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While in the military I was sent to a large North Western State that raised a lot of wheat. I met a young farm family and started helping them out in my free time from my military duties. I arrived one day for work to find a note with chores to do. The top chore was to move some young gilts into the breeding barn and put the young boar with them. The family was to be gone overnight so I would have plenty of time to indulge in some animal fucking. I got the gilts rounded up and into the barn without much trouble as they seemed to sense what was about to happen to them. I turned the specified boar in with the six gilts and watched as he imediately went to work on one of them. My cock started throbbing and though I hadn't fucked a virgin sow as yet I decided to try one. I knew the gilt I selected would be very tight since her vagina had not been streched by a boars cock or a litter of piglets being born. I remembered the emergency medical kit contained a lubricant that was safe for human or animal use so I got it and a warm clean rag too. Next I stripped off my clothes and got into the pen, selected the one gilt that I thought would accept my advances and proceeded to clean off her pussy with the warm wet cloth. She grunted and pushed back on my hand while I rubbed her slit squeaky clean. I'm not sure why I got the idea to taste her cunt but I did and it tasted great. My oral minstrations seemed to loosen it up some and after a bit of licking her clit I got a mouth full of her juices. I decided I had to fuck her at this point or I was going to blow my nuts on the floor. Kneeling behind her on my knees provided the perfect alignment to comitt the act. I was amazed at how her pussy opened up and allowed my prick into it all the way to my balls. starting slowily and building to a frantic pace I screwed her as long as I could until I just had to unload deep inside her. She was incredibly tight and had so much muscle control that it actually hurt a bit to cum. I tried the other gilts but the one the boar screwed and the one I screwed were the only ones that would let either of us near them. Next chore fuck err milk the cow. Well I was still horny and I hadn't made it with a cow before so why not at least try it once. I put her in the milking stantion and fed her, got the bucket and stool and started the milking chore. I thought pulling on herteats might help make her more receptive to what I was going to do next. I finished the milking job and proceeded to look at and feel up her cunt. It looked big and loose and was very pink inside I was actually able to put my whole hand in it when I was getting her in the mood. I had to stand on the milk stool to be able to get my dick inside her and even though she wasn't very tight I managed to get my nut in her after screwing her for quite a while. Bossy didn't do much to help me along and didn't seem to care if I fucked her or not.I finished the rest of the chores on the list and showered in the bunk house before returning the the post for the night. I had dreams of the little gilt I'd had and woke up early to go back out to the farm for round two. I arrived t find a very unusual sight. The older boar had broken out of his pen and into the gilt's pen He was balls deep in one of them and the young boar was balls deep in the old boars asshole. I'd never witnessed any kind of homosexual activity in animals so this scene kind of floored me. Any way while They did their thing I found a receptive gilt and did mine too. I did keep a close eye on the boars though because I did'nt have any desire to be ass fucked by either of them. I managed to fuck three gilts that morning and get cleaned up before the family got home.
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