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She moved in next door. The house with the pool that is seperated by a six foot fense for privacy. It's not completely private because if you walk up to the fence you can peek through the boards. I never invaded the privacy of the neighors, but when they moved out and I saw this angel about 30 years old with a body that stopped me in my tracks, I thought things just might change. After all, she had this tiny frame and couldn't be more then 5 feet tall, flat tummy (obvious from the halter she wore), perky b cup tits and an ass so perfectly round it would make you cry. She wore short shorts and everytime I saw her go out to her car, Id stop and stare because I knew that those sweet cheeks would be leaking from behind. Yes, she was an angel alright. One that I knew wouldn't care about a 50 year old guy like me, no matter how good I may look. But...I was determained to at least catch a look at her though the fence sun bathing. I was sure she wore tiny suits.After about two weeks I go home from work early. I heard music coming from te house next door and knew she was out catching the warm California sun on that amazing little body. I quitely as possible walked to the fence and looked between the boards. What I saw was beyond what I hoped for. She was laying on her back wearing only the bottom of her suit and I was sure it was a thong. My cock instantly stood at attention and withing minutes I had it out of my pants stroking it. Wow, I thought, how I'd love to fuck this girl. I did what I could to not make any noise because I didn't want to spoil my future shows. It was wonderful, she would touch her tits and with a dreamy look on her face seem to fantasize about someone, somewhere. Her fingers found their way to her pussy while moving the little piece of material aside she fingered herself t orgasm. It was intense and she moaned and cried and let herself go. I decided that since she was making so much noise that I could moan and finally cum after jerking my 7" cock. I stood in my yard, with cum dripping down my hand and shaft, and I neededd to go clean up before my family got home. But...I couldn't pull myself away. I looked once more before going into the house and found something so sensual that I could not believe my eyes. She laid there on her towel. Her top still off and while she rolled one nipple with her fingers...a very large, black Great Dane stood next to her licking the fingers that had only moments before been in her pussy. Damn, that excited me. But I could watch no more, I had to go in to the house.The next day was my day off work and I decided to do some work in my yard. When I walked outside I heard music again. I couldn't resist. I had to look. What I saw this time was beyond belief. She lay on a lawn chair, and once again was masturbating, this time her dog stood next to her and was licking something off of her nipple. I almost shot a load in my jeans. She acted as if she was about to cum and her head turned my way. I stood still. I feared that she saw me and I'm sure that she did because she got up suddenly and went into her house. "Oh, shit" I said, I'm busted. I quickly went about my yard work. About 30 minutes later as I was on my hands and knees pulling some weeks I heard a voice behind me. "Did you enjoy your show buddy?" There she stood, still in her thong and binkni top looking down at me with a look on her face that told me she was pissed. Even worse, she had her dog standing next to her. I knew I was in deep shit. She walked to my patio, sat down on a chair and said, "come her you peeking Tom." I knew I was in no position to argue so I did as she told me. I sat in the chair next to her about to pleade for my life, when she scooted her ass to the edge of the chair, pulled her thong to one side and touched herself again. The Dane moved between her legs without invitation. He instantly licked her pussy and this caused to place her head back and allow him to have his way. Within moments she came and this only cause the large dog to lick her even more serously. She cam again and I couldn't take much more. I figured she wans't trying to torment me and perhaps wanted some participation. I stood and took out my rock hard cock and stood next to her sweet yound face. She took it into her mouth without a word. I held her hair in my fist and fucked her mouth as she sucked me like a pro. Then she stopped and asked me to help the dog. I wasn't sure what she meant but i knew if Iwas going to be able to fuck her, I would have to do something to help. I got on my knees. The Dane didn't seem to want to do much else other then lick her and I think she really needed cock at that point. I wanted it to be mine, but I think she wanted a hard, furious fuck that comes from a male dog. I reached under him, touched his cock that suddenly came out from the covering. "Stroke him" she ordered. I took that red slippery thing in my hand and did as she wanted. He was complely out now, knot and all. I found myself enjoying this and the visual of watching his long tongue bring her to orgasm after orgasm was amazing. "Suck him" she said. I didn't protest. I had never sucked a cock before but the excitement of this whole ordeal made me do so without question. He didn't taste bad and I took as much of teh K9 cock into my face as I could. He continued to lick this angel while she continued to cum. I now stroked my cock slowly trying not to cum before I got to fuck her. The Great Dane started to buck his hips into my mouth and I pulled away out of fear. "NOW" she shouted.."NOW" guide him in. I put his paws on the chair beside her and directed him toward her now dripping pussy. After a few thrusts he entered her and fucked her like a teen age boy having his first pussy. He pounder her in fact. Over and over again and she kept on cumming. "Don't let him get his knot in me" she said, "I don't think I can take that today." "TODAY" I thought. That meant to me that this was an on going thing with them. Suddenly for some reason, the big stud Dane lost interest and climbed off of her and sat licking himself clean. Maybe he had cum...I don't know. But at any rate this young slut wasn't done. "FUCK ME" she cried..."FUCK ME...I NEED MORE." I took that rok hard cock of mine and pounded her with as close of intensity as her K9 lover had done just moments before. She came some more...then more and finally my time had come. I stood and with her watching me I jerked my cock until I covered her perfect tits. I sat in exhaustion. So did she and so was her dog. Then all of a sudden she got up, called her dog and looked back at me as she exited my yard and said, "oh, just so you'll know....I need a lot of fucking, so unless you want me to tell your wife, you had better be willing to do this with us again....a lot.
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