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Well, it has been a while getting around to getting this 6th story posted. Really been busy. For those who have never read any of my stories, there are 5 others posted here starting with number one when I first got my wife to "take" Wolf, in case anyone should want to go back and read some of the previous stories. Just look for those by Texas Jack. Have a good day and hope you enjoy this 6th part. Wolf and Jan part 6 Wolf and Jan had become quite close by this time. Wolf could tell by Jan's scent when she wanted his cock buried deep inside her really bad, and Jan could tell by Wolf's body language when he was particulary horney and needed her to take care of his "problems." As for my part, I was always more than happy to watch them together or join in myself, since neither one of them minded. As a matter of fact, their attitude seemed to be that the more, the merrier. This beautiful June day, the three of us had been out on the boat, just lazily motoring up and down the river. Wolf was satisfied to stretch out in the shade of the canopy and sleep, while Jan chose to spread a thick beach towel out on the front deck and enjoy the rays of the sun. The bikini that she was wearing was enough to keep me hard all day. It's a wonder I hadn't run over anyone since my attention was rivited more on her than on the traffic on the river. I kept thinking that Jan might as well have been naked since there was so little material covering her gorgeous body. The top of her bikini consisted of two tiny, lime green, triangles that did little to hide her erect nipples. As a matter of fact, the brown of her silver dollar sized areolas couldn't be contained within the tiny triangles. The bottom contained even less material than the top, if that was possible. The sides of the tiny, matching lime green, triangle barely covered the pouting lips of her pussy, and it failed that job miserably every time Jan crooked her knees to the side when she would occasionally turn over to tan first one side of her body, then the other. I couldn't decide which was worse on me, when she was lying on her stomach or on her back. On her stomach, the round curves of her ass arched upward, the string of the thong she wore buried deep between the soft, tanned, globes. When she was on her back, it was just as bad. Her full breasts pushed her bikini top high off her chest, the brown of her nipples peeking out, and the full undersides bare to the sunshine and the eyes of the boaters passing by. The bottom was just as revealing, with her pussy mound making a tent of the material. It seemed there was an awful lot of boats that kept passing us by, seeming to move closer to ours with each pass. The young men in the boats didn't even try to disguise the lust in their eyes as they went by, instead, they stared boldly at Jan's beautiful tanned curves. Jan pretended to be oblivious to the stares, but I knew that behind the dark sunglasses her eyes were watching them just as close, trying to spot the bulge in their bathing suits that she knew would be there. When she spotted an especially good looking guy, she would spread her legs wide or raise her chest high in the air, in the pretense of stretching, causing her nipples to slide completely out of the confines of the top, or her pussy to slide out of the bottoms, giving the young men a really good look at her. I loved watching the young men almost wreck their boats when she showed out like this. Arriving back at the house after the day on the river, we unpacked the boat, leaving everything pretty much where we threw it in the garage. We could clean everything up later. Right now, we had more pressing matters to attend to. Jan's bikini bottom was soaked with her juices and Wolf's keen nose had easily picked up the scent on the way home, and now he was whining, his nose burried between Jan's legs, his tongue already licking the material of the suit. I slipped up behind her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her in close to me, the bulge in my suit slowly rubbing against her soft ass. She had slipped on a long white blouse over her bikini for the drive back. Now, my hands moved up to the first button, my fingers opening it quickly. I began to kiss the back of her neck as my fingers undid the second button. The third soon followed, and Jan's body jerked as Wolf's long thick tongue slid under the side of the bikini bottoms and over her clit. Jan was breathing hard as I finally opened the last button and slowly slipped the blouse off and dropped it to the floor. My hands cupped her full breasts and I gently pinched her nipples which brought a long, low moan from my wife. Jan's body was now trembling all over from the combined effects of Wolf's hot, wet tongue, and my hands and lips that now nipped at her ear lobes. Letting her breasts go, I reached for the tie on her bikini top, quickly unfastening it and letting it fall to the floor next to her blouse. She sighed contentedly as her freed nipples hardened even more in the cool air. Next, my hands traveled down and untied her bottom and it fell to the floor. Jan spread her legs wider, making it easier for Wolf's tongue to lick the juices that were now pouring out of her pussy. I went back to kissing her neck and shoulders and slowly sliding my hands up and down her naked body. Occasionally, my fingers would spread her pussy lips wide so Wolf's tongue could probe deeper in my wife's love tunnel. For a time she was content to just enjoy the sensations flowing through her body, but eventually she just had to have more. Her right hand slid down my body and gripped my raging hard cock, and she began to run it up and down me through my bathing suit. Finally, she turned around and then dropped to her knees, spreading them wide for Wolf's probing tongue. She slid my suit down to my fet in one swift motion and then her mouth lunged forward engulfing the head of my cock. Deeper she slid it into her mouth, trying to take the whole thing down her lovely throat. However, I was so hard and had been for so long, that she could only take about half of me. then she begain a sucking rythem that soon caused the cum to start boiling upward. I pulled out of Jan's mouth before I erupted and stepping out of my suit, I laid down on the floor and spread my legs in invitation to Jan to finish what she had started. She crawled between them and bent over to once more take my hard cock in her mouth and down her tight throat. She was now bent over in the doggie postion and Wolf took advantage of it. Rearing up and over Jan's back, he locked his legs around her hips and pulled her backward, the red, sharp, tip of his dick trying to find the warm haven it was seeking. My wife adjusted the angle of her hips slightly and then Wolf's cock hit it's mark. Quickly, Wolf lunged forward burying himself completely in my wife's pussy. Jan let out a loud moan as she sucked me even deeper into her throat. I think that here, I will let Jan take over telling the story and what she was feeling at the time. "I can tell you what I was feeling at the time," Jan started. "I was feeling like I was in heaven. I had gotten so hot during the time we were on the river that I felt like I was going to burst into flames at any moment. Those young, hot studs staring at me like that all day, like I was the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world. It had my pussy gushing juice like a fire hose. I love teasing guys like that. I'm not bad looking if I do say so myself, but then I'm no model either. I have a few extra pounds and of course I am middle aged, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and those horney guys out there today couldn't have cared how much I weighed or how old I was. They wanted a peek at my tits and pussy, and I just loved giving them a sexy show. I just wonder how many whacked off later while thinking of me," she laughed. "Then we got home and Dave's hands were running up and down my body, his lips burning my neck and shoulders while Wolf licked my pussy. I couldn't stand it any longer and had to suck Dave's beautiful cock. I love the way it tastes as I swallow it and the taste of the precum as it seeps out. But most of all, I love to watch Dave's face as he gets closer to orgasm. So when Dave slid down on the floor I couldn't wat to take him back inside my mouth. I wanted so much to feel him erupt and fill my throat with his cum. At the same time, Wolf had leaped on my back and buried his hot cock deep in my pussy, setting off a fireworks within me that threatened to blow me apart. Wolf's dick is hotter than a mans and you can feel it, almost like a hot poker slamming in and out of me. One of the things I love about having Wolf on my back while in the doggie postion, is the feel of his fur rubbing against my naked skin. I can't begin to describe the wonderful feeling it sets off inside me. I could feel this gigantic orgasm building deep inside me so I started sucking on Dave harder and faster. Wolf must have felt my orgasm building also as he seemed to pick up speed, his hard shaft getting longer and thicker. I could feel his precum hitting the walls of my pussy, making me even wetter than I was. Suddenly, I felt Wolf's knot bumping my pussy and I knew that when it entered me, it would trigger my orgasm, so I began to really suck Dave's cock deep into my throat, running my tongue up and down and round the head knowing he wouldn't be able to hold out very long. Then I gasped as Wolf's big knot forced it's way inside me. Wolf seemed to shorten his strokes, but picked up even more speed, his knot now rubbing against my G-spot. Suddenly, the orgasm that had been building erupted like a gigantic dam bursting. I began to shake as I took every inch Dave had to give and feeling the molten lava boil up the shaft and into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could and kept sucking hard on his shaft, to get the last drop. A second gigantic orgasm followed closely on the heels of the first as I felt Wolf pull me even closer and his hot cum start gushing inside me. Again, a dog's cum is a lot hotter than a man's and there is a lot more of it, so that I felt every molten blast as it hit the walls of my pussy. Wolf and I were locked, and the orgasms kept coming as his knot continued to rub my G-spot. Dave had started to go limp, but I kept him in my mouth, just enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth and Wolf's cock buried deep in my pussy. I just felt so content. At last, Wolf's knot went down enough for it to slip out and he went off to a corner and fell asleep. I snuggled up in Dave's arms, shoving my ample breasts up tight against his naked chest. A few minutes later, Dave's hand wandered down my body and between my legs where he gently rubbed my clit and slid his finger inside to feel Wolf's cum, a lot of which was still inside me. He began to slowly finger f*** me till I couldn't lay still a moment longer. At last, he turned me onto my back, then, rising over me while looking deep into my eyes, he slowly slid his lovely cock deep inside me, slowly fu*king me till we both had a wonderful orgasm, both of us cumming at the same time. The long day finally caught up with us and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Hope you enjoyed this story. If so I would love for you to go back and read any of my previous ones. Have a good one. TJ, Jan, and Wolf
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