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Hello everyone. Here is the third story of Wolf and my wife. This one I wrote as if she were telling it. Hope you enjoy. Pausing for a moment, I tilted my head back and looked up at the sun. It was early Spring and the sun hadn't gotten uncomfortably hot yet, just warm enough to feel really delicious through the thin dress I wore. I had been working in the flower bed all morning, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing my roses. Buds had just started peeping out on a few of the stems, and I couldn't wait till they were in full bloom. Dropping my head, I pulled my work gloves off and with one bare hand, wiped the sheen of sweat off my forehead. It was getting on toward late afternoon and I knew Dave would be home before to much longer. He had gone fishing this morning, and I found myself hoping he had caught a few. A fresh fish dinner would sure taste good tonight I thought. A big, devilish smile spread across my face as I thought, and afterward, I might just give my fisherman a little desert. That idea caused my pussy to start tingling, and I could feel a little moisture starting to soak my thin panties, as I thought about Dave's face buried between my legs, his tongue lapping at my hard clit. My breathing quickened as I pictured our naked bodies there on our big king sized bed. My hands crept up and cupped my full breasts. I had not bothered putting on a bra this morning, so I had no trouble feeling my nipples harden into small strawberries beneath my fingers. I pinced each of them to make them even harder and moaned at the exquisite pain this caused. Finally, I shook my head, chastising myself for getting sidetracked from the job at hand. I put my glove back on and once more bent over to pull some more of those stubborn weeds. I had only been at it a few minutes when suddenly I felt something press against my pantied bottom. My dress was really short to start with, and had really ridden up while I had been bending over weeding the flowerbed. Busy with the task at hand and thoughts of what Dave and I were going to be doing that night, I hadn't heard Wolf as he eased up behind me, poking his head beneath my dress and nosing me in the butt. Startled, I jumped up and whirled around. Wolf was looking up at me with what I swear was a big grin on his face. "Young man, you are in so much trouble," I mock scolded, shaking a finger down at him. He seemed to lose the grin on his face, and dropped his head thinking I was mad at him. I broke into a laugh and knelt down taking his face in my hands and nuzzling his cheek. "You just liked the smell of my pussy, didn't you sweetie?" I murmured as I began to scratch him around the ears, and began to pet his head and neck. Wolf is a Heinz 57 that Dave had gotten as a puppy, just a little wriggling ball of fur at the time. But Wolf grew and grew until now he was huge, weighing around 90 pounds or so. Dave later told me that he had deliberately picked the biggest puppy in the litter with the idea in mind of introducing him into our love making sessions one day when he was grown. I had balked when he first told me that he wanted to watch Wolf have sex with me. There was no way that I was going to let him do that to me. After all, "nice" women didn't do that kind of thing, not to mention the fact that it was perverted. There was a dozen other reasons that I had refused as well. I might get some kind of disease, or he would hurt me some way like biting me or scratching me. Then there was the idea of his knot. I knew that dogs had a knot that tied them to the female when they mated and it took a while for it to go down. I sure wasn't about to take that knot inside me, I thought at the time. Little did I know how good it would actually feel. As Wolf grew, Dave was constantly on me to touch Wolf, to hold him close to my naked body. He read stories to me of dogs mating with women. I still refused to make his fantasies come true, but little by little I began to wonder what it would feel like. I would sneak glances down at Wolf's "equipment" when no one was looking and try to imagine what it would be like buried inside me. I would start breathing harder as I pictured Wolf's long, hard body draped across me, his forelegs clamping me tight, as he thrust fast and hard inside my pussy. I would start to get wet, and as time went by, REALLY wet. Wolf passed his first birthday. He was sexually mature but still I refused to give in, though I wasn't fighting as hard either. To make a long story short, one night I asked Dave to tie me up. I made sure he understood what I meant when I said it. I began to gush liquid as I watched Dave put the ropes on the bedposts and start to get everything ready. Several times I almost backed out, but I was past the point of no return. I think that by now, I wanted it almost as much as Dave did. My legs were getting weaker and I began to shake, not with fear, although I was a little apprehensive, but with excitement. Dave said he wanted to take it slow, so both Wolf and I could get used to each other. Tonight he said, all he would do would be to try to get Wolf to lick me. Many times as Wolf grew up, I would see his tongue hanging out on warm days. I pictured it once more, long and wide. A shiver ran the length of my spine as I wondered what it was going to feel like sliding between my pussy lips and over my clit. Finally, everything was ready. Dave had aked me not to take a bath, thinking that the intensified odor of my pussy would make it easier to get Wolf to lick me. Dave came to me and put his arms around me. He drew me close as his lips covered mine in a deep kiss that gave me butterflys in the pit of my stomach, or again, maybe it was just from the thoughts of what would soon happen. Dave started to slowly take my clothes off. He lifted my tee shirt over my head and dropped it to the foor. Then he slid my pants down and I stepped out of them. His lips covered mine in another deep kiss as my nipples began to harden in the cool air. Then my panties were shoved down, and I stood there naked. Daves mouth moved from mine to my right nipple, taking it in and gently biting it. I arched my back so he coudld take more of my breast in and suck on it. Suddenly, I found myself wanting this to happen. the breath caught in my throat, and I couldn't wait. I backed away and quickly laid down in the center of the bed, spreading my arms and legs, waiting and even eager to be tied up. Dave was in as big of a hurry as I was. Quickly he ripped his clothes off, and reached for the first rope. I looked down at his cock and it was already hard as steel, pointing straight up and even had a drop of precum leaking from the tip. I felt the first strap encircle my wrist, the ties being knotted, then my arm being stretched tight and being tied to the rope at the corner post. Dave went around the bed and a moment later my other arm was stretched out and tied. Next came my ankles, pulled wide and fastened to each of the bottom bed posts. I was now tied in a spread eagle position, my legs wide apart so my pussy was exposed. Hopefully, Wolf would soon have his tongue down there. I was literally panting by now, and my body seemed to be on fire. I was totally unaware that my hips had began to gyrate on their own in anticipation of what was coming. After tying me, Dave stopped for a moment to veiw his handywork, then leaning over my pussy, he took my clit in his mouth and began to suck on it. My body came off the bed at the wonderful feeling of his tongue sliding over me, and I couldn't help but wonder how Wolfe's tongue was going to feel if Dave's felt this good. Finally, he arose and pulled the blanket over me so Wolf's claws wouldn't scratch me when he jumped up on the bed. With a last look at me, Dave went to the living room door and called for Wolf. I can still stop this I thought. All I have to do is say I have changed my mind, but no, I really couldn't do that--I didn't WANT to do that. I heard the click of Wolf's nails as he walked across the flor. I couldn't see him, but I could feel his presence in the room, and my heart began to beat even faster and my breathing quickened. Then Dave called for Wolf to jump on the bed. His voice was breaking with excitement as he did it. The bed gave and Wolf was up and between my legs. I could tell he wondered what was going on as Dave pulled the cover back down--and suddenly, there I was, totally naked, totally wet, and totally horney. Wolf looked down at me, but just stood there. Of course, he had no idea of what to do. Dave got up on the bed and leaning over me, slid two fingers deep inside my pussy getting them very wet. Then he held them up to Wolf's mouth. At first he just smelled of them, then took a tentative lick. Dave slid his fingers inside me again, getting more of my juice. This time Wolf took a big lick and after that he would really go to town each time Dave would dip his fingers inside me and hold them up to Wolf's mouth. At last Dave started to move his fingers closer and closer to my pussy until the back of his hand was brushing my pubic hair. I could feel Wolf's hot breath on me now. At last Dave took my pussy in both hands and spread it wide. Wolf acted just like he knew exactly what to do. His head lowered and his huge tongue snaked out and lapped me from my pussy lips all the way up and over my clit. I nearly came unglued with the wonderful feeling that crashed throughout my body. Quickly Wolf began to lick me, and I soon found out how big that tongue really was as it actually slid up inside me as he licked up my gushing juices. Suddenly I had an orgasm that I thought was going to tear my body apart, and then another almost on top of that one, as Wolf's rough tongue slid over my clit again and again. After what seemed like hours, Wolf finally backed away and stood there, just looking down at me. Dave quickly untied my legs and slid a couple of pillows under my hips. Now what to do, that was the question. Finally, Dave took Wolf's forelegs and gently put one on each side of my body. This brought Wolf's sheath near the entrance to my pussy, but his cock wasn't out, and Wolf was just standing there. Dave then slid his hand under Wolf's belly and gently began to stroke his cock. Immediately it started sliding out, and Wolf began to hump. As he did, Dave guided the lengthening cock toward my entrance.l I felt precum spray me as it got close, then the heat of his cock as it touched my inner thigh. Dave adjusted his aim, and suddenly I felt Wolf's hot dick deep inside my pussy. I arched my back and pulled my knees as far back as I could and spread them as wide apart as I could so I could get his cock even deeper inside me. The feeling was unbelievable. Dave had said that a dogs temperature was hotter than a humans, but I had no idea how hot. Now Wolf's cock seemed to burn inside me and I could feel the entire length of him as he slid in and out of me. I couldn't believe how deep he was going, and I kept raising my hips trying to get him in even deeper. Sensations were pouring into my brain from all over and from inside my body, threatening to overload my circuits causing me to explode. I felt the fur on his belly rubbing against mine, his head was down against my breasts as he drove that hot dick into me faster and faster. His tongue was hanging out and it lapped against my nipples making it feel almost as if he were sucking on them. I could feel his front legs clasping tightly against my sides, and for some reson, that made me even hotter. Down below, I could feel his balls slapping hard against my bottom as he drove himself even harder and deeper inside me. Then I felt something that I knew could only be his knot getting bigger and trying to enter me. I knew if it did, then we would probably be tied till it went down, and for a moment I started to panic. Then I felt Dave's hand slide between that knot trying to enter me and my pussy. Now the knot could not enter me and I began to relax again. Orgasm after orgasm washed over me and I just lay back and gave myself up to the feelings I was experencing. It wasn't long before I found myself wanting Dave to remove his hand and let that ball of hot flesh slide on into me. I suddenly wanted to be tied to Wolf, to feel that knot deep inside me allowing Wolf's cock to penetrate me deeper yet. But before I could say anything, I felt Wolf tense up and then he was cumming. Again, his heat was greater than a human, so that I could actually feel each spurt of molton lava as it filled me. Wolf seemed to cum forever, much more than Dave ever did, and I had one last orgasm as Wolf pulled out and, jumping off the bed, went to a corner of the room and laid down to clean himself. As for Dave, he had had all he could stand. Jumping between my legs, he buried himself all the way inside me in one thrust. Wildly he began to f**k me, pounding his dick hard inside me. A minute later he also exploded, mixing his juices with those that Wolf had left inside me. The next time I f***** Wolf, I wasn't tied up, and if anything, I was even more excited than I was the first time. I knew that this time, I wanted to feel Wolf's knot slip inside my body. It was easier this time to get Wolf to lick me until I could stand it no longer and then to get him to bury that hot rod inside me. Again, the orgasms washed over me, but this time when I felt that hot hunk of flesh bumping against my pussy lips, I just relaxed and allowed him to shove it on inside me. I couldn't believe the feeling. Wolf's cock was deeper than it had ever been, but now he couldn't withdraw because his knot was continuing to grow ever larger. Now he was kind of rocking back ad forth, and it was driving me crazy, because every time he tried to withdraw, his knot bumped my G-spot, then it seemed his dick would drive even deeper inside my belly. Finally, he tensed and I felt jolt after hot jolt of burning liquid hit my insides, but this time his cum couldn't leak out because his knot had the entrance to my pussy blocked. His cum felt almost scalding as it continued to fill me up. Skyrockets were going off behind my eyes and I just kept crying out in ectasy. Wolf tried to dismount, but Dave held him in place until his knot went down enough to slide out of me. When it did, it seemed a gallon of cum poured out. Even before I was empty, Dave was on top of me and buried to the hilt, fucking me with an intensity that he had never done before. This time when he came, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, his orgasm hit him so hard. I knew that Wolf was going to be a part of our lovemaking from then on. And it has been, I thought as I looked down fondly at Wolf. "I don't think Dave would mind if we started without him," I told Wolf out loud. He seemed to understand what I said and kind of whuffed an agreement. Turning, I led Wolf into the house and into the bedroom. He took one leap and was in the middle of the bed, then he turned and looked at me as if asking what was keeping me. I laughed as I slipped out of my dress. My braless breasts swayed and the nipples quickly began to harden in excitement. I slid my panties down, and when I did, even I could smell my excitement coming from my ready pussy. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide so that Wolf could get his tongue inside me. He wasted no time in lapping at me, his tongue sliding deep in my pussy to get at my juices. It only took a moment for my first orgasm to hit me like a bolt of lightening. This time when Wolf started slowing down, I pulled away and turned over, getting on my hands and knees. This had become one of my favorite positions, and I think a favorite for Wolf also. He didn't need any encouragement to mount me, his front legs hooking around in front of my hips and pulling me backward as his cock drove forward. The first couple of times he missed my entrance, but the third time he was right on target. His hard, hot dick, slipped inside me, and then on the next lunge he was buried all the way in my belly. I could feel his hairy balls against my bottom as he began to hump me. His cock slid easily in and out, seeming to reach deeper inside me on each thrust. I pushed my hips back each time trying to get him deeper, moaning at the wonderful full feelings I was experiencing. It seemed that I just kept cuming over and over. I could feel the fur on Wolf's stomach sliding over my back each time like velvet. Then his knot was sliding inside, and growing larger until it blocked the entrance to my pussy. his strokes got shorter, but more powerful, and I went off into another mind shattering orgasm as his knot continued to bounce against my G-spot. Then he ws tensing up and once more I could feel Wolf's red hot cum spurting against my insides filling me up untill my belly felt bloated. We had this routine down by now, so I just relaxed. Wolf tried to dismount, and turned around so that we were butt to butt. Patiently we waited for his knot to go down. And that is how Dave found us a few minutes later. We smiled at each other, and I watched as his clothes flew off. I looked down at his hard cock, and couldn't wait till Wolf's knot was out of me so that Dave could take his place and fill me up again. While we waited, I crooked my finger for him to come over to me and smiled as I opened my mouth and took his hard dick deep inside. HMMM!!!!!! A nice hard dick inside my mouth and hard cock buried deep inside my pussy, what more could a girl ask for ??? Hope ya'll enjoyed this story as much as I enjoy writing them. I love to picture the scenes unfolding in my mind as the words fly across the screen. Sometimes I can swear I can hear Mrs. TJ moaning, and smell her excited pussy.
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