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My first post here. I hope I'm posting in the right section...? If not, I'm so sorry! T_T Enjoy it!It was a warm summer; and the air in the morning was cool in contrast to the sweltering sun. The country area at this time was just as I remembered it during my childhood –green pastures, white and red wood cottages, and most importantly –lots and lots of animals.I was extremely excited because I had finally become eighteen –and I could spend my summer around the horses I had grown up with by working at the stables.I didn’t begin work until next week, but I had scheduled a riding session at about 9:30 am. I decided to arrive a little early to get acquainted with the animals at the stables. Each time the owners and staff changed at the stables, they always seemed entitled to bring a few other animals. When I was ten, it had been a pot-bellied pig, when I was fourteen it had been a wide selection of cats and a large parrot. This time, as I approached the main office, I was greeted by dog with medium length fur, and startling eyes –one blue, and the other amber. He stood about three feet tall, and had a beautiful coat and build –though he might have been a mix. I took notice of his generous balls that dangled between his haunches –and the way he shoved his nose into my crotch was a little inviting –but I couldn’t let things like that distract me. My curiosity about having sex with a dog was just a passing thought –things to day-dream about when math became extremely boring. The dog continued to press his nose insistently into my crotch, though I tried my best to usher him along as I continued to take tiny, shuffling steps in the grey-stone gravel path. Suddenly, the door to the office opened, and a tall, slender man in jeans came out. He was in his late thirties, a medium build, with no facial hair. His eyes were set deeply in his well-structured face, and held a hazel-hue. His nose was a bit crooked at the bridge, as if broken, then healed, and his hair was a dusty blonde that he had grown to shoulder-length, and then fastened back with a tie. He smiled, and called out in a loud tone, laced with a vague accent. “Luke, down boy! Come ’ere!” The dog immediately bolted towards the man and pressed his two front paws against the man’s chest, as the man whisked his hands along the masculine body of the canine. After a few pats on the head, he ordered Luke into the office, where he had left the door open, and turned his attention towards me.“Hey, sorry, we don’t have any riding until 9:30, but you can come back.” He put his hands into his jeans pockets as he walked towards me. “Oh, no, I’ already have scheduled a ride at 9:30.” “Oh, but you’re two hours early. The horses aren’t even awake yet.” He chuckled and held his hand out in offering. I took his hand in mine, and he gripped mines in a firm shake. “Well, I had hoped to help out a little, I’m also working here next week for the summer.”“Oh, you’re Shari? Nice to meet you, I’m Aiden.” He led me into the office, and after settling down with a cup of coffee, and conversing for a few minutes, he led me out to the stables where the horses were just beginning to wake. He explained to me that many of the horses here were males, and there were only two females, though in the next month or so, they’d be sent to another ranch for breeding –as they were now in heat. There were eight stallions, and the two mares –which were both a chestnut red. Aiden instructed me to help him clean the stalls, but didn’t want me to dirty my clothes –some nice size 3 faded jeans, and a white frilled button-up shirt. He offered me a large over-shirt, and some older, faded jeans. He also noted that the wind had picked up, and it’d be better if I changed for the ride anyway, since it might rain.I accepted the clothes and began to change in the back of an empty stall, facing the wall as I un-did my shirt, and then removed my pants. Before I had a chance to grab my change of clothes from a bale of hay, I felt a hand push my panties aside, and a finger running up and down the length of my slit. I gasped, and another hand came around to grab at my left breast. “Aiden –what are you doing?” My pussy began to tighten and leak some sweet juices as I felt a twinge of fear and excitement. The flow only increased as his left hand slipped inside of my bra cup and began to cruelly pinch and twist my nipples on my D-sized boobs.“Mmm… you’re going to suck my cock, aren’t you…? Come on, Baby…" He slipped a finger into my pussy, and I let out a trembling whimper. “God, your pussy is fucking tight, and you’re dripping wet. Luke’s gonna enjoy this” He turned me around and crushed my mouth with a kiss. I was afraid as his tongue snaked in, but my pussy was already begging for something to f*** it, so I gave in. He undid the clasp of my bra to reveal the stiff, pink nipples on my soft chest. He then commanded for me to take my panties off. Since it was summer, I waxed off all of my pubic hair so I could enjoy a few days at the beach before work. He gazed at my pussy, which displayed puffy, pink lips, with a trail of shimmering pussy juice now sliding down my inner-thighs. Aiden sat down on a bale of hay and undid his pants to pull out a cock, measuring about 8 inches in length. I got down on my hands and knees and hungrily took his fat cock into my eager mouth. It pulsed and throbbed as I played my tongue into his pee-slit, then massaged the head thoroughly with my tongue. Meanwhile, he played with my wavy red hair that I had pinned back, but left down –about my mid-back length. After about three minutes of intensely sucking his cock, while he played with my nipples, Luke had caught scent of my hot pussy, and came to investigate. I was unaware of this, being so deeply involved in sucking that huge cock in my mouth, until I felt a warm and heavy weight on my back. Luke was going to f*** me. I was so happy to oblige to that –I wanted cock in my pussy, big hard cock, and I didn’t care what kind it was. Because he was such a large dog, his cock must have reached at least nine inches, excluding the enormous knot, and been at least three inches across. I felt hot jets of cum on my pale ass, and something hard and wet pressing and sliding against my backside. I couldn’t help but take Aiden’s dick out of my mouth as I moaned, “Oh, God, f*** me already!”Aiden laughed a little, and pushed my head back down onto his cock. “Horny, aren’t we? Don’t worry; you were the only one who was coming to ride today, so we won’t be interrupted. Now, Luke, f***.” At Aiden’s command, Luke magically found my wet cunt, and plunged into me with a single thrust. Each time he pulled his dick out half way, then forced it back in, my boobs gently swung, until Aiden caught them by their tender nipples and began to twist them.My head was swimming, and I sucked on Aiden’s cock with even more determination. Luke cock had pushed my walls farther apart than any toy I’d ever experimented with. I could feel his massive knot growing and smashing my pussy lips, and I let out screams and cries as my tight cunt was f***** mercilessly. I suck Aiden’s dick until he released the pressure of his hand on the back of my head. I gasped for breath and began to cry and encourage Luke. “That’s a boy, f*** my pussy! Shit, you’re fucking huge! God, his cock is so hot!” Aiden could only smile, and within a few seconds, I felt a burning sensation –and I felt Luke’s huge knot tear my pussy apart and lodge itself deep with my vagina. Just as I opened my mouth in a shriek, Aiden came and shot his hot white spunk into my open mouth and all over my bouncing tits. I could feel Luke’s cock shooting his hot jizz deep within my pussy, and I hungrily drank the remainder of Aiden’s cum, sucking his cock for all the white stuff it had to offer. Luke then, feeling the desire to play outside, pulled himself free of my tight cunt, ripping himself from me, and stretching my little hole again. Aiden pulled me over his lap, my stomach against his hard thighs, and inspected my pussy. “God, your poor little pink pussy is all red and swollen now. And that tight little hole is gaping now. Good job Luke!” Luke only whined a little from the door, where he was busy cleaning himself. “Mmm… can I wash off now…?” I had been so close to cumming, but I was so caught up in the moment, I had been too nervous in the beginning, and it ended all too soon. My little pussy was still hungry, but I could masturbate once I got back into my guest’s bedroom. “No, you need to be stretched out, and you need lots of lubrication. James, Pocky, Morgan, and everyone else is waiting for you.” I could smell my own cum, Aiden’s cum, and Luke’s cum all over my hot body now, and the smell was arousing me even more. “Who are they?” I asked in a quiet voice. I had an idea, but the thought seemed impossible.“Shari, you’re not leaving these stables until you’ve f***** all eight stallions.” My head began to spin at the thought of huge, dripping horse cocks shoved into my tiny hole. I began to shiver, and he spanked my ass a few times. “Oh, stop your crying, you horny slut. Come on, you have work to do.”He took me by the arm and led me to a tall, proud black stallion. His cock was already out of it’s sheathe, pink, and black, but limp. It looked at least a foot long, and Aiden pushed me to the floor, with the horse cock dangling right above my face. He knelt behind me, and took both of my nipples between his fingers and twisted, causing me to scream. He whispered harshly in my ear, “You’re going to make him nice and hard, then you’re going to f*** him until he cums, understood?” I only let out a soft whimper, then came the sharp painful pleasure of my nipples being twisted again.“OHHH! f***, yes, I’ll do it!” Even with that response, he twisted harder. “Tell me how badly you want it.” Now a hard pinch.“f***, oh my God… Aiden, let me f*** the horses, please! I want their hard cocks in me so badly! Please let me f*** them!” He released my sore and swollen nipples and stood up to watch me.I looked at the large and looming thing before me, and tenderly took it in my hands, stroking it. The tip was soft ad spongy, with a hardening core, though the shaft was now a bright pink, so hard and erect that it no longer hung. I took it in my mouth, and tasted the salty flavour of pre-cum. I began to moan and suck on his drooling prick, thinking of that thing inside of me caused my juices to overflow once more. Within five minutes or so, his cock was so hard and erect that the skin looked like it was about to burst, and the poor stallion had begun to f*** the air.Aiden went and brought a padded bench into the stall, and placed it under the horse’s belly. He patted the top and signaled for me to get onto it. “Don’t worry, James, I have a tight little mare for you here. And she’d better make you cum, or I’ll have to spank her.” I positioned myself with my legs spread, lying on my back to reveal the moist petals of my girly cunt. The big black and pink head pressed insistently on my pussy lips, and the horse’s fat cock and my cunt seemed to be making out, squishing and sharing the slime. I felt Aiden’s hand guiding the cock into me, and I looked between my legs to see the drooling head, where the horse’s piss slit was opening and closing, vomiting white fluid in spasms. Aiden placed it insistently now at my pussy entrance, and my lube helped to get my pussy lips even wider. The cock was at least 4 inches in diameter, and my throbbing cunt was begging for dick. That was when I couldn’t take it any more.“Shit, Aiden! Please, let me get f***** by the horse!”“Beg for him. Ask him.” Aiden smiled and held the black and pink f*** staff in his hands. “Ooh, James, please let me have your beautiful cock. I need it in my pussy or I’ll die. Please…” My voice was a hoarse whisper, and as soon as those words escaped my mouth, Aiden released the hard shaft and James thrust hard and his cock disappeared a third of the way into my cunt. I screamed and thrashed as I felt it hit my cervix, and stretch me so wide it hurt. “OOOHHH f***! He’s too big! OOHHH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!” Aiden only smiled and stood back, stroking his erect cock and watching my little pussy get torn apart. I felt his big cock rubbing against my G-spot, and in a matter of moments, I was cumming like crazy, and shrieking the entire time. The pain and pleasure of the enormous cock was so overwhelming, I thought I fainted. I only felt the hot cum between my legs, and the feel of the massive thing invading my tiny cunt. I came to a few moments later, after feeling as if a garden hose had been turned on after being shoved into my plugged pussy. I heard a pop, and a flood of horse cum –sticky and white, came pouring from my gaping hole. My cunt was so red and swollen now, there seemed to be no way that anything so big had even tried to put itself within me. I was shaking and crying, and Aiden pulled me to my feet where another spurt of horse cum gushed from my tiny hole.“Come on, you have seven more to go, and James is the smallest stallion we have here. Wait until you get to Morgan, he’s a Clydesdale.” Aiden carried the cum-soaked bench in one hand, and held my wrist with his other as he led me to another stall. I was soaked in sweat, cum –a human’s, a dog’s, and now a horse’s –and I was in for more.The day had just begun, and I was done for… I hoped for a summer of riding horses, and I got my wish.
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