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READ "MY FIRST TIME AND THEN DANETHRUSTER CHRONICLES TO UNDERSTAND THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS PLEASE!All my stories are non-fiction and very true accounts of my bestial and zoo experiences. I write them here for your pleasure and hope that you enjoy them! Remember that we should always revel in the fact that we are lucky enough to be with animals in the most intimate of ways.As always, there will be no mention of age in my stories, you may interpret them in any way you like. I will not break any rules here.BUNKIE: The Saga ContinuesAll I could think of is how I want this dogs DNA to be a permanent part of me. I knew that while he was flooding me with his seed, that it would work its way into my body and my entire being would be consumed by his love for me. I would truly have Bunkie with me forever and I would be living out my fantasy of being part K9. Well, after the last time with this beautiful dog, I knew that this was what life held in store for me. I knew that I was destined to be close to dogs. Close in a way that few people understand or for that matter, even accept. I thought how very odd it was for me to be so turned on by a dog and the very fact that I would give him head was making my mind spin out of control. I started to think of nothing but the incredible sheath and how it housed the object of my sexual thirst and passion. I knew that encased within that soft and furry foreskin was something that would one day enter me in a whole new way. I started doing as much research on dog mating as possible and learned all the intricacies of what that bulbous knot at the back of the penis was for. I learned that the Bitch would hold her constrictor muscle around it and it would swell to three or more times it’s normal size. Now of course, the more I read, the hotter I got thinking about this cock thrusting inside me and maybe even one day, tying to this magnificent creature. I used to go home and masturbate to this fantasy while wondering if this could really happen with a human being and a dog.BUNKIE and I continued taking our runs and one time, I was unable to go to the basement for some reason. So I had to find an alternate place. I really had nowhere that I could take him, so I found a patch of woods and also found some trails that I never knew were there. Well, Bunkie didn’t care where we were and I really didn’t care much either, just as long as I could get that cock in my mouth and down my throat. It was actually kind of exciting being out in the open air, and having Bunkie take me the way he would take any other dog. I felt somewhat liberated and started to return to this place more often than going back to our basement. I’ll never forget the day that Bunkie and I were out in these woods and trails playing, when all of a sudden, I heard a scream, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I got so scared that I only pulled my pants up ¾ of the way and got on my bike and took off with Bunkie happily running behind me as usual. It was a woman that was out hanging her laundry on her back porch and because it was winter, the leaves on the tree were gone and the brush not so thick enough to hide our love making. Well, needless to say, that made me think, and be a little more aware of my surroundings. I did go back to those woods, but this time much deeper into the brush, so that no one would be able to see me. (That was the first time I was caught)I knew that the day would come when I had to make the move to allow Bunkie to really mate with me and I decided that it would be the next time we were together. I was very careful not to ask to “run” Bunkie more than a few times a week as I wanted no suspicion or questioning. I went to the house a few days later and this time had planned on going back to the basement. I grabbed Bunkie’s leash and we happily went off on our merry way. I had to be kind of careful now though, as we had mated so much that Bunkie would immediately try to mount me, the minute he saw me. I had to make a game of it, pretending to wrestle the dog until I could get him to a private area.This particular day, he was really “feeling the heat” and went to mount my face. I wanted to suck on his beautiful pink member for a little while. As some of you may know, there is nothing like the smell of a dogs sheath and cock when it’s just come out of its sheath. It’s invigorating and none of the top perfume or cologne manufacturers could come anywhere near this intoxicating scent. I always made sure that I rubbed his cock all over my face and also made sure that some of his cum splashed up into my nostrils, so I could take his scent with me for the whole day. Getting back to this particular day, I knew it was time for him to really be a part of me. I took all my clothes off and as he was mounting my face, I gently turned him around so that he was on my back, with his head hanging on my shoulders. I knew how to get him going and reached back and massaged his sheath, working my hand over the knot. He immediately started to growl at me and I thought, maybe he didn’t like it. I stopped and he growled even louder, almost a guttural sound. I realized then, that he was taking charge. He started to thrust and hump over me. I felt his cock darting around and trying to find its target. He really jabbed me and once even punctured my skin with the real bone in the penis. I thought this was not going to work. I started to kneel back to get him off me and he growled, but this time he meant business. He was the ALPHA and he was going to have me, no matter what I did! I leaned forward again and just at that second, he found the entrance to my body and went wild. I had never felt anything as piercing and painful as that. I whimpered like a puppy would have, but Bunkie didn’t care. He continued to thrust that cock inside me.He hopped off and I thought he was done, but then his tongue went along the crack of my ass and a thrill coursed through my veins. I knew he was nowhere near finished and he hopped back on. This time, is thrusting was not as painful, or I was starting to enjoy it. I just knew that I wanted this to happen and that I wanted Bunkie to be the one that truly would take my virginity away from me.All I could think of is how I want this dogs DNA to be a permanent part of me. I knew that while he was flooding me with his seed, that it would work its way into my body and my entire being would be consumed by his love for me. I would truly have Bunkie with me forever and I would be living out my fantasy of being part K9. With this thought in mind, I encouraged him to mount me over and over and fill me up as much as he could. I felt his knot pushing against me and fully understood the ramifications of my next action. With each thrust, I pushed backwards against him and I felt the knot slip inside me a couple of times and then pull right out. I wanted to tighten my anal muscle around this knot but was scared of what might happen. I gave into my fears and let him swell inside me with his knot hanging just outside my sphincter. I was disappointed in myself and felt that I had somehow let my mate down and that he may not wish to be with me any more. I didn’t know just how wrong I was.I went back for Bunkie the next week and he was just as happy to see me as ever. This time the owner told me that he was going away for a week with his family and they were looking for a kennel to put him in. Well, of course my sex drive took precedence over my vocal chords and I said, “I can dog sit” They said that they normally would not want a stranger in their house, but since I had become “friends” with them, that it would be the perfect solution. I didn’t have any fun with Bunkie on that day, but counted the days until the family went away. It was only three days until they were leaving; however it seemed like an eternity. The day finally came (no pun intended) and they drove off down the road. I wasn’t going to do anything more than massage Bunkie’s sheath, until I knew they were at the airport. They called me to tell me the flight was right on time and they would call later that evening from their hotel with a number, just in case. Four hours later, they called and gave me the room and telephone number of their hotel. I told them the dog was great and not to worry and have a great time. All I could think of at that second was SIX DAYS OF PURE SEXUAL BLISS AND THIS TIME, I WOULD BE HIS TRUE MATE. A few days and nights passed with me just sucking on Bunkie and letting him mount me, but I didn’t want him to get fully aroused until the night I was ready. Bunkie and I shared the same bed each night in the guest room. I had taken all the sheets off and had just the mattress pad on. I didn’t want to ruin any of the sheets. It was around 9:00 pm and I couldn’t wait any longer. I got on all fours, immediately signaling Bunkie that it was time for him to take me. He somehow sensed that this would be the moment he would truly “own” me. He placed one paw on my back and climbed on top of me. I could hear his panting get faster as he started to move his hips back and forth. This time I knew even if I was not ready to engulf him completely, I would submit to his wishes. Every time he thrust forward inside me, I would push back until I felt the knot slide in. I would then constrict my muscles and get him a little harder. He got very excited by this and pulled off, licked me and then went right back to town on me.He pushed harder into me than ever and with this push, I wanted him to tie with me. I reached my hands back and held him as the knot grew deep inside me. I knew it was going to hurt but I was so aroused that it didn’t even seem to bother me at all, except for he fact that I looked down and there was a puddle of cum on the bed below my cock.Bunkie was now huge and deeply buried within me. He was shooting all of his cum way up inside me and making sure that it would travel throughout the rest of my being. We stayed that way for at least 35 minutes and during that time, I shot my load two more times, once again without touching myself. When he was completely spent, he shrank and slipped out of me. I wanted to what he always did for me, so instead of letting him lick and clean me, I cleaned him with my tongue. I licked him everywhere that he was moist or where there were traces of his seed. I wanted him to know that I was the beta dog and he could have me forever.Well, Bunkie and I played at least a hundred or more times and then sadness entered my life for the first time. Bunkie was being taken away from me, not because of ill health, but due to the fact that his owner was transferred to another state. It was the first time in my life that I cried over losing something dear to me and the first time I had lost a lover.I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest, however, I knew that this was something I had no control over.I have many more stories to post here in this section. Stories of me with many different breeds of dog and a few equines. I had and still have a huge sex drive, but then it was so strong that I would look for dogs to play with all the time. I’ll relay those stories in the next segment of DANETHRSTER CHRONICLES. 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