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I was 30, and married at the time to a hunter. He had 25 different hunting dogs.You couldnt go anywhere in the yard or house without one of them being under foot. I am a 5-5inch tall blond 110lbs woman, and the dogs were all large breed dogs. One afternoon Tom and I were at the table finishing dinner when he noticed one of the dogs licking his sheath covered cock. He said out of the blue I sure would love to see you doing that to his cock. I was shocked at first told him if he wanted to see that he could just do it himself. Needless to say that wasnt what Tom had on his mind. He said really I want to watch you and one of these dogs. All through the evening I was giving thought to what he wanted me to do. Before long I was noticing that I was getting wet just at the thought of doing a dog. That night I took a long bath thinking about sucking on the dogs cock, wondering what it would taste like. wondering how it would feel in my mouth. I almost came just thinking about it. After the bath Tom was watching tv, the hound still in the middle of the floor. Naked I walked passed Tom straight for the hound. I started rubbing his long body, then working my hand to the sheath covered cock. I gently started jacking him until his cock was rock hard. His cock was long and the knot was the size of a tennis ball. I looked at Tom and he was in shock. I then started licking the shaft all over teasing the tip with my tongue. I placed my mouth over his dick and took it all to the knot. Watching Tom the whole time. I started sucking faster and harder wanting the dog to cum. Wanting his cum. NEEDING his cum. My pussy was dripping wet. The dog was humping my mouth wildly. Then he shot my mouth full of his cum. It caused me to cum without being touched. I just kept cumming. The dog stopped humping my mouth but I couldnt stop sucking that wonderful cock. Toms eyes were even glazed over. I told him to let in another dog that I wanted more dog cock. I needed to suck another one. Two came in I got both of them hard in no time and went to feasting on one then the other. Tom took one of them behind me and helped him on my back guiding the dogs cock into my already soaked cunt. I was on fire. He fucked me hard and really fast while I was blowing the other dogs dick. They both came almost at the same time. I clamped the dogs cock in my pussy taking his large knot. I lost count of the times that I got off. I swallowed the other dogs cum and started licking his balls and cleaning his dick. Still knotted Tom shoved his cock in my mouth and he dumped his load almost at once. I sucked his balls and cleaned his cock as well. The dog unknotted me and I came one more time. Then just fell to the floor not able to move. For the past 10 years now I still crave dog cock. Tom is an exhusband now but thats fine. I will tell of the second time with the dogs next time if you all want to hear it. Thanks Dottie
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