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here's another story for all those who wanted to see more of my writing. hope you all enjoy it, its more down to earth and less poetic than the first, but hopefully good nonetheless. enjoy! ~The Open Plain~By meIt was a warm, breezy autumn afternoon. I laid in the shade of a low-limbed, but wide-canopied tree; the golden rays from the early setting sun warm and soothing on my fur. The tall grass was tastefully in season, dancing like waves on the ocean as the wind tossed them about. I watched out over the lake that lie in the middle of the meadow, the sunlight shimmering mesmerisingly on it like billions of little topaz gems. This meadow sure was peaceful, nobody around to bother you, no noise except the music of nature, and the warm sun....oh, the warm sun... I sprawled out and stretched as hard as I could, soaking in all the warmth I could get before the light vanished below the far mountains. It wasn't long before a familiar feeling came over me. My eyes grew heavy, my heart beat in euphoric monotone, sleep was upon me; I had been traveling since sunrise, and had simply stopped to rest in the best place I could find. So far, this homely plain fit the whole "best place" description; it felt just like home, even though I was far from it. I think i'll just...*yawn*....sleep here tonight.., I told myself. No reason not to, there wasn't anyone around to stop me anyways. I stretched hard once again, shifted into a more comfortable position, and closed my eyes. Just as I began to slip peacefully into nothingness, I heard a great whinny break the wind's soft lullaby. It was like getting cold water thrown on my head, yet it was...a very pleasant surprise! I blinked hard, trying to clear the sleepy haze from my eyes. When I succeded in doing this, I had trouble trying to decide whether I wanted to believe them or not. A white horse was standing near the lake's shore, radiant as the sunset itself! She was the most beautiful mare I had ever seen! But, why was she here? Was she travelling too? No, she couldn't have been...all the land surrounding this place were really dusty and desert-like. I looked at my own fur, which was lightly airbrushed with dust, yet she was perfectly clean from head to hoof, her ivory colored mane and tail and silky white coat spotless. After what seemed like an eternity of looking at each her, she came trotting gracefully over to me. I wanted to get up, but my legs quivered from a mix of surprise, the nervousness of a first meeting, and sheer bliss. She approached me softly, her hooves barely making any noise as she came to a halt right in front of me. Her soft eyes glistened like the surface of the lake, her mane streaming sliently with the flow of the breeze. What caught my eye next was a circular, gold pendant she wore around her neck. It was inscribed with some sort of ancient writing, the chain shining lustrously in the afternoon light. "Well well, what's this?" she said. I jumped up immediately, standing bolt upright; whether it was from hormone or nerve was something I couldn't tell. I stuttered clumsily, " uh...was just stopping to...sleep here, I didn't mean to intrude or know, If these are your lands..." She smiled lightly. "No, no, they aren't mine either, I just saw you sleeping here all by yourself, and I thought that you might like some company," She paused with a quizzical look, "You...don't mind, do you?" I shook my head 'no' silently, I wanted to say something, but couldn't find any words. She whisked her tail around and flicked her ears, her serene expression returning to her face. "Well that's good, I could use some company myself. Care to take a walk with me, or no?" I once again shook my head, 'yes' this time, my words still stuck in my throat. She was stunningly beautiful, capturing my heart in the most tender and innocent of ways, and at the same time sparking a brutally raw urge to . She turned around and gestured me on. I followed without any hesitation. We walked by the water's edge, listening to the small waves lapping soflty onto the bank. Finally, she broke the silence. "Not one of many words, are you?" she asked me. The butterflies in my stomach had worn off by now, it sort of felt like I had known her since the beginning of was a strange feeling, but a good one nonetheless. I didn't know where she came from or who she was, but I knew how I felt for her already. "Well, its just're very sexy," I said without thinking. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what I had just blurted out, my face flushed and grew hot. She stopped in mid-step, mouth open. She glanced sideways at me with a mixed expression of confusion and shock, and also much to my surprise, a smug smile. I scrambled to find the right words to say. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say know, that way...." There was a few seconds of akward silence while she thought of what to say. I felt like just banging my head on a tree for talking to such a regal, sophisticated-looking mare in that way, but it was after all nothing but the truth. She was something special, that was for sure. She broke the uncomfortable silence with a few soft words and a lighthearted giggle. "Wow....hehe, I...never thought you'd come right out and say something like that..." It felt as if I had swallowed a boulder, and it had just hit the bottom of my stomach. I had just ruined what was just a few minutes ago a good start to a relationship. I hoped she didn't take too much offense to it. "Look, I'm really sorry about that, I really didn't mean for it to come out that way," I said. She jumped in quickly. "No, it's...ok." She laughed again. "Well at least I know how you feel about me now!" All I could do was smile uneasily. "Oh come on, lighten up! You take things way too seriously." I stood there, wondering what she meant. "You mean you don't mind my rudeness?" I asked. She shook her head. "No, not really, I didn't think that was rude at was...sweet of you to say it." I was surprised; she looked like royalty, but obviously had no problem with dirty talk. She turned to look at me head on now. "As a matter of fact, I have something to tell you're pretty good looking yourself." My heart jumped. She liked me! Maybe I still had a shot at being hers after all. She continued, "I know this is getting morbidly curious, but would you know..." This couldn't be happening, it was all too perfect, a beautiful sunset backdrop, not a soul in sight, and a dreamy mare in front of me proposing a few fun and games? I thought about it, then decided I didn't care why this was happening, I was just glad it was. "Absolutely..." I said hazily, once more without thinking. Her eyes lit up, a thin smile crossed her velvety lips. She turned around and lifted up her tail, shifting it to one side. My eyes stayed fixed on her pink pussy, already wet and dripping with her sensuous juices. "Let's see what you've got, big guy," she said provocatively. I couldn't resist, it was now or never, and the situation could'nt be more perfect! I approached her backside, and lowered my nose to her spot. Reaching my tounge out, I began to lick her clean. She whinnied lightly as I moved my tounge in and out of her. In, out, in, out; she was very hot on the inside, I had never felt (or tasted) anything like her before. I felt my cock begin to swell and drop down, slowly getting longer and thicker with every heartbeat. Again and again I slid my tounge into her, tasting her deliciously dreamy insides. "Ohhh, ohh, ohh, that was good..." she said, panting. "Now...your turn." I wondered what she was going to do, but I honestly didn't care. Whatever she wanted, she could bring it on. She turned around and stood beside me, facing the opposite direction. She lowered her head between my legs and licked my tip. A sharp tingle surged up my back and through my rear, making me as hard as I had ever been before. My cock was throbbing, pounding, aching to be thrusted into her, but for now, I just enjoyed what she had for me. Her soft, wet, tounge and lips caressed every inch of me, sliding lushously up and down my raging hard shaft and over my balls and rear, leaving me dripping precum and saliva. "You ready?" she asked. I was ready as ever. I stamped and reared, desperately telling her yes, so she turned back again and lifted her tail high, and spread her legs, her pussy wet and waiting for me. Not wasting any time, I jumped up and mounted her soft back. It wan't long at all before I had found her treasure. I pushed into her hard, my thick shaft gliding in with a satisfying *schlop*. She squealed from the impact, and nearly fell down face first, but I refrained from pushing until she could get used to it. It was a tight fit, but she seemed to be making out just fine. She huffed and whinnied, and slowly began to push back against me. I returned her favors with my own thrusts, sliding deeply in and out of her warm, wet pussy. In and out of her I moved with long, sensuous strokes; I could feel her getting nearer to orgasm. She squeezed harder and harder, nearly trying to pull the cum out of me. I felt a powerful orgasm well up from deep in my bowels, making my legs weak with pleasure. I nieghed loudly and pushed into her as deep as I could. My cock flared and filled her pussy tightly, a massive load of cum erupting from me, the hot, pulsing sensation coursing through my viens. I kept pushing and pushing, the cum gushing out of me like a river. She came just as hard as I did, clamping and huffing, breathing hard and sweating. Her pushing finally slowed; I slowly pulled my cock out of her, the big, massive end still flared out and dripping with cum. It fell back between my legs and hung thickly, and leaking idly. We were both worn out and breathing hard, but were very much alive. We licked each other clean once more as we savored the warm afterglow of our 'horse play,' then laid down together. I laid my head against hers, the the breeze cool against all the wet spots on our bodies. "You know," I said, panting, "you never did tell me your name." She looked at me with a serious, yet comforting gaze and said, "Calyph." We fell asleep together right there and then as the red sun set, both knowing that we had done something far greater than just make love that day. We had fallen in love. I drifted off to sleep with my head draped across her back, wondering who exactly this mysterious mare was and where she came from, but more importantly, what the future would hold for us.lemme know how you liked it, a simple thank you is always appreciated ~DH
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