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This was the night of the big party and I was busy all day getting things organized while my shepard, Gus, lay on his blanket all day. Now all that was left was to shower, get dressed, and welcome the guests. I had a few drinks to relax and then was off to a nice hot shower.I stepped out of the shower and dried off and since I was alone I just walked around nude. To the kitchen for another drink and then back to the bedroom to get dressed. Gus must have followed me into the room because I felt his cold nose as he tried to get at my ass and I just waved him away gently, or so I thought. He was pretty persistant and I must admit that I was beginning to really get turned on so I decided to let him check me out a little."Ok Gus, we have some time to kill so you might as well do you're thing." I stood there as Gus nosed into my ass and began to lick. Gus ran his tongue over and around my tight ass like a pro and I soon found myself spreading my legs farther apart, giving in to my building lust and totally surrendering myself to him. I lost track of everything around me and lowered myself down on all fours, I wanted Gus to take me and make me his bitch NOW.Gus wasted no time, he gave my ass a few more licks and then he was on me. His front legs holding my hips tight as his hips began to thrust forward looking for my tight ass with his growing cock. I could feel pre-cum from his cock run down over my ass, down my leg and then the tip of his cock found the entrance to my ass. Gus drove forward and then began to pound away at my ass like there was no tomorrow and I heard my self telling him how great his cock felt, "make me you're bitch, oh yes this is great!." The feeling of his cock plunging into my ass was electrifying and I wanted more of him, no, I needed more of him inside of me. I found myself rocking back to meet each of his thrusts and began to feel his swelling knot at the entrance of my ass and then it happened, his knot entered my ass and I knew then that I was his bitch to do with as he pleased at any time. His thrusts slowed some as we were now tied and I could feel his hot pulsing cock growing deep inside of me. I felt his cock explode his hot seed in my ass, I was amazed at how much he was cumming and it felt so gooooooood!I opened my eyes and "Oh Shit!" there stood John and Brenda! John had his shorts off and was slowly jacking himself and Brenda had her skirt lifted up and her hand going to town on her swollen clit. Brenda took the edge off by telling me to "please don't stop, we want to join in if you don't mind." This could not be happening! "Yes" I heard myself say and with that Brenda knelt in front of John and began to lick his cock. I reached out and began to caress her pussy.Gus shrank and pulled out of my ass leaving me free to play. Brenda released John's cock from her mouth and gave me a deep passionate kiss then gently pushed me back as she took my throbbing cock into her mouth. The sight of Brenda sucking my cock was awesome and with John watching made it even more erotic! John? standing there slowly jacking himself in front of me, I was mesmerized by the sight and it seemed that I could see nothing else but his throbbing cock in front of my face . . . . . my lips found the head of his cock and John slowly began to f*** my mouth with his cock. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth was fantastic!Brenda sat up and watched as I sucked John's cock for some time before telling me that her pussy wanted some tongue action and I was happy to oblige her. She laid back and smiled as she instructed me to get on all fours and lick her pussy like a dog. I did as I was commanded, my ass in the air and my face buried between her legs with my tongue searching for her soul. I heard Brenda tell John to not be left out. I then felt John slowly rub my ass with his cock and then slowly push his hard cock in me and when he had his cock buried he slowly pulled out until just the head was still inside then he repeated this as he slowly f***** my ass. Brenda pulled away and said she wanted to watch us, wanted to watch me become John's bitch. The though of Brenda watching John as he made love to me excited me further and my cock exploded as I orgasamed.John scolded me for not waiting, "you fucking slut bitch, I'm gonna f*** you hard now" and with that he began to pound away, driving his cock deep and hard until he gave one last thrust into my ass and then his body stiffened as his cock shot his load of cum inside of me. "There you go, I'm gonna f*** you all night long and get you knocked up." It felt really good and I really didn't care, I was now a bitch for John and love slut for Brenda. I complied with all of thier demands for the rest of the night.Will have to write again soon and tell you about how Brenda had me over for some of her friends. She now has me put on shows of me being f***** by dogs. She likes to have them bring thier dogs over and lets them have a doggie gang bang. . . . . . I'm lov'in it!
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