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I looked into the mirror and wondered if the people at work only knew what a fucking cunt I really was. I was so horney this morning I was ready to f*** anything. I looked around the bathroom and the only thing I could see was a plunger. Well, to be honest, that long handle looked inviting for my asshole. I reached over and placed it behind me. While holding onto the sink I slid my asshole over the top of the handle. Damn, I was wet and needing some hot sex, but right now I was going to take the edge off with this handle. I began sliding down the handle until it didn't want to go any further. Umm, I loved it . I took one hand off the sink and began to stroke my enlarged clit. After a bit of fucking the handle my legs began to tremble so I laid down on the floor with the end of the plunger up against the wall. Using the wall I began pushing the handle in and out of my ass as I masturbated. Knock, knock, knock, I heard someone at the fucking door, please I thought not right now, I'm so fucking close to squirting cum all over my hand. Knock, knock, knock again but louder. Yes, I weakly called out. It's Bill from next door. Quickly I removed the handle and threw on a bathrobe, trembling I crossed the livingroom floor to answer the door. I opened the door to find a huge black man with the bluest eyes. Hello, I'm Bill your neigbor may I come in? Not to happily I moved to the side to let him come in. Please sit down I told him. I just wanted to come by and introduce myself and ask you if my dog had bothered you at all. Dog, what dog, I hadn't noticed a dog when he moved in. No, not at all. Good he said he can get a little noisy if he smells a female in heat. Oh, I answered, is that very often. More often than not he smiled sexily and looked over my body. He told me that the dog was very big and most people were intimidated by him, but he would make sure that he would never do me like that. He offered to bring him over several times so that he would know me as a friend. I was pleased that he made this offer and told him we could start right now. Great, he said and got up and went to his apartment to get him. Soon they were both at my door eager to come in. This is Gun and he is my pride and joy as you can see why. I kneeled down and spoke to Gun softly and rubbed his leg as I spoke. Hey big boy, I want you and me to get to be real buddies okay. Gun's tail began to wag as he started to sniff over my body. Whoa, Gun, Bill said, not so fast boy, don't scare off our new neighbor. Gun, my name is Pepper I told the dog and led them both into the living room. I offered Bill a drink and he said yes. We sat for a long time drinking more than I was used to. I really liked Bill and couldn't help but notice that he felt the same. Bill asked if he could use the bathroom and I said of course. When he returned he was holding the plunger as if he knew what I had been doing, he asked if I was in the middle of something. Being pretty much drunk I told him I was just trying to take care of a little problem I was having. Gun must have smelled the pussy juice on the handle and began sniffing and licking at it. Oh my, I've been found out, I was embarassed but excited about it also. Now Pepper, is there something I could do to help you out. About that time Gun began pushing his nose between my robe and started licking my pussy. Oh f***, I accidently said out loud. Quickly I tried to apologize for my mistake and told Bill I was just caught off guard. Look Pepper he said, let Gun make you feel better, he is one hell of a lover and would enjoy it as much as you would. UH, no Bill, I don't think so, you two need to leave now. No Pepper, we are going to stay and you are going to f*** us both as I wish. I couldn't believe my ears. Bill reached over and removed my robe, throwing it to the floor. Pepper, I want you to be my bitch, and also the bitch of Gun. I started to protest that he was insane and I was going to call the police but he reached over and began pulling and twisting my nipples. The pain was real and I knew I better not try that. Now spread your legs and let Gun tasted your pussy juice. No, I wouldn't I thought but he started using his nails on my nipples, biting into them as he pulled and twisted them hard as he could. Yes, okay, yes. I spread my legs so Gun could lick my pussy. At first I tried not to feel what he was doing, but damn, it was so sweet. His tongue was light as feathers and he seemed so hungry to taste me, so unlike the men I had been with. Umm, I groaned, that feels so sexy. Bill released my nipples and led me to the couch. Turn over Pepper, let Gun taste that nasty asshole of yours. Nervously I got down onto my knees and put the top part of my body over the seat of the couch. Using both his hands he spread my asscheeks apart so Gun could easily find my asshole opening. Gun loved the taste of asshole and before long had half of his tongue buried deep into me. Oh, f*** me yes, Gun, that feels so good baby. I wanted more pressure more penetration. Okay, Pepper, I'm only going to say this one time. Gun will mount your asshole and f*** you like the bitch we know you are going to be for us, but first you want to come take that sweet f*** hole of a mouth and lick, and sop my big black cock. I could tell by his tone that I better do as I was told. He undressed and laid down on the carpet. He kept his knees bent and legs spread wide apart. I want you to start out by licking my balls and sucking them gently, at the same time push two fingers up my ass and pump them in and out as you work your f*** mouth over my cock. When you are finally sucking my cock I will have Gun mount you and stick his cock into your asshole and f*** you like you know you want. Agreed? Yes, Bill. No Pepper, from now on it is Master to you and only in public can you call me by my name, understood? Yes, Master. Crawl over here while Gun licks your ass. I couldn't ever tell anyone but I was begining to get fucking hot from all the ordering that was going on. Most men are sort of timid, even if they get aggressive when trying to talk you into a f***, they still seem to be expecting a no. Anyway, my new Master wanted his way with me and I was going to give it to him. When I reached his balls with my tongue he reached down and grabbed me by the hair. If you lick or suck too hard you won't like what I will do, do you understand bitch. Yes, I answered. With his other hand he began twisting and pulling at my nipple. Lick, bitch now. I stuck out my tongue and started at his asshole and licked forwards. I had never been with a black man before and this too excited me. I let spit fall from my mouth to wet his asshole and balls. I dugged into his asshole then lightly would lick up his balls. Then before starting over, I would take his balls into my mouth and slobber and run my tongue all over his sacs. My nipple was burning from all the twisting and pulling but at the same time it was turning me on to a height of passion I had never felt before. As I swallowed his cock into my mouth I slid two fingers into his asshole. Yes, bitch pump me while you suck my hot cock. Soon there was hot fucking and sucking going on that I don't think anyone in the room knew what was up or down. Mount me bitch, he ordered, I'm ready for you to slide that wet pussy over my cock. Mount your bitch, he ordered to Gun. There was an empty feeling when he removed his tongue from my asshole, but quickly I felt his dog cock pushing into my anal opening. I was so wet from the dog slobber that his cock slid in with no problems. The plunger handle had felt so good earlier but nothing compared to the hard cock up my ass at this moment. Oh yeah, Gun pump that doggy cock in my nasty asshole. Yeah, deeper, push it in baby, push it in good and deep, harder, please push, harder. Gun moved up closer to me grabbing me tight around my hips and began to drill his cock deep up my ass. I couldn't think at that moment, but Master brought me back to reality with a sharp slap to the face. Hey, bitch, f*** my cock like you mean it, I want you to take all 10 inches and love it. Yeah, bitch I can feel Gun's cock rubbing against the wall of your pussy. Umm that feels so fucking sexy, yes, a big red dog cock filling up your shit hole, giving it to you while you give it to me. The whole time we f***** he pulled my hair and nipple with such force I thought he would pull my hair out and make my nipple bleed. Gun began to pump faster as I in return f***** Master's cock faster and I knew beyond any doubt I was going to cum harder and longer than ever before in my life. I began begging Gun to f*** me harder as I f***** Master. When Gun's knot slipped up and into my asshole I know Master could feel it too. Master's blue eyes rolled back into his head and he began jerking all over. Okay, bitch dismount and catch my cum with your f*** hole of a mouth. No, please I thought not now, I'm almost there, please I begged him with my eyes. Yes, bitch dismount and suck me off as Gun gives you his cum up your asshole. I wanted to beg him not to make me but about that time he used his nails to bite hard into my nipple as he pulled and twisted it. Okay, okay Master please, I will suck your hot cock right now. Yes, bitch you will, and I want you to enjoy your gift of my cum. Yes Master. I slid off of his hard cock and moved down to place my wet mouth over his rock hard cock. His hips pushed up against my throat trying to shove the entire length in. Gun, f*** bitch real good. I don't know what that really meant but in seconds I began to cum hard. I placed my mouth over Master's cock so that he could push it straight down my throat, yeah bitch that's it, open up that throat and suck me in. Master let go of my nipple and took my hair with his now free hand and began to f*** my mouth with wild abandon. I couldn't keep up with the knot in my ass or the cock in my mouth and throat, but one thing is for sure, Master has a new bitch and I am more than ready to service both.Thanks for reading, whew, now I need to work off some of the tension I've worked up from writing this.
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