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A Story for SavaraSavara was jogging with her dog, Tyson, through the lush parkland in her suburb. The beautiful 28-year-old was having serious difficulty in keeping her huge, boisterous dog under control and he kept straining at his leash, especially when he spied another dog nearby.Tyson was a Bullmastiff and he was rapidly becoming a very large, imposing dog. He was still young, but she secretly regretted the fact that she had bought such a huge dog to keep her company after her boyfriend of three years had left her three weeks before their wedding.When she got home, she went straight upstairs and ran a hot bath. She stripped out of her clothes, wrapped her hair in a towel and stepped gingerly in to the near scalding water. The soothing bubble-bath took away the aches and pains of her workout with the dog.As she soaped herself up in the tub, her hands travelled over her firm body. Going to the gym three days a week was starting to transform her body, and she loved feeling of the firm ripples of her stomach as she worked the washcloth. She used both hands to caress her creamy, melon-shaped breasts and before she realised it, she was becoming seriously aroused. It didn't take much to arouse the shapely redhead. As Savara continued to pamper her body, her hands travelled down to her pussy, which was framed by a delightful triangle of peach-coloured curls. As she slid the wedge of soap between her pouting pussy lips, she decided that it was time to shave her pussy. It was a ritual that she liked to do every once in a while, and since she had recently bought a new vibrating dildo, she thought it would be appropriate to christen it with a perfectly bald cunt.Savara let some of the water run out of the bath so that her pussy mound was exposed. She rubbed some shaving cream in to the silky curls above her cunt slit and, armed with a pink disposable razor, she slowly and tantalisingly removed her pubic hair. It wasn't difficult, as she had a tidy bush anyway. She liked to keep it neat, just like the chicks in the porno films she had started to buy over the internet.When she had removed the last trace of hair from her snatch, she worked some moisturiser all over her smooth mound. She felt like she could climax just from the feeling of having the warm water lap at her exposed cunt lips. She lightly towelled herself off and made her way to the bedroom. Tyson was in there, sitting on her bed. "Get off the bed," she said to the dog. The dog just stared at her with a puzzled expression. "Don't forget, I'm the boss around here," she said.Without warning, Tyson jumped off the bed and pounced on her, almost knocking her down."You silly boy," she said to the dog, as she tried to get him to sit. "You're acting really strangely today."Tyson ignored his owner and kept jumping up at her. "Down boy!" she ordered, but it was no good. The dog was way too frisky, and she was having difficulty keeping the towel that was wrapped around her body from falling down around her ankles.As she pulled him by the collar, he grabbed the corner of the towel in his powerful jaws and tugged.Savara couldn't keep hold of the dog and protect her modesty at the same time. The apricot coloured towel unravelled around the woman, leaving her totally naked."Hey you," she said, grabbing the other end of the towel. The dog refused to let go, thinking it was some sort of game. She got down on her knees and grabbed the stubborn mastiff by the collar, while she tried to release the towel from his mouth.The dog just kept getting friskier, jumping up on his mistress with both paws.Savara wrestled with Tyson and had to admit that she was having fun playing with her friend. She was giggling like a schoolgirl and was now rolling around on the floor, playfully wrestling with him. Every time she grabbed the dog, he escaped her grasp and reared up on his hind legs at her.Savara was getting quite flustered. She was still nude, and she had to admit that the feeling of the dog's short fur against her body was getting her flushed, especially when he brushed against her large, sensitive nipples.She was crawling around the bedroom on her hands and knees and was able to grasp the dog in a mild headlock, but he pulled out and broke the hold. Savara burst in to fits of laughter as the dog pranced around her.As the dog approached her ass he reared up on his hind legs. His front paws ended up on her back."What the hell! Oh no, you don't," she exclaimed, as she realised her own dog was trying to mount her. She scooted out from under him.The dog dropped back to the floor with a thud and sat still obediently, staring at her with his big soulful eyes."You naughty boy!" she scolded the dog. Savara looked between his legs. The fat tip of the dog's cock was pointing out from the sheath that protected it. "Oh my goodness," she panted as it dawned on her that the dog had tried to fuck her. At first she was upset with her dog's behaviour, however, she couldn't turn her eyes away from Tyson's cock.Tyson stared at her with his big brown eyes and with every heartbeat his cock seemed to be getting longer and thicker. Sure, she had seen his impressive set of equipment before, but she had never considered them as an object of desire before. Three juicy inches of thick, cock peered out from between his legs.Her curiosity was certainly aroused now and, despite all her instincts, she was getting quite turned on by the penetrating glare of her dog's eyes combined with the thickening cock emerging from the pouch under his belly. She wanted to touch him, just to see how big it would get. There's no harm in that, she reassured herself.She crawled over to Tyson. His tongue lolled out of his mouth as Savara sat beside him on the floor with her long, graceful legs tucked underneath her. She hugged the dog and patted and stroked him affectionately.Tyson stayed remarkably calm, as Savara's touch became more intimate.Savara looked in to the dog's eyes and let her long fingers explore the dog's body. She stroked the soft fur on his chest and slowly worked her way downwards to his soft belly.Her skin became flushed and she realised she was getting moist between her legs. Savara let her fingers go down lower on the dog's body until it brushed over the furry sheath. The pink tip of his cock quivered at her intimate touch.Boldly, she put her hand around the shaft and squeezed lightly. She liked the feel of his cock. Even though she had plenty of cock experience, Tyson's dog-dick felt alien to her. It thrilled her.The dog panted, but remained motionless. His piercing brown eyes stared in to his mistress' face as she caressed his cock.Savara pulled back some of the sheath, exposing more of the juicy meat. She admired it and felt it throb deliciously in her hand. Almost immediately it started to thicken in her grip. The cock was unlike human dick. It was tapered like a thick wedge, criss-crossed with bulging veins. It looked so nasty and it made her mouth water.The dog nuzzled Savara's neck, while she stroked his cock through the sheath. Inch by inch, his cock thickened and grew until over eight inches of hard cock hung out from the sheath."This is so naughty."Savara kept jerking Tyson's cock, but now her attention was drawn to something else. Still trapped behind the sheath was a thick, hard bulge. She skinned back the pouch further until the fleshy bulge strained out of the sheath. "That looks real nasty," she purred. Now she knew how dogs got stuck together when she saw them screwing in the park.Now Savara reached for his soft balls. The dog shifted slightly as her warm fingers caressed his cum-laden sacks. As she cupped the heavy balls in the palm of her hand, she could only imagine how it would feel to have them slap against her shaved cunt."Oh my," she whispered to herself. She was starting to wonder what would have happened if she let Tyson continue and mount her when they were playing a few moments ago.As the redhead continued to masturbate the dog, he licked her face in appreciation. She normally didn't like the dog to lick her face, but this time she let him do it. In fact, to her own surprise she found herself kissing him back, passionately sucking his tongue in to her own mouth.Savara was faced with a difficult decision. It wasn't fair to have stirred up her dog and leave him there with blue balls. She could either keep stroking him until he shot his load, or she could take Tyson to the next level. After all, he attempted to fuck her just a moment ago, and she had been cursing all morning about how badly she needed cock. On the other hand, this was so nasty, and even though she was desperately horny, she couldn't help but think how perverted she had become."I guess I wouldn't mind trying it," she said to her dog. "After all, you're my best friend and you wouldn't hurt me like all those men in my life," she said to herself."Do you still want to make love to me?" she said to the dog.The dog responded by licking her face."I guess that's means yes. But you'll have to take it easy with me. I've never taken a cock that big before."Savara stood up on trembling legs and pulled an old blanket out of her cupboard and lay it across the floor. Then she threw down a few cushions and pillows on the floor. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible for this moment.She got down on her hands and knees in front of the full-length mirror. She needed to see herself getting fucked by her dog. She spread her legs wide, reached behind her and ran her middle finger along the length of her slick pussy-slit. "Fuck! I've never been so wet in my life," she moaned as she slowly caressed herself."Come here boy," she beckoned to the dog. "I need you."The dog bounded over. Again, he resumed circling his woman.This was her last chance to reconsidered her decision to allow herself to be fucked by a dog, but a quick backwards glance at the fat cock, hanging between the dog's legs put her inhibitions to one side.Savara seductively shook her ass in an attempt to tease the dog in to climbing up on to her ass. "Take me Tyson."The dog seemed to understand the command and immediately reared up on to the ass of the horny redhead. Fortunately, this time his forelegs draped neatly around Savara's ribcage.Savara could feel the heat from his cock as it bumped up against her shaved pubic mound. She tried to reach between her legs so that she could plug his cock in to her pussy, but the beast was too heavy and she would have toppled over.The dog was already humping, but his cock kept missing her dripping cunt by a fraction of an inch.Savara tried spreading her legs a little wider."Oh please...Stick your motherfuckin' cock in me!" she cried in despair as the dog adjusted his position on her ass.Tyson drove forward."AAIIEEE!" she wailed as his thick prick lanced in to her slippery cunt.Tyson instantly started humping furiously, driving his cock to the very depths of Savara's cunt. The young woman was frightened as she looked up at the reflection in the mirror. That of a monstrous beast, fuelled by fuck-lust replaced the dog's usually docile expression. His haunches became a blur as he locked his forelegs around Savara's waist and jammed his meaty cock in to the brunette's body."Fuck me hard! Give it to me baby!"It felt so nasty to have eight inches of thick dog cock splitting apart her pussy lips. The sound of Tyson's dick pumping in to her body echoed in the large bedroom."Deeper!"Savara's face was contorted in pleasure as the dog madly fucked her as if he were rabid. Her heavy breasts swung out from under her with each powerful stroke. Droplets of perspiration dripped from her pale, pink nipples. With each stroke, she was being pushed across the floor towards her own mirror-image.The dog continued to lunge at the squirming woman, his stubby tail twitching as he power-fucked the helpless redhead."Fuck me! Fuck me!" Savara wailed as her body was thrashed by the violent fuck-strokes of her dog..Savara could feel that fleshy knot at the base of his cock slapping in to her pussy with each stroke, sending jolts of electricity from her clit and up her spine. She could feel herself cumming.Savara pushed back against the knot, grinding her throbbing clit until she came loudly. "AIEEEEEEE! AAAIIIIEEEEE! COMMIINNGGGG!" she squealed as she came all over the dog's cock. Her whole body shuddered as the force of her climax made her heart thump and her legs buckle.Tyson, however, continued to rhythmically violate his mistress, oblivious to the howls of delight the woman beneath him made as she climaxed. After several minutes of maniacal humping, Tyson tightened his grip around the woman's waist, trapping Savara in a vice-like grip. His fucking rhythm became slow and deliberate, then he scampered with his hind legs, and pushed forward hard, twisting his haunches.Even though her mind was in a state of delirium from her powerful orgasm, Savara became nervous by the dog's deep growls as he pushed in to her. It was then that she realised that he was trying to stuff her with that huge knot at the base of his cock. Savara didn't think she could take the bulbous root inside her, since it was now over three inches wide.She tried to relax her pussy and pushed back against the dog. The knot started to push inside her. It stretched her and it hurt when the widest part passed through her cunt-mouth, but it wasn't unbearable. She braced herself and kept pushing back until the entire knot slotted in to her cunt."OOOWWWW!" she cried as the fist-sized knot disappeared inside her body.The dog relaxed his body and she felt his full weight on her back.She could feel his knot expand to an even greater size inside her cunt and then she realised that she had tied with her own dog. The dog was actually mating with her. It made her feel special that he had chosen her to tie with and she knew that she would be doing this again and again.The dog had docked with his bitch and his balls were nestled right up to his mistress' pussy lips. Beneath him, the lust-crazy woman spread her legs wider, so that his balls pulsed against her clit.Without warning, Tyson howled, and it scared Savara to see the image in the mirror, but it made her clench her pussy around the dog's root. She knew he was going to cum. She could feel his cock twitch inside her. "I want to come with you," she said breathlessly to her lover as she made her pussy squeeze his cock.She felt his first burst explode in her cunt. She had never felt cum being forced so deep inside her. His cock pulsed and throbbed as she felt three volleys of jizz being pumped in to her pussy. It felt hot, much hotter than man-cum. If it wasn't for the swollen knot jammed in her cunt, she felt sure she would have been shot off the end of the dog's cock.Savara bucked and heaved as her second climax thundered through her helpless body. "AHH-UNNGGHH! I'M COMMINNGGG!"The dog hadn't finished coming. As she continued to milk his cock by squeezing her cunt around him, she could tell that he was still dumping his seed in to her. Her pussy felt bloated and she knew that she must be full of dog-cum. His balls continued to swing lewdly against her electrified clit-bud."I love you so much. I wish I could have your puppies," she moaned deliriously. It was a perverted thought, but she had never felt this close to anyone before.She had been pushed so far forward that she was now face-to-face with her own reflection. She kissed and licked her own mirror-image as the dog's jizz pumped in to her belly. "I can feel your dog-cum inside me. I am a dog-fucking whore."The dog had been continually depositing his load in to her for nearly thirty minutes now and Savara's pussy was feeling very full indeed. However, relief was on the way. She could feel his knot softening inside her and she knew that he was done with his bitch.He pulled hard at the knot trapped in his mistress. Out of instinct, she held him with her cunt, before reluctantly releasing him. His raw cock popped out from her hole and his cum gushed out of her slit and down between her thighs."Oh my..."With her pussy still gaping open, she felt like a used whore. The cum soothed her aching pussy and she just stayed like that for the moment, enjoying the sensation of dog-cum spilling over her hard clit.It was at that moment when she felt Tyson's tongue lash at her pussy. "Oh. You're a good boy! Lick me..." she purred as Tyson's silky tongue lapped at the combined juices flowing from his mistress' tender cunt. She squealed as his long tongue slapped at the inside of her thighs and around her smooth mound. The sound of the dog slurping Savara's pussy bounced off the walls of her bedroom, and a third delicious orgasm rippled through her body.After Tyson finished cleaning Savara's pussy, he flopped to the ground on his side.Savara turned around and lay next to him with her head resting lightly on his belly. His cock had almost retreated into the sheath. She took a moment to study it closely. She breathed on it and her warm breath made it stir again. Her dog looked proud and mighty, sprawled along the floor. She realised that she was no longer Tyson's mistress. On the contrary, he was now her master and she was his bitch.
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