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Diplomatic RelationsRazier the lion's amber eyes opened with the first light of dawn, he stirred from his slumber stretching and yawning. Red sunlight shined through the large open balcony onto the luxurious bed that was covered with silk blankets and richly embroidered pillows. The lion looked to his side with an expression that was both stern and coy. A male fennec fox slept curled up next to him. The lion gently stroked the fox's chest and he responded with a light moan that came deep from within some dreaming fantasy.The great beast king arose, shaking his golden mane, the light reflecting off his chiseled form. He did not bother to put clothes on; he rarely did unless he was meeting diplomats or foreign rulers. His stride was strong, confident, dignified, and completely oblivious to his own nudeness. He walked to the edge of the marble balcony placing his paws on the railing and sniffing the cool desert air; Razier could already tell from experience that it was going to be a very hot day. He observed his city-state with a non-chalant pride, from his palace Sultan Razier could see merchants lining the streets, preparing their carts and tents for another day of commerce. Detachments of Redguards stalked menacingly between the rows of stone and plaster hovels, their mere presence was enough to make thieves rethink their lifestyles. Oasis was a strong city, a wealthy city, a decadent city.Fentok the Sultans Majordomo approached the lion. The desert hare carried an armful of parchments. "You may begin Fentok." Razier said without turning, his voice was deep and seemed to shake the very ground. The scholarly hare cleared his throat. "The only news to report sir is King Verinold of Krennon has arrived, he will meet you for breakfast." "And the Palace report?" "The skunk twins have turned eighteen years this morning sire, and their training is complete." "Excellent, prepare them and have them sent to my bed chambers after I've had my fencing practice."Razier adorned himself with fine silks fit for a prince of the desert. A slave girl painted green eye shadow over the lion’s eyelids giving the Sultan an almost peacockish look. Gold bands were placed on his forearms and a necklace with a massive topaz was placed around his neck. King Verinold was already waiting in the dinning hall. The gray wolf wore highly polished black boots, a stiff and uncomfortable looking blue uniform with golden shoulder tassels and a chest full of shining medals, at his hip was a cutlass with a golden hilt, though Razier judged from the ware of the handle that it was as much for battle as it was for show. There were no chairs around the low set dining table, instead the floor was strewn with many thick cushions and food was eaten while sitting cross-legged. Razier could see the wolf was somewhat uncomfortable laying on the mattresses with his sword constantly sticking into his side. "Awww King Verinold, your presence humbles me." The King arose, brushing off his uniform and trying to stay dignified." "Sultan Razier, your hospitality is impeccable." Razier took the wolf’s paw and kissed it, a gesture that the wolf found strange but he retained his diplomatic poise as best he could. The lion and the wolf sat around the table while scantily clad servants brought tea, fruit, biscuits, honey, and roast turkey. "My friend, would you like me to fetch you something more comfortable to wear? Today is going to be dreadfully hot and I want your stay to be as comfortable as possible." Said Razier with genuine concern. "Oh no need to trouble yourself, I'm sure it couldn't possibly be any hotter then the Dorgan Jungles." The two laughed politely. The two dignitaries ate and conversed on the terms of the alliance between the city state of Oasis and the Kingdom of Krennon, and other subjects which Razier found dull but important none the less. After breakfast King Verinold was treated to a tour of the Sultan's palace, which conveniently ended in the Sultan's bedchamber. The fennec fox had long since left to attend his other duties, and the silk sheets of the grand bed had been neatly made. Verinold was furiously wiping sweat away from his brow and tugging on the collar of his uniform. "My friend are you sure you will not take a more comfortable garment?" "On second thought maybe I will change." As if on cue a pair of servants came forward and began unbuttoning the royal blue uniform. Before the wolf knew it he was stripped naked and then redressed in a loose but very comfortable sheiks outfit. The wolf‘s face had a look of awkward embarrassment. Razier smiled coyly. "My apologies, I'm not used to having servants dress me." Said Verinold. "No, no, I should be the one who's sorry, I completely forgot that nudity is a taboo in your kingdom. But how does your garment feel, is it fit to your liking?" "Very fair, and I feel much cooler already." Razier crept towards Verinold like a hunter stalking his pray. Gently Razier ran his hand from Verinolds shoulder down his sleeve. Razier could almost hear Verinolds heart beating faster. What is he doing? Verinold thought. Years of etiquette training had not prepared him for this. The customs in this land seemed so odd to him. What should I do? Do I dare rebuke him and risk war between us? A terrible threshold was crossed in the wolf’s mind and wicked thoughts flooded his brain. The wolf wanted the lion to touch him more, and the wolf wanted to touch him back. As if in answer to Verinolds thoughts, Razier drew closer and looked deep into the quivering wolf's eyes. Verinold felt Razier's tongue lap over his cheek before their lips locked. The wolf could not tell if his jaw was being pried open or if he was opening it on his own, he was too confused to tell. Tongue slid over tongue as Razier laid Verinold onto the bed. The lions paw found it's way into the wolf’s robe running his fingers through the soft fur on his chest. The wolf new things had gone way to far, this had to stop now. But the words didn’t come. A deep and primal yearning was viciously gnawing at the very foundation of his civilized persona. The wolf’s resolve broke and he found himself wrapping his arms around the lions back and feeling the long strands of his mane. The robes they wore were by their nature easy to shed for just such occurrences. The lion closed his lips around one of the wolf's pink erect nipples while his hands explored the wolf's taught muscular body. The wolf moaned softly as years of constrictive living came undone. The lion picked at the wolfs nipple with his tongue, pushing it from side to side, sucking on it, and tugging it lightly with his teeth. The wolf ran his paws through the lions mane, holding his head close to his breast and feeling his bulging shoulder muscles. Razier rubbed Verinold's inner thigh and felt his erect cock, it was bigger then Razier expected, almost as big as his own. Razier lifted himself so he hovered over Verinold; the wolf looked down and saw the lions giant penis pointed towards him. Razier flicked his mane and laid back down on Verinold so their cocks rubbed against one another while their tongues explored each others mouths and hands felt every inch that they could. Razier rotated himself so his muzzle touched the wolfs masculinity, breathing in it's scent and driving his mind into greater levels of ecstasy. To Razier good sex was not unlike forging a fine blade, the hotter the metal the greater the end result, it was a matter of patience, discipline, and strength both of body and resolve, Razier was an endless well of all these attributes, and if he wanted he could make this last for days.The lion blew a warm, and moist puff of air onto the wolf’s thick pink shaft. Verinold's heart beat faster in anticipation for whatever came next. Razier circled the very tip with his tongue and slowly worked his way down until his mouth covered as much as it could. Verinold threw his head back and let out a sigh, with a free hand he reached up and grabbed the silky sheets, stretching his abdominal muscles tight. Razier suckled the pink meat, moving it in a circular grinding motion and stroking the wolf’s tummy with his free hand. When Razier sensed his impending climax he retreated and gave him a long cool down period. The lion rotated his body again so that his cock was now in the wolfs face. Verinold gave it a curious lick and Razier gave a pleasured moan of approval. Cautiously Verinold took the lion's cock feeling the warm skin slide against his tongue. Verinold felt Razier grasp the back of his thighs, rolling him up a little so his tail hole faced the ceiling. Razier moistened his lips then pressed them against the tiny cavern. Verinold almost chocked when he felt Razier's tongue probing around inside him, it was a strange sensation, but also very wonderful. Razier began gently rocking forward, driving deeper into Verinold's pallet. Slowly Razier rolled Verinold towards him, until his body was pointed straight upward, his feet were near his head, and his weight pressed solely on his shoulders. Razier looked up and began circling the wolfs tail hole with a finger, loosing it up before plunging it in. Verinold felt a slight tinge of pain but it was quickly swallowed up by after waves of pleasure. Razier laid the wolf down flat again and crawled to the edge of the bed. The wolf lifted his head, his pointed ears perked up with curiosity. From a table the lion took a golden pitcher and returned to his lover. Razier straddled him and stretched his shoulders back presenting his golden furred chest; he then poured the contents of the pitcher onto his body. It was a thick oily liquid that slowly dripped down his torso, he made sure to get plenty on his nipples and his lion hood. He then poured an equal amount onto the waiting wolf. The oil was hot and stung at first, but it was an exciting pain that made the wolf's skin tingle. Seductively Razier massaged the oil into every part of Velinore's body, paying extra attention to his chest, crouch, and ass. Velinore watched as Razier rubbed the substance into his own body while the oil worked it's strange magic on the wolf's senses.Things appeared to be going in slow motion; Velinore felt more like he was floating then laying on a bed. The oil was a rare aphrodisiac that drove the wolf mad with desire, it took all his effort to lay still and wait for his lover to finish spreading the substance over himself. Velinore stretched his arms out above his head and pouted his chest out invitingly, a sly smile curled on his lips. Razier hovered over Velinore's pelvis. The lion reached behind him and cupped the wolf's cock, guiding it into his tail hole and quickly squatted down. Razier started slow and gradually picked up speed as Velinore slid in and out of him. Razier slid his hands over Velinore's chest, as he pumped ever harder and harder. Moans of passion escaped from Velinore's mouth, it felt as if a thousand hands were stroking him all over, pleasure gushed into his brain causing his body to go stiff for a few moments and then going limp again after the release. Razier sensed once again that he was bringing his companion close to orgasm. He took the wolf's cock out of his ass, Velinore sighed and panted heavily. Velinore tried to reach down to touch himself, but Razier caught his hands and pressed them down above his head. Their chests brushed against one another and Razier moved in for another tongue on tongue kiss. Razier kept Velinore hands pinned above him as he positioned himself to penetrate his lover. Razier pushed his cock inside the wolf's tight hole. Velinore cried out but quickly clamped down on the pain and was soon lost in the sea of ecstasy once more. It took a few hard thrusts for Velinore to become loose enough that it became a pleasurable sensation. Razier took his grip off Velinore's hands and grabbed hold of the wolf's legs pushing them upward. Velinore quickly began pawing himself off. He had preformed admirably for a first timer. Thought Razier. Lesser furs would have climaxed long before now. Razier thrust himself in faster and faster, building up pressure for his own orgasmic release. The wolf felt good inside, tight, and squishy. Velinore gave a long series of ohs and uhs before the first strand of white semen burst from the tip of his cock. The hot goo plastered the wolfs face, some of it got in his mouth. A lifetime of self-denial and pent up sexual energy erupted in a cataclysmic release. A massive dripping puddle of cum formed on the wolf's chest. Velinore panted and went limp. Razier withdrew himself from Velinore and began licking up the cum that was on Velinore's chest. When he had a mouth full he drew in closer and pressed his lips to Velinore's. The wolf was tired but still eager to please his lover. The cum passed back and fourth between their mouths, some of it inevitably spilled and streamed down their throats. Razier took his free hand and spread the remaining cum on Velinore's chest around. Razier swallowed and then positioned himself over Velinore's mouth. The wolf took the cock and began sucking with enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before Razier allowed himself to climax. The wolf's mouth was instantly flooded and he spat the lion's shaft out coughing. Razier was still cumming as Velinore rolled over chocking. Finally the wolf collapsed and closed his eyes. The lion smiled and curled up next to him. Two day's latter Razier met Velinore at the palace gates, fully clothed of course. Velinore looked nervous as he tugged at the collar of his constrictive uniform. "What troubles you my friend?" Said Razier. The wolf leaned in close, shame caused his ears to go limp, and his thoughts and actions were now coming from his crown and not his heart. Velinore abruptly stood straight, and stuck his chest out shoulders back, he stared Razier straight in the eyes emotionlessly. "I thank you for your hospitality Sultan Razier, and I hope our countries' enjoy many years of peace." He paused and then whispered. "No one can know what occurred here." Razier laughed and then kissed Velinore full on the lips. "You will visit again soon won't you?" "Uhhh, yes of course." The End
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