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Adventures of an Animal Lover--------------------------------------------------------------------------------As I soon as I saw my friend's dog, I agreed to house-sit his place over Christmas break. He was a big German Shepard, and had a long happy rolling tongue that I knew would feel great rimming me... and a nice fat furry cock sheath slung in front of his balls. When I first saw him, he was laying on the floor and licking it, and I watched as the pointy cock swelled and stuck out and glistened with the saliva from that lively tongue. I could hardly wait! Next Saturday my friend left for the three week break, and I settled in, alone with his dog, who was named Fred of all things. I smoked a fat joint, and then went to the fridge and got out some gravy I'd brought with , and a stick of butter. I slid out of my tee shirt and jeans, and padded over to where Fred was still knawing on the remnants of the huge steak I'd gotten him. I put some gray on my finger and let him taste it. He loved it, and vigorously licked it all off my finger. I fed him more, and then rubbed some on my cock and stuck in front of him. he didn't hesitate, but immediately wrapped that glorious tongue doggy tongue all over my stiff cock! I quickly spread more over my shaft, and then on my balls. My cock pulsed as that warm dog tongue vigorously bathed my rod and licked my balls. My breath was coming fast, and I felt a pulsing tingle in my asshole. I bent down on one hand and my knees, and smeared gravy over my asshole. Fred followed my action, and started tonguing up and down my ass crack. I took a gob of butter and shoved it in my ass, and when Fred tasted this new taste he pushed his tongue inside my pulsing hole to get at it. I moaned and dropped to my chest and knees and grabbed my cock and stroked it... it took only a few seconds and I exploded all over the floor! Well, I was pretty blown out by this... I sort of collapsed on the sofa, and lit up another joint. I purred a couple of shots of Jack Daniels as I eyed Fred, who was licking up the remains from the dish of gravy. When I finished the joint, I went over and started caressing him, and praising him. "Good boy! God doggie!", I said in my warmest voice. His tail thumped. I ran my hands all over his big male body. I reached down and felt his cock! The thumping increased in tempo as I put my other hand down on his balls. I felt a stirring, and watched raptly as his pointy cockhead started to emerge from his furry sheath. I bent over and started to lick it, twirling my tongue and that red pointy cock. It almost sprang forward it grew so fast. I went down all the way as Fred started to hump my face. I pulled away fast, and got down on my knees and elbows in front of him. He instantly mounted me, his cock stabbing blinding for a hole. I reached back and guided it into my pulsating twitching red asshole, pushing back against his savage animal thrusts. I was still all greased up with the butter and it slid in all the way. Fred's front legs wrapped around me and he started fucking away like the animal fucking machine he was. I relaxed and opened my asshole all the way. It seemed like only a moment until I felt him quiver as he sprayed his load of white doggy cum up my hot ass. I clenched hard to squeeze him and hold him in.
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