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This Is a short, but real account of what happened when My Good Girl met me online not so long ago. it's not as long as I would have like or as long as I told her to make it, which she knows, and will be 're-educated' for her error. But I hope you all enjoy her account of what really happened....... I first met him on a chat sight. Alright, it was a 'erotic' chat sight, what can I say I was frustrated! But I never imagined that I would have an experience like this, I was approached by him, and we started chatting. Almost as soon as he realised I had a male dog living in my house I was told to call him to me. Once he had arrived I was to take off my pants, push my fingers into my pussy making myself wet. I agreed, after all, it felt amazing and i was horny as hell. My next instruction only gave a hint of what was to come - 'let him lick your fingers'. Not long after this, and once it was apparent that the dog was very interested in the juices covering my hand, I was told to get down on my hands and knees on the floor so that he cud f*** me if he wanted to. As he began to sniff and eventually lick between my legs I felt dirty and great at the same time, the force of his toungue making me gasp. Suddenly I felt him mount me, the weight of the large dog rising up on my back took me by surprise, but I managed to steady myself. After a few minutes of searching he managed to find the entrance to my pussy. I felt his fur on my ass checks as he entered me, slowly at first, deeper and deeper until he was completely inside me. I was told to press his knot inside me aswell, though as I did it I had no idea that this meant that I would be locked to him untill he decied otherwise. As he began fucking me I realised that I had never been f***** so fast and hard before in my life, his cock was so big that it felt like he was spliting me apart. I was scared as he started to screw me faster and faster and his cock started getting bigger and bigger. I think it was his big knot that made me feel so much like my slit was full. It seemed as though I could almost feel him in my womb. Thankfully, sir was considerate and had him wear socks so that I was protected from his claws, although I could still feel their sharpness on my back through the material. Steadily the pace of his fucking seemed to increase, then he began jerk and spasm, and as I realised he was shooting his dog spunk into me, the feeling sent me over the edge. I had never been so full before, and my pussy shivered around his hudge cock. Suddenly I apreciated how amazing and powerful his dick felt inside me, I gasped, lost my breath, then clinged on to the side of my matress as he took me to that point of no return, where for 4 or 5 seconds all time stops and it feels as if you are falling off the edge of the world. Then relief came, and I shuddered to the most amazing orgasm. As his spasms continued for what seemed like ages all I could do is kneel there shivering. And then, after a few minutes, he seemed to relax. After I had taken Jets cock in my pussy for the first time, and felt him cum hard in me, I thought he would pull his big dog cock out of my slit straight away but it was too big to slip out. Sir told me to wait a little while and his knot would go down and his cock would come out. It was about 10 minutes before he pulled his big cock out of my slit with a pop and my belly felt empty, the mix of mine and his juices flowing out of me. I caught all of this hot thick cum in the bowl I had kept near by. To prevent a mess I had assumed. Then Sir told me to drink it. I was terrified! 'Gulp, dont sip' he told me. So I took a gulp. It was thick and salty, I could have easily have poored it away. But I didn't, I gulped it all down, and now I'm glad I did, imagine my punishment if I had got found out! 'Think of it as his gift to you.' So I did and took it gladly. If I'd thought that this was my first experience over then I would have been very very wrong. I was ordered to get back on my hands and knees, this time leaning forward more so that my ass was presented to him. Jet gladly mounted me, and who could blame him, I bet he was having the time of his life! I felt his cock pushing against my ass. I was so scared. I tried rubbing some of the wetness from my pussy up to lubricate it a little but I knew it would never work. Then I felt him start to enter me, he wasnt gentle. My ass felt like it was spliting, but that was nothing compared to how he suddenly and quickly thrust the rest in. I never knew what hurt was until then, I cryed out, my legs spread as wide as they would go, as I held my ankles out to the side trying to open my ass up further. Obviously, it didn't work, and I couldn't help but sob from the pain. After a while I got used to the feeling of his big cock in me, and eventually I would learn to cum from the feeling, but for the time being I was left sobbing and crying, trying not to faint and generally feeling very sorry for myself. I was just waiting for him to cum so that I would get my relief. It did take some time before he finally squirted his cum up in my well screwed ass. When he had his climax I could feel his big cock swell up more, making my ass stretch even more, while being full of lots of his thick cum. It took maybe a little more than 10 minutes for his cock to slide out of me this time, his juices gushing from me agen. After I had composed myslef I went off to clean both his cock and my pussy, knowing that this experience was the first of many. And I was right, it was. Now I am just waiting for Sir to f*** me himself, and to realise that I want to please him so badly, if he hasn't already. I'm also looking forward to feeling both their dicks inside me together, fucking me hard untill I'm full of their cum.Hope you enjoyed
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