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I am home alone my lab is at an overnight stay at the vets office and its a very warm night and I decide to take a shower and when I finished my shower I dried off and wrapped a towel around my body and walk into my bedroom. I walk over to my full length mirror to brush my hair and all of a sudden as I'm looking here in the mirror I see the reflection of a dog standing behind me. Afraid to turn around I stand very still not moving in fear of what he might do to me. I stare at him in the mirror and he is staring at me as well I have never seen this dog before he wasn't from the neighborhood so he must have been a stray I couldn't make out his breed he was of medium build and very strong and fierce looking and he seemed to me to be a mix of pitbull and rottweiler. I was so scared and my knees were shaking and it was getting hard to stand I then wondered how he got in here and then I remembered that I left the window open in the living room so he must have climbed through it I wondered now which one of us is going to make the first move he wasn't budging so I decided to make the first move so I turned slowly around and faced him he still sat there staring occasionally bring his long tongue out and running it around his lips. this was getting no where I thought I had to get out of there perhaps if I made a run for the door I could run out and close the door behind me trapping him in the room. so with trembling legs I made a mad dash to the door which was about 6 feet away but my towel was wrapped around my body so tight that it restricted my legs from moving as fast as I wanted them to. As soon as he saw me make a run for it he let out a growl and took off after me just as I was about to make it to the door I looked back at him and he made a flying leap at me. his front paws slamming into my back and knocking me to the floor and he was immediately on my back holding me down and locking his powerful jaws around the back of my neck. please I screamed out to him don't hurt me please I begged him I thought for sure that he was going to chomp away at my neck and hurt me for sure. But instead he slowly released his grip on my neck I was so relived and I didn't dare move a muscle. I then began hearing him sniffing at my body and the I suddenly felt my towel being pulled from my body he grabbed the end of it and yanked it off me reveling my naked body to him I turned my head slightly and watched him as he dropped the towel from his jaws he then came to my side and began nudging me with his cold nose as if he wanted me to turn over but I was afraid to and then he let out a growl and I turned on to my back real quick just like he wanted me to he then sat there feasting his eyes over my nude body. I wondered what was going to happen next and I didn't have to wait long for his next move he went down by my feet and latched onto my left ankle with his jaw and he moved my leg out as far as he could he then did the same with my right leg and I was now spread eagle for him he then came between my parted legs and began to lick my inner thighs I knew know what this dog wanted from me. he wanted to mate with me and there was noting that I could do about it. I suddenly felt a jolt within my body as he placed his tongue on my pussy he started to get it deep inside of me almost immediately I looked down at him and watched him as he lapped at my pussy he turned his head sideways to get at me at a better angle so he could tongue me even deeper I raised my legs and parted them as far as I could to make it easier for him as I wanted him to be happy I didn't want to piss him off I slowly brought my hand down and brought it to his head and began stroking and telling him good dog its alright I just wanted to reassure him and as I did that he began chewing gently on my labia. I was a bit scared and turned on by this both at the same time he was driving me crazy and he knew that he was far from a stupid dog. My body soon began convulsing as I orgasm ed I screamed out and pulled at my hair the orgasm was so intense and after I came he eagerly lapped up my juices my breasts were sensitive now and my nipples were very erect I began rubbing them as he continued licking me. then he suddenly stopped backed a way a bit and started to bark and whine and paw at me I knew that he wanted me to get into the mating position so nervously I raised myself off the floor and turned around on all fours for my intended rapist as soon as I was in position he came up behind me and began to lick me some more to further prepare me for mating. He then climbed onto my back and I closed my eyes in anticipation to what was about to happen to me I was just hoping that he would make it quick and easy but I doubted that very much he began to grip me tight and hump me really fast I tried to brace myself the best I could as I felt the tip of his cock jabbing at the entrance to my pussy and once he felt the flesh of my pussy he knew he was home and he jammed his wet cock into me. oh god I screamed as he shoved his cock deep into me I started to crawl away in pain and fear but he would have none of that he only growled at me and grabbed my waist tighter and pulled me into him. He began to pound me like a jackhammer I brought my head to the carpet and screamed with my face pressed against the carpet as he continued his assault on me. he then gave me one last thrust and locked his knot into me. he then remained still and I suddenly felt his knot growing with inside me my god it was huge it just kept growing and growing It felt like it was going to rip me apart but it finally stooped and it felt like I had softball jammed inside of me. And despite the fear I soon felt myself starting to cum I screamed out in a very intense orgasm as his knot and cock had a tight hold on me the walls of my pussy clamped down tightly on his knot as I orgasmed the feeling was incredible and deep down I didn't want it to end. then suddenly his body became very stiff and still and I felt his cock begin to pulsate and throb inside of me and then he let out a whine and began to unloading his warm semen inside of me it shot into me with long and warm spurts he was filling up my womb with his sperm and it soon began spilling down my thighs and legs and after he shot the last of his load inside of me. He slumped on to my back totally exhausted and so was I my body was soaked with sweat and this mystery dogs semen. he lay slumped on my back panting heavily into my ear and drooling onto my neck. he then tried to dismount me but couldn't because of his swollen knot still embedded in me I reached back with my right hand and began stroking his back to calm him until we uncoupled and after twenty Min's his knot slipped out of me and a load of his semen along with it and as soon as he dismounted me. he raced to the same window that he came in on and with his semi erect cock dangling between his legs. he jumped through the window and was gone as quickly as he appeared. Your welcome I said with a laugh as I slumped to the floor very sore between my legs and very wet with his semen I was soaked in it. I lied there for about an hour before I could regain my strength and head into the shower and as I showered I thought about my mystery rapist what he did to me as I washed between my legs and I soon went into another orgasm as the events of what happen replayed over and over in my mind. it was an experience I will never forget. Susan
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