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Sort of fantasy and sort of real events It was the middle of december with four feet of snow on the ground. I went over to a friends house to bring him some food and hang out because he was snowed in. I brought in the stuff he asked for along with a pizza for lunch while we hang out. Guy being guys we played some video games and watched some movies. One of the movies was a porno and in it at one point it had some bondage in it. My friend and I think it might be fun to give it a try, so I said he could tie me up to his small coffee table. While he went to get some rope to tie me up, I moved the table out to the center of the room. The table is roughly a 3 foot cube, big enough to let me lay down on my belly and let my arms and legs hang off. Ed came back with a long lenght of rope. So next thing I do is take off all of my cloths and get on the table and Ed ties my arms and legs to the table legs. Now I had only been tied up for a minute or two when I feel a rather cold nose sniffing around my ass. To my suprize Ed's dog fang starts licking my ass I went to swat him away and remembered I was tied up. But after a little bit it started to feel rather good. Ed came back in the room to find fang tounging my asshole. Well thanks for waiting for me. Its not like I asked him to do it Ed. By now my ass is really wet from Fangs licking and I have a hard on. Ed pulls his pants off and stands in front of me. Well since you are tied up why don't you suck on this. Ed and I have done things before but never quite like this before. So he puts his 7" dick in my mouth and at about the same time Fang decides I was his bitch and jumped on my back and started thrusting his big doggy rod trying to find my hole. Two more thrusts and he found the hole and lunged forward pushing his dick up inside all the way to the knot. Fang got his footing and started pumping away while Ed was pushing his in my mouth. It was a huge turn on to be tied up with my friend's big cock in my mouth and his dogs bigger one being pushed hard and fast into my ass. It felt great fang's dick was hot and stiff as he pumped into me. I was trying to suck Ed's dick but fangs pounding me did most of the work for me. Damn I should have tied you up way sooner than this, this is great. Ed said. I was getting kinda tired at this point and wasn't thinking strait and on Fang's next push he shoved his knot into me and started squirting his boiling dog cum into me. It hurt at first never had something that big in me before, after I relaxed it felt good to have Fang tied to me. I now got a better chance to work on sucking Ed's cock and it didn't take to long to get him to shoot his load of cum into me. and after that they both got off of me. I had cum driping out my asshole and my mouth. Ed put Fang out and came back and untied me. Well that was different, could you get me something to clean up with, all of this cum is drying. Ed. went and got me a washcloth and I cleaned up.Well hoped you liked it.
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