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My first time writing a fictional zoo story!Jane woke up one Saturday morning feeling a familiar tingle of excitement curled at the bottom of her stomach. Today was a special day - she would get her first riding lesson at her boyfriend’s dads’ riding stables. Steve had been promising to take her riding ever since they’d first gone out, and now finally three months later one of her longest dreams was going to come true. Hopping lithely out of bed, she pulled on skin tight creamy white trousers, a loose white blouse and knee high black leather boots. They weren’t quite jodhpurs but they’d have to do, she reflected. She made her way downstairs, bracing herself for the onslaught welcome from her two dogs when she opened the kitchen door. Blue was a five year old male blue merle Border Collie, and Stitch was a three year old male Greyhound. Stitch ran up and placed his front paws on her chest, almost reaching her shoulders while straining to lick her face, tail wagging joyously while Blue brushed in and out between her legs, tail wagging at the pace of a whirlwind. Jane laughed and pushed them off playfully. She hadn’t let them sleep in the bed with her last night because she wanted to make sure she was wide awake for today’s events. Stitch stood still, nose level at her crotch, and he nudged her playfully. She felt her knees weaken and began to get wet as he poked his nose insistently, determined to make her play. “Not yet,” she scolded gently. He looked up at her with liquid brown eyes. She grinned and ran a hand along his back and under his flanks. Grasping his sheath lightly, she rubbed her thumb over the tip, causing the pink rod to slide out instantly. “Looks like you’re well ready anyway boy.” She continued rubbing him gently, causing his hips to buck involuntarily and called Blue over to her. He came willingly and stood, back facing Stitch, anticipating what was in store. Stitch mounted Blue and slid his hard rubbery cock into Blue’s anus. Blue stiffened and pushed back onto the heavy cock. Jane kept a firm hold on Stitch’s knot, which had slid rapidly out of the sheath. Stitch bucked and humped in Blue, his hips thrusting faster and faster. Jane crawled underneath the joining and raised her face up until the cock was a blur in her eyes. She stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of his cock and knot as it slid in and out of Blue. Stitch paused momentarily to enjoy the feeling before resuming his fucking, faster than before. She sucked greedily on his knot and balls, feeling them tighten before he exploded deep inside Blue. Jane pulled him out and deep throated him, feeling the cum pour down her throat and into her stomach. She slid her tongue up and down the red veined member, sucking hard, trying to draw it back out. But Stitch had had enough for now and pulled away, curling up in the corner to clean himself out. Blue on the other hand was just ready for some action and nuzzled his head under her arm. “Oh Blue,” she sighed. “We really don’t have time.” He ignored her and pranced in between her open legs, lowering his head to lick the wet stain produced at the front of her pants. She sighed and clambered up, undoing the buttons and sliding off her pants and underwear. Blue’s ears pricked up immediately and he raised his muzzle, driving his tongue deep in among her hairy pussy. She stifled a scream at the cold wet feel on his nose of one of her most sensitive spots and rubbed his head, pushing her pussy deeper onto his nose. She squeezed Blue's tongue involuntarily with her pussy. The long pink muscle flashed in and out, busily lapping up her free flowing juices. She pushed him away and walked into the front room. He pranced close behind, hopping as he tried to lick her bum at every given opportunity. She lay down on the firm couch in the front room and patted her pussy. Blue needed no second invitation. He jumped up and settled himself between her legs, getting back to what he had been doing as Jane pulled off her top and bra. The curtains were still closed since last night so she had no worry of anyone looking in on them. Then she reached down pulled Blue’s head out of her pussy. His mournful brown eyes showed confusing and bewilderment. She pulled him halfway up the couch, scooting out to the edge so he was standing between her and the back of the couch. When his head was level with her nipples, she lifted his front paws and placed them on the very edge of the couch. Then she pulled his back paws over too, and slid herself against the back of the couch. Blue looked back at her over his shoulder then shrugged as only a dog can and reached out to lick her again. Jane sat up slightly and moved his right front paw and back paw over her body so that he was straddling her in a 69 position. Then she lay down flat on her back and slid her head under his tail. She looked up at his ample equipment swinging over her head and caught his furry sheath in the hand. He paused his licking, clearly wondering what this new couch game was. She caressed him gently, coaxing out more and more of his pink rod. It enlarged quickly, and pre-cum started oozing out of the tip. She caught each drop on her tongue and swallowed quickly, loving the salty metallic taste. She bucked her pussy up at Blue, feeling his nose slid into her, and raised her head quickly before she came herself. She caught the end of his cock in her mouth and slid her tongue along its length, teasing and kissing it to its hardest state. Blue began bucking his hips, looking for the tight space which would milk his hard cock. She rubbed his balls and knot eagerly while sucking hard on the tip of his cock, and swirling her tongue in and out of the piss slit. Eventually however, Blue made the move by jumping off the couch and dancing about eagerly. Jane smiled sexily and scooted her bum to the edge of the couch, sitting upright and then laid back. Blue bounced on top of her, paws straddling her shoulders and she shuddered in delight at the feel of his silky fur against her flesh. His cock poked into the folds of her pussy and he bucked furiously, driving it all the way in. Jane screeched and lifted herself up to meet him, helping him to saw in and out of her. She threw her arms around his neck to pull him further into her, straining to get him all in. Finally his knot slid in and he froze as the cum poured out deep into her womb. He was just draining off when the door was nudged open and Stitch pranced in. His eyes lit up at the sight on the couch and he bounded over. Before Jane could shout at him to stop, he remounted Blue and pushed himself into him. Blue stiffened and tried to buck backwards but he was stuck fast in Jane’s pussy. His cock began to harden once again inside her as Stitch kept banging away furiously on him. Blue began to buck in and out of Jane’s pussy, his knot having slid back out of her. She reached a trembling hand underneath him and caught his knot to prevent it entering her again. “Oh yesss yesss,” she groaned. “Fuck me, yes Blue that’s it good dog, GOOD DOG, OH YES THAT’S A GOOD BOY FUCK ME YES OHHH OOOHHHHH.” The three of them were moving together until finally Stitch slammed himself into Blue, his knot preventing him from tieing and came in a steady stream. Blue froze at these new feelings and thus Jane tightened her grip on his knot, squeezing to make him cum. His cum mixed with her pussy juices and poured onto the floor. He then withdrew and lay down, licking at himself. Jane lay where she was, trembling from the ongoing orgasms. After a few minutes, Stitch jumped up on her right side and curled up, nose resting on her right leg. Blue did the same to her left leg, and they lay together, thinking about what had just happened…
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