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I was raised in a rich family in the Eastern Europe. My father was working for the government and my mother inherited lots of money. I had older sister and when I was 23 she was already married. So I was alone with my parents in a huge house – it looked like small castle – and they were giving me everything I wanted. My father liked discipline, but my mom spoiled me. So, one day I did something really stupid. I was caught using staff in public I shouldn’t use… My father was so angry and he decided to punish me. Usually he would reduce amounts of money that he was giving me each week, but this time was different. He came into my room and told me to pack my things, but only simple staffs, without cell phone, camera or such things. It was pretty scary! My mom was in her room and our driver took my things and putted them in the car. She didn’t come to say good bye because my father told her not to come out till I was gone. I didn’t know where am I going, but my father told me I will have plenty of time to thing about everything I did recently. It was a long ride so I over slept most of the trip. I woke up when we arrived. On my left side I saw a forest, on the right side was forest and in the front of me I could see roof in the forest. It was horrible. I assumed it was a high place because clouds were so low and my ears were popping. The driver told me that his is my destination for a certain time – monastery in the mountains and those priests do not have any contact with civilization. He told me that even him self doesn’t know when he’s going to come to pick me up. Some old priest was waiting for me. He was quiet, just showed me the way to my room. It was small room with bed and closet only. The diner was quite early and I finally met all the priests there was 9 of them. Most of them were old; two of them were younger – maybe middle 30’s. Everybody was so quiet… To make long story short, I’ve spent 4 months there working like animal, getting up at 4 AM, and going to bed at 8 PM. We ate only what we produced. We had big garden, huge piece of land, and lots of animals. They even had a dog. It was a big sheperd dog and he became my best friend. I couldn’t communicate well with my “room mates”. It seems that some of them were more than just brothers. In this situation I could understand them… I missed sex so much! The only females were 2 cows, 10 ewes, 1 sow and a dog Lisa. They had 4 horses and 8 piglets. One night it was so hot and I couldn’t sleep so started to masturbate…I was thinking about my girlfriend and got very excited. I didn’t even masturbate for these 4 months because I was always so tired after all work we had to do. So I was really horny and I was wanking my prick like never before, but some kind of noise distracted me and I started to pretend I’m sleeping. I realize something is happening outside. I looked trough my window and saw the youngest priest entering the barn. It was strange, I thought maybe some animal is sick and he is checking it… I decided to go and see or even help. I had t-shirt and boxers only. When I came close to the doors I saw him trough the crack in the wall (it was wooden barn) that is moving weird. I stayed quite and came in. I passed all animals and on the end were pigs. I saw that he’s kneeling, but when I came close…Oh my…….. This man was humping poor sow! He had a huge cock and it seemed to me that sow was enjoying as well! He was all sweaty and the sows pussy was so pink and moisture. I was amazed how still she was. Maybe she was trained… However, I’ve never seen something like this, and I can’t say I didn’t like it! I liked her pussy it looked so meaty and juicy and my dick instantly reacted! I was jerking like crazy and this guy was like pro. He was a sex machine! Those sloppy sounds made me almost to come, but he came first. He shot his load all over her pink shiny vulva! It looked so yummy! I didn’t want to be busted, so I ran out the barn straight to my room. My doors were open. I thought I’m in trouble, but I saw Lisa then lying next to my bed: She was a beautiful white Kuvas. I was so pissed. I was jerking twice that night and wasn’t able to come! I began to masturbate again. Suddenly, I felt warmness on my dick. I opened my eyes and saw Lisa licking head of my prick. At first I pushed her head on a side, but she didn’t quit. I let her to help me. She was licking my big head so wildly and than my hairy balls. It was so good. I was petting her head and back and than she jumped on my bed. She continued to lick me, but I wanted more. I was thinking about that sows pink swollen pussy so I decided do go there, but than I reached with my hand a little bit lower from Lisa’s belly and felt smooth and warm part. It was her pussy. It wasn’t totally black, but it was darker than sows and it looked swollen to me or it was just big. Firs I putted my middle finger and it came in easy and till the end, so I putted another finger and started to masturbate her. She was lying on her back with opened mouth ready to receive something bigger. I knelt between her legs and inserted only a head of my penis. It was so warm and tight, it looked looser! But she wasn’t complaining so I went further. Half of my dick was in her pussy and I was pushing slowly till the end. I was shagging her slowly and than I was speeding up. I felt heat in my body and because she was so tight I couldn’t hold on anymore! I shot my load on her vulva and belly, she licked everything of her and that cleansed my prick. It was awesome. It was the best orgasm I ever had! She didn’t stop to lick and I got bonner again. I was rubbing my dick in her fur. It was soft but still kind of rough. I was lying on the bed and she was next to me, I embraced her so that my chests were on here back. It was perfect position to slide in again. I didn’t hesitate and I came in! She made some quiet noise, but I was so horny and just couldn’t stop. I had a feeling her pussy was swallowing my dick. It was like a tight ring going up and down. I was pumping her faster and harder and I came again, but this time in her. My sperm was dropping from her pussy and she didn’t miss any!I spent 3 more months there and I enjoyed sex with Lisa every day. It was totally new experience for me and I found out I like sex with animals more than with the girls! I’m sorry now, but I didn’t have courage to do it in the barn wit that sow. When I came home I bought a female dog St. Bernard, maybe I will buy a sow too or even better; I will buy WHOLE FARM!I have many ideas for writing, but my vocabulary is not so wide… Hope it wasn’t to long story! If you like it, let me know!
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