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It was now after 11 am. and we were all nice and sweaty and sticky from the excersise and also of that of the juices from the ponies. We were all in with the mare in her stall on the floor,while she stood there eating her hay. We talked a bit and then Gary said that we should hose off before lunch. I got up and went over to the shower stall,Judy and Paul follwed me. I told them that the hose had warm water as well as cold,but not to worry,we had the warm water ready. We hosed each other off and walked out of the barn all nice and clean. On our way back to the house we passed the kennels and Gary let a couple of the dogs loose and they were around us in a flash,with thier noses checking us out. While having lunch the one male made his way under the table and gave us all a good licking. It did'nt take much effort to get Paul and Judy to join both Gary and I out in the kennels again. After a short nap we all made our way back to the kennels and the dogs followed us . This time there was no hesitation and Paul claimed a female as soon as he entered. Judy went straight for the males and upon getting on all fours,one of the males was up and in her. I went in with Paul and also did some "breeding". Gary went in with Judy and layed down on his back and when his male came over he lifted his legs and the male got his nose into his butt and then he moved forward and mounted Gary. He wrapped his legs around the dog as his cock hit home. I worked my female and when I pulled free another one was right there with her butt. She squatted and sprayed and I moved onto her and once again I was doing the "doggy shuffle". Paul finished his k9 and looked over to see Judy being pounded by the male amd then saw Gary getting his. Paul went over to Judy and her mount. The male had dismounted her and when the male pulled free fom Judy,he got up into him . Judy layed there with cum flowing from her butt. I came in and went over to another male and then got on all fours beside him. He circled me and positioned himself so that his butt was near my head and he had his nose up my butt. The afternoon wore on and we had gotten our fill. We went into the house and got cleaned up and dressed. Paul and Judy got there stuff together,as did I and before we all went our ways,said our goodbyes to the dogs and ponies. After some further conversation Judy and Paul pulled out and a short while later so did I. We had agreed to get together again in the future. I pulled out the gate and closed it behind me. It would interesting to see who showed up next time. The end.
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