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Found on the net: Greetings to the unknown author!Zoo Girl(Hertro sex / Zoo sex girl-wolf-chimp-gorilla / anal)Karen Mitchell was 28 years old and lived in the small town of Doylesburg. The town had a population of around 20,000 and its claim to fame was its world famous zoo and safari park.Karen was a 5 foot 9 inch tall stunner. Her long straight blonde hair hung half way down her back and contrasted perfectly with her piercing green eyes and high cheekboned oval face. Her 34C-22-33 figure drew many admiring glances as she walked around the town. During her school years, many, many boys asked her out to try to get into her panties but she brushed them all off. Although refusing their advances, she always did it gently and therefore she had many friends and was very popular.Her friends would have been shocked however to learn that Karen was a total slut. She was very careful only to practice her perversions out of town, and she did so with her parents’ full knowledge and permission. They even allowed her to use the family chauffeur to transport her to and from the various seedy clubs where she could f*** her little brains out. The family were well known in certain circles for their swinging parties and orgies, and from a very young age Karen was encouraged to fully explore the complete range of her sexuality.Leaving school at 16 she went straight to college and spent four years before graduating first in her class with a degree in behavioural sciences. Another two years hard study was rewarded with a further degree in animal husbandry.Karen could have had virtually her choice of jobs in any major city of the world, but she choose to return to Doylesburg and took a job in the zoo. It would be worth mentioning that Karen’s parents William and Susan were extremely wealthy and gave Karen a very generous monthly allowance.Karen’s first job in the zoo was looking after the Wolves. She had only been in the job for about 6 months when one of the females died whilst giving birth to a single cub. Against all the odds, the cub survived the birth and Karen volunteered to take him home and hand rear him. She named the animal Shiva and within a year he had grown into a very handsome, light grey coated, beast. It was about this time, during a particularly hot and humid spell, that she had woken up to find Shiva on the bed beside her with his tongue lapping at her cunt. Instead of scolding the animal or pushing him away, Karen spread her legs wide and said, “Go on boy, suck my cunt.”Wolves do not wag their tails when they’re happy like most dogs do, and Shiva growled deep in his throat to indicate his pleasure, and turned his head to the side and started to worm his tongue into her hole. The silky fur of his head was rubbing over the inside of her thighs and her hot cunt was lubricating and beginning to open.A wolf’s tongue is much longer that its canine cousins, and Karen’s breathing came in short sharp gasps as it snaked up her hole.“Oh f***, that’s nice,” she moaned. “Lick me out Shiva. Lick me hard.”Shiva tongue thrashed and whipped about inside her f*** tube, sending the most delicious feelings into her body and causing her erect clit to begin to tingle. She placed both her feet onto the bed and pushed her crotch up into his face. The animal’s snout was pressed firmly against her clit as he lapped at the cunt juice that was pouring out of her hole and she suddenly felt a tremendous jolt as her orgasm lanced through her body.“Shit,” she cried out hoarsely. “I’m creaming.”Her cunt walls clenched around Shiva tongue and the muscles in her legs convulsed and shuddered as she collapsed back onto the bed and the wolf pulled his tongue out of her cunt. She was oblivious of everything for a few moments until her climax receded and her eyes fluttered open. Shiva was standing up on the bed looking down at her. His long tongue lolled out one side of his open mouth dripping drool and he looked as if he was smiling. He made no move as she raised her head but waited patiently to see what his mistress would do. Karen sat up slowly and reached out her hand to stroke the animals head and scratch him behind the ear cooing softly, “Good boy Shiva. Good b..!!”Her voice caught in her throat as she saw Shiva’s cock that had dropped between his legs.“Fucking hell,” she gasped bending over for a better look. “That’s what I call a cock.”Shiva’s shaft was over 10 inches long and as thick as one of her wrists. It was red and slippery and tapered slightly at the tip with a deep slit of a piss hole. She just couldn’t help herself as she lay down and gently stroked the cock. Her eyes darted between Shiva’s prick and his head as she tried to gauge his reaction to what she was about to do. Although she had raised the wolf from a cub and trusted him completely in normal circumstances, she was acutely aware that she was dealing with a wild and dangerous animal that could become unpredictable when sexually aroused. She was also very aware that when wolves mated in the wild, the males were anything but tender to the females. The smell of his cock excited her and she rubbed her finger into the drip of pre-cum that was leaking from the tip. The flavour was much more powerful and concentrated that any cock she had ever tasted before and she was astonished as her cunt immediately flooded in response.Shiva’s head had turned round and was watching her intently as her tongue flicked out and licked over the tip of his shaft. She glanced quickly back at his face to check his reaction and then gave a mental shrug and opened her mouth. She shuddered as the slimy cock slid deep into her throat and she grasped the base of the shaft firmly with one hand in case Shiva tried to f*** the whole 10-inch length into her throat.A deep growl rumbled out of his throat and increased in volume as she began to suck on his prick. She knew that this sound indicated happiness and she worked her experienced mouth up and down the animal’s cock. She was continually having to swallow the streams of pre-cum that Shiva was producing, and her fist jacked him as she sucked. The noise in the wolf’s throat changed abruptly and his back paws began dancing on the bed at it was obvious that he was close to cumming. She stopped immediately and slithered back to sit on the bed beside him. “You want to cum boy?” she asked rubbing his head.She got off the bed to stand in front of him and pulled his snout back between her legs. “You want some cunt baby?” she cooed feeling his tongue swipe over her dripping slit again.She jumped back on to the bed and got onto her hands and knees. Shiva was on her in and instant and his powerful front paws locked around her waist. His red cock thrust back and forward in the air until he found her soft wetness and he stabbed forward. Karen had taken some large cocks in her time, but she screamed when the whole 10 inch long shaft slammed into her hole in a single thrust and battered against her cervix.“f***,” she shouted, “f*** f***!!”Shiva began fucking her with long powerful strokes that were faster that any human could ever hope to match. His hind quarters were thrusting like a machine gun and Karen’s head fell onto the bed as she surrendered totally to the waves of ecstasy that were coursing through her body.The immense pleasure that was radiating from her clit increased in intensity until her climax smashed through her, causing a strangled cry to escape her throat and her whole body to shudder. Shiva took no notice of her cum and kept on fucking his bitch as fast as he could.Her battered clit was forcing her from one orgasm straight into another and she sobbed into the bedclothes as she was pounded.“Oh god, I can’t take any more,” she moaned. “Cum you big bastard. Please cum.”The animals drool dripped from his mouth and tongue onto her naked back. As it rolled down her side, one hand massaged the slime over her tit and around her long hard nipple.Shiva began prancing on his back paws and his thrusts became faster and faster until his hindquarters were just an blur. Karen’s head dropped back onto the bed and she moaned constantly as her battered cunt was pounded.Suddenly a loud howl erupted from Shiva’s throat as he lifted his head high and Karen screamed as his hot spunk jetted into her hole. Spurt after spurt of wolf cum lanced into her body causing her muscles to spasm and convulse.Shiva squirted for a last time and jumped down from the bed as a river of sperm ran out of her cunt and splattered onto the covers between her knees.With a last gasp of “f***,” she slumped onto the bed.She took some time to regain her senses and when she opened her eyes, Shiva was lying on the floor with his head resting on his outstretched front paws and was watching her intently.His eyes never left her face as she slowly raised herself to sit on the edge of the bed.“Come here boy,” she whispered extending her hand she smiled as the animal immediately came towards her. For the next few months, Karen and Shiva went everywhere together and every night she would open her legs for his long tongue or even longer cock. She even let him f*** her deep in her asshole and it was a complete shock when she was summoned to the zoo directors office to be told that it was time that Shiva was introduced to the wolf pack at the zoo, and he thanked her for taking such good care of the animal.Karen was devastated. Deep in her heart, she always knew that Shiva would have to be returned to the zoo at sometime, but she had purposely avoided thinking about it. She cried all that night, and even when she orgasmed over his cock, there were tears rolling down her cheeks.The next morning, together with two other keepers, Karen put Shiva into a separate cage that backed onto the main wolf enclosure. The pack soon came to investigate their new member and after much sniffing and posturing, they seemed to accept him. Later that afternoon, a gate was opened at the back of Shiva’s cage to let him into the main area.There was a tear in Karen’s eye as she watched her four-legged lover turn his back on her, and run of with his new family.Shiva adapted quickly to his new life with the wolf pack but Karen was so unhappy that she asked to be moved to a different part of the zoo.Her qualifications and natural affinity to all animals made her a very valuable member of staff and the directors were anxious to accommodate her wishes.She was first offered the prestigious job of being in charge of the reptiles but quickly turned it down. They then offered her aquatics, and when this was also turned down, The director invited her to a meeting and asked her what she wanted.Karen had already made up her mind about her next assignment and without hesitation she said, “Primates. I want to be in charge of the primates.”The primate section of the park consisted of a few specimens of rare monkeys and a troop of South American chimps. There was also a single male gorilla called Blue, because of the colour of his fur, and the zoo was actively trying to find a mate for him.It took a few months of patient work for Karen to be fully accepted by the troop of chimps but she was soon able to move freely amongst them and she even made friends with Blue.Karen had never forgotten Shiva, and she was desperate to find another animal to f***. A large two-year-old chimp called Zoltan was a particular favourite and she was sure that she could get him interested in her cunt. The only problem she had was that she couldn’t suddenly take a chimp home with her when she finished work, and she was going to have to f*** him at the zoo.She spent weeks getting close to Zoltan and developing their relationship to a point where they could trust each other. She carefully groomed his fur every day, and, when the other keepers were at their break or lunch, she fondled the animals cock and balls bringing him to full erection. The chimp’s prick was just over 7 inches long and jet-black, with the exception of a small pink patch at the tip that surrounded his piss hole. It was over two inches in diameter and Karen loved the strong musky smell that invaded her nostrils whenever she played with it. At first, Zoltan just watched her hand intently as she jerked off his thick black shaft, until one day, Karen became so caught up in what she was doing, she brought him off. The animal gave a loud shriek and beat his chest with his fists as s long spurt of monkey spunk shot into the air and fell back onto her hand and arm. She looked around in alarm in case any of the other keepers were reacting to the commotion and heaved a sigh of relief when she realised the no one was about. Zoltan’s fingers curled around his cock and rubbed his slime all over his shaft as Karen raised her hand to her lips and sucked the warm spunk into her mouth. It tasted stronger that the wolf’s but not unpleasant and she licked her hand and arm clean. She gently patted the animal’s head and whispered, “Soon baby. Soon,” as she turned and quietly left the enclosure. Like all chimps, Zoltan was a perfect mimic and when Karen went into the enclosure the following lunch time, she gasped when she saw the monkey sitting on a low branch with his legs apart and his hand stroking his hard cock. Her cunt juice began leaking into the crotch of her panties as she moved close to him and watched him masturbate.“f***,” she breathed softly as she looked around to make sure that no one else was in the enclosure. She would have loved to pull down her working trousers and finger f*** herself in front of Zoltan but she couldn’t take the risk of getting caught. Her eyes darted between the animals face and his hand that was jerking faster and faster. Her own breathing increased as she watched Zoltan’s eyes grow wide and he suddenly screeched and spurted his cum into the air to arc down and land at her feet. He actually seemed to be grinning at her as he climaxed and she shivered with lust.As the animal began to calm down, Karen quickly slipped her fingers into the waistband of her trousers and into her panties. Her cunt was soaking with her juice and she scooped up her slime with her first two fingers. She shoved her wet fingers under the monkey’s nose and the effect was immediate. Zoltan began bobbing up and down on his back legs and whimpering. His long tongue licked excitedly at Karen’s smelly fingers and his hand again dropped to his cock that was starting to harden again. Karen knew that she had very little time before the other keepers returned and she reluctantly made her way out of the enclosure. When she glanced back, Zoltan was staring at her and fisting his prick furiously.Karen went straight to the toilets and closed the cubicle door. As soon as she pushed her trousers down to her ankles, the smell of her bubbling cunt invaded her nostrils and she moaned softly. She kicked her feet free and sat down on the closed lid of the toilet. She leaned her back against the wall and planed both feet up on the closed door with her legs as wide apart as she could. One hand tugged the soaking material of her panties to the side and the other drove two fingers knuckle deep into her f*** hole. Her juices sloshed about inside her and made loud squelching noises as she whipped the cream up into a thick froth that covered her fingers and ran out of her body to pool around her butt.“f***, f***,” she moaned as she pushed a third finger up her cunt and masturbated frantically.She was careful not to touch her throbbing clit just yet. Her fingers were holding her just on the edge of orgasm and she savoured the delicious feelings radiating from her sex. Finally she couldn’t stand the torment any longer, and she pulled her sticky fingers out of her cunt and rubbed them savagely over her clit.There are over 4000 nerve endings in a womans clit and Karen’s body jumped as every one of them reacted to her touch, and a massive climax blasted through her body. The muscles in her legs convulsed and her body shook as her eyes screwed tightly shut. Her cunt walls spasmed and her thick cunt cream flowed out of her hole as she moaned and groaned continually. One foot fell from the door and thumped onto the floor as she surrendered to the feelings of ecstasy racing through her body, and it was a full five minutes before her eyes fluttered open and her heart rate began to slow to a more normal level.“Oh God,” she moaned as she lowered her other foot to the floor and got unsteadily to her feet. The back of the pink cotton panties were completely soaked with her cunt juice and there was a wide wet patch on the lid of the toilet where she had been sitting. The air in the cubicle was thick with the smell of her hot cunt and she pulled off her saturated underwear and used the toilet paper to clean herself up. She pulled her trousers back on and stuffed her stained panties into her pocket before going backto work.She carefully planned her next move. Her hot cunt dripped every time she imagined Zoltan’s cock pounding in her f*** hole, and she started to work late every night. The told her director that she was working on a new thesis relating to the mating habits of primates and they allowed her unrestricted access to the enclosure.On Tuesday night of the following week, she carefully searched the staff quarters to make sure that everyone had gone for the night before returning to her office and stripping off her working clothes. She stood for a few moments wearing just her panties, and her eyes closed, thinking about her monkey lover. Her fingers brushed lightly over her shaven slit beneath the underwear and she felt herself begin to get wet and her outer lips start to swell.She gave herself a mental shake and pulled on a white Nike tee shirt and and old faded denim skirt before slipping her bare feet into a pair of unlaced trainers. The monkey troop were housed in a large covered private enclosure when the park was closed, and they had already eaten their evening meal and were settling down for the night when Karen opened the gate. Their heads all turned towards her at the sound of the door opening and they stared in surprise at the disturbance. No one ever came into the enclosure at night, but they visibly relaxed when they recognised the smell of their keeper. Karen passed amongst them gently patting some on the head and avoiding others. Eventually she reached Zoltan who was sitting on the trunk of an old fallen tree. As she approached, the chimp raised both arms above his head in greeting and one of his feet curled around his hardening cock and began stroking himself. The rest of the troop watched quietly as Karen gently reached out to move the chimp’s foot away and she began jacking him off.Zoltan’s was not completely hard yet and she felt it grow and stiffen below her fingers. As she watched the animal’s face, her other hand pushed under her skirt and rubbed over the wet stain that was rapidly spreading over the front of her panties.Zoltan’s nostrils flared as she brought her smelly fingers close to his face and his lips opened eagerly as he tongued them clean.“Do you like my cunt juice boy?” she whispered as she repeated her actions but this time slipped her fingers inside her panties and covered them with her slime. The monkey’s cock grew even longer as he again licked at Karen’s fingers.Karen could feet Zoltan’s prick twitch beneath her hand and she sank to her knees until her face was level with the shaft. Looking upwards at the chimp’s face she slowly bent forward and took the tip of his shaft into herhot mouth. He grunted loudly as her mouth closed around his cock and grasped her hair and slid his prick deep in her throat. The other chimps gathered around to watch their keeper give head to the young animal and as she bobbed her head up and down, Zoltan thrust his cock to match her actions and beat his chest with his fists.Karen we so consumed with her lust that she never saw the security camera, mounted high in an adjacent tree, swivel towards her and the red active light wink on. Her velvet throat caressed and stimulated the monkeys cock and when her fingers cupped his tight balls, Zoltan screeched, and a powerful jet of hot monkey spunk blasted into the back of her throat. She nearly gagged with the force but managed to swallow the first spurt and caught the rest in her mouth. She pulled her face away and swirled the slime past her teeth a few times before swallowing the lot.Zoltan watched her intently as she stood up, and, as she licked her lips, she reached beneath her skirt and pushed her soaking panties down to her ankles. Kicking them free, she stood with her legs apart and raised the front of her skirt up to her waist. The chimp’s nostrils flared again at the sudden smell of hot cunt and he shuffled forward until his face was only inches away from her dripping slit.“Go on boy,” she encouraged. “Lick me out.”Zoltan sniffed loudly for a few seconds and his lips curled back and his tongue darted out.Karen started to push against the chimp squatting between her legs as he covered her hole with his mouth, pressing hard on her clit with his upper lip while he snaked his long nimble tongue deep into her sticky cunt. The chimp's hairy lower lip tickled the sensitive skin between her cunt and asshole and she moaned in satisfaction.“God that’s so fucking good,” she gasped as Zoltan’s agile tongue pushed further inside her body and flicked over her cervi. The old chimp that was the leader of the troop was called Kang, and Karen watched as he suddenly darted forward and grabbed her soiled panties from the floor. He scampered back to his tree and brought the garment to his nose to sniff at her cunt smell and he then sucked the juice out of the material.Before Karen’s brain could properly process this information, Zoltan’s mouth covered her burning clit and sucked hard. She had very little warning as a massive orgasm exploded inside her and her legs shook and shuddered as her thick cum sprayed into the monkeys face. She had to drop her hands onto Zoltan’s shoulders to support her weight as her climax continued. She groaned and gasped for breath as the animal licked at the delicious cunt cream that was pouring from her convulsing hole. At last, she couldn’t take any more and she had to push the monkeys face away from her sex. As she recovered she looked down at Zoltan who’s facial fur was soaked with her cum and who was again fisting an erect cock.She smiled and was trembling slightly as she dropped to her knees and draped her body over the fallen tree trunk with her butt high in the air. She made sure that her denim skirt was pulled up out of the way and looked over her shoulder at Zoltan. The young animal got up on his feet and waddled around her screeching and thumping his chest. She stayed absolutely still as he stood behind her and suddenly grasped her hips. His cock started thrusting between her legs and she swiftly repositioned her body and gasped as her cunt walls were suddenly split apart and the monkey’s hard cock rammed up her hole.“Oh f***,” she cried as Zoltan began fucking her and battering his prick against her womb.The memories of the fucking with Shiva came flooding back and although Zoltan’s thrusts were not as quick as the wolfs, the power of his cock was just as massive and she savoured the feelings of having her cunt full of animal cock again.The thick black cock pounded in and out of her f*** hole bringing her quickly to her second cum. “Shit, I’m creaming,” she gasped and her head fell against the tree as her body convulsed and spasmed. Zoltan wasn’t interested in Karen’s climax and continued slamming this prick up her cunt as hard as he could. Karen was in continual orgasm with her eyes tightly shut when Zoltan danced on his back legs, and with a piercing screech, blasted his boiling hot spunk deep into her cunt. Karen’s head snapped up as the slime spurted into her, and she groaned loudly.Zoltan has just started to recover when a mighty fist exploded on the side of his face, knocking him to the ground and whipping his cock out of Karen’s body in the process. The chimp bounded back to his feet in fury with his lips pulled away from his wicked teeth in a fierce snarl. The snarl however died in his throat when he realised that it was Kang who had struck him. Kang’s huge body loomed over his, and he knew that he was no match for his leader. With a whimper, Zoltan lay face up on the floor in surrender and received a kick in the ribs before Kang allowed him to scamper away.Karen was also recovering from her orgasm and looked around to see what the commotion was about. Her gasp of surprise stuck in her throat as she caught sight of the huge prick that was sticking out from Kang’s body. It was at least 11 inches long and about three inches in diameter. The tip was leaking pre cum that covered the black shaft making it shine like polished ebony. Her first reaction was to get up and escape from the enclosure but she had only moved a fraction of an inch before Kang’s lips drew back in a snarl and froze her in position. The large chimp bent down to sniff at her open cunt that still had Zoltan’s sperm running out of it and he then stood up and nudged his cock against her outer lips. Only about two inches of cock entered her hole before Kang’s fist grasped the base of the shaft and he masturbated himself. Karen has just started to relax slightly thinking that the old chimp would jack himself off into her f*** hole and then lose interest when he screeched loudly and rammed his entire length up her hole. She screamed as her cunt walls were savagely pushed apart and all the other members of the troop began jumping up and down and screeching as their leader screwed the human.The cacophony of noise washed over Karen as she was pounded. Her cunt had never been stretched so far and only the tremendous amount of lubricant from her recent cum and the coating of Zoltan’s spunk prevented any serious damage. She moaned continually as she was raped and every inward thrust of Kang’s cock pushed her hard against the tree, and every withdrawal lifted her body clear of the surface. She was like a rag doll speared by his shaft and despite of the pain and the discomfort, she was orgasming continually.Kang bellowed his cum, and for the second time in ten minutes, Karen jumped, as her cunt was flooded with monkey spunk. Her f*** tube was clenched so tightly around the massive shaft that her cum and the chimp sperm sprayed out and soaked Kang’s crouch.The monkey eventually withdrew, banged his chest and returned to his tree whilst Karen got shakily to her feet with a river of spunk running down the inside of both legs. She looked around for her panties but couldn’t see then anywhere and staggered out of the enclosure locking the gate behind her.It wasn’t until the gate closed that the red light on the security camera was switched off.Karen made her way back to her office and removed her skirt. One wall had a full-length mirror fixed to it and she carefully studied her body. Turning her back on the mirror, she could clearly see the multitude of scratches on her butt from the monkey’s claws. She fingered them gently and thought about the narrow escape that she had just had. She had formed a bond of trust with Zoltan and she hoped to f*** with him again, but she had to make sure that Kang couldn’t get to her. The old chimp was very unpredictable and the sharp claws and fangs could inflict serious damage to her body if he chose to do so. She turned back to face the mirror and examined her cunt that was still gaping open and dripping monkey cum. She couldn’t believe that she had been able to take Kang’s huge shaft and she slipped her fingers into her front hole to scoop our thick clots of spunk and pop them into her mouth.She found a spare pare of panties in her desk drawer and slipped them on before smoothing down her skirt and making her way to her car. As she drove home she could feel the last of the chimp spunk leak out of her cunt and pool in the crotch of her underwear.When she woke up the next morning, lying naked on her bed, she lifted her dirty panties up from the floor and dropped them on her face. As she sucked the dried monkey spunk stain out of the material, she masturbated herself to orgasm..Over the course of the next two weeks, she f***** Zoltan regularly by isolating him from the troop in a special isolation cage. Zoltan looked forward to screwing her so much that whenever her saw her approach, he stood at the door to the isolation cage waiting for her to open it.Bobby Mason was two years younger than Karen and they had attended the same school. Although Karen didn’t remember Bobby, he certainly remembered her. He had thought her the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and fantasised about her regularly. He had been a bit of a geek at school and when he left at 16, he had managed to get a job in the zoo as a security guard.One night when Karen was leaving the park, Bobby approached her as she was getting into her car and pressed a package into her hand. Without saying a word, he them walked on, leaving Karen holding the package. Although she shouted at him, he paid no attention, and she shrugged and threw the parcel onto the passenger seat and drove home.It was only after she had eaten her evening meal and was half way through a bottle of a particularly good red wine, that she remembered about the package. She retrieved it from the car and tore off the paper. Inside was a videotape without any labels or markings.“Most strange,” she muttered, and slotted it into the VCR.Her mouth hung open she stared at the screen in amazement and shock as she saw herself, with crystal clarity, being f***** by the chimps in the enclosure.“Shit, SHIT!!” she exclaimed pressing the off button and pacing the living room floor. She had immediately realised that the tape must have been from the security cameras. She ejected the tape from the VCR and her heart sank as she turned it over in her hands. The security tapes were marked and stamped and this casing was clean. It was a copy.She sat in her apartment with a heavy heart staring at the phone. She was certain that the security guard would call her and probably demand money for his silence. It made her even more jumpy when the phone didn’t ring that night, or the next, or the next. After a few discrete enquiries at the park, she had managed to find out the security guards name and his work shift pattern. The local telephone directory provided his address, which was an apartment block in a run down part of the town.The waiting around for something to happen was killing her, and she made up her mind that if Bobby Mason wasn’t going to contact her, she would make contact with him.She spent the early part of the evening relaxing in a perfumed bath before drying herself off and then attending to her soft silky hair. Having dried it straight, she brought it together with an elastic hair band into a high ponytail. Throwing open the door of her wardrobe, she stood for a minute trying to decide what to wear and then threw her selection on the bed. She stepped into a pair of cream coloured thong panties with a string back that she pulled deep into her ass crack followed by a matching half cup bra that was cut so low that her nipples were exposed. She could feel them tighten as she studied her reflection in the mirror and nodded to herself in approval.Karen then pulled over her shoulders, a dazzlingly white silk blouse that was sheer enough to show her hard teats beneath, followed by a black leather skirt that, although not very short, was very tight and split on one side to the top of her thighs. Finally, she pushed her feet into a pair of black leather sling back shoes with a three-inch heel. She drove to Bobby’s address with a mixture of fear and excitement and, after parking the car, knocked boldly on the door after opening the third button of her blouse.His mouth fell open as he opened the door to find Karen standing on his doormat. Dressed in an old tee shirt advertising some long forgotten Star Trek convention and a pair of elasticised waist shorts, he stared in amazement as she brightly said, “Hi Bobby,” and pushed past him and into the apartment.He followed her into the living room like an obedient puppy and she stood with her hands on her hips as she took a good look around. The room was sparsely furnished with two large armchairs and a small TV that was tuned into a ball game. A small table stood beside one of the chairs and held the TV remote, an open can of beer and the remains of a TV dinner.She turned around to face him and smiled. “I take it you know why I’m here,” she asked pleasantly.Bobby nervously cleared his throat and replied, “Yea. It’s about the tape I guess.”Karen pulled one of the seats around to face the other one and sat down, indicating that Bobby should do the same. She watched his eyes travel up and down her body as he sat and secretly smiled as the thin film of perspiration that had formed on his top lip. She sat veryproperly in the chair with her back straight and although her skirt rode up her thighs, she kept her knees together.“Yes, it is about the tape Bobby. Why didn’t you tell me what it was when you gave it to me?When he just shrugged his shoulders in reply, she decided to ask what she considered a very important question.“Have you shown the tape to anyone else Bobby?”She kept her voice as light and friendly as possible but couldn’t help taking a huge breath of relief when the security guard shook his head and said, “No one else has seen it. I was the only one on duty in the control room that night. I didn’t mean to spy on you really. I was just flicking through all the cameras and saw you in the enclosure. The cameras are special units designed to show all the animals clearly, even at night, that it was obvious what you were doing.”“What was I doing Bobby?” she asked very quietly.“Well you were.. well you know, you were doing it…” he stammered.“Fucking,” Karen said pronouncing the word carefully. “You mean I was fucking the chimps.”He was looking down at his feet but his eyes flicked up to her face at her words and he nodded his head.“Did you enjoy watching me?” she asked, and as she did so, she parted her knees until she was sure that he would be able to see her panties that contrasted with her black skirt and tanned legs.Bobby swallowed hard and replied, “God it was awesome. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”Karen could feel that she was in complete charge of the situation and her nipples hardened against the thin material of her blouse and her cunt lips began to swell and leak her sticky secretions. “What if someone else watches the security tape Bobby, did you leave it in the control room?” she asked casually.“Don’t worry about that,” he replied, smiling for the first time since she had come into the apartment, “I wiped the master tape clean, once I’d made two copies.”“Two copies,” she repeated with a sinking feeling in her stomach.He nodded at her as she continued, “Who’s got the other tape Bobby?”“I have,” he replied looking full into her face. “It’s somewhere nice and safe.”She could feel the control slipping away from her and she allowed her body to slump backwards into the chair and returned his gaze.“So what’s the deal Bobby?” she asked with a sigh. “You’ve got the tape and I want it. What do I need to do to get it? Do you want money?”Bobby was much more relaxed now and he too laid back in the chair and answered, “Well, for starters, you could undo another couple of buttons of your pretty blouse.”She sighed in resignation and undid the buttons as he added, “If fact, why don’t you just take it off?”Karen looked at him and in an effort to regain some control said, “What about the tape? I want to see that you actually have it.”“Karen,” he replied as if talking to a child. “You’re really in no position to make demands. Let me try and explain. Bestiality is illegal in the ‘States so there’s a number of things that I could do with the tape. I could mail it anonymously to the Sheriff who I’m sure would recognise you immediately, or perhaps I could upload the entire thing to the zoo web site and let everyone see how well you take care of your animals. On the other hand, I could sell the tape in Europe. I understand that film companies will pay quite well for something of this quality. Of course they would probably copy it hundreds of times and sell it all over the world.”Karen’s heart sank on hearing Bobby’s threats and pulled her blouse off as he continued, “Or you could be really nice to me and I’d let you have the only other copy of the tape for free, - but you’d have to be really, really nice.”She resigned herself to the fact that she was going to have to f***Bobby, which wasn’t really a problem. She had f***** men before that she wasn’t attracted to, but what worried her was that she had only his word that he would give her the tape afterwards.Deciding to put on a good show for him, she brought up her hands to cup both her tits and kneaded the sensitive flesh as she rolled her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.“Do you want me to take my bra off?” she asked in a husky voice.Although it was a very low cut half cup bra and most of her tits were on display already, Bobby nodded enthusiastically.She sat forward and reached behind her for the clasp. Pretending to fumble a couple of times, she pouted at him and said, “You’ll have to help me. I’m very nervous.”As he got up and walked around behind her chair, she saw the large bulge in the front of his shorts before he disappeared from her view.He managed to pop the clasp on the second try, and he pulled the garment away from her body and dropped it on the floor. Karen lay back in the chair again and looked up into his face. His hands then gently pulled the hair band out of her hair and she carefully shook her head letting her long hair cascade over her shoulders. She kept her hands away from her breasts to let Bobby bend forward and run his fingers over her soft, flawless skin. She jumped slightly as his fingers stroked her long hard teats and her eyes closed as she savoured the feeling. Karen felt his face press into the top of her head and she heard him smelling her hair.“God, you’re beautiful,” he moaned.Karen tilted her head back and offered him her mouth, which he eagerly accepted. As their lips met, she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into his. As their tongues danced together, Karen moaned when his fingers twisted and pinched her rock hard nipples, and she squeezed her thighs together as her cunt juices flowed into her panties.Her lipstick was smeared as Bobby pulled his face away and gasped, “I want to see the rest of your body.”Bobby went and sat back down in his chair whilst Karen stood up and kicked off her shoes. She reached behind her and pulled down the zip of her skirt and unfastened the clasp. As the skirt fell to the floor, she stepped out of it and stood in her panties as the smell of her hot cunt rose up and into her nostrils. She sat back down and spread her legs wide apart and draping them over both arms of the chair. Bobby’s eyes were riveted on her crotch and she knew that he must see the wet stain that was spreading over the triangle of material that was covering her sex. She rubbed two fingers over her swollen pubic mound and whispered, “Can you smell my cunt Bobby?”When he nodded his reply, she said, “I want you to really smell it.” She held out her two fingers and he leaned forward and inhaled deeply.“Does my cunt smell make you horny baby?” she asked.“God yea,” he responded and then nodded vigorously when she asked, “Would you like to see my cunt?”She eased the waistband of the thong down her body slightly until the panties were loose between her legs, and, with her eyes locked onto his face, she slowly pulled her underwear to the side.Bobby gasped and muttered, “Fucking hell,” as Karen exposed her f*** hole to him.Her cunt was shaven and the long pink slit glistened with her juices as it nestled in the centre of her swollen outer lips. At the bottom of her slit, her hole was slightly open and a thin trickle of clear liquid leaked out of her body to drip onto the chair. With her index finger, she gently parted the top of her sex to reveal the hard bud of her clit that was just pushing through its hood.“Fucking hell, that’s gorgeous,” Bobby repeated as her other hand also dropped to her cunt and pulled it open. He could see her hot juices bubbling inside her f*** tube and the smell that invaded his nose was now much more powerful than when he had sniffed at her fingers.Karen lay back in the chair and pushed the index finger of her left hand knuckle deep into her cunt, whilst the fingers of her other hand rubbed slowly over her clit. She was watching his face as she masturbated, and she whispered, “Let me see your cock.”Bobby kept watching her play with herself as he stood up and pulled at the front of his elasticised shorts. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath and thin strands of pre cum stretched from the tip of his cock to his shorts as he dropped them to the floor.His prick was just less than 8 inches long with a slight bend to the left and had a river of pre cum pouring out of the tip. Karen could see that he was very close to cumming and she figured that if she was to get the video tape, she would have to make sure that this session lasted.“Mmmm nice cock,” she said. “Let me taste your slime Bobby.”He came over and stood at her side with his hard shaft only inches away from her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and teased around his little piss hole pulling some pre cum into her throat. As she savoured the taste Bobby groaned loudly and she looked up into his face.“Poor baby,” she said with a smile. “Do you need to cum?”“Oh god I’m so close,” he replied as his eyes fell to her crotch and watched her masturbate.“Cum for me baby,” she said huskily. “Spray your hot spunk into my mouth.”Bobby shook his head with a groan. “I want to f*** you,” he gasped.“You can still f*** me,” Karen replied. “I’ll get you hard again, because I want to feel your big cock sliding up my hole. Now jerk yourself off and let me drink your spunk.”She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as Bobby’s hand grasped his prick and rubbed it slowly. Karen’s hand came away from her cunt to gentlycup his balls and then her fingers snaked their way between his butt cheeks. Her fingers were soaked with her slime and she easily found his puckered asshole and began to massage it. Her eyes were glued to his cock and Bobby groaned loudly as her index finger pushed into his shitter to the first knuckle. “f***, I’m going to cum,” he gasped as his fist flew faster and faster over his cock.“Cum baby,” she urged. “Flood my face with your spunk.” With a final groan, a thick strand of white cum spurted out of his piss hole and splattered onto her cheek before she was able to suck the jerking cock into her mouth.The rest of his load of sperm squirted onto her tongue and after a few seconds, he pulled his shaft away from her face. Karen looked up at him as she pushed the slime to the front of her mouth and blew spunk bubbles at him before swallowing the load and licking her lips. She pulled her finger out of his asshole and used it to scrape the spunk off her cheek and then licked it clean.“Mmm you taste good baby,” she said. “Now why don’t you sit back down and watch me cum, and that will get you hard again.”Bobby sank into his chair and Karen dropped both hands back down between her legs. She slid two fingers deep inside her cunt and pushed them in and out. Her eyes closed and she shivered at the loud sloshing noises that her fingers made as they whipped up her juices. Her slime was running out her hole and her hand was covered in her juices that were getting thicker and thicker and turning a milky white. Her crotch was flooded with her cream and Bobby got off his chair and sat down on the floor between her legs for a better view. His cock was already beginning to harden and the smell from her cunt was making his head spin. Karen was close to orgasm and her other hand started to rub at her burning clit. The tingling was building up inside her body and the intensity increased as she rubbed faster and faster at her sensitive bud. She was close, so close, and she was moaning continually and squirming around in her seat. The rubbing action suddenly stopped and she held her hand flat as she started slapping her clit. The noise echoed around the room and Bobby leaned closer until his eyes were only inches away from her saturated slit.Karen screamed as a massive orgasm blasted through her body and Bobby watched in amazement as the muscles in her f*** hole spasmed causing her cunt to open and close and spray her cream over the chair.“f***,” Bobby said quietly as his fist curled around his now rigid prick.The muscles in Karen’s legs were also trembling as she climaxed and she moaned constantly as her head thrashed from side to side. Gradually her breathing returned to a more normal rate and her fingers were pulled out of her hole with an audible plop. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled down at Bobby.“f***, that was a good cum,” she said hoarsely, “Did you enjoy it too?”By way of an answer, Bobby stood up and she grinned at the sight of hiserect cock sticking out from his body.He held out both hands to her and she grasped then as he pulled her to her feet. Taking a couple of steps backwards, he dropped into his chair and Karen had just enough time to wriggle out of her stained panties and step out of them, before he pulled her down onto his lap.Her knees straddled his legs and she shuffled forward until her dripping cunt was positioned above his prick.“Get it in me,” she hissed. “Fill my cunt with your cock.”His hand grasped his shaft as she squatted down and they both shivered as the head spread her cunt walls apart.She sank down until the entire length was buried up her hole and she rested her head on his shoulder. They both stayed still for a few moments to enjoy the feeling of being joined, before Karen began sliding her cunt up and down on his cock. His hands came round to cup both of her butt cheeks as she settled into a steady rhythm.Bobby’s fingers slid deep into her ass crack as he held onto her butt, and the tips of both index fingers rubbed at the entrance to her shitter. He also bent his head forward and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth.Karen groaned as her tit, ass and cunt were being stimulated and she gasped, “Finger my shit hole. I’m going to cum soon.”One finger slid inside her bowels all the way to the knuckle and she began to shudder. Knowing that she was about to explode, Bobby bit down hard on the nipple and piercing scream was torn from her throat that was suddenly cut off as she climaxed and gasped for breath.Her lungs fill with air and she gasped, “Shit, I’m creaming,” just before her body convulsed and shuddered. She sank back down on his cock and Bobby could feel her cunt muscles contract around his shaft and her cum flowed out of her hole and bathed his balls with hot sticky slime.Karen recovered quickly and Bobby grinned at her. Her face was covered in a film of perspiration and her hair was plastered to her skin and he said, “Change position.”His prick came free with an audible plop as she got up and he positioned her behind the chair. She leaned over the back with her butt sticking out and he slid his shaft up her tube. She moaned as he gripped her hips and started shafting her with long slow strokes. Remembering that she liked her asshole to be stimulated, he drove first one finger and then a second up her shitter. Her cunt cream had run all over her back hole and his fingers made sure that the inside of her bowels was coated with her slime. When he pulled his cock and his fingers out of her body, Karen knew what to expect, and she pushed backwards as his prick nudged against her anal ring. She was loose enough for him to slide in without too much resistance, and her head hung down as she was filled.Bobby grasped her thighs and Karen had to grip the arms of the chair as her feet were lifted from the ground. She ended up parallel to the floor with her hands on the arms of the seat and her waist being supported by its back.Her legs were wide apart as Bobby speeded up his thrusts and pounded in and out of her shit hole. His breathing was becoming ragged and he gritted his teeth as his spunk began boiling in his balls. He felt the delicious sensation of his hot semen jetting up his piss hole and only had time to gasp, “I’m cumming,” before his thick seed splattered deep in Karen’s asshole. As her shit tube filled with spunk, Karen shuddered to a final climax.It took many moments for them to recover, and, when Bobby eventually pulled his softening shaft out of her body, a thin trickle of his semen oozed our of her shitter.Karen began picking up her discarded clothes and put them on as she said, “What about the tape you owe me? Where is it?”Bobby was sitting back on his chair and he said, “Well, actually, although that was a brilliant f***, there’s just one more thing I want you to do before I give you the tape.“No,” Karen cried, “That wasn’t the deal. We agreed that if I f***** you, you’d give me the tape.”“No we didn’t,” he replied easily. “I said that I’d give you the tape if you were nice to me. I didn’t say I’d give it to you after only one f***.”Karen’s shoulders slumped as she asked in a small voice, “What do you want me to do?”He pretended to thing for a few seconds and then looked at her and replied, “I want to watch you fucking Blue.”“Who the f*** is Blue,” Karen demanded, thinking that it was one of his friends. “We agreed that no one else was to know about this, and now youwant to watch me fucking one of your fri…..” Her voice broke off as she suddenly realised what he was talking about. Her stomach flipped and she whispered, “Oh my god. You mean the gorilla.”As Bobby smiled and nodded his head, she repeated to herself, “You want me to f*** a gorilla.”She spent almost a hour trying to talk him out of his plan, but he was adamant that if she didn’t take the gorilla’s cock up her cunt, that he would carry out his threat and upload the tape onto the internet.Karen had no choice but to agree, although she had no idea how she was going to make it happenIt was about a week later that Karen was asked to her director’s office and handed a memo. She scanned it quickly whilst he explained the contents.“We’ve been trying for months to find a zoo or park that will sell us a female gorilla to mate with your buck. What’s he called again?”“Blue,” she replied vaguely, her mind still concentrating on reading the memo. “And a male gorilla isn’t called a buck.”“Yea, whatever,” he said with a wave of his arm. “Anyway, we cant find any, but there’s a private park in Pennsylvania who have a young female gorilla that they’re prepared to loan out to us for three months. If you can get her pregnant in that time, then we get to keep the cub, pup or whatever you call it.”Karen looked up from the paper as he continued, “Well? Do you want her? Can you do it?”“Definitely,” she replied with confidence. “You get me the gorilla and I’ll handle the rest.” The female gorilla was called Kala and had been shipped to them from a zoo back east. She had spent several days in a separate enclosure recovering from her trip and acclimatising to her new environment. Gradually the keepers made closer and closer contact with the animal until she accepted them. Karen was in charge of the mating which wasn’t scheduled to take place for another month but she wanted to conduct a test run to make sure that Kala would be ready. One of the hardest things to do with any animal mating was to get the female receptive. Karen formulated a cocktail of hormones that she hoped would be effective. They were injected into Kala’s bloodstream every morning for a week before showing any results.On the sixth day, Karen noticed a slight discharge from the gorilla’s massive cunt which she took as a good sign, and the next morning Kala’s f*** hole was flooded with sticky mucous.Everything was now in place and Karen contacted Bobby and told him she was ready. It was agreed that the following night would be the best time as Bobby would be the only one on duty.They met at the primate enclosure just after dusk and Karen tried one last time to talk him out of his plan.“Come on Bobby,” she pleaded. “That gorilla could kill me with one casual swipe of his paw. Why don’t you just take me home and f*** me. You can do whatever you want to me. If it turns you on to see me take a huge cock like Blue’s, then I’ll buy a cucumber or whatever size of dildo you say and you can watch me take it up the cunt. Please Bobby, don’t make me do this.”Bobby however was having none of it. “No dice baby,” he replied. “The deal is, you take the gorilla’s cock up your hole and I give you the tape. It’s your choice.”“Bastard,” she spat as she shook her head in resignation.She was wearing a faded tee shirt, short cotton skirt and worn sneakers. Grasping the iron bars of the enclosure, she pulled up the back of her skirt and bent at the waist.“f*** me,” she commanded as she pulled her panties to the side and thrust her butt towards him.His cock instantly became erect at her wanton display but he looked questioningly at her as he unzipped his trousers.Looking over her shoulders she explained, “If I’ve got to take a gorilla cock, I’ll need to be as wet and loose as possible. I want your spunk up by cunt for extra lubrication.”Bobby grinned as he shuffled forward with his trousers wrapped around his ankles and said, “You’re a dirty bitch Karen,” as he slid up her front hole. She took no pleasure in having his cock inside her and she clenched her cunt muscles tight to bring him off as quickly as possible. A couple of minutes later he gasped, “I’m going to cum,” and splattered his spunk against her cunt walls.As soon as he was finished, she stood up, rearranged her clothes and walked off to Kala’s enclosure on the other side of the area.The female gorilla was sitting with her back to the bars looking very depressed. Karen felt sorry for her because they were pumping hormones into her every day any by now she was craving cock. The fur between her legs was soaked with her secretions and she stared with huge baleful eyes as Karen squatted down in front of her. Karen needed some of the slime that was dripping out of the gorilla and she reached forward slowly. Kala watched her hand carefully but made no move to get away. She made a soft growl of pleasure as Karen’s fingers rubbed gently at her sex and slowly pushed inside. Her whole hand was inside the gorillas cunt when Kala suddenly jumped to her feet, turned round and bent over, thrusting her cunt backwards towards the startled keeper. Karen had a moment of panic when she thought Kala was going to attack her and she fell backwards onto her butt, but she quickly realised that the huge animal was presenting herself for mating. She wanted her cunt filled so much that even Karen’s hand was an acceptable substitute. She got back onto her feet and again stroked her fingers up and down the animals slit. Her hand slipped in easily and she felt the heat of Kala’s body as her hand curled into a fist and she pushed it up the f*** tube. Her arm sank in all the way to the elbow before she began sawing it in and out of the gorilla’s body. Kala roared her approval as Karen fistedher and the juice flowed out of her like a river. Karen’s panties were soaking from the cunt cream and spunk that was leaking out of her f*** hole and her heart hammered in her chest as she brought the massive animal off. Just as the muscles in her shoulders were starting to ache, Kala shuddered and roared, and Karen gratefully pulled her sticky arm out of its hole complete with a handful of gorilla slime.Once out of the enclosure, she pulled down the front of her pantiesand rubbed Kala’s cum all over her soaking cunt.“Where the f*** have you been,” Bobby demanded when she returned. Before she could answer, his nostrils flared and he continued, “What’s that smell? Its kind of like cunt.”She waved her hand below his nose and asked, “Do you like it.”He looked slightly confused and replied, “I’m not sure if I like it or not, but its making me horny.”She smiled at his reaction and stripped naked, except for her panties, then took a deep breath and went into Blue’s enclosure. Karen was extremely nervous as she approached the huge animal. She had worked with Blue for long enough for them to develop a mutual trust of each other but trying to get him to f*** her was very dangerous.She squatted quietly in front of Blue for a few minutes as he stared at her. She kept her eyes cast down to the ground to avoid eye contact that he could interpret as a threat, until the wind direction abruptly changed and his nostrils flared as he caught the scent of a female gorilla on heat. His head swivelled around trying to locate the source of the smell and Karen waved her hand in front of his nose. The effect was almost instant and she watched as Blue jumped to his feet and roared loudly, beating his chest. As he did this, his cock dropped from between his legs and began to harden. Karen’s eyes were wide as she watched the shaft thicken and lengthen. She had seen Blue semi erect before but this was the first time she had seen him fully hard and he was much bigger that she had thought he would be. She glanced behind her hoping that Bobby would take pity on her having seen the size of the gorilla’s prick but the bastard was nowhere to be seen. Blue was dancing on his back legs with his cock swinging back and forth in the air, jerking every time he moved. Karen judged the black shaft to be at least a foot long and about four inches in diameter and suddenly it was looming over her face.She didn’t know that Blue was expecting her to get down onto her hands and knees and present her cunt to him and he reached out and cuffed her gently around the head. What was a gently cuff to a gorilla was like a heavyweight fist to a human and Karen fell to the ground, stunned. She groggily felt his huge hands grope her tits and flick at her nipples and, as her senses returned, she felt the animal rip off her panties as if they were made of tissue paper.As Blue lifted the ruined panties up to his nose and breathed in the smells of a gorilla on heat and a horny human cunt, Karen rolled over onto her stomach and tried to crawl away. As she raised herself onto her knees, she gasped as Blue took one of his fingers and stabbed her from behind, right into her now-exposed hole. The animal’s finger was not as long as a man's cock but was just as thick and her cunt walls grasped it tightly.Blue’s finger curled inside her f*** tube and Karen struggled as she was suddenly lifted from the ground and pulled towards the gorilla’s hairy body. His other arm wrapped around her waist and held her upside down as his finger slid in and out of her cunt. Every so often he would remove his finger and suck off her juices before slipping it back in. The roughness of his finger was raking over her clit and even although she was in a very dangerous situation, her body responded and she quickly had her first orgasm. When her eyes fluttered open again, the animal’s hard cock was only inches away from her face, and she grasped it with both hands and opened her mouth. The head of the prick was too big to get fully into her mouth so she had to be satisfied with gluing her lips over the head and sucking on it like a baby’s soother. Blue seamed to be more than happy with her efforts and he threw back his head and bellowed.Blue had really got the taste for Karen’s cunt cream now and he forced a second finger into her bubbling hole to scoop out her juices. Her f*** hole was stretched tight with the equivalent of two cocks up it, and her slime squelched in her tube in response to the animals probing. As Karen suckled on the prick, Blue pulled out his fingers to lick them clean and just as he was going to put them back in, he saw her other hole. She squirmed as she felt the finger probe her asshole and Karen said a silent prayer. “Oh god,” she thought, “Only one finger. Please don’t let him shove two fingers into my asshole.” She thought of struggling but before she could do anything, Blue pushed past the resistance of her anal ring with ease and finger f***** her shitter.She groaned loudly as her asshole was violated and as she said a silent thank you for answering her prayer, she added a thank you that the gorilla’s finger was already slick with her juices.After a few seconds he pulled his finger out, smelt it and deciding that he like Karen’s shit hole, he licked it clean and pushed it back in. Karen’s mo
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