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It was a hot sunny day last July, i was having a coulple of days off work and had walked down to the town to get some stamps,as i came up the lane to our back gate i saw lying in the shade a large wolfhound panting and looking very hot.I spoke to him and he seemed friendly isearched for a name or address but found none, having never seen him around our small town before i thought he must be lost so i opened the gate and offered him in ,i poured him a large bowl of water and he drank thirstily i left him on the patio outside and went inside to change i was not going to miss the sun today.I changed into my bikini and pulled my sun lounger out onto the patio thinking i will wait till paul gets home to see what to do about the dog,i settled down on my tummy and was enjoying the warm rays beating down.I felt a tickling on my foot the dog was licking my foot i moved it to one side but he kept on licking then from a tickling sensation it seemed to travel up my legs to my pussy he just kept licking my feet but the sensation in my pussy got stronger my nipples also were tingling and i let out a quiet moan of pleasure.Iwas sure i was getting very moist down below and all because a dog was licking my feet my clit was filling up andmy nipples were aching.My senses were reeling as i realised i was being turned on by this animal,he started to lick up my calfs then up the backs of my legs i parted my legs slightly and he licked between them up the inside of my thighs,my heart was pounding the pleasure was amazing his rough tounge was rubbing my bikini bottoms right into my pussy CONT
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