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Jenny Starling was a small town preachers wife . Most of the men inthe county couldn't believe that the preacher had such a beautiful youngwife . She had long blonde hair and a cute face like Alicia Silverstone .She was a cheerleader in college and she ran track , so her body wasflawless . When she arrived for church , all the men would drool as shesashayed down the aisle . One night as Jenny was tossing and turning in bed she decided to gofor a walk around the block . Sometimes a good walk would help her sleep .Her husband was sleeping soundly as she tiptoed out the front door in hernight gown . The streets were silent and the houses were all dark as shewalked down the sidewalk . When she neared the Potters house , she sawsomething moving in their front yard . Usually there was nothing to fearin this little town , but she thought she'd better be cautious . As shegot a few steps closer she realized that it was the Potters dog , Thor .She knew he was a friendly dog , but he was so big and intimidatinglooking . He was an Irish wolfhound that stood three feet at the shouldersand had thick brown fur all over his body . She stepped closer , " Helloboy " , " Please don't bark at me boy " . The big dog walked up to her soshe stuck out her hand to pet him , " Good dog " , she said nervously . Asshe patted his head , he stuck his big snout into her crotch and sniffed ." Stop that ! " . She tried to walk passed him to get on with her walk ,but Thor growled . " Oh no..please be a good dog ! " . Thor again stuckhis nose into her crotch and began sniffing again . Jenny felt embarrasedalmost as the dog touched her there . She didn't have much a sex life withher husband and when they did have sex it was very clinical . She tried toslowly back away from the dog but he growled again and gripped her flimsynightgown in his jaws and pulled with all of his strength . Soon she heardthe material tearing until , " Rrrrrrip ! " , the gown ripped from herwaist into the big dogs jaws . She was going to scream , but now she knewshe could never draw any attention to herself while she was dressed likethis ! She turned to run from the dog , but he quickly caught her gownfrom the back and as she fell forward , the rest of the silky materialripped off of her waist . Now she was naked from the waist down except fora small pair of panties . She panicked as she looked around hoping that noone was looking out their window . " Please doggy , don't do this anymore" , she pleaded . She was on her hands and knees trying to scammble to herfeet , but Thor began sniffing her from behind . She turned around andstarted kicking at him frantically , but he gave a deep growl so shestopped immediately . He lowered his head and with his big tongue lickedher panty covered crotch . She gasped as she felt the sensation , " Ahh ". She hadn't been touched down there too many times in her young life , soshe was n't sure what she ws feeling . The dog lapped at her panties untilthey were soaking wet . She couldn't believe what was happening ! Here shewas sitting on her neighbors front lawn in the middle of the night whiletheir dog licked her crotch ! Her reputation would be ruined if word gotout about this . And , what would it do to her husbands career ? . Sheknew what she had to do now . She quickly rolled over on her belly andbegan scrambling forward to get away from the beast . Thor pounced on herlike a cat playing with a toy . She tried to squirm free but he bit downinto her panties and as she continued to pull forward , her panties pulledown her thighs . Soon Thor was standing behind her with her pantiesdangling in his mouth . She was now completely naked from the waist down !She looked around and saw all of her neighbors houses . The same neighborswho respected her as the preachers wife . Thor lowered his head and gave along lick to Jennys bare ass . She jumped when she felt the dogs wettongue on her skin . She turned over and the dog licked her bare pussywith renewed enthusiasm . Jenny gripped the grass in her hands tightly andgritted her teeth , fighting the feelings that were overcoming her . Thedogs tongue lapped consistantly at her now wet pussy as her breathing grewfaster . Soon she had her eyes shut as her orgasm neared . She tried topretend that it wasn't a dog , but she could feel the thick fur on theinsides of her thighs . Suddenly he stopped licking and she was just aboutto cum . She opened her eyes and Thor was sitting on his haunches with hishuge red cock sticking straight up bobbing up and down . " Oh my ! " . "He doesn't expect....that ? " . She was mesmerized by the dogs cock as itbounced around in front of her . She felt so seedy and low for thinkingthis way about an animal . She rationalized that she was being raped andshe had no choice . " If I put up a fight he could [CENSOR] me " . Sheremembered when she was a little girl and she saw two dogs mating in thestreet . So she slowly rolled over and got up on her hands and kneesfeeling like a bitch dog in heat . The big dog recognized this positionand quickly mounted the young preachers wife . Jenny felt the big dogs furon her back and then she felt his hot dog cock touching her ass . Thorbegan humping wildly , but couldn't find his mark . Jenny wasn't sure whatto do as the big dog humped at her . She felt his long dick slicingthrough her legs rubbing her horny pussy and she knew what she had to dothen . She moved her ass up and down to help the dog find her opening .Suddenly with one quick thrust the dog buried his cock in her wet pussyand began humping frantically . Jenny had never felt anything like it inher life as the big animal pummeled her tight little pussy . She wasalready about to cum when she felt the dogs knot swelling inside of her .It stretched her to the limit , but it also added to her pleasure . Shescreamed out as she was nearing her orgasm and suddenly Thor buried hiscock to the hilt and she felt his hot doggy cum coating her insides . Hiscock throbbed as he unloaded his cum inside of the young blond woman . When it was finally over the dogs big knot remained inside ofJennys tight little pussy . She pulled forward with all of her might untilfinally it popped out like a cork and a flood of dog cum came pouringdown her thighs like a river . She ran home and took a quick shower . Thenext day there was a knock at her door and Mr. Potter was standing there .She opened the door feeling a pit in her stomach remembering last nightwith the mans dog . " Hi Mr. Potter , how can I help you ? " . He pulled apair of panties out of his pocket , " Here I think you left these in myyard last night " . He smiled and walked away .
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