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I'm curious; not really a fan of the "Penthouse Forum" type letters -- obviously fake stuff just doesn't work for me. I'm an avid fan, however, of REAL stories, particularly of the "first time" variety.So I was wondering how y'all spot a fake? This can serve double purpose -- to satisfy curiousity and to help future story writers write more realistic stories.Without further ado, things that usually make me think the story is a fake:* No woman I've ever met or known has called her vagina a "love hole". Ever.* I've never, EVER seen or heard of a dog howling when he comes. They just pant and look distracted...* I've only ever seen a dog growl before sex once, and that was at another dog. I've never ever seen a dog growl at a human to say "hold still, human, I'm gonna f*** you!"* Only the largest of large dog breeds, on average, have penises as large or larger than a human male's. The knot, of course, is an exception to that.* It's pretty damn rare for a doggy to "find his mark" on the first try. From what I've seen, dogs try to mount a person's HEAD before they'll try the usual "doggy style." After they've done that once, they usually "figure it out." But the old "I drop the soap and when I bent over..." story doesn't really fly so well.What can you add to this list? Could be fun
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