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---Mercedes------this story is copyright volgmant1--- My first time was with a beautiful male Samoyed named, yep, you guessed it, Mercedes. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter in the city where I used to live when I met him. As usual when I go to the animal shelter, I go straight to the dog section and look for any new arrivals and there he was, a beautiful white Sammy with long fur and the ever-present Samoyed smile. So anyway I noticed him showing interest in the female in the kennel next to him and also he was starting to show some pink. So I took him for a walk around the grounds of the shelter ‘cause that was my job while I was there. When we returned from our walk, I brought him into the indoor kennels to make the other shelter staff think I was going to groom him. But I had other plans. I brought him to a side kennel at the back of the shelter after grabbing a brush, (to keep up the ruse), and closing the kennel door to the office and dropped my pants and boxers to my feet and began to give him a hand job, almost right then and there he began to hump. I turned and he started trying to penetrate me but couldn’t find his mark so I reached around with my free hand that wasn’t supporting my body and guided him in. When his cock found my asshole, he drove it home and was fucking me silly when after about five minutes I felt his knot starting to hit my hole. Before he could put his knot in and tie with me, I reached back again and placed my index and middle finger behind his knot so that he would think that he was tied. I had planned for this and followed through with it just in case one of the staff came in and I could pull off and zip up easily. But luckily it didn’t happen and we were able to finish our little bit of fun without anyone being the wiser. So after about twenty minutes, he started getting softer and pulled himself from my fingers that were holding his knot against my asshole. I looked down and saw a beautiful 6½” of dog cock accompanied by what looked to be about 2½” to 3” knot glistening with my gravy and his cream. I grabbed myself and started jerking off in his kennel in front of him and it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load, as soon as I did he was there licking me clean. And with the beautiful job of tonguing my boner he did, I decided to repay him for a job well done and give him a blowjob. His cock was already sticking out about a 1/2 “. I then gently grabbed and rubbed his sheath to coax more of his dog meat out of its hiding place and then place my lips on the tip of his maleness and started sucking on it, and as I did, he started shooting his precum which tasted pretty good. Another minute, the rest of his length appeared and the good stuff started to flow; massive gobs of dog jism started to fill my mouth quickly. He was still shooting his load into me as I hurried to swallow his delicious juices. After what he had put into me and what I drank from him, I think I sucked him dry. We continued to do this for more than a month and a half before he was adopted to a “nice country family” the shelter staff told me, I believed them. But I know I was going to miss that beautiful boy and he was going to miss me. Other dogs have come and gone during the time I was at the shelter before I had to move, but they were just not the same. This post has been edited by volgmant1 on Oct 14 2004, 08:50 PM
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