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I have actually posted this in another section, but with not much response. I thought I might re-post it here and see how it goes before I continue. It is actually true with slight artistic embelishment.I have this fantasy, for a while now, of innocently yet with purpose, transforming my wife into a dog slut. The following is actually true, it is only the ending that becomes fanatasy....Let me tell you about her. She is quite clever, witty and cunning at times. A joy to spend time with, attentive, loyal and loving. Other times she can be a real bitch, self-centred and selfish....I guess that sums up most women. With her dark golden blonde hair just caressing the top of her firm arse cheeks, straight but with a hint of curl at times, the picture becomes more complete when viewed together with her full, tear drop 32DD breasts. Milky white, with edable nipples, au natural and wonderully set off with any top she wears. Knowing her best asset well, she has over the years become a master at exploiting them. Together with her long slender legs that seem to go forever until they reach her well groomed mound she turns heads wherever she goes. There are things about a natural blonde that can only fully be appreciated by those in the know. Her lips are full, pouting, her nose slightly angular with a hint of a chisled feel and dark eyebrows giving her a distinct french/spanish look even though she is of anglo saxon background. The voice that accompanies her personality is musical, firm, yet at times child like whenever she lets the princess within escape. It is this woman that I wish to see impaled on the end of a rather large, throbing dog cock.Her attention to our neighbours dog is what gave root to my fantasy. The way she plays with him, throwing the saliva covered ball away from him so he runs after it like the obedient lad that he is. Her constant rubbing of his neck, ears and stomach, feeling the silky fur glide through her fingertips, followed by her ever so silent gasp as the result of her administrations are made apparent. I had to giggle when she first was aware of the growing weapon between his legs, the look on her face when she noticed the pinkness of his cock start to peek out from between his sheath. The look of concern as it started to get bigger. Yet did she stop rubbing his stomach? Not a chance. It was only when his cock started to nearly touch her arm that she pulled away with an awkward laugh, followed by an unconvincing reprimand.Sometime later when I brought up the topic of her "adventure", she was quick to dismiss it. I ventured so far as to suggest it turned me on, and a part of me...the dark evil part....had wanted her to touch it. She gave me a confused look, like she hadn't heard me correctly. I strenghtened my position by announcing that there were a thousand web sites that catered for that kind of thing. She wanted to see, not believing such nonsense, but after a few minutes cruising the web, she was quiet taken back by the depravity of it all. I quickly backpeddled, covering my tracks by agreeing with her, yet dropping inuendos whenever possible. It was the twinkle in her eye that gave me hope.Sometime later I got the courage to purchase online an addition to our dildo collection. I bought a dog shaped penis, saying quite innocently that it looked wierd and it might give her a different feeling. She was non the wiser and readily accepted our new toy into our love sessions. I still vividly remember the first time I brought it out, and had her seductivly spread her legs while on all fours. She loves to be f***** this way, and often I fantasize that a dog is doing it rather than me. With the rubber dog cock, the picture became even more vivid, especially as she was thrusting back on it, taking it fully, she whispered that she knew what it was, a dog penis shaped dildo, and if I was thinking about it being the neighbours dog cock instead. I couldn't lie, and said that I was pretending it was the neighbours dog thrusting into her. It was then that she orgasmed hard, one of those gut renching long drawn out ones that keep her rigid in position until the waves of pleasure subside enough for her to comfortably move.I knew not to ruin the situation by pressing her on anything to do with the dog. I let it be, marinating in the knowledge that a huge breach had been traversed. A first step, and in my case, bigger than anything Armstrong managed. It was at this time that I started to formulate a possible strategy for my ultimate selfish goal. To make my darling wife a dog slut.To be continued....that is if anyone wishes itThe Horst
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