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Well, today was going to be the last day I could be at my sister-in-law's house "taking care" of the animals since she was due back home tomorrow. So I left a little earlier than normal. Tammy noticed I was early, but didn't mind. She look like she just got out of bed when she came outside, but the dogs came bounding out of the house behind her, so I guessed she had been enjoying as much of her last day alone as well. She took me by the hand and led me to the barn. I took off my clothes as she went out and brought in Toby, the mini horse. She told me she didn't want to put on a show, just get right down to it. Tammy got right down under toby and coaxed his cock from his sheath and started to blow him, she took her mouth off long enough to tell me to get down with her and get going. She raised her hot ass in the air and I slid my already hard cockinto her ass. She was in heaven with as much of Toby's cock as she could get down her throat and my nine inches in her ass. We had been going at it for about ten minutes when I heard something, turning my head I just froze! There was Tracy, Tammy's mother in the doorway! I could only imagine what was going through her mind. Her daughter with a horse's cock down her throat and her brother-in-law's cock in her ass. Tammy about choked when she looked and saw her mom standing there! But Tracy didn't say a word, then I saw that she had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her tits with other! Tammy started to say something when Tracy just walked over to us and smiled! She said she thought something like this was going on with Tammy and the animals, but never thought I would be part of it all too. She then knelt down and took Toby's cock in her hand and started to stroke it. She let out a moan at the feel of his hard two foot tool in her hand. Then, with no hesitation, she leaned forward and started sucking on it. Tammy and I were just staring at her kinda shocked! Tracy stopped long enough to say that she grew up with horses and had done this for years as a young adult, then looking at me, she said she didn't mind my being there at all, at least I wasn't some punk kid she wouldn't like! Then she pushed me back so she could get a look at my dick,which she said was wonderful! Then she went back to Toby's cock. Sucking deep into her throat, giving him a blowjob that I was jealous over! Next thing I knew, Tammy was helping her mom take off her shirt and bra, exposing perfect 42DD tits that swayed back and forth with each stroke of Toby's cock. I helped her out of her jeans and panties and just tossed them aside with my clothes. I was staring at the most perfect ass I had ever seen in my life, and just went down and started to lick her pussy and ass from behind. I happened to notice Tammy had layed down and was sucking on Tracy's tits( I found out later that all the kids were adopted, Tracy couldn't have kids of her own) While Tracy was rubbing her pussy and sucking on Toby's cock. I had just started to f*ck Tracy when in came Max and Josh. I decided to let them have their turn with Tracy and enjoy a show for a while. Josh went right up to Tracy and started to lick on her pussy while Max went around and started to lick on Tammy's sweet pussy. Both women were really getting off on the tongue action they were receiving from the dogs as Josh mounted Tracy! He found his mark quickly and was humping like mad. I noticed that both dogs had fairly large cocks themselves. Both well over the ten inch mark, and Josh was giving her every inch of it. I watched as his knot swelled up to about the size of a baseball and he was determined to lock up with his new bitch! Tracy could barely keep Toby's cock in her mouth, she was getting pushed so hard. Then she cried out when Josh Finally got his knot in and was locked in her pussy! She was just about to cry out in her orgasm when Toby unleashed his massive load into her mouth and down her throat! She gagged at first at the unexpected flood of horse cum, but quickly started to swallow as much as she could. What she didn't swallow, Tammy caught it in her own waiting mouth below her. When Toby finally finished, I decided it was my turn to get some action. I pushed Max away from Tammy's very wet pussy and got down and easily slid my hard cock in. I was pumping hard and fast when Tracy got up and straddled Tammy's face, letting her suck the dog cum from her well f*cked pussy. I had Tammy's legs up on my shoul;ders and was going as deep as I could when out of nowhere, Max jumped up and was trying to mount me!! Before I could do much, his cock had found my own asshole and he pumped his cock deep into me. It hurt like hell and I heard Tracy say "good boy" as he kept pumping inch after inch of dog cock into me! Max pushing on me was forcing me deeper and harder into Tammy, Who was crying out her orgasms louder than ever! Fortunately, Max could get his knot into me, but that didn't stop him from f*cking me for all he was worth. I felt his already huge cock swell even bigger, then stream after stream of dog cum being shot into my ass. At the time Max was filling my ass with cum, I was unloading the largest load I ever had deep into Tammy's pussy! Max unmounted me and I started to get off Tammy, when Tracy got down and started sucking Max's juice from my ass. This actually kept me hard as steel, and when Tracy was done, I figured it was her turn to get her ass reamed out. I pushed he back onto her hands and knees and shoved my cock into her ass and f*cked her as hard as I could. She kept cumming over and over from the reaming I was giving her. As I was shooting my load into her, we noticed Tammy was Taking care of her pussy again with Toby's huge cock! For the rest of the day, all we did was suck and f*ck every which way we knew. I even allowed Josh to have his turn with my ass so Tammy could see what she missed the first time. When I left, I found out Tracy was leaving her husband and that I could come over anytime I wanted.Let me know what you think about this story and the rest of the series. Thanx
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