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(This story is made up) My name is Sage. I'm eighteen I have dirty blond (straight) hair, an hourglass figure, and fiar skin, and I just moved out to Montana. My family went out for a two week vacation to Florida; I stayed home to take care of the pets. Everyday I'd eat breakfast, exersize, then go out on a naturalist hike on our hundred acre estate that went up into the secluded mountain side. I finished working out and I looked in the drive way not seeing anyone. I felt comfortable naked. I started up the mountain naked and alone. After about two hours I sat down at the edge of a lake. I soaks my tired feet in the cool flowing water.A light breeze blew on my. The air light tickled my nipples amd made then erect. I smiled, looked around. I still haven't seen a single person since my family left; and now it was for a little ME time. I slowly moved my right hand over my clit and rubbed in slow tight circles. I felt the bliss and extasy run through my body as I played with myself. (ten minutes later) I orgasmed and I felt my warm juice come out on to my fingers. I layed back just letting the last bid of feeling from the orgasm stay. (CRACK) I jumped to my feet and turned around. I was staring at a lone wolf; a large wolf. MY knee's shakey from my orgasm made me fall to my hands and knees. I remember watching TV and a man saying just stay still and the animal will go away. Was that for bears or wolves? Oh well I've got to try. I stayed on all fours because thats the position I could hold without falling. I just stared at the wolf and it didn't leave is started walk to me! Fear stared to run through me, i starte to shake terrifyed. The wolf walked around behind me and I sought this as my chance. With all the strength I could muster I leap forward and started to run. But the wolf was hot on my heels. After a few quick seconds the wolf jumped forward abd hit my back. I fell forwards and my stomatch landed on a large root of a huge oak tree. Now I was back on my hands and knee but unable to move from fear and the fact the wind just got knock from my lungs.The wolf walks around an smelt my bare breasts. he took a quick lick at my nipple, that I must say fet quight good. but after one little flick of his tongue I realized her stared to lick over my wet lips and asshole. His tongue hit my clit and went inside moving around in extasy I began to shake as he worked my pussy like nothing in the past. I felt his tongue move in and out but before I was about to cum he stopped. I looked back to see it he left. No I looked under his stomatch to see about ten inches of red vieny wolf prick. My eyes widened and he hopped on my back.I tried to get up but the 90lbs of wolf said NO. I tried to move my hips from side to side, but he finally hit his mark and sun only about four inches into my wet gaping hole. I slight moan of bliss and fear reached my lips. The wolf pulled back then slammed forward jamming his cock in me jamming about five more inches in. He started to f*** harder and faster, and his speed and hardness kept increasing. Finally after what felt like hours he slowed. thats when I realized it. The bulge! He pulled back and I tried to push forward but I was to late. With one pwerful thrust the large bulge was in my pussy. I screamed in a flowing orgasm and pain. I felt the bulge growing larger and it finally stopped when it was the size of a baseball. My body shook violently as the orgasms took me. The the wolf hopped off but I was locked to him. He started to walk but the tugging on his cock in my pussy made me scream once more in pain of being stretched to my maxxed out limits. I started to crawls butt to butt with him. He layed down by the lake and I layed still locked to him in a tight ball crying from the pain. After half an hour his bulge popped out and with it tons of wolf cumm and my juices mixed. I waited till the wolf was long gone. I stood and sat in the river to clean off. I made my way home. I never told anyone about what happened. But I have seen the wolf twice after than until one day I went up the mountain and he dissapeared and I never saw him again.
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