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1st time post hope u like Tammy,The Twines & Me Thru The Eyes Of A Dog Let me introduce myself:Im Tippy,a german shepherd,i stand waist hi to the average man weighting 150 lbs.Have black hair with white on my chest down to my belly,my hips & butt areas are black,reddish brown & white mixure,quit hansome unh,o yea my tail is black with a white tip ,thats where i get my name. I live in a small desert community, my owners home has a fenced in back yard, sometimes they chain me up. The chain is attach to a brick that i pull around.O the brick?Keep me from jumping the fence. There are 3 boys that live here too, the chain comes off after everone has left. On an adventure,i found myself 2 houses down.Tammy lives here, average girl,blond with an hr glass figure weighting about 110 lbs, nice boob.She was washing her horse,wearing short shorts & bikini top ,it was hot, so was she,padded my head saying "good morring boy,nice day for a ride".She finished, thru a blanket on the horse, grabbing the main pulled herself up,saying"bye you better go home ill be gone awhile".She road off into the desert.Laying around in the frount yard under bushes,i heard horses down the street, i peeked out,the twins heading for the desert.Humm, short shorts & bikini tops.I followed to high big bushes & large mounds of dirt.They had tied there horses next to another,Tammys.Curiosity got the best of me for it killed the cat not the dog.Crawing up the dirt mound taking a peek, clear area a blanket, layed out,& the girls were dancing around to music playing low.They were rubbing around & gropping each other.Then a top flew off,it was Tammys,the twins started touching her, one started sucking a tit.The other tops came off as Tammy droped her shorts.Still dancing around the twins where as Tammy lay down squirming.The twins droped there shorts & panties as they went down to Tammy,yea, Tammy did not have any panty on.One took her tit in her mouth the other lay atop her with her pussy on Tammys face & her face in Tammys pussy. Sounds of moaning & growing came from the girls,that & be excited i had crawed out to far slipping & rolling down to the girl.They all 3 screamed.I stood there just as scared as they were,in the middle looking at the girls, knowing that the stick was a coming for a good beaten. The twins to one side all huddle up together looking like 2 big eyed deers caught in the cars headlights,Tammy on her hands & knees looking at me.Her eyes changed from fear to hunger as she moved towards me looking at my backside.I looked back & my dick was out & bright red."Easy boy" as she scrawled slowly up & started pedding My head,back sides,belly.Then something i never had felt before, jumping looking back,she had my dick in her hands.I was close to her as,took a sniff,wow, what a smell i took a lick, an other,as i started to rut up under her leg to get closer,dick still firmly in her hands,felling real good,SMACK!! A twin hit me,i jumped back pulling my dick away growed showing my theeth,as Tammy shouted"no dont". The twin back off rehuddling with the other,Tammy came back over & started pedding me back to my dick again.But no i wanted to get to that pussy,that tast,far better then any other bitch i have ever had.Jumping around to her back, sniffin & licking i went.Deep up in side, O the tast what a tast,then i back off.Look at her,on her hand & knees,she looked back at me, wigging & padded her ass saying "come on boy get you some".I jumped up on her back jabbing & humping away.Tammy was moaning loudly,all wet from my precom & her juices,when i felt the spot!! Thats it, feet frimly planted,paws good grip,pulling & thrust forward as hard as i can,a very loud moan/grown.Its in to the knot & im not stopping for nothing.Humping,pumping away at her pussy,my dicks starting to swell i can feal it,the knot is growing to fasts as it smacks her time after time,it wont go in.Her moans/ growns are getting week as i keep hammering away. Shes starting to fall, one last thrust as she collaspes to the ground.There i stood, dick just a swing squirting everwhere. "Look at the size of that thing,the color?Purple?I wished i had a camera",i heard a twin say.I walk over to Tammy to clean her up,juices everwhere,shes a mess.I started licking her thighs, enjoying the tast when SMACK a twin hit me again, i ran to the opening an stood there as the twins ran over to Tammy helping her set up still moaning/growing.She looked at me saying "more"but the twines would have no more of this as the shooed me away. Looking one last time,Tammys eyes,wanting more,me too.That twin ill get her & wont hold back, they may look alike but the dont smell alike for i know that smell ill get the right one.Back home i go,my dicks gone back down now ,no ones home,up an over the fence i go to my favorite place to lay an clean up.O that tast is so good,now, to think on how to get more & that twin what to do? Where,when? Soon!!!!hope u like
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