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First let me tell you that I am a 36 year old married mother of two teenaged boys. I am 5'7" tall, weigh 118 lbs, and measure 34C 25 35 with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Some say I look like Demi Moore and like her I work out alot to stay in shape. Well it all started early this summer when I took the boys and thier father to the county park to catch a boy scout bus for a two week camping trip into the hills. When they were gone I decided to go for my morning run like I do 3 or 4 times a week. Returning to my car I noticed an older gentlemen and his dog whom I've seen before sitting on the bench in front of my car, He was tossing a stick for his dog to fetch. He's a nice lookind guy I'd say around 55 and in really good shape, and his dog is very large and musclular with a shiny black coat a Black Lab I think. I started to strech from my run, bending over to touch my toes when all of a sudden I felt something cold and wet pokr me from behind between my legs. "Hey stop that" I shouted as I quickly stood up and turned around to find the big black dog standing behind me, He then pushed his nose into my crotch as I tried to back away. He kept pushing his nose into me until his master called to him " Brutus leave her alone". Brutus then stopped nudging me and went over to his master. Who ased if I was all right? Yes I said just a little startled. He then said that Brutus was a lover not a fighter and that he would'nt hurt me, that he was only trying to get to know me. He then introduced him self as Jake and his dog Brutus! I said that it was nice to meet them and that my name was Karen! Jake then told Brutus to cme over and say he was sorry for scareing me, It was like he knew what to do because he came over to me with his head down. I said " Your a good boy " and his ears perked up and he sat down in front of me. Jake told me that he wanted me to pet hom. I crouched down facing Jake and started to pet Brutus. I forgot all about not having any panties on!!! as I often run without them. As I was petting Brutus I noticed that his penis startes to come out of it's sheath. At first I tried to ignore it, but I kept looking back at it as it got longer.At first I felt embarassed then a little excited as I watched it grow. It seemed the more I pet him the longer it growed. It was now out about three or four inchs and it looked very different than a mans. It was tapered at the tip and bright red,and it looked very slick and wet. It kind of reminded me of a lipstick coming out of it's case. I don't know how long that I stared at it because I was mesmerized by it All I know is I coundn't take my eyes off of it. Then Brutus locked my face and I heard Jake say " Wow he must really like you". "What I said not really hearing him,Jake said that Brutus must really like me because he usally doesn't kiss on the first date! When I looked up at Jake he was looking right between my legs, " Oh God he can see everything" I thought as I jumped to my feet. Remembering that I wasn't wearing any panties today. I felt very funny standing there. I don't know what I was feeling. But I know that my nipples were hard and that I was hot and moist between the legs. God I can't beleive that I am getting horny from seeing a dogs cock. What kind of pervert was I ? Jake then asked if I had any plans for my free time. " Free time I asked". Yes he said the next two weeks. "Oh" nothing really I hand't thought about it I said to him. He then asked if I'd like to try something new and different. What I asked?Well that will have to be a surprise he said. But you will have a fantastic time I promise he said. I don't know why but I said OK without thinking, I haven't had any real fun for a long time so all right I said. Great! he said you won't beleive what a great time your going to have.Jake then gave me an address and told me to meet him ther at 9 pm and to wear a skirt or dress. Then he told me not to think of Brutus. What? I asked? See you at 9 he said, as he and Brutus walked away. When I got home I could'nt stop think of Brutus. I laid down and closed my eyes but all I could see in my minds eye was Brutus's big red cock. I was so horny thinking of his cock that I had to masterbate. I brouhgt myself to a great orgasim, better than I've had in years with my husband. What was happening to me ? Yhe closer It got to 9 pm the more excited I got. I put on a short black knit skirt that was thight and showed off my ass, The one that my husband hated, saying that it was way to sexy for a thirty something mother of two. Under the skikt I wore a red thong that one of the younger gilrs at the gym gave me to try, telling me it would make me feel sexy. I chose a low neck t shirt that showed alot of clevage as well as allowing my nipples to show through the thin material. I looked at myself in the mirrir. Wow did I look HOT HOT HOT !!!! and I was starting to feel the same way. What had come over me I wondered? I arrived at the address a little after 9 pm. It was in the country far from town. It looked to be a hobby farm. I was a little nervous when I went to the door and almost turned aroud and left. The door opened and Jake stood there with two glass's of wine, I'm glad you came he said handing me a glass of wine, I drank the wine right down trying to calm my nerves. Did you like the wine Jake asked?. Yes it's very good I said. I make it myself he said as he poured me another glassful. Please come in he said. As I drank the second glass of wine I cuold feel my head start to get light and my body start to tingle. I was starting to really relax now,It must be the wine as I don't often drink. Jake asked if I had thought of Brutus. I blushed and said yes. He said I knew you would have. Why I asked? Well because he has that affect on some woman, I could tell from the first time that I saw you that you would'nt be able to resist him Jake said. Jake poured me another glass of wine and I was really feeling it now my head was buzzing and my body was hot and tingly. Jake then asked if I wanted to see Brutus? Yes where is he I aske? He's in his room Jake said. Come with me I'll take you to him. When I went to get up I almost feel back, But Jake caught me and helped me walk downa long hallway to a room in the back of the house. Jake opened the door and let me go in first. I looked around and saw some strange looking benches, Then Brutus came from the back of room as Jake closed to door behind us. What happened next I will never forget. Brutus came right up to me and put his head up under my skirt and pused his nose into my crotch. " Brutus No" I said as I tried to step back, But Jake was standing behind me and I could'nt move. Jake then put his big arms around me as Brutus pushed into me agian, this time licking me between the legs. " Jake" he's trying to lick me I said. I know Jake said just relax as he reached downto pull up my skirt so Brutus could get at my pussy. The ultra thin material my thong was no match for Brutus's hot rough tonuge. Brutus really started to lick me now and I tried to fight the feeling I was getting but my body was begianing to betry me. Jake told me not to fight it but to give in too my pleasur . He then pushed his knee up under my ass which pushed my pussy onto Brutus's 'and made my legs spresd apart more.Thats when I gave a deep moan AHHHHHH!!!!!!! That's it baby enjoy it Jake said and slid his hans up over my titsand started to thumb my nipples. " Oh Yes " play with my tits I said it feels" Soooo Gooood". I now gave in completly to my pleasure. Jake startes to talk to me in a very low voice telling me how much I loved having Brutus lick my pussy and how good it was going to feel whenn he got his tonuge inside of my pussy. He told me over and over how I was going to become Brutus's bitch and that I would submitt to Brutus whenever he wanted me. How I would love to please Brutus in everyway. The more he talked to me the closer I came to cumming. He continued to tell me how I was going to learn how tp take Brutus's big cock in every hole.And how ther would be nothing that would give me more pleasure than when I felt Brutus fill with his hot cum. He the told me that I would bark like a dog whenI started to cum. I couldn't hold back anymore and exploded into one of the most powerful orgasm's of my life, at the same time I begain to bark over and over agian like a real bitch in heat. Jake then told me to look at what Brutus had for me.I opened my eyes only to se the biggist cock that I have ever seen. " Oh My God" it must be at least 11 inchs long and 3 inchs around at the widest point and dripping precum from it's tip. It's huge I said it makes my husbands look like a baby's as I stared at it. And it's all yours Karen, Jake Said. Just think how good it's going to taste!! What do you meen I asked? It's time to repay Brutus for licking your pussy, All you have to do is lick and suck it like you do your husbands. You do suck your husbands cock don't you? Jake asked. No I don't my husband thinks that oral sex is dirty. WHAT!!! you've got to be kidding me right? Jake asked. No I've never done that to him I said. We'll your in for the treat of your life cause your about to learn to suck cock,now lie down next to Brutus and put your face by his cock Jake told me. I don't know why but looking at Brutus's big red cock my mouth begain to water and I really did want to lick and suck it, But it was so big I didn't know if I could and Jake said he'd talk me through it. I got down next to Brutus and Jake told me to take ahold of it, when I did it felt really good in my hand hot and slick and really hard. I stared to stroke it and more precum came out making it even more slick. I started to shake in anticapation of what I was about to do.Jake then told me to put my face by it . I slowly got closer to it and I could feel the heat and smell the musky aroma it was giving off. I licked my lips and Jake told me to lick the tip of Brutus's cock so I could taste his precum. I slowly let my tonuge touch the tip of Brutus's cock and got a big drop of precum on my tonuge, I took it in and tasted it it was slightly salty and a little bitter, but not bad at all. I licked the tip agian to get some more and this time I liked the taste even more. How's it taste Jake asked? It's good I said. You'll learn to love it soon enough now open your mouth and suck the tip in he told me. I opened my mouth and took in a couple of inchs, it felt really slick and smooth I liked the way it felt in my mouth!!! I slowly started to suck it and my mouth became very wet with Brutus's precum so I had to swallow often and the more I did the better it tasted. Jake told me to take more into my mouth but I started to choke when it touched the back of my throat!! Jake told me to breath through my nose so I wouldn't choke and that seemed to work cause I could feel it start to go down my throat. In no time at all I was sucking Brutus's cock like a pro it felt so natural to have his cock in my mouth. With Jake's guidiance I was learning to suck cock. I wonder what my husband would say if he could see me with a mouthful of dog cock? Jake kept telling me that I was a natural cocksucker the way I was taking to it. He told me try and take more every time I sld over it . I felt my mouth streching wider and wider as I took more in, And it was so slick and smooth that it just slid deeper with every stroke. Jake told me to relax my throat muscle and try to swallow Brutus's cock.There's no way I thought to myself it's way to big !! But I tried to do what Jake told after all he has been right about everythigs sofar. Jake kept talking to me in that low quite voice telling me I wanted to deep throat Brutus's big cock. He kept telling me over and over as I sucked it deeper and deeper. Then I felt the tip begian to enter my throat,Jake could tell because he said don't stop now you can do it, you want itso bad don't you. I did I wanted to take it all,he was right I had have it all!!! Then I herd Jake say "You can do it Karen " now swallow Brutus's cock and he pushed the back of my head down onto Brutus's cock. It slid right down my throat which was all slik with Brutus's precum. I coundn't beleve it I was doing it .I had Brutus's cock completely down my throat. Brutus begain to groan deep in his thraot and Jake said he was about to cum and that I shoud hold just the tip of his cock in my mouth when he did. Jake told me that I was going to love the taste of Brutus's cum,and that i was not to lose any if I could. Brutus started to shake and hump my mouth Jake told me inthat low voice that when I tasted Brutus's cum for the first timethat I would have an undeniable desire and an unsatiaable thirst foe dog cum. Brutus begain to cum and the first jet of his hot cum shot right down my throat, He then unloaded shot after shot of his hot delicious cumin my mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as I could back it begain to leak out the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin. I must have swallowed at lest a pint of his cum before he stopped shooting in my mouth. The last mouthful I held so I could get a good taste of it, and Jake was right agian I really did love the taste of it!! I knew this would not be the last mouthful of dog cum I would swallow. I heard Jake saying over and over agian " You love dog cum You love dog cum" I looked up at Jake and I didn't have to say anything he knew I did just the way I looked at him. He then unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock,It wasn't as big as Brutus's but alot bigger than my husbands. I knew what he wanted and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it until he gave the hot cum that I so desired. His cum was thicker and saltier than Brutus's but I loved it just the same. After I finished sucking Jake's cock he asked me if I was ready for the fuck of my life? "Yes Oh Yes Please fuck me " I pleaded I need it so bad!!! I 'm Not goung to fuck you Brutus is Jake said Your his bitch now!!! Jake told me to lay face down on one of the bench's. I crawled over and lay over it, it was slanted downward so my ass was up in the air. Brutus came over and started to lick my pussy ,Jake said we better take these off and slid my thong down my legs and off. Brutus started to lick my pussy agian , this time putting his tonuge deep into me god it felt soooo gooood. I startes to push my ass up to meet his tonuge thursts. But he wanted to mount me instead. Brutus jumped up and put his front paws around my waist as he moved forward. I could feel his big hot cock slapping around my inner thighs ans sliddind up and over my ass as he tried to find my pussy. Jake came over and lowered the bench so that I was lower for Brutus. Thats all it took, On his next thrust he found the opening to my pussy and sank about 6 inchs in " Ahhhhhh" I moaned it's too big. Just relax Jake said as Brutus thrust agian this time going deeper yet. I've never been so full I moaned as Brutus started to get into fucking me. Soon he was fucking me faster and harder than I've ever been fucked, It took awhile but but he was finally able to get all 11 inchs into my pussy,and I could feel his knot slamming into my clit with ever strock. I knew I wouldn't be able to take his knot this time but soon enough I would. I must have cum 5 or 6 times. Brutus kept tring to get his knot into me but my pussy was to tight, I could feel the tip of his cock start to enter my cervix when he was deep into me and ti sent a shiver thru me ever time. Brutus begain to howl and then slammed foward and stopped, his cock buried as deep as it would go into my pussy and started to blast me with jet after jet of his hot cum. I could feel it going right up into my womb. There was so much that it started running down my legs. I was cumming right along with like i've never cum before. My husband has never ever made me cum like this. I was shaking and moaning " Fuck me Fuck me" over and over agian. I was out of my mind with pleasure. This was the most incredable sex that I've ever had!!! I knew this would't be the last time, only the begianing of my new life as Brutus's bitch!!! I knew I was Brutus's bitch and I would submit to him whenever he wanted me. Over the next two weeks I spent most of my time sucking and fuckind Brutus and Jake in everway possible. I still can't believe what I've become, But I would'nt want to change in any way. It has been over two years since this all started and I get togeather with Brutus and Jake whenever possible on weekends and two weeks ever summer when my husband takes the boys camping. We started to do some private shows at Jake's now and then and Jake has video of me and Brutus that he put on the internet but thats a story for another time. Let me know if you wuold like to about them. Karen
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