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My furry dream…It was a dark, humid night as I pulled up to the shore in my boat; I had stretched out my arms to take in the night’s moist air. Out in the distance several wolf howls could be heard rumbling out through the thickly layered trees. The night had grown long and I decided to walk out along the shoreline to find a place to rest. I had come along a nicely flat area where I pitched a tint and piled up a small fire that flickered its light about the darkened trees. A rumble to my left had shaken my tired eyes open as I heard several twigs snap under the weight of something unknown. I became spooked, jumping to my feet to face what might be lurking in the dark; my hairs stood on end as my heart pumped with adrenaline. I was ready to run, fight if it came to it as a dark figure walked slowly into the flickering light of the dying fire. My heart raced, neck muscles tensed as my blood pumped through me. The creature looked awfully human until until it dropped from its hind legs to all four, ready for the pounce. I had dashed off in the opposite direction into the woods, the trees formed about me in a thickly, tangled maze. I did not care where I ended up, just as long as I was far from where I was. My legs and arms where being ripped open by the thick trees and bushes, gashing into my skin, leaving a fresh, warm trail of blood. I had come upon a cave and I made haste, dashing into the dark mouth of the rigid walls, the air remaining moist as it became a cool mist the deeper I went, I had found myself a small corner where I dropped out of exhaustion, I closed my eyes tight hoping it was all a dream, my breaths drew deep and quick as I coughed. As I sat there, curled tightly in the corner, I wished for it to be over, wishing what I had seen and heard was all in my head, but then the loud roar of a wolfs howl echoed throughout the cave, the heavy steps of this monstrous beast echoed though the cave as I cowered in fear as it drew closer, slight light shined down in through several openings above, illuminating the moist walls in a shining glimmer as the beast came to sight, it had noticed me, a fierce snarl grew along its long, slender muzzle as it gave out a deep growl. It walked slowly to me, all four legs pushing its massive form closer. It had stopped in place as I glared to it in terror, a loud snort came from the moon lit nose of the creature as it raised to its rear feet, its form much to large for an average wolf, more human like form revealed itself as, human like paws dangled from the muscular arms. The creature had begun to move closer, the snarl mockingly smirked along the muzzle as an odd toothy grin aroused along its face. I sat confused in fear, as I new these must be my last few moments of life. The beast came closer, the paw like hands reached out to me and I had lashed in defense, trying to fend the beast off, it was no use, my strength was no match as it was all in vein. The canine like beast held me down by my shoulders; its hot, moist breath could be felt along my damp, cold skin, as I laid back helpless in shock, its claws had pierced down through my skin as it took a deep sniff along my neck. The beast nestled itself forcefully down between my legs as if it was going to rip my throat wide open. I was quite surprised when I felt the creatures hand corress itself down along my side and waist, the claws along its hand ripping away my clothing. I began to feel a sense of comfort amongst the fear and adrenaline that raced through my bones as the creature revealed itself to me, the moons light shinned down along the darkly furred beast, the texture of its face could clearly be made out, as what I thought a canine like creature, strong and quite muscular, its ears stood on end, pointy at theirs tips as one danced about to the surrounding sounds, I reached forward giving the beast a curious stroke. I cautiously ran my hand down along its warm stomach, the fur gently passing between my fingers. The beast gave a sudden jolt, pressing me back as he arranged himself above me, the light revealing the canine member sliding from its sheath. I had gasped to what was happening, the pain in my pierced shoulders washed over by my own curiosity, I had reached out with another hand, gently gliding my finger tips along the dripping member, I new now what he wanted, he wanted a toy, and I was the chosen one. He snarled lightly to me as he lowered down to its knees, the beasts strong hands had grasped me about my waist as it pulled my rear from the ground, placing me firmly along its warm thighs, my own cock grew hard to the thought of what was happening, the beast slowly rubbed its warm member along my anus, the warm pre-cum spread about as he slowly began to force his way into me, light gasps arose from my lips as I closed my I eyes. Hope you enjoyed as I am not the best writer.. sadly this is where the dream left off, and is typed out the exact way I experienced it and which I wish to leave it as it is, I quite enjoyed it and accept it ended there for a reason.~Bryan/Venbred
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