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Tonight I thought I'd try something new...I'm pretty new to this dog thing... I discovered I liked it by accident. (Read previous post). Anyway...I was super horny, and my bf was at work so I decided to let my dog take care of me. I sat down on the bed naked, spread my legs and started fingering myself. Immediately he must've smelled my wet pussy because he came right over and started licking my pussy lips and ramming his nose against them. As he did, his cock started coming out of it's sheath and growing harder.I reached down and started jacking him off and he humped my hand for a minute, but the sight of his big wet red cock made me crazy, so I put my ass on the edge of the bed and patted my thighs and he hopped up and put his front legs alongside my hips as I guided him closer, rubbing his throbbing cock, I pulled it to my opening and as soon as he felt my moist heat, he started thrusting hard and in a few thrusts my pussy swallowed his enormous rod. I laid back and let him ram me hard and fast until I came, then I felt his knot starting to swell and it hurt only for a moment, then he squirted his hot cum into me and I came again.We were tied for about 30 minutes, he just laid on top of me, and I couldn't get enough of the feeling of his knot filling me completely as his cum was dripping out of my pussy, so I rocked gently on him and came again. It felt sooo good. Finally he softened and pulled out and as he started to clean me I could feel the spasms running through my legs as his huge tongue stroked my dripping cunt, my stomach muscles tightened and I had my final, most intense orgasm.
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