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****This is my first story. All and any comments appreciated.*****My wedding was less than a month away. I was feeling really nervous about giving up my freedom. Although my fiancé was a very loving man who was as loyal as they come the prospect of never having sex with another man scared me. So I decided what I needed was one last hurrah. I decided to go to one of the local nightclubs and listen to a band that I’d grown to love. I hadn’t been there but 15 minutes when I was approached by a good looking man and his wife. At first I didn’t recognize him but suddenly it came to me…I’d gone to High School with Steve. And as I recall he was one of the “A” list guys. Of course his wife Cindy was beautiful. Long red hair, legs that wouldn’t quit and breasts that were perfect. We were making small talk when the subject of my impending wedding came up. I admitted my fears of commitment and told them of my plans for the evening. They looked at each other with a glimmer in their eyes. Then Steve asked if I’d ever considered a threesome. I have to admit that it had crossed my mind but I’d never thought I’d be presented with the opportunity. I smiled slyly and said that it was an intriguing idea that I’d be willing to try it. So we gathered out things and headed back to their house. They lived out in the country on a beautiful piece of property. As we came up the drive I was thinking that Steve had really done well for himself. Their home was an unbelievable two story with many outbuildings, one that looked like a large barn and maybe a series of dog kennels. As we entered the house I was as astonished with the interior as I was the exterior. I was pretty nervous so I started some small talk while Steve left the room to get us some more drinks. I asked Cindy about their home and she said that Steve had become from money and he was now a partner in a prestigious law firm. I asked her about the barns and the kennel and she said that they were both animal lovers. She’d been raised with horses and still loved riding. Steve’s hobby was raising guard dogs for an “exclusive clientele”. Steve returned with drinks and asked me about my future husband. I told him that I was in fact in love with him, but he was very conservative. Admitting that I’d been quite the party girl during my college days I hoped he’d never know about the girl I used to be. Why was I admitting all this to almost complete strangers? I don’t know, maybe it was because I was so nervous and wanted to justify my final outing. As Cindy got up to pour us some more drinks I heard something approach behind me. Around the end of the couch came a very large black Doberman. I was startled at the sight of him because he looked very intimidating. Steve called to him and reassured me that Bo was harmless. He was just a giant love bug. He explained that they kept him in the house because he was so intimidating but tried to relieve my anxiety by telling me he was very well trained. Cindy came back into the room and asked if we’d like to move the party upstairs. Between the drinks I’d had at the club and the two strong ones I’d finished since getting to the house I was feeling good. I started getting butterflies in my stomach as we walked up the stairs. As we walked into the bedroom Cindy began removing my blouse and releasing my bra. She pushed me back on the bed and began kissing me deeply and fingering my nipples. I then feel Steve raising my skirt to reveal my neatly trimmed snatch. MMM nice he said as he began roughly rubbing my clit. He then inserted two fingers into me and began pumping them hard and fast. As the images of what we must look like ran through my head I immediately began to cum. Steve said “Cindy we’ve got a live one here!” The next thing I knew Cindy had traded him places and was now licking my cum from my dripping pussy. Steve was now in front of me with his large, thick cock only inches from my mouth. He asked me if I liked sucking cock? I shook my head yes and he then grabbed me by my hair and told me to swallow him whole. I closed my eyes and did. He then began fucking my face and shoving his cock in and out so fast my head was spinning. I was in pure ecstasy. Then…I heard a noise that was somehow familiar but seemed out of place. By the time I realized what it was Steve had pulled out his cock and was cumming all over my face. I panicked as I saw Cindy standing there with a camera. I stared in disbelief as Steve began laughing and said “you belong to us now you slut!”. Imagine the look on your fiance’s face if he got these pictures in the mail. My stomach sank because I knew I was in over my head. As I started to back off the bead Steve said oh no Bitch there’s plenty more to come. He then bent me over and began fingering my asshole. He asked have you ever been ass fucked? I shook my head no. He said “oh girl, you are in for a treat”, with that he rammed his cock into my ass so far my legs gave out from under me. Cindy then said “stand up bitch and take it!” as she continued to take pictures. Steve then said “tell me you like it!” I shook my head no even though I realized my pussy was beginning to drip with juices from the erotic feeling of his cock pumping in and out of me. He grabbed me by my hair and repeated himself. I whimpered “ I-I-I like it”. Good girl he said as he released his load into my ass. I felt really kinky as I felt his cum ooze out of my ass.I collapsed onto the bed in sheer exhaustion. Cindy put the camera down and laid down beside me. She asked: “are you thirsty?” Here have another drink…it will loosen you up some more. After I gulped down the drink Steve handed me three shots and told me to drink up. After about 10 minutes my head was really spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out. As I lay there Cindy began rubbing my clit. I could feel my pussy getting wet yet again. She said “Steve, I think she’s ready for our extra special surprise.” I then heard Steve call to Bo. As Bo walked into the room my mind started racing! Steve called Bo up onto the bed and positioned him near my head…”do you know what you’re going to do? I shook my head no but my mind was racing. Cindy said you’re gonna suck him. I screamed NO anything but that! This couldn’t be happening to me! All I wanted was one last fling, something to get my anxiety out of my system, I never dreamed I’d get myself into a situation like this. Cindy then shouted “BITCH you ARE gonna do it!” If you don’t I’ll be sure to hand deliver the pictures of you sucking Steve’s cock to your future husband!” I told her I didn’t know how. She said I’ll get him started but you’re going to finish him off. With that she pulled his sheath back and began gently licking his red shaft until it began to grow. She then grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards him and said “now it’s your turn”. I started licking his cock as she had done. She then said put the whole thing in your mouth. As I did this Bo began humping my face…I heard Steve and Cindy laughing and he said she looks like a natural. Before long I felt Bo’s shaft begin to grow to an unbelievable size in my mouth. Then he started to cum. I pulled back and Cindy forced my head back down and said “O no honey you’re going to let him come in your face”. As I looked down at Bo I saw his throbbing knot begin to form at his base. I began sucking him again until he released his hot load into my mouth and all over my face. I then rolled over in disbelief. Cindy then whispered in my ear "She brushed my hair out of my face and whispered in my ear…”you know you liked it honey, I could see it in your face, now go clean yourself up you little slut". As I walked to the bathroom just off of their room I could hear them talking. As I opened the bathroom door Steve was leaving. He said Cindy is waiting for you, I’ll be right back. When I returned to the bedroom Cindy called me over to the bed. She asked if I remembered her telling me about Steve’s hobby? I said yes. She said I’ll let you in on a secret…Steve doesn’t train guard dogs. He does however train dogs for special clients. Can you guess what these dogs are trained for? I shook my head yes because I had a very good idea. A moment later Steve returned to the room With him he brought another of his friends…a large yellow dog that looked to bea Labrador. Let me introduce you to Tobin. He’s going to be your new best friend. He led Tobin over to me and told me to spread my legs. As I did so Tobin began sniffing my crotch. Cindy told me to lay back and relax. Before I knew it, the dog was up on the bed licking me from my ass to my clit. I was moaning and writhing when Cindy began kissing me and telling me that I was about to get the best cock I’d ever had. Steve pulled Tobin back and told me to get up on all fours and put my ass in the air. As I did so, Steve commanded “UP” and he slapped me hard on the ass! With that Tobin mounted me and began humping hard and fast. Cindy guided his cock into my swollen pussy. As he began forcing his already large cock inside me I saw Cindy pick up the camera again. But by that time I was enjoying the feeling of this dogs hard swollen cock that I didn't care. Cindy took pictures from every angle imaginable as Tobin jacked off in my face. As I felt Tobins pumping increase I could feel the tightness in my pussy has his knot began to grow. Then I felt him release his hot doggy cum into me. I expected him to back off immediately. When he didn’t I began to panic. Steve assured me that I’d be able to get up but only after Tobin’s knot has shrunk. So there I stood tied to this dog and not able to move. Cindy & Steve seemed to enjoy my predicament. Cindy even started fingering herself while watching. Eventually Tobin shrunk and pulled out with a plop as his cum ran onto the bed. After that I fell asleep exhausted. When I woke the next morning I could smell bacon cooking downstairs. I found my way to the kitchen to find Cindy & Steve enjoying a cup of coffee. Steve asked if I’d like some breakfast. I said yes. Good Cindy said. We need to talk to you. After I sat down, Steve asked, Did you enjoy yourself last night. I admitted that at first I was appalled at what I was doing but by the end of the night I realized that this was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced. Well I take it you’d enjoy doing it again? Well I said, considering I’m getting married soon I don’t’ think that would be possible. Cindy and Steve then looked at each other and gave each other a knowing smile. Cindy then looked at me and said, You don’t really have a choice. I looked questioningly at them. Steve then said remember when Cindy told you I train dogs as a hobby? I said yes. You can imagine that I need a helper or two when training them. We’ve decided that you will make the perfect “trainer”. If you don’t want the pictures spead all over the internet and mailed to you husband you’ll be sure to make it hear every other Sunday for a training session. I was defeated. I knew then what my fate was and that I’d have to agree. I eventually called off the wedding because after my experience with Steve & Cindy I realized that I couldn't ever settle for the ho-hum sex life of a suburban house wife. So now, twice a month I make it out to Cindy & Steve’s to help them train. Recently they’ve added the task of showing off the dogs talents to their perspective owners. Although now, I find myself looking forward to the sessions.
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