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____________________________ | | /)| KRISTEN'S BOOKSHELF |(\ / )| DIRECTORIES |( \ __( (|____________________________|) )__ ((( \ \ > /_) ( \ < / / ))) (\\\ \ \_/ / \ \_/ / ///) \ / \ / \ _/ \_ / / / \ \o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo The 'Bookshelf collection' offers a very wide variety of oo stories. They have been submitted by people from all over the oo world. Also from (Newsgroups). There is no oo particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- oo betical directories. oo I donít believe in categorizing things. "I donít want to oo be typed therefore I donít type things myself." I think itís oo a lot more fun to browse around and find 'little' surprises oo that you might not have even thought of looking for. oo Lest we forget!!! This story was produced as adult en- oo tertainment and should not be read by minors. Kristen oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oDog Lover (F, dog)by AnonymousFirst published by "The Editor" Chapter 1 Rhonda Baker lay prone across the queen-sized, walnut-framed waterbed on her belly, her arms bent at the elbows, her beautiful young faceresting in her hands while she watched the Democratic convention on hertelevision set perched atop her antique dresser. Politics had neverappealed to her sense of justice, but on a hot summer afternoon thepaunchy-bellied frustrated lobbyists and their prissy wives paradingaround in sexless shirtwaist dressed before the cameras, helped pass thetime and add a few laughs on an otherwise uneventful day. Her shapely buttocks, covered only by a brief black bikini, jutted upproudly behind her at the base of her long tapering back and her legs werebent at the knees, her ankles clapping together in mid-air. The softAugust breeze blew the curtains aside and poured into the room, whiskingacross her nearly naked back like the tender touch of a lover, and the sunslanted to make golden stripes across the burgundy bedspread. And a dreary day it was, too, for Bob, her fiancee was on his way tothe airport, packed and ready to fly to Minneapolis for an interview withHoneywell Corporation, one of the best-paying corporations a fresh youngexecutive such as Bob could hope to work for. Travel, fringe benefits ...for wives, too, Rhonda thought with a smirk, hoping that unlike so many ofher recently graduated and married friends, she would not fall prey to thewife-supports-the-husband til-he-finds-a-job he-likes routine. Sometimesthat took years, and Rhonda was not the modern liberated, professionally-aggressive female. College, with its grueling routine of cramming forexams, trying to please art teacher's tastes and get a passing grade hadcured her of aspirations. Now, at twenty-three, she was perfectly contentlying in the sun in the afternoons, watching television, dressing andwaiting for Bob to come by. Sure ... soon she'd have to look for a job,but in the time being, she would indulge her own pleasures. Life was tooshort as it was ... The red haired lovely lay on her bed, dumbly watching the flickeringscreen, none of the political ploys and inter-party politics sinking intoher pretty skull. Tonight would be a long night, she knew. The firstnight since Bob had left for Minneapolis. Ten more sex-less nights infront of her before she could cuddle up into the protective circle of hisstrong arms and let him please her. Rhonda let out a long, heartlesssigh. Ten days in a cold bed alone was an eternity! Fortunately, hersister Sharon had come to stay with her for three weeks that overlappedBob's absence, and not by coincidence. Sharon ... Where was she now? wondered Rhonda dimly. Certainly theneighborhood was safe enough on a weekday afternoon with the playgroundand community swimming pool close by, for a pubescent thirteen year old towander around unescorted. But then one could never tell with all those crazies lurking thestreets ... Hmmm . .. four o'clock, mused Rhonda, watching her digitalalarm clock slip to the hour. Suddenly a smile broke out on the older sister's face. Maybe herlittle sister had met a boy, ridden off on his bicycle to the hamburgerhang-out, and was sipping a soda out of her shared straw ... Like a scenefrom one of those corny 1950's posters you saw in all the head-shopsdowntown. Sharon would be an easy shot for some young boy. She was aknockout with her platinum-tresses that hung half way down her back.Fresh as a model, Sharon was one of those girls who always appeared cleanand scrubbed in every situation and who carried herself with a femininegrace that often put her older sister to shame. Part of this could beascribed to her unusual hair. No one in the Baker family had been able tofigure out where it had come from, though a few guessed their Irishgrandmother might have jumped the fence once or twice, as the old sayinggoes ... something old Grandpa Baker never told his kids when they sat onhis knee and listened to family stories ... Sharon also dressed very stylishly, too, changing frequently to fither mood. She had been a perfect baby, and now she was a perfect younglady. In the last year she had suddenly sprouted up quite tall for herage, and then some, with enticing young breasts, a tiny waist and flat,flat, tummy, and long sleek slender, but well-turned legs which seemed toretain their tan longer than most girls' did. Added to this was her longJean Harlow hair but a prettier oval face than Jean had ever aspired to,with pert little upturned nose, bright blue eyes, and a small but sultrymouth. Yes, her little sister was a real princess. But Rhonda was not jealous of the girl, for her own attributesbrought a jealous chagrin from most women on the streets. Perhaps, thought Rhonda, if Bob were to have known my little sisterbetter --- thought of her as someone other than my little innocent sister--- he might have had eyes for her. Bob ... what a sweetheart! Ten days would be unbearable, thoughtRhonda with a frustrated whimper, as absentmindedly she watched apolitician peck his wife on the cheek in front of the television cameras.God, just thinking about Bob and his big hard cock made her want to closethe door and satisfy herself right there in front of the whole Democraticparty. Then the mental image of Bob's huge, warmly pulsating penis came intoher mind, as she dully watched a presidential nominee take to the podium.She tried to concentrate on the Southerners' speech, listening to him rantabout unemployment and the rising cost of living, but the mental pictureof that long, hard hunk of maleness refused to go away. She kept seeinghis thick shaft of virile flesh vividly, as if she could reach out andtouch it. The little tingling sensations had increased now and she couldfeel her nipples harden beneath the bikini top she wore. Now this is silly, she chided herself primly. He only left thisafternoon. But the vision of Bob's long hard cock remained in her mind, and itwas joined now by another image, a scene from their engagement party.Lying there, she remembered the occurrence clearly, very clearly andgraphically ... It had been a rainy night in April, and they had just come from adinner party at the home of one of Bob's ex-fraternity brothers who'dmarried a sorority sister of Rhonda's. They had laughed over old times,consuming plenty of wine as they reminisced, and she and Bob had had theirshare --- and then some. They had departed shortly after midnight for thedrive back to the Baker's home. She had sat very close to Bob on the drive, twirling the engagementring --- which she still wore --- feeling closer to him mentally than sheever had before. She even put her hand on his leg, stroking it gently butwithout any real sexual connotation. When they approached the lookoutpoint where young lovers were known to spend many an evening overlookingthe city's lights, Rhonda, feeling the effects of the wine, didn't object,she was in a responsive mood, and the idea of parking with her fiancee fora little light pre-marital kissing and petting did not seem in the leastwrong with her. Bob put his arm around her and drew her tight against him the momentthe car was stopped and the headlights switched off. He kissed her then,their mouths fusing with the ease of lovers, and she opened her lipsalmost eagerly to accept his probing tongue. Their tongues met and tastedone another, exchanging a lover's kiss. Bob's hands were restless on herback and shoulders, moving back and forth, up and down, around and overher low-cut white silk dress. Rhonda felt an almost overpowering surge ofdesire at the nearness, the intoxicating male odor of the man she loved;his kisses were eliciting a full and total response inside the bride-to-be, and when his moving hands gradually worked their way around to lightlycup her firm full breasts, she made no effort to stop him from doing so.Her mother had warned her against allowing Bob to become familiar beforetheir wedding night, (oh, if Mommy knew what her number one daughter wasdoing with her fiancee now!) but the closeness she felt for him at thatmagic moment transcended all the parental warnings and instilled taboos ofher Irish, Catholic upbringing. He began to caress her lushly ripened breasts in earnest then, as hiseager tongue probed in and out of her opened mouth. God, his gentle touchfelt so good on her! She wrapped her hands in his hair, kissing him evenmore passionately, and then his fingers had dipped inside the low-cutfront of her dress to slide inside her bra. The contact of his hand onher naked flesh thrilled Rhonda beyond recall, and before she knew it, shewas allowing him to unbutton the back of her dress and slip the garmentdown over her shoulders. His deft fingers found the catches on her bra,unsnapped them, and she felt a cool rush of air against her now-erectnipples as her firm white breasts were fully exposed to Bob's hungry gaze. He began to stroke her naked young breasts gently with his palms,rolling his hands over her perfectly-formed voluptuous mounds beforebringing them up to massage the hardened nipples. Taking the taut, dark-brown buds between the thumb and forefinger, he tweaked them into aquivering rigidity. Rhonda moaned with increasing fervor as Bob'scaresses wrung soft cries of delight from her throat; little shivers ofarousal began to course through her, and she had felt a warm wetness upbetween her legs speeding from her excitedly throbbing cunt. Even when Bob's head dipped down and his wetly heated lips encircledone of her erect little nipples, tongue swirling round and round thegoose-bumped areola, Rhonda didn't feel any panic. Even though this wasthe first time she had bared her breasts to a man, or had their nakednesskissed, the thought never entered her mind that what she was doing mightlead to uncontrollable passion. The young girl was with the man sheloved, and she felt safe, felt warm and somewhat drowsy, and very excitedas his gently sucking mouth moved like a hungry child's on her soft,pliant breasts. But then, suddenly, one of Bob's hands left her ripely quiveringbreasts and moved on down to stroke her thighs where the hem of her dresshad slipped up. His fingers hungrily traversed the silky soft skin of herinner thighs, then moved upward, sliding the dress still higher until thetips of his searching fingers were resting on her warmly moistened cuntalmound and the white silk of her panties were glistening in the palemoonlight which shone in through the car's windshield. Only then didRhonda feel the first stirrings of panic for Bob had groaned and clampedhis lips hard around her rigid nipple while his other hand squeezed andkneaded the resilient flesh of her naked young breasts. The squirmingyoung redhead felt confused, uncertain; she wanted to be rid of his moistwarm mouth on her bosom, his lusting touch on her bare flesh --- and yetshe didn't want to be free of it. For a moment, she was undecided, andthat was time enough for Bob to bunch her dress at her waist and begincaressing the smooth, flat plane of her exposed belly. His fingers had slipped inside the elastic waistband of her pantiesalmost before Rhonda realized what was happening, and suddenly he wastugging the flimsy material down, down over her pubic mound, sliding herpanties from under her nakedly quivering buttocks. The moist heat of hispalm pressed against her hair-covered pussy mound, and rippling waves oferotic pleasure threatened to blank the young girl's mind completely ofthe consequences of his actions. Gently, he insinuated his outstretchedmiddle finger into the soft, warm cuntal slit up between her thighs,parting her moistly sensitive cunt lips and probing at the thin hymenealmembrane which gave mute testimony to her unsullied reputation. Meanwhilehe was using his thumb to tweak the sensitive nub of her clitoris, teasingover it again and again and causing a sharp cry of commingled fear andintense pleasure to bubble out of her throat. Her hands in his hairtightened, pulling his head down harder against her breasts even as hervoice was repudiating her actions by moaning, "No, no, no!" over and over. A whispering, unmistakable sound had filled the car at that moment ---the sound of a zipper being pulled hurriedly down as Bob's hand left herbreast momentarily. Her eyes fluttered open in alarm and, in themoonlight, she saw for the first time an erect male organ quivering in allits awesome passion. Abruptly, the fear routed her lust so that there wasno longer a struggle going on inside her; the sight of his menacing blood-filled cock decided matters for the terrified young redhead. She had tostop him right now! "No!" she cried, trying to twist away from him on the seat. "Bob,for God's sake, don't! Wait a couple more months and we'll be married!" "Please, baby, please," he mumbled, his voice thick with the lustthat was reflected in his dark eyes. His hand was stoking the full lengthof his thick monstrous penis now, she could see that, and her efforts tofree herself became more panicky. Her aroused young fiancee was toostrong for her, however, and before she could escape she had been forcedback and down across the car seat. It was then Rhonda felt the hot headof his lust thickened penis touch her thigh, and she jumped from theelectric contact of pulsating hardness against her fevered skin. Groaningin his uncontrollable passion, Bob began forcing her now tightly closedlegs apart, and the frantically squirming girl could feel his greatpulsating cock trembling like an impossibly large wedge being driven intoand splitting a tinder-dry log. As he rammed it repeatedly against herpartially opened thighs. And then, as if in the throes of some consuming pain, Bob put both ofhis big hands on her nakedly quivering breasts, squeezing them painfullybefore lowering his head and planting hot, moist kisses upon the twinmounds, all the while murmuring like a madman, "Oh, oh, ohhhhhh, God,baby ... Oh, Jesus! I'm going to cum, honey. I can't help it!" She felt his hotly throbbing penis begin to jerk out of controlagainst her soft white thighs, felt a hot jetting spurt splash against theinnocent folds of her pussy --- another, and another, a whole series oferuptions that flooded her cuntal area and thighs with sticky semen thatflowed down to pool on the car seat beneath her. Bob had been mewling andconvulsively, twitching above her, planting those hot, liquid kisses onher still quivering breasts as his seed emptied out on his wildlyejaculating cock onto her naked flesh while she tried to force him off ofher ... Well that had been the beginning, she thought, as she now lay on thesquelching, gurgling water bed, staring the famous senator from Minnesotain the eye on the television set. What would you think, dear Senator, shesilently asked the gesticulating man on the screen, if you knew I waslaying her on my bed ready to play with myself? The thought was lewd,indecent and just too enticing to resist! Would you like to watch me? shethought as she flipped over on her back and let her hands roam over thehillocks of her curvaceous and golden tan body, the sixty-odd year oldface in front of her transforming into that of her twenty-five year oldlover now back in the Senator's home state of Minnesota. With a twinge ofdelightful irony, Rhonda found herself filled with the same kind oftingling arousal she had felt on that night with Bob. And oh, how variedand wonderful had their sex life become since that virginal night! If youonly knew, Mamma ... Her mind was beginning to drift with the same kind of mindlessexcitement, the same attitude Or not caring about the consequences as hermind carried her on to further heights of sexual fantasy --- to the feel ofBob's warmly pulsing penis inside her cunt, to the touch of his lips andhands on her naked flesh. She began to squirm in the growing passion onthe bed, and her wetly aroused cunt began to secrete its liquidexcitement, moistening her panties as it had that night in the car. Therewas a tender aching Up between her legs, and the need for release of herever-increasing passion was becoming too strong! Involuntarily, the young redhead's hands began to move down againalong her tautly rippling belly. Knowing what was about to happen, sheforced them up, but they immediately went back down again as if they werecontrolled by the hands of an invisible robot. The inside of her mouthwas dry, and she ran her tongue over her lips several times in an effortto rid herself of the arid taste. Oh God, this feels so fantastic, shethought dimly. If Bob were here now I'd fuck his head off! Oh, to feelhim inside of me, so hard and so anxious. But in that moment she didn't care what she was working herself upto. Her hands were moving sensuously around to her front now, movingacross the full firmness of her pliant young breasts. Gradually, shebegan opening and closing her legs as she massaged her sensitive mounds ofwarm flesh, the sound of the babbling politicians and their insipid wivesseeming to consume her very being. She watched, fascinated, her ownfingers began plucking at the snaps of her bikini bra top; but, findingthem too time consuming, gave up her attempt. Her hands traveled almostgreedily up and down her body now, over the bra-encased mounds of herbreasts, down to her throbbing pubic mound, across the smoothness of hertaut little brown belly. Rhonda was a tall young woman, with long slender model's legs andfully rounded hips and breasts, and her hands seemed to be seekingknowledge of every inch of her proportionately lovely flesh. She ran hernail teasingly over the area up between her thighs, arching her long limbsup and spreading them open to the delicious, forbidden delights which hercaresses were instilling within her body. Her mouth was parted, and herbrain was whirling with the heat of her growing lust; she flailed her headfrom side to side on the over-sized pillow, her long, red hair swirling ina tangled cascade of shimmering loveliness. The magazine she'd beenreading was kicked off the bed, as her hands continued their mad pace upand down, down and around, teasing her now-fevered flesh into even moreintense arousal, her brain alive with lewd thoughts of her fiancee's longhard penis sawing in and out of her wetly throbbing cunt ... Rhonda arched her back, her hands moving behind and under her toquickly unsnap the catches of her bikini top; she had to have her breastsfree, had to touch the rigid nipples without the encumbrance of clothing.She pulled the top off, tossed it to the floor beside the bed, and herhands hungrily engulfed the soft warmth of her alabaster mounds. Slowly,rhythmically, she began to roll the nipples back and forth, squeezing themand then releasing them, squeezing, then releasing ... The entire time she was thinking: No, no, this is wrong, it's sick!Rhonda Baker, masturbating like a teenage girl after she's read one of herDaddy's sex books. But God, it feels good! Her right hand left her nakedly quivering breast and moved slowlydown over her stomach to the elastic waistband of her panties. In spiteof her self-recrimination, her shame at what she was doing, she wasn'table to stop herself. There was only her urgency now, frantic need forrelease from the ever building whirlpools of passions inside hershamelessly aroused body. She was drawing her bikini bottoms down, drawing them sensuously overher pubic mound while her other hand continued to stroke the nipple of onebreast. She raised up on the bed, pulling the wisp of a garment down toher ankles, her eyes tightly shut, and then pulling them off completely sothat she was completely naked. She lay back again, one hand on herbreast, the other stroking first one thigh, then the other, carefullyavoiding for the moment the moist inferno of lust between her legs. Then,when she could stand the pressure no longer, her eager hand shot to thehotly pulsating folds of her pussy, and pressed against the wet sensitiveflesh there and she brought her legs up off the bed and splayed them wideapart. Her tight little pussy was opened wide now as she gently eased heroutstretched finger into her wetly pulsating cunt. She imagined it was Bob's hand, his finger touching her there,stroking her down there. She imagined it was he who was now caressing herhair-lined cuntal lips until they seemed to be swollen with blood, untilher clitoris was as hard as his cock was hard. She found her sensitivenerve bud with the tip of her searching finger and began to tease it backand forth, running the nail around the quivering tip until the delightcaused her to jackknife her legs back up against her chest, mashing herbreasts flat. Her buttocks, white moons of the softest, most flawlessflesh imaginable, jerked and twisted in completely wantonness under herfingering, and the resulting erotic sensations caused the sweat to beadand shine on her lust-grimacing face, matting her hematin hair to herscalp. OH, if only Bob were here! she groaned, through the daze of passionwhich controlled her brain. I wish he was here playing with my pussy ...I wish he was going to put his penis inside my cunt ... and fuck me, hard,harder until he came and so did I ... oh God, I want to cum so bad, so bad... Bob, Bob, hurry home, baby. Faster and faster, Rhonda's finger fucked into her moistly claspingcunt, deliberately teasing her clitoris and cuntal opening until herorgasm was only moments away. Her hips thrashed and pounded the waterbed,making it dip and sway in waves in rhythm to her own waves of pain-pleasure coursing through her sensitive flesh. There was no guilt, noshame for her in that frozen period of time; there was only the wonderful,rapturous feelings of impending climax which were filling her very soul. Her Irish Catholic Mamma was no threat to her now. Chapter 2 Slowly, as she struggled for her climax, an unwelcomed soundpenetrated Rhonda's lust filled brain: a knocking at the back door ...persistent ... almost angry knocking. Now who in the hell could that be?Oh, just a couple more minutes and I would have cum, thought Rhondaaggravated by the intrusion. Damn! she cursed under her breath, then quickly grasped her housecoatfrom the foot of the bed as she shivered maddeningly from the impassionedsensations still electrifying her loins. Who could it be? "Rhonda ... oh, Rhonnndaa!" came the unmistakable throaty femalevoice of her neighbor, Marla Cushing. "Damn it, Marla," Rhonda thought dejectedly as she slipped into therobe, hurriedly buttoned it and then gave her hair several quick pats. "Oh, there you are, honey," the voice gushed as Rhonda approached thekitchen door with a forced calm that belied the inner turmoil she felt. "I hope I didn't get you away from the TV?" the thirty-five year olddivorcee continued. Then, not waiting to be invited in, she opened thedoor, paused to let her German Shepherd enter first and then boldlystepped in herself. "No, that's all right. I was watching the convention and that'salways a bore," she lied. "That's good. I hate to be an intrusion," said the woman in a tonethat clearly indicated that she really wasn't. Her eyes traveled up andthen down her neighbor's scantily clad body. "I know you won't mind'll have time by yourself now that Bob is gone ..." "Oh, yes ..." thought Rhonda, wondering how her nosy neighborhappened to know that Bob had left for Minneapolis. But then informationseemed to float to Marla's ears from the wind. "Would you do me a favor, dear?" "Like what?" "Taking care of Cesar here? You see," she continued to gushexcitedly, then smiled broadly at her own cleverness in handling thematter. "He's really no trouble at all, but my brother-in-law and mysister are coming down and they're bringing their Doberman along withthem. Well, you can see right off that a Shepherd and Doberman will neverbe friends ..." Her dark eyes darted upwards again," ... it'll only beuntil the weekend ..." Her eyes dropped, quickly swept the room, thenreturned to Rhonda's. Rhonda remained motionless for a long moment, digesting the flow ofwords which over the months she had become accustomed to. Her eyesshifted from her shorts and halter clad neighbor to the dog who was stillsitting at his owner's feet. Finally, Rhonda lifted her glance again,studied those of the expectant woman, and said, "You take care of theirdog, and I take care of yours, is that it?" It didn't seem to make muchsense, all this shuffling of pets, but then Marla was not one to accept arefusal. "Okay," Rhonda leaned back against the kitchen counter hands foldedover her chest. "I know what to feed him," she said looking at the mangydog, unkempt and obviously in need of a bath. Other than that, he was amajestic, handsome animal, well-trained, despite the scatter-brainedowner. Rhonda stepped forward to place a gentling hand on the other womanand began guiding her toward the door. "I'll do my best ..." "Oh, I JUST knew you'd come through, dear," Marla said happily as shestodgily allowed herself to be guided toward the door. "You're so sweet,just so sweet ..." The door clicked behind her. "Thank you!" came the muffled voice ofMarla, even through the closed door. For several minutes, Rhonda stood silently, then smiled down at thehandsome animal as she ambled toward her. "What is it, Cesar?" she cooed softly. "Are you hungry, baby?" shecontinued, lovingly stroking the mighty dog's head. "Poor thing, havingsuch a scatter-brain for a mistress ..." Rhonda was down on her haunchesnow, stroking the dog's head and looking into his mysteriously deep,soulful eyes. "Look at you! Why you look as if you haven't had a bathfor years!" she cooed softly. The pleasing sound of the young woman's soft, crooning voice togetherwith the gentle pressure of her small hand filled Cesar with warm-heartedrelish. Instinctively, he raised his head and began licking her hand toimpart his growing attachment to her. "Let's run some bath water for you and then see if there's anythingin the frig that suits your fancy." The intelligent animal whined, almost as if he knew what she wassaying, Rhonda thought, as she embraced him against her leg and continuedstroking his head. Cesar whimpered softly, partially in awareness to her melodious voicebestowing kindness and love, but even more because he had sensed in hiscloseness against her, a poignant smell not unfamiliar to him, a headyscent which immediately inspired trained responses inside his sleek,muscular body --- the human mating aura he had been skillfully educated byhis female owner to recognize ... and satisfy. Her mind still a conglomeration of mixed-veined thoughts, Rhondaopened the refrigerator and bent down to retrieve a steak bone left fromthe special dinner she'd prepared for Bob's departure, and in celebrationof Sharon's visit. Behind the bent figure, Cesar's head abruptly nudged forward inunderneath the hem of her loose housecoat. Rhonda was frozen into immobility at the feel of the unmistakablecool wetness of Cesar's nose high on the softness of her inner thigh! Whyshe didn't jerk upright in shock fear, or at least, a smattering of self-decorum, she could only lay to the prurient incitement which stillsmoldered inside her loins. Instead, she continued to stoop there,waiting, knowing that the big dog's head was wedged up under her shortrobe from behind, animalishy sniffing. And then, the hot unmistakable lapof his long slippery tongue snaked up against her still moistened cuntallips! Good God! He's sensed my erotic state! It had to be that! His searing tongue felt like a firebrandcaressing the swollen lips of her still feverishly throbbing pussy!Again, he licked, and she hung there in her stooped-over position as hedrew the long wet length of his tongue undeniably between her partiallyspread cuntal lips, licking along the entire hair-lined furrow. Then he growled, softly. "Wh-what has that strange woman been teaching you, baby?" Rhondagasped incredulously. The massive German Shepherd uttered another muted growl, and thesensually intoxicated young woman wasn't sure why ... whether for the boneshe held, or because he sensed the rekindled passion up between hertrembling thighs! Good God! I've got to get hold of myself! she thought as she heldthe bone out to the attentive dog who accepted it willingly. "Now you bea good dog," she said aloud. Then, without a warning, a shiver of lewdexcitement coursed through her body, and for a moment she shookuncontrollably, staring down at the dumb animal ... and wondering. Thenshe turned and made shakily for the bathroom. Chapter 3 Rhonda could not repress a sharp twinge of excitement as she made herway to the bathroom with the furry German shepherd right behind her nowand occasionally brushing against her naked legs. The feel of his roughfur along her slick skin sent sensual shivers all the way up her softinner thighs and into the redly crinkled outskirts of her love-starvedpussy. She felt faintly confused by this curious sensation and hersubsequent reaction, but still was not prepared at the conscious level toadmit to herself that she found this wild and strange animal eroticallyintoxicating. The timing had been too perfect; almost as if her nosyneighbor had been peeking through the window and waiting for the rightmoment to tempt her. From stories she'd heard about the divorced woman, aborderline alcoholic who chain-smoked cigarettes and invited delivery boysinto her apartment for hours at a time, Rhonda would not be surprised atanything. "Well, here we are, handsome," she said as they entered the bathroom.And then, because she always did this, it seemed the natural thing for herto drop her housecoat from her lovely body, revealing her sleeklyproportioned flesh in all Titian desirability. Cesar's big brown eyes fairly flared at this exotic and spell bindingpresentation of feminine loveliness. Unhindered now, the heady scent ofher hungering pussy wafted clearly to him and made his loins pulse with ananswering desire. Rhonda turned, feeling her cheeks flush hotly as she realized thatCesar's burning hot eyes were upon her as she stood there naked. Thatbrutish animal might have been her Bob, gazing at her lusciously nakedbody, for all the attentiveness he was relishing upon her. She glancedinstinctively into the cabinet mirror, and then looked away. There wascertainly no harm in disrobing before this animal! She looked at her firmhighly-set breasts. No, of course not. After all, it was not as if itwere a man she was alone with, was it? Laughing nervously, the redheaded woman bent down and gave Cesar alight fondling around his snout. "You little devil, you," she giggled."You've got eyes that get right up between a woman's legs, don't you?" Cesar gave a muffled whine and licked her hand. Rhonda really likedthe dog now, and he reminded her of a pet she had as a child. AnotherGerman shepherd, though a female. Besides, any admirer was better thanthe television set and those silly politicians. Feeling like Venus as sheappraised her own voluptuous body in the surrounding mirrors, she realizedthat even Bob hadn't looked at her supple, curvaceous flesh like that in along time. Was that fair? Smiling seductively at herself, she shook out her long, glowing redhair. Then she turned away from Cesar towards the bathtub, presenting tohim the juicy rounds of her buttocks, which joggled tantalizingly beforehis longing eyes as she moved back the shower curtain and then bent overin order to turn on the faucets. From this position Cesar could make out just the barest wisps of herpubic hair poking back between her quivering thighs to the juncture of hersmoothly formed ass cheeks, and he snorted hotly in familiar anticipation. Rhonda meanwhile had cut off the drain and found a suitabletemperature for the water. She moved it around with her hands to be sureit wouldn't be too hot or too cold for the doggey, who was to be hercompanion for the next couple of days. And in that moment of complete andvulnerable exposure, with her naked buttocks jutting lewdly back towardCesar's face, the young woman had an experience that would have beenpredictable for a woman of wider sexual experience, but which Rhonda Bakerconstituted perhaps the most shattering physical adventure she had everhad --- or thought about in her entire life. For, in that moment suspended between time and space, poised with allof her lusciously tempting nakedness undulating in sexual promise over thebath, she suddenly felt the hot, swiping tongue of an animal moving wetlyfrom an artful point just below her curl-fringed pussy lips, strokingardently through her quiescently enduring cuntal furrow, and up sharplythrough the cleft in her buttocks to flick and poke expertly at hervirginal anus! This time there was no prompting for the lewd behavior: nosteak bone wielded temptingly in front of his sensitive and hungry nose,no "good doggie" talk to be reciprocated. "Aarrgghhh!" Rhonda groaned, as her pussy became alive with theaftershocks of her near orgasm before her neighbor had intruded. And nowthis reaction all because of a ... German shepherd, a dog she'd only seena few times in the past. This was outrageous! Before she could get a grip on herself, thebrutish animal repeated his lewd act, this time curling his tongue like ascroll and pushing it obscenely up through the hair-lined lips of herburning hot cunt. Rhonda held on to the edge of the bathtub trying tocollect her thoughts. This was not even remotely similar to anything else sexual she'd everexperienced, and she had thought she and Bob were sexually liberal! Thisdog was putting her to the test! But Cesar's sudden action worked on herjust as if she had let out this obscene growl of lascivious delight whichcame from she knew where. "Cesar. Good doggy!" Without a thought as to whether he would bite,she reached in back of her and tried to push his snout away. But the feelof his cold wet muzzle in her fingers and between her buttocks was asecond sensation so electrically erotic and stimulating that it could notbe tolerated for longer than a single instant. And, in that instant, the single-minded stray continued his depravedbehavior with another hot, wet swiping lap up through her torrid cuntalcleft to flick up maddeningly like a leather whip at her sensitive netherentrance. A fierce primitive groan of sensuality escaped Rhonda's parted lipsonce more, but, by now, she had also begun mumbling various incoherentprayers in her head, trying to distract herself. In a small way thisseemed to work, and she managed miraculously to work up the strength fromher tortured limbs to push herself up from the bath. This also tended toforce the dog's snout somewhat more snugly between her cleft moonbuttocks, and the threat of attack at her anus sent off another furiousthrill deep in her loins and immediate feelings of self-recrimination setin. What would Bob think if he knew he'd been replaced by a dog? "Get away --- oh God, Cesar! Get away! Can't you see what you'redoing to me?" Her limbs felt so weak and helpless she couldn't believe it. It wasas if she had become almost paralyzed with some illness in her muscles.But her imprecations to the dog seemed to have done some good, for thepowerful animal now took her seriously and backed off across the bathroomtiles away from her. Indeed, Cesar was well-trained enough to know when a human reallymeant her protests and when she didn't. When he sensed that his beautifulnew redheaded mistress actually was serious about wanting a respite, hebacked off immediately. He had learned through long experience as wellthat it was not wise to force the issue with a female who was not quiteready. A smart dog and well able to play the waiting game, he sat down onhis haunches in one corner of the bathroom and stared at her with hismuzzle resting on his paws and his big dark eyes brooding and thoughtful.He would wait for her. Forever, if need be ... Especially now that his mistress, the one next door, had replaced himfor the weekend with her sister's dog. He'd show her he wouldn't be leftout in the cold with no warm, sweet-smelling woman to cuddle up to atnight! Visibly shaken, Rhonda managed to straighten up and find her way to astanding position. She steadied herself as best she could with one handon the tub, then sat down on its edge until she could get her breath. Shewould have sat down of the toilet seat, across the way, but her muscleshad turned to jelly, and she was huffing and puffing and her heartpounding as if she'd just run the three-minute mile. "So ... you ... so that's what you ... you do ... shame!" It seemed like years before the thousand vibrating pieces her loinshad smattered into finally came back together again, and even then theycontinued to jump for some time before she could get to her feet again.Still intent on giving her new charge a bath, she staggered over to thesink to get a brush, rubbing her thighs tightly together in an attempt to[CENSOR] some of the terrible pressure that was building between her shiveringlegs. "You --- you naughty dog," she said, only mildly cross and really lesscross that she thought she should be, shaking the brush at him. "You mustnever do that again. You hear? Or you're going back to that crazymistress of yours ... for keeps! Somehow, I really don't think you wantto do that ..." The last was said with a half-smile. Cesar cringed down on the tile and looked up at her with woeful eyes.He wanted to please his new mistress, and couldn't understand her suddenburst of anger --- she had smelled so ready for him. What was the matter? Rhonda glanced at herself in the mirror. Her face had gonecompletely crimson and she was surprised to see that her nipples hadtautened again. If that was the effect of a little playful show ofaffection by a charming dog like this one, then Bob had definitely lefther alone one night too long! Surely the dog had meant nothing sexual byit --- dogs always licked people when they were happy. If she hadn't beenin such an unusual position he might have licked her face, or her hand.It was natural for him to be so demonstrative. But not so natural for her to be blushing so hotly and aroused to theextent that her loins felt as if they were filled with honey. She had toget a grip on herself. "Come here," she said imperiously to the dog, pointing at the floorin front of her. Cesar got up obediently and went over to her standing at attentionwith his tongue panting out. Then he was thrilled again as his beautifulmistress got down on her knees, her milk-white breasts ballooning nakedlyagainst his furry body as she began brushing out his snarled and filthycoat. Rhonda could not keep back a shiver of excitement as the eroticallystiffened tips of her breasts brushed back and forth over Cesar's shaggy,unkempt body, his fur tickling titillatingly at the already sensitivepuckered little nerve buds. Her breasts had always been unusually tenderand the feel of his muscular canine body against her smooth, sleek whiteflesh was totally unlike anything the yearning redhead had everexperienced before. She couldn't label it either. It was not obscene ---and yet it was. It was warmth and affection and understanding and love,and all the thousand and one cozy things that dogs and humans findtogether, and yet it was more than that. And she liked the feel. "Whyhadn't she thought of getting a dog herself? "Now ... is that better?" she crooned, her nostrils flaring withouther certain knowledge, the outer well of her pussy becoming quietlyflooded with moisture as it poised in readiness for some obscure,unnamable thing. She ran the brush through Cesar's rough coat,straightening out the snarls and making it smooth and sleek again, as itshould be. Of course, he hadn't known what he was doing. He was just adumb animal. He couldn't have had any idea what his licking of herresponsive pussy was doing to her. After all, he wasn't a man. Not that she had ever permitted her fiancee to do anything so filthy.Oh sure, though, Bob had tried, begged her, but she'd always managed totalk him out of it at the last minute, asking him to wait for marriage. But if such a thing could be so wildly stirring, could it be that itwas she who was wrong, to have put him off? She was getting all mixed up. But this was all harmless. If she was aroused it was merely for Bob... then, too, there was that little stretch of time on the waterbed whenhe had gotten so hot. "There, is that better?" she asked as she finished giving Cesar'scoat its first set of strokes, swinging her long red hair back over hershoulder. Only to have Cesar answer by abruptly turning his head and dartingout his long thick tongue to wash wetly and intoxicatingly across herstartled open mouth. "Why --- !" But before she could finish, his tonguehad artfully inserted itself between her lush red lips and he was Frenchkissing her, stuffing that long wet tongue all the way into her mouth,licking at her even white teeth and all around the sides of her gaspingmouth. She tried to fend him off by gripping his shaggy fur around his neck,but instead found herself responding in a way that was wholly unexpected.His kiss was so like Bob's --- except for the size of his tongue, which ofcourse, was so much bigger --- that she couldn't seem to keep herself fromkissing him back. She sucked on his tongue luxuriously, and licked it allover with instinctive adoration of its dominating maleness. And insteadof pulling away, her softly mounded breasts pressed themselves snug intothe warmth of his fur, and she felt a wave of warm cuntal moisture shootdown from her loins in natural feminine response. But this was terrible! The urge to lie down on the bathroom floorand spread her legs for him --- for this dog! --- was overwhelming! Rhonda was incredulous! She had known that she was in a mildlyturned-on state, but hadn't guessed for a minute that desire could beunleashed so awesomely like this, with the swiftness and force of a mightyriver breaking through its own floodgates and spilling forward in a greattidal wave of emotion. It seemed like an endless decade for a kiss. She couldn't seem toget her breath. She knew that the wetness from her hopelessly arousedcunt was seeping into the already tangled red curls of her pubic hair, butshe couldn't seem to do anything about it. Her breasts were alive with athrobbing that threatened to break her heaving chest and her hard littlenipples ached to be sucked. Indeed, she probably, wouldn't have been ableto tear herself away if suddenly the water in the bathtub hadn'tthreatened to overflow. As it was, she was barely able to break fromCesar's passionate animal kiss and rush to the taps in time. Turning themboth off, she whirled around just in time to keep Cesar from pushing hissnout up again between her legs. "I know you now, you --- you lecher," she warned him, shaking herfinger at him. "You know just what you're doing, don't you? Well, you'renot going to do it again --- not here. You can try that on some of yourother women friends. Don't you feel any shame?" But Cesar only grinned malevolently and she realized with aquickening of her overexcited heart that she had taken the wrong tack. "Well," she sniffed, "you've really hurt my feelings. But anyway, Ipromised you a bath and that's what you're going to get. Get in the tub." Cesar put his forelegs on the edge of the bath and with an effortlesslittle shuffle born of long experience he clambered over the edge with hishind legs, too, to tall with a splash into the soapy, warm water. "Well, there's just a little too much water, but you stay there andbehave yourself while I take the plug out. I'm warning you ..." The big dog grinned, his large tongue lolling out. True to her word,she watched him carefully as she removed the stopper and some of the watergurgled out until the bath was only half full! Cesar stood quietlywatching her from the other end of the tub; his dark eyes shining withboth love and confusion at his new keeper's actions. What was the matter?Didn't she want to play? Why had she scolded him so harshly? Maybe thiswas a new game. Even though she now had some inkling of the dog's lecherousintentions, it hadn't quite registered with Rhonda just precisely in whatdanger she was. She hadn't bothered to put on her robe. So despite allthe warning she had, Rhonda was still to some extent blissfully unaware ofthe true situation as her canine visitor waited in patience with his bigbrown eyes trained unnervingly on her. Her naked breasts swayedhypnotically before him, just a tongue's length away from his open mouth,and the tantalizing scent of her loins was driving Cesar crazy. Now, asshe began to soap up a large sponge, getting on her knees at the side ofthe tub, the tormented dog's penis jerked and bounced with anticipation,filling hotly with blood. The sponge foamed with lather as she squeezed it. Now she was ready.He would get a bath and that would be the end of it. So she filled thesponge with water again and again as she ran it over his heavy animalbody, squeezing the lather out all over him. The water dripped down fromhis crown, over his back, along his rib cage, over his quivering tail, andfinally down along a gleaming red point which Rhonda was surprised to findemerging from beneath his belly. So she looked more closely. Then it occurred to her that it was hercuriosity to begin with that had prompted her to bring the dog into thebath in the first place. She had entertained, subconsciously, thoughtsabout canine sex. But how it had backfired! She had learned more aboutcanine sex in the last five minutes than she thought she would want toknow in her entire lifetime! And then she saw it --- Cesar's gradually stiffening penis peepingredly from its soft hairy surrounds. So this was what a dog's penislooked like ... and in that instant the naive young woman was hypnotizedwith curiosity. Unthinkingly, her hands began to soap more and more underand around the furry pointed sheath of his loins, and in another momenther hands had actually fondled Cesar's testicles and bumped against hisslowly expanding organ. She was really surprised that the dog could have such largetesticles, and more than a little alarmed at the way his cock was growing.By now her curiosity was fully aroused. She found herself wondering howlarge his organ might be when it reached complete, blood-hardenederection. It was already sticking out several inches from its furryhiding place. More and more her hands and fingers came to squeeze and strokeCesar's rapidly expanding member, and with each fleeting caress it seemedto get bigger and bigger. Unknown to her conscious mind, her handsfondled his genitals along with the sponge which ostensibly she was usingto wash him. Now Rhonda was also finding herself becoming more and more excited.Cesar had such a beautiful body, with such strong sleek muscles. Sheadmired his handsome canine head, and couldn't help but think back to thatfiery kiss he had given her. Why, it was ridiculous, but if the waterhadn't been running over the edge of the tub, the silly dog might haveseduced her with that kiss! But what was she thinking of? A dog couldn't seduce a woman. Andyes, Cesar very definitely had a penis, she could see that. Rhondagulped, her throat feeling very dry. A wave of curious excitement washedthrough her loins at the sight of the dog's gleaming red cock. My God!It was getting bigger than Bob's! And it was still expanding! What would it feel like to have such a massive thing pounding deep upinside her? Her cuntal walls felt all fluttery just contemplating it.Bob wouldn't be here to make love to her for so long, that her mind seemedfixated on the subject of sex --- had been since he'd kissed her good-bye.And now that she was alone with this majestic German shepherd, her mindwas jumbled with incoherent thoughts of indulgence in things forbidden andobscene. The trembling redhead wondered idly if Cesar had ever fucked a woman.Was it the same as fucking another dog? How did it make him feel? Did hehave any emotional attachment to Marla for that reason? Had the otherwomen found themselves in the very position she was in now ... and whathad they done? Had they let him fuck them? God! There was no denying it--- Cesar had driven her crazy with his sneaky but expert licking of herpussy just a few moments ago. But surely there couldn't be anymore thanthat between a woman and a dog ... or could there? She felt her breath coming faster and faster. There was no denyingnow that the viscous secretions of her cunt were flowing rapidly at atruly remarkable rate. It occurred to her again that she was alone herewith Cesar and would be the whole day ... tomorrow too, and that whateverhappened here between them was more of a secret by far than anything shemight do with a human male. She had been thinking about masturbating ...hadn't she? Why not let an animal do it for her? She needed it, needed a man's hard hot penis sliding wetly in and outof her aching cunt. She needed something! A dog like Cesar, being mute,was perfectly discreet. Whatever happened here today was their secret,foolish or wise or silly. No one would ever know. No one would ever know. Rhonda blushed nervously. She had the most terrible guilty feelingin her fluttering belly. What on earth was she thinking of? She wantedto giggle and race around the house naked. The most terrible feeling ofabandon was in her, making her already quivering breasts rise and fall inheavy gasps. By now Cesar's swollen cock had come spinning out through the soapsuds to grow to truly astounding proportions. Rhonda's long-fingeredhands groped and massaged obscenely beneath the dog's belly, feeling alongthe entire fearfully pulsing length of his penis. She was quitefascinated at the way his penis tapered up to the tip. A cock like thatpromised a fresh thrill with each new inch, and, it was fiercely excitingto the mesmerized woman to think that her touch was producing thisfantastic bestial arousal. She could feel his testicles throbbing in hergently cupping palms, and she knew they were churning with sperm inside. For a moment she seemed to go dizzy. It was wildly erotic to befondling the dog's sexual equipment, and probably illicit as well. But ifno one would ever know, did it matter? She gasped and trembled as his cock continued to burst in size.Taking her other hand out of the bath for a moment, she reached down andpushed her middle finger across the warm sticky lips of her cunt, findingthem moist and swollen and the tender curls of her pussy hair drenchedwith her passionate --- secretions. She was alarmed and excited all puttogether. If only there was some way to satisfy herself --- her cravingswere flying altogether out of control now. She desperately neededsomething shoved up into her waiting pussy ... and now! Cesar whimpered and her attention was drawn back to him. "Was Ineglecting you, my darling?" she cooed, both her hands once more milkinghis desire-enlarged cock and balls. His cock looked almost a good eightinches long now, and as she ran her thumb and forefinger over its slipperylength, measuring it, she couldn't keep back a yearning sigh at itswonderful feel. "I'll bet you understand a woman and her needs, don't you, Cesar?"she murmured softly. "You've got a marvelous cock there. Any woman wouldbe proud and happy to have a penis like yours inside her cunt ..." Cesar whimpered as if in understanding. He wasn't quite sure whatshe was saying, but the silken tone of her voice and the way her fingerswere stroking his aching cock were driving him insane. "Do most women like you to fuck them with that, precious?" And shepronounced the lewd word seductively with her tongue glorying in thewicked sound of it. Then she tickled his penis until some cum oozed fromthe tip onto her fingers, and the urge to lick it was terrific. "Its likea club. Oh, Lord, what's coming over me? But you know, don't you baby,because you're the one who's causing it to come over me ... You've wantedit all along, right! You little devil!" Cesar seemed to laugh, and then suddenly his long, pink tongue dartedforward to insert itself through her open lips. This time Rhonda wasagain taken completely by surprise, and in addition she was still holdingthe dog's massive member in her hand, and this made his kiss doublyexciting. Her pussy hair was becoming literally drenched with her honey-likecuntal moisture and he thrust his enormous tongue backward into her throatand began seemingly fucking her mouth with it. Lifting his foreleg, hepawed at her nakedly heaving breasts, scratching at her sensitive nipplesuntil Rhonda could not keep back a heartfelt moan of pure ecstasy. Her cunt felt like it was on fire. There was no way to escape. Shehad to admit it to herself now --- yes, she loved this exciting kiss! Andshe would have fucked anything that walked in that door! Chapter 4 "But, lover --- Cesar, oh ..." the sex-hungry redhead gaspedincoherently, not knowing who, or what or where she was. All she knew wasthat this powerfully demanding animal kiss was making her cunt literallychurn with lust. Her hotly quivering thighs felt as if they weredisintegrating, while the moisture of her passion trickled by the seemingcupful from her wildly tingling walls and trembling cunt lips to soak intoher already thickly soaked red pubic hair. Her hands seemed to be moving helplessly, wonderingly all over thedog's magnificent furry body as he stood there so motionlessly in thebath. Her tremulous breasts felt swollen to bursting and as if they werebeing caressed by hundreds of tiny hands. She sucked lingeringly all thewhile on his long, fluid tongue, all the time repeating to herself overand over again: no one will ever know, no one will ever know ... Her fingers reached down in the water to release the plug and sendthe water rushing down the drain. Her loins were so inflamed that shedidn't see how she could wait a single second longer without going out ofher mind. Especially now that Cesar was somewhat spruced up and smelledso fresh and clean. She hoped and supposed that it wouldn't take much toget him to lap at her cunt again. Maybe that would relieve some to theterrible tickling and itching in her loins ... Oh God, what on earth wasshe thinking? But no, no, it was true. She would let him if he triedagain. She just had to have some relief! Rhonda was amazed and alarmed as the bath water ran out to discoverjust how masterfully hung her house guest was. It was one thing to becaressing his penis with her hands when it was partially concealed withlather and soapy water, but quite another to be seeing it without anythingto obscure its powerful size. For the moment she felt just the slightest fear --- a fear of the sortnatural to a virginal girl who is not quite sure that her snug, tenderyoung insides are adequate to the task of receiving a full-sized, lust-engorged penis. She wanted to laugh out loud. At her age, to be asapprehensive as a sacrificial virgin! Her hands reached for the panting German shepherd and helped him toclamber over the edge of the tub, then watched him wildly spray water allover the bathroom as she shook himself in the center of the rug. Shewasn't quite sure what she wanted of him, or what he wanted of her, orwhat they wanted of each other, but whatever it was, now was the time forit. "Hurry, lover," she whispered, blowing warmly into one of his pointedears until Cesar quivered with hot delight. "Hurry, come in here with meand let's lay down on my nice water bed. Let's see what we can do foreach other. You've got to help me, Cesar, before I go crazy!" Her handsbrushed fondly up and down along his sleek wet back, growing more urgentand excited by the minute. She had to get him to lick her cunt if it wasthe last thing she ever did! No one would ever know! "Hurry, darling!" she moaned, moving swiftly to the door of herbedroom. Now that her mind was made up and she was spinning hopelesslyover the edge of obscene and illicit desire, she was in no mood to wait asingle second longer. She had fought mightily with all her willpower toresist this forbidden thing, whatever it was, but it was no use. She hadher needs and they were driving her mad, and felt totally willing to givein now that she had adequately rationalized away her depravity. Shedecided that her sanity was at stake, and consequently, almost anydebauchery was justified in her mind. She had to save her mental healthin order to continue living from day to day. After all, it was completelyBob's fault, the dirty wretch, for leaving her alone with nothing to thinkabout except their wedding plans and her sexual needs. "In here,quickly." The full-bodied young woman held the bathroom door open for Cesar,then closed it tightly behind him. The big dog stared at the televisionset that still hummed with the roll call from the fifty states, and thenhe paused at the edge of the water bed, not quite certain if that's whathis new mistress meant for him to do. "Come on, up, up ..." Rhonda found herself thrilling as she watched his powerful formmoving about so god-like and forceful. Cesar was a law unto himself. Heknew nothing about making a living or providing for her, or about realestate or anything else. He was just a marvelous animal who had been bornfor this moment and none other. She didn't hesitate a minute, but moved quickly across the carpetedfloor, her cheeks flushed with both excitement and anxiety. What on earthwas she doing? Would she be able to look at herself in th
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