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Hello this is one of me newest stories I hope you had like my other two "A Stray in the Yard" and "shadows in the Dark" Id like to share a real experience, unlike the others, that I had with my boyfriend. After about a year since I have been into this, I finally decided to tell my boyfriend about my feelings about bestiality. It was a bit rocky at first; it was a bit hard to tell him. Telling him about my fantasy wanting to be with a dog, coming to this site, telling him how it happened by a stupid rumor. That part in "A Stray in the Yard" was true I won't deny that. He was a little disappointed, I was scared, and I thought he was going to leave me. But I'm happy that he is willing to support me and my feelings. So he came up with this account, I abandoned my txwolfgirl0387, to share this one with him. He's not really as into it as I am but I give him credit for trying to share something with me. Every once in a while will swap a movie or something. I felt really bad, as much as I am grateful to have such a wonderful boyfriend, he shouldn't have to force himself to like something he feels uneasy about. But that was jut his way of showing that he cares and just wants to make me happy. Anyway...I have a friend how sends me video's every now and then by email, and I saved them in my mailbox. One really good clip with a woman and her first time with a German Shepard and a few others. and one day, me and my boyfriend had a paper due for English, so were like "Shit! We have to get this thing done now!" so We go to see our teacher and asked her for the keys to the computer lab on the 3rd floor. She hands us the keys, we go upstairs, unlock the door, I run down and give the keys back, and run back up stairs. So we sit down at the two computers in the back corner of the room and were just talking about what were supposed to do. I scooted my chair till I was really close and I put my head on his shoulder. And as we were talking about the assignment he looked at me an we started kissing. I cant begin to tell you how his kisses feel im in heaven. Anyway, I inched my hand toward his member and gave it a little squeeze. Needless to say he liked of course, and he turned towards me and I decided to be a tease and go back to my computer. “ Go do your work we need to get this done” I said. So the he started to move his chair towards me and he slides his hand under my shirt and begins to touch me and then I can help but to give in, but then he turns back to his computer. So I said ok fine. But knowing anything he does to me is such a turn on I turned back to him.He accepted my kisses as we both just gave in to each other. He turns he chair toward me to where were face to face and we lean in to kiss each other. His hand upon my knee moving his way upward as I spread my legs open. I am lost in heaven as I enjoy every moment of his hand gliding across my body in to my shirt and on to my breast. I shudder as he lightly squeezes and gives a slight pinch to my nipple. I moved on top of him, our bodies pressing up on each other as our passion builds and fills the room. He stops for a moment and unzips his pants and pulls out his huge member as I stand to undo my pants and lower them a bit. He slides the chair a bit forward as he brings his hand to my now wet area and began to insert his finger and I completely collapsed. I sit back on top on him and I spit on my hand to lube it up and placed it on my guys now rock hard cock. I gripped it good as I pumped him in rhythm with his hand. “Wait” he stopped once again for a moment as he turns on the computer. And he goes to the Beastforum site. I was really surprised I didn't expect it. So I went in to my mail. He pulled up the stories that I wrote and I put on the movie with the woman and German Shepard. OMG it was so hot. WE got back to our business but honestly I couldn't focus on the movie. or the story even though he had asked me to read it. The feeling of him inside me was too overwhelming yet at the same time I couldn't have felt more loved in my life. There I was on top of my guy, him going in me and the warmth that I had felt in our connection , mixed with the little surprise about the site and the story and the movie. It couldn't have been better. This is just a thing that were trying to face together. I am what I am and no matter what, I cant do anything about it. And I've tried to change that. I don't want to like this, I know its wrong and immoral. And im sure there are people who feel the same way. Im just glad I have found some one who is willing to stand by me and I couldn't be with anyone better. Love you honey. I hope you enjoyed my story
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