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I have fantasized a very long time about having a boar mount me, and the fact that there was a hog farm I passed bt every time to my lake house, I finally had to get up the nerve to just do it. I had heard much cautionary advice relative to their agresiveness, and penis length so I improvized a spacer about 5 inches long so he would not hurt me. I also made sure to wear very thick knee length boots so I didn't have my calves bruised to hell. I basically snuck in the farm very early in the morning, and had purchased some "sow in heat " urine from a hunting store for added insurance I could get one to mount me. After I pulled my pants down to the knees, and got on all fours, it was not 30 seconds before this boar was in me and squirting like hell. I had also learned that you should reach his penis and give it gentle squeezes to simulate how a sow feels like, and that really seemed to calm him. There is not much more to tell, other than the fact I stayed still for at least 10 min feeling myself being filled with cum, and after the first 5 my butt was totally full and from that point on it was gushing out and running down my legs and soaking me pants. It was such an awesome feeling, He finally dismounted and just walked away. Before I knew it , one of the smaller boars was agressively after me, and I went through another 10 min of cum enema, After he wa finished I got up and ran ! there were more boars there going nuts over that in heat urine I had on me. All I can say is, it was an awesome felling, and plan on doing it again soon. Just going to make sure I bring towels and a dry set of pants :-)
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