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This is actually a fantasy of mine that I hope I can someday have happen. Not necessarily with a stray but if I can find a like minded person as myself that has a large male dog… Sitting in my backyard I saw this dog stroll in, a German Shepherd that had an amazing air about him. I could see his sheath swinging beneath his groin as he moved and all I could think about was reaching below him to stroke it. Finally, never having touched a dog's cock, I knew this would be the very first dog whose cock I would suck. I called him over hoping he would be friendly and that his owner wouldn't be around looking for him. He sauntered over looking at me as if knowing my desires and thinking that soon he would own me. I led him into my house and brought him into the living room. I sat on the floor taking my time to admire the power within him, realizing that soon that power would be unleashed into my mouth. Slowly stroking his sides, I let a hand slowly wander beneath his belly to slowly touch his sheath. I wanted my first dog experience to last knowing I would always look back on this. My hand encircled his sheath as I started moving my hand back and forth feeling him growing inside his sheath. As I watched I saw the tip emerge looking so small and delicate. I knew this would probably be changing soon to a raging erection hanging from the belly of this beast. I lowered my head beneath his groin and stuck out my tongue to lick the tip. It had a slightly salty flavor that I enjoyed. I could feel him growing even more in my hand as I decided to slide the sheath back to uncover more of his cock. As it slid out I couldn't stop my desire any more and knew I had to feel it in my mouth. Letting it slip between my lips, I could taste the droplets of pre-cum oozing into my mouth. Watching his hips shifting, I knew he wanted to drive his erection deep into my mouth. Feeling it growing unbelievably large, I slid it farther into my mouth as I let my tongue caress the sides. I could feel its thickness and the veins along the sides as I felt this bulge growing at the base of his cock with my hand. My own hardness growing, I took out my cock and started stroking it as I felt his urgency growing. As he started bucking into my mouth I took my mouth off wanting to see this monster cock before he came. I couldn't believe the beauty of it. The whitish-blue sides with the red tip. It was an angry tip, angry that it needed to unleash it's load of come and find relief. I found myself pulled back to it, parting my lips to take it back into my mouth. Stroking the knot as I let the dog hump my mouth, picturing my mouth as a vagina, wanting him to unload the contents of his balls deep inside of me. I could feel his thrusting becoming more urgent, knowing that I was his bitch and that soon he would unleash his seed into my mouth. It seemed as if his cock was growing even larger as he tried to stuff all of it into my mouth and tie with my mouth. I took as much into my mouth knowing that there was no way I would actually be able to fit his cock into my throat without suffocating. Finally, I could feel a pulsing along his shaft knowing that soon my fantasy of tasting dog come would soon be realized. As his sperm shot out into my mouth, I was amazed at how hot it was and how good it tasted. I started swallowing, as he pumped more and more into my mouth. Knowing he had a receptacle where he could unload the contents of his balls he wanted to make sure he filled me with every drop. As I felt the pulsing start to slow before finally coming to an end I knew this would be a fantasy that I would want to become reality again. Dwelling on the taste of the come and the power of the dog, I could feel my orgasm approaching. Finally I was able to shoot my own come out as the shepherd started licking it up. With each other's come safely deposited in each other's bellies I led the dog outside to find his way home. Deep down I hoped that he would find his way back into my yard since now I was hooked on the taste of him.
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