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Since finding this forum I seem to be feeling constantly sexy. I have just return from a walk to a friends house. Both on the way and the return journey I was having fantasies, people must have been wondering why I was smiling. I thought about the sexy stories that I have been reading on here and imagined myself to be a mare as I walked. I felt strong sexy and powerful as I made my way through the other wise dreary streets. I passed by a group of workmen and imagined stopping and whispering into one of their ears that I had been reading erotic fiction and pleasuring myself, giving a sexy smile before continuing the journey home.As I passed the park I wondered what it would be like to meet a stanger and his dog. I would offer him a choice to have the most sexual experience ever and let him watch as the dog has his way with me in the bushes.I stopped at the shop and a guy I know came in behind me, I said 'Oh hi Peter' gave him a sexy smile and left with my chocolate. He stopped me outside and we chatted, I offered him some chocolate but he said coconut made him hyper. I look sexily into his eyes and asked 'is that a bad thing?', then walked of in the direction of home.I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this board and let them know the effect it can have, I feel fantastic, thank you.
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