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It was two weeks later so far then. On this Saturday, it was a very hot midsummer day, visited us "Andy Private". The attendant calls us the producers of the sex company, that is me, to fire as it were the student apprentice in the photograph and video, that worries around the food of the livestock and a kind substitute, the man for all cases.I was so annoyed. I did not get any word from that, as Andy onto the door of the hotel room, which we had rented us, knocked.With weak legs I went to the door and it opened. In a friendly manner and grinning she greeted me. The dog, a large black Dane, with which it always drove it, jumped at me gladly. We went into the living room.There Andy rid itself from their clothing and said all of it to us as she would imagine the film to be shot today. Fear, she had me. It was not only very much passionate at their "work", no! , she thought out their "actions" in the individual films also still itself. Which randy piece they was nevertheless!!! In my trousers increased therefore a little here. I attempted to hide this which I did not succeed in. The other men noticed this, grinned and thought to me "calms you down with your hot rod. we do that here already. sit down once for so long on the couch". Also Andy stroked me loving above the arm and meant in broken English "calm down".I sat down and observed that to float from one meter distance; and I became of minute too minute even hotter. Why, that read to her here:Andy said "okay, then I masturbate a little around. Let's say I make it to myself with my fist for about 5 minutes. After that an inflatable Dildo is used." Then she sat down on the armchair and a flirt game began with the camera. She smiled into the lentil and began to play at their sheath. It took off their lips, deleted cautiously with middle finger above the clitoris. First very slow, again and again, she enjoyed it. I could see how their Vulva swelled their clitoris with blood filled. Their mucous membrane was discolored scarlet. My "best piece" waked up still more.Then Andy took the laid out dildo, shifted it up to the assault and pumped it up. Oh man, that saw I for the first time live!With every movement, that they did, she became hotter. One heard their moaning it, that they rhythmic and in short distances of themselves indicated.To burst as their clitoris threatened, it had swollen strong (it was sick? ;-)), it dedicated their dog. Cautiously it began to stroke it. She kissed their favorite onto the snout. He licked her the whole face for the thanks. Slowly it kept on stroking it, their hand rambled always further in the direction of hind legs. The dog seemed to know this procedure, because he completely kept still. Andy began now, the dog penis "from this sporran black". Quickly the oar increased to considerable size. This stick bent through the hind legs. Then she laid itself backwards onto the armchair and the gigantic, nerved hammer part pressed itself into their vagina.I could not tolerate it anymore. I tore my trousers under that and began to work on my cock. First drops of my sperm had already accumulated themselves at the acorn top.Andy became increasingly wilder, increasingly more firmly it rammed the thick tail of the Dane to itself into their Vulva. Each time she groaned. And also each time, I scrubbed at my palm. Soon Andy was to the page, lifted their a leg's into the air, quasi some splits in the air;-). So the camera could film better, so I could watch better......I closed my eyes, fantasized around as it would presumably be then if this Andy all over was covered with dog sperms.For the further pleasure i blinked too the hot ladies' across. I believed to recognize that the dog penis swelled more and more. Randy!After ten minutes infinite dildoing with dog penis it changed their position. Now she crouched on their knees (on the armchair) and shifted the penis to itself from behind. The penis fanned out their small labia again the utmost thing. I could no more now at all. I tore myself my remaining clothing from the body.Then I jumped completely nakedly into the current shot. I held my stiff penis into the camera, "Watch this guys" said shortly and blacked at that around. Then I climbed onto the armchairs leans and Andy rammed my stick into the mouth. Without to hesitate she incorporated it. She sucked very strongly at that. It was not only randy to Obvious onto dogs, but also on sperm of any origin.I began to stroke their body felt me to the their genitals before, in which the penis was. With anxious hand, one did not want to ruin anything, I touched their clitoris and the dog penis. Warmly and tenderly it felt, which excited me besides. After a few minutes schier infinite Fiddled About stopped the photo and gained a tracing.I talked with Andy. She told that in fact she loved dogs therefore not only in the head but now also physical. And with these photos, that it and their dog enjoyed very much (one noticed it about the two) she earned a little money for this purpose. Most with pleasure the oral scenes would be to her after all, because these dog sperm tastes really good. She grinned at me with sparkling eyes.The idea came to me to be slave boy as a kind in the next scene in this case. I hold the dog penis and rams it into them in. I lick dog sperm out of their sheath and so wider.With this idea I convinced also the two employees of my employer.I got a leather mask given so that one could not recognize me well on the videos. Then the photo began:I still seized onto that one stiff penis and bent it to the back. Andy sat before that and began to caress to lick the penis and, to suck oh, my favorite!It sucked and sucked. Then it opened their mouth so that the top of the dogpenis was to be seen. The cur splashed his juice to punch manner into their mouth in that. A part of the juice worked from their mouth and dripped onto their breast, she swallowed a further part aloud audibly. She kept the "rest" which uebrig blieb in the mouth.The whole time while to this oral action was fingering they. It stroked their bosom, she played continuously at their clitoris. From this thought I only became, once again, still excited. When I saw their game at himself I splash. Their into the face. Man, that was a really big Filth!It dripped only so down here from it. Then it gave me to understand, I should make the dog go and I should kneel before it. It took my head then and kissed me.So it smeared my own sperm in mine face and it gave to me to swallow the dog juice! And that was the randiest what I experienced up to now in the sexual live!!! Our tongues united, they played, the juice of the dog lay supplely between that.Andy swallowed their part. It pinched me into the stomach with which she asked me also to do this. First I did not dare so right, however, then I overcame my pig dog and swallowed aloud and heartily. It was metallic, the taste of the infinite horny.Cut. Recording ended.From there I and Andy were fat friends. And we made it to ourselves at every meeting. Almost each time we filmed ourselves mutually. When you search well, you find a few video tie-clips here in Internet.----I hopes the story liked you!?
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