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This happened quite a few years back , I was about 17yrs , a virgin and is a true story.I had 2 dogs back then , a little female terrier and a medium sized keplie cross dog , we lived on a few acres in the country.A friend of the family was staying over , she was a few years older than I , early 20s.I'd been given the usual task of cutting the grass on the side block and walked into the shed to grap the mower - what did I see instead - a lady laying back spread eagled on the floor , skirt around her waist , holding her pussy lips aprt and our little terrier in there going for her life , licking pussy The poor girl froze with horror as she saw me. Neither of us said a word for what seemed like ages , all the while she's trying to keep little jess away from her now covered pussy. Finally she joked about being caught not red handed as the saying goes but dog in hand in started giggling I mumbled some small talk but managed to say I wouldn't mention this to anyone , and until now I hadn't.We talked some and she was quite forward asking if I wanted to watch some more - no guessing what I said She lifted her skirt again , no idea where her panties were , little jess stuck her nose right back and the little toungue went to work. Chez lay back propped on her elbows , and moaned loadly , she was watching jess's toungue (as I was) and pulled her pussy lips apart again. This went on for about 5 mins and she finally let out a load moan and her head went back , not knowing back then but she obviously had or came close to an orgasm. My cock was aching by then , but chez simply got up , tidied herslef and walked out the door Anyway I went off and did my grass cutting with a boner in tow and some vivid scenes etched into my brain.Over the next weeks I thought of little else and had decided to make ym bigger dog my special friend.I had to wait until I knew I had the place to myself for the day and put my plan into action.I gave my kelpiex a nice bath and paid special attention to his sheath.I had some old blankets layed out in the same shed chez had been in and started petting jack , he was about 4 then and we already had a great bond. I stipped off and hugged him tight , I put my cock near his mouth and he licked it a few times on and off , not what I hoped. I dressed and went and grabbed some jam knowing he loved it. Back in the shed I stripped again and rubbed some of the jam on my now hard cock. Bingo , jack went to work - his rough toungue felt xxxcellent on my throbbing cock - I kept rubbing the jam on my cock and balls and he kept licking - I couldn't take anymore and wanked myself to climax - jacked loved my cum but my knob was to sensitive for his toungue With me done I had to reward - I started working on his sheath , slowly back and forward till he started growing - I then got down on all 4's and helped him mount me - it took a bit to get him "aimed" in the right direction and as his cock entered my ass his humping picked up speed , I felt him growing and the warmth I thought must of been his come shooting inside me , he humped some more the hoped off - large beautiful cock still squirting - not sure why we didn.t knot but all the same it was great to share this with my best friend.We shared many more times together before I finally got a g/f , she was not interested in k9 and then poor jack passed away.I am hetro but there's something about a male dog or horse that has my mind wandereing with lust. I'll be getting another dog soon and hoping my current partner will become as interested in dogs as me Hope you liked my story , I only wrote after reading some of the other first timers stories. Take care out there.
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