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Too Each Her Own I lie in bed late at night wondering how I got myself into this. My husband and I do not have any kids; we tried for years but never where blessed with them. My husband works as a traveling salesman with a large company so he is out of town for days on end. I feel like a prisoner stuck in this house on these cold winter nights. We bought a place a few miles from town a couple years back and have fixed it up quit nicely. We have a few horses that I have to spend my time with in the summer but in the cold of winter all that is around is the farm dogs and they are usually spending their time holding the front porch down. They never come inside they just try to keep the coyotes out of the yard. This all started a few weeks ago when my hubby was do home from a long trip on the road. I went to town to get a few things for the night that he was coming back. It was going to be our eighth anniversary. I bought some scented candles, a black buster with lace down the middle and red ribbon on the sides, a black lace thong and some lace topped stockings. I wanted to be perfect for our night. He was coming in on the two AM flight so I had the plan to be undressed too kill when he got to bed. On my way home a storm started to blow in and it was snowing bad. I got the horses in the barn and put our dogs in the entryway of our house. I felt bad that they had to be out in a storm like that. I hoped my hubby’s flight would not be delayed. I spent the evening getting ready for our special night. I bathed and shaved just the way I knew he would love. Just leaving a stripe. The thought of being waked in his arms sent a tingle though me. I was more than getting ready; I was getting hotter than hell. I couldn’t wait to make love to him. After watching the news I got dressed in my new skimpys, put on the silk sheets and sprayed the bedroom with a little perfume. It was only ten thirty but I could hardly wait. I crawled into bed; the feel of those sheets made me get even hotter. Thinking of the night to come I had a hell of a time getting to sleep. At eleven thirty the phone woke me from a sexy dream I really didn’t want to leave. It was my husband. He was laid over and couldn’t make it home. My heart sank. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what I had prepared. My loins longed for him. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I lay in bed rubbing the damp front of my thong even though I have never been able to get myself off. I finally gave up and rolled over and went to sleep. I want back to my dream. My husband and I where kissing wildly in the room I had made up for our night. He was holding me tightly, rubbing up against me and caressing me with his hands in all the right ways. I wanted him bad. I wanted him so bad I could feel him inside of me. I ached for him to make passionate love to me. I was so wet I was dripping. He started to kiss my chest just above my firm breasts and then my stomach. He kissed around my belly button for a long time and then moved to my thigh. He started at the inside of the knee and worked his way closer. Finally I felt his tough rasp across my lace-covered lips. I pushed my panties aside hoping for some much-needed relief. The long weeks without him had my orgasm already starting. His tough ripped though my lips form the back all the way to my love button. It made me shake. I thrust my hips at his face and spread my legs wide. His started slashing his tough across me at a feverish pace. I was just about to scream when I awoke from my dripping dream in confusion. I was wet with sweat and the lapping was still going at my crotch. I thought that my husband must have gotten home and I got a big smile on my face and reach down to pull him to me. I looked down to see our male shepherd; Rex stretched out on our bed, his back legs sill on the floor. He couldn’t get any longer. His body was stretched all the way across the bed. He was lapping at my lips like they were a steak. My orgasm slammed the door. I froze and was horrified. He kept licking me. His tough was so rough. As it slid against me it made me quiver. The thought of Rex doing this to me repulsed me but it felt so good. My body started to say yes but I just couldn’t see how this dog had gotten me so close. As I sat there my body moved closer too him. I so wanted to reach that climax I was so close to. I lay back, scooting my ass closer to the edge of the bed, giving me too him. I thought in my mind, ”what are you doing”. Now with me more within his reach he went to town. He licked my button so hard and so fast I was up and humming in no time. I wanted him to service the whole thing like he had before so I rolled over to let him lick it from behind. In a flash he was on the bed. He went right to work. I could feel the rhythms inside of me building. I was just ready to loose all control when he stopped. I said, “come on Rex, please!” That’s when it happened. He hopped right up on my back pushing me too my elbows. His forearms wrapped around me like a vice. I glanced between my legs to see his pointed prick headed right at me. He slammed into my well-oiled slot. I gasped. It was so hot and big! My orgasm exploded! He pumped at me faster and with more might than I had ever felt. He was slowly pushing me to the headboard. His fur was a blur as I watched his massive steaming rod burrowing deeper into me. The streagh of my blasting orgasm overcame me. I moaned so loud, I am sure that people a quarter mile away could have heard. The base of Rex’s cock was slamming into me, spreading me very wide; it almost hurt yet it felt so good. The tip was now rubbing my cervix. He was pushing harder than ever. And then there was a tight stretch as I saw the bulb that I thought was the base of his cock, squeeze into me. His length alone was stretching me more than I had ever been before. I could tell that he wanted that in me as bad as I had wanted to cum. So I did my best to please him. I hiked my ass in the air and gave him a little better angle to love me. His strokes were shorter now. I knew he wanted that bulb to stay in. His cock shook. I felt a blast of molten seed spray my cervix. I thought he was done but he kept going. Between the spays, the shacking and the swelling bulb lodged in me I knew I was going to blast off again. He stepped off of me almost wrenching me over. I reached back and grabbing his tail to keep him from dragging me away. Now ass too ass his cock still kept on filling me with his seed; its warmth running though me like a drug. I kept bouncing back into him bringing a ragging O to a head. My muscles were going though waves of contractions urging him on and milking him out. I was pulling every drop from him I could. My womb felt so just blotted from his hot seed. Finally I settled down and he started to shrink. Soon he let loose of me and out purred our juices all over the sheets. I collapsed to the bed in a sweaty sticky mess. He licked himself a couple of times and then turned to me. He ever so gently cleaned me up; lapping up every drop that spilled from me. I finally got up. He was lying in the corner on the towel I had used for my bath. I pulled the sheets and took them to the laundry. As I went by I noticed the door to the entry had been pushed open. I smiled and thought of how glad I was that I didn’t shut it tighter. The sheets where wrecked. The dog’s claws had dug into them and they had huge stain on them. My outfit was fine less the hosiery. In fact my husband liked it almost as much as Rex. My new lover is now a housedog and keeps my bed warm when my husband is on the road. Who says that a dog is mans best friend.
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