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My Fantasy  ... I call it Puppy Love ... smile ... hope you enjoy it Its really kind of funny how my story got started, would you believe it was because my good friend was sending me K-9 pictures.... smiles I mean dogs fucking sexy girls and girls sucking dogs off ... not sure at just what point I got curious about it but I guess it was bound to happen.  Next thing I know I am visiting K9 chat rooms and telling guys and women I was curious about the subject.   I was sent to a site that even gave instructions along with pictures and I was looking at other sites with pictures and movies on the subject.  Since I didn't have a dog, or even a good friend with one, someone mentioned that maybe I could run an ad to dog-sit for people.  Well I didn't actually run an ad but I did decide to put a small notice up at our local PetsMart ... a store that sells pets and pet supplies and where people can actually bring their pets when they shop.  So I typed up a lil card with my phone number across the bottom in lil strips that could be easily torn off.  As I was posting my notice I saw a rather interesting woman looking at me  ... we exchanged smiles as I walked into the store to look around and see if I could check out any interesting pets.  I was dressed in a short skirt and low cut tank top with a tight bra showing what lil cleavage I could muster with my small breast and I had my usual choaker collar on with a rainbo pen.  As I looked around the store I caught another glimpse of that lady looking at me and for the first time I noticed she had a rather large German Sheppard.  As I started to head toward the door the lady stopped me and said I saw your note honey and would really like to talk to you about your services.  I smiled and said really! cool,   not noticing that she had kind of blocked me and let her dog put his nose right into my crotch.  She said your note says you will watch our dog at your home or ours right?  Yes Ma'am I replied feeling myself blush as her dog licked me thru my panties.  As she wrote her address down she asked me to please stop by the next afternoon so we could talk and make arrangements.  The next afternoon I found myself getting excited as I walked up the steps to her door, but was a bit surprised when a guy answered, he smiled and  called his wife Jennifer excusing himself sying he was meeting friends for golf.  Jennifer came out in a very sexy leather outfit and smiled giving me a lil hug and thanking me for coming.  As we sat down I asked her when she might want me to sit her dog, she smiled and said oh you will have plenty of chances for that angel but first I want you to get to know him and I first.  At this point she leaned over and kissed me I wanted to pull away but I couldn't and she whispered  by you pen I see your a lesbian and your collar tell me your sub, so I have decided that I want you and I want to give you some training ... I was confused but excited as I said Ma'am?   What do you mean?  She called "Ranger come now", and her German Sheppard came to her at which point she nodded toward me and he moved between my legs his wet nose pushing into my panties again.   She smiles and told me open your legs girl and I did it as though I had no control.  She smiled and said you will do well.  The dog jumped up putting his legs on my shoulders and for the first time I noticed his cock was sticking out ... she laughed and said Ranger likes you.  Down Ranger she said, you will get your chance.  Take your panties off dear and kneel between my legs, Ma'am I said .... you heard me do it now!   Yes Ma'am I did as told me removing my panties and kneeling between her legs which she opened wide revealing that she wore no panties.  Then she said good girl ... my cunt needs some attention and pulled my head into her already wet cunt.  Ok Ranger she said and I felt his tongue licking me from my cunt to my ass like I had dog food hidden in there.  Before I knew it I was eagerly lapping at her cunt juices and dripping from my own.  Suddenly I felt Ranger's legs on my back and she was guiding his rather large cock into my cunt.  I had never been fucked like that before ... it was like a machine and suddenly I felt something like a tennis ball in my cunt and his hot cum filled me like I have never been that filled before.  Jennifer was moaning and cumming in my face as Ranger filled my cunt.  She was very happy with me telling me I had done well but I must wait now for Ranger to release me as his knot was stuck in my cunt.  Then she said I will be right back angel ... I will get us some drinks and then I want to show you something.  After about  10 minutes I was freed from Rangers cock and Jennifer returned with our drinks and a video.  After putting the video in the player she handed me my drink and then sat down beside me.  Look angel she said as she turned on the TV ... your a star .... and there I was lapping her cunt as Ranger fucked me like there was no tomorrow. .. OMG why did you do that I asked  ... because now I know you will be mine whenever I want you but we are not thru with the movies yet angel she said as her hubby walked out with the camera.  I was so shocked I didn't know what to do next but there wasn't really much I could do as she called Ranger back and told me now you will learn to please him orally baby .. you are now my lil dog slut or whatever the fuck I want you to be  ... do you understand bitch.   Yes Ma'am  .. I guess I do ... Ranger came over and I had to sit on the floor as he positioned his cock at my mouth ... I sucked him until he came gushing in my mouth as her hubby made more movies.   I then had call my Mom and tell her I was spending the night with my friend as I was her and her hubby's toy for the rest of the night with movies made of everything ... me being fuck  .. sucking .. being pissed on ... but I have now grown use to my new role as I didn't really have much choice.  I have performed with her dog and dogs of several of their friends before a room full of people and she said she is thinking of making me an internet star soon ... oh god ... I never dreamed this could happen ... just because I was a lil curious. 
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