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Here's the first 1... A Fantasy Come True As I quietly walked through my backyard toward the park that bordered our property I felt myself trembling with the anticipation of bringing to life one of my biggest fantasies. When I reached the hedge that separated our yard from the park I stopped. The park looked deserted, but I waited a few moments, watching for any movement therein before I stepped through the gap in the hedge. I had prepared well for this night, wanting everything to be perfect. I was blessed with an unusually warm winter night. The temperature was about fifty with a slight breeze. I was wearing a short pleated skirt, naked underneath, and the breeze made its way under it to caress my pantyless bottom. I had on a down-filled ski jacket in the pocket of which was a brand new dog leash that I had bought the previous day. I walked along our hedge to stand in the park behind my neighbor's house. It was 2:00 AM, my husband had been at work for about three hours and I had plenty of time. He did not know about this aspect of my life. Ever since I began having sex with Heathcliffe, a black lab belonging to one of the women I worked with, I had been trying to talk him into getting a dog but he was not interested. I had spent a lot of time on the Internet and had found several chat rooms devoted to sex with animals. I had chatted with a woman who made a suggestion that had really turned me on. Since I had no dog of my own, she suggested that I pick up stray dogs for sex. She told me that she herself did that quite often. Something about the idea of having sex with strange dogs drove me absolutely wild. I mentioned to her that I had thought about having sex with Chief, my neighbor's dog. She said that she thought strays were safer than a neighbor's dog, but the conversation got me so hot that I started to fantasize heavily about letting Chief fuck me. It soon became an obsession. Now, I was going to try to bring that fantasy to realization. I looked at the back of my neighbor's house, it was dark and quiet. I waited a few moments, watching the house for any sign that anyone was awake, then I carefully opened the gate and stepped into the yard. Chief looked up as I approached and stood up, stretching. He seemed happy to see me and I quickly unchained him and attached my leash, then led him back into the park. This part of the park was wide open, well lighted, and near to a street. Not what I wanted. I had scouted out an area not too far away that was perfect for my plans. It was behind a peace monument, and it was away from streets, lights and was sheltered by some shrubs and small trees. Chief was enjoying his walk, scooting back and forth at the end of the leash, and sniffing at things. He stopped, lifted his leg and sprayed a signpost, giving me a view of his sheath and balls. I was getting wetter by the minute. We got into a darker area and I called Chief over to me. Lifting up my skirt, I got some of my moisture on my fingers and offered him a smell of my pussy. He wasn't overly interested at first but I was ready for this. When we got to my chosen site I reached into my pocket and took out a 5cc syringe I had brought home from my job as a nurse and filled with honey. I squirted a little on the outside of my pussy and then inserted the syringe and put about 3 cc's inside of me. I squirted the rest on my fingers and offered them to Chief. This he liked. He licked my fingers clean and I brought them down to my crotch. He smelled the honey on me and started licking away like mad. Chief's tongue felt so good as he licked my pussy. He was driving me crazy. My knees were getting weak and my pussy was throbbing with desire. Right up until this moment I wasn't sure if I was going to go through with my plan, now I knew. I had to have him inside me! I dropped to all fours and flipped my skirt up on my back. Chief moved around behind me and began licking again. I had seen him fuck a stray bitch in his yard once and I figured he would know what to do. I didn't have to wait long. Chief jumped up and clasped me around my waist with his front legs and started humping at me but not hitting the right target. I tried to stick my ass up in the air further and could feel his cock bumping my crotch. I had to have it! I reached back to try and guide him in and he growled at me! Frightened, I stopped trying to help and let him do it on his own. He paused his thrusting briefly and got a firmer grip on my waist. I could feel him pulling me toward him and I knew that he was in charge now, I couldn't stop what was about to happen. He was going to possess me. His new grip brought some success as I felt the tip of his cock penetrate me, then slip out again. This happened a couple of times and then, with a brutal thrust, he drove it into me all the way. It went in easily, the combination of his pre-cum and my wetness providing plenty of lubrication. I tried to be quiet but the feel of his huge penis spreading my pussy lips was too much, and I let out a small groan. He began fucking me in earnest and in a couple of strokes I felt his knot banging against my entrance. At first I had intended to tie with him but now he felt so huge that I was again afraid and reached down to try and keep his knot out of me. Chief, however, was having none of this and growled at me again so I resigned myself to the inevitable. I braced myself and he stepped up his efforts, fucking me mercilessly! Then, with one great buck, he forced his knot completely inside of me. I moaned again helplessly as I came, my pussy muscles contracting strongly around his huge cock. I had never felt so completely possessed. I could feel his cock swelling larger in my pussy, the head pressing tightly up against my cervix and the knot putting tremendous pressure on my pussy lips. I had never had anything so huge in me and it was still getting bigger! The sensations were indescribable! I wanted him to stay locked to me forever! I thrilled to the feel of his strong grip on my waist and could feel his bulge growing even bigger as he kept trying to thrust despite the fact that our locked condition prevented much motion. Then he pushed against me hard and I could feel his cock throbbing as he began cumming in me, pumping me full of his dog sperm! I came again when I felt him cumming and I felt close to collapse. I reached down to feel my swollen pussy, with his bulge distending my lips. As I touched my clit I set off yet a third orgasm. I was unable to stay upright on my own, but his firm grip kept me off the ground while we stayed tied. I fought to regain my senses while his cock still twitched and jerked within me, emptying his load of cum deep into my pussy. Eventually his knot went down and he slipped out of me. I fell to the ground in a heap while he began licking himself. I held tightly to his leash as I recovered. I had never felt so totally satisfied. How long I laid there I'm not sure. I got shakily to me feet and made my way back to my neighbor's yard. Everything still looked quiet as I chained Chief back to his doghouse. I stumbled into my own house and took a quick shower before falling into a deep and very satisfied sleep.
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