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It was a spring day and I had along with a friend been traveling. We came into a small town and decided to take a break and have a bite to eat,freshen up and spend some time looking around town. After we ate I decided totake a walk down the main street,while my friend said he wanted to get some gas in the car and check out a store he'd seen. The decision was made that we'd meet back at the coffee shop in a hour. As I walked alomg the street,I came across the local realty office and in looking at the posted listings noticed something of interest . It was a ranch property of some 1500 acres. Out of curioity I went in to the office and asked about it. The realtor told me that the property had been on the market for some time because of the fact it was a very isolated site. This drew my attention and I asked how isolated? He said that the main buildings on the ranch were several miles off the main road and that to get to them you had to cross a bridge over a large creek. I asked if he had any pictures of the place and he pulled out the file and showed me a shot of the place taken from the air. The main buildings were in a very sheltered area,with trees on three sides. Off on one side I saw what looked like a canyon and he said that it was a small box cayon,used to hold livestock. The realtor said the owner was getting on and wanted to move into town. I took his card and a copy of the listing and said I maybe interested in seeing the property and would get back to him. My friend and I met and started off again. I told him about the ranch site and he too became curious about it and agreed to take a look at it soon. A week later we made arrangements to view the property with the realtor. We drove out for an hour,before turning onto the road leading to the property. The realtor noted that this was the start of the property and it was a "priviate" road. It took us another half hour to get to the main house and other buildings. The place needed some clean up,but the structures were sound. As we had climbed a ways,we noticed that while from below the house and buildings were not visable,however one could look out from the yard and see the road leading up. The realtor showed us around and noted that there was a good water supply and the place had it's own indipentant pwer source as well. We also took a look at the box cayon area and were told thast the property went for some distance beyond. The price was reasonable and we said that we were interested,as it would suit our need. A place where we could enjoy our furry friends in a secure and safe location,a place to be one with nature. A "Breakfast and Beast".
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