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Hello all! My name is Mary and I just joined the forum today. So far I've only experienced oral, (giving & receiving), with my dog named Maxx. He's a gentle 8 month old rottweiler that makes my heart melt everytime I look into those deep puppy dog eyes. I haven't been able to completely act out my fantasies with him, but I'm hoping one day I can fulfill my dreams. Sadly, I've been widowed for 3 and a half years and Maxx has filled a tremendous void in my life with his unconditional love. Oh, and in case you're wondering I'm in my mid 30's, LOL. Maxx loves to give me sloppy wet kisses the moment I arrive home from work. We snuggle in bed almost every night. As soon as I give him a big hug he knows somebody is gonna get lucky, heheh! The moment I slide off my panties and spread my legs he eagerly licks my 'lil pussy. His tongue sends me into utter ecstasy. The faster I rub my clit the faster he licks away. I've also grown to enjoy swallowing his warm salty cum. Just looking into his eyes I can tell he wants to fuck me so badly, but I've been unable to overcome my fears. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My fantasy would start off after taking a long hot bubble bath. After I throw on a robe, I stroll into my bedroom where Maxx is laying on the bed. I sit down and scratch underneath his chin, (he loves that!), and then rub his muscular tummy. My robe comes undone so I strip it off, prop a pillow against the wall, and then begin petting my pussy. Maxx keenly watches the show from the end of the bed. Whenever I moan he adorably tilts his head to the side. I call him over and we lovingly embrace with a heartfelt hug. Slowly, I work my way down to his flaccid cock and begin kissing the head while massaging his balls. Maxx's member soons swells and engulfs my entire mouth. I continue stroking his shaft while happily sucking away. He soon lets out an uncontrollable bark of pure pleasure. "Tonight's your lucky night Maxx", I say with a bright smile before letting him cum. I quickly get down on all fours and arch my ass into the air. Without a bat of an eyelash, Maxx immediately attemps to mount. "OW, wrong hole!!!" I yelp as he accidently misses the entrance. I reach back with my hand and help guide him into my moist pussy. Maxx rests his paws on my back and his hips soon start thrusting his throbbing red prick inside me. I lay my head down on the pillow try to regain normal breathing, but am overwhelmed with nervous excitement. His balls slap against my clit in a steady pounding rhythm. "Oh god....fuck me" I moan while trying to control my weak shaking legs. Within minutes I feel a rush of warm goo cumming inside me. 1, 2, 3, 4....I lose track counting the loads now filling up my wet pussy. Maxx's knot swells and his attempts to dismount cause me to orgasm with ecstasy. To be oblivious to the world with complete canine carnal lust is my ultimate dream.Hope you enjoyed my 'lil fantasy! -Mary
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