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This is my first try at story writing let me know what you think. Danm whats wrong with this car now I said to my self as it sputtered to a stop. Just great out in the middle of nowhere, Well I'am glad I have a cell phone "What no service" youv'e got to be kidding me. I did see a farmhouse about a half mile back with a light on. I'll walk back and see if I can use thier phone. Why did I have to wear these danm 3 1/2" heels today? It is bad enough that my boss wants me to dress sexy with short skirts and tight tops, which I don't mind I do have a great body so I'm told. But these shoes are killingmy feet. Finaly after walking for 40 minutes I came to the driveway of the farm. "NO TRESSPASSING & BEWARE OF DOGS the sign at the end of the driveway said. Oh great I thouhgt whats next. I decided to go up anyway what choice did I have?As I got closer to the house I started to hear dogs barking The next thing I knew ther where three of the meanest looking dogs I have ever seen running straight for me. I just froze and started to tremble with fear not knowing if they would tear me apart. They begain to circl me, and the big gray one that looked like a wolf came right up to me and put his nose up under my skirt. I was so scared that I didn't move, even when he started to lick my inner thighs. I just started to cry. "Get away I cried". Well Well what do we have here? a voice said. Then an old man about 70 walked around in front of me. He was very skinny and kind of rough looking." Mister please make hin stop I pleaded". Why it looks like you might like it he laughed back!! No I don't I cried, Please make him stop. You maybe don't like it now but you will so enough he said. "You sure are one hot looking piece of ass he said" What I couldn't belive he said that. Why did I have to wear this short of a skirt and this tight blouse that really showed off my 34C"s. Damn my boss anyway!!. The old man then said " Boys you really got a catch this time". Then he grabbed my arm and lead me up to the barn with the dogs following close behind. I was so frightened that I didn't even try to fight. When we got to the barn the dogs started to get all excited, barking and jumping all around. They where rubbing up against me and licking at my legs, I wish I had worn pantyhose today but instead I just wore a thong with no stockings. I didn't know what was going to happen to me!!. The old man then pushed me into the barn and I stumbled and fell down. Right away the dogs were on me, licking at my face and between my legs. I tried to close my legs and cover my face, But the old man hit me with a switch. then telling me "You better spread um if you know whats good for you". I coul feel the dogs rough tongue licking right thruogh the thin material of my thong. I tried to fight the feeling it was giving me, But it was no use and I started to move my hips and moan in pleasure, It has been so long since I've had my pussy licked it felt so good. The old men grabed me and pulled me up. "Get them cloths off missy " he said. "NO I won't said. "Oh yes you will" he said as he hit me with his switch again. " Ouch!!!" that hurts I cried. Then get them there cloths off now or you will feel it again he said. I started to turn away from him and take my shirt off when I felt the switch agianst my ass. Turn around so I can wacth he said. I was now standing in front of this old man and his three dogs forced to get totaly naked. " WOW that is one fine body" the old man said making me blush. You sure will be the star of the show he said. What did he meen I wondered? Now get down on your hands and knees he told me. Why I asked? He just lifted his switch and I knew what that meant so I dropped to the dirt floor on my hands and knees. "Good you learn fast" he said. She all yours Gray he said. And the big gray dog came over and started to lick me from behind. "No make him stop" I pleaded. But it only took a few swipes of his hot rough tonuge to get the pleasure going agian !!! In no time at all I was wetter than I've ever been and I was moaning with pleasure as Gray skillfully licked my pussy. The next thing I knew Gray was on top of me trying to mount me. "NO NO whats he doing I screamed" get him off me I begaun to cry. I then felt something hot and hard jab between my legs."NO NO Please stop him. I heard the old man laugh just as Gray thrust foward and sank his cock into my pussy. "Ahhhhhh" I cried it's to big, It's to I tried to crawl away. But Gray just moved with me pushing more of his big cock into me. He really started to fuck me now slamming all of his 11" cock into me, All the way to my cervix. Never before had I been so fuul of cock!!! " Oh god it felt soooo gooood!!!"I begain to thrust back to meet his thrusts. The old man was now standing in front of me with his hard cock in his hand." Suck my cock" he said as he pushed it to my lips, I opened my mouth without a fight and he slid his slimmy cock in. " Now show me how good a cocksucker you are" he said. I begain to suck his cock in time to Gray's thrusts. I was lost in the pleasure till he shoved his cock down my throat and I begain to chock and couldn't breath. The old man pulled his cock out of my throatand said that I would need to be traine dto swallow cock, He the pushed it back in telling me to relax my throat muscles and to breath thru my nose. I couldn't think with Gray pounding my pussy so hard and deep. I felt the old man push his cock into my throat agian, And this time I did what he said and relaxed my throat muscles and his cock slid right down my throat. " Thats it girly your doin it now" he said. And in just a few strocks he started to cum down my throat, I started to cum when felt his hot cum shooting out of his cock, never before had sucking a cock made me cum. Then Gray started to cum also shooting his hot seed right into my cervix and I begain to cum agian and agian like i've never cum before the pleasure I was recieving was like nothing I've felt before. Before the night was over I learned to fuck and suck all three dogs and the old man Bill too. I don't know how many times they had me but it seemed to go on for ever. At one point I noticed old Bill with a video camara filming me sucking one of the dogs cocks, It didn't even bother me now because I loved what I was doing. He told me to take it all and I let it slid right down my throat, I started to cum agian just felling a hot cock in my throat!! I don't know how long it went on but I woke up next to Gray in the morning and my pussy and ass were sore and my mouth was sticky with dog cum.What had happened to me, why did I do all those things without a fight I don't know. What have I become I wondered as I looked over and saw Gray's cock sticking out of his sheath, I couldn't resist and I begain to suck it. All I wanted was to taste his hot cum agian!!! My life has now been changed forever. I quit my job and moved up here with old Bill and the dogs. Im a 23 year old dog slut and I love it!!! Old Bill puts on shows in the barn on Saturday nights and I am the Star of the show. Hope to see you ther sometime. Cause your invited. Love Carrie
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