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"You are sleeping in your cage tonight" i hear Master say. "From tonight (Friday) for the whole weekend youwill be on your hands and knees just as My lovely bitch should be". I curl up inside the cage wondering whereall this is going........Master has never spoken to me like this before."Wake up bitch!". My head does not register the command. A cupful of cold water quickly brings me to reality."Crawl out here bitch and eat what I have put in your bowl". Side by side are 2 bowls. One has a meaty mixturein it and the other has water. "This is what my bitch will eat all weekend" my Master tells me.No hands are allowed and there is quite a bit of mess over the floor and over my face. "Lick the food off the floor" orders Master, "I do not want to see any food or you will be punished".After this has been completed to Master's satisfaction I am ordered to crawl to the shower and get inside, still on hands and knees. "I have to make sure My bitch is washed and clean like a good bitch should be" says Master as He liberally soaps and scrubs His pet, paying particular attention to the breasts, cunt and arse.Master has laid out a very small skirt and top and has told me to get dressed whilst kneeling. I beg Master tobe allowed to go to the toilet. By this time I am bursting. "No" He says. I start sobbing because I am terrified Iwill disgrace myself. Master places my collar around my neck and clips on the lovely chain leash.He pulls on the leash and I follow Him obediently outside where He stops under a tree. "Squat here and piss onthe grass like a good bitch should" He said. I spread my legs as wide as I can and whoosh I can't hold it in any longer. "Now sniff it and lick it like the good bitch you are" says Master."Wait here bitch". I wait while Master reverses the car. He then tells me to crawl into the car and up onto the backseat. "Lie down bitch". He grabs the end of the leash and loops it over the handbrake.After what seems like an hour I glimpse tall gates which we turn into, then down a long driveway.Master pulls up the car and gets out and after 10 minutes comes and gets me."Ok bitch, out you jump" He says.I obey and am on hands and knees facing Him while He holds the leash."Bitch, this is a very exclusive dog stud farm where members of a very secret club bring their dogs and bitches forservicing. But it is unlike any stud farm you could possibly imagine. The only bitch being serviced here this week-end will be you" Master explains. "You may now get up for a short while and look around until I order you backon your hands and knees".I can see rows of what must be kennels and hear dogs barking. There must be at least two dozen or more.We walk through another set of gates which are electrified when required. What on earth is this place keeping outor in?We walk through another gate into an enclosure. To the left must be the rows of kennels from where I could hearbarking. To the right is an undercover area partitioned off where men are sitting and talking and another areawhich is carpeted and scattered with cushions of all sizes and shapes.Master walks me over to the carpeted area, tells me to undress and kneel."These are your instructions bitch and I want you to listen carefully" says Master. "This area here is where you will stay for the next two days on your hands and knees. You will service any and every dog that wants to fuckyou. You will not refuse any dog, for refusal will bring punishment. You are available day and night as the dogsare let out for their stud duties. You will masturbate, fondle and perform oral on the dogs whenever required to get them in the mood. If at any time the dogs do not want to mate with you then you may lie on your side, but, at all times must you have your cunt exposed to them. If you fall asleep and a dog wants to service you then I orany of the men sitting here watching will wake you by dragging you up by the hair. You are the only bitch on service duty here this weekend so it is up to you to satisfy as many dogs that want to fuck you in the next two days. Day and night. You will not piss or defecate without permission, and you will eat and drink what you are given in your two bowls. You will not speak, but will raise your hand until I acknowledge you. The men watch-ing are owners of dogs here and may help the dog to mount you. Also any of the men here can fuck you at any time they please whether you are being serviced by a dog or not. Someone will be watching you at all times to make sure as many dogs as possible will lock with you. You are My bitch and as such you will make availableany hole the dog chooses to put his cock into, cunt or arse. You will immediately drop your head and back, spread wide your legs and raise your arse up into the air to make entry for the dog as easy as possible.Do you understand my instructions?"Yes Master I reply meekly, for this is a side of Master I have never seen before.Watch this space for the next installment.
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