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The Experiment part RandallIf you enjoy this story, I love to hear it. I welcome correspondence to keldric@hotmail.comIf you have not read "The Experiment part 1", I suggest you please read it first.Thank you and I hope you enjoy.Warning...Everyone has a desire... a want they never really have filled, but they keep on and on trying to have. For some it's a high... a mind-blowing experience... they turn to drugs in search of it. For some it's an adrenalin rush.. They climb mountains or base jump or do something similar to that. I also have a desire. I think many people have this same desire as me, but I think few will go to the lengths I will to seek it. I want the ultimate orgasm. I want to cum so hard and so long that I will completely lose myself for a while. This desire is so strong that it tends to rule my life sometimes. The following is an account of the length I will go to seeking it. Now just like drugs can kill and adrenalin junkies can end up in the hospital or dead, so can questing for my ultimate orgasm if you do so as I did. I therefore want to warn everyone. What you're about to read is a true accounting of something I did, but I stress the danger of it. I hope you read and enjoy, but please don't ever try this, or if you must, please think everything through very carefully. Story Begins.....It had been a while since my "Experiment" had occurred. My poor ass had been sore for almost 2 weeks. I had retired my ottoman. I had lost too much control and been too sore. I decided I had gone just a little too far. I had certainly not given up on Brutus. I didn't have sex with him for about a week, but slowly as the soreness subsided the desire built up and overtook it. I decided that, like working out, when something is sore, work the soreness out of it. We both howled that first time he tied me a week later. I had thought most of the soreness was gone, but his extremely large hard knot proved it wasn't. Soon the lust and the passion overtook the pain and we had our usual cock draining good time. in no time at all we were back to our daily routine.It was a while after that when I got a 2nd dog. To make a long story short, my father got sick. I won't go into a lot of detail, but it was an illness that would prevent him from being active for quite some time. Because of this he decided to let his dogs go to good homes.My Father had several Black and Tan Raccoon hunting dogs. He had one in particular which I was especially fond of because he was very friendly, He and I got along very well, and he had an absolutely huge cock. I had not experienced this cock, but I had seen it on various occasions.I convinced my Dad to give me Rowdy and so I had 2. There were several reasons I wanted him. First Brutus was at home alone all day every day while I worked. I thought having a friend for him would be a good thing. Second, I just liked Rowdy and didn't like the idea of never seeing him again. Third, the thought of having 2 dogs that wanted to fuck me was a great turn on. Anyway, I took Rowdy home with me and introduced him to Brutus. To my delight they seemed to get along great from the start. The next day when I got home, I decided to let Rowdy in on our little afternoon fun. It was then that I found out a very unpleasant fact. 2 male dogs may get along very well when alone together, but 2 males do not always get along when there is only 1 willing bitch and they are both very horny. Our first day of fun was anything but and ended with me putting both of them out into the backyard (I had a large fenced backyard where they lived while I was not home).The next day I had an idea. I bought 2 long lengths of chain and 2 concrete eyebolts. I went to the basement, mounted the bolts into the wall on opposite sides of the basement, attached one chain to each bolt, checked them to make sure they were securely fastened, and went to get my boys and begin their training. I brought them in 1 at a time and fastened them to the chains. The chains were long enough to allow them to roam around half of the basement and just short enough that they could not get to each other. They seemed fine and happy and I would walk around and pet each one. Everything was all tail wags and whines. Then I got undressed in the middle of the room and got on all 4's. Both dogs immediately started growling. "Bad Dogs" I said sternly to both as I got up. I walked upstairs for a while to give them time to cool off.I went back down in about 5 minutes and both of them seemed happy. "No GROWLING!" I said to both very sternly. I got down on my hands and knees in the middle again. Both of them came as close as they could, but I started to hear some growls. "No!" I said. Brutus stopped, but Rowdy continued. I looked at Rowdy and said No again sternly, but he was only paying attention to Brutus. I crawled over to Brutus and gave myself to him. I did not let his knot enter me, but held it with my hand. (I enjoy it MUCH more with the knot in, but would you risk tying to a dog that might anytime decide to try to fight another. No, I don't think I want to be jerked across the floor, or worse have a knot much bigger than my anus jerked out and then try to make up a story for the doctor while in severe pain in the hospital). This continued for several days. I would bring them in, crawl around, wait for one to growl, tell them to stop, and then have fun with the one with the most self control (which always seemed to be Brutus). Sometimes I would let him mount me but not tie. Sometimes I would practice my oral skills and try to deep throat the non growling one till I felt him cum down my throat.Then finally one day neither growled. I crawled in reach of Brutus and Rowdy just watched. I let Brutus lick and Rowdy just stood and watched. I then crawled over to Rowdy. Brutus Started to Growl as Rowdy licked me and started exploring me with his nose and tongue. "Bad Brutus" I said and then stroked Rowdy's head to show him everything was okay. Brutus stopped growling and looked quizzically at me. "Share" I said to him in a friendly way. Rowdy licked for a while, then jumped up on my back. He had very little trouble finding his mark and it was all I could do to keep his knot out. As soon as he mounted me Brutus started growling. I gave him a harsh look and continued. Rowdy, though often eager to growl, seemed to enter some blissful trance. He also had a wonderfully huge cock. Brutus had a larger knot, but Rowdy seemed to have a longer shaft. Soon he was pumping me full of hot cum. I was also excited about the fact that his cock was so long. It would be interesting to have Brutus's huge knot sometimes and Rowdy's great length sometimes. I kept this up for weeks. Soon neither dog growled at first, but then I would crawl back and forth getting licked till finally one would growl. The moment one growled, I would go to the other. Also after a while I came to realize that neither dog was going to do any crazy moving once they knew it was their turn. Shortly I was knotting with whichever had the best behavior. Brutus was overjoyed to knot me again. I must confess I was overjoyed to get that small grapefruit knot in me again also and I came several quite hard times. Also I was very happy the first day that Rowdy had knotted me. His knot, though slightly smaller than Brutus and slightly different shaped, had been more than enough to fill me. Also he was long indeed. Brutus was so long that I would feel his cock against or just entering my bowels and filling me. Rowdy was long enough that I clearly felt part of his cock enter my colon and fill my lower belly with hot cum. That was fantastic. I had felt his longer length in my throat, but I had no idea he was that long. For some time my days were slightly exciting to me just in wondering which dog I would wind up with. I would find myself daydreaming about those similar-yet-oh-so-different cocks. Would today be the day I was filled so much my hips would almost be out of joint or would today be the day I would be very filled, but invaded internally with half a dog cock inside my intestine. Finally the day came I had been working for. I crawled between both and even teased both with some jacking off, but neither growled. No matter what I did, both just stood waiting for me to come to him. I decided to try letting them loose. I very apprehensively unchained both dogs. I spoke praises to them both as I slowly got down on my hands and knees again. They took turns licking me and sniffing each other and me. Then rowdy decided to mount me. Brutus immediately growled. I quickly stood up, chained Brutus back up, and let Rowdy mount. Then when he finished I took them both outside. Unfortunately there were a couple of weeks of this. Whoever growled first was chained up, allowed to watch, then put out. Soon I again had both dogs loose and Brutus mounted me. Rowdy didn't growl, he just watched. I didn't let Brutus tie, but kept the knot out just in case, but nothing bad happened. Brutus knotted with my hand, filled my ass with cum, and then I felt him shrinking so I let him go. Almost as soon as he had came out, Rowdy was licking my horny ass. The cum dripping out only seemed to make him lick harder. In a moment he was on my back. I also didn't let his knot in for the same reason, but there was no trouble. Now after a few days of this, I was dying for a dog knot inside me. I enjoy just the cock filling me with cum, but just the cock filling me with cum doesn't even come close to the bliss of being knotted. I brought both of my friends inside and went down to my hands and knees. Both dogs started licking me but soon Rowdy was on top of me. It never ceases to give me a feeling of blissful satisfaction to feel that knot slide into me and swell. I just gave myself to the feeling. Brutus looked a bit annoyed that Rowdy was going first, but he just walked around and sniffed. Rowdy gave me a good 30 minutes of fucking that day and he had no more than came out than Brutus was on top of me. My first impulse was to get up... the last time I had 2 knots inside me in quick succession I had been too sore, but my lust outweighed my apprehension and before I had time to change my mind I felt his cock, knot and all, go in to the hilt into my already open ass and start to swell. I knew I was committed now. Brutus had his extremely firm grip on my hips and I could already feel his knot swelling. I gave myself over to the feeling. Soon I was stretched and tied completely and I could feel his cum blasting against my insides mixing with Rowdy's. Brutus gave me a very good fucking. He seemed to last even longer than usual... maybe because he had to wait so long for Rowdy... and soon I was in bliss and pouring my cum on the floor in puddles. When Brutus's huge knot finally shrank and came out I collapsed on the floor. I could feel the hot dog semen running out of me and puddling around my tired cock. In a moment a felt a rough dog tongue lick the length of my much-too-sensitive cock. I jerked my legs together. This made even more cum erupt from my ass and run down the back of my thighs to collect in a pool at the back of my knees and run down to the floor. I looked back and Rowdy was licking and pawing me, trying to get me to get up to the position so he could go again. I carefully got up, never giving him the opportunity to get hold of me, and then I took both dogs out and took a good long shower. I could feel the dog cum actually moving inside my belly as I walked. It was erotic. I also noted that I was a little sore, but not nearly as sore as last time. Also the erotic feeling of immediately having one knot right after another before I even had a chance to think was something that sent my mind spinning. I mean I had wanted it or I would not have gotten Rowdy, but my fear of the soreness I'd had after my first double knotting had almost stopped me. I finished my shower and ate some supper. I was tired, but I was also horny. Just knowing that I'd been knotted 2 times and it had felt that good... I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wasn't sore. I am obviously so used to this happening that the soreness isn't a factor anymore. I kept thinking about the last time. I had felt so very good on my little invention. I had never came so hard or so often. I had only put it away because I could not handle that soreness again... it had been hell even trying to go to the bathroom for a few days. I had put it away because of that. I had thought of dismantling it, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do that. Now that I had been tied 2 times in one day again and had not been so sore... ideas concerning that little device started coming back. I had been calmed down a little by the fear of the pain. I had put it away. After all, the ultimate feeling wasn't so good as to be worth paying for for 2 weeks. But now... that threat was gone. I almost let Rowdy tie with me today... 3 in one day... and that would have probably felt good. Brutus had felt more intense because Rowdy had just finished. Would Rowdy feel even better because I would be sensitive from he and Brutus? I fell asleep thinking about tying 3 times on my ottoman. I awoke the next day with a cock so hard that I almost couldn't pee. I had dreamed all night. I was so horny that I almost didn't go to work. When I got home I immediately brought in my friends. I don't know if they could somehow sense my need, but Brutus had his cock in my ass and was swelling almost before I had both of my hands on the floor. There was a little tenderness because of the day before, but it was very quickly replaced by the constant throb squirt throb squirt of Brutus's cock. As soon as Brutus shrank enough to slide out of me, Rowdy was quick to follow. Rowdy filled me completely full, but didn't stretch me quite as much as Brutus. Brutus stretched me enough to probably get a little puffy and rowdy seemed to completely fill that puffy space. It was great... better than any fantasy I ever had... and definitely a decision maker that my ottoman would be used again. When Rowdy finished with me, I collapsed and again felt a tongue lapping at my ass. Brutus wanted me again. I thought about it... wondered how a 3rd tie would feel... would it hurt? Would it take me beyond the pain to a greater pleasure like the other time? Yes, I decided, it would be worth it. I raised myself and he mounted me immediately, but at the last moment I chickened out and arched my back upward keeping him from going all the way in. His cock swelled and gave me a good dose of precum before he pulled out and dropped off me. I was disappointed in myself. I led them outside and went to my shower. I decided I would definitely use my ottoman this weekend. Strapped into it I could not chicken out. I could not stop. I could only enjoy. *********I spent the rest of the week thinking up things to do to make this weekend even more intense. 3 times probably would hurt some, but it would be worth it. I didn't have any sex with my boys for the rest of the week. I wanted all of us to be very horny. By Saturday I was so horny I wasn't sure what my name was. My boss had made me come in for some overtime on Saturday and I had been so preoccupied that it had taken me all day to do an hour's work. Finally it was finished and I could leave. I got home and let both of my friends in. My ottoman was already in position. I had dusted it off, shortened the wheels about an inch so I didn't have the problem of last time, and made sure they were well oiled.I went to the bathroom and gave myself a good enema, then another. I wanted to be very clean for my evening activities. I usually gave myself an enema, but this time after the 2nd I gave myself about a half of the water again and stuck in a nice butt plug to keep the water there. I was going to get a little head start on being filled. The butt plug server 2 purposes. 1 was obvious... I wanted to start out the activities with some warm water inside me and let them add more. The 2nd was to control which dog had me first. I decided just to be safe I'd let Rowdy have me first, then Brutus, and then Rowdy again. That way I'd only be really stretched tight once and there would be less chance of pain. Ok, I'm a little scared, but last time hurt.Then I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer. I had made a new ice mold to form a cylinder of ice that took just over 90 minutes to melt. I knew Rowdy usually took 30 minutes and Brutus usually took 40 so by the time the 3rd tie was finished the key would be in reach, but I would not be able to get loose before the 3rd tie happened. This way I couldn't chicken out. I went to the basement, hung up the key, tied the cord from the butt plug to one of the eyebolts in the wall, and began strapping myself in. First both thighs and then my waist were secured. I pulled the strap tight so my ass would be way up in the air. I was already feeling a tongue on my ass around the plug when I strapped in my chest. I closed the cuff around my left wrist, then put my right write in the other cuff and closed it. Brutus was already on my back, but the plug was stopping him from getting in me. He tried for a while and jumped off. Then he tried again for a while and jumped off. Each time he mounted me he pushed me forward, but by straining against him with my toes and holding the plug tight with my ass I was able to maintain. Then Rowdy jumped on me. I relaxed my ass and let him push me forward and quite quickly the ottoman was pushed forward and the plug came popping out of my ass.I had thought this was a wonderful idea. I had not anticipated that when the plug came out, it would hit Rowdy's cock. It popped out onto the floor, Rowdy, surprised by an unfamiliar smack to the cock, hopped off me to investigate, and Brutus hopped up on me and began poking with his cock. It was not the order I wanted, but so what? I felt his cock poke me and then I felt it go in. As soon as he felt my hot ass around his cock, he began the familiar and blissful shoving to get it as deep as possible. It felt so good going into me and swelling. I tried to push my ass against him, but being tied as I was I could only slightly move. Soon I was stretched completely and full of his throbbing cock. It felt sooo good. It went deeper and felt better that usual. I blissfully remembered. The ottoman somehow always made him go so deep. It was like he went in another 3 or 4 inches while I was strapped into this thing. I felt him filling me with precum. In a moment he slid off me and turned. The extreme, almost painful feeling of his engorged knot spinning it's way around in my completely stretched ass was almost overpowering. He was taking me quickly toward the heights of my first orgasm. I was trying hard... so very hard... to hold back. I wanted to hold it as long as I could. I knew the longer I could force myself to wait, the harder I would cum. It was so difficult though. When he fucked me normally I always came. It was not a choice. His cock owned me. But like this, so horny before I started, completely buckled down and at his mercy in every way... and feeling his hard cock so very deep in me... I opened my eyes a little and say Rowdy standing at my head looking at me. I could see his hard pink cock already sticking out of his sheath 3 or 4 inches. I could plainly see the outline of his knot inside the sheath. I thought looking around would help, but seeing him so horny and knowing that fine big cock would soon be impaling me only brought the orgasm closer. I closed my eyes and said in a half moan "Good boy. You can fuck me soon". He must have thought I was calling him because I immediately felt him jump up on me. I had the side of my face lying on the ottoman and his weight pinned me tight. He immediately started poking my face with his cock. The first jab hit me in the left eye. The pain caused me to jerk my head back and yell for him to stop. It is amazing how quickly a semi-hard dog cock will go into your mouth when you jerk your head back and open your mouth to yell.He had me. There was nothing I could do. Brutus had control of me so I wasn't going to roll anywhere. I was completely strapped in and my hands were down at my sides. My head was pinned tight by a 90-pound dog's chest. My mouth was open. And a Dog cock was quickly going deeper into my throat and getting larger every second. Somehow I got the presence of mind to put my lips over my teeth and close my mouth enough to try to keep his knot out. I knew I could deep throat his cock, but I also knew I could not fit his knot inside my mouth. I managed to get bruised lips, but I also somehow managed to keep his knot out of my mouth till it swelled. I had the end down my throat and it was going deeper as it swelled. I closed my lips around the swelling, hardening shaft and felt the hot precum shooting through it and coming out in my throat. I started to relax. I had one dog cock squirting down my throat and another pulling, pulsing, stretching, and filling my ass. I was in bliss. It was almost a disappointment when Rowdy hopped off me and his cock was jerked from my mouth. Somewhere in the back of my mind I made a note to find a dog small enough to knot inside my mouth sometime, but all thoughts were quickly driven from me by Brutus. He had slowed for a short time, but he started pulling me and I knew he was building up to another orgasm. Just a note here. I do not know if Brutus came 2 times or if it was one long orgasm he had. All I know is I would feel him spurting into me as soon as he entered but the spurts were small and quick. Very shortly after he swelled completely and usually about the time he turned, the spurts would change to hard, longer spurts. After 10 minutes or so they would revert back to the small quick ones. Then about 15 or so minutes later he would pull firmly against me for a minute or 2 and then the strong hard spurts would start again and continue for another 10 minutes. After that they would go back to the small ones, then subside completely, then he would shrink and come out. I always assumed he came, rested, came, and pulled out. Maybe it was one long one, which was softer in the middle. Anyway, as I felt him building then starting his 2nd orgasm, I felt the hard firm squirts of my cum erupting deep inside me. I was trying desperately not to cum yet. I didn't want to yet. I didn't have a choice. I could feel him squirting deep inside me. I could feel his heartbeat throbbing in his cock and tingling my whole body with every pulse. Soon I was squirting cum in hard spurts trying to drill holes into the concrete floor.Brutus continued throbbing and spurting inside me. I had came hard, but his cock had such control of me that I don't think I ever got soft. I just went from my orgasm to building for the next one. I had built about half of my 2nd orgasm up when I felt him begin to slow down. His knot still had me completely, but I felt the wonderful pumping into me stop. Soon I also felt his wonderful throbbing subside and almost immediately I felt his cock begin to shrink slightly.In a moment he shrank enough to slide out of me. Some of his cum was coming out of me, but most of it was deep in me and I was trying not to do anything which might push it out. Rowdy, who had been dancing around me ever since his teasing blowjob earlier, gratefully wasted no time plugging the openness left by Brutus. He quickly thrust his cock into my wide-open ass. I felt him go in, then deeper, then deeper. I felt the end of his cock slide into my bowels as his knot swelled. In a moment his knot swelled well beyond any chance of coming out. I could feel his precum squirt into me. As his knot reached full size and properly impaled my sensitive ass, I felt his cock start to swell deeply into me. It entered my colon, then went deeper and deeper. It was a strange wonderful feeling. I had never had him so deep. It felt like his precum was hitting my insides just under my navel. I used my toes to push myself back and forward ever so slightly. He responded with 4 or 5 more thrusts, but he was already embedded in me too deeply to move. I felt his cock lock into me and as he hopped off me and turned I felt every delicious inch of his knot spin and pull me. I was sensitive from Brutus's stretching, but that only made me feel every delicious throb and twitch of Rowdy's hard cock. As he pulled against me and began squirting long hard wonderful jets of cum into me I felt shivers run up my spine. It literally felt like his cock was close enough to my spine to give me shudders. It was a different feeling. It was good, but I wasn't used to it. Soon, different or not, I found myself again completely under his control. Every spurt of his steamy hot cum pushed me closer to an orgasm. I was lost in the feeling. In a moment I was cumming down my thighs and on the floor. I felt like I had a small pond in me and he was adding to it every second. For just a moment after I came, I felt almost unpleasantly full, but it was only seconds before his throbbing spurting cock had control of me again. He quickly brought me to yet another orgasm. His deeply imbedded cock was milking orgasms from me like a farmer milking a cow. After the 2nd orgasm I had given up and just let it happen. After another orgasm, I felt him slow to the smaller spurts he and Brutus did between orgasms. This feeling was almost, but not quite, enough to make me orgasm. It was a pleasant tease, which just left me relaxing and longing for more. Rowdy decided to walk around for a moment. It is an interesting feeling indeed to be pulled around by a cock inside your ass. Rowdy investigated every corner of the basement. He usually pulled on me some, but on my hands and knees I offered him some resistance and he would soon stop. While on my extremely well oiled wheels I was just a cart being pulled along by an interesting harness. All the pulling, the precum spurts, the complete out-of-control eroticism of the whole moment... it was an incredible turn on. I wasn't about to orgasm, but I was certainly being turned on more and more every minute. Rowdy tired of this after a little while and soon he stood still. We stayed like that for an eternity of teasing. Somewhere in my mind it occurred to me how they made me cum when I was holding back, but teased me almost but not quite to an orgasm when I gave myself to them. I felt Rowdy start pulling me again and I felt his cock begin to start shooting harder into me. I pushed against him as best I could with my toes and was rewarded with the pulsing and spurting tingles inside again. I tried to look back, but I could not raise my head enough to see. I found myself wishing for a mirror or better yet a camera. I was a little mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner. It would have been exciting to have set up a camera to have recorded today's activities for future viewing. I could only imagine what my poor ass must look like pulled outward by this huge dog knot. In a few moments I felt myself squirting cum from my throbbing cock. I've came many ways. During sex, I've had toys in my ass, received blowjobs, whacked off while watching movies or just lying in bed fantasizing, been masturbated by someone else, and even too many times to count while being licked on the cock and ass by a dog. Having a huge dog knot in my ass is the only way I have ever came with nothing what=so-ever touching my cock in any way. My orgasm soon subsided and despite a moment of exhaustion I felt myself getting excited again. Somewhere in my mind I wondered how they could have such power over me. Also thinking about how a throbbing dog cock could always force an orgasm from me turned me on more. Just before I got worked up enough for an orgasm, I felt him start to shrink. In a moment he started pulling me and after a trip across half of the floor I felt him slide out of me. I was a bit tired. I had came 3 times. I started thinking of the possible soreness of a 3rd knot. I had never been knotted 3 times in 1 day. I was also a little full inside. And I had indeed had 3 extremely hard orgasms. I felt a tongue on my tender ass. Rowdy was lying in the corner so I knew Brutus was exploring me a bit. I looked toward my key. The ice had mostly melted, but there were still probably 10 or 15 minutes more melting needed before the key would be reachable. I felt Brutus mount me. I found myself truly wanting to feel this 3rd knot, but also trying to get away. My ottoman took the decision away from me. I could not get away even if my life depended on it right now. Within seconds my sensitive and swollen ass felt the tip of his hard cock slide into it. I felt him hump and thrust as half his cock went in. then he thrusted again and went in up to his knot. Then he thrusted again and his knot slid through. He thrusted about 3 more times, each time pulling his knot out and shoving it back in. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain, but more pleasure. The third time he was slightly swelled and it went in with a sort of plop. I felt it go in and then pull but not come out. There was no doubt he owned me again for a while.I felt him begin his hard low thrusts to imbed himself as deeply as possible. He was thrusting so hard he was rolling me forward into the wall. When we hit the wall he began thrusting even harder and I felt him slide just a bit deeper. Within just a few seconds I felt my insides being stretched by his knot as it grew bigger than I had room for. It began to hurt. The inside of my ass was swelled from being knotted 2 times already and he was stretching me hard. We were locked tight. I felt his cock lengthen and start invading my bowels and I felt the final 2 or 3 pulses of swelling fuse us. I had never felt him so tightly imbedded. It was a pain mixed with the pleasure of complete fullness. I hoped he was fully swelled. I knew I could not stretch any further. I knew how big he was, but it certainly felt as if he had somehow grown.I was just starting to get used to being stretched so tightly and starting to get aroused again when he turned. This was an experience. I felt him slide off my back and start to put his leg over my back and I felt my insides being twisted. He was too tightly imbedded inside my poor ass to spin. It hurt. I would have gladly flipped my ottoman over at that moment to have given myself some relief. So there we were. He was half turned with his leg on my back, my ass was being turned inside out by his huge knot and I felt like someone was trying to pull the inside of my ass up to my tailbone. I tried to move my ass a little to get some relief and I started moaning because it hurt. 'HE' seemed to like this and gave me a jerky couple of thrusts. I was happy he stopped because I believe he pulled my intestines downward in my body a couple of inches. In seconds he started throbbing and cumming deep in me. Somehow either because of the pulsing of his blood through the veins of his cock or the amount of cum coming out or just his pressure, he turned just a tiny bit.Suddenly my desire for him to spin turned into a desire for him not to move a muscle. Then I felt him slowly move more and then all of a sudden his cock made a quick half spin to the position he wanted. I felt ripped and aching. Every single pulse of his heart was a squeeze of my tender tissues. Then he pulled and started cumming very hard. I found myself talking to him, asking him to stop, but he only pulled harder. As he pulled I felt something through the pain. Every time his hot soothing cum gushed out, I hurt less and my cock grew harder. It was becoming less of a hurt and more of an uncontrollable erotic sensation. I felt every drop of his blood that he pulsed through that wonderfully huge knot and every single drop of his seed as it went through that hard cock and gushed against my tender insides. I put my toes down and gently pulled myself against his cock. The feeling of pain slightly increased, but the feeling of being totally owned and massaged by this cock increased far more. We both pulled ever harder and I felt his cum being driven deeply into me ever harder. My single thought was to pull harder. I wanted his cock pulling and his cum filling me. I needed it. It was my reason for existing. Soon we were having a tug of war with me ass. Every pulse of blood a tingle. Every gush of hot sticky cum a shudder. Every being of my mind and body a desire to make it feel better. I do not know how long we stayed like that. I lost myself completely. I remember feeling the area from just under my balls to around his cock tighten and flex. I remember never wanting that feeling to end. I cannot describe this feeling. It is beyond words. Take that moment just before an orgasm... the moment you know nothing could possibly stop it but it has not actually started yet. Now multiply it by 10 and make it last for a while. I became aware of my cum shooting out of my cock. Every spurt caused my ass to contract. Every contraction caused me to ache a little but to feel him more. Every feeling caused another contraction. Far too soon I finished. He soon finished too... with his first orgasm. I was floating somewhere on the clouds. I raised my toes and relaxed. I was reminded of my stretched ass by a throbbing ache, which was invading my bliss. As I came back to my senses I knew I would hurt for a while. It had been worth it. I was so full of cum. I could feel my stomach fighting the ottoman for space. It was getting fuller by the spurt. I knew these were his little precum or midcum spurts, but I wondered if I could hold the rest. One think I did know; as tight as his knot was in my ass certainly nothing was going to leak out. We stayed there for a long time; he filling me further with doggie precum and me balancing between pain and pleasure. I knew he would soon give me his second load. I knew my ass would pay for it later, but I wanted it. It took a lifetime but he finally started to pull against me. I put my toes down and pulled back. It was not a pain of great hurt, but a pain of discomfort and pain pushed to eroticism. I cannot explain it, nor have I had it often, but I can say you'll never understand till you experience it. As we pulled against each other and his cock started to pulse in me again, I let myself go. I first felt his knot pulse stronger with blood, and then I felt the wonderful eruptions of dog cum inside me. The end of his cock must have been against my intestinal wall because even though I could feel the lake inside me, I could also feel every spurt as it came out. I felt so very good. We kept this blissful tug of war up for a very long time before he finally slowed down. I had felt myself working slowly toward another orgasm, but somehow even though I'm sure he came for 15 minutes, I never quite got there. As he shrank, his half swelled knot pulled from me in a pop. Pain rushed from my ass to my brain and back. I just laid my head down and rested there, recuperating, getting over the pain. My combination of not sleeping enough because of my excitement, getting up early for unscheduled work, and orgasming so hard I forgot my name, had taken their toll. I had almost fallen asleep. I had laid there, recuperating, thinking, relaxing, and had suddenly been jerked from my contentment by the realization of where I was. My back was aching, my ass was too sore to try to close, my belly felt like the Atlantic Ocean, and I was very hungry. I heard a lap-lap sound. I looked around. Both of my boys were having a drink from the cold puddle that had formed on the floor when the ice around the key melted. My first thought was to wonder why Rowdy had mercifully not taken a 2nd turn. I guessed the blowjob and fuck had been enough. I was very happy about this. His knot was smaller than Brutus by a little, but the way my ass had felt that was little consolation. I could not have been there long. The ache had not subsided in my ass. Maybe I had rested 15 minutes or so. The ice had melted correctly and the key was hanging in reach just where it belonged, but Brutus and Rowdy were right there under it. Now, my problem was; how do I get close enough to reach it without getting another knot buried in my way over used ass. My colon wanted to release all the cum, but if I could relax enough to get loose and to the bathroom first then there would be a much easier cleanup. Besides, the cum splattering on the floor would most certainly bring them here to lick, and licking will certainly lead to another knot, and I cannot stand that. I cursed myself for not rolling to the key immediately. I decided now was the best time to try. Waiting will only give them time to get horny again. Maybe right now they are both too tired to care. I rolled slowly and cautiously toward the key. I knew this was a bad idea, but I also knew waiting longer would only be a worse idea. I crept ever so slowly toward the key. Rowdy, apparently having drank his fill, walked away and out of sight. I worked myself forward slowly and cautiously over against the wall on the opposite side of the puddle from Brutus. I then began to inch myself toward freedom. When I got within about 2 feet of Brutus, he looked up at me. I pushed forward a little. "Move" I whispered sternly. As he moved back a little, I felt a tongue on my ass. I pushed myself forward quickly and started trying to get hold of the key. Brutus went around to investigate my tender nether regions, which Rowdy had just found. I felt the key and tried to grab it. Rowdy jumped on my back and started trying to mount me. Somehow with my body against the wall he was having difficulty. Unfortunately his thrusting was causing me to shake, making it very hard for me to get hold of the key. I felt him jump off me, but in jumping away from me, he pushed me forward and out from the wall a little. I tried to push myself back, but he mounted me again which spun me around a bit so I was at about a 45-degree angle with the wall. The key was hanging near my head teasing me and my poor ass was now stuck out and fair game. I started pushing as hard and fast as my toes would push, trying to get against the wall again. I felt a large paw on my left cheek and strong claws pulling my ass back out to them. Again, as I struggled toward the key I felt him mount me and without the protective wall at my side I felt his cock slide neatly into my sore stretched hole. I knew there was nothing I could do. I felt every hot veiny inch of that cock slide in and out of me. I still tried to get to the key and was pushing myself forward. I felt his knot on the outside of my ass. I was almost there. I felt the rough surface of his barely swelled knot slide painfully through my anus and come to a stop in the well-used cavity, which was once my bowels. I felt the hard thrusts. I felt myself roll forward beyond the key. I felt the knot starting its growth. I knew, without doubt, that I would now have my 4th knot of the day. I decided to try to make some more room for the cum I was about to receive. I pushed a little, but the knot was quickly making this impossible. I knew Rowdy's knot was going to fill every gap in my swelled and puffy nether regions. "Damn It Rowdy, That Hurts! Why couldn't you wait?" I said. He was only half swelled and already I felt completely full. Then, as if in response to his name, Rowdy walked around and sat in front of me. It was then the true realization hit me. Brutus!!! It was Brutus fucking me, not Rowdy. I knew Rowdy would hurt my ass badly because I was already very swelled and tender, but at least his knot was not quite so big. But Brutus was able to stretch me to the point of nothing left when I was fresh and ready. I felt his knot expand. With every thrust his huge cock slammed deeper into me and his knot grew further. I tried once more to force out some cum, but it was too late. His knot had taken up far more space than I had to give already and it was growing still bigger. At that moment if you had told me that someone had put a red hot basketball inside me and fully inflated it I would have completely believed it. His knot was swelling to the point that it was actually forcing the blood and swelling partially out of my ass just to make room for it. It was a feeling of pain that I had never before experienced. Every beat of his heart sent a gush of blood into his knot, expanding it, and starting a wave of pain in my ass which washed up my spine and crashed against my brain. I only wanted out. I needed to get away but it was not going to happen. Mercifully his watermelon of a knot finally stopped growing. Now only his cock length grew, once again finding the huge crevasse of my intestine and sliding happily in. I knew what was next, but I would have done almost anything to have stopped it. He stepped off me to turn. Again he was too tight to spin, but the lube of the little bit of cum I pushed out before he completely shut me off helped a little. His knot was turning a little with each pulse of his heart. It was little consolation. I felt as if a roll of briars was being spun in my ass. Eventually he finished spinning. He started the familiar feeling of pulling against me and spurting his scalding cum. It was at this moment I became aware of a strange situation. I had tears in my eyes and I was gritting my teeth, but I became aware through no thought I could recall that I was pushing against him and my cock was hard enough to drive nails.I was on fire. Everything from the area just below my shoulder blades, around my cock and ass, and all the way around to my chest was on fire. A painful, crazy, insane, lustful, all consuming fire, which was slowly spreading over the rest of me. I thought my intestines and my cock and balls might be pulled from me at any time to live the rest of their days in bliss around a dog knot, but I didn't care. I managed to get my toes securely against the floor and O pushed against him as hard as I could in my position and I lost myself completely. I was pushing so hard my toes were aching, but I only wanted more. Somewhere I knew how bad I hurt, but it did not matter. I only wanted more. I felt his strong proud heart pulse his blood through his knot. My body shuddered with each pulse. I felt his gallons of hot cum spurt into me. I was so full of cum that I would have not been surprised if it had started running out of my nose and ears, but I wanted more. My body was resisting being filled any further, but the resistance only made me need more. He pulled and I pulled back. He squirted and I shuddered and hoped it would never end. I felt my orgasm begin. My whole body convulsed on each gush of cum from my cock. As I came, what remained of the muscles in my ass grabbed his cock. As I grabbed, he spurted harder. As he spurted harder, he pulled harder. As he pulled and spurted harder, so did I. We remained in this position of mutual bliss for some time. As my first orgasm ended, my second one began. I know toward the end of my 2nd orgasm I was only convulsing, but spurting nothing. I vaguely remember my orgasm subsiding. I also think his subsided about the same time. Just about the time my pain was starting to overtake my bliss, I felt him shrink and come out. He had not been in me long. I suppose the first 2 had been about all he had for the day and the 3rd was a quickie to him. As his knot popped out, I felt the hot cum run across the lower half of what was once my ass and down my cock, balls, and thighs. I rolled myself over against the key which I had been about 1 foot away from for who knows how long and quickly managed to undo my handcuff. I undid the straps around my chest, waist, and thighs. I couldn't raise myself off the ottoman because the pain in my ass and in my back from being arched was too much. I managed to pull the key over and undid the other hand, then I lay back down to relax. I almost immediately felt the intense pain of my poor poor asshole being licked again. I found the strength to roll off the ottoman and onto my back on the cool floor. Rowdy gave my cock a quick lick and then walked off and lay down. I felt the dog cum run out of my ass and under my body on the floor. By the time I finally got myself straightened out and the pain had mellowed down to a dull burning, I was lying in a pool of cum. I didn't care. The cool floor felt so good to my aching back and my poor burning ass. In a while I was finally able to stand up. Standing caused a renewed river of cum to flow out of my ass and down both legs. My asshole was hurting far too much to try to control it so I just stood there till it subsided. Eventually I was able to get both of my boys outside. I staggered to the shower and turned it on, then just lay down in the tub and let it blast me for a while. After a while I got out, dried off, and sat on the toilet. I sat there and passed warm spurts of cum and water for about half and hour. Then I cleaned up a little "OW!", threw 4 or 5 towels on the bed, and collapsed into a slumbering coma.************"What was the result?" Many may ask. Well, the highlights were as follows. When I woke up about 4pm the next day my ass worked again, but was very sore. I mopped up about 1/4 of a bucket of cum from the basement floor. It hurt to just sit for 3 days and hurt to go to the bathroom for almost 2 weeks. I didn't even try to knot with either of them for 15 days, and when I finally did it was still quite sore. All the soreness didn't go away for about 1 month. My cock and balls were so sore that I didnít even have any desire to masturbate for a couple of days. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Was it worth it? For 2 weeks after I did it I would have said no, but now looking back I am glad I have a memory this intense. Would I do it again? I do not know... so far I haven't worked up the nerve. Randall
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