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18 year old female virgin, baby...and here is my fantasy in past tense Enjoy I have been preparing all year for a wonderful dinner party. I have spent all week shopping, deciding on and preparing decor, shopping for a dress and planning the food menu. Finally, the night has arrived and as my friend begin shuffling into a gorgeously lit dining room with soft candle-light flickering from all corners of the room with Pachbel Canon D playing melodiously. Yet tempted only by their eyes, the smells of food drift gingerly into the room as my friends chat amongst themselves about how lovely a job I have done (hey, my fantasy, right?). It is my dinner party and have decided to serve each and every single portion of the meal to each and every guest I have. I have prepared lovely crab cakes, smoked alaskan salmon and ginger-garlic-thyme-pecan dressing to cover the spinach and arugala salad (with rose petals, none the less). Drinks have already been prepared and I greet my guests and ask them to take their seats as dinner is about to begin. I have dressed adequately in a gown made of completely sheer material that has enough layers to become opaque in only showing skin color and nothing more. My brown hair is pulled up and a few whisps lightly brush against my forehead and cheeks. My blue eyes are astoundingly predacious as I have worn my mother's 25 carat Arabian Sapphire necklace. I have taken all precautions in my dinner, which includes excusing my Rhodesian Ridgeback (Max) to a night on the back yard. Dinner progresses nicely as we talk about life, love and dreams. The dinner portion of the night is nearly complete as I excuse myself to prepare the dessert: Asti Spumanti and a slice of chocolate-strawberry-cream cake with vanilla-caramel icing. I see Max frolicking in the backyard and can't help but wondering what he is doing to amuse himself. I take a quick look in on the guests who seem to be doing well in conversation, so I excuse myself to check on his status. The warm fall air runs his fingers through my hair and into my dress. I shiver as the air dances across my shaven pussy, of which is not guarded by any undergarmets. A second later, Max is darting across the back fence, apparently chasing a bunny. Max realizes that he has company (not necessarily the brightest at all times, he is still has tons of puppy in him at 2 years old) and comes over to me. He seems spooked by something, questioning my identity. "It's me, Max." With that, he runs off like mad after that bunny...apparently just had to make sure I wasn't a burglar. I walk back inside and continue with the meal, everyone finishing the night with a small bit of espresso. As soon as the front door was closed, Max's nose was making a replica of Big Ben on the back door's glass. With disgust, I let him in, "that's a gross way to get my attention!" I plopped into a kitchen chair and relaxed, letting the day pass me by as I finished a second cup of espresso. I was slightly worried about wrinkling my dress when I heard Max...puffing air in his cheeks and staring at me, I closed my eyes...he could wait. I was in between flying over Canada and swimming in the Mediterranean when I felt a lick on my thigh. Relaxed, I opened one eye and looked at him...he moved closer between my legs. I expected him to plant his head on my hip and beg to be petted...not that alarming, he did that all the time. But, i didn't expect to see him watch me as he slowly went further and further beneath my dress. I suppose a mixture of the alcohol and the relaxation allowed me to let all caution to the wind and spread my legs even further. His fur felt great on my legs, warm and snuggly...just like when he and I stayed in bed late on Sundays---under the covers. He reached my cunt and paused...I heard him open his mouth slightly and before I could utter a word of shock, he pressed his firm, wet tongue onto the lips of my pussy and I gasped. He licked again, I moaned. He got faster with his licks, more frequent and more demanding. He came closer toward me and I spread my legs farther apart, wanting him to lick deeper. I was contemplating an orgasm when I heard the doorbell ring. I would have pretended to not be home, but Max got excited and ran to greet the company. It was a friend, apparently he had forgotten his jacket. After handing that over, I looked at Max. "You've been a naughty boy for doing that to mommy..." I immediately tried to forget my near orgasm at the long, wet tongue of my pup...but it didn't seem possible. I turned on the radio in my bedroom and undressed. I slipped into the shower, on the colder side of warm---trying to forget. The more I tried, the more aroused I became at the idea of Max eating me out. I dried off before I had even throughly gotten wet and walked out in a towel. Calling to Max, I laid down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I could. He walked into the room and nearly pounced on me with force that scared me. He immediately started licking me and the closer I became to an orgasm, the harder it was to get my muscles to start spasming without a dildo or a hand on my clit. It was pleasureable, but I needed something inside of me. I closed my legs and stood up, turning to search the drawer I kept my dildo in. Max shoved his nose between my legs (from behind) and pushed until he could lick my pussy again. I decided to stay leaned over, as I was simply a few feet away from the...did I see what I thought I saw? Was Max sporting an erection? I blushed at the idea that I was arousing a dog. I just wanted to make sure I was wrong. *GASP* Nope, I was right!! At least 5 inches of his erection was perking right out of his sheath. I've always been a sucker for cocks, I had to see it. I knelt down, bypassing a tongue that wanted to lick everything and finally saw this glorious penis sticking out into the open air. I had wanted to try with a dog, but never thought Max would be up to it. The idea became a fire that grew in my mind. I grasp his sheath and looked at it...large, almost purple with lots of veins. I enclosed my hand around his sheath and pulled it toward the tip. Max bucked his hips, shot liquid onto my leg and groaned. My pussy engulfed in flames. I did it again and Max bucked longer, shooting his liquid all over the place. He pushed into me and I tumbled over onto the ground. I righted myself and he attempted to mount me. My pussy was so hot and wet, I didn't care what it was, I needed something inside of me. I turned over on my hands and knees (pillows in tow) and he mounted me and tried to drive his cock into my cunt. I wanted it so badly but he wasn't hitting anywhere near, so I grasp his penis and he hit the spot immediately. I moaned immediately as Max picked up his pace and his penis felt warmer and harder. He kept pushing deeper and deeper...I was thinking "that's all it's gunna go!" To my surprise, his penis felt like it was growing and growing and getting hotter and hotter. I could feel his penis inside of me, spasming and spurting his lovely liquid. Nearing an orgasm, I started to encourage him "DEEPER! DEEPER! CUM INSIDE OF ME! CUM REALLY DEEP! FILL MY PUSSY UP! DEEPER, BABY!!!" and my body shook ravenously as I had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. During my orgasms, Max slowed to a stop after giving a final push. I expected him to let me go, since my orgasms were done...but he didn't. He stayed right there. About that time, I noticed that perhaps we were being held together by something that felt like an orange in my pussy. Apparently, he had knotted with me. To pass the 45 minutes of his penis spurting inside me, I balanced myself holding one of his front paws (so he couldn't turn around) and masterbated with the other. I found that I could pull my pussy muscles tight and he would groan. He finally did dislodge his knot form me....but not for long, we tried it many, many times following that night and perhaps we will keep this up for years. Yummy.
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