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Hi I'm MandyIve been lurking about on here for a while but with nothing to post its been hard to get nvolved. Just figured I would tell you all an experiance I had about 2 years ago, its nothing out of the ordinary in my sexual experiances, but hey what the hell here goes.Its a Tuesday morning and the suns starting to creep through the curtains at that time of year when the coal black morinings are starting to surrender to the lighter days of spring. The flowers are even starting to appear in my garden, and as the saying goes, the sap was rising. The day started like any other day, me rising reluctantly and trudging off to the loo for a pee. while sitting there Bernie strolls in as he normaly does to wish me good morning with a big doggy breath lick on the face.I get off the loo and walk over to the sink to brush my teeth and stare in the mirror at the morning moster that greats me, eyes sunken with huge bags and puffy cheecks. I am still half comatozed from sleep as I am brushing my teeth when I feel Bernies cold wet nose and hot breath go up under my nighty, poke my bottom and give me a nudge, sniff and lick. In my relationship with Bernie he has access to me sexualy whenever he wants, I never force him although I do give him the signals. This morning is different, he never normaly is sexual forst thing in the morning, so this is a supprise, a nce one, but a supprise all the same.To signal to him it is ok I have a code word which he knows means NO. Nudge Nudge, no code no problem. I think it over for a minute and then he does something he has never done before, he barks. He is obviously impatiant, and I jump a mile slightly scared, but even more excited now as Bernie is a powerfull dog, he's a newfoundland, big black slobbery and wonderfull.There I am toothbrush in my mouth, I move back from the sink slighty and lean over. Bernie need no more invitation, he mounts me and I feel the hot, wet jets of precum on my ass and thighs.I remember saying encouraging words to him, as he always has trouble finding the mark. But today he is impatiant, and I can feel jab jab jab all over my ass. Jab Jab, As I part my egs slightly, Whoooooo shit, hes in and away but hes in my ass which I am not ready for. He is in no mood to stop and I am squirmimg under him with no way of getting away. I can feel the searing in my ass which is unusual as I do like it up there, then I strt to relax. Heaven knows what the neighbors must think, I am not quiet and i am sure they must be able to hear my Ohh Ahhh and oh shit oh yess and Owww etc. But I dont care.So there I am with a tooth brush still in my mouth and a dog humping my anus for all he's worth. He was only doing my for about a minute when he stops, I can feel him getting large (the best bit girls) but this time unlike any other I realise he is growing in me. I have never taken his Knot at this point, I am too small length ways in the pussy and I never have in the ass. But on this morning I am getting all of him and a worm glow decends over me due to a feeling of contentment.I feel him cumming adn I offer smoothing wordsand after about 2 minutes he tries to get off but supprise, supprise we are stuck. Its a sharp pain when he moves, so I try and hold him. Unfortunalt he is not expecting this and pannick.I get 12 stone of dog frantickly trying to dismount his bitch, in the process I mannage to grab his collar and a front paw and contain him. after a few more horible moment i hear a pop and slutter of him dropping out of me. After cleaning up him and me I return to the bedroom and inspect my ass to see if there is any dammage, I can see no blood but I am gaping open. When I turn round I notice my back is another story. I am ripped to shreds, there are 7 realy bad scratches over 5 inches long criss crossing my sides and lower back. All in places I cannot treat.I make the decision to goto my docs and make some stupid story about being drunk and not knowing what happened.I get a week off work for the wonds to heal and spend 5 days of it mating with bernie, Im saw, Im knackered and I am in love.You cant beat the site of a lover cumming in you and seeing it all dripp down out of your pussy. Did it put me off anal sex, hell no, but I now hang on to his legs. And I still havent tied in my pussy. But I have now bought myself a Horse dick dildo to work on that and my fantacy.hope this was ok. if I get enough responce I might have a go at another one.
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