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"New Beginnings"He, s waking up. I heard someone say.Shhhh give him time was another's reply.I know those voices, I decided but who's???I slowly became more aware of things around meand began question my sanityI could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, accompanied by thecooling gentle breeze. I heard the rustle of leaves and trees limbs,and smelt the scent of meadow grass and flowers.Were the hell am I? I wondered, part of me wanted this place theother part of me was scared of what it really was. But what was that?And which of these do I need to fear I wondered.Just a little more time I heard the second voice say, barely hearingit. l again tried to place their owners, knowing I knew them, but failingto draw names to mindAnd even as I come too and started to take in the things around me Iwas yanked back into........................!!!!!!!Blackness....Pain.....Fear!!!!!!! Crushing weight.Unbearable Heat, and.Horrid smellsScreams!!!! Mine???Who's???The stench of burning flesh.Odors of things that should, NT be together, that were, and thefear that came with seeing death, and not being able to run, or scream or Escape!!! That those around me were suffering too, or wouldbe if I didn't get us out of there, But I cant move. I, am trapped. I cant seeWHY !!!As my mind overloads and pitches me into blackness again, I feel acalm peace. Its time, I hear again. Back in the meadow I think tomyself, God what a nightmare that was, but.!???My mind asks which of these is the dream and which is real?I open my eyes to see the beauty of the meadow, breathing in I feel thecleansing effects of the air and try to soak up the calming peace thatpermeates the air, wondering where the Hell!!!! are my clothes, and whyam I naked?Behind me I hear the voice again, The second one. Hello Randle, we'vebeen waiting for you. Footloose!! I exclaim, gazing for the first time in many years on his sleek dark furred shepherd mix form. His noble head as handsome as I could ever remember it. His eyes shone bright with youth and love, and burned with the wisdom of the ages, and something I had never see in him before. Even as my mindgrappled with the fact I was talking to a dog. Abet one of my dearestsoulmates and lovers. I tried to remind myself he was dead and dogscant talk!Even without satisfying that dilemma, I replied, Just who the hell is we! How soon he forgets us, if we leave him only for a short time, camethe first voice I had heard. Suddenly I knew in the depths of my soulwho this happy laughing very female voice belonged to.Fancyfree!! I gazed upon her blonde and black marked face and lookedat the rest of her youthful vibrant body, remembering the depths and intimacy of our love, She of course having been my mate and lover.NO! I held you in my arms and bawled like a baby as you died!! thiscant be.................unless its a dream or...........Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Footloose said. Don't panic your only here for ashort time, you have to go back!Back! To what!. That HELL I was in? I asked, knowing what it was. But not yet remembering all of it.Dear sweet Randle, Fancyfree chimed in. We wanted to deliver this message toyou ourselvesMaster wants you to receive it, and we asked for the honor of doing it, because, You were to us the best human we could have ever known, and not a bad lover toboot she said, Smiling with fond remembranceWhat message? And were am I going back to !! I exclaim, Just wait, Footloose replied. In very short order you will understand.Again I look into his eyes that pierce me to the depths of my soul, seeing thetotal sum of me, knowing me better than I know myself I also see the knowledge of the ages, and things past, present and future. And I see love and pain. And I begin to worry.What do you remember just before you woke here Footloose asked? Its OK Randle, murmured Fancyfree, drawing close to me, and resting her sleek furred form against me Suddenly giving me with her contact bothwarmth and strength, and my mind goes back in time just moments agobut it seems like foreverI, Am in HELL!I've died and a, IM trapped in HELL.Pitch black I cant see!ICan,t move, I, am trapped. Unmoving,Can,t budge at all.Pain shoots through every nerve and fiber of my body. I scream.But can,t hear my own voice over the roar of the noise assaulting my eardrums. The stench in my nose is of things that should never be. Offlesh burning and smells that tell of fire and horrible unknowns.Shaking and moaning I return to the meadow Fancyfree's body next to minecomforts me. Her loves radiates off her in waves and soothes me. Butits not enough, I lurch forward grabbing Footloose, and drag him to me, andwith the two of them I slowly return to my scenes. What the hell wasthat? I mummer. That said Footloose sadly, is life as you know it. What thehell is that supposed to mean I demand!Just that life isn't always fair, and thou it will be hard at first,knowing that no matter what's happened in life to you. It can be usedin the Masters will for your mission in life, if you allow it. He replied.DAMN it Footloose I cry what the hell is that supposed to mean? You know you've almost had it right for all these years Footloosesaid, Its not as much what you do in a loving nurturing relationshipthat offends Master, Its the refusing to accept him as who he is, orputting all things in life before himyes some things that humans do are wrong, but most of the ones dealingswith relationships, even if they cross spices lines aren't wrong, that's the way all of us were made, to love nurture and support each other no matter what thephysical from was, Its just your silly human idea, s that get in the way and your own predacious of things not understood by you, Mankind has forgotten, "WHO" made everything, But we never have. And you can be, If you accept, one of the major voices to remind mankind of his roots. And that he needs to return to them. Before its to lateYou can,With help, Randle, be that voice, you have all you need already, But even youaren't exempt, as Master has something's about you that do displease him, But your heartis right in the most important areas and, if you will let him, he will show you the others youneed to change.OH and just what will this job cost me? I ask cynically your life my love. Was Fancy's tender reply,That and faith that you, ll be able to do it aloneAlone!! I ask?? What do you mean Alone? By way of answering, she looksdown the path that winds Thu the meadow and in the distance I seetwo people walking down it. As they draw near my heart pounds and mysoul breaks, as i know them both, they were with me in the car, its mywife and sonSuddenly with crystal clarity my mind flashes back to our last seconds. We had been coming home from a day in town, The small wagon loaded with me and both her and our son plus our three dogs.Then seeing the 18 wheel tanker truck veer out control, as he hadtried to avoid hitting a car that had dashed in front of him. Being acommercial driver myself I saw, and knew what would happened as thetank trailer started to slid sideways, 6000 gal of fuels my mindstated, OH SHIT!! I thought. In the cab the driver was trying tocorrect the rig but then the front tire blew out, and his truck headedinto the divider ditch followed by the tank, which was pushing thetruck with it massive weightI watched in horror as the cab of the truck filled my view, andthought this is going to hurt!!I looked away, Back into the car, and glanced at Jan and Steve they satunmoving, watching them as they seemingly looked beyond the truck,the look of calm acceptance in their eyes and faces made me noticethe glow that surrounded them, like they knew more than I did or sawsomething or someone just behind the advancing truck.I looked back as the nose of the truck filled my view.Then only saw the grill.The bumper, Then...nothing but Pain. Blackness, Heat, Sounds,Screams,Fire,ConfusionPressureStench of death,Of dyingThe dogs !!!!! Was my last thought!Shaking I return back to the meadow to see and feel Fancyfree's and Footloose's calming presence. And return my gaze to Jan and Steve as they walk up the path. The look in their eyes, the same, a calm acceptanceand eagerness to get somewhere, They saw me a wave, d seeming to acceptwithout question why I was here, and they were where they were at, ormore like they knew, that Thu they were walking this path, my path anddestiny for a short time would make me walk elsewhere, before rejoining them later. Its like they also knew more about this than I did. Suddenly the yaps of excited dogs came from my rear and I heard the sounds of several dogs running. Turning I was knocked over by our 3 Dalmatians, whogreeted me with joy, and I saw they too seemed to have other tasks to do.After quickly greeting me they ran down to the path to greet Jan andSteve jumping and leaping around them at the joy of being reunited.To add to the commotion, a dark furred cat charged out from under ascrub, and jumped into Jan, s arms yowling as she did so in greeting, evenfrom here I could recognize callie my wife's cat of many yrs ago.Together all 6 of them, 2 people whom I loved dearly. Our 3 Dalmatianswho were my best buddies, and callie turned and walked on down thepath smiling and waving to me, as they reached the bridge whose farend was shrouded in mist they all turned and looked at me one lasttime and as they turned to step on the walkway each said see yousoon, Jan even made a casting the fishing line, and reeling in a fishmonition. A personal joke between us about how I had been married toher and how I would get Thu heavens gates, With her getting me thereby the skin of my teeth, Hook line and sinker.Even in my pain I could only feel joy at the site of them being whole and welland happy, knowing even then that I would, NT be seeing them real soon but would eventually As they disappeared from view into the mist on the bridge.My gaze retuned to Footloose and Fancyfree, Well I said lets get on with it,What's the message from Our Master?!Fancyfree sat silent as Footloose took a breath and sighed. Again his eyeslooked straight into my soul. The message from Master is this Randle.Go back and in the timing "I" give you speak out!Become the mouthpiece you always thought you were, but were to fearful to become due to some of the things you thought you would have to say. Remind mankind who and what "I" am and what my laws are.Teach them were they have forgotten about being responsiblefor all of creation, and all other animals.That they, re not to be abusive of their command over things,but to use wisdom in how they treat or make use of anything, be itplant or tree or animalsRemind them its not what their personal relationships are about orwith. Its their putting those over "ME", or taking something as sacred asintimacy and making it a public spectacle"WILL YOU DO THIS FOR ME"?I was shaken to my depths, The last line had, NT been spoken byFootloose! and I knew, that I knew, Whom had asked itYes, I said.I will be your mouthpiece I don't pretend to understand any of this but I will do as you ask me.I always wondered why I was this way I added I wondered why my life had been to this point what it was And why I had felt so at peace and liberty with animal's overhumansFootloose spoke next Randle. It won't be easy nor will it happen suddenly, its going to take some time and you, ll need a little help.He grinned as only a dog could, showing me his front teeth andwrinkling his lips, and I think you, ll approve of your helpers.OK now what? I said, It was Fancyfree who supplied the next lines,After you return to earth and begin to heal you be joined by two otherspirits to aid you in your mission, call them angels or whatever youlike, but they will be your helpers and soulmates, and lovers if you wish. she said. They will be dogs who will look much like us chimed in Footlooseour gift to you with Masters approval.You wont remember much or maybe any of this except maybe as a dreambut when they show up you, ll begin to remember and draw on theirassistanceI nodded in understanding and leaned forward to hug them both, feelingtheir sun warmed fur against my flesh, inhaling the scent of them feeling the warmth of their bodies and the comforting effects of their souls next to mine,We, ll be waiting for you Randle. They said together as they beganfading from my reach and touch and feeling and NO!........Don't leave yet !!!!!I yelled to empty air that was turning black as I yelled.The sky vanished and all the meadow with it, blackness closed inI floated not knowing were or caring......beep...........beep..........beep..........beep..........beep.........beep..........beep.........He's coming around a voice reported. Good said another it was touchand go there for a while I really thought we might lose him andcould, NT figure out why?Slowly I open my eyes, the beeping had told me I was in a Hospitalbefore I opened them, that, and the smellsWelcome back to the land of the living said the man, you gave us onehell of a scare there, they never found you at first, Then when they did findyou after they saw the way you had been trapped in the wreckage it was thought you never lived past the impact.After the fire was put out and the others in the car removed they had to cut the car out from under the truck to get to you. when they found you werestill alive they almost freaked, but they got you out and sent youhere. Its amazing he said you have almost no damage from the wreakabet some bad bruising and contusions here and there but in allhonesty you should have died its a miracle you lived much less damnnear being able to walk away from it.His eyes were hiding some news that he really didn't want to reveal,I know everyone else in the car died I said quietly and plainly. Eventhe dog. s he looked at me shocked, how did you know?I saw the angels getting ready to take them home just before thetruck hit us I repliedWell DR Gram said I, d say thank your maker for your.......he stoppedshort not finishing the sentence, I understand I said and I knowI was released from the hospital 3 days later, and after all thehell of the funerals and the insurance co. inquirers, etc., 3 weeks hadpassed, life had settled down somewhat. I still ached for anyremainder of life as it use to be. and would dump my sorrows on someonline friends. Just having those folks there to listen and comfortwas a Godsend and most of them like me were Zoo, sThe weirdest part of it all was, in all the years before the accidentI had never met one of them. But I had formed some strong friendshipswith a few.Well, they had got together on the sly and figured out just were Ilived, and came calling on me in person. I opened the door one day to the sound of barking and someone, sknocking and there stood a strangerto me. But he wasn't I knew him from a PIC on my computer. Why! It wasWolfman !!!!!Pat!!! what are you doing here I exclaimed!!Then immediately I saw the others with him, and their companions as well.Come in, I insisted, leading them inside, and then these online folksall of them known only by a silly nickname showed me that humans couldstill be a caring creatures. Not only for me had they been concernedbut they had taken the time to express it, and with them they hadbrought two young dogs.We got together Pat said and found a couple of young dogs in need ofa good human, Its more like this human is in need or a couple ofgood dogs I bantered. but I was drawn to these two youthful dogs bymore than there appearance, which was damn near the same as Footlooseand Fancyfree had appeared. But it was something in there eyes thattold me they could see to the depths of my soul and could read melike a book and knew me better than I knew myself. I guess we have our work cut out for us Footloose and Fancyfree I said to them. Giving them the only names that made sceneI guess not only do we need to get to know each other better, so tohelp each other out but I really want to get to know you.And I guess a good place to start becoming the mouthpiece I, am supposed to become is here and now, but it will be a bit like preaching to the choirPat and friends let me tell you of a vision I have been given about whatits all really supposed to be about.And from that day on Footloose, Fancyfree and I were each other soulmates andyes even lovers. as I with their help began anew to remind mankindwhat it was he had forgottenHairBear58
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