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ok this post doesnt have much content and i apologize for if its not appropriate.....but i have to say something!!!im a young girl living in a biggish city and for years now ive been having fantasies about being f***** by a dog... like, religiously. And ive done everything to cover it up. I live with my boyfriend and routinely search and download girl/dog porn on kazaa and tuck it away in a hidden folder and rub myself to it when he's not thereits terrible....haha i have countless wet and INTENSE dreams about being absolutley pummeled by one dog or another. I wake up wet and desperate -- i dont know what to fantasize about anymore. At one time i even tried to rub out my dog way back at home -- but he was fixed and looked more confused than anything -- i apologize if i did anything wrong -- i just wanted to see. He came a little bit in my hand and it made me feel more exited than anything ive doneanyways i dont want to feel terrible about what im feeling, but at the same time i feel its definatley something outside of the norm. But i desperatley want to give a dog pleasure... i want to make him cum inside me and feel that gigantic knot...haha sorry if im being vulgar... i just dont know what to do!!! Do i act out somehow? Do i tell my boyfriend? Haha i know he wouldnt kill me but i cant imagine him watching me f*** a dog!! lolz...i just kind of want it to be me...and the dog I HAD to vent. thanks for listening. Im SO GLAD i found a community that is welcoming to this sort of thing. For years i heard it was cruelty...but after seeing all these things...these animals want us just as badly as we want them! Oh dear....hahathank you guys.../end vent
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