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HI all! This is the next story (true) of when the Great Dane had me alone....hope you enjoy!It was one of those rare nights when I was all alone in the house on a Friday night; kids all gone to friends for the weekend and hubby working late. Tiny was following me all around the house shadowing every step I took. He even went into the bathroom while I took a nice hot soothing bath. I shaved my pussy carefully because hubby and I liked it nice and smooth, it felt so good that way. I toweled off and went to the bedroom as Tiny kept poking his huge nose into my crotch and ass trying to get a good licking going. It really felt wonderful and I was getting very horny but I was saving my cum for Lee! I dusted my body with honey dust, especially around my now swollen pussy lips; I noticed I was leaking a bit of juice from Tiny's attempts to lick me! I chose a black garter belt and stockings and slipped them on then went looking in my dresser drawer for my black short nighty. Lee loved it when I dressed up for him and it made me feel so sexy! where could that thing be, I wondered. I bent over to look in the bottom drawer exposing my sweet smelling, honey flavored ass and pussy to Tiny and he was right there! The next thing I knew he had his long hot tongue laving my pussy and ass, opening me up with every stroke of his velvet tongue. Damn, I was immediately wet and he was getting very insistent with his licking nearly knocking me forward onto the dresser. I scolded him mildly and turned to go to the bed; as I did, I tripped over his huge paw between my feet and literally fell to the edge of the bed where I just managed to catch myself! At that very instant I knew I was in trouble as Tiny was on my back quickly thinking I had presented myself to him to be bred! This huge beast was on my back dragging me to the floor as I squirmed to get free; this seemd to excite him even more. He had his powerful forepaws around my waist now and I could feel him humping and shuffling his feet for better leverage. His strength was phenomenal and I felt his cock tip hit my ass and slide over my back pumping pre-cum all over me! He pulled back again and his cock hit my thighs, stabbing hard to find my pussy entrance. I moved forward a bit and he pushed again just as I did and I felt his cock tip slide into my wet pussy! We were both excited from the struggle (I've always had a secret rape fantasy!) and he felt the heat from my opening and hammered forward hard, sliding his huge member into me. When he felt my heat and wetness he gripped me harder and plunged his entire length into me. I started to cum immediately and this helped him go in even deeper. I felt the tip of his engorged cock slide into my cervix and open me up. His knot began to swell and rub against my G-spot now and cum began to flow from me like a river! I pushed back against my lover imploring him to go deeper...f*** me harder! I was filled like I never thought possible and it was glorious! I felt his heavy balls slapping against my lips, felt my hot cum seeping down my thighs and I was in a blissful state! I felt his rear legs gather and he suddenly drove forward hard into my aching pussy and my cervix swelled as the hot tip went into me even further than I had imagined possible! HIs huge knot was now seated firmly insde me and I felt his hot hot cum begin pumping deep into me. It felt like I had a softball lodged in my pussy canal and a horse cock buried inside me pumping me full of white hot cum! I was moaning and mewling as incredible orgasms washed over me, shooting white hot blazes inside my head. I was unnaturally full of hot cock and his cum was filling me to the breaking point; I collapsed onto my elbows as drool ran from my mouth down onto my forearms. He kept me tied for nearly 20-30 minutes, I guess, before I felt his knot begin to slide from me and cum gushed out onto the floor and ran down my thighs in rivers. I knew I had been f*****! I was so weak that I had to hold onto the doorjamb and the walls of the hallway to make it to the bathroom for another hot bath. Lee came home and found me collapsed on the bed, naked, with Tiny right behind me. He had to put Tiny in another room so we could make love! We eventually had to give him back to the lady we got him from because he was so jealous of me! But we did have a couple more encounters before that happened! Hope you enjoyed this installment of my true tales.
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