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Camping with CarlBy SkylaraAllie Lerner took the final few steps up to the crest of the hill and looked down at the valley below. It had taken her and Bob a day and a half to get here. They were fifteen miles from any civilization and planned on hiking another 3 days as part of their annual vacation. The Appalachian Trail wound down the east coast of the United States, through some of the most beautiful and untouched wilderness remaining. Allie thought how beautiful this scene actually was, too. Greenery as far as she could see; trees and brush and no one else in sight. She closed her eyes, imagining that she and Bob were hiking through early North America 1000 years before the arrival of the Europeans. The warm sun and fresh air on her face helped convince her that this was still virgin territory. Sweat ran down her face as the past few days had been in the 90’s and any breeze was acceptable.Bob was about 20 yards down the hill. He had not reached the top as Carl, his large black lab had been sidetracked with the scent of some animals a little earlier. He didn’t want Carl to wander off, imagining that Carl would get lost in the woods, and he would never see him again. Like most labs, Carl was intelligent so he could probably follow Bob and Allie’s scent if they were separated, but Bob didn’t want to take the chance. Carl was 2 years old and had hiked with them the year before and everything had gone well. Bob wanted to ensure things remained that way. He looked up to the top of the hill, seeing Allie outlined by the sunshine and knew how lucky he was. At 20 years old, Allie could have modeled for Playboy or FHM. Long, straight blond hair falling to her shoulder blades, curving back to one of the best asses on the east coast (especially in her cutoff denim shorts with open seams). Her breasts were more than a handful, as Bob had come to know, with half-dollar sized areolas and highly placed, pert nipples. Her stomach was flat and hard, the result of exercise and diet, and her bush was neatly trimmed, with real, wispy blond hairs. If anyone had to find a flaw with her looks, it might be that her hips were so slightly wider than some liked, but to Bob they were perfect as it allowed him to grasp her better during sex. Bob had wanted to take pictures of her for men’s magazines, knowing that Allie would cause a lot of wood raising amongst the readers. But Allie was not like that. She was reserved, not liking the fact that she was the subject of many men’s stares and fantasies. That’s why she liked hiking so much in desolate areas. She was content for one man to admire her, and didn’t even like Bob to do anything out of the ordinary with her during sex. One time Bob had tried to finger her asshole during foreplay, and she had immediately dampened the atmosphere by putting a stop to it. She only wanted straight sex, either in the missionary position or (reluctantly), doggy style. She had tried oral sex a couple of times with Bob, and liked his cunnilingus, but didn’t like giving Bob head. In fact, she had a very poor technique, so like everything else, there were good and bad points about Allie. But looking at her on top of the hill convinced Bob to only think of her good points.As he and Carl reached the crest of the hill, he stopped to look around, admiring the view. He cinched up one strap of his backpack to redistribute the weight more evenly on his back. “So where are we going to set up camp tonight?” he asked Allie, sliding a hand around her thin waist.“I think the top of this hill is perfect!” she exclaimed. “It gives us a great view of the sky and a little bit of a breeze.”“OK, it’s a little early, but I’ll start setting up camp” Bob replied. He shrugged off his backpack and helped Allie out of hers. They spent the next few hours clearing a campsite, setting up camp, gathering wood for a fire and deciding what to have for dinner. Bob prided himself on knowing some of the edible native plants, and walked around outside the campsite, searching for salad greens, berries and edible nuts and fruit. Carl stayed by the tent and lay down watching Allie go through the motions of setting up a campfire and getting out the utensils that they would need for dinner. She came over to Carl and petted his head absentmindedly, while pouring his food into a bowl. One of the heaviest items in her backpack was Carl’s food. Because he had an acute sense of smell, he was able to detect Allie’s fresh, young scent through the stronger smell of sweat. He tentatively sniffed the air and licked her hand as she got close to him. “Why thanks, Carl!” she said. She scratched his head roughly in a playful manner. She turned around to get a bowl of water, placing her ass almost in Carl’s face. He sniffed a little more and moved his snout towards her ass. Allie turned around, unaware, and placed his water bowl in front of him. “We have to get more water to fill the canteens” she told Carl. He just looked up at her as she rose and walked away from him.Meanwhile, Bob came back to the site with a few choice morsels for dinner. “Hey Allie” he called. “I found a stream to the west of us. The water looks fresh, and it empties into a pond. We can refill our canteens and go swimming!”“Great” Allie answered. “I am so hot a little swim would do me good. I would also like to clean off some of this sweat!”“Well, it looks like camp is set up and its only 5 o’clock. Let’s go fill our canteens and go for a swim before dinner” Bob said. They grabbed their canteens and Allie followed Bob down the hill to the stream. Carl got up and followed. They filled both canteens and Bob dropped in water purification tablets so they could drink it. Then he led her and Carl through a dense growth of bushes to where the stream emptied into a small pool. There were leaves and branches in the pool, and the sound of frogs croaking. Being alone in the wilderness and young and uninhibited, Allie and Bob shed their clothes without a second thought. Bob turned to see Allie’s smoking body and said, “Let’s just check carefully for copperheads,” referring to the snakes that lived in that part of the country. He picked up a stick and searched around the water’s edge for a while. Finally satisfied that there were none about, he dropped the stick and walked into the cold water. “Hey come on in, the water’s fine!” he called to Allie.She tiptoed around some branches and entered the water. Seeing both of them in the water, Carl jumped in with a splash. Allie turned her head to avoid getting water in her eyes. She laughed as Carl paddled around in the pond with them. Bob walked up close to Allie and slipped his arms around her, rubbing down her back to outline the curve of her ass. He brought his head close to hers and kissed her on the lips, tasting her sweetness and her little tongue. He rubbed one hand high on her back, then brought it across to her breast. Allie reacted quickly, pushing his hand from her, then his body away. “Is that all you want to do?” she asked him. “I don’t want to screw in the water!”Bob was surprised at her reaction, but didn’t want this incident to blow up into something unpleasant. But he was a bit angry with her. “What did I do that was so wrong?” he asked her. “Haven’t you heard of people doing it in the water?”“I have, but I don’t want to” she responded. She was really concerned with something bad happening to her if some of this pond water got inside. And she had been surprised by Bob.He looked at her standing there, goosebumps forming on her and her nipples hard from the cold water. So close and yet so far. He decided to let it go, not willing to risk a fight out in the wilderness, afraid that she would break up with him and find someone else when they got back to civilization. “Sorry, I just thought about how romantic this place was…and…you know…” he sputtered.Just then Carl paddled over to the two of them and inserted himself in the middle, somehow sensing the tension and trying to make things happy again. It made Allie lighten up a little and she turned to Bob and said, “Bob, I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to snap. I don’t want to ruin this trip.”She thought about what a minor detail this was and wished that she could take back her reaction. She reached out to him and touching his chest said, “I…I just overreacted. You didn’t do anything wrong.”Bob smiled and kissed her, and Allie returned the kiss and let her hand wander down his body and gently grab his semi-erect cock. Between deep kisses she said, “I should be more open to you. I changed my mind…”That was all that needed to be said, and she gently stroked his cock while he began to rub her tits and erect nipples. He slowly reached down, outlining her lithe form with the tips of his fingers, until his hand was between her legs and he felt her wispy pubic hairs. Allie reached behind his balls and stroked up his hardening cock as Bob began to more urgently rub her soft twat. He placed the head of his prick between her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down, feeling her lips turn rubbery with the touch. After a minute of rubbing, her pussy softened and opened slightly, allowing him to push the tip of his prick inside to contact her inner lips. Allie reacted by hopping up on Bob and wrapping her legs loosely around his hips.Carl could feel the electricity in the air and in his excitement as a dog, ran out of the water and around the woods, as if saying, “Look at me, I need attention too!”Bob held Allie’s ass to keep her in place and began thrusting into her. Surprisingly, the water made it harder for him to penetrate her as it washed away their natural lubrications. His cock missed the smooth, slippery feel of the inside of her cunt, until it had penetrated about 3 inches inside. Pumping his hips harder and harder with more urgency, Bob finally completely entered into Allie. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and their chests rubbed together, stimulating her nipples. Each thrust was now rubbing his cock shaft against her clit, and Allie began to moan. They pumped each other urgently as young, hardbodies can do for a few more minutes until Bob felt himself cumming. His knees buckled as they fell deeper into the water, and he finally shot his load into her. Allie thrust hard against Bob’s hips and felt him release his load into her. She came while moaning with each thrust. Finally spent they remained together for a few minutes, kissing, then Allie hopped down off of Bob’s prick. A little cum floated to the top of the pond between them.“Yeech! Oooh” Allie said, running away from the floating, stringy white blob, as if it would chase her.They both left the pond and picked up their clothing, walking back to their campsite, allowing the sun to dry their wet bodies. Carl raced after them, running in circles and still excited. They both scratched his head to acknowledge him and show him that they cared. After a while of walking around the campsite totally nude, their bodies dried and they got dressed.Bob started a fire as twilight began to set in, and they ate dinner. As it got dark, they lay around the campfire in their sleeping bags, admiring the stars above. Out here, far from civilization, the sky was filled with an incredible number of stars. About midnight, they went inside the tent and fell asleep.Allie was awakened by Carl’s tongue licking her face. “Stop…stop!” she screeched at the dog. She pushed him away from her face as she struggled to sit up. The inside of the tent was already hot, as the sun had risen. She estimated that it was at least 9 AM, and Bob had already left the tent. It was hot and she removed her shirt to cool off, knowing no one else was in the area. She stuck her head out of the tent and saw Bob crouching around a fire, holding a frying pan. The smell of eggs (reconstituted) and bacon (dried and vacuum packed) reached her nostrils. She went outside, topless, and came up behind Bob, and said, “Hey good looking, what’s cooking?”Bob grinned and turned around to face her. That was one thing he enjoyed about camping, the fact that they could walk around uninhibited by clothing. “Just cooking a little breakfast” he said. Her tits seemed to defy gravity, the way they sat there proudly on her chest. She sat down next to him while the food sizzled in the frying pan.“So, what’s on our agenda today?” she asked. She usually allowed Bob to decide where they went and plan their agenda.“Well, we’ve come about halfway and we still have another 3 days, so the way I figure it, we’re ahead of schedule. I would like to go a little off the trail today” he said, pointing towards a mountain to the west, “but it will be rough going through the trees and brush. Might not get anywhere closer to the end today. As a matter of fact, we should probably plan on camping here again tonight. There’s water and a nice clearing…”“You know, I would rather take it easy today, seeing that we still have about 15 miles to go the next two days. Would it be alright if I just stayed here and made you a great lunch today?” Allie asked.“I guess so. We can make believe that we’re a stone age couple, like the Flintstones” he joked. I’ll go out hunting and you stay here to keep the fire going.” Both of them laughed.“Would you mind leaving Carl here for protection?” she asked. “Just in case the Rubbles come to visit…”They laughed again. Bob stood up and went to get plates for their breakfast. They ate the eggs and bacon and washed it down with coffee. Allie went into the tent to get her shirt. She didn’t mind a tan, but didn’t want to get burned. She would put on sunscreen later and do more sunbathing. She chose a long t-shirt of Bob’s, that went down to the top of her thighs. She left the tent and she and Bob cleaned the dishes. When they were finished, he went back into the tent and got some things together in a backpack, and put it on his back, adjusting the straps. “Well, I’m through here” he said, leaned over and gave Allie a kiss. “I’ll see you later. Don’t talk to any strangers!” She smiled at the joke, and watched him leave. Then she went into the local woods and foraged for branches and logs to keep the fire through the night. This would save them work later on. After about an hour, she had assembled a nice pile of wood in the campsite, and she looked around for something else to do. “There’s really nothing else to do”, she thought, “maybe I’ll take a bath,” meaning that she would go back down to the pond. The sun had risen and it was hot again this morning. She grabbed her things and started walking down to the pond. She called after Carl whom she hadn’t seen for a few minutes. “Here Carl, come here boy!”Carl came bounding from a stand of trees, covered with brambles and leaves. “Oh you dumb dog!” she said playfully. “You need a bath, too! Come on, let’s go to the pond.”They walked down the hill and through the trees. Allie pulled off the shirt along the way. When she got there, she took off her shorts and shoes. Once again she waded into the pond. Carl bounded in after her. She dunked her head under the water and washed around as Carl paddled around next to her. Goosebumps formed on her flesh again, and her nipples hardened from the cold water. After about 10 minutes she stepped out of the water and started walking back to camp. She whistled for Carl, who came running behind her. As she broke through the clearing towards camp, she felt the full sun on her body. It felt nice and warm. She carried her clothes on her arm with no reason to get dressed. Back at the campsite, she pulled out a collapsible lounge chair and stretched it out in the sun. She was almost completely dry and wanted to enjoy the sun. Remembering her sunscreen, she crawled back in the tent, and searched around inside her backpack.All of a sudden, she felt a cold nose between her legs. “Carl, cut it out. Get out of there!”She remained on her knees but turned around outside the tent. Carl just stood there looking at her. “Don’t do that doggy!” she said to him. “That’s for Bob – and Bob alone!”She turned back to look inside the tent, and felt a warm tongue lick between her legs. Once, twice, and she opened her mouth to say something, but this time the tongue went right between her pussy lips and licked her clit.“Oohh” she said, surprised. Then again and again, until she thought, “What’s the harm in letting him lick me?”She turned around again outside the tent and this time Carl followed around behind her, continuing to lick. She had to admit that it felt good. And she realized her pussy was responding. Her outer lips were puffy and beginning to part, and her inner lips were starting to moisten. Carl tasted her juices beginning to flow and he licked harder, deeper, stimulating her clit. All of a sudden, Allie had an orgasm. It had come upon her so quickly…Then Carl was at it again, licking her quickly and deeply. Now he tasted the increased flow of juices that were released when she orgasmed.Allie bent over a little more, her head close to the ground, and waved her fabulous ass in Carl’s face. Instinctively, although he had never mated, Carl knew that this was a submissive gesture and jumped up on Allie’s back, grabbing her ample hips with his paws. Because her hips were a little larger, Carl was able to get a good grip on Allie. Allie was trying to get in a better position to allow Carl to lick her, and she didn’t know why he jumped on top of her. In his excitement, he jumped back down, licked her a few times again, all the way from her now hot cunt, up to her puckered asshole. Each lick brought Allie another wave of pleasure. Once again, Carl jumped up on Allie’s back and started thrusting his pelvis forward into her. He hit her leg several times with the tip of his cock, and Allie couldn’t understand what she felt. It was like Carl was poking her leg with a wet, warm stick. Carl moved around on his back legs and centered his body over hers. The next couple of thrusts went between Allie’s legs, and the tip of Carl’s cock actually brushed her pussy lips. Allie’s leg felt wet, and after a few more thrusts, Carl’s cock entered Allie’s pussy. He pushed it in by accident, not knowing he had entered 3 inches into her until he had withdrawn, knowing that it felt right to put his prick back inside. Allie felt a rush of pleasure, and still somehow believing it was Carl’s tongue, wiggled her ass. On the next couple of thrusts, Carl’s cock was too high and pressed into her anus. Allie felt the pressure and it felt uncomfortable. Moving around some more, hoping to get his tongue (prick) inside her hot cunt, she positioned herself underneath him. Carl grabbed her hips and pulled in close, and on the next series of thrusts, his cock entered about an inch into her anus. Feeling a wet, warm rod inside made Allie jump a little, and as she picked up the front of her body, Carl grabbed hold and pushed his thin, hot rod 2 inches, then 4 inches into her ass. Allie froze, never having been entered there, an anal virgin. That was all Carl needed as he pulled her closer and pushed his prick in 5, 6 then 7 ½ inches. Allie screamed in pain at the pressure and surprise. She finally realized what was happening, and now it was too late. When Carl felt himself inside of her, his prick inflated to the diameter of a man’s prick. Each thrust was in virgin territory and Allie moaned as the pain turned to pleasure. “Uunnnngggghhhh…ooooooohhhhhhh” she wailed as Carl pumped her beautiful ass with his prick. She knew she could not escape as Carl had a good hold on her. It felt as if a pipe had been shoved up her ass, and it had. Each stoke hurt less and less and became more pleasurable, as her twat responded to the pounding of her ass. “Ohhhh Carl…no…no..badddd” was all she could say. Her pussy was creaming, her juices dripping down and her clit was erect. She wanted to touch it, to feel it, to stroke and pinch it, but couldn’t move her hands which supported her. Her pussy ached to join the action, and she began thrusting back at Carl, hungry for more, but angry that her pussy was denied. Carl’s prick now grew fatter and was over 8 inches long. But his lubrication had provided what he needed to ride her. Now Allie felt something bang up against her asshole, which clenched Carl’s prick each time it withdrew, and opened each time he pressed it forward. She didn’t know about the knot, she assumed it was his balls, somehow shaped like a large knot. Carl’s knot had inflated and there was no way he was going to get it inside Allie’s asshole.Now Carl felt himself on the verge of cumming, and with renewed strength, fucked into Allie’s ass. “Ung…ung…ung” Allie muttered in time to Carl’s thrusts. He only knew that he had to pound his prick inside of her, that somehow it was not completely inside. After a few more pumps, Carl felt his prick begin to twitch, he felt something previously unknown. Allie felt the huge member twitch and knew that it was time for him to cum. She pushed back in time to his thrusts, her anus grabbing and milking his throbbing prick, until she began to feel him release deep inside of her. Carl barked in triumph, continuing to pump his load deep within his bitch. Allie’s asshole grabbed the shaft as her pussy creamed in an unfulfilling orgasm. She needed more, something desperately more, but her mind couldn’t figure out what it was. Carl’s cum was dripping out of her asshole, lubricating the connection between them. Allie gave a few more desperate thrusts, then stopped. She could still feel Carl’s prick twitching inside of her, releasing his seed. Finally, Carl backed up, and withdrew his prick in one smooth motion. It came out of her as a relief and a torture. It had felt good inside of her, and now she felt empty. Her ass dribbled the remains of Carl’s orgasm, and with him off of her back, Allie turned around to face him. She couldn’t believe the size of the prick she saw. It was by far, larger than Bob’s. But it was shaped differently. It was narrow at the tip, and grew thicker towards the middle and back. It was bright red, and had something that looked like a plum on the back. That must have been what banged into her asshole. But she also noticed that it was not his balls. They hung down towards the back. Each one was the size of a large olive and his prick hung down towards the ground, still dripping the remains of his cum. She put her head down on the ground. What an experience! She knew she had liked it, but never expected it.Carl had not had a complete orgasm. A dog produces a lot of cum, and he had not completely finished but had been excited and withdrew from her. He knew he needed to finish what he had started. Allie had not realized that he was not done and was resting with her ass still in the air. What had happened? The fog in her brain began to clear. She had never…would never have had anal intercourse. But of course, she couldn’t prevent it. Carl had somehow taken over…Carl padded up to her and sniffed his cum dripping from her asshole. He smelled her sex which was still unfulfilled and he was still partially erect, his prick dripping some cum, his sheath withdrawn to expose his fullness…He jumped back up on Allie as his nature told him he must do. Surprised, and still horny (although she didn’t want to admit it to herself,) Allie didn’t say anything, but half-heartedly tried to move away from Carl. But his 80 pounds of weight and grasp about her thin waist prevented her from moving. The sun was hot and she was sweating and the dog had her underneath him…Carl probed forward with his rising prick, moving in close to Allie. On his third try, the head of his prick entered Allie’s outer pussy lips, and he hunched forward. Allie felt it enter her and was confused. Still horny, her pussy was full of her own juice, but told her she needed something inside. Carl didn’t give her time to think as his prick knew it had entered her. It felt different this time, tight, but not as tight as before, fully lubricated and smooth…As he thrust back and forth several times, he drove more of his cock into her. Allie orgasmed by the third stroke, her pussy flooding Carl’s cock with more juices. Now as Carl moved his hind legs directly underneath her, his prick expanded to full size. The walls of her pussy responded, as the largest prick she had ever had moved inside of her, touching areas that had never been touched before. Carl’s precum was flowing into her now, and her pussy responded by closing in around his shaft. The head of his cock now banged into Allie’s cervix and she moved her legs further apart to accommodate his rod. Pump, pump, pump, fuck, fuck, fuck, was all that Carl’s brain now understood. Allie writhed in pleasure, trying to take his cock deeper – where, she didn’t know. She struggled to stand up and Carl stayed with her, relentlessly pounding his prick into her. “Ooohhhhh….oohhhhh….ooh!” she moaned, never having felt anything so good. Carl’s weight forced her down on her knees once again, and she felt that bulb, that knot pounding into her pussy lips, each thrust causing a mini-orgasm, a quake through her body, that was building, building with each stroke. His knot was too big to enter her now, having swollen to the size of a tennis ball. Carl and Allie both felt the familiar twitching begin again in his prick, and she prepared for blastoff. Carl came and barked twice, and Allie felt the cum shoot out of the end of his cock, one stream after another, filling her. She pushed back against his knot, her cunt trying to take in inside of her. But although she began to open up, the knot was too big for her. Her thrusts were milking Carl, and now he was prepared to completely empty his load into her. They continued hot and heavy for another 5 minutes, oblivious to everything else around them, the time feeling like eternity for Allie, who had never cum so much. Her pussy literally squeezed Carl’s cock, draining it of all its juices, his cum running out of her snatch onto the ground beneath them. “Oooh…oh God!” Allie screamed as a giant orgasm overcame her. Finally, they both slowed and Carl pulled his cock from her in one fluid motion. Allie’s ravaged cunt still opened and contracted as if he were inside of her. She still felt orgasms running through her body, her hole now dripping the remains of Carl’s cum. She collapsed on the ground, still cumming throughout her body. Carl walked a few feet away and lay down, licking the remnants of his and her juices from his shrinking prick, while Allie fell asleep where she lay, amidst their combined cum. Carl made sure his bitch was okay, and went to sleep, too.The sun continued its trek across the sky as the two slept. The sun was not as intense as it had been the past few days, and about 2 PM, Allie began to awaken, feeling…well…great! Carl was awakened by her movement and got up and walked over to her. She reached up to pet him. “Well Carl, you and I have a secret now. Promise not to tell anyone?”She giggled at her own joke. Carl just stood there panting. She reached for his water dish and placed it in front of the dog. Carl dipped his head and drank greedily from the dish. Allie, still nude, looked at the sunburn that she had gotten while sleeping. “Shit! I was trying so hard to avoid that!” she said aloud. She crawled over to the tent and rummaged around for her canteen. She also drank greedily. Her ass and cunt both throbbed, and she looked down and noticed that her cunt had resumed its normal shape. She noticed and felt all the dry cum on her legs and ass and twat, and knew she would need to go swimming again. But right now, she needed to start making lunch for Bob who would be returning any time now. Carl sniffed her ass and pussy and licked the area with his tongue, cleaning her up. Since she was his bitch now, he had certain obligations and benefits. Being a dog, he knew he had to fuck his bitch constantly while she was in heat. He began to jump up on her leg, grabbing her in a now familiar way.Allie didn’t know anything about a dog’s anatomy or needs, and understood what Carl wanted but couldn’t believe it. She did know that it was only right to submit to him, she wanted to submit to him, but Bob…She decided one quick fuck and then she would make lunch for Bob and her…She turned around and offered Carl her ass, which he immediately accepted. Grabbing her higher this time, he placed his paws around her chest, rubbing against her swinging tits. He adjusted himself to the right height and began thrusting. This time his prick was coming out of the sheath and was smaller and narrower. He entered her pussy without any difficulty, and pulled her in closer to drive his shaft inside. Allie responded to him, wanting to feel his glorious cock deeply inside of her. Her cunt started getting wet, making it easy for him to penetrate her. Quickly, she found herself back where she had been a few hours ago, Carl’s cock growing inside, his hard thrusts causing her to see stars of pleasure. She began to moan as her pussy lovingly grasped Carl’s cock, enlarging in response to him. Her lips closed down tightly around the base of his cock, stretching to engulf it each time he withdrew, and pulsing to milk it each time he plunged in to her. She felt his juices being released but knew that it was not his cum, just his precum. She felt a small knot pounding the outside of her pussy lips causing her small orgasms again. The head of his prick was now in place, banging her cervix, which opened up almost begging for him to go deeper into her. She had never dreamed of being so filled.Then something different happened. With a couple of quick, hard thrusts, she felt her pussy lips opening in response to his knot. She knew last time it was too big to enter her, but this time it was smaller, not yet having grown to full size. She pushed back against it in response to her natural urges, and between the two of them they were able to get it inside of her. Immediately she came, causing her cunt to clamp tightly over the back of his shaft. The front of his prick was now two inches further inside of her, and had entered her uterus. Everything inside of her quaked and pulsed in time with his thrusting. “Oh my God please cum in me now!” she screamed, begging Carl to shoot his load and satisfy her. Her pussy had a mind of its own and knew what to do. Everything inside of her worked together to milk this monstrous tool. Carl’s knot responded by growing to full size, locking them together in a partnership of fucking. Allie couldn’t believe how big he grew, as his knot squeezed her clit causing orgasm after orgasm. Her body released all the cum it could as Carl finally grew to full size within her. As she pulled and thrusted against him, she realized that his cock wasn’t leaving her hole. She didn’t know exactly why, but suspected that the knot had temporarily locked them together. As good as it had felt the last time they fucked, it felt twice as good now. Both of them were oblivious to anything but fucking as Bob came back from his hike and saw the two of them together. He couldn’t figure out what he was looking at at first, he thought that maybe Carl had gone crazy and was hurting Allie. He opened his mouth to say something, then noticed Allie had her eyes closed, her beautiful tits were bouncing back and forth, nipples extended, and Carl was humping her like there was no tomorrow. Allie actually was enjoying it he realized. He sat down to the side of the happily fucking couple and watched. Carl began howling and Allie was moaning over and over again as Carl began cumming inside of her. With her eyes still closed, Bob heard Allie say, “Yes…yes…that’s right Carl…ooohhhhhhhhh…faster….fuck me!”Bob got a hard-on as he watched his beautiful girlfriend and his dog fucking each other with wild abandon. Then their thrusting slowed down as Carl released volley after volley of hot cum deep within his bitch. Bob’s girlfriend was getting plowed and taking all the cum that the dog could shoot. “Carl…Carl…I can’t believe your still cumming…” she said. Carl was releasing a huge amount of cum – by human standards into his bitch. Allie felt warm and filled and her pussy kept coaxing more out of him. His knot was still causing her to tremble and quake, cumming more times than she had in her young life. Finally, both were slowing down as it eventually had to end.Allie tried pulling gently, to allow Carl’s cock to leave her, but was unable. She opened her eyes, surprised and said, “Oh no, we have to get apart. If Bob sees us…”“Like this?” Bob finished her sentence. Her head snapped around to see Bob sitting there with his arms folded, smiling at his incredible luck.“Bob…I…I…Carl…” she stammered.“You don’t have to explain” he said. “I saw the two of you. You’ll be stuck together for a while.”As if to test what he said, she pulled forward, neither her cunt nor Carl’s knot willing to let them separate. Carl’s prick jerked in response as he released more cum. He also moved a little, brushing his paws against her swinging tits, but content to lie where he was.Looking at Bob she said, “You…you won’t tell anyone will you?”“Now what kind of boyfriend would I be if I did. You’re going to be stuck together for a while, let’s make use of our time.”“What do you mean?” she asked.Walking over towards them, Bob removed his pants. His prick was already wet with his precum, and he sat in front of Allie he told her “You can suck my prick since you excited me so much.”“Excited you?” she asked as she began to bob down on Bob. Every movement and head thrust was causing Carl’s prick to twitch, releasing more drops of his cum. She felt so good that she would deny no one anything. After 5 minutes, Bob came in her mouth and Allie swallowed it all.“You know, you are now Carl’s bitch” he told Allie matter-o-factly. “That means you must do whatever he wants when he wants.”She trembled at the thought of always being at Carl’s beck and call, not knowing what to do.Bob got up and made lunch and a few minutes later, Carl was able to release Allie. She groaned as his prick left her, his cum streaming out of her. She staggered to her feet, knowing now what it meant to be well fucked. She got dressed and sat down with Bob to eat lunch. She turned to Bob and said, “Bob, when you said that I was Carl’s bitch…”“I meant that he is now your master and you must do what he wants,” Bob finished for her.“And what if I don’t?” she asked, a little bolder.“Carl can answer that for you” Bob replied. She didn’t know what Bob meant, and quietly ate her lunch. After they ate, Allie started getting ready to walk down to the pond. Carl saw her and walked with her, even without her calling him. That was strange.She went down to the pond and undressed, once again entering the cold water. Carl went with her, paddling around the pond. She knew they had to break camp when she went back and hike another day towards their destination. When she finished washing up, she felt a lot better and fresher. She left the pond and even though she was wet, she pulled on her shorts, conscious of Carl’s eyes on her. When she reached camp, she and Bob packed everything up to get ready to leave. As she walked through the campsite, she looked at the “spot” where she and Carl had fucked several times. She could tell where it was by the dried remains of their union. As she got ready to lift her backpack, Carl came over to her and jumped up on her leg, letting her know what he wanted. She couldn’t believe that he was ready to go again after all that fucking they had done. She looked down at him as he looked up at her and said, “No Carl, not now, we’re going.”Carl looked like he understood but was not going to be denied. He jumped up on her leg once again, trying to pull her down to him. When he saw that she wasn’t complying, he began to growl, showing her his teeth.“Bob – stop your dog from growling. I think he might bite me!” she said, distressed.“I tried telling you,” he answered. “Now you’re his bitch and have to do what he wants.”She looked at her boyfriend to see if he was serious. He didn’t even smile. “Well, what should I do? We want to hike out of here” she said.“I would suggest you listen to Carl, then maybe we can go” Bob answered.Carl nipped at Allie’s ankle. “Oww! That hurt!” she said. She looked at Bob and saw no help coming from him and said, “OK. I’ll do this now. But I can’t keep doing this all day and night.”“You will if you don’t want Carl getting mad” Bob replied.Allie got down on her knees and slid off her shorts. She was wearing Bob’s t-shirt and her large tits hung down pendulously. Carl raced around her but didn’t try mounting her. “What does he want?” she asked.“I think he is excited and you need to take the edge off first” Bob told her. “Try stroking his shaft.”After fucking the dog twice and getting anally fucked a third time, Allie had few inhibitions. She rubbed underneath Carl’s belly, feeling his hard rod through his sheath. Carl stood still and let her rub him cock through his sheath. As she rubbed back and forth, she began to feel his penis come out of the sheath. It was wet and warm, and as it emerged, she felt his knot growing towards the back of his shaft. She looked underneath him, amazed to see what her touch was doing to him. “Bob, he really responds to me!” she said excitedly. “I guess this is what he wanted!”Bob saw her enthusiasm and said, “What he really wants is for you to take his cock in your mouth. He wants to feel your lips on him.”“How would you know?” she asked.“Because that’s what I would want” he told his previously prudish girlfriend.Bob was shocked as Allie lowered her head underneath Carl. She took the tip of his gland in her mouth, tasting Carl’s strong flavor. She sucked a little and more of his prick extended from the sheath and entered her mouth. His prick started growing steadily, as Allie sucked more and more of it into her mouth. She stroked his knot with her hand, then grabbing the area behind it, pumped it towards her mouth. Carl’s sheath retracted and the diameter and length of his prick continued to grow. Carl’s precum began to flow as he began to really get excited. Allie drank it down, liking the unusual taste. Bob couldn’t believe what had happened to his girlfriend in one day. She had changed completely from the old Allie. Allie was having trouble taking in any more of Carl’s prick, and could only fit a few inches into her mouth. Carl needed more and he hopped around and barked as if saying, “Take more, bitch!”But although Allie tried, she couldn’t take anymore. Carl made a decision and withdrew his prick from her mouth, running around behind her to mount her. Allie was disappointed losing Carl’s prick in her mouth, and knew she would have to do better next time. Carl jumped up on Allie’s back, and she assumed the correct position for his cock. Now partially extended from the sheath and fully lubricated, Carl had no trouble thrusting his cock into his bitch. He quickly moved up into her, and Allie groaned from the fast penetration, but knew now that she had to please her dog. That was her new purpose in life. Carl began thrusting and growing in size, easily pushing his knot into her this time. When his knot entered her and the head of his cock penetrated to that deep place within her, both Allie and Carl let out a howl. They were now one and as Allie thrust back and forth to Carl’s thrusts with her tits bouncing, she realized that her place from now on would only be to satisfy Carl. Even Bob didn’t matter anymore as she and Carl locked into their fucking rhythm. All she needed was Carl and his wonderful cock. She would do everything now to please him, and he would protect her and guard his bitch. This is what her future would be. Carl’s cum exploded out of the end of his cock, once again bathing her in his seed. Allie exploded in orgasm, her cunt rhythmically squeezing Carl’s shaft, his knot banging against the inside of her twat, filling her with indescribable pleasure. They both came and howled again, one individual but two creatures. Carl filled her with his seed until he was empty. The best Bob could do was watch and jerk-off, realizing now that he had lost his girlfriend to his best friend. Allie crawled around on the ground, trying to coax more seed from Carl’s cock. He now had no choice but to follow. After a while he pulled his cock out of her, her cunt throbbing open, closed, open, as it yearned to be filled again. As Allie stood up, now aware of more than she knew before, she realized that she could have Carl again soon. A smile crossed her lips as she pulled on her shorts and walked with renewed vigor towards the end of the trail.Soon, they would all be back home, and she would have to move in with Bob and Carl, and now Bob would have to support her, while all day she and Carl would fuck each other. That’s the way it needed to be.The End
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