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I have been writing this for a while and it still isn't finished but I figured if I started to post it in parts I might be motivated to finish it sooner.. Hope you enjoy it. The first part is mostly background about the main character's life and how she gets to the point of being curious about k9.. Enjoy. Barb and Her Poodle Not long after high school Barb and her mom had a little falling out and were often arguing about Barb doing a lot of partying and not much working. So Barb got a job as a waitress and moved into an apartment with a friend of hers. When Barb wasn’t working, she was partying. Her and her roommate loved to dance and flirt with men in nightclubs and they always seemed to get themselves in a position to get laid by every handsome guy they met. She loved to screw men and she loved to have orgasms. With some guys she was multi-orgasmic. As much as Barb loved to have sex and enjoy orgasms with a handsome, horny guy, she didn’t want to live with a man until she was at least thirty. She was independent and loved her freedom. Sex without emotional involvement was fine with Barb because she loved to flirt and enjoy sex with a variety of men. The truth was, a good f*** was all it took to make her cum and for now, that was really all she wanted from a man. Barb met Pete in a nightclub just three months shy of her twenty-first birthday. It was lust at first sight for Barb, and Pete was very receptive to her flirting. It was a Wednesday night and Pete openly admitted that he was living with a woman but that they did not have a monogamous relationship. He told Barb that him and his live-in had an “agreement” that they could date other people. So Pete and Barb spent the next three days naked together, fucking and sucking every chance they got. Within weeks Pete had talked Barb into quitting her waitress job at the steakhouse and going to work as a waitress in the gentleman’s-club (titty bar) where he was a bartender. Club Che’ was a classy place and after only a couple of weeks Barb realized that the dancers made a lot more money than the waitresses. Barb wanted to make more money too, so she decided to start dancing. Dancing was a natural for Barb. Her out-going, flirtatious personality, her short brown hair, petite body, firm, 35c boobs, big blue eyes, and girl-next-door looks made her one of the most popular dancers at the club and soon she was making alot of money. Her and Pete remained friends and partied together over the next couple of years but their relationship was mostly about sex and she eventually lost track of him after he quit the club. During those years at Club Che’ Barb slowly began to have more and more sexual contact with other women. Many of the women she worked with were admitted bisexuals and one girl in particular had her eye on Barb. At first Barb didn’t notice the soft touches of Brenda whenever she was near or the innocent kisses when she would wish Barb good luck. It was just a matter of time before Brenda seduced Barb and introduced her to the joys of girl-on-girl sex. In the mean-time though, whether it was work-related or simply for pleasure, Barb was screwing a lot of different men. Barb eventually moved in with Brenda and her boyfriend, Tony and the three of them shared an open, sexually charged relationship that often included swinging, group sex and lots of girl-on-girl fun. Barb continued to party with her own men friends too and it’s amazing that she survived the excesses in her life during her five years at the club and all the partying she did with Brenda and Tony. Sex, alcohol, making money, some mood-altering medications, and rock-n-roll were all Barb lived for during that time. Despite all her partying, Barb was making a lot of money and she had the good sense to let her admiring men pay for her bad habits so she could put most of her money in the bank. When Barb moved away from Brenda and Tony’s all she wanted was to be alone and have some peace and quiet. She was working parttime at a new club and she was also working a couple nights a week for an escort service, so she didn’t have much time to herself. She was making money and having fun doing it and she was glad she didn’t have to work at a “real” job. A few years later though, her attitude began to change. Barb was getting burned out on dancing and she knew her looks weren’t going to last forever, so she decided to take classes to become a paralegal and try to get a “real” job. She put her nose to the grindstone and just a few days before her twenty-ninth birthday, Barb was hired as a paralegal by a big law firm and her new career began. At first she continued to work an occasional Saturday night at the club and she continued to work an occasional evening for the escort service, but when her mother was tragically killed in a car wreck, Barb's life changed dramatically. Barb inherited her mom’s house, along with a dog and a surprisingly big life insurance policy. She quit working at the topless bar but continued to work as a paralegal and she still occasionally turned a trick. Despite her material good fortune Barb was despondent over her mom’s sudden departure. She wished that she hadn’t given her such a hard time when she was a teen and that she would have spent more time with her these last few years. If it had not been for the dog, a black, three-year-old standard-sized poodle named Pierre, Barb probably would not have been able to live in her mom’s house. Her and Pierre became friends very quickly. His loving and playful exuberance was the perfect cure for when she was alone in her mom’s house. Her long walks with him in the evenings were a great bonding force in their relationship. She pampered him and he comforted her so much that she even let him sleep in the king-sized bed with her. In high school Barb had taken a typing course and it came in handy as a paralegal. Her days now revolved around the computer and she was getting more and more comfortable working on one. At home she was starting to use her mom’s (practically) new computer, with its high-speed internet connection, for work and for play. Before long Barb found herself more and more often looking at porn sites or chatting in chat rooms with nasty names like “topless sluts” and "bi women for couples". It dawned on Barb one evening that the only real men she was having sex with were guys that were her occasional johns, and for the first time in ten years Barb thought about marriage, then quickly dismissed it, "For now", she thought. Her job as a paralegal was from 9 to 5 and she almost always rushed home to let Pierre out to pee. Then she’d feed him and take him for a walk. Their long walks in the evening soon became the highlight of both their days. Having Pierre gave Barb a good reason to go right home after work to an otherwise lonely house so it left her evenings free to satisfy her sex life through the internet. Her sex-drive was as strong as ever and she was still a multi-orgasmic sexpot, but now the majority of her orgasms were self-induced through cybersex. It was almost as if all the men in her life had disappeared but Barb was in no hurry to find a mate because she was comfortable in her life, masterbating alot, and still having her orgasms. One guy Barb did manage to keep in touch with was someone she knew from her days as a dancer. A guy named Drew. She met Drew for the first time at the club, during the time when she was living with Brenda and Tony. Drew soon became one of her best, and favorite customers. His parents were rich, he had just graduated from college, and his dad gave him a great job with a huge expense account for entertaining clients. He liked fast cars and bad girls and he was smitten with Barb. Three weeks after they met, Drew propositioned Barb. He told her that some friends of his were having a bachelor party and he offered to pay her and another girl to be their “entertainment”. He wanted Barb’s friend, Brenda to be the other girl. He knew the women were lovers and he offered them each $600.00 to dance a few dances and then do a thirty-minute lesbian scene in front of twenty-five or thirty men. Drew also told Barb that him and his friends wanted to give the groom a “special” gift. He said that the groom had watched Barb dance at the club recently and his wedding wish was to get a blowjob from her. Drew offered Barb another $200.00 if she’d discreetly go to a bedroom with the groom and give him a blowjob after the lesbian show. He also offered Brenda $200.00 if she’d blow the best man. Initially, Barb was reluctant and Drew understood. He told her that it was still over a month away and that she could think about it for a week and then let him know. As she pondered the proposition that night while laying in bed, Barb was intrigued by the idea of getting paid for having sex with Brenda in front of a group of men. The thought of getting paid $200.00 just for giving a guy a blowjob didn't sound too bad either. Both women were experienced in group sex and her and Brenda had played in front of small, intimate [SPAM], but the thought of doing it in front of thirty men scared her a little. When Barb told Brenda about Drew’s offer and also told her that the party was at a big house in a very nice neighborhood, Brenda was all for it. Her husband, Tony didn’t have a problem with it either but he wanted to go along just to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. For the next several days the couple and Drew gently coaxed Barb with peer pressure and promises of sexual excitement and erotic adventure. Their encouragement paid off. Barb agreed to play for pay. The day of the party arrived and although Barb was nervous as she primped for the occasion, Brenda and Tony did their best to relax her. On the way there the three of them burned one and once they got there Barb’s margarita glass was always full. By the time her and Brenda started making-out, Barb was rather buzzed. The show the women put on was nothing short of awesome. They started out soft and slow but it wasn’t long before they were sucking each others pussy and using dildos, vibrators, and double dongs on each other. It was obvious that the women loved what they were doing because their show lasted well over an hour and most of the time they seemed oblivious to the crowd. In reality, Barb was keenly aware of all those men watching and all those eyes seemed to fuel the orgasms she shared with Brenda. Their pleasure was obvious, everyone loved the show, and there were a lot of guys standing around with a hard-on when they finally stopped. Barb took a short break and as she drank another margarita, she did her best to convince herself that blowing the groom for $200.00 was not really any different than giving a guy a blowjob back in high school. She was just a lot better at it now. Drew came over to Barb and Brenda and told them that the groom and best man were already in their respective bedrooms waiting for their blowjobs. Barb gulped down the last of her drink and excused herself. “I gotta go to work,” she quipped as she headed off towards the bedroom. Barb was nervous as she entered the room but she relaxed a little when she noticed how drunk he was. He looked up at her and told her how hot she looked. “You want a blowjob?” Barb asked bluntly.“Hell yes”, he replied as he began to unbuckle his belt. Without another word Barb pulled his pants down and wrapped her lips around his flaccid cock. Barb was impressed as it swelled in her mouth and got big. Barb made him feel great as she somehow managed to talk in a sexy voice and shower him and his cock with compliments as she fondled, nibbled, licked, and sucked it from his balls to the big mushroom shaped tip. It wasn’t long until he was about to cum and she could tell, so she went down on him and positioned the head of his cock between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. This put him in the perfect position for her to suck and swallow at the same time. The first blast of cum was warm, thick and creamy and there was so much that it almost gagged her. Barb’s swallowing quickly caught up with his cumming as his orgasm began to subside. Barb raised her head up until just the bulbous head of his cock was in her mouth. She sucked the head and nursed every last drop of cum from his balls. Not a drop was lost. Her oral technique was something she learned and it never failed to drive a man wild and drain his balls dry. It was good for her too because she would barely taste the warm, creamy fluid as it slid down her throat. Her blowjobs always got rave reviews from men and she loved giving them because she knew she was very good at it. As she sucked the last drop of jizz from the groom, he was totally and completely satisfied and Barb was now officially a "lady of the night". Over the next couple of years Drew became sort of a pimp for Barb. He hired her to do other bachelor parties and eventually he even introduced her to the owner of an escort service. That was when Barb started working occasionally as a $500.00 per night escort. Barb began a sexual relationship with Drew that started rather casually but then they started having sex alot and Barb found herself falling in love with him. Drew had other girlfriends though, so Barb always figured that all he wanted her for was sex. That didn't hurt Barb's feelings too much though because she liked her freedom and when she did go out with him, Drew liked to take her to swingers’ clubs and nudist resorts. She loved the openness of swinging, she loved group-sex in general, and she loved being watched having sex. Over a three-year period they did a lot of swinging together but when Drew started getting serious with one of his other girlfriends, Barb’s sexual relationship with him cooled. A few months after she moved into her mom’s house she heard from Drew through the owner of the escort service. Out of the blue he called her and asked her what she was doing Thanksgiving weekend. It seems that he was single again and since Barb still had the hots for him and Thanksgiving was only a few weeks off and Barb didn’t have any plans yet, she accepted his offer to meet some other swingers and spend a few days at a nudist resort located a couple hours from where she lived. The only caveat to her acceptance was that she would have to bring Pierre along. Drew didn’t mind if the dog tagged along so the date was set. The weekend was very relaxing during the days and the nights were filled with partying and sex. Drew and Barb f***** a few times but Drew often encouraged her to f*** other men and play with other women and it seemed that he liked watching her have sex almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her himself. One morning they woke up to a slurping noise and they noticed Pierre lying on the floor next to the bed, enthusiastically licking his own balls as the red tip of his cock was blatantly exposed. Barb giggled at the sight but Drew was more serious, “You need to get that poor dog fixed”, he said, “Or find him a girl dog.” Over the next few weeks Barb thought about what Drew said and she became much more aware of Pierre's sexuality. Having him fixed seemed cruel but keeping a healthy, virile male animal and not letting him mate also seemed cruel. She began to wonder if she should get a female dog for him but the thought of having a litter of puppies sounded like a bad idea. Then she thought about getting online and looking for local breeders that might want him to mate with their bitches. After all, Pierre was a purebred from champion bloodlines and she had the papers to prove it. Barb has an aunt that bred Persian cats for over twenty years and she used to stud out one of her males for a hefty fee. Barb posted ads on dog breeding websites but she wasn't having much luck finding Pierre a k9-girlfriend. In the process of one of her searches for k9 breeding websites she stumbled onto a link to a beastialiy website about women having sex with dogs. Out of curiosity, Barb clicked on the link. Barb had heard about women screwing dogs but she dismissed it as an old-wives tale and never really gave it much thought. But when she actually read about it and saw pictures of it it shocked Barb at first but her curiosity got the best of her. As she read a “how to” guide by a woman who regularly had sex with her german sheperd, she noticed her pussy getting wet and her heart starting to throb. Then she thought about Pierre and it was that very first thought of having sex with Pierre, it was that thought that took Barb’s breath away, made her feel woozy and although she didn’t realize it yet, it turned her on. This post has been edited by deerhunter on Apr 20 2006, 10:03 PM
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