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I was interviewing the tribal council about mysteries. One mystery came up that really caught my attention. The elders told me of a wild woman that lives with the wolves. They said she was born to a mother that was often seen mating with the local wolf pack. The night the baby was born the wolves were near and howled in unison as the mother screamed with pain. The mother died shortly after the baby girl was born leaving her with no apparent father. The baby was born with wild eyes like a wolf so they named her Wolf Woman. The chief decided that she was a product of bad magic between the wolves and the mother and banished her into the mountains.After a few years, the child walked out of the forest and into the territory again. She was wilder than ever and obviously hungry. The tribal elders convened and decided it was their duty to feed this child since she lived, but they had to keep her from ever rejoining the tribe. They caught Wolf Woman and tattooed her ornately as an omen to any man that she was bad magic and not to be ever tamed. The elders took a large basket of food to a clearing at the foot of the mountain and set Wolf Woman free. Since that time she has grown into a beautiful woman and can control any man with her eyes. She is still fed every day by the tribe but the men flee in her presence. As an Anthropologist, I was completely thrilled to hear that this wasn’t just a story passed down by generations but that she was still being fed and seen daily. I wanted to observe her in her natural environment. I felt like Jane Goodall pleading to spend time with the chimpanzees. The elders talked about it and decided they would allow me to track her, if I could, but that they would have to have a special ceremony in order to protect me from her magic. After the ceremony, one of the regular tribesmen took me to the spot where they feed Wolf Woman. He said that he never sees her but that he feels her near. I sat down next to a tree and waited. The food sat in the basket most of the day. At dusk, I heard movement all around me. I sat very still and just watched. The pack started to descend toward the food. They could smell me I just knew it. I really wasn’t ready to be eaten alive by wolves. Small sniffs and grunts came from above me and the pack ran away. Wolf Woman jumped down from the lofty spot she had been hiding in above me. She had knee length jet black hair and almost yellow eyes. The tattoos seemed ominous in the near darkness. She prowled up to me and sniffed my boot. As she looked up, she smirked and then ran up right grabbing the basket as she went. My heart was racing so fast I just sat there not knowing what to do. I started after her. I ran as quickly as I could but I was soon lost in the thick forest. I tried to just listen to the sounds of the night as guidance. I could hear howling in the distance and decided to take a chance and follow the sounds. The closer I came to the pack the more rustling I hear around me. Were they watching me? What am I doing… they could eat me. Nevertheless, I had to see her again. There was something in those eyes. I reached a crest and sat down. There below me was a small fire and wolves all around. I strained my eyes to see what was going on. Had they attacked someone while in their camp? Wolf Woman was sitting on a pile of fur naked and beautiful. Her body was glowing from the fire. She was feeding the pack with the food from the basket. I wondered how this relationship ever started. I continued to watch the interactions and noticed that as the big males would come before her they would bow or lower themselves to her and she would offer them her pussy. They would lick and she would give them food. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had to get a better look. I found a ledge close to the fire that was discrete. I climbed down to it and perched myself on the edge with my legs crossed. No one or nothing noticed me. This ritual continued through the entire pack… it wasn’t just the males. The females pleasured her as well. I became hard as the rock I sat upon while watching this. Part of me was repulsed but I was so intrigued. I kept watching in anticipation while the night closed down deep around us. I wasn’t going anywhere else tonight. Wolf Woman stood up and stretched her toned and muscular body. I noticed that she was dripping from her pussy down her thighs. The largest male, maybe the Alpha Male, approached her. He licked the juice from her thigh. He was already showing a slight pink tip from his sheath. She started to pant and fell to the furs on all fours. The huge white and black wolf mounted her with agility. Instantly he started to hump her and she moaned with the initial penetration. She grasped the furs tightly and leaned back into him as she was pumped rhythmically by his vigorous thrusting. His tongue was out and licking her back and neck. She was grunting and panting along with the wild moment. I was so taken that I found my cock and started to stroke it. I took it out of my trousers and followed the wildness of the events unfolding before me. I couldn’t just sit there and watch this. I had to be a part of it. Suddenly, her groans became sharp and piercing squeals and then she looked right at me. I was paralyzed. Her eyes held me in a way that I was feeling what she was feeling. She was filling up. She was primal and orgasmic. The juice flowing around her legs was beckoning me to her. She was calling me to her. I could hear her in my ears with the wind. I stood and walked down to her. The pack didn’t seem to care that a stranger was among them. It was as if she willed me to be there. The wolf made a low growl as I approached so I got down on all fours to seem submissive and not to make him mad. I was now face to face with Wolf Woman. She looked right into me as she panted. I was hypnotized by her. The pack seemed to take notice of me. They started biting at my legs and pants. I quickly took the pants off and threw them to the pack. They fought over the food in the pockets. Now I was all but naked in front of Wolf Woman. I stayed low watching a flood of semen gushing out from between her legs. I was dripping with excitement as I watched. A large bulge started to appear on the wolf’s large cock. It descended to her opening and she started to whimper, but her face was totally at pleasure with the sensations. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. The wolf drove her harder and harder until she gasped for air. Then she couldn’t take it anymore and screamed. The wolf took this as his queue to dismount but he was stuck to her. That giant bulge was in her. The wolf turned and faced away from her. The pack was no longer interested in my pants and a few started to sniff at my butt. I stayed low and still watching my hypnotic mistress. She smiled and grabed my hand. A large wolf mounted me from behind and I was suddenly wet and slippery all up and down my ass. The wolf started to thrust and I didn’t know what to do. He found my hole and slipped in his hard tipped cock. I gasped and looked at Wolf Woman. She blinked slowly and I tried to follow her lead. The dog’s cock started to penetrate me deeper and deeper until I no longer felt the sharp ripping pain… only the sleek rhythmic movement of pleasure. I was breathing so hard but I didn’t take my eyes off her. The fur was stroking my back and I could feel every penetrating thrust as if I had no other sensations. His piston like movements started to speed up and then I felt it. That bulge was pushing hard against my hole. I couldn’t breathe. I started to pant and grunt in effort to take him. I squeezed Wolf Woman’s hand and she leaned down so I followed her. I lay my head next to hers and held her hand for dear life. The pain was searing but it felt overwhelmingly exciting. The torrent of gushing semen was dripping down my inner thighs and off my erect cock. My balls were swollen with the hot knot inside me. I opened my eyes as the dog turned around to wait for the bulge to recede. Wolf Woman and her mate were no longer locked together and she was smearing the hot juices all over her breasts. The wolf was licking his enormous cock. She came over to me and crawled under me. She took my cock in her mouth and licked the dog come off of me. Her beautifully defined body was just beneath me. I couldn’t help it; I started to lick her pussy with excitement. This made her suck harder on my cock. I slurped the juices out of her and nearly buried my face inside her. The dog’s cock started to slide and he pulled out in a sloppy wet splash. I moved to the side and Wolf Woman rolled over toward me, still holding me in her grasp. She had semen all over her face and neck. It was dripping from her lips. I pulled away from her and straddle her. She grabbed my cock and shoved it into her pussy. It was hot and swollen. I started to push slowly but I couldn’t help it. I had to move before it was too late. I couldn’t stop… it was coming. I moved faster and faster because it controlled me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held on. I pumped hard and quick until I felt like I was going to explode. She screamed and I screamed because I couldn’t stand the silence. I felt so out of control. “I’m coming. I’m coming… Oh God I’m coming.” I awoke the next morning naked curled up against Wolf Woman and the pack snuggled up against us.
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