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This really isn't a fully fleshed out story like the last one was, but more of a short outline. I wrote it for a Live Journal community that deals with taboo fantasies and thought I would post it here as well.I have a fantasy that I come downstairs after taking a shower, wearing only a towel. Iím grabbed from behind by an intruder and quickly blindfolded, my towel pulled away from my body. My hands are tied behind my back. Iím pushed towards the couch and made to sit on the edge of it, legs spread wide. I hear a curious clicking sound and then I feel the softness of fur against my legs. I try to pull away, try to close my legs, but Iím not allowed to. Iím made to sit there, horrified and humiliated, as the dog begins to sniff and then lick between my legs. I can tell by the sounds in the room that there is more than one person and also that my violation is being filmed or photographed. Iím even more horrified by my reaction as I start to become aroused by the long, leisurely licks of his tongue. Iím positioned to give him even greater access and he begins to tongue-f*** me, trying to get at the delicious-smelling juices moistening my cunt. Against my will I begin to moan, and I hear laughter as they realize that I am enjoying myself, despite the tears that are soaking my blindfold. To my eternal shame an orgasm begins to build, and I begin pushing my crotch towards the dogís seeking tongue. If my hands were free I would pull my pussy lips apart to get more of him, but my movements are limited, to my great frustration.Finally I scream as the orgasm hits, wave after wave of pleasure, while the dog continues to lap frantically at my pussy. Finally, my orgasm is done and though I am far too sensitive to withstand the dogís tongue any longer, he is allowed to keep licking. I beg for them to make him stop and finally they take pity upon me. Or so I think. Iím pulled off the couch and made to lay on the ground, on my knees. My face is pushed into the carpet because my hands are tied behind my back. Frantic, I realize theyíre going to allow the dog to f*** me, and I start to beg and plead, but to no avail. My legs are spread wide and the dog mounts me. As I cry for mercy, the dogís gigantic penis is directed towards my sopping cunt, and he thrusts in deeply. My cries of distress become cries of pleasure as he begins to f*** me, hard and fast. I am on the verge of yet another orgasm when I feel the knot. Alarmed, I frantically try to scoot away from the dog, but the intruder holds me still while I struggle to keep the dog from knotting me. Then, there is an intense feeling that borders on pain as the dog pushes his knot inside me. I scream as yet another overwhelming orgasm takes me. After the knot shrinks and the dog pulls out of me, my bindings are cut and I am warned in no uncertain terms that I am not to get up for five minutes after they leave. I lay there, sobbing and shaken, wondering what the hell had just happened, and how I could have enjoyed it so much. I am disgusted with myself, even as I realize Iíd never had feelings as intense as that having sex with a man. After a few minutes have passed, I shakily get to my feet and stagger back upstairs to take another shower.
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