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-Part I-I was a teen when I had my first K9 experience, waking up one morning to find my beloved Scotty, Angus, inside my sleeping bag, nestled snugly between my legs while he alternated sniffing at my panty covered crotch with soft licks of his very warm tongue. At first I was wigged out by it, but it was enough to awaken my sexual curiosity. I liked the feel of his heated breath and tongue over my concealed slit, and to this day I’m still not sure where my bravery came from, but I reached down and peeled aside the saliva dampened crotch so I could feel his tongue make direct contact with my hairless lips.It was the most arousing feeling to have him lapping at my pussy – tentative licks at first, but as he tongued me and my bodily instincts took over, I craved the harder strokes of his fleshy muscle separating my outer lips, bathing my pink slit until it glistened, and finally, the feel of his tongue darting deep into my tight hole. I took every opportunity I could find after that to let him lick me in secret until finally the shame of what I was doing made me stop and I pushed the thought of our play times out of my mind. Nice girls simply didn’t do that. It was sick and perverted – at least that’s what my mother’s voice in my head was telling me.Long before Angus ever tasted me and awakened my carnal desires and burgeoning doggy lust, I’d had erotic dreams about wolves and canines, but the sensuality of the dreams never lasted. Usually they’d wind up bloody and fatal for me. It wasn’t until after I reached adulthood that I actually put two and two together and recalled not only my dreams, but the intense longing I felt to be with my dog in a sexual way. Looking back at it now, I can only surmise I was born to be a K9 girl because all the signs were there, pointing me in this direction. It still was not something I consciously acted upon even after the realization hit me – at least not at first.Life went on normally for me with a steady stream of dating and more lovers than any one woman should have in her lifetime. My promiscuous period hit hard from ages 18 – 23 and I switched partners like some people switch underwear. I had different guys every weekend and sometimes a couple of different men in a week. Two or three times at college frat parties, I’d gotten so plastered I’d slept with two guys at separate times during the night or had a group of guys all at once.I loved cock and couldn’t get enough of it, so I made sure men knew it by dressing in what I called “tastefully slutty” clothes, accentuating my assets while leaving just enough to the imagination to make them wonder and crave more intimate knowledge of the fire hidden beneath my clothing. The way I danced was like a beacon signaling for ships in a darkened night – bumping, grinding, and fucking them with my clothes still on – letting them know they were heading in the right direction.Since I was such a willing partner and developed such a reputation of being cock-hungry, I’m still surprised when I think back on the night at the campus bar when someone decided to slip a bit of GHB in my drink. To this day I don’t know who did it, or how I even left the bar. I only remember what happened when I started coming out of my drug-induced stupor.I woke up deep in the woods, dazed and confused, lying on a mattress of dirt, fallen leaves, and twigs that poked and scratched my tender porcelain skin. My tongue felt thick in my mouth and as I attempted to moisten my dried lips, I tasted the bitterness of the soil from laying face down all night in my earthy bedroom. My lips throbbed at the touch of my tongue, obviously bruised and battered; likely bitten, judging by the definite cracks in the normally smooth, plump flesh.My body was cold, chilled to the bone after what was apparently an entire night outdoors, and as my head started to clear a little more, I attempted to pick myself up on leaden arms. I realized I had no clothes on and shook my head as if it would breeze away the fog in my brain telling me this wasn’t really happening. The shudder of my arms giving out and crashing of my bare torso back to the ground, being harshly jabbed by a small branch told me it was true and not just a bad dream.Looking around through a haze, my eyes were still unfocused, but things were getting clearer. I could make out the definite shapes of large rocks nearby and gigantic tree trunks standing like sentinels keeping watch over me. The one thing I didn’t notice was my clothes. They seemed to be nowhere nearby.A sharp crack snapping behind me forced me to wake up to the reality of my new surroundings, and before I could lift myself up and turn toward the sound, I felt something cold and wet mingling with a warm breeze caressing the naked flesh between my opened legs. Only then did I realize my lips weren’t the only things throbbing. My pussy was sore and felt slippery, the feel of a night of vigorous and brutal sex with semen deposits pooled in my channel, draining away slowly.The moist brush of chilly flesh prodded my exposed sex again, only this time it was followed by a wide tongue being drawn up my angry, red slit. I moaned weakly, more from the pain of the touch than from pleasure and I pushed up on my arms, drawing my knees under me to rise from the ground only to be met with a low, husky growl. My body shuddered in fright at the sound no human has ever made and I turned my head gingerly to see exactly what was behind me.Imagine the terror as my widened emerald eyes met with fierce yellow eyes set in a frame of gray and black fur! A wolf! I snapped my head around to the front and discovered he wasn’t alone. There were four of them surrounding me.Everything inside me froze, but my mind was screaming in an explosion of incoherent thoughts. The only thing I could make out was one word, “run!” The increasing growls behind me as I moved just one hand in the dirt told me running wasn’t going to be an option. Perhaps if I just stayed completely still, they would leave me alone and go on with their journey or their hunt. I didn’t particularly care to know which at that moment.The wolf between my legs prodded my pussy again with his muzzle, sniffing and rubbing the swollen outer lips with his damp snout and another long stroke of his tongue. Low rumbling noises were being muffled in my cunt as he lapped me again and again, each time more vigorously than the first until his tongue was bathing my slit with canine saliva. The rough pad of his tongue grazed my sensitive clit and my body jumped involuntarily. The hungry wolf at my pussy growled louder at the movement and his jaws opened just enough to drag the sharp teeth over my labia, and two of the other wolves bared their fangs with snarls as they each took a step closer on either side of me. The third, a wolf with bright blue eyes and a coat so light it almost appeared silver, also the biggest of them all from what I could see, merely sat back on his haunches as if to monitor the situation and made no sound, but his eyes were ever watchful.I realized trying to get myself out of this pack could mean my death. Trying to escape from one wolf would be dangerous enough, but four of them would be suicide. I could never outrun them and they’d be on me before I could even unfurl my legs – a nubile dinner of fresh meat for the pack.My mind was whirring a million miles a minute, trying out every scenario I could imagine, but while I played it all out in my head, the wolf at my pussy had other ideas. His tongue lashed at my displayed cunt furiously, growling into me like he was starving, darting in and out of my already cum-filled hole to clean me of the deposits left behind from the man or men who brought me out there, used me, and left me behind. It was like he was starving for the taste of my pussy, the way he ravished me.The more he bit with those sharp teeth and tongued my used f***-box, the less my mind could focus on escape plans. My breathing started to grow ragged and I whimpered and whined like a bitch in heat, even raising my ass higher in the air. I pushed back against his snout to be met with another growl and a nip.Oh hell! I was getting hot despite my fear and the pain in my raped hole. The fire of pleasure ignited in my belly and spread through my limbs until I could feel my body burning from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. This hungry wolf was going to make me cum and I moaned out loudly. He didn’t stop. It seemed to spur him on the way my body bucked and jerked with the pending orgasm and when I finally exploded in a long, loud howl of pleasure, my cunt grabbed at his tongue like it was a cock and he yelped from the viselike grip and pulled back.Not to be undone from his mission by some tiny, feeble human, he lunged onto my back with his mammoth paws and heavy body forcing my torso down and hanging onto my sides. His fur was soft, unbelievably soft and almost cuddly, as it pressed against my sensitive flesh and I couldn’t believe the strength in his forelegs as they gripped my hips. I felt his unsheathed cock, hot and spraying warm precum against my juicy slit as he rubbed against me with his hips bucking, trying to find his way into my pulsing hole.The realization that I was going to be raped by this wild dog and love it, sucked the breath out of me with the force of a lightning strike. I groaned in pure lust, sliding my already raw and scraped knees outward in the dirt, barely noticing the fresh cuts from the tiny pebbles and sticks beneath them. I only knew I wanted to open my cunt for him and let him find his target.That did it. His long, thick rod slammed into my stretched channel like a freight train crashing into a wall, jolting my body forward. The massive jaws with their razorlike teeth closed down at the base of my neck near my shoulder and he growled a menacing warning not to move. My skin burned from the bite, knowing that at any time he could snap his jowls shut, pierce my flesh and taste my life’s blood to awaken a different kind of hunger in him.I couldn’t hold back the scream of pain and pleasure as he humped the eight thick inches of his cock into me wildly and my orgasm hit without warning. I could feel the tip of his feral prick like an arrow trying to pierce my cervix. My belly distended as it filled with the spray of his lust. My snug cunt collapsed severely around his cock with uncontrollable spasms. The severity of my muscular box gripping his tool forced him to relinquish his hold on my neck to let loose a long, whiney howl as if he were in pain, yet still he pumped me feverishly.I felt his knot banging at my torn entrance, his jackhammering hips tried in vain to shove it into me, but there was no way he was forcing the baseball sized swell into my hotbox, no matter how he pushed. Even slowing down and readjusting his spread legged stance over my curvy hips couldn’t will his knot into the confines of my overstuffed hole. I reached beneath my legs and my fingertips found the hard knot pressed against my split lips, massaging it with the soft pads of my fingers. His lump of bulging flesh swelled bigger to my touch and my fingers slipped along the hot, slippery rod, pressing behind the solid ball accidentally. He unloaded his gift with a growl and snap of his jaws into the air sounding like a steel trap catching prey. The spray of his seed was like a waterfall filling my hole and drenching my outer lips, and he never completely mated me.Lost in the haze of my animal lover filling my sex and the unceasing waves of orgasm wracking my body, I hadn’t noticed the other two wolves closing in on me. It wasn’t until I felt a clammy nose and warm tongue licking my puckered asshole that I opened my eyes in a flash. The wolves were now on either side of me, one with his snout trying to prod open my dark hole and the other with its nose in the air, sniffing at the heavy musk of sex; his soft, furry flanks rubbing against my ribs and his unsheathed cock dangling, engorged and ready for action. He bent his head down and licked my back, eliciting shivers of pleasure from my body. The first wolf dismounted with a squelching pop as his cock left my used hole, and he trotted off to lie down and lick himself. As my gaping hole fluttered and tried to shrink back, a waterfall of canine sperm flowed to the ground beneath me like a steady stream of piss. My bladder was aching to be released and the rushing sound of wetness splattering the earth intensified the need to go, so I released a hot spray of urine like one of the wild animals. I never felt as free as I had at that moment; just another dog bitch in the woods.A wave of human sheepishness came over me at what I’d just done and my cheeks suddenly enflamed with a scarlet blush at being taken by a wolf in the wild and pissing as if I were one of them. I looked around to see if by chance someone was there to witness my perversion but the only eyes meeting mine were the brilliant blues of the regal silvery-gray wolf and he seemed to almost smile.
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