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I have a few stories to post, the following is one of them, it was not written by me so i cannot take any credit for it. Enjoy and let me know if you would like more:I was 18 at the time and although I wasn't a virgin I was bit Naive When itcame to sex. I didn't have a steady boyfriend at the time so I compensated it by masturbation. it was summer I didn't have anything to do and when my neighbours asked me to watch Hunter he was a 4 year old German Sheppard mix I agreed simply because I had nothing better to do plus they said they would pay me for the week.The first night they were gone it was a warm night so I feed Hunter then went upstairs to shower and when I was done I just through on a silk robe since it was so warm and I had the whole house to my self there was no need to put on clothes or anything i felt so free wearing nothing but the robe as well as having their whole house to myself for the week.I went down to the kitchen to get something to drink and Hunter was just finishing his dinner I went over to his bowl and picked it up to put in in the sink I patted him on the head and said was that good boy I'm sure it was because you ate it all. so I went and dropped his bowl in the sink then went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water and as I leaned against the counter and drank it. I looked over at Hunter and he was looking at me with those beautiful eyes of his and licking his lips with his long tongue.I swear the way he was looking at me it was as if he wanted me for his dessert it felt kind of creepy I just shrugged it off and walked into the living room to watch TV and Hunter followed right behind me I sat on the couch and as I sat down the belt on my robe fell loose and my robe opened up and I didn't bother to close it. I had turned on the air conditioner before my shower and the cool air felt so good against my bare skin.I leaned my head back and began to run my hands over my breasts massaging them I then kept my left hand on my breasts and brought my right hand over my stomach and the down between my legs . I slowly started to fingering myself. I really enjoyed masturbating and sometimes I just couldn't help myself and this was no exception being in a strange house nude except for a robe and the cool air against me was really turning me on I stuck two fingers inside me and began fucking myself with them I soon began moaning and feeling myself approaching orgasm. I completely forgot about Hunter who had suddenly appeared between my legs and began licking me. I jumped up startled a bit by his tongue on my vagina I immediately told him to stop and I pushed him away but he would have none of it he only came right back to licking me even more aggressively than the first time again I tried to push him away and he let out a small growl so I let go of him afraid he was going to bite me.I had figured that my scent from masturbating must have aroused him never in my wildest dreams did I figure a male dog can become sexually attracted to a human female. he continued licking me I didn't know what to do I was to afraid to touch him so I decided the best thing to do was to lie back and let him have his fun and what fun he was having his licking was getting more intense by the moment and my juices started flowing which caused him to lick me even more so he was really trying hard to get that long tongue of his inside me.I had to admit his tongue was starting to feel really good he started to turn his head sideways to get at me at a better angle even as much as pushing my legs open wider with his head and at this point I figured I had better oblige him so I opened my legs for him as wide as I could and placing my feet on the coffee table to make myself more comfortable. I soon found myself approaching another orgasm from that marvellous tongue of his. I ran my hands over my breasts running my fingertips over my nipples his tongue soon found my clit and at that point I went wild I reached down and held his head not even caring if he would bite me or not.I just wanted to keep his head steady I didn't want him to lose his place on my clit. yes Hunter I yelled out good boy lick me there and don't stop and believe me he wasn't about to he was really into me know. I had no idea that dogs were into oral sex as much as Hunter was right now. my head was spinning and my mind was racing and I was breathing quite heavily as another orgasm over took me.It was incredible as well as quite erotic to look down between my spread legs to see his head with those big floppy ears lapping away at my vagina as if it was his last meal. he soon climbed upon the couch a little higher and gave my stomach a few licks and then brought his body closer to mine and began humping wildly. I sat up and looked down between my legs and what I saw I could not quite believe. his cock which was about four inches erect out of its sheath and it was just inches from entering me. His cock was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I have never seen a dogs cock up close before especially one that was semi erect. to me this was like a dream that it wasn't really happening but it was and I have yet to come to terms with it. I reached down with my right hand and held his cock in my hand it was very wet and pink and it felt much different than a mans my hand was trembling as I held him. I slowly started to rub it a bit slowly at first than a Little faster and he soon started humping again. I knew if I kept stroking him he was going to orgasm and I didn't want him to at least not yet anyway.I stopped stroking him and he climbed off the couch jumping up and down and whining. I stood up to remove my robe and went back to the kitchen to get some water with Hunter following me eagerly from behind burring his nose in my crotch as I walked. he wanted to mate with me in the worst way and to see him jumping up and down with his cock dangling between his legs I really felt bad for him. I finished my water and walked back to the living room and over to the couch my robe was on the floor I bent down to pick it up.And the next thing I knew Hunter had jumped on my back gripping my waist tightly with his front paws. the weight of him on my back brought me down the floor on my knees with my head down on the seat of the couch he then loosened his grip on me just long enough to fully mount me. he then tightened his hold on my waist and began humping me like crazy. this is it I thought for the moment I was about to have sex with a dog like it or not.I felt the tip of his cock jabbing at me from behind trying to find my openingand on the fourth or fifth jab he found it and when he did he eagerly plunged it inside me. I screamed out with my face buried in the seat of the couch as he filled me with his cock. never in my life have I felt anything like it. he started fucking me like a jackhammer now his trusts were hard and deep he was even trying to climb on my back with his hind legs so he could bury himself in me as much as possible. I tried to keep calm as he was pounding me with his cock and it was suddenly growing a lot bigger and thicker while inside me. I soon began feeling his knot forcing its way inside me and in one mighty thrust he buried his cock in me to the hilt knot and all. I let out another scream as he forced his knot into me. his fucking then slowed down almost to a stop and I soon started to feel his knot swelling inside me. I started to panic a bit as I felt that his knot was going to split me wide open. so I started to take deep breaths and relaxed my vaginal muscles to accommodate his swelling knot and cock.It began to feel really tight and uncomfortable inside me. I tried to moving a bit to get more comfortable and Hunter must have thought I was trying to escape from him. as he let out a low growl tightened his grip on my waist and thrust himself deeper inside me. which helped the since his knot didn't feel so tight now. I began feeling his cock pulsate and throb inside me and his knot began rubbing my g-spot. what this dog was doing to me was incredible.I soon felt myself cumming again and as I came I clamped my vaginal muscles on his knot which made my orgasm much more intense. the next thing I knew Hunters body became very rigid and stiff he let out a whine and began cumming inside me. his sperm was so hot and so much of it I could actually feel it flooding my womb and it soon began pouring down my thighs he kept cumming spurt after spurt I never knew a dog could cum that much and when he was done he collapsed on my back exhausted he was panting heavily in my ear.He tried dismounting me but he couldn't because of his still swollen knot. I had to reach back and try to hold him steady as he was tied to me and after about 20 minutes his knot went down enough for him to pull out of me he dismounted with a popping sound gave me a few more licks then went to lay down to lick his still semi erect cock clean. and I lay still slumped over the couch with his semen pouring out of me. and after a few minutes.I was barely able to stand up or walk after the pounding Hunter had given me it was all I could do to get back in the shower to clean his sperm from my body and when I got out I put my robe back on and walked into the living room and there was Hunter fast asleep totally exhausted from mating me.I just sat there and stared at him trying to absorb the fact that we had just had sex together and what incredible sex it was. Hunter and I continued to have sex the rest of the week I was with him. I would stay nude most of the time so Hunter took the opportunity to mount me when ever he pleased.I continued seeing Hunter even after my neighbours came home always making up an excuse to walk him or something. my neighbours never suspected anything about my relationship with him or if they did know they never let on about it.
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