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one day my aunt called me and asked me if i could baby sit her kids for her so i said yes but i have a basket ball game so i'll have to shower at your house after the game. we agreed and i went to my game. i also thought that this would be a good time to try and get oral from her dog(i heard people talking about it once and i knew i needed to try it).i got to the house and when i stepped into the door the first thing the dog did was give me a friendly crotch sniff, and i knew it would be way easier then i thought. my aunt gave me instructions on when the kids where to be put to bed, and she left. i sat around for a little while and desiced that it was time. i got my towel and walked to the bathroom, the dog followed me right in and i didnt even have to call him over. i closed the door, locked it and dropped my shorts. he began to sniff my crotch again but this time slower and looked up at me like he didnt know what to do. i said " go on" and he began to give my penis long and wet licks. it felt so good. then he began to lick my scrotom. but then i felt a strange feeling coming over me like i shouldnt be doing this so i stopped and went over to the shower to turn it on. i leaned over to turn it on and i felt a cold nose between my but cheeks and he began licking my anus. this again felt sooooo good. then i gave in a let him continue licking my hard shaft. after a little while longer i blew my load and felt great. when i looked at the dog again i thought i should do something for him because you know he did pleasure me so well. so i got down and put his penis in my hand, and extended out of the sheth. i masterbated him for a little and then put his penis in my mouth his shaft and know began to swell and his huge cock filled my mouth. i began to deep throat his large cock and he began to shake, and his load filled my mouth, i spit it out and gave him a pat on the head and got into the shower. when i got out he was waiting there licking his lips lol and still to this day whenever he sees me he begins to lick his lips getting ready for my cock again
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