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standing in front of the full length mirror she admired her new dress made of green velvet it hung off her shoulders & slid to the floor so when she walked it made a whisping sound against the hardwood floors, her brothers were arriving in less then half an hour the cooks had made a lovely meal for them all of their favourites they had told Caitlin she was both nervous & excited she had been in the mansion on & off for the last 12 months but had always missed her brothers by days sometimes hours of them leaving she had not tried to contact them in fear of upsetting their own mother this meeting was not by chance how ever her oldest brother Orlando had left a message for her saying they would be here on the 21st of june & wished for her to join them that they found it was time for the family to be as 1 as much as it could be.Orlando was 37 years old , her brother Samuel 31 the twins both 26 Dorian & Demitri all men looked like their father as far as Caitlin could see they also reminded her of her ghost lover Angelo, all had dark brown hair with piercing deep blue eyes their bodies well toned & tanned the twins looked mischievious to Caitlin as they entered the foyer of the mansion she had watched them pull up in their seperate cars a landrover cruiser was Orlando's choice of car , Samuel drove a black porche cheyanne , Dorian drove a red bmw x5 & Demitri a dark blue lexus .good taste she thought to herself since her grandmother had left her money Caitlin had bought a nissan patrol because travelling from the city to the property in her poor beat up toyota sedan just wasnt comfortable or good on gas mileage.she had been with him many times over the 12 months & the wolf as well her pussy tingled @ the mere thought of their touch & carress she shook her head " not now Caitlin the time is to meet your brothers not conjuor another visit from him."she pushed away from the railing & walked down the stair case all eyes rose to the beautiful woman gliding towards them long brown hair deep blue eyes perfectly rounded breasts Orlando gasped @ the site how could this creature be their sister yet @ the same time how could she not be he turned his head a bit to a potrait on the far left hand wall where a similiar face stared back the same brown hair the same blue eyes it was like looking into the past , she slowly moved closer to the men raising her hand to greet them 1 @ a time smiles were endless as they chatted for the 1st time in their lives.right then the butler appeared as if on cue to announce dinner was served in the main dining hall & would they all care to follow him "ladies 1st ," Orlando bent in a gentlemanly fashion allowing his younger sister to enter before any of the men did , over dinner they all swapped stories of where they grew up the boys had grown up in west Ireland with all the comforts of the rich maids , nannies , holidays in France , Switzerland ,the united states, summers in the mansion both with their mother & father & wives of the 2 who were married , college 's only good money could afford Caitlin was in awe of the brothers where they had been who they knew queens , kings , presidents when it came her turn to reveal her own story she lowered her head almost in shame Samuel who had been sitting on her right took her hand in his & in a low voice but still loud enough for them all to hear smiled @ the young woman sighed & said " you know , while we have had the better upbringing yours must not have been bad with grandmother keeping an eye on you & your mother I know that doesnt replace time with father but know this he loves you as much if not more then us 4 who were raised in his homes & heart." Caitlin smiled @ the gentleness that Samuel had used towards her & told her story to her brothers of her mother , the shop, college friends her job @ the fashion house as she was about to reveal her time in the mansion she paused wanting to reveal it carefully without naming her ghost lover .After dinner was finished the butler simmons entered the dining hall approaching Orlando clears his throat "master if you would like i have all in readiness for you ." Orlando nods looks @ the boys then turns to Caitlin excuses himself & heads for the drawing room then one by one the other boys excused themselves settling themselves in the drawing room simmons walked past Caitlin carrying a tray of glasses with a bottle of port .Caitlin took this opportunity to return to her room where Mary had drawn her a bath.Mary begins to undress Caitlin as she usually does but this time something was not right any other bath time Mary had always been there to undress Caitlin but then had left her to bath in private this time how ever Mary wasnt leaving she kneeled in front of Caitlin taking the wash cloth from the side of the bath wetting it in the warm water & began soaking Caitlins thighs with it rubbing 1st her calfs then her knees then gently moving the wash cloth between Caitlins thighs & moving ever so closely to Caitlins musk scented mound of hair Caitlin leant against the bath as Mary moved the wash cloth right onto her sopping pussy rubbing it up 1 side of her inner thigh while using a free finger to push slowly inside of Caitlins cunt Mary didnt look into Caitlins eyes just continued staring @ the womans glistening cunt she moved her head closer her tongue sliding out from between her lips to taste her sweet nectar as Caitlin felt her tongue touch her wet sex she wanted to deny her to say no leave me but her own body betrayed her & she shifted her legs for the woman to have easier access she dropped her head back her hair floating upon the water as if in a dream she raised her head to look down upon the silken tongue enveloping her in a stream of lust & desire Mary licked her clit then teased her anus with her tongue while using the wash cloth to massage the top of her love mound her tongue flitting in & out of the musky scent of sex she breathed it in through her nostrils to the back of her throat she stuck her tongue deep inside of Caitlin's wet sex & lapped @ the sides of her tasting her slowly flowing juices as they melted onto her tongue Caitlin groaned & held Mary's head closer to her she bit her lip & threw her head back eyes closed picturing the sight it must be for the tongue lapping her juices.Orlando locked the door to the drawing room stared wickedly @ his 3 younger brothers as they finished their 3rd glass of port & said "gentelman ," motioning towards the door ," our entertainment awaits us ." they all laughed huskily @ the thought of what goodies simmons had summoned for them this trip he was a man of about 70 & had never in the past let the men of the family down but that is another story for another time .The 3 younger men watched waited as Orlando pulled the book from the bookshelf & then stood back as the shelf moved along the wall leaving a doorway the 4 men walked through & the shelf moved back into place.torches like you would see in the old castles in europe lit their way as they descended down a long damp dark staircase made of cobblestone into its darkest depths a slight murmur was heard as the boys approached the bottom of the stair case to a hallway on either side of the hallway stood old heavy wooden doors each locked so their fun couldnt escape unless they were voluntarily released the 2 older boys entered seperate doors locking them behind them the twins entered the same door they did almost everything together..Orlando stood by the door looking @ the woman she was chained to the far cobblestone wall wearing nothing but black high heels netted stockings & a black leather g-string with a hole showing her clean shaven pussy her eyes covered by a blindfold "ah simmons you never fail to amaze how much fun did you have shaving this young pup for me ?," thought Orlando to himself with a sly grin her removed his clothing bit by bit all the while moving slowly towards the shaking obviously scared woman he slithered up beside her smelling her sweet perfume her long red hair flowed down to just above her arse from what he could see some of it had slipped to the front of her body hanging loosely on either side of her breasts ripe plump juicy tits heaved up & down as she realised she was no longer alone but already being told that her life depended on her being as quiet as a mouse unless told to speak Orlando licked his lips before moving even closer he was now just close enough to rub his hard cock against her shaven love mound he ran 1 finger around a nice large brown nub taking the free aureole in his mouth licking it tasting its saltiness from the heat of the dungeon moving his other hand down to her dry cunt he flicked the clit causing an insermountable deal of pain to the young woman.kneeling before her he licked her clit placing 3 fingers @ the base of her cunt with just the tips inside his tongue flicking her moistness around on the tip of his tongue her body shook she moaned as a gush of her love juices released .Orlando raised his arm to the ropes & manouvered the womans body into a doggy position he stood behind her & licked his lips & the luscious sight before him but he knew this wasnt for him to enjoy not just yet he pushed a brick & a hole in the wall opened a large dane walked through & straight towards the womans face he licked her she held her breath knowing there was an animal this close the dog moved in behind her licking her clit his long rough tongue lacing around her arsehole to her sopping wet cunt his tongue then searched deeper within her love folds the silky taste of woman cum melting on his tongue Orlando grew tired of the beasts perusal & gave the order 1 word for him to mount he did jabbing her anus her thigh her clit before finally entering her mound of lust his 9 inch cock sliding right through her she screamed she had never been with anyone this size before & she was frightened Orlando moved in front of her placing his own cock in her mouth to shut her up...Sam had entered his own domain there sitting on 2 couches were a black haired beauty he knew from town & the other long golden hair smiling this domain was not new to them they had been here before since the boys had started coming for holidays in their pre-teens sitting in front of the black haired girl was a large white wolf cross shephard his snout nuzzled inside of her cunt she moaned & groaned as her hips rose & fell to the animals tongue slipping in & out of her wet sex she in turn was rubbing her clit to stimulate her juices more Sam smiled & moved closer to the golden haired girl she leant forward undid his slacks & released his cock from it's prison she slapped it against her lips then her chin dribbling spit onto it she rubbed it between her breasts forcing them shut around it , Sam moaned holding her head in his hands she withdrew his cock from its warm hiding spot & sucked it deep into her mouth flicking her tongue around the rim of the head then sucking it back to the back of her throat she slipped off the couch & kneeled in front of him pulling his cock onto a downward angle she sucked up to it then slid back down again sliding her tongue along the head flicking it inside of the hole tasting the precum that sat there .The black haired beauty pushed the dog off her & kneeled in front of the couch & patted her buttocks for the dog to mount her he did so with obvious delight he wasnt aiming for her now soaking pussy he was aiming for a tighter warmer hole of lust & desire he jabbed @ her thigh then between her legs then finally he hit her in her anus stopping @ the puckered lips his pre-cum squirting all over her arse & down her legs then he slipped his doggy cock deep inside of her sex she groaned as he moved a bit more inside of her he was clenching her sides so hard he cut her silken white skin she cringed & then grunted as he pushed in deeper his cock started to grow filling her anal passage beyond existance she felt like he had made a new way for her shithole to unload he dribbled doggy drool down into her long black hair & onto her shoulder pushing in deeper until he couldnt push anymore in then he just sat there not moving so she started bucking against his cock to get him in motion they began to rock together. Sam was loving the sight of the beauty taking the dog inside of her anus the golden haired beauty released his cock & walked toward the table that stood in the middle of the room Sam followed he tied her hands & legs to the flat of the table she was breast down butt up Sam climbed up behind her putting lube that sat in a bowl hanging on the side of the old wooden table on his fingers hand & wrist he started to rub her arsehole pushing 2 fingers deep inside she bucked up in front of him he then pushed the remaining 3 fingers inside her cunt pushing in as far as his fingers could reach being in both holes she moaned " ooooh gooooood fuk Sam yes fuck me with your fist fuck me fuck me fuckkkkkkkkk ."she begged him.
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