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Primate Bestiality Free Animal Fucking Movies Full Length Bestiality Movies Beastiality Dogs
All my stories are non-fiction and very true accounts of my bestial and zoo experiences. I write them here for your pleasure and hope that you enjoy them always and remember why we are what we are and revel in the fact that we are lucky enough to be with animals in the most intimate of ways.As always, there will be no mention of age in my stories, you may interpret them in any way you like. I will not break any rules here.A Dog Named Bunkie:Bunkie was the subject of my last post and will be continued in this one. He was a really great Shepherd Mix. He may have had some Collie in him, all I know is that I was so turned on by what had happened in my basement the last time, that I knew I needed to explore some more.I stumbled across Bunkie while taking a bicycle ride in my neighborhood that first time, so I made the assumption that maybe I would get very lucky and he was a dog that lived on one of our adjacent streets. I waited until it was dusk and started riding my bike from one street to the next and then back again. Our neighborhood was a large development of middle class family type homes, and lots of them looked rather generic, so I wasn’t even sure if I had covered each and every house. I was just about to give up when I heard this barking. I looked up behind me and got a little nervous in case one of the not so nice dogs on the block was protecting his territory and chasing me. I stopped and got off the bike, figuring that this might show that I was not an intruder. Well, to my shock and great, and I do mean great pleasure, here came this very happy Shepherd Mix with his tail going about 100 miles per minute. He was just about up to me when his owner called him back. If the owner could have seen the expression on my face, he probably would have thought I had just lost my best friend as I was so upset that I’d finally found this beautiful object of my desire and he was whisked away in no time flat. I started to get back on the bike and figured that I HAD to have this dog again, so I quickly yelled back to the owner, that “it’s OK, I love dogs and he wasn’t bothering me” The owner then yelled something back at me, and pretending I couldn’t here him, it gave me a great excuse to strike up a conversation. Well, he and his family had just moved into the neighborhood and the dog had already gone roaming once and he didn’t want him to get lost. (If he only knew that he was roaming in my basement) I asked his name and he said the dog was named BUNKIE, the name that is still etched in my memory forever.I told him what a great dog he was and I really loved dogs. He said to come over and play with him anytime I wanted, as he was in a pen in the back yard. Well, I was there the next day and the day after that and then a few days later. By this time, I was really getting friendly with the owner and he told me that he doesn’t have the time to exercise Bunkie too much and since the dog seemed to like me so much, would it be too much of a problem if I ran him. Now this dog was going to get lots of exercise, but not exactly in the running form!We went out for our first jaunt and right back to the basement where Bunkie again, immediately stuck his nose in my crotch. Well, this time, I didn’t think this was strange at all, just very erotic. It took me all of 25 seconds to open my belt and slip the shorts down to my knees and Bunkie was right in there trying to get that beautiful tongue of his into my groin. I took the under shorts off and his tongue hit my balls. I never felt anything like the surge I felt at that moment, at least up until that time. (There have been many other surges since then, but I’ll get to those in other stories) His tongue lapped at my balls and then up and down my cock, which was so hard that I could have exploded right then and there, but held off for what I knew I wanted. I still wasn’t sure why he got so excited when he saw me and why he jumped on me, but I knew that when I bent over to see his hot sheath, he leaped on me and his paws went around my waste. Now, think of this dog thrusting and starting to show that beautiful pink tip and having it head right for your mouth. Yes, he was not mounting me from behind; he was mounting me from the front. Just what I wanted, cause what on earth would you want a dog to mount your back side for? (Again, another story) He was thrusting and I leaned into his sheath and as soon as I grabbed it, he started humping my face like there was no tomorrow. I just opened my mouth and let him fill me with his ever hardening member. It was unlike a human cock, as it was small and pointed at the end, but then I got a big and wonderful surprise as it grew in my mouth. There was also something else very different. There was this growth at the back of his cock, still trapped in the sheath or foreskin and it was huge. I had no idea what this was, all I know is that his cock was in my mouth and I was tasting this beautiful liquid and swallowing every drop. I noticed that he kept on shooting and shooting and wondered why I couldn’t do this when I came. This lasted for probably ten or so minutes and then the dog cock began to shrink and I had to let it slip out of my mouth. I really wanted more, so I decided to let my tongue explore his sheath. I got next to him and stuck my tongue as far into the prepuces as I could and beat off. Well, it only took me three or four strokes and my cum flew all over his coat. I grabbed a towel and wiped him off and then realized we had been gone for quite a long time and I didn’t want to lose the privilege of “taking care” of Bunkie. I hopped on the bike and rode back to my new neighbors’ home and returned my new mate. I have lots of fond memories of Bunkie and will share them with you in the next story. He was my first K-9 lover and he is the dog that taught me about my sexuality, one that I cherish right up until today. This post has been edited by danethruster on Nov 2 2005, 12:14 AM
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