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I am not much of a writer as some folks here are so please bear with me as I try to relate my first time taking a ponyís cock.It was on a Saturday, I got to my girlfriend Terri's house at about 9:00 Am. She has a small farm with some horses and a Shetland pony. She had some coffee made and we each got a cup and sat on the front porch talking about our upcoming adveture. Terri's husband had gone upstate for the weekend to do a job so we had all weekend to ourselves. Terri was really horny and so excited to get started. I have to agree that I was too and very wet, and just a little nervous. We discussed what we needed to do, and after we finished our coffee, we went over to the barn. The pony was in his stall and we knew what to do. We got some rope, a haybale and some horse blankets to put on top of it for padding. Terri led the pony out of his stall and we started preparing him for sex. We put a harness on the pony and tied him up in the alley way. We tied his head down so he couldn't thrust and I fashioned a sling for his hips for just a little extra protection. We played with the ponys cock until it slid all the way out of itís sheath. I was a beautiful sight, so big and long. It was really raising our excitement level as we washed it to get all the slime off of it.We both got our clothes off and Terri played with my body until I was moaning. Next, Terri returned to the pony and checked his "equipment" as well. He was securely tethered in the alley but he danced around a bit as her hands went to work trying to bring forth his erection again. After a few minutes, she had coaxed about four or five inches of his penis out of the sheath and it was at least two inches across. She leaned down and took what she could into her mouth. Due to it's girth, she could only manage two or three inches of the end, and her mouth was stretched as wide as I had ever seen it. 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I slipped the pony's cock up and down the gap in my pussy lips a few times and positioned it for entrance. I held it there for a few seconds, then started working my way a little at a time, toward the bottom of the bale. There was a little resistance before the head entered me about an inch and Terri said she could tell by the tightness of my facial muscles that I was already stretching as far as I ever had. It hurt a little but, I had made up my mind I was going to make this work, somehow.The pony started getting restless, wanting to thrust into me and Terri stroked his back and flanks to calm him down. I had worked two or three inches in, and I had relaxed a little as my pussy learned to accommodate this huge intrusion. I continued to stroke the shaft as I moved down to take a little more and, suddenly, the horse pushed forward another two inches in a single thrust. I groaned loudly and Terri was concerned that I had been hurt but it was soon apparent to her that the groan was of pleasure at being so filled and I started rocking my hips to lessen the depth of the pony's thrusts while allowing his penetration to deepen only slightly each time. The pony was dancing around in agitation and obviously wanted to get on with the business at hand, so Terri petted and soothed him as best she could and I slowly worked a little more into my body. By this time, the lower portion of my belly was already beginning to bulge out slightly from the mass of firm flesh within and I could see my progress directly as the bulge moved ever so slowly up my stomach. I took about 12 inches before I groaned out that he had hit bottom and was pressed firmly against my stomach and I couldn't take any more length. 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