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Heres my second story..i wont comment if its true or not at the moment but hey...its unique.I had known Sara since I was fifteen. We had our little teenage fling before she moved off to washington state with her parents. I went on to being a military man for four years before returning home to florida. About a year ago Sara tracked me down and offered me a chance to fly up and see her. I figured what the hell why not, so off I went. During our years apart Sara had worked for a wildlife rescue service, her proprty was nothing but a big kennel for wildlife animals. When I arrived she was just as I remembered her. Except some exceptionally noticed breasts. We went out for lunch and caught up on the past sebven years we had missed together. She too had just gotten out of a harsh break up with her boyfriend so it wasnt a suprise when we hit the bed the first night there. I tell you the girl was great in bed, knew all the right moves.We fucked for hours, my cock never once got a breath of fresh air in the three times I filled her pussy with my cum. But like most guys after a few orgasms its lights out for me. I woke up at about 2 am, i wasnt sure what it was that woke me at first but then I heard it again. A hollow metal "clang" from outside, then what I thought sounded like a loud pleasurable scream. With nothing but my bozers on I took a stroll to investigate. Moving along the property past the empty animal cages, i followed the sound, to an opened metal and stone cage. When I rounded the corner I was in for the suprise of my life. Sara was here, naked as she was when I last saw her, she was down on all fours ontop of a spread out blanket and behind her fucking her nice ass from behind was a male Hyena. For those that have never seen a hyena its a doglike creature with very big rounded ears almost like a teddy bear. Anyways I was shocked by what I was seeing, amaxed at the size of this beast that was taking sara from behind. My eyes moved down to his huge cock that was moving in and out of her tight pussy, cum running from her folds and down her inner thigh. It was then I noticed something else, my cock was getting very hard. I was so turned on by this sight and her moans really had me going. I was a bit off towards her side and behind her to where she couldnt see me. I dropped my boxers and grabbed my cock, stroking it lightly as I watched. Iwas way into it, she was cumming hard, moaning and screaming, I was about to come myself when suddenly the male hyena pulled from her. Her head turned to the hyena, her hand grabbing his cock but then she stopped. Looking dead at me with my pants down. I wanted to run, I didnt know what to say. She let go of the hyena and crawled to me on all fours, a slight smile on her lips as she took my cock from my hand. She moaned as she slid it between her lips and down her throat. In seconds I was gripping her shoulders as she swallowed every drop of my cum. My legs nearly went out on me. She smiled as she pulled her mouth from my cock. "Did you like watching me?" She said as she licked the remaining cum off her lips. "Hell Yes!!". I said in an almost drowned out choking voice."How do I know you will keep this secret?' She had asked while she gave my softening cock a squeeze."You have my word." I meant it but it wasnt enough for her. "Fuck your word, prove it." Her eyes left me as she looked to the corner of the cage, my own eyes following her movements."Thats a female, fuck her like the other one just fucked me" Well that didnt take much to make my cock spring up ready for more though I was a bit hesitant at first, I had been with a k9 before buta hyena? the thought never really popped in my mind. I moved towards the femme with caution, slowly bending down and began to pet her, those black eyes watching my hand the whole time. I knew it was ok when she began licking my hand as I slowly trailed back to her sweet spot. Suprisingly she was quite moist already and I was easily able to slip in three fingers into her nice pussy. She went tence as she licked at her snout, moving from the floor to stand on all fours and lowering her self just a bit. I finger fucked her for a few more minutes before I moved in behind her, slowly inching my cock into her as I spread her pussy with my fingers. She went rigid for a moment before backing onto me completely. I began pumping into her as I looked back at Sara, who had one big hyena cock in her mouth, eyes on me the whole time as she sucked him off. I sped up a bit, my cock slick with the hyenas juices, the feeling was very exquisite and different from a k9, more of a velvet feeling to it. I was really into it now, the femme was panting her pussy contracting tightly around my cock. I let out a moan as I went vearing over the edge, filling her full of my hot cum, both of us nearly collapsing. I was out of breath and Sara was just now taking in the male hyenas jets of cum, swallowing thivkly as she watched me finish my job. She wiped her mouth as she got to her feet, smiling as she walked towards me."Now I know my secret is safe". And I kept it..until now.Hope you like it..more to cum
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