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This is my first attemp at anything like this Hope it's OK My master has been showing his purebred Bullmastiff for several years now. He is a big dog 180 lbs., stands nearly 42"(107cm)at his head and has the most perfect marks for his breed, Master commands quite a hefty price for stud fees $3,500 - $4,000. This should explain why Master was so furious when he found me with "Satan's" dick buried deep in my pussy. Master coming home from work had called for Satan so they could go for a walk before I got supper ready. Being just a petite thing and knotted to this huge beast I was dragged along by my pussy when Satan greated our Master. I am only 4' 10" tall, and wiegh only 105lbs and really had no choice in the matter. Master just stood there for a few seconds not saying a word then he walked to the kitchen calling the dog to him, the dog being very obedient came to his Master again dragging me by my very sore pussy, Master then grabed a beer and had the dog heal so we could go out to the patio so he could think. He had Satan stand to examine our connection, Yes I was stuck to the dog, and every time we moved my muscles would contract on the dogs penis, engorging it yet again. Master removed my dress stating that I no longer needed it then stated that he was going out and would be back soon, turned around, walked back to the kitchen, locking the doors behind him, leaving me and the dog outside to await his return. When he returns 45 minutes later he notices that I am soaking in the hot tub, comes out and joins me bring a glass of wine. Master tells me that he has some presents for me, but first He wants to hear all about my affair with Satan, how long as it been going on, if I ever intended to tell him, does anyone else know, do I like it ect. Crying I tell him that it was the first time today, I would not have told him as I am to ashamed of what happened and that No one must ever know about this. I beg him to send Satan away, he truely is satanic, Master laughs and tells me No Satan will be staying with us, but wants me to explain how I got in the position to be breed by his Stud. It was my day off and I had gone to do some errands one of which was going to the Salon for a Brazilian wax, I always leave, dripping wet, the feel of my pussy so exposed, and bared of any pubic hair except for a strip that Master insist be left. I guess that Satan must of smelled my musky smell when I entered the house cause he began to sniff at my pussy as soon as I entered the kitchen, the more I pushed him away the more determined the dog became, after a bit Satan pushed me over and started to lick my soaken wet panties and when I tried to pull away he snarled at me in some sort of warning as I still resisted he began to nip at my thighs while still licking me through my panties, which he did not like so he procedded to remove them, by tearing them to shreads, at this Master tells me that I shall never be allowed under garments again Satan has the right idea. Once the panties are dispossessed of Satan begins to use his tongue in ernest bringing me to near climax, as I try yet again to escape the dogs onslaught, he wraps his front legs around my waist knocking me on the ground getting me in the postion that he wants and then with no further ado forces his stiff sword into my tight breeding hole, thrusting unrelettingly till he is buried deep , with one last thrust his knot begins to farther streach my aching pussy sealing in all his precious seed in me. Satan mounted me once again before Master arrived home that after noon to find me as he did. Laughing Master tells me that was a good story but he does not believe a word and that I must have done something before to lead the dog on, and that now I must pay for my indiscretions. Master decides that I must first see the doctor, to make sure no damage was done to me, an appointment is made and off we go. I am examined by the Dr. who asks how I got hurt and Master tells him I was raped by a dog, if you can believe that. Master then asks "is there a chance she can get pregnent with puppies". The Dr tells him he is not sure and to take me to the vet, he can call from his office, the vet said he will see us as soon as we get there. We get to the Vet's and are taken right into the exam room, the Vet asks questions about what happened and Master tells him how I ruined Satan, and will Satan be able to impregnate his bitch this week, or has all his seed been wasted. The Smyths have already paid $4000 for a guaranted pregnancy. The Vet tells Master he's not sure and needs to know more specifices, I lower my eyes in shame, and answer the questions in a low bearly audable voice. The vet asks me to speak up and I start to cry.The Vet asks me how many times did Satan penetrate me? Twice I answer. And how long was I stuck with the dog? 45 minutes the first time. And the 2nd. 11/2hours I answer. Was the knot deep in me or just at the opening? Deep in me past the bone,it swelled up like a balloon impaling me to his rod so I was dragged around by my privates. Master tells the Vet thats how he found me dragged across the house by my cunt when Satan came to great him. The Vet then ask me to get up on the table and he examines me and tells Master that Satan must have released gallons of cum in me because I still have a belly full and that if I where a bitch I would diffinatly be in the puppy way. The Vet tells Master that he would like to speak to him alone and has me wait in the waiting room. I am called back in the room about 15 minutes later and told that Satan may not be able to produce an offspring at this breeding, but with the amount of semen in my belly they could extract some and be able to produce a fine litter. I am told that the procedure will be done this evening after hours, and that for the time being I am wait in the back office. The Vet has Master carry me into the room so no seman leaks out off me, my legs are tied from the ceiling and i am hung upside down, stripped naked. Master then leaves me and goes to get the the Smyths dog so she can be breed. Once the office closes for the weekend, Master and the Vet enter the room and take Satan's seed to implant, the Vet chats with Master and tells him he has some clients willing to pay 75000 for a pup carried by a human bitch, that he has done this proceedure and it would gaurantee that we would have the money to give the Smyths if thier bitch didn't take. Master tells Mark to do what needs doing. 4 eggs are harvested out of the 4 legged bitch, then she is allowed to breed with Satan. I am examined yet again, and the eggs are implated deep in my womb, the Vet laughs and tells Master the I should have no trouble getting pregnent with the load still left in my belly, but they should make certain and allow Satan to breed with me as many times as he needs or wants. Both Master & the Vet take turns using me for thier own pleasures but only use my ass or mouth for thier own pleasure. I am breed by Satan 36 times in the next 3 days, Master enjoys me dragged by my pussy, and has Satan knot in my ass a number of times to the delight of both the Vet and dog, He knotts for 45 minunes in my very sore behind. After being exaimed on the forth day Master is told Satan,s other bitch and I are expecting, in 60 days I shall be delivering 4 healthy puppies. Master has me thank Satan for his wonderful gift by performing oral sex on him and drinking every drop of his semen, with every meal till the puppies are deliveried. The Vet I show my appreciation to by being his kennel slut, and that upon delivery of the puppies I will be properly punished.
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