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"It's lovely... absolutely lovely!" exclaimed the beautiful, blonde Kittyas she walked into the cabin through the closed half of the Dutch door. "I'venever seen anything like it. I never would have dreamed that there could be somuch beauty in nature." Her sister, Janet, darker and somewhat taller, though no less lovely forher being five years older, turned away from her cutting board in the smallkitchen and smiled. "I thought you might like it. And judging from the factthat you've only been out for an hour, I can tell that you've only seen a smallpart of it." Suddenly Janet's huge German shepherd bounded into the kitchen fromanother part of the cabin, his tail wagging in expression of his happiness tosee his new friend. "Oh, Duke," Kitty said, bending down to pet his great head, "you shouldhave come with me. There were a lot of rabbits I know you would have liked tochase." "So you like my little area here, do you?" Janet said as she ceased herpreparation of dinner and dried her wet hands on a towel. Her hair was alittle darker than her twenty-eight year old sister's, and she wore it in astylish cut, unlike Kitty, who preferred to let her long golden hair fallloosely to her waist. "And you're right about Duke. He probably should havegone with you. He likes running around in the woods. Give him time, though.He's only known you for a day." "I'll bet he's quite a companion out here for you," the shapely youngersister said as she continued to stroke the happy-looking dog behind the ears. "Yes, I don't know how I would get along without him," Janet said, addingher own caressing hand to the powerful animal's muscular flanks. "Did you seethe small waterfall in the stream?" "Yes, I did," Kitty answered. "In fact, I spent most of my time there.It's very peaceful and relaxing." Janet smiled. "You know, if you want, you can stay here for longer thana week. I hope you didn't think my invitation was limited." "I don't know," said Kitty, her voice indicating that she was beingtempted to stay forever. "A week was all I could get off. There were timestoday, though, when I thought I would never want to return to St. Louis." 'Don't worry, honey," Janet reassured her. "I'm sure that after a weekhere, you'll be able to make a decision. And it will be one you can stickwith." "I hope so, Jan," Kitty said thoughtfully. "It's just so... soenchanting out in the woods there. To think that I might leave it to sitbehind a desk and be a secretary all day, five days a week... Sometimes itmakes me sick." Janet smiled a knowing smile. She could understand what her curvaceoussister was telling her. Her own husband of six years had literally killedhimself working under the pressure of the city. He had often promised himselfthat he would take it easy as soon as he got enough money. But he neverthought he had enough, even though by many standards he was quite a wealthyman. His drive to become more successful than he was had killed him rathersuddenly, and Janet decided then and there that she was not going to let thesame thing happen to her. She had used his money, a rather substantial sum, tobuild this cabin in a remote section of New York State's Catskills. When itwas finished, she had invited her sister and her brother to her house warming,wanting to show off her "little" cabin in the woods. It was a sort of memorialto her late husband, a man she loved very much. Even though she had prettymuch gotten over his loss, she felt a stab of pain every time she realized thathe would not be there to share in its peace and relaxation, truly a settingthat would have saved his life had he the chance to enjoy it. Janet and hersister had always been close, even though Kitty had moved to St. Louis from NewYork City after a love affair that had almost destroyed her two years ago. Now they were together once again, and they were acting like littlechildren, each caught up in the happiness of seeing each other after their longseparation. They had written letters to each other, and talked over thetelephone many times, making promises that they would get together "someday,"but the plans had never come to pass. When Janet had informed Kitty of herplans to build a small cabin in the woods, the younger girl made a definiteeffort to be with her sister during this time of need. Kitty had explained toher boss that she needed the vacation time, and would quit if he didn't give itto her. She was determined that she was not going to let this opportunity passher by as she had so many others. And now she was here. She was glad that she had put her foot down withher boss. The late summer setting was charming in the rolling hills, and shewas determined that she would start living each moment as though it were herlast. She did not want the same thing happening to her that had happened toJanet's husband. "Well," the young blonde said, standing up. "I think I'm going to take abath. I hope you have hot running water out here in the wilderness," she addedwith a slight chuckle. "We have everything out here," Janet answered, "including a separatebathroom. I wanted to get away from the rat-race of the city, not thecomforts." "I hope you're making a large supper," Kitty said. "Walking around inthe forest can make you as hungry as it can dirty." ''Oh, go on now and enjoy your bath," Janet said, returning to her workat the cutting board. "You're my guest here, so don't worry about things likethat. Supper will be ready by the time you finish." Kitty didn't even try to hide her ear to ear grin. She had always likedher sister, and she could see that Janet wanted to make her feel as comfortableas possible. As she walked through the cabin, large as cabins went no matterwhat Janet said about her "little house in the woods," she noticed that Dukewas following her. "You want to watch me get clean, big boy?" she said to thelarge dog. "He wants to become friends with you," called Janet after her sister."He doesn't get to see many people out here, and he really likes being withthem. I think it's the only thing he doesn't like about this place." Closing the bathroom door, she turned on the hot water and let it fillthe tub. As the steam rose, coating the mirror over the ornate modern sink,she kicked off her shoes and sat down on the small chair, feeling her tiredmuscles beginning to relax at the mere thought of getting in the hot tub. Dukecame over to her and placed his huge head on her slack-covered right leg. "Oh, you beautiful dog," she said, holding his head between her hands."You look like you can be so loyal... Janet is really lucky to have you. It'stoo bad you can't give me a massage. All that walking has really tightened upmy muscles. You'd give me a massage if you could, wouldn't you, boy?" The large, sleek-coated animal whined his answer up to her, his limpidbrown eyes bright and happy with the affection he felt for his new-foundfriend. The soothing, calm sound of her voice let him know that he was in thepresence of someone who liked him, and he began to think of her as anothermistress. After all, Janet, his owner, had acted as though this new person wasmore than welcome. He had decided to do the same. The shapely young woman smiled fondly down at the friendly dog. Shecould see the difference between him and the dogs she had known in the city.Where she was living, dogs were kept on leashes and rarely allowed to run free.They looked unhappy most of the time. But here, in the woods, Duke was allowedto do pretty much as he pleased, and it showed in his eyes. He acted as thoughhe wanted to show his happiness for the woman who had made this possible forhim, and Kitty knew that Janet had a loyal companion, even way out here in thewoods. Duke lifted his head and pressed it tightly against Kitty's hand,telling her that he liked her and had no fear of her, even though he had onlyknown her for just a few hours. Kitty, too, liked the German shepherd, and shewould have liked to pet him all day. But her tub was getting full, and shewanted to take a bath right now more than anything. Duke could wait. "I'm sorry, you doll, but if I don't get in that tub right away, I'm notgoing to be ready for dinner. You wouldn't want that to happen, now wouldyou?" She sighed and began unbuttoning her shirt. With the plane ride and allthe walking in the woods, it had been a long, tiring day. Getting in the tubof hot water would make her feel better than she had in months, she knew. She jumped slightly as the relative silence of the cabin was shattered bythe sound of the kitchen door slamming. Duke, too, perked up his ears at thesound and cocked his head to listen, then relaxed as he heard the familiarsounds of Johnny, his mistress's twelve year old son barging into the house. "Hey, Mom," the boy called out. "Is Aunt Kitty here yet?" Kitty felt a thrill of happiness as she heard her nephew stomping throughthe kitchen. She had not seen him since he had come to her sister's cabin. Infact, she had not seen him since she had moved to St. Louis. She tried toimagine how he had changed in the last two years, and she knew that no matterwhat she thought he might look like, it would be totally different from hermental image. She could not get over how he had looked when she last saw him,so sweet and cheerful, the warm innocent smiles he always had for her. Hesounded as though he had not changed from that very much, and she was lookingforward to meeting him for the first time after all these years. "Oh, Duke, you're very lucky... we're both very lucky to have people wholove us so much," the curvaceous young woman whispered, dropping to her lushlyrounded haunches to take his big head between her slender white hands. "It's awonderful family I have, and I feel as though you're a part of it." She kissedhim on his wet nose and he instantly licked out his long pink tongue to lavewarmly over her full lips in response. "You handsome fellow! Janet iscertainly lucky to have you around." The powerful animal whined as he tried to nuzzle closer to her, and shehugged him tightly, "Oooooooohhhhh, I can see why Janet thinks so highly ofyou," she whispered, kissing him between the eyes before straightening up."Now... I really have to take that bath." She continued her undressing, never once thinking that there was anythingwrong with having Duke watch her as she removed her clothing. She couldremember a time not so long ago when she would have felt self-conscious abouthaving even an animal watch her undress, but there was something free anduninhibited about this setting, and she was actually glad that she was notalone. She smiled down at the great dog, thinking that there was a very goodchance indeed that she might never return to St. Louis. Everything was sopretty here, so relaxing, so free... She could not remember feeling this goodin the city. Duke watched her smiling down at him. He dropped his head for an instantand sneezed. Then he continued to watch her smooth, soft curves ripple andsway as she exposed more and more of her silky flesh to his eyes. Her long,blonde hair almost matched her evenly tanned skin, and it was just as goldenand full as that between her long, slender legs. He danced around her, andwanted to do something to let her know how happy he was that she had come tovisit. Kitty watched the animal all the time she undressed. There was somethingabout him that seemed to hypnotize her... something about his eager-lookingeyes. She could see that he was totally devoted to her sister, but she couldalso see that he wanted to start sharing that devotion. It was a wonderfulfeeling, knowing that Duke had accepted her right away, and she wondered ifthere was something she could do to show the beautiful dog how much sheappreciated his friendship. Slowly, gently, she lowered her now naked body into the steaming hotwater. Even though the day had been very warm, she sighed as the soothingeffects of the hot bath instantly made her muscles unwind from her day'shiking. All the problems she might have carried with her from the city seemedto become drained in the warm water, and she submerged her naked young body,delighting in the slightly tickling sensations of the bubbles from the soap shehad added to the water. She caressed the fluffy suds over her full, roundedbreasts, sensing her tiny pink nipples hardening beneath the water as thoughsexually aroused, an arousal she had not known in some time. Not since she hadleft the man who had almost totally destroyed her life. It was sad, shethought. He had been such a wonderful man when she first met him, so lovingand tender. She thought back to her days of lovemaking with him, the only manshe had ever loved. Even though she had many bitter memories of him, she likedto dwell on his hands wandering over her body, the way they had when they hadfirst started going out. At least they were happy thoughts, memories she hopedshe never forgot. She stopped her self-sensuous act. She wanted to finish her bath and seeher nephew. But as she pulled her hands away from her body to finish herbathing, she brushed a huge mountain of suds across her swollen nipples, and aseries of rippling delights stabbed through her sensitive loins and mountinglyenticed belly. 'This is ridiculous,' she thought to herself. 'I can't be thinking aboutsomething like that now. I want to be with my sister and nephew. I cancontrol my physical need for the time being... can't l?' She put herlascivious thoughts out of her mind as she stepped from the tub. 'There is atime and a place for everything.' She found her thoughts wandering to hershort but intense affair with Bill. She had loved him, trusted him, and for awhile she thought he loved and trusted her. There had been many men who hadwanted her, but when she found Bill, she believed that she had found someonedifferent. She loved his body... loved the way he made love to her, showingwhat it was like to be a woman, and not just a girl... loved welcoming hislong, thick cock in her cunt... his gentle, patient thrusts building in hereager and hungry body a passion she had never known existed... his warm, wettongue licking feverishly up between her legs... that blissful moment each timewhen he would explode his searing, wonderful cum inside her! Yes, those had been wonderful moments... thoughts that she never wantedto forget. Perhaps someday she would find another man she could love and trustas she had Bill... a love she hoped did not come only once in a lifetime. Duke watched closely the soft movements of her wetly glistening body asshe climbed from the tub and began toweling herself down, his keen sense ofsmell detecting the sudden scent of her female nakedness even through thearomas of her bubble bath. He knew that smell... the scent of arousal... hismistress had trained him well. He sensed the heavy weight growing in thedepths of his own loins as he watched her turn to look at her curvaceous formreflected in the steam covered mirror. For a moment, Kitty stood motionless, deliberately admiring theharmonious balance of her well-formed, eye-pleasing body, and a tingle ofself-appreciation fluttered through her belly. She did not feel that there wasanything wrong in believing she had a great deal of physical beauty. There hadbeen plenty of men who had told her so. There was nothing wrong with beingbeautiful, she had told herself many times. She had always been delighted byher sensuality... her full, pink-nippled breasts and slender waist flowing intogenerously arched hips and smooth-rounded thighs. Bill had been especiallyproud of her legs, the alluring shape of her calves, slender ankles and tinyfeet. He had made it a point to kiss them all over in his passion. But it wasthe whiteness of her breasts, contrasted with the rest of her tanned body, thatfascinated him the most... the resilient mounds of her firm, uptiltedbreasts... and farther down, the equally creamy, equally sensuous ovals of herfull buttocks. She dropped her gaze to the stretch of alabaster whiteness overher hips and the soft little bowl of her lower belly where the curly triangleof sparse golden pubic hair began to fringe the puffiness of her cuntal moundand fleshy vaginal lips. She could feel again the tiny shivers of awakenedsensualism flutter over her. God, when was the last time she had finger-fuckedherself? It must have been a long time ago, if she couldn't remember. Andeven though she had sexually released herself when necessary, she knew thatnothing could really take the place of a man's lust-hardened penis sawing inand out of her... especially not after she had experienced the total delightBill's cock had given her... but now...!" Kitty dropped her bath towel to the floor and sighed. Letting her ownhands stroke downward over her hips as she watched herself in the mirror. Itmust be the atmosphere of this place, she said, smiling as she thought of thepleasures about to befall her. Her soft breathing increased as she smoothedher fingers inward toward the base of her passion-enticed belly to thesensitive mound of hair-curled pussy flesh between. She pressured tauntingly,her slender fingers extended, the pinkness of her moistening vaginal slit'smomentary exposure captivating her. Oooohhh... she had to fingerfuck her cuntuntil she was cumming... she had to... it had been too long...! Duke whimpered, demanding the blonde-haired girl's attention, and shestopped her caresses, forgetting all about his presence. "Oh, you wonderful dog, I'm sorry... would you like to watch...? I won'tmind. In fact, I think I'd like to have you watch." The big dog wagged his tail and animalishly licked at his jaws, then ather soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent down to brush it over his head. Shecouldn't help but wonder at what he thought of this method of sexual release,and she could see wonder in his eyes as they swept all over her body, almostlustfully delighting in her soft white nakedness. She felt a thrill of delightherself as she thought of the dog watching her fondling her vaginal lips withher hand... a thrill of delight and exhibitionism... "Yes, yes... you canwatch me finger my hot little cunt if you want to!" she whispered, the thoughtfeeding more fuel to the wave of lust and self-induced passion washing throughher whole body. "I would like it if you watched me finger-fuck myself." Duke brushed against the warm smoothness of her thigh as she stepped overto the small chair in the bathroom, the exciting scent of her effluentbody-heat filtering to his nostrils. He paused as she sat down on the blackvinyl seat, her soft curves quivering with her every movement, and then she wasleaning back and breathing heavily now. The powerful animal watched her longlegs spread open slowly, her small hand moving down between them and glidingsmoothly to the golden-fringed orifice to her pussy. He watched her fingersbegin to work in a teasing circular motion, little sighs of pleasure tumblingfrom her parted lips, her smooth white buttocks starting to rise from the chairto meet her rhythmically moving hand And then he jumped forward to join her! Kitty's eyes had closed, and she had not heard him move. The Germanshepherd's approach took her completely by surprise. She had never thought ofanything like this, and it took her several moments to regain her senses fromthis totally unexpected turn of events. Opening her eyes, she could only starebetween her widely spread legs and watch him move forward between them inwonderment! She withdrew her hand from its lascivious fingering of her cunt andraised herself slightly, her mind reeling in awe and still a little startled byhis sudden lunge at her exposed vagina. Something held the sensually stirred woman from speaking as she stared athim, her widened blue eyes reflecting her bewilderment, watching fascinated ashis loving brown eyes swept over her naked curves almost as though he hadlustful thoughts in mind! Was it possible? she asked herself. Could he wantto do what it looks like he wants to do? As if in answer to her thoughts, he was moving in even closer to her,dropping his big head to lick out with a hot fluid tongue against the smoothflesh of her responsively twitching belly! Kitty couldn't help but gasp at the astonishingly pleasurable contact,swallowing at the sudden dryness in her throat as his long pink tongue began tolick moistly over her muscle-tensed belly! She would never have thought thathe would do something like this... and if she had, she would never have thoughtthat it could feel so good! She was speechless now as again and again he didit, while she continued to lie there beneath the desire-enticing length of hiswetly heated caresses, his fervent tongue making incredible sensations spiralthrough her torso, adding to her lustful exhilaration. "Oooooohhhh... this was totally unbelievable... and wonderful. What waspossessing him? How could he know what to do? Yet he certainly seemed to knowexactly what to do, and she wasn't about to stop him now! How far would he go?What further pleasures lay in store with this wonderful animal? Then, hislong, damp, warm tongue licked heatedly upward over the quivering flesh of herwaist, working higher and higher until he was actually lapping the roundedundersides of her sensitive breasts! Tenderly, he washed up over them towardthe tiny straining buds of her nipples! Kitty couldn't hold back the moanescaping her when his searing moist flesh grazed wetly over the erogenous,pebble-like hardness of her nipples, first one, then the other, sendingfeverish thrills of wanton excitement whipping through her tremulous flesh. She could never think of stopping him now. Her body had been demandingthis type of stimulation for far too long... the excitement that Bill used togive her... the excitement that was totally over-powering and vastly filling.And then, with a sense of disappointment to Kitty, Duke stopped of his ownaccord and began to back down between her still wide-spread legs. Thetemptation to call him back was strong, but unnecessary as, suddenly, shewatched him poise his massive head between her sensually opened thighs, thenslightly lower it, his heated animal breath taunting the fringe of soft blondecurls there! Kitty couldn't believe it when her sister's dog's cool wet nose brushedthe warm, sensorial flesh of her inner thigh... and finally, the pinkly poutinglips of her excited cunt! She heard his little whimper as he sniffed at herheatedly aroused loins, his long nose probing at her susceptible flesh asthough he were actually trying to seduce her! She felt the coolness of itsuddenly exploring the smooth crevice between her milk-white buttocks, thenwetly laving the exposed little rosebud of her tiny puckered anus! "Aaaaaaaahhhh... Duke... you wonderful... aaaahhhh!" Kitty gasped,uncontrollably lurching beneath the sensual contact. "How... why...oooohhhhh!" His hot tongue suddenly shot out to lick feverishly up and down thesmooth vale surrounding her tight little anal hole, the tip worming teasinglyup into her clasping nether passage! At the shocking contact, Kitty wasn'tsure what to do next. She had never been fucked by anyone other than Bill...and certainly never by a dog... and she wanted the incredibly arousingsensations to continue. Suddenly his seething wet tongue began to lick at thenarrow pink slit between her widely spread thighs! Moans of delight bubbled upin her throat, like little tremors of unbearable desire rippling over her nakedflesh as he lapped fluidly upward through the entire pink-fleshed length of heropenly exposed cunt-lips. Ooooooohhh, the wild sensations were searing, andthey needled inward to stab deep at the nerve centers of her now intenselyfluttering belly. His fiery animal tongue was spreading through the hotly yielding, swollenlips of her hair-fringed vagina with long, relentless sweeps, eroticallysplaying the tender flesh wide, pausing at last to lunge in a wetly invadingcurl far up into the-liquid heat of her excitedly throbbing cunt! She gaspedand jerked convulsively, sliding off the chair and dropping flat on her back towrithe in uncontrollable delight under the big dog's surprise oral lovemaking,mindlessly drawing her legs back to give the beautiful darling easier access toher wide-splayed pussy! She could never think of ordering him to stop now, not with the intensethrills penetrating right through her voluptuously hungering body. She heardher own desperate moans increase, while her desire-glazed mind began to slipinto a delicious oblivion of velvet sensuality. Unceasingly, the lovinganimal-tongue bathed her offered loins, from the snug little opening of herfeverishly working anus, upward through the hot wet crevice of her cunt. Atthe peak, he hesitated maddeningly, his knowledge baffling her when he suddenlypenetrated to flick wetly at the quivering bud of her rigidly erect clitoris,fanning her ever-mounting desire as she whimpered in total delight. On and on it went, time seeming to lose its meaning for Kitty. Nothingmattered but the heavenly searing tongue licking relentlessly through and overher passion-inflamed cuntal flesh until she was gasping and writhing her entirenaked body in frantic pleading beneath it. "Aaaaaaaaahhhh...!" she choked as he flicked his tongue tormentingly in afeverish, spearing curl far up beyond the clutching, long-unused mouth of herburning vagina! "Oooooohhhh... yes... yes lover, do it to me! Make me cum...make Kitty cum, darling. I need it so badly... lick my cunt... lick my burningcunt...!" With an animalistic groan of her own, Kitty drew her knees flat to herpalpitating breasts, and reaching down between them to grasp his dark head, shepulled his long nose in tight against her wetly yearning vagina! His lovingtongue flicked far up the fire-filled tunnel like a rod of flame, his ownwhimpers blending with hers as he feverishly lashed and drove the pink lengthof his tongue deeply into the wetly glistening folds of her cunt. "Oh... oh, God... yes, baby... lick it... lick Kitty's cunt, darling!"she hissed out again, raising her head as best she could to look down betweenher widely spread thighs to watch whatever she could of the bestial ravishingof her loins. Oh God! Her wide-split cunt was flushed to near redness, itsshimmering inner-flesh was the most lust-intoxicating sight she had ever seen.Her blood-filled pussy lips were spread like an omniverous mouth, with herhandsome darling's long furry snout shoved as far as it would go, right up intothe hungering passage of her seething vagina! She could actually feel his jawsworking when he opened them, stretching the elasticized entrance of her cunt tothrust his tongue deep into her fire-filled belly. He seemed to be furiouslyreaching new depths inside her with every delightful lunge. Insanely, shebegan to pull at his head while she desperately thrust her greedy loins up athim, trying to force his long nose like a thick furry cock up into her hotlythrobbing cunt! A pained whimper came from the depths of Duke's throat, but Kitty neverheard it. All she could feel was the exotic sensation of his coiling tonguesmooth against her cunt, and it washed away every thought from her mind. Itwormed its way delightfully into the small, clam-like mouth of her vagina,spine-shattering sensations searing through her body as it caused overwhelmingwaves of lust in her flesh. She was going to cum! Aaaaaaaaahhh... he had done it for her... thebeautiful darling... with his cold wet nose shoved hard against her wide-spreadcuntal passage and his tongue spiraling like the flame of a welding torch ather tender cervix. In nothing short of delirium, Kitty clutched at his big animal-head,burying his phallus-like nose another fraction of an inch deeper into thetight-clutching opening of her orgastically throbbing cunt, holding savagely tohis short ears as she lustfully fucked her loins up into his animal-face andfelt the never-ceasing ecstasy of his searing tongue caressing and stabbinginto her hyper-sensitive cervix. "Ooooohhhh... lover... I'm... I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnngg...! Aaahh!"She wailed, jerking at his head and fucking his snout in wanton ecstasy.Nothing mattered but the overwhelming enchantment bursting like a huge hotbubble of erotic bliss to flood down through her long-denied body and permeateher with exhausting sensations of sensually drained fulfillment...! For a long while she lay there, pressing her sticky thighs together asshe tried to continue the delightful sensations waving through her loins,' butsoon, all too soon, it was over, and she could feel the physical ecstasy drainaway. Her mind was still in a haze when she heard a voice, as if off in somefar distant land calling her name. It was as though she was waking from adream, and she forced herself back to earth as once again the voice called hername. "Kitty... Can you hear me? I said dinner is almost ready. Are you goingto stay in that tub forever?" The young girl pulled herself to a sitting position and looked at Duke,the dog smiling at her as dogs do, and she smiled back at him. "I'll be right there, Janet," she called to her sister. Then she smiledto herself. Yes, she could see now why her sister did not feel lonely in thewoods. There was no doubt in the girl's mind that Janet knew exactly what sortof dog Duke was, and she hoped that in the course of her week-long visit, shewould get the chance to try him out again.
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