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Rachael by Joe BooneDamn it was cold. I couldn't remember when I had ever been so cold. Hell this was supposed to be late summer time. It was as if I had no feeling in any part of my body or any sense as to where I was going. "Am I going to die out here? No one knows where I was or would even miss me for that matter." These thoughts kept racing through my mind as I stumbled around aimlessly through the blinding snow. I don't remember how many times I had fallen and considered just laying there and letting the cold consume me. But I kept pushing myself to take one more step. But to where? Where in the hell was I? This crazy dream started a couple of weeks ago. I had just busted up with my wife of 13 years and had gone through a very nasty divorce. We had no kids so the only problem was that she wanted the money, house and cars. And I will kiss your ass if she didn't get it all. Then I found out her boyfriend was the judge. Now if that wouldn't just about cause anyone to lose faith in the human race, nothing would. I made every attempt to get my life back together but nothing worked. Then I came across an ad for a special promotion for a three week get-away to Alaska. Cheap and everything furnished. "Why not?" I asked myself. I signed up and flew out the next weekend. After landing in Anchorage I was met by the travel agency representative and put on a small plane for the trip north. After flying for about 5 hours the pilot landed in a remote lake and unloaded all the equipment they furnished to sustain me for two weeks. A small tent, food, fishing gear, a rifle, sleeping bag and some clothing. The pilot told me he would return in two weeks to pick me up. I decided to look around before putting up the tent or stashing the supplies. I grabbed the fishing rods and started towards the lake. The crystal clear lake and the mountains surrounding made for an almost perfect picture -- something you only see in magazines or on postcards. As I traveled around the lake, fishing as I walked, I had a feeling something was watching me. Shrugging the feeling off I returned to my fishing. I managed to catch a few trout for my evening meal when suddenly I felt something hot on my neck. I turned around and found myself staring into the chest of the biggest bear I had ever seen. With a loud growl it swung at me with one of its huge paws. I remember sailing through the air and landing in the lake. The bear had hit me so hard that it must have knocked me out because when I came to the bear was gone and so were my fish. It must have thought I was dead and instead of going into the water after me it was satisfied with the fish. As I pulled myself from the lake the pain hit me like a brick. The damn bear had broken my arm! As the numbness from the cold water subsided, I was racked by excruciating pain. I made my way back to camp and made a make-shift splint for my arm. I tried as best I could to put up the tent but finally gave up on this impossible task. That night I slept very little. The pain was almost unbearable. This was the time of year when it doesn't get completely dark in this country, so it was hard for me to sleep anyway. The next day I tried to make some sort of campsite for myself. I noticed the weather was changing with a build-up of dark clouds to the north. Then a couple of hours later it hit. The temperature dropped to freezing and the snow started falling. I crawled back into the sleeping bag and pulled the tent over me for added protection. Finally giving into exhaustion, I guess I slept the rest of the day and into the night. The next morning, it was still snowing and there must have been at least two feet of snow covering the ground. Nothing could be seen of my supplies. I knew if I stayed there I would die from the cold if not from starvation. So I packed what I could find and started my trek to the south. Over mountains, through gullies and across streams. Where was I? How far had I come? How far would I have to go? How many times had I fallen? Only to get up and try again. In my foggy state I remember seeing a light coming through the trees and snow. Or was I dreaming? I stumbled up to the cabin and banged on the door. Slowly the door opened and a giant of a woman was standing there. That is all I remember as I fell face first into the snow. * * * * * I awoke to the smell of food and coffee. I tried to sit up but I hurt all over and with a moan fell back on the bed. Suddenly she was there beside me with a plate of food. "You'd better take it easy for a bit," she said. You were in pretty bad shape when you got here. I started to speak but she hushed me and told me to eat. "We will talk after you've had some rest." I must have looked like a condemned man eating his last meal. I was starved. After I finished the third plate, I stood up and immediately realized I was stark naked. I tried to cover up the best I could but she only laughed. "Don't need to hide now," she said. "I've already inspected all of you when I put you to bed." I must have glowed a bright red because she really started laughing. She came over and helped me back to bed. Lifting my legs back on the bed, her hand came in contact with my dick. The reaction was almost immediate. It had been a long time since I had had a women. Almost without warning, I had a raging hard-on. She simply smiled and softly grabbed my member. This was when I got a good close look at my hostess. She was big. Also beautiful in a wild sort of way. Standing up she was over 6 foot tall. Not fat but pure muscle. "Looks like you have a problem here," she said. "Maybe I can help." She stood and started removing her clothes. Once she was out of her top, I was amazed at the sight before me. What had been a wild looking wilderness woman before was now transformed into a very beautiful sexy woman. Her breasts were huge, with large nipples that must have been an inch long. They did not sag and when she bent over to remove her pants, her tits must have hung down to her elbow. As she stood, with only her underwear on in front of me, I thought to myself, "Tim, you must be dying in the snow and hallucinating." But right now, who cares! Slowly she knelt down on her knees by the bed and captured my dick in her mouth. Slowly at first and then faster. Taking it deep down her throat until her chin was resting on my balls. Then back up to the tip. Running her tongue over the head until I thought I would surely come. But she would stop just before I would reach the point of no return. Over and over she continued to bring me to that point and then she would stop. I reached my one good hand to her breast and rubbed her breast and nipples. Her breathing was becoming more irregular with moans coming from her full mouth. I stopped rubbing her tits and ran my hand down her back to her hip. Finding she still had her panties on, I slowly pushed them down as she raised her legs so I could slide them off. Then something fuzzy was touching my hand. Looking over, I stared into the eyes of a huge Husky. His big blue eyes regarding me with keen interest. I guess he figured I wasn't a threat because he immediately started licking the ass of this giant beautiful woman. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. I knew she must be getting close to having her first orgasm. Suddenly the dog jumped up on her back and wrapped his legs around her waist. I placed my hand on the back of her head so she couldn't pull off of me and watched as the dog started humping her. Suddenly she let out a shriek and tried to pull away. But my hand kept her in place. I looked at the dog and saw him drive into her. I looked at her and noticed her eyes, big with wonder, staring at me. I released her head as she released my dick. "Oh God," she exclaimed. "The son-of-a-bitch has it in my ass. AUGHHHHH! STOP HIM! YES! STOP! NO -- DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP! OH MY --OHHHHHH!!!!!" Her moans turned to screams as the big dog pounded into her. Realizing it was too late to change things, she once more lowered her mouth to engulf my rigid dick. Every time the dog would pound into her ass, she would swallow me completely. I ran my hand down her tits again and her screams got louder and louder. I reached down between her parted legs and felt for her pussy. I went completely rigid. What I found was no pussy but a dick! She felt me stop and raised her head and looking at me she said, "Reach farther back." I slid my hand back and was surprised when my fingers found a warm wet slit. I quickly slid two fingers up inside of her. She threw her head back moaning and then once again lowered it to engulf me to the hilt. The dog had stopped driving his dick into her and had now turned away from her. He was standing so they were butt to butt. I knew that they were locked together by his knot. I continued to work my fingers in and out of her pussy. Then as if by instinct, I slid my fingers out of her and grabbed her dick. Her scream started down in the pit of her stomach but was muffled by my dick. Wrapping my thumb and forefinger around her dick, I pushed it back until I could stick two of my fingers back up inside of her. Then she was coming. I was coming. Just as the dog released from her. I thought her screams had grown louder and louder. Then I realised it was my scream that I was hearing. Once I regained my strength, she once again sucked new life into my deflated member. As it grew, she threw her leg over me and impaled herself on me. As she slid down the length of me, I watched her face to see a blissful change come over her. I reached down and grabbed her dick as she rode my shaft. It was like rubbing a giant clit. The harder I rubbed her the more intense were her orgasms. After making her come for the fourth time, I reached my peak and exploded deep inside her. Later, as we set in front of the fireplace and talked, she told me her story. "Tim, my name is Rachael Thompson and I am what is known as a hermaphrodite. That means I have a dick and a pussy. With hermaphrodites only one is functional and in my case it's my pussy. I can get a hard-on but I can't ejaculate with it. On the other hand, my pussy works and I can reproduce with it. I've lived here for the past four years because I could not stand the ridicule I got from people because of what I am. All I have had till now has been my dogs and myself. If you want nothing to do with me, I understand," she said. I looked over at the beautiful blue eyes for a moment and slowly leaned over and kissed her. I wrapped my arm around her and drew her to me. With a cry, she wrapped her arms around me and wept until I kissed away the tears. Soon we were both breathing hard and started touching and exploring each other. I learned first hand what it means to make love to someone and being made love to by someone. This time with a whole new meaning and understanding of love. She taught me what uninhibited love-making is all about. From having her hard dick buried in my ass to having mine buried up hers. From sucking on her pussy and dick, to fucking like "normal people." What the hell is normal anyhow? I guess different things have different meanings for different people. This was three years ago and we are still here together. Deep in the wilds of Alaska. I can't imagine what the pilot thought when he returned for me. I have discovered new universes that I never dreamed existed. To live off the land and survive out here is a feat in and of itself but to have the pleasures and enjoyment of a woman like Rachael who can give and receive! What else could anyone ask for? Of course, the dogs had to stay outside in their shelters from then on. Except on special occasions.
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