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Hello All, I have not posted for a while so here goes. I am changing the names of actual people to keep their identities safe.I have been best friends with Jeb since high school and have considered his parents to be a second set of parents for a while now. His mom has become somewhat my mom too. Here recently I have found my "mom" attractive sexually because she is older than me. I am 23 and she is in her late forties. She also has a pretty cute body that I have been admiring for quite some time. I have often fantasized about going to visit her while her husband was away and making love to her. Here is my fantasy - I drive over to their house to visit and Nancene answers the door and tells me to come in. I come in and notice that her husband isn't around. She then calls me into her bathroom where I notice that she isn't wearing her everyday attire anymore, but instead she is wearing a leather miniskirt, fishnet stalkings, black high heels, a leather corset, and bright red lipstick. I also noticed women's clothing, a dog collar and a leash. I start to stare at her with lustful eyes, then begin to question what is going on and she sushes me and tells me how she has known that I have wanted her for some time now. Her voice changed to a more stern voice and she said - If you want this, as she lifted up her skirt to reveal her freshly shaven cunt, then you must do as your told. I told her that I would. She told me to kneel down, and as I did she put the dog collar around my neck and hooked the leash onto it. She then told me that I was her slave and I must do as she says. She leads me over to the tub and tells me to strip. I quickly do so, and she exclaims that I am too hairy. She tells me to stand in the tub and I do. She then grabs a razor and shaving cream and starts to lather my body up - legs, armpits, stomach, chest, pubic area, and ass. She then shaves my entire body. I dry off and get out of the tub on her command. She then says that I can't get hard and bounds my cock and balls up. As she is doing this I squirm and say no, She gets mad at me and starts cussing me out and telling me that I am a slave and get no choice, she then spits in my face and pulls ob my hair and tells me to bend over for my punishment. I bend over and she starts spanking me until I cry and say sorry, it will never happen again. She then says, good, cleans my face off and continues to bound op my cock and balls so I can't get hard. I then get ordered to put on the clothes - panties, bra, miniskirt, and top. She sits me down and applies make-up, then puts a wig on me. She says to me that now I can be a true bitch.To Be Continued.......
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