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Near lunch time one day, Susan looked in her refrigerator to find something for lunch. She was thirsty for milk, but the milk carton was almost empty. She decided to walk to the little, local mom & pop grocery several blocks away. I need the exercise she thought. It was a lovely fall day, the sun shining in a cloudless sky, and the temperature was in the low 80's. She had on a white halter and baggy shorts. No need to change, no need to put on panties, she thought, just to walk down to the grocery. Besides, it feels good not to wear anything underneath. It took her only a few minutes to get to the grocery and purchase a quart of milk, so she decided to extend her walk and went not back toward her home but west in the opposite direction. A few blocks west from the grocery was a railroad track, and she imagined herself almost a little girl again, and she would walk the tracks till she was level with her home and then cut through to the house. Along the tracks were several old warehouses that she assumed were abandoned. No one was about that day, and she felt as though she were the only person left on the earth. Then, she thought she heard something behind her. She turned, and there a 100 feet or so behind her was a large great dane. He had a deep barrel chest, and she thought he probably weighed more than she did. He was huge. She felt her stomach quiver, for one of Susan's fantasies involved dogs. She turned and continued down the track, but she had not walked another minute when she stopped. She was thinking was wanted that big dog still to be behind her. She turned. Oh yes, he was there and much nearer too. He was gaining ground on her. Almost as if he were following her. When that thought flashed through her mind, she felt it down between her legs. And she could feel her wetness damp on her thighs. What should she do, she thought? She cut across the old asphalt parking where 18-wheelers used to load their goods and found a warehouse door half open on its slider. She went inside. She thought about closing the door, but when she tried it was too heavy for her, and the slider was old and rusty. She could not move it. The warehouse was large and empty and dark, except where sunlight flooded through high windows on the opposite wall lighting the air and the cement floor there. She went towards the light. When she turned, the great dane stood in the opening of the sliding door. She stood still, not knowing what to do. Her heart was pounding inside her for her fantasies made this encounter erotic for her whether she wanted it to be or not. The dane took a few steps toward her. She moved to the right. Was she thinking she could move around him and escape? But when she moved, the dane moved that way as well. And he came closer. Was it possible the scent of her sex was strong enough that he could smell her? Was it possible that he was aroused by her scent? That he wanted to mate with Susan? That he knew what he was doing? She stood still in the soft light flooding in the windows above her as he drew near. She felt as though she were trapped and had no way to escape. She felt as though he wanted her. She thought about offering him some milk. She poured the whole quart onto the cement floor, but the dane ignored the milk. He was not thirsty, she thought. Unless he is thirsty for something else. Her wetness dribbled down her thighs when this thought came to her. The dane sat, waiting. Susan and the dane looked at each other, eyed each other. He was taking her measure, almost telling her with his eyes what he wanted. She unzipped her baggy shorts and let them fall to the cement floor. She saw the dane's eyes focus on the triangle between her legs. Maybe he has done this before, she thought. She stepped out of her shorts, and opening her legs, stood still for the dane. He came to her and sat again with his snout only inches from her pussy. She could feel his breath. He looked up at her. She closed her eyes, and then she felt first his nose and then his tongue down between her legs. "Ohhh," she gasped. He is thirsty, she thought, as he lapped her now flowing juices from her. She thought she would not have chosen an old, abandoned warehouse for her first time, but the dane seemed to have chosen her. She was moaning aloud now, unable to be quiet in her arousal. She slipped her halter over her head and flung it from her, paying no mind to where it went. Susan closed her eyes and let the dane tongie her clit, leaning in a little to increase the pressure and the pleasure. Her legs tensed. She could not hold back. Susan came. When she opened her eyes a few minutes later and looked down, she saw hanging down under the dane his red erection. He is aroused too, she thought. Aroused by me. I turn him on. "Do you want me?" she said aloud to the dane. He waited. Susan got down on her hands and knees and shook her lovely ass at the dane. "Then, come on," she said to him. "You can have me." The dane approached her, rose up on his hind legs, grabbed Susan by the hips with his forelegs, and she felt his hard cock against her soft pussy lips. "Ohhh," she said, reaching underneath her belly to help him complete his mounting of her. What Susan did not know was that the old warehouse was not abandoned. The building had been bought, and in an upstairs backroom the men involved were concluding their deal. They heard noises from the warehouse, and they stepped out of the office onto a landing overlooking the whole of the warehouse. There in the light filtering in the windows was Susan with the dane on her. She was groaning as she felt him penetrating her, filling her with his huge dog cock. He was fucking her so hard, so good, she so lost in her arousal, she had no idea that 15 men stood above her not more than 50 feet away watching her. The could hear her every word as the space made them echo. "Oh yes, baby, f*** me," she cried. And the dane did f*** her. He pumped hard into her, trying now to knot with her. Susan could feel the dane's knot slapping against her pussy lips, and she spread her legs for the dane. "I want your knot in me," she said to the dane, and the men looked at each other, surprised their meeting would be interrupted in such an erotic way. They hardly breathed lest they disturb this woman who seemed completely absorbed by her dog lover. The dane pulled her onto his cock. Her pussy lips began to open, and she cried out as his knot slipped inside her, and her pussy lips closed over it. Susan pushed against the dane to push him deeper into her. "You feel so good." The dane now was not pumping but still. He pulled her onto his cock with his forelegs, forcing his cock deep into her, and she could feel his tension rising. She knew that he was going to come in her, and hardly had the thought gone through her mind when she felt him throbbing, felt his cum spurting out of him into her, heard him squeal out his pleasure, and then she came again. Suddenly, unexpectedly. Her climax ran full length through her body and groaned out of her mouth. She let her heaving chest collapse onto the cement as her ass was still high in the air, tied to this dane who had ravished her. She seemed almost asleep. One of the men slipped off his shoes, crept down the stairs, and across the floor. He gathered up Susan's shorts and halter, and then silently climbed the stairs. The men quietly went back into their office and waited. In a few minutes, the dane's huge cock slipped out of Susan's pussy. His cum ran out of her like water onto the floor. She slowly got to her feet. "Would you like to go home with me?" she asked the dane. She turned to find her shorts and her halter.
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