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Gentle Readers,This is the first part of a full leangth novel. The total book will finish at between 110 and 120 thousand words. It's a long story with lots of romance (f/f and f/d). There is a sympathetic male character. I included him so the guys woud have someone to relate to. Remember, your feedback helps inspire a girl to keep writing. Enjoy,SusanMichelleButtercup: A Novelwomen/dogs - woman/woman - woman/manThere are two scenes on NC sex. They are important to the development of the plot, short, and not intended to be erotic. There is nothing erotic about NC sex, unless its a, "Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop! Please, don't stop!" story. This is not. CHAPTER I: To Tell AllButter was sitting at a small mahogany table in the matching straight back chair, made of the same rich tropical hardwood. The design of the chair and table were simple, yet functional and elegant. The manager of the Hotel had told Butter’s friend Allison, when she’d asked, that they were from Sarchi, a village devoted to crafts located in the Central Valley. Her new ibook was open and turned on, upon the hardwood table were before Butter. She’d gotten up, in the middle of the night, leaving her lover asleep. She was planning to tell-all in the only way she could, by writing her story. The loose fitting light-blue cotton shift Butter wore stopped at her knees. Her smooth tanned legs were bare. Butter wiggled her toes against the wood of the floor, enjoying the texture of the worn tropical hardwood planks. A gentle night breeze flowed through the louvered windows destroying the order she’d created earlier in her mane of brindle hair. A long strand drifted onto her face. Without thinking about it she shook her head from side to side, rearranging the thick strands. She felt her breasts move, and smiled. In the night she couldn’t see the sea, but the sound of the surf breaking on the rocks below the cabana was a constant reminder. The sensation of her breasts moving reminded her of the strangeness of her hair and breasts, and the other strangeness’ within her that the world could not see. She’d accepted, even embraced the strangeness of her odd colored hair and even odder breasts. The things she could see. But the other strangeness always seemed like a brand new miracle when it overtook her.She smiling, Butter was filled with joy and wonder of finding a friend and lover who took delight in them and was effortlessly able to adjust, without struggle or condensation, to the fact that Butter could not speak, or even make a sound; not even a moan of pleasure when her lover delighted her.But will her acceptance embrace the other. Will her love wither when she learns what I am, and what I was? Butter feared to know, but knew she could no longer hide. If I loose her now, it will hurt us both less than months from now. When she is forced to face, and deal with what I’ve become.Remembering their day together day, Butter looked again, lovingly, at the sleeping form on the bed across the small room. I’m so lucky to have met Allison. To have found Allison, she decided. To have found love and acceptance, where I feared isolation and contempt. It’s such a joy. I must remember these days of friendship and love are what is important. If she can’t accept, at least I will have had these weeks. If she rejects me now, maybe someday, she will be able to at least again be my friend. Who knows, I certainly do not. Perhaps her love and tolerance are enough to continue when she knows what I am. Looking at the sleeping form in the bed tears overflowed Butter’s eyes. Blonde hair cascaded around a lovely young face. Only part of Allison was under the single sheet they used. The breeze was refreshingly cool, but it had been hot all day, all week in fact, and it did not get cold at night. Not in March, not in the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. She looked at the expanse of lean straight flesh lying across the rumpled sheets. One very long and elegant leg was exposed. She could also see a lovely thin arm, ornamented with delicate long fingers that were capped with freshly enameled nails. The nail color was fuchsia. Beyond the arm, mostly under the sheet, was what Butter had decided were the loveliest set of breasts on earth. Firm and well shaped they rose sweetly above Allison’s chest and were capped with the prettiest pink nipples. They’d contrasted strongly with her dark reddish-brown nipples, when they’d lain together, side by side, softly stroking each other’s bodies, an before.I love her. I’ve never known what love for a person was like. I’ve known kindness and affection, passion, and even lust, but this is something knew. It’s no wonder writers are always telling love stories. At least I know that I shall always remember Allison as my first human love. If she rejects me, I’ll have been in love once. The young woman’s calm returned to her as her realized that having known love, she was lucky; even if this love ended in rejection. And even if she can accept me, it may be best to be apart from her. In another two month it will be my time. I don’t think I want her to see that.She looked down and saw the same color, Allison’s color, on her own longish fingernails and toes. At dusk, in the fading light, the two young women had painted each other’s nails, as they bathed in the after-glow of the wonderful sex they’d shared. Allison had laughed and giggled and talked. The brindle haired woman had been totally relaxed, not self-conscience at all about her unusual body, or the fact that she could not speak. Allison talked enough for them both, and she’d been able to respond, when she wanted, with facial expressions, hand gestures, and lots of smiling and grinning. The young blonde had told Butter about her life in Boston, her schooling at MIT in design, her new job in an architect’s office, and the man who’d recently broken her heart and abused her. Butter had frowned, hating the story of the ‘Nick’ guy. Looking at the beautiful young blonde girl, so vibrant with life and promise, Butter couldn’t imagine what could inspire such cruelty. Butter licked her lips. She could still taste faintly the wonderful flavor of Allison’s sex. Unable to tell Allison in words what she’d come to mean to her, Butter had tried to show the beautiful blonde the depth of her affection. She’d made Allison lie passive, as she, over and over, pleasured the delicate cleft between Allison’s hips with her mouth and tongue. Allison had cried out, “Yes, Butter! Yes! Oh, Butter, yes!” over and over as the exotic brindle haired mute had used skills that Allison didn’t know existed, to bring the blonde pleasures that she’d never imagined could be a part of sex. Butter smiles remembering, the rain of kisses Allison had covered her face with, then her breasts, as the blonde young woman had trying to explain. As she drifted to sleep her final words captured her thoughts best.“My Butter, woman of magic hands and mouth, I love you. I had no idea my body had such a potential for pleasure.” Allison had wanted to please Butter then, but had been too tired, she’d apologizing as she drifted into sleep. “Sweetheart, I’m so tired, so tired. I’m sorry too, in the worst way. It will have to wait until the morning.” The blonde had murmured as her eyes softly closed, “In the morning I’ll show you how much I’ve learned, and try to share with you the bliss you’ve given me.”Butter was warmed at the memory of those wonderful words. Allison had meant them, and the brindle haired young woman had already learned that her blonde friend had a talent for pleasuring her. At least we’ll have the morning. She’ll wake beside me and be better than her word. Then I’ll have at least one more chance to show her my love. One last time perhaps, before she reads the truth of who I am. Chapter II: VacationLooking back to the laptop on the desk before her, Butter remembered when they’d met; at San Jose international Airport three weeks before. Butter had been having trouble communicating with the customs official. Before she knew what was happening, a young blonde stranger was speaking fluent Spanish to the man. In moments the man was passing Butter back her passport sand she was free to go. Pulling out her writing pad she wrote, ‘Thank you,” and passed the pad to the young woman who’d rescued her. “No need for that, he just didn’t believe the name in the Passport was real. I simply suggested that it was the US Government’s problem, and not his. Of course I flashed a little cleavage at him too. In this part of the world I find it always helps, at least with government officials. I wouldn’t recommend doing it with anyone else, the men here are like hungry sharks.” The stranger had giggled. “My name is Allison, Allison Washington. If you’re going into the city we could share a taxi?”Allison had watched the young woman as she scrawled out another note. The blonde noted that her new friend had the strangest hair color she’d ever seen. The hair was the exact same blend of mixed black, tan, white, and mahogany that they called brindle when it was on a dog; she’s seen it once on a big male Mastiff. Her hair was incredibly thick, too. It fell in a cascade across her shoulders covering the tops of her breasts and reaching the middle of her back. Allison had known lots of women with long hair, but she hadn’t ever imagined that hair could be both so incredibly thick and long at the same time. The hair contrasted strongly the young woman’s deep blue eyes, but went well with the deep golden tan of her fine skin. The sack-like dress she was wearing reveled enough leg and shoulder to convince Allison that her new friend had a nice little figure. I wonder why she doesn’t show it off a little, the blonde wondered. She’s very pretty; she’d be ravishing with the right makeup. The mysterious young woman handed her the pad. Allison read it as they walked toward the airports exit. The note read, “They call me Butter, it’s an old joke, from when I was much younger. It is a name my guardians gave me after my parents died. I think that is what was upsetting the official. Thank you again for your help. I am going into the City, at least for today. I have a reservation at the Hotel Europa. I’d like to ride in with you, if you are staying there or nearby.” Looking up, Allison smiled warmly; her light-pink lipstick glistened as the two left the shade of the airport and emerged into the afternoon’s intense tropical sun. “I like your name. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s special and somehow it suits you, Butter. I came down on the spur of the moment and don’t have a reservation. But a friend suggested the Europa would be ideal. It’s right in the Center of town, near the opera house, market, and museums. Why don’t I try my luck there.”Butter smiled and nodded yes, enthusiastically. The extra time they’d spent in customs had allowed the crowd to thin. The two were in a taxi headed down a palm tree lined highway in minutes. Traffic was light and the road was well paved. But fifteen minutes later, when their cab entered the city, traffic became a nightmare. “Wow! I’m glade I’m not driving,” Allison commented. Butter shook her head in agreement and the quickly made another note. “I’m glad I’m not driving too,” it said. Their driver seemed to be used to the traffic and in another fifteen minutes pulled up in front of a large colonial style building. At the hotel Butter handed her confirmation to the pretty young woman handling the desk. “Ah, Senorita Buttercup, such a strange name, no?” When butter only nodded shyly in reply the women realized her mistake. “Ah! I remember, Senorita Buttercup can not speak. It is here in the reservation book. I should have read the note. A thousand pardons. We have a lovely suite for you. It is on the fifth floor with a veranda that overlooks the square.“Any you Senorita, do you too have a reservation?” The young woman said turning to Allison.Allison shook her blonde head no, and smiling sweetly asked if there was a room available. Both young women were a little disappointed when the girl at the desk said, “No, Senorita Kennedy, we are booked solid. It is festival and we have been booked for weeks. I’m afraid you will have the difficulty finding a room in San Jose this weekend.”Allison looked at the ground dejectedly. She’d hope to rest in the city and see the sights before heading back to the airport for a flight to Quepos on the Pacific cost. Looking at the disappointed look shared by both young women the hotel clerk had an idea, “But Senorita Buttercup’s suite is grand. It is plenty large enough for two, with two grand beds in its bedroom. Perhaps Senorita Buttercup would let you be her guest?” For a second Butter looked worried, then Allison started to shake her head no, thinking that her new friend wanted her privacy, “You are very kind. Thank you for the suggestion, but I wouldn’t want to impose. Perhaps I should go on. Is there somewhere in the hotel, or nearby, where I can book accommodations and a flight to Quapos? I’m really headed to Manuel Antionio National Park, anyway.” Allison began to pick up her one light bag and was stopped. Butter had reached out and taken her hand. The strange beauty was smiling pleadingly at her. She shook her head no, and letting go of Allison’s hand quickly scribbled another note.When Allison read it she smiled. It said, “Please, Allison, stay with me. I’d love to get better acquainted. I didn’t know I had a suite. My employer made the reservation for me. I’m alone here, on my first vacation. Please, say yes!”Allison smiled and said a quite, “Yes.” The look of relief on butters face convinced her that the offer was sincere. Good, I made the right choice. “Ah! That is grand. We shall have two lovely Senorita’s with us.” The Girl at the desk rang a bell and a tall young man in a bellhop’s uniform appeared. The desk clerk gave him two sets of keys and he picked up Butter’s two bags and Allison’s one and led them to the elevator. The group remained silent as they rode the elevator up to the fifth floor. When the bellhop showed them into the suite Allison gasped. The sitting room was huge, at least sixteen by twenty feet, and to the side she could see an equally large bedroom with a bath beyond. But what held both girls attention was the wide veranda that stretched in front of the sitting room and the glimpse of the treetops above the busy town square that they could see, beyond the railing.The bellhop showed them the bedroom, with its two queen sized beds, the adjoining large bath, where the light switches were located and how to open the French doors that lead out onto the terrace. Then he showed them the bar and pointed out the many bottles of liquor and juice, the small refrigerator with its ice dispenser. He gave the room service menu and pointed out the kitchen hours; 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM daily.“Senoritas,” his English was slow but perfect, “your reservation includes an open bar. It is paid for, see? The staff will restock it each morning. Also the room service is taken care of. You may order what ever you like.”The two young women could hardly wait for the young man to leave. Butter tipped him with four, hundred colon bills, and hoped it was enough. The man smiled as he left. Allison and butter nearly rushed out the French doors to the terraces railing. The terrace was twenty feet long, and eight feet deep. It was equipped with a table and chairs, a large umbrella for shade, and two reclining loungers. The loungers were provided with thick cushions, covered in a dazzling white cotton. Allison commented, “Wow! Those will be great for tanning.” Looking around Allison saw that the recliners couldn’t be seen from any direction. “It’s very private, I could sunbath nude, and no one could see me.”Butter nodded her head in agreement and continued to gaze through the trees at a crafts market underway in the plaza below. Besides people displaying crafts dozens of blankets spread out along the edge of the square, there was a large platform almost right below them. A Peruvian flute band was performing there. She found the sounds relaxing.“Wow, Butter?” Allison asked, a broad grin on her face, “You must be rich if you can afford this!”The mute woman shook her head, no. And wrote another note.“Allison, I’m not rich, but my employers are. This is there way of saying the want me to come back.”“Why wouldn’t you? I mean, Butter, this is great. What kind of work do you do.”Butter scribbled another note and passed it to the young blonde, “I’m sort of a servant. I’ve been with them for ten years working on a single contract. The contract is over, and I must decide if I want to sign on for longer. The work is very unusual and in some ways difficult. I’m sort of on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is my first break in ten years.”Allison looked shocked, “No weekends off and no vacations?”Butter nodded.“They must let you sleep?”Butter wrote another note, and passed it to the blonde. “I get to sleep and rest. But its like I’m on call. If they want me at four in the morning, they wake me up. If they need something that takes all night, I don’t get to sleep.”“I see, I’m not sure any job is worth putting up with that for.”Butter quickly wrote another note. “The medical benefits are great, and when I took the contract I was sick. They paid a fortune to get me well. Besides, sometimes whole days go by, even weeks, when I’m completely free to do as I please, as long as I stay on the estate.”“It all sounds so mysterious. Almost like you’re in a special branch of the military or something?”Butter shook her head no, and turned back to the view of the square. The young blonde saw tears in her new friend’s eyes, and realized that there were aspects of the job that Butter wanted to keep private. At least while they were still nearly strangers.Perhaps in a few days, when she knows me, she’ll tell me more.Allison put her arm around Butter’s shoulders, “I’m sorry, Butter, I guess I was prying. I’ll drop the subject unless you want to talk about it. OK?”The young woman smiled at Allison. It was a very warm smile.Allison’s right hand was on Butter’s right shoulder. The brindle haired young woman took the hand with her left and softly squeezed it, smiling again at her friend. Allison knew that it was OK. She felt the mass of Butter’s soft hair around her arm. It felt like a heavy sheet of cool silk against her skin. Although the individual strands seemed very thick, the hair was surprisingly soft. Like no other hair she’d ever felt. Looking at the narrow shoulders and delicate long neck under the hair Allison was struck, She’s maybe the most feminine woman I’ve ever met. She’s a little shorter than my five-five. Why she can’t be over five three, and in spite of her loose fitting clothes I’m sure she barely weighs a hundred pounds, maybe less.Allison felt her new friend’s body relax against her. Butter made no attempt to pull away. She continued to hold Allison’s hand softly. The blonde continued to enjoying the feel of her new friends delicate smooth skin and amazing hair. The blonde leaned closer until the two young women’s hips pressed lightly together. She sensed that there was a narrow waistline lurking within the fabric of the sack-like dress. She thought to herself. I guess her name is just Buttercup. No wonder the customs guard stopped her. She most have had another name once; she’s such a mystery. But she certainly is sweet. Thinking about the warm hand delicately holding hers Allison’s thoughts went on, She’s very attractive, in an exotic way. I wonder if she’d be OK with a little girl-to-girl romance. I know I’m not ready for a man again. I may never be. But holding her has me feeling all tingly. It would be nice to mix a little romance into this vacation. It might even help me really believe that I’ve put Nick behind me. Allison remembered her college roommate, Nancy. They two had explored lesbianism together while they explored the male student body at MIT. Allison remembered realizing that she liked their girl-to-girl sex play, much more than she liked what the men she met could do. Having man’s shaft inside her had been nice, when the man knew something about how to use it, at least in some ways. All to often she’d found that those college men were done before her body was even fully aroused. Allison had found that the things Nancy did with her tongue and fingers, often for an hour or more, were the experiences she treasured and that seemed to drain all the tension from her. The blonde young women remembered the sadness she’d felt when Nancy announced that she was engaged to Jason, the boy she’d been dating for six months, at the end of their junior year. The two had parted good friends, and Allison had been Maid of Honor at Jason and Nancy’s wedding. After the wedding, Nancy had gently told her that their sex games were over. She was now Jason’s. Allison had cried for days. For weeks she’d sought another young woman on campus who might take Nancy’s place. She’d failed. There had been a series of rejections mixed in with a few one-nighters with girls who didn’t seem to be able to get on the same wavelength with the blonde. Later she’d limited herself to sex with boys, which she sometimes enjoyed, yet she always yearned for and could never recapture the tenderness she’d felt, making love with Nancy. After years of trying to find it with the right man, she’d finally given up, and settled for a successful extremely good to look at man; a choice that had become a complete disaster.Looking at the Butter’s soft cheeks and blue eyes made her wonder. She seems so gentle. I can tell she cares deeply about things, yet also wants to be loved; perhaps as much as I do? How do I approach her? Without scaring her. She seems very comfortable touching me, and being touched. I don’t want to frighten her. Even if she’s not interested is a little lesbian tryst, I don’t want to loose her as a friend.Allison decided to not press things. First well become better friends. Maybe in a day or two I can walk in on her while she’s showering and join her, offering to wash her back or something. We can wash each other and I can sneak a few innocent caresses. If Butter seems offended, maybe I can make it a joke. If she seems to accept them I can be bold.Allison looked at Butter’s full pink lips, tiny nose, blue eyes, and thick eyelashes, and delicately arched brindle eyebrows. God! I wanted to kiss her, but I must wait. Better to wait and maybe get to, than press to soon and never feel her lips on my own. The blonde felt a slight contraction within her abdomen. Her panties were soaked. She looked again at Butter with wonder. Wow! Just touching her and thinking about kissing her gave me a little climax. I want more!Butter was enjoying the feel of Allison’s arm around her. It was reassuring and seemed to promise friendship and maybe more. Looking at the pretty blond Butter smiled. It might be nice to make love and have it be my idea for a change. Allison seems to have accepted my name easily enough. She can see my hair and seems to like touching it; but could she accept me nude, and in her arms. I can smell her arousal, but will my difference frighten her, repeal her, or will they maybe excite her? I wonder? No matter what, she’d be getting involved in more than she can imagine. Butter slipped her left arm around Allison’s waist and hugged the blonde, lightly. Allison smiled at her and thought, Maybe I won’t have to wait! Allison whispered, “I just know were going to be good friends.” She squeezed Butter’s hand and enjoyed the feel of the other woman’s arm around her waist. Chapter III: A FriendThe two young women spent the following two-day touring the City, seeing the Gold Museum and enjoying their sunny veranda. Breakfast, on the veranda was wonderful. The cooler morning air, and bright sunlight mixed with fruit and thick black coffee was the perfect way to start the day. As they ate breakfast on the third morning of their stay in San Jose, Allison suggested the sights and activities they might do that day. Butter would agree by smiling, shaking her head yes, and squeezing the young blonde’s hand. Allison’s enthusiasm was infectious, and Butter agreed with all the blonde’s suggestions.Allison knew she was chattering, but Butter didn’t seem to mind. The young blond was amazed that she didn’t even seem to notice that Butter never spoke. The mute girl’s eyes were always smiling at her. The blonde had come to feel that somehow Butter was talking as much as she was, without ever saying a word. Each moment with the mysterious young woman Allison felt more relaxed and happy. Nick was fading, but slowly. She reached out and squeezed Butter’s hand, as the memory came flooding back. He’d wanted her to quite her job and let him keep her. The pretty young blonde might have agreed, except for her fear. Nick liked to tie her up when they made love. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be dependent on Nick. His kinky tastes worried her. She didn’t know how far he‘d go, given the chance. One night, a week after she’d told him she wanted to keep her job, he’d had a friend over after she was securely tied, nude, and spread-eagled on the bed. Nick had laughed at her protests and then gagged her. Then he invited his friend to play with her breasts while Nick coupled with her. He’d used a cock ring so that he could keep pumping for a long time. He’d let his friend put clamps on her nipples. They’d hurt so much Allison had almost fainted. Later, after Nick had finally come, his friend wanted to do her too. Nick laughed and let him use her breasts. Allison had cried throughout the experience. She cried from the moment the friend had walked into the room. She was still crying when she felt his seed on her chest. Later when they removed the gag and untied her, Nick was surprised she was angry. After yelled for a few minutes, Allison had rushed into the bathroom to wash. The men’s seamen, leaking from her, and dripping down her thighs and chest made her feel like dirt, used and cheep. Yet, she knew, Nick would do worse if she stayed. That night, when Nick came home, Allison was gone; along with all her things. She’d left a note breaking off the relationship, and explaining that she never wanted to see him again. She’d left everything that he had any reason to think was his or partly his, except herself. She hoped she wasn’t pregnant. Nick hadn’t used a condom, although he always had in the past.Nick had called her, at work, every day for weeks. She’d asked him to stop, but he wouldn’t. The frequency of the calls diminished to once or twice a week. This vacation was intended to last long enough to discourage him completely. Allison’s boss was understanding and wanted her back. Allison hoped to set Nick and his kinky sex behind her forever. She knew if he kept calling she might have to move to a new city, just to get away from him.Allison squeezed Butter’s hand again and was pleased when Butter returned the squeeze. Looking up Allison saw a look of concern in Butter’s clear blue eyes. The blonde laughed. “Oh, Butter! I’m so happy we met. You know how to chase the blues away.”The two spent the morning touring the colonial part of the city. Allison used her Nikon to document one 19th Century house after another. At first Butter thought Allison was being silly. Then she remembered that her new friend was an architect. She’s working, butter thought. The brindle haired young woman was very patient the rest of the morning. She used her pad to ask questions and learned a lot from Allison’s explanations of the stylistic elements of the different buildings. The most interesting was a strange two-story school. It was been built entirely of metal. Allison explained that it was a prefabricated building, designed by Eiffel, the same man who’d designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When the returned to their suite, after lunch, Allison announced she wanted to work on her tan. The blonde spread a large fluffy white towel over one of the recliners. Allison carefully looked around, making double sure the part of the veranda where the recliners were placed was private. She couldn’t see any nearby windows that would views that part of veranda. A mile or more away there were some concrete office towers. The blonde mentally shrugged her shoulders, Well, I guess is someone, that far away, wants to get out their binoculars its OK with me. She lowered the back so she could lie out flat on recliners, and the thick white towel. Sitting on the edge of the recliner she proceeded to strip out of the running shoes, tan shorts, and the white cotton blouse she was wearing. “Butter, were just girls here, right?” Allison asked as she unclasped her pink lace bra. When Butte smiled, Allison grinned, enjoying the sight of the sensual fullness of Butters lips. She removed the bra and slipped out of the matching pink lace panties. Her pink nipples enjoyed the release from the bra’s confinement and extended in the light breeze. Allison blushed a little, seeing Butter looking at her. But I’m being so silly. I wanted her to look, and she is looking. I hope she likes what she sees. I hoped that Butter’s smile is promising more than kindly friendship. The blonde knew she was pretty, and her flat stomach and pert breasts had turned more than one other girls head in the past. The young blonde had found that it took almost nothing beyond being young, thin and female to turn men’s heads. Grinning Allison walked out onto the veranda. She was completely nude. She climbed on the recliner, lowering her chest into the soft towel. A few minutes later Butter, wearing a yellow sundress with an empire waist, joined her. The dress was orange with a print with little yellow and pink roses. The hem was well above Butter’s knees. Butters legs were smooth and trim, Allison longed to see more. Butter held up a plastic tube of SPF 30 sunblock and offered it to Allison. Allison sighed, “Good idea, Butter. Would you be a lamb and apply it. I’m so comfortable and relaxed right now, I don’t want to move. Allison stretched like a cat, inviting, hoping for the feel of Butters soft hands on her skin.Butter smiled and sat down beside her friend on the recliner. A moment later Allison felt soft hands massaging the cool cream into her shoulders. From time to time the hands would move off Allison’s body, only to return a moment later to bring delight to more of the blonde’s skin. Butter was slow and thorough, as she massaged the cream into Allison’s shoulders and arms. As she worked down Allison’s back she heard the blond breathing harder. Allison tried to stay calm. She wanted to control her breathing. But the motion of those soft hands across her skin, had her wet before the hands reached the firm pink mounds of her bottom. She sighed with pleasure, as she felt Butters hands moving across her rear. The mute beauty was carefully covering everything. Allison moaned lightly when she felt fingers spreading her cheeks and covering the deep valley with the cream. Butter was feeling exited too. Her own panties were wet by the time her hands lifted from the blonde’s body, their mission accomplished. Allison rolled over, smiling at Butter and spreading her legs slightly. The blonde triangle at her groin was damp. Allison’s pink nipples were erect. Both young women were felling excited. “Butter, want to do the front, too?”Butter smiled broadly. In a moment Allison felt those same delightful hands massaging the cream into her legs and thighs. A mischievous smile on her face, Butter leaned forward and carefully applied the cream to Allison’s face and neck. The blonde almost begged for more as she waited. Next Butter spread the cream across her arms, shoulders and down onto Allison’s breasts. Butter took much longer applying the cream to Allison’s breasts than was needed. She caresses and lightly squeezed the blonde’s pretty mounds to confirm to the nervous blonde that her friend knew she was doing much more than applying sun-block. When Butter’s hands reached Allison’s narrow waist, the silent young women moved to Allison’s feet and began applying the cream again, working up the blonde’s slender legs. Waiting, with rising anticipation, Allison couldn’t help letting a few soft moans of pleasure escape her lips. When Butter’s hands reached her upper thighs they gently spread them apart, revealing the very moist cleft of the blonde’s sex. Allison held her breath as she watched the smiling mute woman lowered her mouth onto the exposed pink fold below her pubis. A moment later Allison’s view was of Butter’s exotic hair spread out across her own thighs and abdomen, and Butter’s delicate hands holding, then caressing the naked blonde’s hips, as the strange exotic girl began to first lick, and then gently suck at the blonde’s sex. “Oh! Butter! Oh, that’s so good, sweetheart! Yes! Yes!” Waves of pleasure crashed across Allison’s mind. Her eyes closed and her world filled with the feel of a pair of soft lips tenderly exciting her rigid clitoris, and an expert tongue finding, over and over, just the right place to lick.Butter ministered to Allison’s sex for over half an hour. Enjoying the pleasure of feeling her new friend shudder in orgasm after orgasm. When she withdrew Allison lay exhausted. For a moment the blonde just looked at Butter, with love in her eyes and the expression of sexually satisfied woman on her face.“That was the best, Butter. I’ve been with a few men who tried to please me, there were a couple of sweet girls, too. But that was the best. Sitting up Allison wrapped her arms around Butter and pulled her to mouth to her own. Butter answered the kiss with passion and didn’t object when she felt Allison’s tongue probing her. But when Allison’s hands slipped under her dress and started to lift if off, Butter pulled back, a look of panic in her eyes.“Butter, what’s wrong? It’s my tern now. I let you play with my toys. Now I want to play with yours,” Allison grinned as she began to lift Butter’s dress up again. But the mute young woman pulled back a second time. She stood up, taking Allison by the hand, and lead the puzzled naked blonde indoors to the bedroom and her large bed. Dropping Allison’s hand she grabbed her pad and scribbled something quickly. Shyly she handed it to the nude blonde. “Sweet Allison, I’m different. I’m put together differently than other girls. I want you to see, before.”Allison looked up, feeling curiosity almost equal to the desire she felt to touch her strange new friend. Butter reached behind her and undid the tie at the back of the dress. Then, still looking fearfully at Allison, she lifted it off her and let it settle onto a chair by the bed.Allison gasped. Her eyes inventoried Butter’s body. She had to concentrate to see the brindle haired girl’s delicate narrow waist, nicely rounded hips, the hairless pink lips of the girl’s pubis, and two large breasts she’d sensed where under the blue dress. But there was more. The blonde’s mouth was open as she gapped at three extra sets of breasts that extended below the two lovelies on Butter’s chest. The strange breasts filled the front of Butter’s torso, dominating the entire space between her collarbone and her pubic bone. They were in ever-closer pairs that extended Butter’s cleavage almost to the beginning of the delicate cleft that tantalized the blonde. The lower three sets of breasts were small. Cute, the blonde decided.Allison knew she was starring as she tried to absorb what she saw. She looked again, trying to believe. Just below Butter’s full, clearly B-cup breasts, were two more, probably AAA-cup breasts, they rested on the bottom of Butter’s rib cage. Below them, at the top of the strange girl’s abdomen were two breasts framing her navel. These were also small, the same size as those just above them. Located just below the third set of breasts was a fourth set, located where Butters thighs began, and only a few inches above the strange girl’s sex. But there was more, just at the top of Butters sex was a little triangle of brindle. It was downy, but solid. It looks like more like fur than hair. Allison starred in wondered. It covered maybe three square inches of the white delicate flesh above Butter’s mound of Venus. In the small space between the triangle of fur and her two lowest breasts, was a tattoo. A single word surrounded by little yellow flowers. Allison realized the word was, Buttercup, and the flowers were little buttercups. As Allison realized that she was seeing clearly; that Butter did have eight breasts, the blonde also realized it excited her. Looking at the eight breasts she wanted to touch them. The thought of touching them, of nuzzling the lower ones as she made love to Butter’s pubis caused a sudden contraction of Allison’s cervix. The blonde felt moisture dripping onto her inner thighs. The curly wisps of hair around her cleft were dripping her lubricant. Another little orgasm took her by surprise. The blonde began to grin as she continued to look at Butter’s wonderful breasts. This is going to be ten times better than I imagined!Looking up, Allison saw tears in her friend’s eyes. Knowing what was most important, the blonde crossed to her, and enfolded the strange creature in her arms, covering her lips with her own. Butter’s arms were around Allison’s waist the next moment. She returned the blonde’s kiss with a fierce passion. Allison felt their bodies melding together. It was a strange, but a wonderful sensation to feel Butters eight breasts pressed into her naked flesh. Allison giggled feeling Butter’s eight nipples, extended and hard. The kiss lasted minutes, and both women felt their passion rising. Allison pulled away, and taking Butter’s hand, pulled the bridle haired girl down onto the bed with her. She pressed Butter’s back to the bed and slowly began to caress and fondle each breast, in tern. As eight dark pink nipples became wet with her saliva, the blonde’s kisses became more passionate. When she reached the little triangle of fur she was wild with desire. Butters scent was thick in the air. It was the sweetest most delicate perfume Allison had ever found at a woman’s secret place. Butter was quivering with desire. Allison paused and giggling. “Oh, Butter, you’re a treasure. Later, you must tell me, write me, of yourself. But for now I must taste you.” Allison’s tongue then slipped into the wet pink folds of flesh. It was dark when the two arose from the bed. Now perfectly aware of the sweet wonders of each others’ bodies. To be continued.
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