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Here's a bit of fiction I wrote a few years ago. It's still a work in progress.ChironChapter 1. Tallwoods.Old Tom Cameron sat on the back porch of the main house of Tallwoods stud, a gentle pah sounded at the end of his draw, with a few wisps of smoke from his pipe, and a long sigh as he blew the smoke out over his socked feet, which were resting on a wooden box that had been turned on it’s end. The old ink marking indicating that the footstool had been an apple box in its previous life. He fixed me with a contemplative look “Do you still ride back saddle?” nodding towards the horses about 50 metres away from the house. I shifted in my seat to look at the horses. Tom smiled as he caught my look of interest. “Hmm… I see that it’s been a while then… would you like to stay a little longer?” I looked at him, smiled sadly and shook my head. I couldn’t, I was visiting family in town and it had only been a chance meeting (while I was shopping down town) with Tom’s wife, business partner and former leading hand Rachel Parker, that had prompted the visit. I explained that I was expected for dinner at 6pm at my sister’s place. Tom just nodded, looked at his watch, stood up and collected his boots. “Well in that case you’d better start straight away then” as he pulled his boots on. “You’re still registered as a stallion here, and the stud book has you down to service 3 mares. And you’ve got 2 hours before you have to head back to town”The grin was huge on the old face as he offered his hand and pulled me out of the couch.Tom called for Rachel to get the barn ready for an old friend. As we walked he filled me in on recent events. “You saw the housing developments out this way?” I nodded “Bloody developers!” as Tom shook his head “they offered me 1 million dollars for Tallwoods last year.” “That’s an OK amount for this place?” “Far from it lad. This place is worth about 1.8 mil according to the local real estate agent” I could tell by the way he spoke that there had been a few problems with this, apart from the obvious $800 thousand shortfall. “Did you tell them that?”“Yeah, I told them” his tone of voice full of disgust “Bastards”“Why? What happened?”“They said that they’d take the price back to their bosses down south, and would get back to me. That was fine, I’ve been watching the development of the area for some time, and discussed it with Rachel. We agreed that we’d best be moving before too long, otherwise our secluded little paradise would be surrounded, and then we’d have too many prying eyes.“So… just before the offer in fact, we scouted around for another place, for something like this that we could develop into a stud. We came up with a few options, but all of them would require the full 1.8 mil to relocate and set up again. That’s OK.“The developers came back to us and agreed on the 1.8, and we then set the ball rolling to buy a beauty of a spot down the range” Tom waved his hand off toward the South East “About 25 K that way, beautiful little creek – permanent water, superb bushland, with great mating areas” Tom preferred sex out of doors (as do I) “The house was OK, but we could make the necessary modifications and renovations within our budget, the stables were good” knowing Tom and Rachel’s standards it meant that they were better than average “but we’d get them into condition with a little work”The smell of the stable as we drew close brought back good memories.“Sounds good so far”, I ventured, “So, what’s the problem?”“Those bastards!” Tom started, but was interrupted by the barn doors opening.Rachel raised her right eyebrow to look at me “Ah… our problem… I hope you can help” She closed the barn doors behind us. “Lucy…” I looked at Tom and Rachel to gauge what they were up to. They both smiled. I was none the wiser.“We’ll finish this conversation a little later, you’ve got some work to do stud… and some fun to have”A young woman answered Rachel’s call. Rachel called again “Put Stardust in with Misty and Shadow please… and stay with the girls… and take your pants off”An OK came back from the far end of the stable.I too undressed, leaving my clothes where I had always left them, all those years ago. In a pile on the floor.Rachel opened a stall door and went in. I followed, to be confronted with the rear ends of 3 Shetland ponies, each looking back at me, and a naked, beautiful woman. Tom introduced Lucy, a petit woman, 5’4’’, 110lbs, natural Redhead, C cup, mid to late 20s.“She’s a real bitch when you get to know her” Tom smiled.Lucy smiled with Tom “So you’re a stallion I hear?… well stud choose” With that she turned around and stuck her bum out showing me her arse and vulva, at the same time she pulled Shadow’s tail to one side. Rachel also pulled Misty’s and Stardust’s tails aside so that I had full view of the 3 mares beautifully formed vulvas. As beautiful as Lucy was to look at, the 3 mares were too much, my dick hardened even further at the sight of the mares. “I’ll go the mares thanks Lucy”Lucy spun around with a big grin “Good… who do you want first?”Good question!I had first mated with Misty 16 years ago. She was a dappled grey pony, 10 hands high with a very noble head. Her neck was strong, her chest quite broad for a Shetland, as were her flanks, which held her perfectly formed vulva, under a flowing grey tail. She gave a silky smooth, fantastic, orgasmic ride. After being introduced to Tom, I had mated with Misty almost every day for the next 4 years. Stardust was also a grey, about 9 and a half hands, similar eyes, narrower chest, but clearly related to Misty. She had a white star on her head. Like her mother Stardust had a beautiful black vulva. I wanted to have her there and then.Shadow was all black, about 11 hands, and of classic Shetland lines. A very comfortable looking backside and a very comfortable looking love tunnel. She too was a must experience, in this stall, and now!I decided to go for my much loved partner “I’ll make love to Misty” I told Lucy “she was my first love at Tallwoods”“And you took her virginity!” Tom chipped in with a smile. It was true.“Let me help you with her then” with that Lucy got on her knees, as Rachel raised Misty’s tail, then started to lick the mare’s vulva. Lucy liberally wet the mare and then grabbed my cock, sucked it into her mouth once, then twice and then guided me into my lover.As Misty and I mated, Lucy carefully rubbed Misty’s Clit. After about 5 minutes Misty came with superb vaginal contractions, I nearly came but slowed my rhythm and started to sink my dick as deep as I could into Misty. Lucy continued to massage Misty’s clit. Tom disappeared somewhere, and Rachel took a hold of my left hand and helped me slide a few fingers into Stardust’s vulva. As Stardust started to hump my fingers, Misty orgasmed again, I plunged my cock as deep as I could into Misty as I came in a huge rush. My cum splashing into the depths of the mare. Within moments my dick began to soften and withdraw. A seam of cum lined the slit of Misty’s vulva. As a droplet of cum pooled at the tip of Misty’s vulva Lucy licked it off, and then licked Misty’s vulva clean. She stopped and smiled a cum covered smile “C’mon stud… do it again!” nodding towards Stardust.“Not an immediate request, I hope!”Rachel got onto her knees and started to massage my dick as I continued to play with Stardust’s vulva, and caress her flanks. Within 20 minutes I was hard for her. During that 20 minutes, Lucy had helped Rachel out of her cloths and was enthusiastically lapping upon Rachel’s vulva. Rachel continued to work on my cock. When I was ready to mount Stardust, Lucy immediately volunteered herself for moistening duties as she had done so for Misty. When the Mare’s vulva and my cock were wet, Lucy guided me into Stardust. Lucy whispered, “Like Mother Like Daughter, another virgin bites the dust” I humped Stardust fast and slow, changing my rhythms, she pushed back often to get more of me in her. Again Lucy massaged the mare’s clit. After 3 orgasms for the mare I came. Just a small squirt of cum was all I could manage, but Stardust’s vulva muscles worked to get a thin line of cum along the length of her slit. It didn’t have time to pool into a droplet before Lucy devoured it, and then licked the mare clean.Rachel lay on Shadow’s back, looking back at me. She held Shadow’s tail to one side.“Second chance choice!” Shadow also looked back at me “ Me or the Mare?”I smiled “The horse of course!”“OK, my turn this time” as she got off Shadow, and raised her tail to eat the mare out, before sucking on my cock to get us both ready for the final fuck of the day. As I entered Shadow, Lucy piped up “You’re a good stud, that’s the second virgin in an hour!” I felt I could tell, Shadow seemed to be tighter than I had expected. Either way, with Rachel rubbing her clit and me fucking her, we gave her 4 horsy orgasms before I came again. What little cum I had, I pumped into her. It didn’t make itself evident on Shadow’s vulva. Lucy seemed a little disappointed that I hadn’t cum in pints into the mare. But then, cuming 3 times in 2 and a half hours isn’t easy! Besides… I was out of practise!I lay down on the hay to rest before getting up to dress, and then went back into the stall to rub the mares down. Tom reappeared and announced that I was late in leaving, but not to worry, he’d rung my sister and let her know that I’d be about half an hour late, as “I was helping out with the horses”.On the way back to my truck Rachel and Tom asked me to come back tomorrow, so we could talk about the Developer Problem. I said that I’d be back after lunch. “Good” replied Rachel “Shadow has a sister that I’m sure you’d like to ride” winking her right eye at me. I knew what she meant. Tallwoods was a working horse stud. Most of the 50 odd horses were Tom’s and Rachel’s, there were only 6 stallions at Tallwoods. Lucy raced up to the truck as I turned it around. Gave me hug through the window and told me “The mares want you back for some more fun” I replied, “I bet they do!”“Hurry back stud!….and no fooling around with women!”I headed out the tree-lined drive, a trail of dust filling the view in my side mirrors. I turned left onto the road and headed back to town. My legs burned, my balls were empty, I couldn’t believe Lucy was such a cum slut, but I’d just fucked 3 beautiful mares. That hadn’t happened for almost 2 years. Of course I’d be back!… and of course I’d hurry!õõýõõChapter 2. An Interesting View.The following day I arrived mid afternoon, to see a police car come out of Tallwood’s drive and head past me back into town. I instinctively kept speed and drove on past the entry. I didn’t recognise anyone in the patrol car. 2 K further on was an unsealed laneway into which I drove the truck. I had discovered it 16 years ago when I had first ran a recce of Tallwoods for some nighttime entertainment. The laneway wound it’s way down around the back of Tallwoods through some rather dense bushland. The overhanging trees scraped the side of the truck as I negotiated the lane’s ruts and un-kept surface. The only tracks on the lane were of trail bike tyres. I stopped in a clearing, grabbed my camera from the living area in the back, attached a concertinaed monopod. Grabbed my Ready pack and strapped it to my waist, and headed over the fence into the back of Tallwoods. My Ready pack is a medium sized bum bag, in which I keep a variety of essential emergency items, a small folding knife, penlight, some food, small bottle of water, basic medical kit, 5 metre length of rope, compass, signal mirror, 8 x 25 field binoculars, fire starting kit, plastic bags, etc. All useful stuff for emergencies, packed nicely into a compact bag ready to grab and go. I’d found it useful on many occasions in my line of work.I walked slowly and deliberately towards the main house, which was a good K away. The dry leaves in the bush make it difficult to travel noiselessly, but many years bow hunting had allowed me to perfect a near silent and yet reasonable pace. I cautiously moved through the trees towards the stables. My time working for the French in various parts of Europe and the old French empire, had also honed my skills into an instinctively cautious approach to moving in uncertain ground. The bushland around Tallwoods was now uncertain ground. The subconscious alarm in my head went off. I went to ground in good cover behind some substantial trees and fallen logs. I tried to sort out what had spooked me. My senses scanned everything for anything. Then I realised what it was. I could smell something wasn’t right. I couldn’t place it, but images of a spicy meal came to mind. I slowly moved around using my ears to scan for sounds, and located a quite whisper of talk to the left and in front of me. I raised myself a little and scanned the undergrowth in that direction. Patience is a virtue in my line of work – and I’ve got plenty of it. But didn’t need it. The surveillance team were about 70 metres away, downhill from where I had become aware of them. Clearly amateurs, if they were professionals they had to have been fired for incompetence. Surveillance guy number 1 (nick-named Dumb) was dressed in camo shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers. Surveillance guy number 2 (nick-named Dumber) was dressed in camo trousers and khaki shirt, and wore leather boots. Both wore camo bush hats. Through my camera I watched both. Dumb had set up a video camera and was watching the small LCD screen. He was clearly bored. Dumber was eating out of a plastic box. I assume it was a late lunch. Dumber was also watching the LCD screen and occasionally looked up in the direction the camera was pointing. I took a few photos of Dumb and Dumber and retreated to a safer distance before turning and heading back to the truck. I was not happy. If these bozos were surveiling Tallwoods today then they probably were doing it yesterday, and the day before and so on. I had a small insight into Tom’s problem.I quickly started the truck and moved off down the lane. About half a K further on I spied 2 trail bikes roughly hidden by the side of the lane. I figured that Dumb and Dumber were not expecting too much traffic along the lane – I wouldn’t have either. I continued on to the end of the lane and turned right onto a sealed road that ran along the side of a small dry creek. About another half K on I stopped and parked near a bridge over the creek. I collected my gear again, and this time I grabbed a couple of special little packages. I strapped a couple of throwing knives one to each shin and one to my left forearm. Grabbed two small tracking beacons and changed the batteries for a new ones (they hadn’t used them for a couple of months). These great little devices are home made, about the size of my little finger and have a range of about 800 metres give or take a 100 metres depending on the geography. Replaced the small telephoto lens on my camera with a large telephoto lens. Changed from my shorts and T-shirt into cams, grabbed my bush hat and a set of fingerless leather gloves – I was expecting to crawl a long way before I would feel safe again. There was one last thing to do before I left the truck to check out the spies.Tom answered the phone. I didn’t have to ask how he was, it was evident in his voice that he was not happy. Thankfully the old fella always kept a cool head. He asked me “How’s you’re sister Margaret?” Now, I don’t have a sister called Margaret, and Tom knows this. It took a fraction of a second to remember the old code words but I knew something was amiss. I replied “I was intending to drop over to see her that afternoon, as she had wanted to show me a couple of new flowers she had bought at the markets” “Well with your botanical knowledge” Tom clearly had caught the drift “you should be able to ID the plants”.“I intend to! If I get stuck could I call on you for help?”“Sorry Tom, the wife’s ill, and the kid’s not much better, perhaps we could meet up the pub tomorrow?”“Ok, the local?”“Yeah”“OK, see you later” I hung up the phone and slipped the little mobile into my pocket. Tom now knew that he had 2 unexpected guests, and that I was on it. I now suspected that the Police had been visiting Rachel and/or Lucy, by the sound of it. I was concerned that I may be getting into something late. Hopefully not too late, but I suspected the ball had been rolling for some time.After locking the truck I hopped over the fence, headed up the line of the creek, running parallel, a couple of metres in from the bank. The property next to Tallwoods was owned by a hobby farmer. It had changed owners recently, as the bush paths didn’t show the usual hoof prints and other tracks that I was used to seeing. Mind you, I hadn’t been in this nick of the woods for almost 6 years. I had first met Tom by accident in the adjacent paddock almost 16 years ago. Back then I knew that I had a thing for horses. It was always a good give away when I went on my many bicycle rides around the local areas and came across the various women riding horses, I always seemed to get a hardon for the horse if it was a mare and not the rider. Occasionally I’d get hard for the rider if she was good looking, but never for a rider if she was riding a mare – strange really! I was always drawn to the horses and rarely the riders. It became something of a routine for me to ride around the outskirts of town to get onto the quiet roads and lanes and into the farmland. Quite often I’d take a picnic lunch and wander off into the local bush (usually trespassing to do so), just to watch life as it happened. One day I found myself in a piece of bush that boarded a small hobby farm that had several horses on it. The daughter of the owner loved to ride her horses. She was quite a looker, which held my interest, until I saw her riding a white Arab mare around one of the paddocks. I determined to check the mare out. Every weekend I spent at least 2 hours spying on the horses. Several weeks later I was again wandering through the bushland, I came across the Arab mare. She was being given a spell. I went up to her and introduced myself. She checked me out too. When she was happy with me I started to give her a rub down and scratch her ears. I slowly worked along her side until I was at her tail. A few well placed scratches and she lifted it high into the air. I of course got an eyeful of her maredom, and my hardon was telling me to make the most of the invitation. Now I’m sure many of you have run into the problem that I now faced. I’m tall but her love tunnel is higher than I could reach without something to stand on. I was in bushland, there were no sizable rocks the move to get me higher – as I’d used successfully a couple of times before – nor where there any fallen trees or logs – which had been very successful aids in previous similar situations. I was forced to settle for a bit of oral on her and having a wank while I fingered her. The mare didn’t mind a bit. When I’d blown my load and regained my composure, I headed off - and she followed. Being quick to realise the potential I headed for a few logs I’d passed on my walk in. The mare followed, and my dick started to get hard again. At the logs, I gave her a good rub down and repeated the scratching down her spine to her tail. Again she lifted it high. I climbed onto the top of the logs and rested my dick on her white love tunnel. She watched as I moistened her up and slowly sunk my cock into her pink vulva. Sheer heaven… as I slowly sunk into her, her warmth enveloped me and drew me in. She pushed back a little and I pushed forward a little and then started humping. She was a fantastic fuck, superb vaginal contractions, and full body shivering orgasms. I soon made a habit of visiting her at every opportunity I could, even after she was stabled again – which also meant that I was introduced to 2 other mares who also became regular lovers.It turned out that I wasn’t the only one enjoying a visit to the stable and it’s equine company. More on that later.Moving fast, there was little to be cautious about, for about 1 K, even so I still went warily, just a little faster and hence noisier than normal. I was heading for Dumb and Dumber’s motorbikes. I reached a spot about where I expected to see the bikes, and was about 30 metres out. After checking the area was all clear, I headed over to the bikes, being very careful not to leave a spoor. I fitted a tracking beacon to each bike, near to the battery, securing it with little black plastic draw ties. They blended in well. I took off in a circuit to find my 2 spies, and check on them.Dumb and Dumber were still in the same spot were I had left them. It was about 14:30, and very hot. I made for better shelter in a leopard crawl. Seriously wishing for my Gillie Suit. I laid up under a small thorn bush, next to a large tree, settled in with a mouthful of water and wrapped my camera up in some scrim netting and focussed on the 2 men. Time to study these men in detail. A small thermos flask steamed as I watched the 2 men. They were having afternoon tea by the looks of it. Both were clearly bored. While I had a good lens I still couldn’t see what the little LCD screen of the video camera was showing. Dumb stretched, as I focused in on him. White, middle class, mid to late 20’s, I figured about 165 – 175cm tall, light brown hair, brown eyes, starting to get sunburnt on his face (despite the hat) and hands, slightly overweight, sweating profusely and clearly uncomfortable in the afternoon heat. I wasn’t particularly comfortable myself, but I’d done this sort of thing for years. From what I could see his palms were soft. He had an earring in his left ear. Just a silver sleeper from what I could tell. His sneakers carried the Nike Tick. Apparently the shoe company calls it an Affirmation, but it’s a Tick just the same. I would have said he was either a techno geek or lazy bum – or both – I certainly had met plenty in my current employment! He certainly wasn’t the type to spend a lot of time out of doors.Dumber was far more at home with the bushland. Mind you given his company that wasn’t hard. White, working class, early to mid 30’s, taller than Dumb, but probably not 183cm (6 foot)….hmmm…. probably 175 – 180cm. Dark brown hair, cut very short – Number 3 crop, green eyes, a rather hawkish nose that probably had been broken on more than one occasion and several days growth. His clothes were dusty, his boots were military issues and well worn. Probably his own, by the way he had tied the laces. Therefore this fella was ex-military. I changed his name from Dumber to Corporal. Made a mental note to find out exactly who he was when he was at home, and what he did for a living. My bet was he had been watching here for a few days.As the sun started to set Dumb and the Corporal started to pack up. I could hear snippets of quiet talk. The basic gist was that Dumb was complaining, and Corporal was telling him to shut up and do the job in silence. I got the distinct impression this wasn’t a partnership, but a forced working relationship. They quietly set off towards the motorbikes. I waited quietly for a few minutes before I heard the engines of the 2 bikes come to life, and move off the way I had come in along the lane earlier that afternoon.I got up from my hide and went over to their observation post, casting around looking for clues to their identity that may have been dropped or had fallen out of their clothing. The smell of the lunchtime meal still lingered. Nothing to give me a clue was to be seen other than tiny pieces of paper torn up. I collected all that I could in the fading light, and headed back to the truck.õõýõõ
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