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A Proud Mother of PuppiesIt all happened one afternoon when I came home for launch and I was in a good mood cause I got my boss to give me 2 hours for launch. Anyway When I came threw the door my dog, a 3 year old huskie about 52 pounds, jumped on me and started to lick my face I told him to get off of me and when he finally did I made a sandwich and sat down in the living room to watch some TVWhile I was watching TV Jeff, my dog started sniffing my pussy. It felt good cause I haven't been laid in almost a year cause my boyfriend is in the war.Even though it felt good it was just wrong to me though the zoophilia stories I read turn me on I still pushed Jeff away and he came right back so I pushed him away again but he came right back and by now I was getting horny so I figured what the hell I don't have to work for another hour so I pulled up my mini skirt, by the way I have a body like Shania Twain except my tits are a little bigger and are really firm, after I pulled up my skirt I pulled off my silk lace panties.Jeff was still there and went right back to sniffing my pussy suddenly he started to lick my clit and it drove me nuts, I always heard that it felt good, but I wasn't expecting this.He started licking fast I could feel my hips start to rock back and forth I started to scream out "Oh god, Oh yes lick my clit" and then from out of the blue my orgasm hit me and it was so powerful that my legs went to Jell-O and my vision went totally blurred.After that heavenly ordeal I saw a wash rag on the floor and I used it to clean up.When I went to stand up I almost fell over but I was able to catch my balance. I looked at the clock it was 1:43 and I had to get back to work.As I was driving to work I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened and that's when I decided that after dinner I would have Jeff f*** me.When I finally got home from work I was so horny that my panties were soaked so bad that it was showing threw my skirt.I called for Jeff while I was getting out of my close I was so nervous. Jeff came up to me and went straight to my pussy and I told him I had a surprise for him and I got down on my back under Jeff and started playing with his cock. It started to slide out of his sheath.After about a minute it was 7 inches long and it was still growing. When I got up enough guts to touch the, long pink cock with a shiny coating on it, I cold feel his heart beat through it. When I was done playing with his cock it was at least 10 inches long and 2 inches thick and as hard as a rock. I got on my hands and knees and it took no time at all for him to mount me. He started to hump me but he wasn't hitting his mark so I reached back and grabbed his throbbing cock and guided it in me.God it was the best feeling in the world he started to hump me again and in just two thrusts his whole buck was in me, having the whole 10 inches in me I felt so full, as he continued to hump my tight wet little pussy I started to scream out "Oh yes faster faster... yes f*** me, f*** my pussy." All the sudden I felt something bumping against my pussy and then I knew it was his knot and I wanted it in me so bad that I started pushing back and I felt it slip in and it sent me over the edge and orgasm after orgasm raked over me. After I calmed down a little Jeff started to do short fast trusts that made my breasts start to jiggle then I could feel him shoot wave after wave of hot cum into my pussy and that alone gave me another orgasm.After we finally unhooked from each other 30 minutes later I stood and went to take a shower.For the next three weeks we kept fucking and on the weekends it was nonstop 'til one morning I woke up and ran to the bathroom and threw up.About 3 days later I stopped throwing up so I got dressed for work but when I went to button my pants I noticed that my pants barely fit and this was odd cause they where the biggest pair of pants I had.I went to the mirror and took off all my clothes and I saw that my tummy stuck out and was firm then I said to myself "Oh god I'm pregnant but the only thing that f***** me is Jeff Oh no I'm pregnant with puppies."I figured I would go to work and try not to think about it.About a month later I took a leave of absence from work. When I was on my way home I decided to go shopping for food and clothes.After I got home from shopping Jeff was right there to greet me and I was horny so after I put the clothes in the bedroom and the food in the fridge. I got naked and got on all fours and ounce again it didn't take long for him to mount me but this time he hit his mark first try.As he started to f*** my pink twat I started to rock back and forth and I felt his knot slide in and a wave of orgasms hit me and I could feel hot cum filling me up.After about six months I was out of food so I put on this huge coat I got at the store and went shopping. I was in and out in a flash.When I got home there was a massage on the phone. I played the message it was Sam my boy friend he was coming home in a week.I started to freak cause I was still pregnant so I began doing everything I could think of to go into labor. I even had Jeff f*** me about 6 or 7 times in the next 2 days when that didn't work. I saw it was late so I went to bed.I woke up in the middle of the night with a contraction. I thought, 'oh no big deal' and tried to go back to sleep when another contraction hit so I got up and told Jeff this is it then my water broke so I got some towels and laid them on the kitchen floor and laid down on my back and started to push I could feel one come out then another and another when I was done there were 7 new baby puppies were born.When Sam finally arrived he asked where the puppies came from and I told him that Jeff got this stray bitch (me) pregnant and after the puppies were born the dog got hit by a car.Well I hope you like this story.
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