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Pet Lovers Forum Stories--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Teacher & Wife's StoriesAnother Species - StoryThis is our latest adventure. We've posted before about how we've partied with friends, and how Susan has entertained our dog, Erik. If, after reading this, you'd like us to repost our early stories, let us know.Susan (my lovely redhead) and I wound up promising to watch our friend's apartment while they were in Europe. This consisted in going over each day, watering the plants, feeding their surly cat, and feeding their pig. Oh, and we got to use the pool table. We had never been around a pig before, was this was a fine pig. Gus is a Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig. They are supposed to stay small and cuddly, but sometimes don't. This one was sixty or eighty pounds, but had a nice disposition. He had the additional fine attribute of being house broken. He really seemed to be delighted to see us each day. After shooting a few games of pool, we were relaxing in the living room when Gus came in, and laid down. "Look at that," Susan exclaimed, "His dick is curly!" "You didn't know that?" I asked. "No, and I don't think you did either," she answered, as she went over to take a closer look. That's the problem with engineers, if they don't know something, they think no one else does either. OK, I didn't know, but she shouldn't assume it. It wasn't actually all curly, but the tip of it definitely had a few twists to it. She kneeled down and looked at it. She really looks great kneeling. "Why don't you touch it?" I asked. She gave me a look like she was taking up my dare, and moved her finger around it, moving the curled part around. "Why don't you give it a little suck, and see what happens?" I asked. "That's perverse!" she replied. "Wait a minute," I reasoned, "you've sucked our dog. How is that different. We're talking mammal here. This here pig is probably cleaned than your general dog, don't you think? Go ahead, do it. If you don't you'll probably always wonder about it." She thought about it, and yielded to my logic. I can't believe how easy it is getting to talk her into things. I got a semi as she leaned over and licked his penis. "Taste like dog," she said. She planted some wet kisses on the tip, and finally took it into her mouth. After a few minutes she stopped, and took at look at it. It looked the same, except wet, and Gus didn't seem worked up at all. "Now I feel foolish. I've sunk to sucking on pig dick, and I can't even get the pig turned on." I had an answer for her. "Well, he may not know what's going on. Pigs may not have much in the way of imagination, he may not know you're giving him sex. I think you should approach it like a female pig would," I told her, "take you clothing off, and get in position piggy-style, and see what he does. If he's not interested, I'm sure I would be, so your effort will not be wasted." Once again, my logic was unassailable. Susan disrobed. I disrobed. Gus stayed where he was, looking on with apparent disinterest. Susan pulled over the foot-stool, and kneeled before it, bending over, and placed her chest on it. That had result. Gus must have decided what this wall all about, and came around behind her. He placed his hoofs(?) on each side of her, and pressed his groin into her ass. "I can't believe I'm doing this! Oh, Oh, Oh," she said, "He's in!" "What's it feel like?" I asked. With some panting (from both of them), she answered me. "He's pretty skinny, but it feels like the damn thing is moving around by itself in there! I'm sure it is. Oh! Yes! Yes! This is so weird! Can't talk now." I watched in disbelief as my wife copulated with a fucking pig. I think she eventually had a small orgasm. I know the pig did. Even when Susan fucked three of our male friends and I at the same time, she didn't have as much cum pumped into her as Gus deposited. I don't know if he had been saving it up his whole life, or if pigs just have a lot to offer, but he sure did cum. It was a lot thicker than human sperm, and a whole lot thicker than dog sperm.We had a tough time cleaning it out of the rug. We realized later that this was the first non-human to fuck her pussy. She had never taken our dog Erik there. We'll have to think about that. He's used to the blow jobs, so he may not even want to.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 A Different ThreesomeMy wife and I have been excited by the thought of a threesome for a long time now, but we didn't know how to go about it. Susan is 28, 5 foot 7 inches, great runner's legs, and a red head. She has smallish breasts, and great nipples. She usually goes without a bra, and enjoys it when she catches guys staring at her nipples. I'm 34, and we've been married for six years. She's an engineer, and I teach Science at the Junior High level. We have no children yet, and have our own home. For the last couple of years, we've shared stories we've found on the internet or in "men's" magazines about couples who invite a single male to join them in satisfying the wife. This usually leads to some great lovemaking. Susan and I agreed we just had to try this, at least once. The first time, we tried with a friend of mine. We decided it wasn't safe to do it with anyone either of us worked with, as it could ruin our reputations. James was perfect; He had flirted with Susan for years, he was attractive, and he lived out of town. We started out with drinks, and my wife wore short white shorts, bare feet, and a really thin T-shirt, which showed off her pert tits and nipples to perfection. James enjoyed the show, but when it grew late, he announced he had to leave. Neither Susan or I were able to come right out and put into words what we were interested in, and James just didn't pick up on what we were offering him.After he left, we finished the wine, and went to bed. Susan didn't have much clothing to take off, and we were both horny and a bit frustrated. I was half-hard from the excitement of what we were trying to do earlier, and she was wet, so it didn't take much foreplay before she was on her back, on the bed, and I sunk my mid-size prick into her slippery pussy. "This would be a lot better if I had another cock to play with," she said."Well, we'll definitely have to come up with another candidate, soon," I answered, as I established a slow rhythm. In our haste to relieve our sexual build-up, we had forgotten to close the bedroom door. Soon, we heard the padding of Erik, our red Irish Setter down the hall. He entered the room, and jumped up on the bed with us. "Well, there is your other cock," I teased, "He must have heard you!" "You bastard! You know that's not what I had in mind." Susan replied. We kidded back and forth about Erik as our third. We joked about how he was probably horny, wouldn't gossip about it around the water cooler, and we both liked him. We looked over at him, as he lay next to us, at the foot of the bed. Susan said, "Well, I don't even know if he'd be interested, or if I would either. Maybe I should check this out." With that, she extended her bare foot to the dog's leg, and lifted it, revealing Erik's maleness to our gaze. His penis was covered by a furry sheath. Susan moved her foot to his genitalia, and rubbed his ball sack and sheath with her toes. At first I was stunned, then amazed, then I noticed I had grown harder inside her. That stunned me, and seemed to turn her on more. We stared in amazement as the tip of his penis emerged from the sheath. It grew as Susan squeezed it with her toes. It was 4 or 5 inches long, a lot more red than a man's penis, and pointed at the tip. It seemed thick for its length. She would use her toes, then rub the penis with the bottom of her foot, then back to the toes. I couldn't believe that she was masturbating a dog cock with her foot. I could tell from the fuck motions of her hips that she was really getting into this. Just then, Erik stood up. I thought our little game was over, and he was going to jump off the bed. Instead, he walked up and licked Susan's face. "That's enough flirting. Now that you got your extra cock, what do you want to do with it?" I asked. "I don't know," Susan replied, "I hadn't ever thought about Erik sexually. I admit I thought it was really kinky to rub him, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind for a threesome." "Well damn Honey, you can't just get a guy all worked up, and leave him like that! It's not fair!" I told her. She started stroking his penis with her hand as she thought about it. Erik stood there with his tongue hanging out, panting. She told me that I felt too good inside her, and she didn't want me to pull out, and maybe not like what the dog had to offer. I told her that if that was the case, there was only one solution. She thought about that for a second, then being a bright girl, she understood what I meant. Her eyes went wide, and she looked at me unblinking for a minute. I smiled, and nodded. "I don't know if I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror tomorrow, but if you're into it, I'm turned on enough to give it a try." She told me. Then, to Erik, "OK, big boy, move over here." She pushed on the dog's tail, and Erik stepped over her face. I've never been as hard as I was at the moment she raised her head off the pillow, and touched his penis with the end of her tongue. There seemed to be a drop of pre-cum on his tip, which she licked off. Another drop formed, and she also licked that off. I placed some pillows under her head, so she would be comfortable, and I brushed her soft red hair away from her face, so I could better watch the show. Soon, she was taking his entire prick into her sucking mouth, and Erik was humping her mouth. Susan really was enjoying getting fucked in both ends, I was totally into the depravity of the scene, and Erik seemed quite pleased also. The base of his organ became swollen, but his human lover had no trouble fitting her sexy lips over him. I came in her sweet pussy moments before our dog emptied his balls into my wife's mouth. His movements became erratic, and she lost contact momentarily, allowing me to see dog cum on my wife's lovely face. As I grew soft inside her, Erik jumped off the bed, and began licking his own cock. We both laughed really hard at that. Later, she told me that his cum was hotter than mine, he had dumped an amazingly large amount in her mouth, and it was thinner than a man's. When I asked her how it tasted, she said, "kind of gamy, and salty, but I could get used to it, I guess." I guess she will.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Susan Gets Us UpThis was posted late night last week. We've had a minor adventure after this one, if you're interested.Having a great orgasm with Jeffery and I, Susan was up for round 2, but us guys needed to wait. She asked what she could do to speed up the process, and Jeffery suggested, "I bet if we could watch you with Erik again, we'd be ready to go in no time." Susan blushed. Erik is our dog. If you've never seen a redhead blush, it's pretty impressive. With her head down, she nodded yes. I could feel myself get a semi immediately. My leggy naked wife laid down on the bed, assumed the missionary position. I opened the door and called our loyal setter. Erik bounded into the room. He spotted Susan on the bed, and knowing what that means, with tail wagging, he jumped onto the bed. Wasting no time, he moved up to the top of the bed, ignoring his mistresses red-trimmed pussy, and plopped his hindquarters over her face. Susan announced, with some exasperation, "this damn animal has a one track mind!" She started playing with his penis with her hand. As it started emerging from his sheath, she started to drag her wet tongue along it. Some drops of pre-cum formed on the tip of his dick. Susan made sure to lick it off. I noticed that this obscene display was having the same effect on Jeffery as it was having on me; we were both hard. We both climbed onto the bed to get a closer view.As Erik's dick grew harder, he took the initiative to stick it into Susan's mouth, and started fucking. Susan had told me that he didn't seem to like her sucking, but seemed to like it when she kept her mouth around his dog dick, and used her tongue. Erik kept up his unvarying pace. I could see Susan move her legs about, sometimes lifting both her sexy feet off the sheet, and bouncing them back down. I couldn't tell if this was from excitement, or from some reaction of having the animal's cock go too deep in the throat. In any event, after perhaps fifteen minutes, Erik's pace finally changed, and we could see Susan's throat mussels work, as she swallowed her pet's cum. She didn't get to swallow it all, however. Before he finished, he slipped out once, and she took a shot on the face before lifting her head to get it back in. As Erik neared completion, he sat down, thrusting less, and pushed his knot past her lips. She kept it inside for a little while, but finally it was too much for her, and she opened up, moved her face away, and gagged a little. Jeffery was on her at once, and started fucking her pussy. He was so excited he didn't seen to realize she still had dog cum on her face, and returned her kisses. Perhaps he didn't care. He came quick. I took my turn next. I came quick. Susan came quick. We noticed Erik sleeping on the rug.Let us know if you would like to hear of our earlier experiences.This story is part of White Shadow's Nasty Stories. You may also want to visit:Erotic Top 100 Story Sites Sexy Top 100 Stories
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