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Part 1: I use to work at the OKC zoo (worked in concessions as a runner) and got to know most of the pep that worked there including the keepers. One day one of the keepers asked me if I wanted to see a tiger close up. I said sure. He took me to the cage where they were getting ready to put our big male tiger down for his checkup. I couldn't believe it. I was just feet from him. I could tell he didn't like being in the holding cage the way he was pacing. Then he saw me and stopped. facing me. I could see and hear him as he tried to get my scent being some one he had never seen close up before even tho I often watched him from afar. He shocked me when he chuffed softly. Suddenly he roared out turning and slapping at a poll. While he was paying attention to me they stuck him in his butt. I was so mad. I didn't want him to think I had anything to do with it. A short time later he was out. I was pleased when they let me stay. They even let me help pull him out. The first time I had ever even touched a big cat. I helped with his back end. For that matter the way they had me holding him my wrist had his balls rubbing on them. My friend noted that I kept looking down at them. I blushed and said they are huge. He laughed out loud and they did their tests When they finally got done he said that the tiger would be sleeping for a while and they don't like to leave animals that have been drugged alone and would have me to stay and watch him. I couldn't believe it and nodded. After every one had left I found me a chair and sat next to him and just looked. not believing what I had done today. My gaze kept going to his butt as I remembered the way his fur felt on my wrist while we moved him and wondered. I looked at his head. He looked the same. They had told me that he would probably sleep for 2 hours. I looked around saw and heard no one. So I reached into the cage and touched his balls gently. When he didn't responded I let out a sigh of relieve. I can't tell you how scared I was. I sat there just stroking the fur around his bits and sheath. After some time. I can't tell you how long. I remembered pep talking about how cats have spines on their tool and I got to wondering. I looked at his face and he was still sleeping. So I moved to his sheath and stroked it wondering how to get a look at his tool. I could feel it inside. for that matter it seemed like his sheath was getting wormer and the tool bigger as I stroked his sheath. I still couldn't believe it. I not only touched a tiger and played with his bits. I was going to find out if they really had spines. I kept up my stroking. watching closely for him to peek out of his sheath. I can't say how I felt when I saw the tip of his tool. the small rounded tip. just barely peeking out. I let our a ragged sigh and slide my hand down his sheath and over the opening just barely touching his tip. I couldn't believe what happened. He quivered as more of his tool came out and I sat there looking at his pink tool. Then I almost died as I looked up. While he was quivering he also had brought up his head and he was looking right at me. He was with in a foot of my hand. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I just new that if I moved he would take my arm off for I was leaning on the bars of his cage and couldn't easily just fall back. Then he lowed his head and he started smelling around. His nose touched my hand and he licked it. Then he licked his tool and looked at me. He did it again and looked at me. I watched. I was so scared. I decided I would have to try and remove my hand. The next time he looked at me and wasn't looking at my hand I started to pull it out. You wouldn't believe how fast something as big as a tiger can move. I JUST NEW MY HAND WAS GONE. It was in his mouth. I could feel his teeth. even his tongue. I hate to say it but I made a mess on my self at this point. But he just held it. He looked at me again and lowed his head letting go of my hand. It hurt but I didn't see any blood and it seemed all right. He looked at me again. Then he lowed his head and licked my hand and then his sheath again. I was beginning to believe he wanted me to do something and I was finding hard to believe what I was thinking. I wondered if I should try and pull my hand out again. Soon I new some one was going to come walking in. I lowered my hand resting it on his balls again. He seemed pleased as he lifted his leg a bit more but he then humped my hand He seemed to want more than just my hand on his balls so I started to stoke them and as any one that has seen a cat knows that means his sheath too. There was no doubt of his pleasure. His tool came further out I could see the first 3/4 of it. The first 1/2 or so was tapered. As I looked closer I could see the fabled spines about a halve inch from the tip. The spines seemed to be about a inch wide. As I looked to the base of his tool I could see that he wasn't all the way out as I could see skin still tucked into his sheath. At this point he felt I had looked long enough and growled at me. Again I hesitated but then moved my stroking of his furry balls and sheath to his fur-less tool. I couldn't believe how it felt so smooth. It wasn't hard at all. As I moved my hand around it it bent. I let the tool slide though my hand and as I stroked him his spines sided over my palm I felt them. And there was no doubt so did he. He grunted. There was some thing like a jerk in my hand and he was now full sized. There was nothing folded back in his sheath. His breathing was faster and he was looking at me in a way so that I just new that I had better go all the way. I looked down as I started stroking his tool with some gusto trying to judge how fast and hard to keep him happy. I seemed to being doing it just right. And it didn't take long. Suddenly his head flew forward and he started licking my hand and at the same time I felt his tool starting to seep and his balls to quiver. Then as I watched I felt the power of his tool as he started cumming. The first squirt sprayed all the way up his belly. chest and face (as he had it down there) and after the first squirt he kept cumming. He was only dribbling but with each pulse of his tool. I watched his white seed come out and dribble down his tool onto my hand where it would help lubricate him as I kept stroking him. Finally he seem to have used up all his seed as there were a few throbbing. But he seemed to be spent. He laid back looking at me and I glanced down at his tool as it seemed to fold itself back into the sheath. I gave his bits one last stroke and grope and removed my hand with no protest this time. I lifted it to my nose and smelled its musky smell and licked it wondering what it tasted like. I leaned my chair back against the wall and just watched him. still wondering if it was a dream. Just about that time my friend came in and asked how things were going. I just said he's awake now. He said good. As I watched the tiger got up chuffed at him and turned his butt to him. He slid his hand under his tail turned his head and looked at me and grinned.
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