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In one of k9 fantasies i imagine a woman turning to a dog to satisfy her unfulfilled sexual desires. I imagine it being 1864 during the civil war. Kate's husband has gone off to fight and hasn't been home for 3 years. With all the men away, few woman have any male companionship. I Kate struggling to get by. She hires herself out to older women, helping them work their farms and households. Her current employer also owns a dog who helps by protecting the livestock. One night, desperate for some sexual companionship, she decides to initiate a sexual encounter with the dog. At night she sneaks away from the house carrying a lanternand goes into the barn where the dog is kept for the night. She proceeds to remove her clothes and gets down on all fours. The dog immediately knows what she wants and mounts her. She enjoys the sex and begins coming back every night. Eventually her employer finds out. She's disgusted and throws her off the property. However Kate can't keep away, and sneaks back onto the property for more sex. The woman once again finds out and threatens to shoot her next time. The woman talks about it with other people in town. So when Kate goes to town, she's shunned and looked at with scorn. However one widow woman decides to take advantage of this. She arrives at Kate's door with a male dog. She then offers Kate the opportunity to be with him for a price. When the widow asks for 2 US dollars. Kate pleads that it's two much. So the widow leaves. However the widow returns a few weeks and again offers Kate the dog for just a dollar. This time Kate accepts the offer. However when Kate tries to walk away with the dog. However the widow doesn't trust Kate and she tells her that she will have to mate in her presence. Kate objects at first, but she realizes the widow is serious so Kate reluctantly agrees. The widow isn't interested by this at all, and just stands looking away there while they mate. Once finished, the widow immediately takes the dog back to the wagon. She tells Kate she'll be back next week. This goes on for a while. At one point the widow raises the price to 2$, and Kate tries to barter the price down. The widow however is adamant, so Kate pays the 2$This goes on untill Kate's husband finally returns.
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