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Amy walked out onto the deck of the small cottage she was staying @ she looked across the large spread of green grass mountains in the back ground the cool breeze of country air all kinds of different flowers throwing their smell into the air.Amy smiled to herself she had been through a lot this last year a break in the country as her parents had suggested seemed like a rotten idea to her until she got here a little over a week ago .Amy had never been one for nature she hated not being close to shops , or her friends , no tv or her computer .The only thing she had to keep her amused out here were books & walks in the forest.The cabin belonged to a family friend .When Amy arrived she had removed all her clothing & walked through the forest trying to get in tune with nature .a small creek ran along the side of the property it wasnt very deep but deep enough for her to float in her body just covered by the coolness of the water.she had lay in the water slowly splashing the water over her nakid breasts & pushing her fingers deep into her wet sex her pussy aching for touch & needing so bad to be used.It was almost like somebody had heard her thoughts when the neighbour from the next block of land rode up on his horse he watched her lay in the shellow water fingering pussy & rubbing her nipples with her fingers from her other hand her mind seemed to be in a whole other place light moaning could be heard , he climbed down off the huge beast & removed his clothing laying them clear of the water not wanting them to get wet.Amy sat upright @ the sound of the water being splashed in standing in front of her was a well toned man his body engulfed by sunlight tan , muscled , long dark hair , almost of indian descent Amy had guessed , his long shaft limply hanging from his well toned lower body.Without any hesitation it was as if he spoke to her through his mind Amy slowly glided towards his manhood & took it into her mouth .Swallowing it deep into the back of her throat then releasing it to the tip , he bent over cupped her small petite body in his arms & walked back towards the horse laying her on the dry grass he knelt above her .No words were spoken as she resumed sucking his cock he fondled her breasts & pushed his cock deep into her throat & pulled out slowly , fucking her face with his long shaft Amy moaned as one of his hands searched her wet sex out & 2 fingers delved deep into her feeling the silkiness of her pussy .Laying her backwards he slowly climbed ontop of her & pushed his cock into her hot cunt slowly @ 1st then faster as their passion grew she pushed her arse up to meet his thrusts into her love canal their bodies intertwining into 1 whole person he kissed her lips her neck blew in her ear rubbed his hand along her breasts & tweaked her nipples Amy moaned totally engulfed in the scene which was playing out he came deep within her hot sex they stayed like that for a few minutes before he climbed off & walked towards his horse.Amy watched in awe not wanting him to leave his arse cheeks nice & tight as his muscles moved tensing then releasing , but he wasnt leaving , Amy noticed a weird looking harness under the horse it was like a hammock she rose & moved towards the unspoken man & rubbed her fingers along his shoulder lines kissing & nuzzling his back all the while rubbing his hard shaft with her fingers from the tip of his cock to the base of his balls.The man turned to her kissed her then lifted her turning he placed her onto the hammock like harness & moved her pussy close to the horse's now revealed cock , it was huge , thick & black in colour he pushed her small frame towards the horse shaft tying her hands with rope that went above the horse Amy couldnt believe she was doing any of this it was like she was in a trance he pulled a bottle out of the side pocket of the saddle & begand lubing her hot cunt & the horse's cock.He then slowly pushed the shaft into the opening of her lube soaked sex & the horse began humping lunging here & there Amy felt like she was on a ride from the fair .The horse got the shaft halfway in Amy felt a tinge of pain mixed with deep sexual desire as the beast fucked her feeling like he was tearing her a new birth canal she moved in unison with the beast the huge shaft 3 quarters of the way in now her cum was flowing all over the hard shaft of the rough animal cock as well as the harness her moaning had turned to screaming as she begged for more , wanting the horse to fuck her hard & fast .All to soon for Amy it was over the man untied her hands & helped her back to the creek , he lay her down & let her body which felt like it had just been beaten to soak within the coolness of the streaming water , the man put his clothing into the side pocket of the saddle straddled the horse & left.Amy's body tingled @ the memory of that 1st day here she @ 1st thought she had been dreaming but 2 days later the man had appaeared just feet away from the front door of the cottage he was only wearing what looked to be animal skin , no shirt & his hair tied behind his head & flowing down his back , her pussy had tingled @ seeing him wanting him deep within her again.Amy walked out towards the man & it wasnt until she got closer that she noticed he had 4 dogs with him , wolves , the leader was a dark black , while the others were light grey .Their coats shone so bright in the hot summer sun she looked into the mans eyes trying to figure what he was thinking , he just turned & walked the dogs followed , as he passed a bunch of trees he turned almost as if he was asking if she was going to follow him her long skirt she had chosen to wear that day was rubbing along the grass her singlet loosely hanging on her bra free breasts.Her nipples hard from the thought of having her lover inside of her again .Amy followed the almost naked body of the man & the 4 wolves through the woods towards the creek as they appraoched the man stopped & waited for Amy to come closer , he moved into her taking her body into his arms he kissed her lips & lifted the singlet over her head , kneading her breasts between his rough hands , he kissed & nuzzled her neck her moans low & soft in the back of her throat her hands resting gently against his nakid skin pulling her skirt from her small waste it fell in a heap around her ankles , he knelt in front of her licking & blowing his hot breath against her shaven pussy her head fell backwards @ the soft touch of his tongue against her clit spreading her legs just enough for him to slip his tongue into the opening of her wet sex.She massaged his shoulders while he continued licking & finger fucking her clit moaning as he brought her to her 1st orgasm.He pushed her against the base of the tree she sat her legs spread wide as he knelt in front of her licking her hot wet sex into orgasm after orgasm her head was spinning from the orgasms flowing from deep within .He then pulled her into a doggy position where the wolves started to lick her pussy with their rough tongues the leader of the pack the black wolf licked her cunt deep growling @ the rest of the pack to back off he mounted her small frame & pushed his animal cock deep within her hot cunt his thrusts came in quick motions one after the other untill his cum flowed within her own cum inside of her willing after the other all the dogs fucked her pussy hard then they moved to her virgin arsehole her screaming could be heard throughout the woods while her indian lover stood close watching over her .With each slimey wolf cock sliding in & out of her open orifices Amy was driven past passion , past desire & into a world of total satisfaction , a satisfaction that no human male other then her quiet indian friend had ever given her .When the wolves were done the indian walked her back to the cottage kissed her goodbye then left.Standing on the deck now she thoguht she caught a glimpse of him through the tree's but he didnt appear .Almost saddened @ the thought of him not showing as he had done every 2 days since her arrival she stood staring almost wishing him in front of her.Amy was nakid this afternoon only a blanket covered her tanned skin , her long black hair fell to her waste she hugged the blanket closer to her body as she layed down on the hammock that hung between 2 poles on the deck she slowly dozed off.Feeling something slide gently into her pussy she didnt open her eyes , only layed there enjoying the way it slithered & slid between her pussy lips her orgasm flowed again as the slithering visitor moved & poked about her musk scented love canal.When she woke nobody was there & the feeling inside of her pussy was gone , she reached down & felt the hammock , it was soaked in her cum but what ever it was , was gone.She turned her face slightly towards the grounds & thoguht she saw her indian lover standing by a tree in his hand he was patting a yellow snake it was wrapped around his shoulders the head in his hands. She froze @ the thought of this snake being inside of her , but for osme reason reason trusted that her lover would not allow anything to hurt her .Amy slowly drifted back to sleep.When she awoke again it was dark she stood to walk inside but standing there in front of her was her indian lover he scared her , her breath caught in her throat he was nakid .Leaning into her he kissed her she dropped the blanket as his hands cupped her breasts she knelt in front of him taking his hot shaft into her mouth sucking it into the back of her throat he held her head tightly in his hands as her head bobbed back & forth on his long shaft when he was nearing to cumming he lifted her to the hammock & climbed on top of them there they made love his body writhing ontop of hers her moaning soft enough for his breathing to just be heard his cum burst from deep inside of his ballsack as her own cum flowed with his .He pulled the blanket from the floor & layed it on top of the both of them, there they slept .
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