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This is my first story...hope you like it...Run. Thatís the only thing that was going through my mind. Some people think about their family or loved ones before they die. I could only run for my life, today was my day...Running through the trees, I looked behind me to see that the winged shadow still flying just above the tree line, in pursuit of me. I darted as fast as I could past the never ending trees...I was a nightmare. I cried out as I heard the branches snap behind me, the shadow plunged through the trees and began climbing along them getting closer and closer...this was the end.I fell forward against a tree, choking for air, crying...It threw itself against me, biting into my neck with its sharp teeth. I could here its wings thrashing as it kept its balance on me, tearing off my pants with its clawed hind legs. I could smell urine, most likely mine...I was so fucking scared I pissed myself, but wouldnít anybody if they were about to get killed by a demon. It was worst...I screamed as it thrusted itself within me, taking me. I couldnít stand, I fell to the ground and it was still on top of me. I tried to get up, but I was being dragged with every force. I then screamed the loudest, most high pitched scream that could ever come from a being. Frightened, the demon flew up to a tree. The sudden exit of it made me almost vomit. Out of breath, I crawled to the nearest tree and leaned up against it, still sitting. I looked up at the ungodly creature that stared down upon me. It was animal-like, but had the body of a man. It began to crawl down the side of the tree, towards me once again. I closed my eyes, unable to look.ďJust kill me, please just fucking kill me already...Ē I whimpered, still gasping for air.The creature was still aroused, but I was opposite...I just wanted my life to end.I choked, opening my eyes, as I felt its nose at my ankle. It snorted at the scent of my urine, but began to gently lap at it. It smelt around until it was right between my legs. I closed my eyes once again. (Itís going to rape me again) I thought. It began lapping at its seeping fluids coming from my body, as well as what was left of my urine. I twitched uncomfortably, I was weak, Iím wanting to fight it, but I thought that if I did...Iím still afraid of dying...I donít want to die...After about a minute, one of the longest minutes of my life, I myself began to somehow enjoy it. I started to moan, releasing my own fluids. The demon dug in harder wanting more, and it got it. My insides tightened, the cold night now seemed hot, my breath began to quicken. I had an orgasm. It was sickening, but I enjoyed it. The tongue left and made its way up upon my stomach. It was rough, but gentle. My shirt was already scratched up from before, it had no trouble ripping the rest off. It went around my breast, licking both of them over. It then gently bit down on my shoulder as it moved itself closer to me. I took hold of it and began playing with it as it grew harder and harder. The beast bit into me, but released itself and I positioned it for an entrance. It was abnormally longer and thicker, but it gently worked itself within me. Once inside, we worked together, thrusting and releasing. I played with the extra length and had multiple orgasms within such a short amount of time. I was sweating as much as the creature was. When it was over I curled up against the demon, making the wing a blanket. I, as the demon, breathed heavily until I fell asleep. I woke up in the warmth of my bed. I thought it must have been a nightmare...dream, but when I tried to get up my entire body was in pain. The only true evidence from last night was the scratches on my legs and bite on my shoulder.I laid back on my bed, wondering...Wondering when I would meet the animal again...
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