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Hi, this is the first time I have posted anthing signifigant like this on the forum, so please lots of feed back. Its kind of big I think so I may have to do it in chunks.Here gos nothing! Julies Time to be Happy Following her morning routine Julie awoke and entered the bathroom and looked in to her mirror, looking back the fifty three year old virgin was depressed at her long hair that was almost all gray, with a small chest and with big hips filled with cellulite she had never caught the eye of any one other than her husband, who had never even tried to be with her intimately, she was grateful for his companionship and the family he had brought with him to their marriage, two step kids and now grandchildren. Their house was filled with love if not sex, actually other parts of the families houses were filled they lived alone and the house had been reduced to a place to collect photos and memories. Turning on the morning news she was once more filled with shock over the recent supreme court decision. It had ruled that women did not necessarily retain human rights, it was based out of a case from a girl that had signed a contract with a university to be a test subject and was kept past the contract. It had ruled that women not having the protected rights meant that the girl belonged to the school as property, but it also ruled that they must follow the rules of law following lab animals and that she must be kept humanely according to the law. Within the week states and counties began passing legislation concerning human females as animals, Julie was scared like most women in general as to what this meant to their lives. Most of the states had consulted psychologists and other experts on human and animal nature , Julie was shocked at; but logically understood what had been determined to be the best way for the laws to work. Kansas her state had determined that if a woman lost her rights in court she was to be a ward of the state and sold as a class two animal, that meant the woman had to be kept as a dog or cat would be kept, it also drew up laws enforcing the separation of females kept as animals and those that retained their human status. Drinking her morning coffee now some two years on from the decision , she looked out of her kitchen window her eyes were lead to a object laying on the sidewalk outside. Walking outside to her horror she saw that it was a dog, returning to her house she grabbed the phone and called the pound only to find a busy signal. Resolving to call later she once more turned on her TV. The morning news was on and it was bad again a virus had been released and was killing female dogs by the millions almost over night officials had begun taking emergency measures to protect some breeds of dogs. Dogs having been ruled a vital aspect of the human existence were to be protected at all cost, soon scientists had solved the problem; human females that were in pounds as wards of the state were to be manipulated so as to be able to reproduce and birth dogs, at this point these females were already kept as dogs, the law was very specific that even sex with humans after a set time was illegal and considered bestiality. By now all of these wards of the state were sold modified by the county to walk on all fours and having their vocal cords removed could not talk. Julie had not paid any attention to this she had no clue as to what went on in these women’s lives she was secure in her marriage and in the end that is all that mattered to her, she like a lot of women that didn’t fear having their rights removed by the state tried not to think about it. She considered herself entirely human, some women took “hu-bitchs” as they are called, as pets, her stepdaughter even kept a kennel with her husband though that had put a strain on their relationship because Julie could not even bare the thought of having to look at a hu-bitch . She had tried to be civil at family gatherings and often there were no longer fights over the subject. Then one day.. Her world was shattered her husband sober for 15 year relapsed back into alcohol the very thing that had brought them together soon began to tear them apart, soon losing his job and she hers she could no longer pay the bills and was forced to file bankruptcy and for divorce. The bills and fees soon found her back in court, meeting with her lawyer, she found that the state had begun criminal proceedings against her. Shocked and in tears she pleaded with her lawyer but found that she had no choice, she had to meet with the court psychologist, sitting in her office the doctor told Julie the horrible news…. She had been selected as a hu-bitch, still in shock she fell into immediate denial and began to leave, but naturally was detained and handcuffed. When she asked her lawyer who to call he told her that he had been in contact with judge and he told him that she could be sold to a friend or family member if they swore to keep her as a hu-bitch. She was devastated she dejectedly called her stepdaughter and told her that she had been selected to be a hu-bitch. Her stepdaughter said that she would have to talk with her husband, latter that day her lawyer informed her that a compromise had been made with the judge in her case. She would be allowed to belong to her son in laws kennel, and they would be with her during her transition. The next day Julie was transferred out of the jail to the pound she had been in her same clothes for two days, her long flower print dress and sweater waiting at the rear of the jail Julie watched the truck from the pound arrive. Julie was lead to the back of the truck with kennel cages in the back, a large woman emerged from the truck with a snare pole drooping the noose of the stick over her neck. “look, this I really going to happen, ok” she said looking at Julie and seeing disbelief in her eyes and seeing this at least twice a month, she knew how to best handle the women that she picked up for the pound. In the back of the truck were four large steel kennels Julie was grabbed by the arm once more and lead into the one kennel that didn’t have an animal in it, kneeling with her arms still bound behind her she was locked in and with that the truck drove off. Looking at her situation was the whole world she was in an open kennel on the back of a truck, she was near tears in embarrassment. Her dress blowing in the breeze she was only slightly chilled by her travel to the pound pulling into the back of the building she was offloaded once more with the dog noose and lead to a kennel pushed down her zip ties were cut and she was re zip tied with her hands in front of her. “crawl in” said the large dog catcher, the kennel was to small for Julie to do anything other than crawl around or lie on her side. Kneeling down to look in, the abrupt yet not un sympathetic dog catcher addressed her once more. “you are going to be operated on tomorrow, today the vet will examine you and from now on before your operation you will not be allowed to speak, ok ?, also we will stop addressing you like you are a person ok so be a good girl and just rest until this afternoon” an attendant soon came by and placed a dog bowl in front of Julie filled with water. This put her over the edge the normally dignified woman began to cry. Finally composing her self she tried to lift the bowl but once more was brought to tears when in her bound state could only lap at the clean water when the attendant had left. Trying to fall asleep yet to terrified for the inevitable Julie reflected on her life and doubted that she could ever be happy again, she thought about how to kill herself but found no way. She loved her stepdaughter and son in law and began to place some trust in the hope in her family. But this only lead to questions about her life with them and how she would be treated. This lead to assumptions that she didn’t want to see fulfilled in reality, but the reality was that she was being forced to see weather they came true or not. Falling asleep’ she was awoken by the attendant, the volunteer was less than twenty years old and sweet to her; she told her with the now annoying drone to be a “good girl” and such. Taking a collar from the back of her jeans pocket the young volunteer placed it around Julies neck; as Julie left the cage she instinctively began to stand. With a quick yank on the collar Julie was once more brought to her knees, “NO! Bad Girl!!” smacking Julie on her butt the young volunteer brought Julie to tears. “Now Be a Good Girl and let me put your leash on, ok” she said grabbing the collar and attaching the lead. Julie had tried to keep her tongue; still sufficiently scared by the dog catcher she was now equally scared of the sweet volunteer. Trying to keep up with the attendant was hard she had never been the type of person you would consider athletic, and now with the hands zip tied in front of her and in a long cotton sundress she was crawling very slow on her hands and knees; thankfully the exam room was only down the hall. Entering on all fours Julie looked into the room to see her step daughter and son in law talking with the doctor and a nurse, also present in the small exam room was the psychologist that had met with her earlier. They were all standing around a flat counter top that came off of the wall about six feet and stood four foot high and was three foot wide, Julie expected to see the padded table she was use to but she didn’t see one; only the counter, a sink and cabinets against the opposite wall and the people in the room. The attendant lead her to the end of the counter and unclipped the leash from the collar. Stepping forward the doctor gently grabbed her by her hands and motioned for her to stand up, “you can ask simply questions now, for example if you are confused about were to stand or such, ok” receiving a nod for Julie he cut her zip ties and freed her hands. “Now” said the doctor “Julie, I need for you to get undressed, and give your clothes to the nurse” Slowly rising her hand Julie looked to the veterinarian “yes” he replied acknowledging her question. “where do I go?” “for what ?”“to get changed(Hope you like the rest)
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