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Hi.I read a thread about a fantasy which inspired me.Please enjoy me story and don't wait to reward me with a vote or a thanx! Let us begin!It was a warm day on Erotica Farm. Farmer Cocker had spent the last hour in shock after he saw his 19yr-old, blond, big busted daughter, Anna-Marie in the barn fingering herself while stroking the dogs. A thought crossed his mind. The dogs had been a bit worked up lately. They had to be 'relieved.' After she had finished, he went to the old barn and put out the old breeding stocks. He clamped them down as he knew that what was going to happen could get rough. He walked to the barn door and called her before hiding behind the door. As she walked in, her dad locked the door and made her take her clothes off. She felt uncomfortable and puzzled. Then he made he go to the stocks. He locked her in. Tight. He put a handful of hay in her mouth and walked off to the house. Anna-Marie tried to turn and see where her father was going. After 10 long mintues, Farmer Cocker returned with 3 dogs. Anna-Marie started to feel nervous as she heard the barking coming through the doors. She knew she'd been sussed. Farmer Cocker silently let a big GSD off its lead. The farmer tied up the other two and settled them. Once this was done, he took the GSD to his quivering daughter. 'Ready!' he whispered in a cold voice. She braced as the warm, furry creature started to lick her cold pussy. His long rough tongue rubbed her clit and thrust in and out. Anna-Marie started to take deeper breaths as the dog power that tool down into the hole. Anna-Marie started to shake. The pure thought of herself being powerless to a dog excited her. Suddenly' the dog took his tongue out. Anna-Marie relaxed. She felt unfulfiled. About 15 seconds later, the GSD started to mount. Anna-Marie wasn't ready. She tried to scream but the hay was stopping it. Her hands were powerless. The GSD's warm, big, dripping cock was now out of its shaft fully. It started to thrust. Anna-Marie shivered and quivered as she and the dog jolted forward with every thrust. She knew her dad was watching enjoying every minute. She heard his laugh as she tried to scream again. Her pussy was getting sorer but now it was moist. The GSD's cock was thrusting hard and hard. He panted onto Anna-Marie's back. His crimson cock was still pounding hard into her warm pussy. Anna-Marie felt that feeling. She had the most intense orgasm ever. Her loud but pleased whimpers echoed through the barn. All of a sudden, the dog's knot slipped into her pussy. A tear came to her eye. She felt the rush of dog cum deep inside her. She sighed as she had another powerful orgasm. The feel of fur on her back drove her wild. After a few minutes, the dog pulled out the knot which was still too big. Anna-Marie screeched as it happened. Her pussy was now raw and exposed. She sighed again as she thought it was over. She had forgotten her dad was there. He hadn't finished. He walked over to Anna-Marie, now sweating. He kissed her ear before whispering in it. 'Now. Here's the deal. I'll untie your hands but I won't undo the stocks.' He reached into a bucket and pulled out a dildo shaped ice cube with a key in it. He put it in her pussy. She tried to gasp but she coughed on the hay. 'Once it melts, the key will drop and you can get it to let yourself out. OK?' She nodded as she gasped again. He turned the to face the door. 'Looks like you have company, Anna-Marie.' he said. Truly enough, a sheepdog and a Great Dane started to pace their way down the barn. Anna-Marie gulped.Well thats part 1!! If you liked it, do tell and I will write Part 2 soon!Remember to vote and give feedback.Mx
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