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Hey everyone, this is my fifth story, fourth to be completed, and third to be on Beastforum.It's 61 pages, enough words to be published. I must warn you NOT to try to read it all at once --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“So, what do you think?” The realtor shut off the engine and the boat rode up and lodged itself on the sandy shore.My wife, her long blonde hair flowing over her delicate shoulders, stood up and surveyed what was before her. The beach stretched a good ten miles north, disappearing in the distance in a bluish fog that you would only know there was beach when the lighthouse was turned on. In front of us sat a bluff overgrown with vegetation that shot skyward close to one hundred feet. On the top, a tuft of tall grass blocked our potential home. On the other side, the island curved in an optical illusion, making it appear that during its creation someone had snipped off the material going into the mold prematurely. My wife turned around and her face lit up. Her hazel eyes looked at me gleefully through her bangs that fell over her rounded nose and gently caressed her full lips. “It’s perfect. What do you think, honey?” I took another puff of my cigarette and crushed it between my fingers. My sunglasses blocked my disappointed eyes, but my grimace was highly noticeable; even my hair didn’t block that. “I think it’s too…wet.” My wife looked back to the bluff. “Eh, who asked you?” “I believe you did.” I said back to her, smiling.She grinned wider, leaning over to kiss me. During all of this, the realtor waited patiently for us to stop our newlywed antics so she could begin her spiel. “Well sir, I don’t believe you can say too much before you’ve even left the boat.” I knew this realtor did not like me. Ever since the beginning of the home shopping I bickered about each home’s flaw. In addition, we had actually known each other earlier in our lives and pretended that we didn’t now. I scowled at her and stood up, stretching my back after the long boat ride. My wife was already on the beach, looking for the best way to reach the home. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with tight black pants and sunglasses, giving her a look on the beach like Jennifer Lopez with Caucasian heritage. I imagined seeing her like this everyday, on the beach looking as ravishing as she looked now, and that made buying this house almost a wonderful idea. My wife Aimee loved the water. She always talked wanting to take vacations to Los Angeles or South Padre Island to be near the ocean. Whenever she got the chance, Aimee would go with her family to lakes on vacation. She had even spent two days camping to be by a creek. It made me wonder why we had married, since we were so different. I HATED the water, and from growing up in Reno, I barely ever had the chance to see it. Aimee teased me about that, saying I preferred the cursing of a taxi driver to the sound of waves crashing. I didn’t contradict it, seeing as I actually did. Waves crashing on the shore were so monotonous and loud. Hearing a taxi driver shouting obscenities was useful in my job. If I heard a clever line, I chuckled, grabbing my notebook and writing it down for later. I was a comedian, a stand up comic to be precise. No, I wasn’t a Bobcat Goldthwaite type, more of a smooth person, like Mitch Hedburg. I wasn’t like that in real life, I was much tenser. Aimee acted on stage. She was most known for her role in ‘Wicked’ while at Broadway, which is where I first saw her. She had lived in Manhattan her entire life, having the Hudson River to sate her desires for the water. After seeing her onstage, I snuck back after the show with hopes of getting an autograph. Security guards threw me out. A few months later she was sent by her agent to an acting school, as acting demands were low and he suggested she keep up her talent. I was at the same school since I planned to act; she inspired me. I met her, we talked, I bought her a drink, and before I knew it, we were engaged. She claimed differences attract, which made out marriage over the past few months quite interesting. “Sir,” the realtor woman said, “If you don’t mind, I have clients waiting back on land.”I was in no hurry to leave the boat, especially since the realtor wanted me too. I pulled out another cigarette and reached for the lighter. “I didn’t suggest you take us all the way out to Shangri-La.” I mumbled, lighting up. “GREGORY, please!” Aimee moaned, looking embarrassed. “I’m so sorry. He just really hates the water” she said to the realtor woman. “I figured that out at the pool party of ‘01” She said to me while Aimee walked ahead.I continued to scowl at her as I ran to catch up with Aimee. We followed a path leading from the beach to the top of the bluff. When we reached it, Aimee was overtaken by the view. I was apathetic. Sure, we were high up, but all you could see up there was one tiny cone island in the distance and water. Boring old water, ’water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’ I believe the saying went. Suddenly Aimee broke from her calm daze and grew excited. She pointed down at black figures leaping in and out of the water around the cone shaped island in the sea. “Look Gregory! Dolphins! There’s a whole pod of them out there!” So what? It’s the ocean. I couldn’t believe how amazed she were that there were ocean dwelling creatures IN the ocean. However, I kept silent as not to spoil her cheerful mood. The realtor chuckled softly. “I have a feeling you want to buy this house, Mrs. Shoemaker, even though you haven’t seen it yet.” Aimee turned a noticeable pink. We both shared a laugh and the realtor woman led the two of us into the house arm-in-arm, you’re typical newlywed couple. I did have to hand it to Aimee, the house was amazing. However, it had so many windows and sliding doors that it appeared to be made of glass, but it was rather cozy. Two bedrooms, a living/dining room, two bathrooms and a den made it livable even to my standards. While our realtor was giving her spiel, I grew more and more annoyed at the constant crash of the waves, even on a calm day like this. The house was fine but that noise was going to be a pain. Immediately after she stopped talking, Aimee burst out with a “We’ll take it!” immediately followed by me doubting that. She took me aside. “Gregory, this place is perfect, how can you not like it?” “I know the house is amazing, but I don’t really like the smell and noise.”Aimee snorted in disbelief. “You call the sea breeze a bad smell? Are you too used to car exhaust?” “Look, I know you have your heart set on this place, but I’d be too far away from everyone else.”Behind me, the realtor woman thought to herself ‘That’s good news for them.’ She broke into our conversation. “Actually, there is a town on this island. It’s not as small and secluded as your think. I could show you later, or I’ll leave you with a map. Sure, the town is miniscule but it does have a population 2,000, according to the last census.” Aimee looked back at me, smug that I didn’t have anyone to take my side. “You see?” she gloated, then turned to the realtor “We’d like a map, please.” The realtor woman dug through her leather bag and pulled out a small roll of paper. ‘Miniscule my rear, this looks like Munchkin land!’ I did have to admit, though, the town did have enough to live comfortably. “There are several stores,” our realtor explained, pointing at places on the topography map, “and there’s a cargo ship that stops by every week with imports. I confess that the price is somewhat high on goods, but that’s the downside of paradise. They have restaurants, movie theaters, stages, even a comedy club.” I didn’t want to say so, but that was an upside! We could both work here and have an income. “They have shops, a strip mall, a bank, several parks” she noticed my wife’s protruding stomach and noticed that she was otherwise thin, and began to smile, “And there are three schools, all ages.” Aimee grinned to both of us. Of course, typical me, I had to find a fault. “But this is in the Gulf of Mexico, and don’t you remember how many hurricanes it gets?”Aimee’s face fell. She hadn’t even considered the hurricanes and Tropical storms the region was likely to pull toward us. “Actually, this island withstood Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and all of those devilish storms we had last year.” Our realtor informed us. Aimee grinned again. Now she knew that the island was perfect. She even managed to convince me. “What do you say, Gregory?”I took off my sunglasses and looked over the map once again. This plot was prime real estate, so we should consider ourselves lucky. “It’s perfect. We’ll take it.”Aimee screamed in delight, wrapping her arms around me and planting a kiss on my lips.*** This post has been edited by beavis69 on Jun 30 2006, 04:30 PM
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