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"Oh what a darling puppy," my wife Jan cooed, as she stroked the head and ears of the wiggling ball of fur in her arms. We had lost one of our dogs not long before. He was old to be sure, but he was like a member of the family since he had been with us for so long. Old age had finally taken its tole though, and my wife swore she would never have another dog, but here she was cuddling and babying this newest addition to the family. I had gotten the puppy just the day before. It was just a mixed breed, but I had fallen in love with it as soon as I saw it. The owner said he was part lab, but he wasn't sure of what else since he didn't know who the father was. Looking at the mother, I was pretty sure the puppy would grow up to be a fairly large dog and that was exactly what I was looking for to help me make a few fantasies come true involving my wife and this new puppy. Hopefully, by the time this puppy was mature, I would have my wife, Jan, talked into doing her part. Jan is a gorgeous redhead, five foot three, slim but with a flaring, heartshaped ass, and a hot pussy that has caused me more than once to think I would need to call the paramedics when I thought my heart would stop from cumming so hard. I could already see this puppies tongue lapping at that beautiful pussy and had visions of his big cock buried deep inside of my wife's body. "Huh?" I asked as I realized that Jan had said something, but I had missed it. "I said, what are we going to name him?" I came up with several possibilites, but she shook her head no. She was lost deep in thought for several minutes, then smiled, and holding the puppy high in the air, she said,"I know, we'll call him Wolf." So Wolf it was, and as he started to grow, and grow, and grow, I became more and more excited thinking that my fantasies were coming closer than ever to becoming realties. There was only one, small problem. My wife would have none of it. "It's just not right", she kept insisting. I really couldn't understand that since in the past Jan was up for most anything I would propose, and believe me, I have a very fertile imagination when it comes to sex. I kept telling her to think of Wolf as just a live vibrator only much better, but it was no good, I just couldn't get her to help me train the growing dog. I was wanting her to let Wolf lick her from time to time and to play with his cock to get him used to hands being on him. No way was she going to do that though. So I did the next best thing. Jan travels a lot and while she was gone, I would get a pair of her panties and let Wolf smell them and lick on them to get him used to her smell and taste. I would also play with his cock now and then. While not as good as Jan's hands would have been, at least I figured that if and when the time ever came that Jan would actually touch him, then he would be used to the feel. At last Wolf was over a year old and weighed in at 90-100 lbs., with a cock that was long and thick. I had never measured it, but I was pretty sure it was at least as big as mine, and maybe bigger. I wondered if Jan could take it all, even if she ever agreed to it. And although she was still saying no, I would hear a "maybe" in the sound of her voice. (Of course, it might have been just my imagination or wishful thinking.) As the days and weeks flew by, Jan began to change--little by little. While lying naked in bed, she would allow Wolf to lay along side her. He was so long that his fur would rub against Jan from her pussy, across her belly and up across her breast, and it actually seemed that Jan was beginning to enjoy these new feelings, although she still wouldn't touch Wolf or allow him to lick on her pussy. Finally, one rainy night when Wolf was around a year and a half old, and I was about ready to scream in frustration over my unfulfilled fantasies, Jan finally relented. She would not come right out and ask me to help her make love to Wolf, but she did it in her own wonderful way. We had been fooling around all day and were hotter than firecrackers. Earlier, I had brought Wolf in and had given him a good bath, complete with a thick, rich shampoo and conditioner, then had blow dried his fur. His coat now seemed to have an extra shine to it. All three of us were lying in our kingsized bed with Wolf taking up three quarters of it, and both Jan and I scratching him behind his ears, when she bent over and very softly whispered in my ear, "Honey, how would you like to tie me up tonight?" My heart quit beating and didn't restart for a full two minutes. You see, Jan never really liked to be tied up, and would only consent to it every now and then. She liked to be in charge and didn't like to be in situations where she couldn't be in control. "You know you can't trust me not to let Wolf join in?" I asked in a low voice. "Yes, I know," she whispered, her voice and body trembling. Quickly I got up and went to the closet for the soft wrist and ankle restraints I had bought years ago. They had been well used, but were still in good shape. Wolf jumped off the bed and went into the kitchen for a drink of water as I watched Jan roll onto her back and spred her arms and legs. Her breathing became faster as I wrapped the first restraint around her wrist and pulled it up, tying it to the post at the head of the bed. I pulled the second wrist up even tighter, stretching her arms wide apart just the way I knew she liked it. I slowly stretched first one ankle out and tied it to the bottom bedpost, then the other, savoring every delicious moment. by now, Jan was almost panting, visions of what would happen very shortly undoubtedly running fast and furious through her minds eye. I decided to make one small adjustment to the otherwise routine restraints. I took out two more larger restraints. These I wrapped around each leg just above the knee and pulled them wide apart tying them off to the sides of the bed. This had the effect of pulling Jans pussy open even wider to allow Wolf even bette access to her. I looked down at my handiwork and my breath caught in chest. My wife looked so beautiful laying there spred wide, waiting for whatever might happen next. I bent over and gave her a long, deep, slow kiss, then whispered, "I love you so much." I stood and called Wolf. Jan's eyes widened and she looked at me, but didn't say anything, but I could see her breathing faster than ever. Wolf entered the room and I patted the bed. His legs tensed and he leaped, landing on the bed between Jans legs. I pulled the blanket back that I had put over her to insure Wolf didn't scratch her when he jumped up on the bed, and now she lay there, spred wide and gloriously naked. Moisture had begun to seep out of her pussy and was making a wet spot on the bed. Looking down, Wolf must have caught the smell of Jan's excited pussy because he lowered his head till his nose was almost touching Jan's body. I'm sure he could tell how excited my wife was, because he started whining a little and the pink tip of his cock slipped from his sheath. Another soft whine escaped him and finally his tongue tentively licked out, just touching my wife's pussy. Well, that's all for right now. If anyone would like for me to write the rest of the story, please let me know. I also have around 6 or 7 more stories about Wof and my wife that I will write if there is interest in this one.
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