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AakaThe winters in Alaska are long and harsh. The snow falls endlessly, the wind howls as much as the pack does, and the wind chill can sometimes drop down enough to get a chill down your spine. Those factors are paradise compared to the next factor of the Alaska winter, poor hunting. This winter was no exception, every year the pack seems to be getting smaller, the yearlings have became lone wolves, and they have not made any contact with the pack after they leave. The pack was aging, Aaka, the youngest wolf, with a pure white pelt with a Grey marking on the end of her tail, about 75 pounds and a length of about 100cm, have came back from a hunt and was UN-successful.Aaka was pregnant with the alpha male, being the only female left of the pack. He was on a hunt as well. Aaka lay-ed beside the remaining pack members, Tundra and Red, they were elders, Aaka could notice how old they are, by the way they move, the difficulty of just getting up and laying down, the grayness along their faces and undersides. This concerned Aaka and she started at their faces. She can see the effects of age along their faces, after a while Red noticed that she was looking at him with concern. Red looked at Aaka and said "Aaka, what troubles you?" Aaka was about to say "nothing" when she realized that the alpha male have been gone for hours, Aaka became really paranoid and was worried and thought about the worst case scenario, Aaka's fur started to bristle and she was twitching her head slightly when Red finally said "Aaka, please tell me what has you so worried". Aaka asked "I'm worried that he won't return from his hunt, and I'm more concerned that he has been out there for so long."Aaka becomes sad, and some oily tears run down her face, and she pouts. Tundra said "Please don't worry Aaka, he's an experienced hunter and he'll return soon. worrying only makes things worse Aaka." She snuggled with the two other wolves, feeling secure and calm for the moment, the feeling of warmth and fur made Aaka murr a little bit and relaxes and drifts off to sleep. Red and Tundra feel re-leaved for Aaka.After an hour Aaka, awakes from her nap and looks at Red and Tundra with anticipation, Tundra looks at Aaka and shakes his head with deep sorrow. Aaka uses all her strength to stand up quickly, without even stretching, she howls at the top of her lungs wanting any type of response from him, she howls for several minutes, with oily tears in her eyes, she collapses in the snow, her head down, feeling great sorrow and pain that the fact that he wasn't going to return. After a few minutes of deep sorrow and sadness, Aaka padded over to Tundra and Red, they nuzzled for a couple minutes feeling the same sorrow as Aaka does, and giving each other's support. Then Red says "Aaka, your our only hope for our pack, you must leave and head south for a warmer climate for your pups. Tundra and I will not be able to make the journey with our aging bodies restricting us." Aaka replied back "But you must come!" her tears really started to go down her face as she was told that she was going to be alone. "We will be extra muzzles to feed Aaka, and we would slow you down." Tundra said. "I just can't leave you two here! I wouldn't be able to live with myself with the guilt of that!" Aaka said through her oily tears. "Aaka! This is our final wish, as elders you have to respect their wishes and demands. Now go before time runs out." Tundra said to Aaka. Aaka, full of tears said nothing, her heart has been broken and her soul is now empty. "During one winter like this, the pack moved down in that direction, there's some what trail through those tree's, we made it back in the summer, of course that was back when the pack was at it's strongest, but you must go now, for the sake of your pups." Aaka had no choice, Aaka went up to Red and Tundra and said "You two have been like fathers to me through these difficult times, I am going to miss you with all my heart. I know your decision will be better in the long run, and, oh I am just going to miss you dogs so much." She literally threw her body weight on Red and nuzzles him threw the tears, Tundra came close to Aaka, and she did the same thing to Tundra. "You must go now Aaka." Red said to Aaka "Okay, I understand, farewell you two." Aaka took a final look back at them, tears started again, as she runs off into the forest.Aaka, now walks alone, in the deep snow she can feel her belly run against the cold white flakes. The heavily dense forest blocks most of the small amount of sunlight, as Aaka gaits through the forest. Her paws hit other paw prints, at least she knows she's heading in the same direction. She weaves around trees, rocks, bushes and other plantlike, determined to whelp her pups in a suitable climate. After some time of following the path, Aaka becomes exhausted to the point where she has to lay down in the deep snow, relaxing her body and catching her breath. She thinks to herself, is this really possible to make it all the way? Is life really worth living for in these conditions? she becomes a nervous wreck then she looks at a paw print of another wolf, possibly the paw print of one of her pack members. She says to herself "I have to go on, I won't give up, I won't let the pack down." She stared at the paw print for several minutes, getting inspiration from deep thoughts within. She stood up and continued her journey.After hours of walking threw the forest, she noticed that is was getting milder, the snow has melted an inch but it was no winter wonder land. She was getting exhausted and hungry. She sat down to rest for a little while, then she heard and smelled life. She doesn't know what it is, she looks around with her very rare blue eyes, and sees a snowy Owl pitched up in a tree. She sly-fully hides behind a bush, not to make a sound, this was her only Morseral- of food. She needed to sink her fangs into the owls flesh, to taste the blood of prey and more importantly, to feed her pups. Although, she had no idea of how to catch her prey up in the tree, she can't climb tree's and she can not scare away her prey, she absolutely needs this owl to survive. She ponders these things as she glances at the owl, UN-seen by the white flying bird. Her eyes set on this kill, she is determined to kill the owl, rips it's flesh open, taste the blood of prey and eat it's flesh, guts and to spill blood on the white snow. This is her growing ambition, but it seems impossible, she just concentrates on the owl for so long that she begins to lick her lips, almost like she can taste the fallen prey. Silence surrounded the area as Aaka was ready to kill, then a mouse scurried across the snow, The owl swoop down was about to get a snack, when Aaka sprinted from the bushes and leaps on the owl, biting her fangs into the owls neck, screams from the owl was the only sound in the forest as blood spilled from the bite wounds, down Aaka's throat and onto the snowy ground. The cries stopped, the owl was dead. Aaka devoured the flesh and internal organs, her hunger was satisfied......for now. The darkness covered the sky, Aaka now is feeling tired. She curled up by a tree where there was no snow. A new day will dawn, as well as a hope...The sunlight of the early morning dawn blasted it's way through the tree's making sunbeams through out the forests snow covered ground. There was hardly any noise at all, just the howling wind that hit Aaka's fur, the chill of the morning winter air awakened Aaka. She opens her eyes and gazes at the scenery , nothing but snow. She gets up and shakes the loose snow from her pelt, stretches and lets out a loud yawn. She wastes no time standing around here, and just like that she's off again. She came to a clearing and continued going, The weather was getting milder with every half hour, Them she looks back at her paw prints, missing Red and Tundra, waits for a sign, any kind of sign, her wish was not granted. She continues onward, then takes a break to sit down in the light layer of snow. She looks at the blue winter sky, she doesn't know if she can carry on with her journey, she is exhausted, and she's hungry again. She gets up and carries on. Then about 10 minutes later she smells the body of a dead deer, she races over to the smell that is getting stronger and stronger, then she digs her feet in the dirt to stop quickly, as she smells another scent, it was a scent of another wolf. She looked off into the distance and saw A black wolf, who has faded out a little bit to dark brown, which covers traces of white and Grey fur around his muzzle, belly and behind his ears. He turned around from his kill, he's an elder, but it looks like he was abandoned, like how Aaka was forced to leave Red and Tundra. Aaka feels guilty and thinks about her situation for a few minutes and becomes depressed.She doesn't know who this new wolf is. Is he a danger? Was he just in a pack kill? Aaka, doesn't want to mess with any other pack, she quietly pads off in the opposite direction of him. He looks at Aaka while she pads away, noticing that she is in her late stages of her pregnancy. Aaka pads along for about 100 yards, the climate is warm and suitable, to a point. She comes along to a den, it reeks of wolverine smell, but it's not new, fairly old about a couple months. The den is vacant, she crawls into it and lays down, she feels at home as she relaxes in the mossy den. She was about to drift off to sleep when she smelled the scent of the wolf at the mouth of the den. She opens her eyes and sees him "I can't help to notice that you are alone and pregnant, I am a bit worried, are you Okay? I brought some of my kill for you. My name is Amaroq." Amaroq said looking at Aaka in the back of the den. Aaka replied "Are you with a pack?" Aaka replied quickly frightened by the dog. "No need to be worried, what is your name?" Amaroq said to Aaka softly. "Aaka" she said softly, looking at his eyes for the first time. They touched noses and sniffed each others muzzles while eating the kill in the very lightly snow covered ground, Aaka is happy to be in the presence of Amaroq, she feels overcome with happiness that she throws herself on Amaroq and nuzzles him "Oh Amaroq" she says in a somewhat sexy voice, she paws at Amaroq's fuzzy, large sheath, which his penis starts peeking out as pre-cum drips from the tip. "Hey! We just meet, what is it that you are doing?" Amaroq replied in a high voice. "Oh Amaroq, your the only wolf I have meet in a very long time, and a very handsome one like yourself." She blushes. "Aaka, we can't mate, your pregnant" Amaroq replied. "Let me taste you, my ambition is to taste the cum of a grown wolf and feel your hot seed all over my muzzle, you totally turn me on." She says while murring. "Well.......Okay." Amaroq says after a long pause.Aaka rolls over Amaroq, and she stares at his large wolf genitalia, she is baffled how large his sheath is, and his large wolf balls. She brings her muzzle to his throbbing sheath and carefully licks his sheath hole, and uses a fore-paw to fondle with Amaroq's large furry balls. Amaroq squirms around at the intense please he is feeling. His penis starts to peek out, oozing with pre-cum, Aaka laps her tongue around his hardness, enjoying every drop of his slimy pre-cum. Aaka uses her fore-paw to massage Amaroq's tight tailhole, he murrs loudly and his cock gets more erect. Aaka uses her other fore-paw and slips his sheath back, revealing the biggest wolf knot she has ever seen! She stared at his throbbing, slimy and huge cock! Aaka is really turn on now, she covers her fangs with her lips and take his knot and slides his full knot into her muzzle, moving it up and down, she jerks behind his knot with a fore-paw and awaits the jets of hot slimy. Amaroq is moaning and groaning with pleasure and squirms around on the ground as his legs and balls twitch in orgasm as he jets his hot wolf cum into Aaka's muzzle. "Oh Amaroq" She says while wolf jizz runs out of her muzzle and onto his belly fur. Amaroq can't help but to stare at her beauty while his cum hangs out of her muzzle. His knot hangs out for a few minutes as he licks her muzzle clean, the licks his penis back into his sheath and thanks her for the good time.Several weeks pass and the weather gets better and Aaka and Amaroq become mates and live happily together. Now was the time for Aaka to whelp her pups in the den. Amaroq respectfully stays out of the den while she gives birth to her pups. After several minutes Amaroq hears cries and tiny barks from the pups, he looks down at Aaka and her four pups, and smiles at the new life. Weeks pass by and the pups have grown fast provided with Amaroq's excellent hunting skills, Aaka feels the need to hunt and kill for the first time after she had given birth to her pups. Amaroq understands her wishes, he says "Don't be too long." he nuzzles her softly, her fur is soft like silk and her scent is enlightening. "Amaroq, I have hunted many times, don't worry you handsome dog!" she says and gives him a light lick along his muzzle, then pads off into the forest. Amaroq crawls into the den and nuzzles with her pups for about a half hour. Looking into their eyes, he can't help to love her pups with all his heart, and gives then small licks of love. The pups start suckling on his nipples, Amaroq is a bit surprised at first, but then it kind of feels good, he let the pups continue to suckle his furry small dog nipples. After a short while he gets concerned for Aaka and crawls out of the den. He looks around at the forest and sees and smells nothing. He gets worried for her but dares not to howl out to her in-case she's in a middle of a hunt and scare away the prey.Then A scent fills the air, but It is not Aaka, it's the stench of a wolverine. He turns towards the smell and looked at the wolverine eye to eye. He lowers himself, ready to pounce the intruder, his brow is frowned, eyes wide, teeth bared, pelt is bristled and is ready to kill the intruder. The Wolverine takes a few steps, growls fill pound through the clearing and the pups hide in the den, bundled up like on big pup, nuzzling each other and giving each other warmth and comfort. Amaroq tries scaring off the wolverine by loud growls and ambivalence display, but nothing is going to scare this wolverine, he has an ambition to kill Amaroq even if it takes Amaroq to rip him to shreds. The Wolverine took the first bite, he bit into Amaroq's nose, blood spilled from his wound and hit the ground, Amaroq yelped and retaliated by lunging forward and tries to bite the wolverine in the neck, the wolverine moved out of the way, but not quick enough and he got a long gash along his side, blood spilled on the ground and loud yelps and cries filled the forest.Aaka heard the yelps and cries for help from Amaroq. She quit her hunt and raced back to the den at full sprint, her lungs breathed heavily as her paws pounded the ground with every step she takes getting closer to the den. The yelps stopped, Aaka got really worried and raced as fast as she possibly can. When she reached the den, There was Amaroq and the wolverine. Amaroq killed the wolverine with a bite of the back of his neck, Amaroq's neck had been slashed with the wolverines claw. They are both dead, in a puddle of blood. "Oh Amaroq....." she cries and goes up to him, desperately nudging him, trying to get a response out of him. It was no use he is dead. Aaka sobs her oily tears on his pelt and lays on his dead lifeless body. Then Aaka checked on the pups, they are gone. No blood stains anywhere, She smelled a scent of a human and quickly turns around and sees her defenseless pups in cages in a pick-up truck. The truck sped away and she chased after it at full sprint, desperately trying to catch up to the truck, she can hear the cries of her pups fade away. The truck has left, she collapsed on the ground and lay-ed down and sobbed in her tears. She has nothing to live for now, Amaroq and her pups are gone. After an hour of sobbing and laying down, she stood up and walked in a random direction. With her head down and her oily tears run down her face, she felt like dying. Aaka smelled a scent, it was a wolf, she lifted her head and looked down at the pond and saw a Grey and white wolf lap some water. She stared at him for a few minutes...Continued in "Lone Wolves"SnowwDogg04/18/06
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