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This is a story about a friend of mine. He was just an ordinary Joe with an ordinary life, but with an extraordinary secret. After you finish reading my account you may think this is all true, or perhaps you might think it’s a work of fiction? That’s up to you to decide.Joe and I met during my sophomore year in college. We both lived in the same dorm and got to know the other through mutual friends, and we really hit it off from the very beginning. He was an outwardly quiet guy, who didn’t like to be the centre of attention and he had a wicked sense of humour. He was always sensitive to other’s feelings, was a great listener and a ready support for his pals. Everyone liked Joe. We became firm friends and moved in the same circles, often going to the games and to bars with only the other for company. He was the quiet to my loud, and the calm to my spirited nature. We complimented each other. Joe graduated a year before me and got a job in the city some 100 miles away from our college. He had studied Sports Science and was interning as a junior aid for the physiotherapists of a well known basketball team. We kept in touch regularly, with me visiting him often, and benefiting from his position with great seats for the games and the odd locker room pass to meet the players. After I graduated, I got a position as a book keeper in a good accounting firm, but this was in another state all the way over in the Northeast. I’m afraid to say that Joe and I lost contact for many years after I moved for the job. I missed him, but life goes on and I hoped that he knew I thought of him and wished him only the best.Well, just last month I got an email from an address that was not in my contacts. It was Joe. He had tracked me down through the college’s ‘former students’ website directory. It was so great to hear from him after all those years. His email was short, only about five lines, but even in those short lines I got the sense that something was not right. Joe just did not sound like himself. It’s difficult to describe, but we had been firm friends for two solid years, and I knew him, and knew when there was something on his mind. I waited until I got home that night and dialed the number that Joe had given me in his email.It was like old times. We were the type of friends who would simply pick up where we’d left off, and it felt, after an hour’s conversation, that we had never lost contact. Joe was doing well in his job, had been taking night classes in Spanish and French, and was also running a Pilates class in a local gym twice weekly. He was keeping himself busy. Socially he had made quite a few friends and was getting out, but he said that he missed our bond and the fact that he could tell me absolutely anything. This was my cue to ask if there was something that he needed to talk about. Without hesitation and with a great sense of relief, Joe poured his heart out to me. It took me a while to digest what I was hearing, but I was not about to judge my best friend. At this point he needed to vent, not to be criticized or offered advice. I listened. Usually our roles were reversed, as I was the one who was used to leaning on Joe for support. I was happy to be there for him. After our conversation, I promised to keep in touch and made Joe promise that he would continue to talk things over with me if he needed to do so. “You can always count on me.” I told him. That night I had difficulty sleeping. I guess Joe’s story had disturbed me more than I had realised. I stayed awake for many hours, tossing, and turning the events over and over in my mind. I knew a bit about the night in question because I had been there.It was Joe’s senior year and he was set to graduate in 4 months time. I was a junior, doing well in my classes and thoroughly enjoying college life and all the freedoms we had. We had just been to our College basketball game where we had beaten our opponents by a sizeable margin, and had gone to a local bar across the avenue to celebrate the win with a few of our friends. We chatted, laughed and played drinking games for a few hours, before deciding to go to a nightclub for some serious dancing. Someone had caught my eye at the bar. He was about 6’2”, athletic with a nice face, and was standing on his own, enjoying a beer. I nudged Joe and pointed at my target. Joe looked and shrugged. He was used to my ways. I was not overly promiscuous, but certainly enjoyed meeting and partying with new people. Joe was less of a partier than I was, but he did have his fair share of relationships while in college. Joe and I had actually been lovers too. We only did it once, and it was great for both of us, but we realised that our relationship as friends had far surpassed that of boyfriends. We were also not ready to commit to anyone. There were far too many other single, available men to be had. I went over to the bar and stood next to the guy I was eyeing. He was really quite classically handsome, with a strong jaw line, high cheekbones and the most gorgeous green eyes. I bought him a drink and we talked for a bit. His name was Rob, and he was a grad student studying Art History, and lived off campus. I told him that we were heading to the nightclub and invited him along, but he was meeting another friend in the bar and said that he would think about joining us later. We parted after about fifteen minutes, with him holding a napkin with my phone number on it.Joe, the gang and I headed out to the club. This was our favourite place to go on a Saturday night. The DJ played the best mix of music, and the crowd always brimmed with energy. After a couple hours there, I noticed Rob on the edge of the dance floor, and he was alone. I danced up to him and pulled him on the floor. This guy could move. He was like a greased eel that slid effortlessly across the floor. His hip movements were nothing short of intoxicating. We drank and danced the night away, with Joe and I often sandwiching Rob between us. I did notice that Rob seemed to like Joe in front of him and slid his hands provocatively along Joe’s torso and belly. It was turning out to be a better night than I had imagined when Rob invited us back to his place. Joe and I had often done threesomes where we’d tag team the third guy, but had never had sex with each other during these parties.We three fell through the front door into the living room, high on drink and the anticipation of a good romp. Joe slumped on the couch while I followed Rob into the kitchen to get some drinks. I couldn’t keep my hands off him for a moment longer. I pushed him against the fridge and kissed him hungrily, lashing his tongue with my own, and running my hands under his shirt and over his toned chest and abs. He reached down and covered my crotch with his hand, rubbing me with his palm. He unzipped me and took out my hard cock, stroking it in a slow, lazy motion. We broke our kiss and Rob licked and kissed my neck before removing my shirt. I was hot with desire, and wanted immediate relief, but Rob took his time, prolonging my pleasure and my agony. He took an ice cube from a glass on the table and rolled it around one of my nipples, then slowly licked the melted droplets off me, teasing me. He circled his tongue around my nipple and sucked it into his mouth. His hot mouth on my sensitive, freezing nipple was pure heaven. I threw my head back and moaned loudly, pulling his face to mine for a deep kiss that left us both breathless. Rob pulled away from me panting, and with a twinkle in his eye, he picked up the tray of drinks and went back into the living room to join Joe. I was left with a raging hard-on sticking out of my jeans, throbbing and unfulfilled. I took a few minutes to regain my composure in the kitchen, then tucked myself back into my pants and followed Rob into the living room. He was sitting on the sofa next to Joe when I joined them, running his hands inside Joe’s shirt. Joe grinned, raised his glass to me, and leaned into Rob kissing him long and hard. I felt my semi-erection harden again. I went to kneel between Rob’s legs and undid his belt and his zip, releasing his thick, hard, heavily veined cock. I listened to them moaning against each others mouths while I ran my tongue up the length of Rob’s member. He tensed and gasped as I sucked his head into my mouth and lashed the rim with my tongue. I loved nothing better than sucking on a cock. I looked up to see Joe undress and kneel on the sofa, with Rob taking Joe’s cock in his own mouth. I stroked Rob with one hand and myself with my other, watching Rob’s hungry mouth devouring Joe. We were like three well trained acrobats, switching positions fluidly between tricks. Joe and I tended to Rob’s cock, while he sucked us in turn, taking us almost to the edge, and then stopping just before we were ready to explode. Our act moved to the bedroom, where our sweaty, glowing bodies continued in their naked dance. We got Rob on his hands and knees on the bed, and Joe entered him from behind, pounding his ass in long deep strokes. I was under Rob taking his succulent cock deep in my throat, gagging slightly when Joe pushed him so hard that he jerked further down my gullet. My cock stood proudly and slapped against my belly and I almost came the instant I felt Rob closing his lips over me. He sucked the head, jerking it back and forth in his mouth as he was being rammed by Joe, whose familiar groans escalated to a pitch that told me he was about to cum. I released Rob from my mouth because I knew Joe usually thrust very violently a few times before he came and I didn’t want to gag when Rob’s cock was pushed too far down my throat. I went to stand in front of Rob and fed my throbbing cock into his mouth. I thrust while he sucked me and squirted my seed down his throat just a few seconds before Joe exploded his semen deep into Rob’s ass with three giant thrusts. As Joe fell away from Rob, I lay down on the bed and lifted my hips. Rob lost no time and buried his hard, sweet cock deep into me. He had a lovely body and the power to match it. He filled me with his strong thrusts, dipping deeply into me then grinding with those fabulous gyrating hips. It didn’t take long before Rob allowed himself to climax, filling me with his cum. He was by far one of the better fucks that I had known. We all collapsed together on the bed, and after some post coital stroking, I fell into a sound sleep. It is at this point that my knowledge of the night’s events ended, and I managed to settle into a troubled sleep while mulling over Joe’s account of the rest of that night.Joe woke up after a few hours and went for a drink of water. He was no longer feeling tired, so decided to go into the living room to watch the television. While he was flicking through the channels, he was surprised to hear the front door open, and even more surprised to see Rob coming in with a bouncy dog on a leash. The dog stopped when he saw Joe and growled, but was quietened by his owner and introduced to Joe as Danny the dopey Dalmatian. Danny was great. He was so friendly, jumping up on Joe and covering his face with licks. Joe wondered where Danny had been all the while we three were making out, and Rob explained that he was kenneled outside during the day, because he had wrecked the place a few times when Rob was out. Joe did actually vaguely remember a dog barking outside when we had first arrived back at Rob’s place. Rob joined Joe on the couch after he had settled Danny down. They chatted a bit about their majors and their plans for the future and realised that they had quite a lot in common. After sharing a couple cups of coffee, Joe went to use the bathroom and soon emerged with a container of warm sudsy water, a couple flannels and a towel. He smiled at Rob and putting his items on the side table, leaned into Rob and kissed him deeply, tasting the sweet, milky coffee from his lips and tongue. With shallow breath, Joe undressed Rob and pushed him to sit on the couch, positioning himself in front of him. Rob reached for a flannel, dipped it in the soapy water, and began to wash Joe’s erect cock. Joe stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at Rob, maintaining eye contact all the while with this new lover, loving the sensation of the coarse flannel on his throbbing dick. When he had finished gently cleaning Joe’s cock and balls, Rob pulled Joe into him taking the cock in his mouth, and wrapping his lips around the glans. He ran his tongue down, then up the length before sucking the head back into his mouth and moving his mouth slowly down the shaft, taking it deep into his throat. Joe moaned and holding Rob’s head steady, mouth f***** him with a few rapid thrusts. Rob was game. He grabbed Joe’s buttocks and pulled him further into his mouth until Joe could feel the vibrations from Rob’s gags on his cock. He pulled out and stroked himself hard, feeding his balls to Rob whose anxious mouth sucked on them hungrily, rolling his tongue around them. He pulled away and sank to his knees between Rob’s legs. He took the other flannel and washed Rob’s member and balls, before taking them into his own mouth. He kissed and caressed Rob’s cock as he would a most precious loved one, savouring its scent and the flavour. While he was busy taking Rob deep into his mouth, he suddenly felt a tongue on his ass. Joe looked around with a start, only to see Danny watching back at him with his head cocked to one side. Rob laughed at Joe’s mortified look and guided his lover’s head back to his hard, glistening cock. “He’s harmless really,” Rob said, “Don’t let him distract you.” Joe saw the gleam in Rob’s eyes and took his sweet cock back into his mouth, running his tightened lips over the length. As he quickened his pace, he felt Danny licking his cheeks again. “Just go with it,” Rob told him before he could pull away, “Doesn’t it feel great to you?” Joe hesitated, but it did feel good!“Dip your back and spread your legs a bit.” instructed Rob as he guided Joe’s head back down onto his impatient cock. Joe complied and felt his cock leap to attention when Danny’s long, wet tongue lashed at his crack and licked his anus. He clutched Rob’s dick a bit tighter and pushed his mouth harder down its length when he felt that soft tongue lapping at his balls. He had never felt anything like this. Danny’s tongue was the best that he’d ever had. Joe devoured Rob’s cock with an intensity of feeling that mimicked those he was getting from Danny. He found himself relaxing and relishing in the rapid movement of that flexible tongue. Danny just seemed to know what Joe liked. He licked his inner thighs and balls, and then sniffed around Joe’s underneath to sample the precum that was oozing from his quivering cock. Joe pulled his mouth off Rob and threw his head back moaning loudly. “Oh God, this is too much!” he groaned when Danny found his anus again and sucked at it with rapid, shallow, lapping motions. He could feel the tongue slipping its tip into his ass. He buried his head back into Rob’s lap, sucking his cock hard and strong while stroking him rapidly at the base, and he let Rob hold his head firmly while he thrust into his mouth, ejaculating cum deep into his throat.“That was so great.” moaned Rob, “But now it’s your turn.”Rob put some cushions down on the floor for Joe to kneel on, and he got him to spread his legs a bit to lower his butt.“You’re in for a treat.” he said teasingly. Joe didn’t refuse. Danny’s tongue on his ass was sublime, and he wanted to sample more. Joe watched as Rob exposed Danny’s cock from its sheath, and watched in awe when he began to hunch his hips rapidly.“What’s that?” asked Joe. “That’s his knot, and it’s going to grow inside of you. Do you think you can take it?” Rob then leaned down and took the pointy tip of Danny’s cock into his mouth. He looked at Joe and smiled. “Are you ready?”Joe’s silence was his answer. Rob parted Joe’s cheeks, and spitting some saliva onto his hole, he rubbed it around the rim and dipped his finger just inside. “You’re fairly relaxed huh?” Joe looked around at Danny who was standing with tongue lolling out and watching his master. He could just see the pink tip of his dick showing from the sheath. Rob let another bolus of saliva fall onto Joe’s hole, rubbed it just around and inside the rim as before, then patted Joes’s ass.“Up!” Joe felt Danny mount him and grasp his waist. He could feel the hard tip of his cock hitting against the inside of his ass cheeks and his just skirting his anus in its search for it’s target and he was amazed at the rapidity of the thrusting. Danny jumped off him and once again gave Joe’s ass a wet tongue lashing. “Danny, up!!”Joe spread his legs a bit more to lower his bum and was mounted once more by the eager dog. This time Danny was more focused and after a few hunches, he found the anus. Joe could feel the tip entering his hole and then had to brace himself for the strong thrusting that drove the length of Danny’s cock deep into him. The sensation was exquisite. The feel of Danny’s fur against his ass and back and the strong grip of legs around Joe’s waist were sensational. He relished Danny’s vigorous mating and could feel the slap of Danny’s balls against his own. The panting in Joe’s ear when Danny rested his head over his right shoulder only served to excite him more. This act was so basal, so raw. But Joe was overwhelmed with the excitement that it created in him. He began to move back against the dog’s strong thrusts, matching his movements, aware of Rob taking his cock in his mouth and cleaning it of the seeping precum. He was also aware of hot fluid running down the crack of his ass and dripping on his balls before hitting the floor. Danny’s cock felt so hot inside of his ass, and that heat only increased Joe’s sensation. Joe could feel his rectum being stretched as Danny’s thrusts slowed, and he knew that the knot had formed. He could feel it pressing against the inside of this ring, stimulating that sensitive area. Joe’s cock was rock hard through most of the coupling, and it yearned for release. Rob was paying it some attention with his hand and his mouth, but not enough to get him relief. He was deliberately taking him to the edge then backing off again. “Be still and let him settle down a bit Joe. He’ll need to turn around now”Joe didn’t quite understand how this would work, but eventually Rob lifted Danny off his back and helped him to position himself so that they were ass to butt and still tied. The hot cum continued to seep out of Joe’s stretched hole dripping onto the cushions below. When Danny moved slightly, Joe felt the tug of the knot on the inside of his ring and this sent electric tingles through him. He needed to cum himself. Eventually Danny’s knot deflated enough to pull out of Joe’s ass, and as it popped out it was followed with a wealth of hot cum. Joe stayed on his hand and knees for few a more minutes, reeling form the sensations that coursed through him. Never in a million years had he ever imagined himself in this position, but he had enjoyed the experience tremendously. Finally he sat against the couch and began to stroke himself. He needed to cum. “Don’t do it yourself, Joe. Let Danny help you.”He looked up to see Danny just finish licking his own cock. Joe stroked the base of his cock slowly as Danny went to sit in front of him and licked the head. Joe could feel his balls tightening and pumped the base rapidly before shooting his cum onto Danny’s eager tongue. He closed his eyes and sighed with ultimate pleasure, feeling completed satiated. If he never had sex again, this was enough to satisfy him for a lifetime. He glanced at Rob who was kneeling next to Danny, stroking his head and smiling. Joe pulled Rob over for a deep lingering kiss, and whispered to him,“Thank you. That is something I will never forget!”I awoke from my troubled sleep, and remembered waking alone in Rob’s bed the next morning. I stumbled into the living room and saw a naked Joe asleep on the settee with Rob curled up on the floor next to a Dalmatian. The dog had jumped up and barked at me when I emerged, but was quickly calmed by his wakened master. I did recall Joe opening his eyes and giving me a strange look, but I never did try to interpret it. I was blissful in my ignorance. We had quick showers and breakfast there, and that’s the last time that I ever saw Rob. Joe phoned me again today to ask how I felt about what he had told me. He had buried that night’s experience for all this time and had never repeated it, but had guilty feelings for enjoying it so much. So why bring this up now I asked. Just as Joe had found me, Rob had looked him up and made contact with Joe. He was asking to see him again. They both still lived in the same state, and were only a couple hours drive away from the other. Rob’s contact had flooded Joe’s memory with the sensations that his mating with Danny had given him, and the guilt had surfaced. He wanted a real friend to know and to understand what he’d done. “Will you see Rob again?” I asked.“I want to. I really enjoyed him and I really enjoyed the dog. Do you hate me?”“Of course not, Joe. You’re my best bud. I love you and I want you to do what you feel is right for you.”“He asked about you too, you know. He wanted to know if we stayed in touch.”“That was nice of him,” I laughed, “I thought he’d have forgotten me by now.”“Thanks pal. You’ve always been there for me. I really needed to get this off my chest.”“Sure bud. I’m actually glad you told me. I honestly had no idea.”“I’m going to go see him, I think. Yeah, I’ll connect with him again.”“Does he still have the dog?” I asked.“Yes, although Danny is getting on. I think he’s seven now? But Rob did say that he had one of Danny’s sons as well and that he was well trained too.”“Well Joe, you go for it, and I hope you enjoy yourself. But I do have one serious question for you.”“Uh oh. What’s that then pal?”“Well Joe,” I said “I’ve been thinking long and very hard about what you told me, and since he now has two dogs, do you think Rob will share?” Thanks for reading. I'd appreciate any/all comments and criticisms. I can only progress from there Bindis...xx
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