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So Happy to See You by HyBrithe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------So Happy to See YouI've always enjoyed the company of animals and today was no exception. It took me well over twelve years to understand who I am and what I was. The fear of stories past, etched a horrid memory in my mind. Having been raised in a very Christian family, Bible stories of Sodom and Gomorrah struck terror into my heart. I loved animals and hearing others say that having sexual contact with them was cruelty to animals, made me stay in check with my real feelings for them. Luckily with the Internet, I was able to meet other zoophiles and become more comfortable with myself and begun understanding the true mean of being a zoophile.It was a fine spring morning and the dew from the night's chill still clung to the grass. In Northern Wisconsin, the sun always seems clearer then down south. I was visiting my aunt and uncle's farm to relieve some stress. I've always loved working on a farm. I never feel the same satisfaction from working in a factory than from harvesting corn, or taking care of the animals on a farm. Your sweat mixed with dust from the hayloft. The pleasant smell of manure flaring into your nostrils. Even the dirt and body oils stuck under your fingernails from rubbing the animals all day long. All pleasing to my senses. If it wasn't for the fact that most farms are going under, I would have had one some time ago.On the top, my uncle makes his money by buying the springer heifers, fatting them up on rich hay, and reselling them at a higher price. They break just a little bit higher then cost and are able to make by alright. However, it wouldn't be a farm with "just" cows. My aunt loves animals to the same point that I do. They have pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, dogs, and then to my favorite, horses. MY aunt's horses to be exact. Five of them altogether, and not a bad temper in any one of them.The eastern sky was starting to lighten up, but the sun was still a good hour away from rising. For those of you how think that all farmers wake at the crack of dawn, well forget it. If you have to milk them, then yes; but otherwise a farmer will sleep in just the same as you and I. Even though a farmer might sleep in, the animals don't always follow suet.I quietly got dressed in my room and walked down the hardwood stairs in my socks. I tiptoed past my aunt and uncle's bedroom doorway and made my way onto the porch. I put my black leather boots on with my blue nylon winter coat, and made my way to the barn. I slowly shoved the barn door aside and flipped the first two light switches on. The animals didn't take any action as they where already awake and to busy taking care of their own actions. I walked in with the stealth of a veteran cat and visited the pigs first. I felt something hit my leg and turned my head down to see. One of the barn cats had come to say hello to me and I bent down to pet it. I patted it a few time on the back with a quick scratch behind the ears and left it. I took a few steps and looked behind me to see him arch his back downwards and let out a yawn that would have made a mouse faint dead away.I heard to soft squeals and grunts from the piglets nursing from their mother. She just laid there on her side with her eyes closed as the sausage shaped little devil greedily grabbed for any nipple they could get. I patted the old sow a few times on her side and she lifted an eyelid to see me. She grunted once and closed her eyes once more knowing that she had the last word. I went a few steps down to see the new born calves. They were eager to see me and pushed each other out of the way to greet me.I put my hand out for them to smell and they reached out with their heads to lick my hand. I spread my fingers out and they grabbed my fingers into their mouths to suckle. I felt their tongues roll around my fingers and tried to coax them for milk that they didn't have. Still just having the satisfaction and comfort of an object in their mouths to pacify on was enough for them.I let them comfort themselves on me for a minute or two and walked out and closed the barn door. The horse's stables where a short walk up the hill and I was starting to feel a little excited. They had spent the night out in pasture and I saw them already up and at em'. I walked into the stables to grad a flake of hay and some sweet grain into my left hand. I also took a curry comb off the second shelf and put it into my pocket. I flung the hay over the railing and let myself out and left the gate wide open. I stretched down and picked up the hay once more. The horses had seen me by now and where walking slowly over to me to greet me. At point was the stallion, Buckwheat. A buck skin with golden eyes of that of a cat more then a horse. He was about sixteen and a half hand's tall and noble in his gait. He was still chewing on the last remains of grass he had been eating and greeted me with a soft bump with his shoulder. I put the hay down for the others to eat on while I began to let my fingers roam on his flank.He still had a few remains of his winter coat on still and I pulled on the tuffs to get them off. I took the comb out of my coat and stroked him gently on his withers. The soft rubber teeth of the comb fought and bite to get out the odd remains of his winter coat. I would stroke him once or twice before I would have to clean the comb again. He just stood there as relaxed as could be as he let me touch him all over.He swung his head around to meet me and ran the bridge of his nose into my elbow. His ears where perked up and he flared his nostrils twice to take in the air around me. I put out my left hand with the oats out in his face. I felt his breath on my hand once and put his top lip into the palm of my hand. He was just all too happy to take what I was giving him and didn't hesitate to ask why. When he had gotten all that he could, he licked my hand once to get the molasses off and took in the air around him once more to familiarize who I was.I was still combing out his coat with my right hand as I reached under his chest and used my fingernails to scratch him. He was living the good life and stretched out his neck and began to flehmen his top lip with the over coming pleasure he was feeling. Being the zoophile I am, I had to peek under him to see if was getting aroused. His sheath was bloated and four inches of his monster size dick was peeking out. That was all it took to me aroused.I led him back into the stables and closed the gate behind me this time. I got on my knees and stoked the inside of his front legs. I felt the hardness of his chestnuts on the inside of his legs and used my knuckles to rub them hard. I started to inch my way under him and took the curry comb to sooth his chest. He stood there adamant at first but he soon relaxed to the presence underneath him. I just knelt there underneath him watching his dick elongating as I rubbed and stroke his chest. I waited until his penis had dropped all the way before I got closer to it. His dick was about twelve inches long and he wasn't even erect yet. Feeling a little penis envy, I reached out to take his penis into my hand. It bobbed up once and relaxed again to be cradled into my hand. There was smegma built up on it in little balls all around it. I took my free hand and started to gently pull them off. I watch as he started to become more erect in my hand and I started to stroke the entire shaft of his penis. With the curry comb still in my right hand I used it to rub the insides of his thighs and stomach.I took note of his body becoming stiffer and I could tell he was flehmening again. I put the comb down and started to use my right hand to rub his stomach as my left was masturbating him. Having made sure I could get as much smegma off as I could, I took the head of his dick into my mouth. My left hand was starting to get tired so I switched my right hand over and used my left hand to massage his balls. He was fully erect now and started to sway back and forth. I soon got into his rhythm and matched its every beat. Pre-cum started to drip into my mouth and its salty content only made me yearn for more. He started to whinny quietly and the head of his glands flared to a monster size until it could no longer fit in my mouth. I used my lips to suck on his dick head as I started to use both hands to stroke his dick. I knew the end wasn't far and with a winch of his body, he threw himself forward in a mighty orgasm.The surprise of him lounging forward caught me off guard as he shoved his dick back into my mouth. A flood of semen drenched my tonsils and I fought to breathe out of my nose. Wave after wave washed into the back of my throat and I couldn't breathe and swallow at the same time. It took long rivers out of the corners of my mouth and splattered on everything around us. It took me a second to regain my composure and took a deep breath and began to suckle his seed. Warm and salty, it slid easily down my throat and I took as much in as I could. I felt it's glow coming from deep within me in my gut as I felt ecstasy and satisfaction all at the same time. Rocking all the time, he pumped his seed with every push forward and let out a loud roar of a whinny. After about a total of a dozen shots of cum I felt his penis begin to go limp and his glands shrunk to the point where I could get his dick out of my mouth finally. I fell on my back as I took a deep breath in and began to feel every inch of my body. He moved off to the side and turned back around to see me on the ground. He stooped over me and breathed in the air around me once more. He tilted his head so that we meet eye to eye. I looked deep into his eyes and found that we where both satisfied. I gazed back up at him greeted my lips to his. I stroked his jaw with my hand as I said soothing, relaxing words to him.I heard a noise at the gate and was relieved to see it was one of the mares and not my aunt. She stood there at the gate watching us for who knows how long as I rubbed him down. Getting to my feet I felt my own wetness in my briefs as my dick was rock hard and full of precum. I rubbed the insides of Buckwheat's ears and opened the gate so he could run off some built up energy. As he left, Stardancer (the mare) walked in. We stood there, eye to eye, and I began to wonder how much she had seen between Buchwheat and me. She put her nose to mine as she began to inhale deeply. I was shocked to feel her tongue run across my lips and realized that Buckwheat's semen was still there. She pressed her tongue over my face from chin to forehead licking up the gobs of cum Buckwheat had deposited there. I was too hard in my pants to be comfortable so I unzipped them to let my dick hang out. She heard the noise and bent over to see what it was. She inhaled once, as my dick was sensitive to the very air, and began to clean my dick off all of it precum. I stood there as she licked my dick about six times before using her tongue and top lip to draw my dick into her mouth. I stood there as she bit down softly, worrying that she might just bit it off but even more excited then before. She loosed her grip on my dick as she began using her tongue to massage it instead. I stood there, unable to move as I came to the edge of an incredible orgasm of my own. I used both of my hands to caress and rub her face, her very lovely face, from ear to jaw. I wanted to so badly but I just could not cum, not yet anyways.The whole situation was too much for my body to react in a reasonable fashion. I pulled my dick out off her mouth, careful not to hurt myself on her teeth, and started to masturbate myself. I took off my shirt as I pressed myself against her body and began to kiss her face. She turned her head around to meet me face to face. She licked my face once and I opened my mouth in hunger. She licked me once more as her tongue fell into my mouth. We stood there with her tongue in my mouth caressing each other's tongue. I could still taste the grass and hay that she had in her mouth. It as a dry, bitter taste but one I some found to enjoy. I started to stroke myself faster until the dizzying heights of ecstasy overcame me and I shot my load all over her.I moaned softly into her ear as we both departed tongues and just stood there lip to lip. I had never come so hard in my life and I felt weak in the knees as I fought to stand upright. I continued to ejaculate on her body as my balls tried to get the very depths of my cum out of me. I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt spent, just standing there rubbing her with one hand on her head and the other wiping the cum into her body. I made sure that her would enjoy this experience but getting a large handful of sweat grain to munch on. I brushed her for a short while afterwards and let her back out in the pasture to "gossip" with her friends.I went back into the house to find my aunt and uncle just beginning to wake up. I had a good breakfast and returned outside to help them with chores. I went home a few days later after a few more morning quickies with the horses. I departed on good terms, my aunt says I can come back at any time to help and the horses just want me to "cum"...
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