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Hi!My name is Adriana and I just love this forum!I discovered it just recently and have been burning my eyes out looking at the great pics & clips, reading the awesome stories and just reveling in the nastiness of the whole thing. After lurking for quite awhile I thought Iíd "pay my dues" and share my beast story (ies if you like what I write).First some background information:I am 18 and a college freshman. I still live at home as I am attending the local community college. I'm 5'4" and 115 pounds. I have dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.My dad walked out on us and my mom is trying to support me & my younger twins Michaeland and Miranda. I hope to continue my education at the State University, so I'm working full time on the 11-7 shift at the local plastics factory. I have to work overnights so I can take my science courses, those have morning lectures and afternoon labs.Working full-time, going to school fulltime and still living at home really ruins a social life. Toss in the fact that my high school sweetheart, Hunter, spent the summer loving my body and then up and left for State and hasn't come home YET on a weekend, and you'll get the idea just how lonely/boring my life was.Even though I am living at home I don't really see my family much. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I get off work at 7:00 AM. I grab a breakfast burrito or somethingand go to the college and use the womenís locker room for a quick shower and change of clothes.At that ungodly hour of the morning the place is like a tomb. I do see, once or twice a week, my physics professor, Dr. Davis, in the locker room. She's young and rides her bike the 7 miles to our rural campus pretty often. Dr. Davis is probably all of 25 or maybe 28. She looks a little butch. Short spiky blond hair, maybe 5'9" very tan and very lean from riding her bike? I think she has a thing going on with the womenís physical education instructor, as Ms. Reid (who is the stereotypical female coach) is always loitering when Dr. Davis is there.I have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8 AM - noon and then go home, eat and sleep until 9:30 PM. I then get up, shower, eat and off to work. Exciting huh?On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have morning classes. So I come home for a 4 hour nap. Get up, shower, eat and go to my biology (Tues) and physics (Thursday) labs from 1-4:00 PM. Afterwards, I come home, eat and sleep again until 9:30. So other than seeing my family in the evenings when I'm getting up and they're getting ready for bed, I don't see them until the weekends. Hell, I see more of Dr. Davis and my other professors then I do of my own family!My weekends are pretty busy with any reading or studying on stuff I don't think I'll have time to do during my busy week. I'm really, waiting for Hunter to call or come over. I've been waiting for 6 weeks now and he has yet to come home. I'm pretty sure he's got some slut he's banging at State, because I know how much he likes to fuck and If I'm this frustrated I know his balls would have exploded by now!After yet another weekend spent waiting on Hunter and studying, its Monday again. I saw Dr. Davis in the locker room this morning. She had some nasty scratches on her back. Ms. Reid's doing? Dr. Davis caught me looking at the scratches and mentioned she had "quite a spectacular tumble", over her handlebars and through some wild raspberry bushes.Class was class; with all my weekend studying I could just kind of coast. Sure I took notes, but I wasn'treally concentrating on the lectures. I was more and more aware and focused on the tingles and moisture my pussy was giving off. I really needed to get laid! To hell with Hunter! He's definitely fucking some bimbo, I can get something going too!I had a rather nice daydream going about the star forward from the varsity menís team when Dr. Davis' voice announcing the end of the period ruined everything. Just my luck, his big black cock was standing tall and oozing precum and headed for my overheated and eager cunt and "POOF!" back in physics 101 I was! Talk about a "rude awakening"! But luckily it was my last class of the day. I could head home and really expand upon that daydream!As I was frustrated and feeling rebellious, I decided to strip and go about my business of eating, showering and napping naked. Why get dressed if I'm home alone? Who's going to see me? Zeus, the family dog? It was exhilarating. I like being naked but never really had the opportunity to live a clothes optional lifestyle. The coolness of the air had my nipples nice and hard. Even though I had fingered myself to a mediocre orgasm before driving home, the "naughtiness" of being naked at the kitchen table, with a sticky twat really got me oozing.Zeus had been begging for sandwich scraps under the table, which I always give him, when he laid his head in my lap with a happy doggy "sigh". OMG! His warm doggy breath blowing on my overheated pussy was like throwing gasoline on a campfire.WOOSH! with a gut wrenching spasm, my pussy squirted a glob of girl juice onto the chair. Boy am I glad my Mom still has vinyl seat cushions!Zeus' sensitive nose was quickly checking this new situation out. A couple "snorfles" had me squirming in the chair and depositing more goo. his rough tongue then brushed against my inner thigh as he lapped at this new treat! A minor eruption rocked my body. My recent self induced orgasm paled in comparison!The feeling was so intense and yet it was as if I were somebody else watching this unfold. Of their own volition (it certainly wasn't me spreading them wide) my legs parted and my spineless body slumped in the chair. Zeus enjoying the yummy girl juice went to the source. His thick, rough, HOT, doggy tongue lapped me from bottom to top.Awesome!Heaven!As he wasn't reprimanded for this new behavior, he grew more confident, more bold, his strokes more firm. With his dominance ascending my authority diminished. In a matter of heartbeats, I was slumped in my chair, a slave to his wonderful tongue. a series of quick, spine tingling orgasms had me twitching in my chair as if i were having seizures. Finally i totally slid off my chair and onto my back beneath the kitchen table. This more stable position greatly pleased Zeus and he shifted his glorious tongue into overdrive. It seemed to be everywhere. down near my spasming asshole, up around my twitching clit, burrowing deep into my hungry channel. The most intense orgasm of my life, shuddered through my body. Shattering my past and deciding my future. Every muscle in my body spasmed, my heart seemed to have stopped.I saw stars. I heard thunder.When i next became aware, (Had I passed out?) I was flat on my back, naked as a jaybird, under the kitchen table, with Zeus licking my face. I could smell myself on him! How naughty! How nasty! How exciting!Let's do it again!As i started to sit up, hugging his furry head to my tingling bosom, my thighs brushed against a firm, hard, sticky THING. My inadvertent contact caused it to twitch and a spray of hot dog gism was immeadiately dripping towards my tender twat. THAT got my attention!Zeus sidestepped and i saw his magnificent tool. He was about 7 inches long (slightly longer than Hunter) and narrow (like a plumped ball park frank). It was BRIGHT red and glistening. The tip was very pointed and so shiny. My hand came up, ever so slowly, and stroked this fantastic organ.It was HOT, not just psychologically "hot" but actually physically warmer than my blistering body. At my tender touch, Zeus spasmed and another jet of dog juice splattered off my heaving chest. OMG!What a revelation:Here i had been daydreaming of a hard cock.Wanting, no needing, a good fuck, and here right in front of me was a hard, hot, and ready to fuck, cock. No matter that it was connected to the family dog.i needed fucking.Zeus needed to fuck.We were both there and ready to go.Before i knew what was happening i was out from under the table, in the center of the kitchen on my hands and knees BEGGING Zeus to mount me. Luckily he had plenty of experience fucking the neighborhood bitches because he was on me in a flash. Before i could realize just how perverted, just how wrong what i was about to do was!It took several minutes (it seemed like hours) of Zeus stabbing, me shifting, until his glorious rod found my love tunnel! and when it did, Zeus SLAMMED home, backed off slightly and banged on in. After setting his feet he became a jack hammer.His strokes were fast and hard, shallow yet filling.He seemed to set me on fire from the inside out.Pistoning in & out, in & out, grasping me firming with his forelegs, Zeus was in heavenAs was i.Another more massive orgasm ripped through my body. My cunt tried to swallow Zeus whole. He seemed to grow to meet my need. His cock was bigger, harder, and hotter now. As my twat spasmed, Zeus set his feet and gave a massive thrust.OMGI'm being ripped apart.He's HUGE.It hurts!It's like he's shoving a baseball bat up my cunt.It really, really HURTS!i'm gonna die! Ripped apart by his massive cock!!i'll bleed to death on the kitchen floor!!My brother & sister will come home from junior high and find me naked in a pool of blood, my pussy ripped out of my body!!!It's in. He's in.His thrusts slow and i begin to calm. This doesn't feel so bad. Zeus rests more of his weight on my bare back.MMMMMMMMMMMMM.His breath is hot and fast and his dog drool seems to sizzle on my overheated skin. It actually feels great!i am fuller than i have ever been.Stuffed, packed, crammed, and complete!As i relax and revel in the feeling, it comes to me what happened:Zeus has inserted his massive knot into my clenching and craving cunt.We were tied.We ARE tied just like the spaniel bitch next door.He wasn't and i wasn't going to go anywhere until his massive meat slowly deflated.i was his for the duration.Joined cock to cunt. Fused together.We were one.HMMMMM.Full to the brim; totally satisfied. Sated as never before.In those long moments, every twitch by one of us was transmitted from one to the other.His twitches caused me new eruptions.My aftershocks generatednew more jets of dog juice, spraying deep inside my womb.As i marveled at the sensations,i became more aware of my position.i was on my hands & knees, servicing a dog.Zeus was atop me;his massive cock haven taken me to new heights of pleasure, was firmly wedged deep within me.Zeus was master.i was was a mind melting realization.i became one with the moment.i lived because his cock filled mecompleted me.Peace settled upon me:Zeus was master.i was his.The End(unless of course someone would like to hear more of these adventures?)
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