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I will add it here without the attatchment for all of you who dont want to download it.Bye for now.Dez.CHAPTER ONENot hearing an answer to her knock on the Hartley's kitchen door, BetteLinder opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. She knew CindyHartley was home. She had seen her little convertible parked in thegarage.It was not uncommon for either of these two very good friends to walkinto one another's homes. They had been neighbors for the past threeyears and all four of them got along beautifully.Not finding Cindy in the kitchen, Bette went into the tastefullyfurnished living room but there was no sign of the pretty redhead. Justas she was about to leave, Bette heard Cindy's voice coming from thebedroom.Probably talking to her husband, Greg, Bette smiled. Not that sheblamed Cindy. Greg was quite a hunk of man. Handsome, wonderfulphysique and he was really hung with a terrific cock and balls. Severaltimes at parties, she'd danced with Greg and during these closely heldtimes, she had felt Greg get a semi-hardon.When she had felt his even half-hard cock against her, she had almostflipped. He had a nice big thick one, she knew and would loved to havehad the opportunity to see and feel it when it was hard, but she neverhad the chance to.Bette had her hand on the bedroom doorknob and was just about to openthe door when Cindy's thick, sobbing voice stopped her."Come here, Sultan. Come here, you lovely, big-cocked Doberman. LetMommy feel that nice big, thick prick. Oooohh Sultan, you're reallyhard and so long. Hard and ready to give Mommy the sucking and fuckingshe wants. Aren't you Sultan?"Bette's mouth dropped open in flabbergasted amazement. There was a lookof misunderstanding horror in her eyes at the import of Cindy's lust-filled cries.Sultan was the name of the Hartley's big, black Doberman but surelyCindy could not be playing with the dog's cock. Yet, there was nodenying the words that reached her ears a moment ago or that whining dogsound or the overpowering desire from the obviously highly arousedCindy."Oh. Oh. Suck me Sultan. Oh God, lick my pussy. Oh that feels sowonderful. Lick my cunt with that big, rough tongue of yours.Aaaaggghh, suck my pussy. Eat me Sultan. Tongue my pussy good."Impelled by an excitement and overwhelming curiosity, Bette slowlypushed open the door, her eyes glued to the widening crack. She felther body invaded by a thousand electric shocks as she stared at thebizarre scene unfolding before her.Cindy, bare-assed naked, was sprawled across the bed, her ass and hipsresting right on the edge of the mattress. Standing between her dampthighs, his black, hairy head pressed against Cindy's wet, juicy, pink-lipped cunt was Sultan, the Doberman."Good dog. Oh, you lovely animal." Bette heard Cindy gasp. "Now eatmy cunt. Eat my pussy. Eat it good with that long, thick, rough tongueof yours. Yes, oh yes, all the way. Oh your tongue makes my cunt feelso fucking good. You adorable cunt lapping dog, you. It's wonderful.Won-der-ful."Bette, her cunt throbbing almost painfully, stared as the dog's long redtongue began to lap at an incredible speed at Cindy's twat. Cindy'slegs lifted high, a cry of tormented delight coming from her as her bodysquirmed and writhed on the bed. Bette could see the dog's tonguepenetrating inside those wet, creamy lubricated pink cunt lips.Bette trembled wildly as she saw this fantastic sexual aberration takingplace right in front of her. Yet, as the throbbing in her own snatchgrew more intense, the juices dribbling down her thighs she couldn'thelp wishing it was her cunt the dog was eating.Her entire body was on fire with aroused sensuality as Cindy's lustfulcries of ecstatic delight reached her ears. Her skin itched, her pussywas on fire, her tits rising and falling heavily, the nipples stiff andaching.Leaning her shaking body against the door, Bette, her eyes blazing withwanton passion, watched fascinated as the erotic happenings grew moreand more sexually violent.The Doberman was licking frantically at that pink-mouthed slitvoraciously. From the way Cindy was reacting, her body jerking, herhips grinding and undulating, there was no doubt that the dog's tonguewas rubbing against and across her clitoris.Bette could see that long, red, rough tongue sliding back and forth overCindy's ravished snatch, causing her own cunt to swell and throb withevery sensation centered in that wet hungry slit.She could hear the dog whimper and whine as he pressed that long pointednose tighter against Cindy's cream covered cunt, his tongue licking andlapping faster and faster as the juices streamed out of it."Oh Sultan. Lick me. Lick me good," Bette heard her friend sob, herass and cunt jerking voluptuously. "Oh your tongue feels so good on mycunt. Eat me and make me come all over your lovely mouth. Now, Baby.Now."Bette was wild with a primitive passion she had never known before asshe stared, unable to tear her eyes away from that scene of the prettyred headed Cindy, her face contorted on the bed as Sultan's fantasticcunt lapping brought her to a thunderous climax.Moaning deeply in her throat, Bette cupped her swelling tits in herhands, her fingers sinking deep into the soft, yielding flesh, herfingertips pinching and squeezing the erect and tender nipples as thetumultuous excitement of her friend's debauchery enacted in front of herfilled her body. The muscled walls of her inner cunt fluttered andrippled, clenching and relaxing with nerve tingling spasms.Wide-eyed, she watched her pretty neighbor push the dog back. Bettecould see every detail of Cindy's puffy lipped and soft folded snatch.The dog's tongue had matted the deep reddish hair flat and the deepcrack between those wet cunt lips was fully exposed. The mouth was adeep pink now and covered with a shiny film of creamy white juices."Now Sultan," Bette heard her friend gasp. "Fuck me now. I want tofeel that nice, rigid prick of yours in my hot cunt. Just a minuteDarling Sultan and then you can fuck Momma."Breathlessly Bette watched as Cindy slid off the bed and pulled a low,heavily cushioned vanity bench over to the side of the bed. When shehad it placed the way she wanted it, she knelt beside the big brute of adog who stood there patiently. It was evident from the way he stoodthere, that he had experienced this many times before.Bette huddled against the wall, trying to hold back the sobs ofunbridled lust that rose in her throat, wanting to see everything yetnot wanting to be seen. Her pussy was tingling hotly, her tits achingfiercely, the nipples extremely tender as she watched Cindy slide herhand along the dog's hairy belly then down to caress that thick round,furry sheath that shielded his prick.Pressing her hand against her furiously twitching twat, Bette jammed herfingers in hard against it. She shivered from the sharp sensations thatfilled her as her fingers rubbed against the soft rubbery lips of herpussy.Her breath caught in her throat when she saw the dog's cock start toslide out of that dark, hairy covering. The head was sharply pointedand was a bright red color. Bette stared unbelievingly as more and moreof that fantastic red cock protruded and came into Bette's view. It wascovered with a thin film of slick slippery fluids that made it glistenand shine."There it is. There is your lovely thick red prick," she heard Cindymoan passionately as she continued to stroke that long steel hard cock."There is that adorable prick that is going to fuck Momma and make mefeel so good when it is in me. You are a lovely dog, Sultan and oh sogood to Mommy. What a nice lovely big and thick cock you have to fuckme with, darling."Trembling and shaking violently, Bette lifted her skirt and slipped onehand down inside her panties, onto her bare cunt. The furious sexualarousement of watching this almost unbelievable erotic action had hertwat already soaking wet and slippery with the juices that kept leakingfrom between her cunt lips. The soft outer folds of her cunt quiveredas her fingertips rubbed back and forth along them, opening to thegentle but insistent pressure of her fingers. Bette slid one fingerinto her cunt when she felt the lips part and groaned when she felt thecunt muscles contracting and expanding with fierce gripping actions asher lusts rose to a new height.Leaning against the wall, feeling weak as the thrills ravaged her, Bettebit into her sensually full lower lips as she watched Cindy, who after afinal caress of that cock that must measure at least seven inches, layback on the vanity bench. Her long shapely legs hung off the side buther wet, gaping cunt was poised right at the very edge of it. Shestretched her legs out then slowly parted them. They were now spreadwide enough for the dog to move in between them.Bette's thighs were slippery wet from the juices that dripped in asteady stream from her pulsating cunt. What she wouldn't have done orgiven for a nice fat hard cock to fuck her right now. Yes, even thatlong, bright red prick that extended up along the dog's hairy belly.Never had she felt so hot and excited as she did now. There was aburning demand and urgency in her cunt that needed to be assuaged by aprick, dog or man."Now Sultan. Fuck me. Fuck. Here is a nice hot pussy all ready foryour lovely long hard prick. Up Sultan. Up and fuck. Fuck me. Oh youlovely dog get up on me. I want to feel your cock fucking my red hotjuicy cunt."Bette, panting heavily, was cast in a storm of fantastic sexualarousement as she heard Cindy's guttural cries and watched the big,sleek Doberman move in between Cindy's wide spread legs, that long, red,pointed prick jerking and quivering under his belly.Bette's fingers worked feverishly on her cunt, her entire body filledwith an obsessive longing. Her pussy, as her fingers caressed and movedin and out between the soft, yielding lips, grew wetter and wetter, themuscles in her thighs twitching uncontrollably with erratic spasms. Shewas filled with an overwhelming lust that threatened to destroy hercompletely if she did not find relief. Her body was a mass ofexcruciatingly alive flesh with all the sensations centered in hervibrating twat. She needed a cock. She wanted a cock to fuck her, todeliver her from this fierce and overpowering hunger that invaded her.Cindy's sudden cry made Bette's eyes snap open. She staredunbelievingly when she saw Cindy move backward, the dog suddenlymounting her naked body. His front legs seemed to hook around her slimwaist, pulling her down while his rump began to jerk back and forthfrantically.Through lust filled eyes, Bette saw Cindy's hand grab that wet, shinyred cock and press it down. A second later, a gurgling scream came fromCindy as that steel hard prick went driving deep into her juice drippingsnatch."Ooooohhh you beautiful Sultan. Your cock is in me. I can feel it sodeep inside me. Fuck me, you darling. Fuck me hard. I want to feelevery inch of your cock in me. Oh. Oh. Lovely cock. Beautiful dog.You adorable fucker. Do it to me."Bette was caught in a swirling maelstrom of unbridled lust as shewatched the dog's dark sleek rump driving back and forth in anincredible fast, steady rhythm. She could see his long red prick with apeculiar bulge just behind the center of it sliding in and out betweenthe pink-lipped cunt that welcomed each hard and deep thrust.The dog whined and whimpered oddly as he fucked the twisting, writhingwoman beneath him. His back arched, burying his prick deeper, his rumpjamming even closer and tighter against Cindy's come-lathered twat.It was the most unimaginable thing Bette had ever imagined. Thefuriously fast, deep fucking never slowed, never slackened. Instead,Sultan fucked his mistress at the same rapid pace, the head of his redprick appearing at the very mouth of her cunt then was pumped all theway back in. "Oh, if only a man could fuck like that," Bette thoughtas her finger delved deep inside her own quivering, contracting pussy,feeling the hot fluids dripping down on her hand. Her body shook with ashattering paroxysm as she rubbed the flat part of her finger back andforth across that sensitive bud of her clitoris."How long can he fuck her," she wondered. He must have had his cock inher cunt for at least five or ten minutes already but there was no signof the dog's speedy in and out thrusts faltering or slowing down.Bette could see the white juices leaking from Cindy's bruised, reddenedpussy as they fucked, the liquids streaming down between the crack ofher ass. The fluids splattered and splashed against Cindy's thighs asthe dog's incredible fucking went on and on without the slightest signof abatement. His cock was coated with Cindy's come as the tossing,sobbing woman came again and again."Don't ever stop fucking me," the pretty blond sobbed as she met thedog's deeply penetrating strokes with heaving, rolling responses of herhips, ass and cunt. "Oh I just love to be fucked this way. It is thebest, the absolute best. Sultan, you long pricked darling, you aredriving me mad."Cindy's legs flopped as the dog, encouraged by his mistress'simpassioned pleas, actually seemed to fuck her faster and faster.Bette, watching all this, was going out of her own mind as shefingerfucked herself frantically. Her burning eyes were glued to theaberration taking place no more than a few feet from her, watching theway the big, sleek muscled Doberman clung to the bare assed womanbeneath him, watching Cindy's legs bend and straighten convulsively, herhead tossing from side to side, her eyes watching that long, sharplypointed red shiny prick appearing and disappearing in Cindy's redmouthed slippery snatch.There was no doubt that Cindy was thrilling to this fantastic fuck. Thewild sobs and cries of ecstatic delight that poured from her, the wayher hips twisted and jerked as she fucked the dog, the fierce eroticcontortions of her luscious naked body were all clear indications of theexquisite bliss she must be feeling."Aaagggghh, oh. Oh. I'm going to come all over that nice big dog cock.Keep fucking me. Keep fucking Momma. Don't you stop until I tell youto. Make me come. Oh. Oh. Make me come with your big prick."Cindy's voice was thick and broken as it rose to a furious crescendo oflust. Her body stiffened then shook violently as she came. Bette couldsee her creamy white juices oozing out around Sultan's still pumpingprick, down her thighs and the cheeks of her ass, forming a thick whitepuddle on the vanity bench. Even though she had come, the dog continuedto fuck her with the same intense force and speed.Unable to resist her own furious desires, Bette fucked her cunt with twofingers, jamming them in and out, unconsciously matching her thrusts tothe tempo of the dog's fucking actions. She sank to her knees asfurious spasms wracked her body from head to toe, her hot come floodingher violently contracting cunt, inundating her vigorously moving fingersas she sought to maintain that delightful peak of the most intense andthrilling pleasure. Holding her fingers as deep in her quivering cuntas she could get them, holding them there as if they were an imaginarycock that had caused her to experience this shattering orgasm, Bettecollapsed against the door jamb.When she lifted her head, she saw that the dog was sill fucking themoaning, gasping Cindy. Finally, his strokes became more erratic.Bette could not help but compare his actions to that of a man who wasabout to come. Cindy's harsh gasps let Bette know that Sultan wasindeed coming."Oooohhh, you're pouring your hot dog load into me, you darling, I canfeel it spurting into me, so far up inside me. Come in Momma, you bigbeautiful fucking animal."Another fit of violent trembling and shivers shook Cindy's madly fuckingbody as she reached another explosive orgasm.Bette, limp and weak from the intensity of her own coming, rested on herhands and knees. Through hard to focus eyes, she saw Sultan back offCindy, his cock pulling out with a distinct pop. As it did, a stream ofgreyish white juices literally poured from between Cindy's bruisedlooking cunt lips. Sultan half sat and bending over, began to lick athis scarlet red prick which was slowly disappearing into that hairysheath under his belly.Slowly Bette managed to get to her feet. She could see Cindy stretchedout limply on the bench, her tits rising and falling rapidly, herrounded stomach heaving as soft moans came from her opened mouth as shelay there in the aftermath of this fantastic fucking.Leaning against the wall, Bette slowly slipped out of the kitchen andback to her own house. She made her way up to the bathroom andshowered, cleaning away the sticky residue of her come juices.After her shower, she lay bare-assed on the bed, reliving every momentof that utterly weird happening she had just witnessed. She couldn'tquite understand it. It would be different if Cindy were alone anddidn't have a man to fuck her and take care of her sex needs. But shewas married. She did have Greg and Bette knew that Greg had a biggerprick than most men. Then why this bit with the dog?Why this need and desire to be fucked by an animal? Oddly enough Bettedid not find Cindy's actions deplorable or evil. She did not have afeeling of disgust for her neighbor because she was fucked by a dog.Rather it was wonderment as to why Cindy did let her dog fuck her. In away, recalling the way Sultan had fucked, Bette could not really blameCindy and could understand it.How was she going to react when she and her husband Don went out withCindy and Greg later tonight? Would she be able to repress herknowledge that she had seen Cindy being screwed by her dog? Thatbridge, she chuckled, she would cross later this evening.Laying there naked, Bette felt her pussy begin to tingle as she vividlyrecalled that wild aberration. Closing her eyes, she could see thatlong, thin sharply pointed dog cock sliding in and out of that juicypink cunt, see the juices flowing out of that lathered pussy and shecommenced to tremble. Her torrid reverie began to react and the nipplesatop her swollen tits began to harden.A passionate woman, Bette found her cunt begin to throb rhythmically asshe relived those fantastically exciting moments when she had seen Cindyrevel in the unnatural fucking she had seemed to welcome so very much.Moaning as her hips began to undulate sensually, Bette slid her handdown over her silky haired pussy. Soft sighs escaped her as herfingertip gently stroked and caressed her pink mouthed snatch. Her hipslifted as a tremor of excitement shook her, the touch of her fingersproducing a flow of warm lubricating liquids. Her clitoris pulsated andhardened, standing out like a miniature hard on.Her mind was awash with erotic fancies and she wished it had been hercunt that had been assaulted by the phenomenal cock that had impaled herneighbor on that seven inches of stiff prick. Her legs lifted andspread as she began to rub and stroke her elongated clitoris.Suddenly she slid off the bed and hurried over to her dressing table.Picking up the long round handled hair brush, she almost raced back tothe bed.Stretching out on her back, Bette brought her knees up then pushed themwide apart. Holding the brush by the bristles she slowly inserted thethick round smooth plastic handle into her snatch. A moan of delightslipped from between her lips when she felt that thickness penetrate herslippery cunt.Her hips bucked and humped as she began to work the brush in and out ofher cunt, her mind alive with brilliantly remembered pictures of thatbig, black Doberman, the muscles rippling under his skin as that longbright red cock worked in and out of Cindy. The brush handle was coatedwith her wet, sticky, slippery cunt juices as she moved it in and outfaster and faster. Raising her hand slightly, she cried out as theslick warm surface began to rub back and forth across her clitoris.In her disordered, wildly erotic state of mind, Bette imagined that itwas indeed Sultan's cock that was fucking her. Faster and faster herhand moved, the brush handle going deep into her come slick pussy. Herheart pounded and she felt her pussy begin to throb with furiousintensity as she neared her orgasm.Her back bowed as she fucked her cunt faster and faster. Then, as thetidal wave of overpowering sensations shook her, she screamed, "FUCK MESULTAN! Shove your big red hard dog prick in my cunt and fuck me ...FUCK ME. FUCK ME!"A second later, her cunt was ripped asunder as she experienced atumultuous climax. Her body heaved under the tremendous impact as wildinarticulate sound ripped from her lips. Her cunt was a network ofshrieking raw nerve endings as spasm after spasm of the most ecstaticbliss rocked her. With a long, tremulous sigh, she sank back on thebed, bathed in the luxurious sensations of her orgastic aftermath.CHAPTER TWOThat night, when she and her husband Don went next door, Bette found italmost impossible to believe that this lovely woman who was a perfecthostess, could have indulged in such an act of sheer animal wantonnessonly hours before.She and Don had found Cindy and Greg to be perfect neighbors. The fourof them had hit it off right from the beginning and had formed the habitof going out together on Saturday nights. Cindy and Greg were a bitearthier than she and Don but had never been offensive. The dirty jokeshad been told in a dance with Greg and he had gotten a semi-hard on.Nothing more had developed but Bette kind of wished it had. Shewouldn't have minded being fucked by that prick of his which seemed tobe larger than Don's. She was kind of sure that Don would have jumpedat the chance to bed the pretty and sexy Cindy. They had a drink anddiscussed the inevitable question of where to go."I heard of a pretty wild place," Greg said. "They put on some way-outsex shows and circuses. You know, women and women, men and men, womenand animals and things like that. It is pretty raw I've heard but whatthe hell, it will be something different. What do you say?"When Don looked at her, Bette nodded. She had found her interest fannedwhen Greg had mentioned animals. It was firmly and finally settled thatthey would go. Just as they were leaving, Sultan, the big DobermanBette had seen fucking Cindy, came padding into the room. Her pulsesquickened at the sight of that sleek black dog and the throbbing tinglebegan between her legs.She watched as Cindy gently, almost lovingly, stroked the dog's head.His tail wagged and Bette would swear she saw an adoring look on hisface as he looked up at his mistress."He is a beautiful dog," Bette said, moving over to put her hand on hissmooth haired head. "They say Dobermans are extremely clever and can betrained to do almost anything."Bette smiled to herself when she saw Cindy look up at her quickly, awondering look in her eyes."I don't know about that," Greg chuckled, "but he is a helluva goodwatchdog. Even I get scared when I see those big white fangs. Hereally watches over Cindy though.""He should," Bette smiled to herself, "if you fucked her the way hedoes, and could see that big red cock of his in action."The four of them piled into Greg's car and an hour later they pulled upin front of a small weather-beaten house."Don't pay any attention to the outside," Greg reassured them. "It'swhat's inside that counts. From what this guy told me the place isfurnished like a palace."Greg was right. Once inside, they found themselves in a luxuriouslyfurnished foyer. A man wearing a faultless dinner jacket led them to asmall room that was dimly lit. There were two love seats facing a smallstage that was about ten feet from the booth. The floor was thicklycarpeted and the furnishings reflected obvious good taste.A lovely girl wearing just the flimsiest apron, her big red-nippled titsswaying and bouncing delightfully, brought in two bottles of champagneand set one at each love seat along with two glasses. She announcedthat the show would begin in just ten minutes.Greg poured them each a glassful of champagne and they stood theredrinking it. Bette found herself getting a nice glow from the champagneand was oddly stimulated by the prospect of what they might be seeing.The lights flickered twice and they imagined it was a signal that theshow was about to start. Cindy suggested that since they were oldfriends it would be nice to switch partners and let Don sit with herwhile Greg sat with Bette."There's no fun," she chuckled, "in seeing a show like this with yourown husband."Bette looked at Don and was surprised in a way to see the look ofeagerness on his face as he looked at the luscious Cindy. What thehell, she thought, what was sauce for the goose was pretty tasty.Besides the sudden memory of how Greg's half hard cock had felt morethen appeased her feelings.They had just taken their seats when the lights went out, all but thelights on the stage.Bette felt Greg's arm slide around her shoulder, his hand resting justabove the upper swell of her tit. Her heart beat faster when she felthis leg rub against hers and then remain knee to knee. The winepervaded her with a warm, pleasant glow and she nestled against thehandsome Greg.In the center of the stage there was a long, low and wide couch coveredwith a deep red satin sheet. A beautiful dark haired girl wearing asheer filmy negligee came out to stand beside the couch. Smiling, shefaced the audience and then slowly let the negligee slip off her bodyand to the floor."Boy, what a pair of tits she has," Greg muttered in her ear. Bettesmiled at his expression but he was right. The girl did have abeautiful pair of tits. They were full, rounded and firm, twinmountains of creamy white flesh topped with broad deep red aureoles andthe nipples were thick and fully a half inch long. Her body wasvoluptuously shaped with smoothly rounded hips, long slim legs and athick luxuriant growth of hair around her cunt. Her ass was firm andprovocatively rounded, forming a completely enticing picture of sheersensuality.Picking up a magazine, the girl stretched out on the bed and beganreading it. As she read, the girl let one hand slide slowly andteasingly across those full tits, rubbing and stroking them until thenipples looked like twin spires of deep red. Her hand moved down overher body, to her smooth fleshed thighs and then lightly across thatfurry snatch.Bette could see the thick dark nipples of the girl's tits grow evenlonger and thicker as the girl's hand lifted to gently caress thosehillocks of tempting whiteness once more. Her long, red tipped fingerslifted those swollen white orbs, then dropped them. As they came to aquivering halt, her fingertips teased the nipples into even greatererectness. Her long legs slowly spread and from where they weresitting, all four could look right up and into the girl's pink-lipped,hair-lined pussy."And that's not bad either," she heard herself whisper to Greg whochuckled. Bette could feel herself getting hot as she watched the girlon the bed. I'm becoming a regular voyeur, she thought. First Cindyand now this girl.The fact that the man beside her whose knee was gently rubbing againsthers was not her husband, that they were watching a beautiful naked girlplaying with herself added to her rising delight of lustful excitement.The exciting display of the girl's naked cunt, combined with thechampagne and Greg's nearness was beginning to get to her.Greg's knee moved in soft little circles against hers and she felt herbreath catch in her throat when his hand slid down a bit more, thefingertips resting on the swelling curves of her tit and pressing inagainst the soft flesh gently."Look at her now," Greg breathed in her ear, "she must be reading areal hot book."The girl, her cunt aimed directly at them, was writhing sexily on thebed. Her ass rose and fell in slow undulating motions of pagan passion.Bette could feel her own pussy throb and unconsciously her own hipsbegan to move as the warm trickle of fluids seeped from between thetwitching lips of her cunt.Looking over, she saw that Don's hand was down inside the gaping frontof Cindy's dress and she could see his fingers moving as he kneadedthose big rounded globes. His other hand was sliding back and forthalong Cindy's bare thigh, her dress pushed halfway up to her waist.Raising her eyes, she looked at Cindy. The pretty blonde had a look ofsensual excitement similar to the expression Bette had seen on her faceearlier that day when she was about to get fucked by her dog Sultan."They really seem to be having a ball," she heard Greg whisper in herear as his hand moved down until it was cupped directly over her oneswollen mound. Bette tensed then relaxed, enjoying the feel of astrange man's hand on her body, his strong fingers gently fondling thesoft, yielding flesh. The tingling in her cunt grew stronger as Gregfound and pulled on the tender, erect nipple.Turning, she looking back at the stage. On the bed, the girl wascaressing herself all over, her voluptuous body writhing and tossinglasciviously as her fingers stroked up and down along the soft flesh ofher puff-mouthed cunt. They could see the girl's finger rubbing againstthe pink folds and heard her harsh irregular breathing as she slid onefinger in and out of that now hot, moist slit. Her legs lifted straightup in the air then slowly spread wide apart.Bette gasped when the wet mouth of the girl's cunt was pulled apart toreveal the pink glistening flesh between her legs. Breathing hard,Bette stared as the girl reached down to those hair covered pink foldsand slowly pull them apart until the shiny pink interior of her cunt wascompletely revealed. There was a trickle of white juices running fromthat pink-mouthed orifice that pulsed hungrily. They could see theinner muscles of her cunt contracting rhythmically and realized that thegirl was doing it deliberately.Holding her cunt lips apart with one hand, the girl slid a finger of herother hand deep into the yawning pussy to rub and caress her elongatedand thick clitoris.Bette felt Greg's fingers dig into the soft flesh of her tit as thesensuous actions of the sexy female on the bed got to both of them. Thesight of those long red enameled fingers rubbing back and forth acrossthat rosebud of sensitivity, sliding in and out of her wet, slipperysnatch, sliding up and down along the smooth flesh of her cunt, hadBette panting with desire.Her cunt was sopping wet now as breathlessly, she watched the girlfingerfuck herself, her ass rising and falling in cadence with the inand out motions of her finger slipping between those soft, shiny wetflaccid lips. A gasp came from Bette when she saw the girl add a secondfinger, then a third to the one that was working in and out of her twat,pushing the three of them deep inside that enveloping cunt, creating awet sucking sound each time she pulled her fingers out.Bette was on fire with lustful anticipation and the heat of her ownlusts as she stared wide-eyed at the girl on the bed squirming andcontorting frantically with uncontrollable passion as she drove thosethree fingers in and out of her cunt faster, her fingers disappearing tothe knuckles in that wet hungry cunt.The sounds, the very wet suctioning exciting sounds as the girl'sfingers fairly flew back and forth in her pussy, had Bette almost out ofher mind with primitive desire. Her head swam as she saw the girl fuckherself to a climax, her hand beating a savage erotic tattoo against thewet, juicy, lathered slit, her cries of exquisite rapture filling theroom.Suddenly, from the side of the stage, a huge German Shepherd walkedacross the stage to sit beside the couch. It was a long moment beforethe girl looked over and saw him. When she did, the rapid in and outmotions of her hand slowed then stopped completely. A smile of eagersensual anticipation flitted across her lust contorted features as shelooked down at the huge animal.The girl's hand pulled away from her well lubricated snatch and rose toher mouth. She smelled her fingers that were coated with her comejuices, licked at them for a moment then held her hand out toward thedog, calling to him to come to her.Wriggling down on the couch, the girl moved forward until her ass andcunt were right at the edge of the couch, her feet on the floor. Shedrew her knees up so that the soles of her feet rested on the edge ofthe couch, then pushed them wide open.Bette sucked in her breath, hardly able to breath when she saw the lipsof the girl's cunt spread wide, the creamy white fluids leaking down thecheeks of her ass.Fascinated, her body trembling, Bette shivered with wildly excitingshivers of wanton lust. The thought that this huge dog was going tosuck and fuck this voluptuous female thrilled her as much as when shehad seen Cindy getting fucked this afternoon. The tingling in her cuntturned into a raging inferno of desire, a consuming, raging holocaust oflust.The warmth increased when she felt Greg's hand slip inside her dress,under her bra and onto her bare, stiff-nippled tit. She felt the moundswell, the nipple stiffen even more under his gentle but skillfulcaresses. Her breathing came heavier, burning in her throat, her bodywrithing as Greg's hand rested on her thigh.The soft, hot, wet lips of her cunt contracted, then opened as ifreaching for Greg's hand. A tingling shock almost like an electricshock ripped through her when she felt Greg move his hand up slowly,turning it and cupping his broad, strong fingers over her cunt. Herhips arched at the strong contact and her head fell back as Greg'sfingers curled inward, pressing gently but firmly against the softnessof her outer cunt. Her head rolled then froze at the sight that greetedher eyes on the other love seat.Don's stiff, red-knobbed cock rose up out of his gaping fly and Cindy'shand was holding it as she stroked her fist up and down along the thickrigid shaft. The sight of her husband's cock being caressed by anotherwoman strangely excited her tremendously. There was no anger, nojealousy, no fear of any kind. Only an overwhelming desire that waslike a powerful drug as she watched the red tip of her husband's cockappear and disappear in the circle of Cindy's clutching fist.Hearing a growling bark from the stage, Bette turned her attention backto the stage once more. She gasped at what she saw.The dog had his long snout buried between the girl's come-wet thighs,rubbing against the damp matted hair that surrounded the girl's pussy.Bette saw the girl tremble fiercely, her fingers moving in thebedclothes, her body tensing as the dog's long, broad rough tonguelicked out at the girl's twat.Deep harsh cries came from the wriggling girl as the dog's tongue lappedfrom the crack of her ass all the way up over the entire length of herpink lipped snatch. Flinging her legs high, the girl thrust her juicytwat against the dog's snout. He began to lap at her pussy greedily,faster and faster. Encouraged by the girl's moaning sobs and the almostconstant flow of her cunt fluids, the dog's big, flat tongue flickedrelentlessly at the girl's cunt lips and inside as well.Caught up in the throes of highly aroused primitive passion the girlreached down and pulled the lips of her cunt wide open. A gurglingscream of sheer pleasure ripped from her as the dog pressed furtherforward, his tongue almost a pink blur as he lapped frantically at theglistening in her cunt with that long tongue, raking it across her long,thick clitoris.Her hips and ass twisted and jerked as she responded to the incrediblecunt lapping being lavished on her by the dog. Her body jerked withrepeated spasms, low sobs of frenetic ecstasy pouring from herconstricted throat as the great dog brought her to one orgasm afteranother. Bette, her body consumed with burning lust, wallowed in theunabashed, debauchery that filled the small theatre. Her cunt and bodyhungered for a tongue, animal or human, to be lapping at her twat,probing inside, sucking and biting on her excruciatingly sensitiveclitoris. She was filled with a hot excitement, a sensual lust fargreater than anything she had ever felt before.The moans of ecstatic bliss coming from the stage fascinated her as shewatched the girl, her hips and ass rolling, jerking and humpingfuriously. Her legs rose high as her fingers once more pulled her cuntmouth wide open, sobbing furiously as that long, broad tongue darted andplunged deep into that gaping slit.Bette, her heart pounding madly, her breath burning in her throat sawthe dog's rump begin to jerk back and forth as his tongue ravished hersoaking wet come filled pussy. The girl, her body contortingfrantically screamed hoarsely, her hips wriggling harder as she shovedher cunt tighter against the dog's nozzle, forcing his tongue deeperinto her. Her harsh, animal like cries gradually became clear to Betteand the others. She was calling for the dog to suck and tongue her cuntfaster, to ram his tongue in deeper, to lap at her pussy and make hercome.With a shock, Bette recalled the similarity of this girl's wild,impassioned pleas to those she had heard coming from Cindy thisafternoon. Turning her head, she looked across to where her husband andneighbor sat.A gasp broke from her when she saw Cindy sprawled out on the love seat,her legs stretched out wide, her dress up around her waist. Don's handwas under her panties and from the action Bette could see, she knew hehad his finger buried deep in Cindy's twat, fucking her with it.The blonde's hand was clasped tightly around Don's prick, moving up anddown that rampant rod, her lust blazing eyes fastened on the bizarrescene unfolding on the stage in front of them.Down on the stage, the girl, now totally in the grip of uncontrollableanimal passions, raised her ass higher on the couch. Bette could seethe dog's tongue lick along the deep crack between the plump cheeks ofthe girl's ass. Sobbing, the girl reached up under her. Her fingersdug into the resilient flesh of her ass and pulled them wide apart. Acry of painful pleasure rose in the air as the dog's tongue darted atand around then in and out of that brownish pink puckered opening.Sliding her fingertips further down, the girl pulled the narrow openingof her asshole wide open. The dog, sensing his advantage, pressedfurther forward, his snout pressing harder up against her ass, histongue forcing itself into that narrow channel. The girl seemed to gowild. Her body twisted and jerked almost uncontrollably as that thick,broad tongue jammed itself further up into her ass itself.A low bubbling moan rose in Bette's throat when she saw the dog'stongue, working in and out of the girl's undulating ass. Her senseswere further excited when she saw the dog's bright red, sharply pointedcock sliding out of the hairy sheath under his belly. It was long,longer than Sultan's and thicker too, almost seven or eight inches longwith that thrillingly tapered knob. It was coated with a sheen ofcreamy white liquid that made the length of his prick glistenerotically.Then the girl, in her avid, mad tossing saw it. Her body stilled as shestared hungrily at that gigantic prick and the thick juices that drippedfrom the head of it. Sitting up, she reached down and grabbed thatslimy wet cock, her fingers caressing it hard and fast and skillfully.Bette, her senses swimming in abandonment pushed Greg's hand off of hercunt. She pulled her skirt up frantically baring her sleek wet thighsthen taking his hand, jammed it hard against her hot throbbing snatch.Her body was on fire as the walls of her cunt expanded to take Greg'sdeeply probing finger as it moved in and out of her hot, burning pussy.A trickle of hot, slimy, sticky juices kept dripping from that excitedtwitching teat.The lips of her cunt clung to his finger, the heat of her bodythreatening to devour her. She slid downward in the seat, spreading herlegs wider, giving him more room to caress and fondle her throbbingcunt.Hearing deep, sobbing cries coming from the stage, Bette opened her eyesto see the girl kneel under the dog and begin to suck on that immensered prick. The girl sucked his cock avidly for a minute or two thenwith a loud scream of abandoned lust, scrambled up onto the couch pulledthe dog up with her and turned to rest on her hands and knees, herprovocative ass and pink lipped twat thrust back toward the droolinganimal.The girl was pure animal herself now as she faced away from theaudience, her slimy come dripping, pink cunt mouth facing the excited,hard breathing audience. Bette could see those soft, rubbery folds openand close spasmodically as the girl called to the dog, begging him tomount her and to fuck her. The dog came up behind the girl, thenbounded up. His hairy front legs twisting and tightening around thegirl's slim, pliant middle, his rump was already in action as he soughtto drive his long, thick cock into the girl's slippery cunt.Bette's breath caught in her throat and her emotions were so strong shethought she was going to faint when she saw the dog's tremendous cockfind and sink deep into that lathered pussy with one fierce lunge. Herhands clutched at Greg's hand on her pussy at the sight of thatincredibly thick bright red prick disappearing all the way into the girlwith one thrust. The girl moaned and sobbed feverishly, her headrolling from side to side as the dog began to fuck her with quick strongin and out strokes of that great prick.Bette writhed and twisted on the couch, her cunt shoving down hardagainst Greg's caressing fingers. Watching the dog's prick, she couldalmost feel that long, thick red shaft driving itself deep into her owntwat, feel her cunt being spread wide apart by that thickness ofpleasure giving cock.Her forehead was beaded with perspiration and she could feel the warmsweat break out all over her body as the juices poured from her snatchinundating Greg's hand. She knew that one day she was going to have tobe sucked and fucked by a dog, any dog. The unbelievable lust that shefelt she knew could only be satisfied by the iron hard prick of a dog.Her eyes were fastened on the dog whose furry body covered the shakinggirl fucking her in grotesque jerking motions that were characteristicof canine fucking. The girl's ass jerked and twisted as if trying toget that bestial prick in even deeper, her back and ass shoving back tomeet his powerful thrusts. His bright, shiny cock drove in and out,back and forth, going deep in her cunt and at an unbelievably fasttempo. Bette had seen the same frenetic action when Sultan had fuckedCindy earlier that day.The white fluids poured from the prick-ravaged lips of the girl's cuntto be splashed and splattered against the girl's belly and thighs andass. It wasn't possible, Bette thought as she stared at theincreasingly rapid fucking motions of the dog.Her attention was diverted by the wet slurping sounds from the otherlove seat. Sounds that only indicated that someone was either havingher cunt eaten or someone's cock was being treated to a delightful blowjob.Cindy was bent over Don's lap, sucking his hard erect prick withdelighted relish. She seemed like a starving female who had not had acock in ages as her wet, hot mouth slid up and down that long, redtipped pole. As Bette watched enviously, Cindy lifted her mouth and hertongue licked out, lapping voraciously at the full, saliva wet length ofBette's husband's prick. Her mouth surrounded that great knob oncemore, her lips sliding up and down frantically, hungrily, greedily.Don's hand was moving back and forth across Cindy's naked cunt, hisfingers digging deep between the come covered folds of that pink mouthof Cindy's delightful snatch, the creamy juices dripping from thatpalpitating twat and down her thighs.Turning, she reached for Greg's prick. Her fingers encircled that thickshaft and she gasped when she found she could not get her fingers aroundit, that its great size did not permit her hand to completely encompasshis cock."Greg, Greg," she moaned lustfully. "What a beautiful cock. It's sobig. So big and so hard and so eager.""The better to fuck you with" he replied panting as Bette's knowingfingers created even more intense feeling inside him.Breathing heavily as her hand stroked every inch of that great prick,Bette could feel the veins thicken as they pulsated fiercely, the smoothskin of the shaft of his cock stretching tighter as his cock grew evenmore, and she wanted more than anything to feel it buried to the ballsin her.The feeling of Greg's expert fingers caressing the lips and innersurfaces of her pussy, his fingertip rolling her tender nerve throbbingclitoris, the feeling of that unbelievable cock that was filling herhand, had Bette unaware of everything but the indescribable feelings ofsensuality and sexuality that filled her. Her body was charged withpassion that would not be denied.Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Cindy's head sink down over theentire length of Don's prick, something that Bette had never been ableto do. She saw Cindy's cheeks puff out as if she had a balloon in hermouth as she took that swollen shaft deep into her mouth, her full lipsopened wide to accommodate that thick hard on."Slide over onto my lap," Greg whispered hoarsely to Bette. "That wayI can fuck you while you watch the girl getting fucked on stage."With a happy, gleeful cry, Bette rose and slid across onto Greg's lap,her legs straddling his. Reaching down, she held that immense pricksteady as she slowly lowered her come lubricated cunt down over hiscock.A moan of agonizing delight came from her when she felt her cunt lipsbeing spread wide by that huge blunt, flanged knob of Greg's prick. Herhips paused, then with a wild cry of unleashed passion, Bette droppedher cunt down hard, impaling herself on that thrilling spike. Her cuntwas stretched wide, wider than ever as that massive shaft filled hercunt. Her hips twisted and ground against Greg's balls and thighs asshe sought to get every last bit of his prick into her. The feeling ofthat hot throbbing shaft inside her sent shivers of ecstatic delightthrough her trembling body."Watch the show," she heard Greg gasp as he screwed his cock further upinto her clinging, tingling cunt. "Watch the fucking on stage and I'lltake care of this hot cunt of yours right here." Turning her attentionback to the breath taking spectacle on the stage, Bette watched throughlust blurred eyes as the dog continued to fuck the girl at the samerapid pace, his long wet bright red cock driving in and out like apiston, the muscles of his rump rippling under the hairy fur and back ashe fucked and fucked in a way that had Bette wild just watching it. Hereyes moved from that lathered pussy to the girl who was wriggling andsquirming madly, shoving her ass back with hard, driving movements tomeet those incessantly rapid motions.Bette could look right up between the girl's legs as well as those ofthe dog's and her own lusts soared at the sight of the girl's pinklipped flesh that glistened between the widely spread cunt lips thatwere coated with beads of glistening white fluid. The sight of that bigbright red prick shiny with the girl's come, driven relentlessly andpowerfully in and out between those slick lips filled Bette with thedesire to be treated the same way by an equally as powerful dog cock.Her ass and cunt began to bob up and down on that stiff prick that wasrammed deep in her twat. Every time her hips came down, the head ofthat beautiful cock went tearing up into her womb. The sticky juicesliterally flowed from her spasmodically contracting cunt, bathing hiscock and balls with the warm wet juices. Unable to control her drivinganimal lusts, Bette matched the rising and falling of her cunt over thatrigid axis with the fierce rapid strokes of the dog's prick in thegirl's cunt.Soft breaking sobs of intense rapture slipped from Bette's opened mouthwhen she felt Greg's hips begin to meet her hard downward thrusts. Hiscock jammed in even deeper and faster, opening the yielding soft wallsof her twat, spreading them to take that huge rod, her hips slammingdown hard as she matched the furious rhythm the dog set on the stage.A wild piercing scream hung in the air as the girl on the stage buckedand jerked, her back arching, her come lathered cunt shoving back, herass twisting frantically as she began to come. The girl went wild, herass jerking up and down, back and forth, in tight little circles againstthe pounding hairy belly of the German shepherd. Her body drove hardback against the dog as she was pierced deeply by the driving sword ofthe dog's prick. Bette could see the come being splashed as it pouredfrom the convulsing pussy. It oozed out around the dog's still reamingprick, running down the girl's thighs, the smooth white flesh shining inthe bright lights, the thick white fluids covering her legs.Bette cried out, her body stiffening and jerking with hard quakingspasms as her own orgasm began to build up inside her. Gripping herswollen, hard nippled tits, she lost complete control over her emotionsas she rose and fell, impaling herself frenetically on that immenseprick that was buried to the hilt in her, that filled her cunt andherself with terrific sensations heretofore unknown to her. Never inher life had she ever been this sexually excited. The sweat poured offof her body as her coming came nearer and nearer. It felt as if shewere undergoing the severest of tortures as the needle sharp exquisitesensations built up.Suddenly the muscles in her thighs, stomach and cunt stiffened andaching with a pain that was agonizing yet at the same time the mostpleasurable she had known in a long time. Her body jerked as if withthe ague as her emotions were driving to the very edge of her coming.Then it burst inside her like a bomb going off in her cunt.The sharp, pounding, driving sensations ripped through her, bringing along wailing scream as she came. The totality of it, the almostparalyzing pleasure as her entire body was split and wracked with spasmafter spasm of incredible shocking pleasure that forced her to drive herpulsating pussy down over that thick cock, wanting to feel it buried asfar up into her as she could get it. She felt her filled twat throbwith a fierce rhythm as she came, her hot thin liquids flowing out ofher snatch and down along Greg's rigid pole that was jammed deep in hercunt.A moment later, a new and equally as powerful sensation gripped her whenshe felt Greg driving his swelling, hardening prick even further up intoher. He held that massive tapered knob almost in her womb when Bettescreamed when she felt his cock jerk furiously as a thick stream of hot,thick cream shot from his pulsating cock sending a torrent into hercunt.His hands hurt as they dug into her hips, holding her down on him as hisbody was shaken by furious spasm after spasm, his cock leaping insideher as spurt after spurt of boiling hot come was ejected into herclinging, tightening pussy. Bette's cunt muscles clasped and squeezedand rolled around that throbbing shaft, milking it with skillfulexperienced sucking motions.Her cunt overflowed with his tremendous load that dripped steadily frombetween the bruised, reddened mouth of her snatch. Sagging back againstGreg, Bette looked through dimmed eyes at the stage.The girl now lay on her back, her arms and legs hanging limply as thedog jerked his long, still iron hard cock out of the girl's batteredpussy. The greyish white juices poured out from between those puffylips of the girl's twat, forming a thick pool of come under her stillquivering ass.The dog reclining on his haunches twisted around and his long tonguelicked at his come covered cock and Bette wished it were her tongue thatwas doing it instead of the dog's. A feeling of disappointment ranthrough her when she saw that red cock slowly pulling back into thehairy sheath.Watching that sharply pointed, red cock flecked with spots of white comeon it, Bette knew that one day and soon, she was going to be fucked by adog and know all of the sensations Cindy and the recumbent girl on thecouch had felt. There was an overpowering sexual urge in her cunt toexperience that wild, unbelievable fuckings she had twice witnessedtoday. She knew that this urge could only be satisfied by the feelingof a dog's cock fucking her as Cindy had been fucked and sucked.After they dressed and left the theatre, the four were quiet as theydrove home. It wasn't until they were nearly home that the subject ofwhat they had seen and done came up. There was a momentaryembarrassment then all four broke out laughing."I hope Bette," Cindy said smiling at her neighbor, "that you didn'tmind what Don and I did. It was just that I got so excited watching thegirl get fu ... oops.""That's all right Cindy," Bette chuckled. "I've heard the word before.No, I didn't mind your getting fucked by Don. Besides how could I getangry at you. Don't forget I had Greg's cock in me at the same time.""Thank you dear," the voluptuous Cindy said then looked at the two men."And just how do you two feel? Are you ready to fight one another ordivorce us?""Hell no," Don chortled. "I'm ready for more.""And you Greg," Bette asked as she dropped her hand on Greg's cock."Are you upset because Don fucked Cindy and she went down on him?""Don't be silly" Greg answered his hand covering Bette's and rubbing ithard against his prick. "I enjoyed every minute of it and am lookingfor more just as Don is.""Would you be willing to do it again, Don?" Cindy asked her eyes brightwith desire as she looked at Bette's husband."If Bette wants to.""I want to," Bette said quickly. "The idea, if you will excuse mytalking frankly, of being fucked by a different cock really turns meon.""In that case, how about the four of us coming to our place. We canscrew more comfortably and enjoyably."Dawn was just beginning to break when Bette and Don wearily made theirway back to their own house. It had been an utterly fabulous night.Bette had been fucked and eaten until she was exhausted and had gonedown on Greg reveling in the lusty excitement of feeling his cock comein her mouth.Yet despite her intense enjoyment of being fucked and sucked, Bette hadnot lost her compulsion about being fucked by a dog. She just had tohave one to satisfy this craving she felt.CHAPTER THREEFor the next few days, Bette lived in an almost constant state offrustration. She could not rid her mind of the picture of that hugeGerman Shepherd with his long, thick red cock as he had fucked the girl.Nor could she forget the feel of Greg's big hard on when he had fuckedher or later when she had gone down on him and he had come in her mouth.Bette's biggest hang-up however, was occasionally seeing Cindy's dogSultan running around. Having witnessed him sucking and fucking herneighbor, Bette would feel her cunt tingle whenever she saw his sleek,black body.The hot feelings she would feel mounting in her throbbing twat would gether so hot that she knew that one day in the not too distant future, shewould be getting fucked by a dog. It was an overpowering impulse, onethat burned brightly and constantly with her.Unable to stand it any longer, Bette went out and over to visit Cindy.The pretty blonde looked at her, smiled and asked her if Bette wouldlike a cup of coffee. When they were seated at the kitchen table, Cindysaid, "I was going to call you Bette but decided to wait until you had achance to think about what happened the other night. I am so glad youare not angry about it.""Oh no. In fact, I enjoyed it very, very much. Greg is quite a man andoh that ... I'm sorry Cindy.""Don't be," Cindy chuckled. "Greg does have a nice cock."Relieved by Cindy's frankness, Bette smiled. "Yes, and he fucks so welltoo. My pussy was sore for a day afterward.""I'm glad you enjoyed the swapping. Don is no slouch either in the cockor fucking department. Would you like to get together again real soon?Greg told me how much he enjoyed it especially when you went down onhim.""Wonderful. I'll talk to Don about it. I know that he will jump at thechance to lay you again."They chatted and Bette steered the conversation around to the eroticspectacle they had seen."Just looking at that dog's big red prick sliding in and out of thegirl's cunt, the way he fucked her really turned me on. From the waythe girl acted, it must have worked on her as well.""I've heard that a woman never really knows what fucking is until she'sbeen screwed by a good dog." Cindy's eyes were fastened on Bette's asshe talked, a strange look on her face."I'd love to try it one day," Bette said slowly. "It looked justabsolutely sensational.""Yes, it is ... I mean, it certainly looked that way to me too.""I know that if I had a dog like yours, like Sultan, I would not be ableto resist the temptation to have him lick my pussy or even to fuck me.Where is Sultan by the way?""Sultan? Oh, he is in the basement. Why?"Bette hesitated for a long moment. Then, taking a deep breath she toldCindy how she had seen her being sucked and fucked by her dog, how hotit had gotten her and how she had the strongest desire to feel a dog eather pussy and to fuck her with his big prick."Have you ever tried it at all, Bette? Have you ever had anything to dowith a dog?""No and oh, I want to so much. After seeing you and Sultan, than thatincredible show, it's all I can think of. Cindy, please, call Sultan uphere. Let him lick my cunt and then fuck me, the way he did you. Ohplease Cindy, before I go out of my mind. I want it so very much."The blonde looked at her searchingly, then smiled. "All right, butyou'll have to do just what I tell you to.""Anything. I'll do anything you say.""Bette, you have no idea what's in store for you. You haven't knownanything like this. Having a dog lick your cunt, especially a dog likeSultan who knows what to do, will make you feel things you never dreamedyou could experience. I've trained him for six months and well, you'veseen the results. Let me get him."Bette was beside herself with a pounding heart that seemed to bebreaking through her rib cage as she waited for Cindy to return withSultan. Her swollen, hard nippled tits rose and fell rapidly and therewas an all consuming urge in her already soaking wet cunt. She couldfeel the muscles in her pussy contract and expand in rhythmic spasms ofanticipatory excitement.Her breath caught in her throat when Cindy returned, leading the big,black dog trotting beside her. Bette's eyes darted to that thick hairysheath, in her mind's eyes seeing that bright red, pointed cock itcovered. She was nervous and excited as the mounting tide of sexualarousement filled her trembling body.Oh, how she wanted to feel him fucking her the way she had seen himfucking Cindy. She just had to be fucked by him, to feel that steady,steady, fabulous and relentless pounding of his cock in her oh so eagertwat."Let's go into the bedroom," Cindy said, her voice betraying her own
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