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I know I talk a lot about my boyfriend, so I'll tell you how we met, and how we became mates.Well, it started when my step-father brought a 3-year-old Alaskan Husky home. At first sight, I fell in love. He looked SO hot. I'll describe him in a minute.Anyway, my step-dad explained where the cutie came from, and why he's now a part of the family. I didn't mind, but my mother, well, that's another story. But, at least she tolerates him.Now, about Bandit, the husky. He's big, his nose is to my navel. He has black fur with white sploches everywhere. Pointy ears, long fluffy tail, and extremely bright blue eyes, so bright, its scary. He's also very friendly, which was shown when my step-dad first saw how well we got along, what with him nuzzling and showing great joy when I pet him. Now, my mom and step-dad aren't home a lot. They usually leave very early, and don't come home until about midnight on weekdays, which was good for me, 'cause that meant I could spend a lot of time with my new love interest.Now, to me, there is a difference between being in love, and being horny. To me, being horny is basing a relationship on sex. Being in love means so much more to me, as you'll find out soon.After a month of courting him, we became totally close. So close, in fact, that my step-dad suggested he stay in my room, which I agreed to. Strange, considering that they thought we were just very close friends. How little they knew.I will never forget when we took each other's virginity. It was a week after Bandit "moved in", and my parents were at work, being around 2 PM. Me and Bandit were in our room, watching a stand-up comedy DVD, when he gave me a lick on the cheek. I stared at him for a bit, before I gave him a gentle kiss on the muzzle right back. After that, we were frenching each other like mad. His tongue felt so creamy, I could literally drink from it. After we were done kissing, I saw his cock poke out of his sheath to say hi. He gave me an almost pleading look, and that was all I needed.I stripped, and before a minute was up, I was bare. I started frenching him again, bringing a hand to his sheath, and gently tickling it. I knew that this was both of our first times, and I wanted to show him how much I love him, the best way I know how. By showing him love and care, especially with his privates.After making out for a while, I lowered him onto his back on the bed, and propped his head on the pillows. My hands went to his chest, and started stroking and massaging it. Bandit moaned and whined in pleasure, and at my request, laid still, even when he wanted to wiggle like a worm. While stroking him, I noticed his cock come to full hardness, minus the knot, which was still in his sheath. Now, I know about canine anatomy, and how a canine's cock is very sensative when left out of his sheath for a long time, but I knew I had gone too far to turn back. I decided to go for it. I brought my head to his cock, and gently kissed and licked it. He didn't seem to mind, so I took his cock into my mouth, and started to suckle, like a baby suckling a mother's teat.Bandit must've been getting into it, cause he started thrusting gently into my mouth after a few minutes, and was squirting copious amounts of pre-cum down my throat. I didn't mind, though. It tasted really good.As much as I wanted to keep sucking him until he came in my mouth, I wanted his seed in a more appropriate place: my ass. With that thought, I let go of his cock, earning a disappointing whine from him. I told him that I wasn't gonna leave him high and dry, but he just had to wait a minute.So, I got a couple of towels, and some Vaseline, and we headed for the middle of the room. He was excited, and I could tell 'cause his cock was still hard from my sucking, but we both were about to get a new pleasure that we would never forget. I coated my asshole and insides with the Vaseline, put the towels on the floor, and went to my submissive stance.Bandit didn't waste any time. He immediately mounted me. It took a few seconds to find his target, but once he did, there was no stopping him. He mated me like a true bitch, and I was loving it. I couldn't help but beg him to mate me forever, and he was doing everything in his power to grant my wish.After a while, I noticed his head was right next to mine. So, I started licking his lips, and he got the message, and started licking me back. After frenching for a bit, I started to feel his knot. Now, I'm not stupid. I know that a male dog knots with the bitch to make sure that she gets pregnant, and I also knew that that's what he's about to do to me. I braced myself for the knot, and Bandit thrusted hard and fast, until the knot finally entered. Stangely, it didn't take much for me not to scream, and it didn't hurt that much, just an irritating burning. But after a bit, even that was gone, and it was replaced with sweet bliss, and it was multiplied many times over when I started feeling his dog semen rush into my ass. He thrusted for another two minutes, until I came as well, and he stopped, and laid on my back, panting and drooling, and I wasn't too far behind him with the panting, drooling, or the cumming. The towels were starting to get soaked, as evidence of that.About five minutes later, he got off my back, and turned on me. Now, we were officially tied, ass-to-ass. That irritating burning was back, but only for a while, as I got used to it. While I was tied with him, I started having fantasies of being pregnant with his pups, and feeding them milk from my breasts. I knew they would never happen, but a guy could dream, especially with dog cum in your gut.After 15 minutes, the knot shrank enough for Bandit to pull out. Thank God for the towels on the floor, or else I would have a hell of an explanation for the mess that followed. Dog cum was literally flowing like a waterfall out of my ass. Bandit gave a hand with clean-up, by licking up some cum from my ass and cock.After I was able to compose myself, I took the towels to the washroom, and put them in the washing machine. After that, me and Bandit took a bath, and then I vacuumed my room, and sprayed some air freshener in there. A lot of work to keep a secret, but it's worth it.After the cleaning's all done, we were pretty tired, so we decided to get some sleep. I set my alarm to about dinnertime, and climbed into bed, with Bandit following suit. I kissed his muzzle, and he licked my lips. My arms went around his torso, and his forelegs went around my neck. After that, we fell into a peaceful sleep.Ever since, we were inseperable. We have sex at least twice a week, and even if we don't have sex, we still show how much we love each other whenever we're alone. I love Bandit, and no force on earth will make me say otherwise.=====================================================So, did you like it? BTW, this is non-fiction. It really happened to me.I said I'd be back!
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