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Jenny lay on the lounge, she was very upset her botfriend no better make that ex-boyfriend had just walked out the door of the house they had shared together for the past 6 months, taking some of his stuff and saying he will be back in a few days to get the rest.When she asked him why, he replied "Fresh meat. I need fresh meat." leaving her outraged and in tears.A whining at the back door alerted her to the fact that she was not the only one he had deserted. Sabre his German shepherd whined at the door again and she hopped off the lounge and opened the door for him.She wasn't very comfortable around the large dog as when he had first arrived with Toby he had growled when she had given Toby a hug. Toby had laughed and said Sabre would adjust and after a while he had but he always watched her carefully.The dog was obviously devoted to Toby and now she didn't know how to soothe him. She scratched his velvet ears for a while and then when he settled a little decided to have a bath.As ever he watched her, not moving until she went to leave the room he then got up and followed her to the bathroom where she was filling the tub. He lay back down again as she went through her routine of tying her hair up out of the way. She felt awkward getting undressed under his intense stare and jumped when she turned away and bent over to the tap and felt his cold nose sniff deeply into her crotch.She pushed him away reprimanding him with a sharp "Don't" and then hopped in.The bath meant to soothe and relax her instead brought back memories of soapy wet bodies tussling in the bath and water spilling over the edge as she climbed on top of Toby and rode him. Tears started again and she let them spilled unchecked.She heard Sabre move again but wasn't mindful of him at all she thought he was just as forlorn. His big rough tongue lapped her face trying to dry her tears and she sat up in the bath and wrapped her arms around the dog buried her face in his thick coat and wailed.The dog licked where he could with his tongue along her shoulder reaching down the back where he could and when she released him he licked her face, her neck and arms and her breasts. The nipples puckered under the attention and Jenny was surprised at how good it could feel.jenny stood up to get out of the bath and Sabre just kept licking her while she dried, he licked her legs and buttocks and when she moved her legs apart a little to dry between them he beat her to it with his tongue."Do.........Oh Oh Ohn't" she murmered as the sensation spread betweeen her legs and shot fire into her belly she leaned over the side of the bath allowing the beast better access and he lapped tasting her juices he lapped harder until she orgasmed she threw her head back and yelled 'Oh my god' she buckleed to the floor laying down as he kept lapping and there she came face to face with his cockit was red and thick and peeping out from the furry sheath.She reached her hand out and grasped it, it was hot and sticky and it was swelling.Her touch was electric to the dog and he shuddered and started humping.Jenny lay there for a moment and then decided with difficulty she pushed the animal away and then got up and coaxed him to her room. She got back down onto the floor and grabbed his cock again and started to pull it. Once again the dog started humping so she hopped onto her hands and knees and Sabre without any further encouragement hopped up and started prodding his cock into her waiting hole. He found the target and slipped strsight in. Jenny orgasmed almost immediately it was so hard and he went so fast. She felt the large knot in his cock and then it was in her stretching her his furry sheath tickling her clit and she orgasmed again. Sabre calmed a little after his knot was in and he spun so they were butt to butt and jenny was in ecstasy writh ing against him.Twenty minutes passed and he finally shrunk enough to pull out. He turned around and cleaned Jenny up and then cleaned himself up.Jenny felt pleasantly tender and crawled onto the bed to go to sleep. She was awoken a few hours later by the dogs cold wet nose and his hot tongue on her womanhood. After another bout of sex they fell asleep again.Jenny found her routine including the dog alot over the next few days he slept in her bed and she went very few places without him.One evening after about of lovemaking there was a knock on the door and jenny grimaced in irritation who would that be? When she opened the door it was Toby. Jenny had totally forgotten about Toby and now he was here to take everything including Sabre. Jenny was devastated at the thought of her new lover going but there was nothing she could do. She watched him take his things in severeal trips to the car and then he called for Sabre.Sabre was in the bedroom on the bed and Toby called again and then moved to the bedroom door to call again. Sabre didn't even flicker an ear at him. When Toby finally lost his temper and went to grab Sabre, Sabre growled a terrible deep sound that made his hair stand on end.trying to maintain his dignity Toby swore under his breath then turned to Jenny and told her he'd be back another day for the dog when he had settled in better.Jenny smiled but knew that Sabre wasn't going to leave her ever. When Toby had left again Jenny went to the bed room and threw off her clothes and the nestled next to her lover. She couldn't think of a better way to get over a broken heart. This post has been edited by Taurie on May 4 2004, 07:27 AM
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