn’t hold back any more. She began sucking Tina’s tongue and let out a loud moan as King hit that magic spot deep inside her pussy with his tongue.“Hey you two, couldn’t you wait for us?” Craig laughed as he brought Lady into the room. She immediately jumped up on the bed and licked Tina a little between the legs. Another wave of ecstasy rushed over Tina as Lady licked her more and more lapping up all the juices. Craig stood at the end of the bed watching. He couldn’t believe the incredible site before him. Here were two beautiful, incredibly sexual women, with whom had made love hours just before, and now he was watching both of them getting eaten by their K9 lovers. Immediately Craig had a raging hard-on. “Okay you two, enough. Now someone is going to take care of me”. He laughed as he said it, but he meant it. For months Craig had had the pleasure of two lady lovers, able to pick and choose who he wanted to be with. He had spent countless hours watching them be pleased by him, each other, and King. But he was beginning to feel a bit left out. Craig wanted to know what it felt like to experience K9 love. The trouble was he really had no desire to be mounted by King, nor did he want his cock inside of King. What he wanted was Lady. He had been hesitant to do anything with her. She was Amy’s dog and he respected that. He had fingered her and licked her a few times while Amy and Tina watched but now he wanted more. He wanted to bury his cock inside of Lady and see how it felt.Amy pushed King away and told him to go lay down. Always wanting to please her he did as he was told and curled up in the corner. Amy sat up and looked at Craig. “Well lover, just what would you like us to do?” Craig had been wanting to feel Lady for months, finally he had the nerve to say something. “What I want, Amy is to experience what you and Tina have had for a while now.” This kind of caught Amy by surprise. “You want King to mount you?” she asked. “No, I want to spend a little time enjoying Lady. I want to see what it feels like to experience sex with her”. Amy had mixed emotions. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that. Lady had been with her for years and while she had seen Lady mounted several times by two male dogs she had never thought of her being with a human male. But the more she thought about it the more she began to like the idea. She had been with King, it was only fair to let him spend some time with Lady.“Well if you can pull her away from Tina I’d love to watch you enjoy yourself with her”. Tina had no problem with this. She had been wanting to see Craig with Lady for some time but she had been hesitant to mention it to Amy also, she know how protective Amy was of Lady. Tina gently pushed Lady away. She and Amy both crawled up to the head board of the bed.“Okay Craig, she’s all yours, enjoy”. Craig had already had a major hard on watching the girls. Now his cock was throbbing with anticipation as he was about to experience his first time with Lady. He wasn’t quite sure how to start but the girls were more than willing to help him. Amy had taken Lady and laid her down in the middle of the bed between her and Tina on her back. She was gently rubbing her stomach and Lady was starting to relax. As she did her hind legs started to spread a little further apart. “Just be gentle Craig, she’s never been with a man before” Amy said. Tina reminded Amy, carefully worded so as not to bruise Craig’s ego, that she had seen and taken King’s cock and if Lady could handle that she could certainly handle Craig. Craig laughed. He was well endowed but he knew he was no match for King.Craig crawled up on the bed on his knees, positioned so that he could enter Lady. “Rub her stomach Craig” Amy said. “Get her to focus her attention on you”. Amy and Tina scooted toward the edges of the bed so as not to distract Lady from the pleasure they knew she was about to enjoy.Craig had spent a little time with Lady so he knew how to “get her started”. He gently began rubbing her stomach, getting her to relax even more. As he did her hind legs relaxed and she spread wide open. Craig began to softly rub Lady’s pussy. He gently ran his fingers around her tender lips. As he did he noticed that her lips began to open up slowly. He could see the beautiful exposed pink flesh. Moisture started to bead up on her a little. He gently licked the moisture with his tongue. Lady squirmed a little. He placed one hand on her stomach and rubbed her gently to calm her. She settled down and let him lick her. Craig noticed that, just like Amy and Tina, the more he licked the wetter she got. She tasted incredible. Not better than the girls, just different. He began to lick a little harder and began to probe her pussy with his tongue. His hard-on was really throbbing now but he knew he had to take his time. Craig took his index finger and began to gently rub the pink flesh that was now protruding. What a beautiful sight he thought. After Lady got comfortable with him rubbing her he gently inserted his finger inside her. This time she didn’t move. He inserted it a little further. It was so moist and tight and hot inside of her. He pushed his finger in as far as it would go. Lady laid still. He gently moved his finger in and out. Lady seemed to be enjoying this as much as he was. He took a second finger and inserted it. Again he gently slipped inside her, slowly and moved the two fingers in and out. Lady’s pussy was wide open now and protruding and Craig couldn’t hold back any longer. He leaned down and licked her as he fingered her until he was good and moist. Very carefully so as not to startle her he moved toward her as he continued to finger her. He took his cock in his other hand and started to gently rub it on Lady’s outstretched lips. A little bit of cum started to drip from his cock. Craig couldn’t wait any longer. He very carefully pulled out his fingers and pressed his cock up against Lady a little more forcefully. She gave him a look that he didn’t quite understand, but it wasn’t one of fear or alarm. Craig continued. He pushed the tip of the head of his cock into Lady. She was so moist and so hot. Slowly and gently he pushed, little by little, until the head of his cock was completely inside of Lady. “My God” thought Craig “so this is what I’ve been missing all this time”. He pushed his cock in a little further. Lady squirmed a little, not to pull away but more like in a way to accommodate him. Gently but firmly Craig pushed his cock in until it was completely inside of Lady. He was so close to cumming he knew that just the slightest movement would make him explode. He had never felt anything so incredible in his life. It was like a woman, yet so different. She was wetter, warmer, and much tighter. He stayed in that position for just a moment and then he gently pulled back a little. He was getting close. He had to really focus to keep from cumming. He looked down and saw where his cock had entered Lady. What a beautiful sight. He couldn’t stand it any more. He had to have her. Slowly Craig began to slide his cock in and out of Lady. She moved once more and when she did her pussy seemed to open even more. He slid in deeper than before and this time she tightened up around him as if to hold him in. That was it, he had to let go. He began to pump his engorged cock in and out of Lady, being ever so careful not to hurt her. He picked up a steady rhythm as he moved in and out. He quickened his paced and she tightened even more. He couldn’t stand it any more. He began pumping her faster and faster. His began to feel it welling up inside him. He gave it one last push and exploded inside of her. He came harder than ever before. And it didn’t stop. He just kept cumming. As he did Lady tightened her muscles around him to squeeze out ever last drop. He stayed inside her for just another minute or two until he began to grow smaller. As he did he could feel his cum begin to trickle out of her flaming hot pussy and run down his balls and then down his thighs. He very slowly pulled out of her. Lady laid there still watching him. Craig very slow backed up and then leaned down and buried his tongue in Lady’s lips. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to tasted himself inside of her. God she was incredible. Lady very slow turned over and rose to her feel. Craig could feel another hard on growing as he watched his cum starting to trickle out of her. Lady crawled over Amy and jumped off to the bed. Much to their surprise she went to the corner and laid down beside King. He started to sniff her and then King licked Lady until she was clean.Craig crawled up on the bed between the girls and laid down on the spot that was even wetter now. He couldn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say. He had had sex before with many ladies, incredible sex, but nothing began to compare to what he had just experienced with Lady.Craig had been so preoccupied with Lady that he hadn’t even noticed what Amy and Tina were doing. They had been pleasuring each other while he had his fun with Lady. Now they turned their attention to him. Craig had a semi hard on. Tina leaned over and gently kissed his left nipple. Amy reached down and took his cock in her hand. Craig gently but firmly reached out and slowly pushed them away. “Not right now girls. I want to just lay here and think about what just happened and enjoy it for a few minutes”.Amy just smiled. She looked at Craig. His eyes were closed and he had an incredible look of contentment on his face. Tina laid next to Craig and was started to drift back off to sleep. Amy looked over at Lady and King. They were snuggled up on the pillow in the corner and both of them had drifted off. She curled up next to Craig on his right side and closed her eyes. She also was very content. She had become quite comfortable with this arrangement and felt like they had started a family of their own.
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