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The RandallThis story contains very graphic descriptions of Male-Male K9 sex and bondage. If either of these topics offend you, please do not read. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.Well, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a white male who loves sex with dogs. I discovered this joy many years ago and had never stopped loving every bit of it. I have tried sex in several different ways. I've found that there are 3 possible positions. The first is obvious - doggie style. The second is a little harder. You get some pillows or something and lie on them on your back so that your ass is the correct height, but you are face up with your legs sticking up. This one is fun and feels good and allows you to hold the dog, but you lose a little of the pleasure because you have to hold him. And if you'd like a little friendly advice... do NOT let him try to turn. It's amazingly difficult to keep your ass high enough to not be in pain if he pulls you off of whatever you are laying on. The thrid way is simple, but requires training of the dog. You make him lie down, then you roll him on his back, sit on him with your knees on each side of his ribs, reach back, get his cock, and put it in your ass. Sometimes they will not even try to fuck and swell because this position feel so strange to them. Sometimes they will fuck, but the knot doesn't go in so it doesn't give you the wonderful feeling. And sometimes when all goes right, he's in, he's knotted, and he cumming... it still just doesn't have as good a feel and not nearly as much excitement somehow. No, there is nothing quite as good as the regular doggie-style position. It was by far the best for me. There was something about feeling that big cock enter me and swell up and all I could do was be at his mercy and enjoy it. I found myself wondering if I could make this feel even better. My mind had came up with the idea of somehow combining bondage with his fucking me. My first thought was it will not work. I mean, obviously, paws can't use rope. But then I began remembering some of the more erotic self-bondage stories I had read. Than might work, but how can I do it? So, I began trying to figure it out. Well, if it is possible, let's go step by step. I need something I can be on all 4's on for a long time. That's easy enough to build. Something like a footstool so long as it is tall enough and long enough. Simple enough. There was a used furniture store not too far from home. A visit yielded an automon just the right length for me to lay my upper body on while on my knees. Now, to make the modifications. First, to make it the right height I 'assumed the position' and cut off enough of each leg to make myself the same height with or without it. For the bondage part, I would need to be able to tie my torso down, to tie my hands, and to tie my legs. The Legs were simple. I put a belt on each leg of the device which will fasten around each of my thighs. The torso was also not difficult to come up with, but harder to do. I opened the top, removed the padding from the middle, and attached a belt which would fasten around my waist. Since I left the padding in each end, tightening the belt would pull my waist down forcing my back to arch and might even (I hope) allow him to go even deeper. I also installed a belt at the top to go around my ribcage and keep me from slipping off the side and loosening anything. The arms were a challenge. I wanted my hands held to my sides close enough to pull my ass open and let him have even better access but at the same time not allow me to get to my cock. Handcuffs would work. If I cut the chain from a pair of handcuffs and mounted one 'cuff' on each side that would work. Okay. I now have a good way to try bondage. Now I was looking at the obvious.. how do I get out when we are done. Obviously I need a key, but I need to have one which I cannot get to till we are done. This I admit challenged me a little, but I came up with a solution. I got a piece of strong nylon string and tied a ring on one end and the key to the other so that when I hung the ring on a hook about 6 feet from the floor, the key hung down just below the handcuff. To keep myself from getting to it too early, I froze all of the string except the ring into an ice cube. now i could hang the ring on the hook and the key would be available when the ice melted 1 hour later. to make sure of this, I put the frozen key on the wall and tested it several times. It worked fine. I put 1 hand in the handcuffs and made sure I could open them with the 'key on a string' and I could.I had one other problem. Once he's finished with me, I need to get to the key. I could not move the thing with just my toes and that's all I had when tied in. Well, it was either loosen my legs which i didn't want or make the thing easier to move. Easier to move seemed like a good idea anyway... this way if he turned and decided to walk, I could go with him much easier. The simpliest way seemed to be wheels. I took a trip to the hardware store and found some caster wheels that were small enough to work but heavy duty enough to not give under weight. I mounted the wheels on the bottom of each leg. Next thing was to try everything at once. So, I hung the key, buckled all the belts, and put 1 hand in the cuffs and tucked the other under me just in case. With the wheels even in such a bound state I found it easy to roll myself to the key and opened the cuffs immediately. I was ready. I would try this Friday night.******I had spent the last 2 days of the week since I finished my device with increasing anticipation. Thursday night it had been a great feat of will to wait, but I knew the longer I waited the better it would be. I also knew that I didn't want to hurry or be rushed. I had as long Friday night as I wanted. I had not been this horny in many years. I went through work Friday in a daze. All i could think of was getting home. By the time I finally got off work I was like a bitch in heat. My entire world was revolving around the anticipated events of the evening. I arrived home at 6. It was winter so it was cold outside and getting dark. I went in and went through to the back door. I had planned on calling Brutus, but as I opened the door he walked in. I think he knew I was horny. He was horny as well it seems. Good.Brutus was a quite large mixed breed. He certainly had some Newfoundland in him from the long black coat, but he was about the size of a Great Dane and he had a huge cock. It was about 14 inches counting the knot, bigger around than about any man's I ever seen except maybe some of the 'bigger' porn stars, and the knot was the size of a large naval orange. Many years ago he had introduced me to that cock. It had been smaller then as he was still just past the puppy stage, but I had thought my hips were going to come apart. Now he was much bigger, but our 'times' together had stretched me so as he grew, I accomodated him. It was all I could do to accomodate him, but I loved how tight he fit inside me.I took off my clothes and sat down so that Brutus could get to me with his tongue, and he was licking me before I even completely sat down. I put my heels up on the couch so my asshole was open to him and he began to lick harder, shoving his long tongue inside off me and driving me toward the edge. After a few minutes of that I stopped him and got up. I had decided I had had all the build up I could stand. I got the 'ice key' from the freezed and hung the ring on the hook, then I made Brutus sit and stay. He was smart and would obey commands well, except while fucking me. I began strapping myself in. I strapped in each thigh and tightened the belt around my waist till my back was very arched and my ass was sticking way up. I tightened the belt around my ribs till I knew I couldn't move. Then I put one wrist in each cuff and using my fingers clicked them snug. That was it. For the next hour I was helpless. "Here boy" I called. Almost immediately I fely his tongue again going up my now open and waiting asshole. I reached as far as I could and pulled by butt cheeks apart and his tongue went way inside of me. I had my first orgasm of the night, splattering my load so hard that I felt it hit the floor between my legs and splash on both of them. He continues licking me very deeply and he was certainly hitting the mark as I was erect and building to another orgasm almost immediately. With men or women I've found that 2 orgasms are a good amount. 3 is avery goof time. With Dogs I usually have a minimum of 3 and I've had many more than that. I'm not sure exactly how they manage to hit the perfect spot, but they hit it and stay with it.He kept licking and every lick was like a small amount of electricity tingling and charging me up. He kept licking me till I was about to cum again, then he mounted me. I felt his semi hard cock hitting me just behind the ballsack. This was too low. I tried to move to get us lined up, but that was impossible. Oh no! The wheels. I had made it the right height, then I added the wheels. Also my back being so arched pulled my butt up even a little bit higher. He jumped off again and started licking. Part of me was trying to think what i might do and the other part could do nothing by be a slave to that tongue and crave the cock I wasn't getting. I felt him mount me again. Poke Poke Poke. He was trying, but he still wasn't getting high enough. This kept up for what seemed like an eternity. He would mount me, but not hit, then hop off and lick me some more. I could sense his frustration, and I think he could sense mine. His wonderful tongue getting me so ready for his cock, then the mount and the desperate want of a cock which wasn't getting there. I do not think I've ever been so frustrated or so teased. Then I notices something. Every time he mounted me we rolled forward. I thought maybe if I can get us against a wall he can push harder and get that little bit of extra height. I used my toes and pushed myself till the front of the automon was against the wall. Then I felt him stop licking again and I knew he was going to mount. I pulled down on my butt cheeks as hard as I could and he mounted me. Poke Poke right under.. poke poke just under... if i can pull just a little harder.. poke and in he went! I'm not sure, but I think I yelled in success. It felt sooooo good. My whole being was the feeling of that cock. As soon as he went in he almost jumped on top of my back, which positioned him perfectly. I felt every inch of his cock go into me on the first lunge. He was clamped down hard on my arms and sides and jabbing his cock deep into my bowels. I felt the first hot squirts of precum almost immediately. For a time we were one creature with one purpose; to get his cock as deep as it could possibly go before it swelled up and stuck itself firmly in place. He was humping me, driving himself deeper with every jab. I was pulling my asscheeks as far open as I could, almost painfully, and trying to meet his strokes with what very little movememt I could manage. I was even trying to force my insides moer toward the back in the hope of getting him imbedded as deeply as possibly. The device I had put myself into had almost prevented me from getting fucked, but it was now making up for it. I could feel his knot swelling deep inside of me. I was pulling my ass open and pushing from the inside trying to get him deeper and deeper and because of my back arch and my ass forced upward and his lunge on top of me to get inside, he was buried deeper than he had ever been and I felt him going further. I wanted him further. I needed him further. His knot, swelled about halfway but already too big to exit me, was pushing on my insides instead of my asshole. It was as if his knot was inside my bowels, not just my ass. Then as he swelled more and more my asshole started to feel the tension. Oh the sweet feeling. I was full, so full, and he was still swelling. I felt him then begin getting longer and longer. It was normal to feel that, but usually at his longest he was reaching what he had already went past this time. He was so deeply impaled in my poor wanton ass that it was almost painful, but everything was only sheer delight. Then his knot slowly reached it's maximum size. I was totally helpless and being completely owned and fucked by this dog. I've never felt so helpless. I've never felt so full. I've never ever felt so much pleasure. As his knot reached it maximum I could not hold back any longer. I came very hard. My insides bucking out a huge load of cum stirred a renewed bout of humping from him. His cock did not - could not - go even 1 millimeter deeper. It just shook me inside. Then I felt him begin to cum very deeply in me. I felt it hitting me in streams on a spot insude just below my navel. I also felt his heartbeat. It was strong. It was fast. it was a throbbing of his cock against a spot inside my ass which brought my cock back to life instantly. We stayed that way for a blissful eternity; we were a throbbing cock squirting hot loads of cum into a completely filled asshole. Very soon I was close to orgasm again. Being fucked by a dog always felt great, but this was almost too good. I wasn't sure nor did I care where I was. I only knew the throbbing of his heartbeat in his cock and the squirting of his cum somewhere so deep in me. Then I felt him push himself up on his front paws. He was so deep that it felt as if my lower intestines were moving a bit along with the familiar and blissful feeling of having the inside of my ass pulled. He put down his left paw on the ground beside me, then his right came across my back and onto the floor on my left. I knew he was turning. I felt him move to the side and raise his hind leg to go over me, and at the same time I felt the knot begin to rotate inside me. Dog knots are by no means round, but are much bigger on each side than on the top or bottom, so a dog turning is not like twisting a round ball, but more like twisting 2 smaller balls joimed together. I felt him slowly rotate his cock inside me and I felt just a small amount of the doggie cum leak out and go down my left thigh. Then we were ass to ass. After he turned, I still felt him throbbing inside me and filling me with cum. He would cum hard for a few minutes, then slow down and be barely squirting inside me, then squirt hard again. I could feel my stomach swelling with the amount of cum inside me. He took a few steps and I felt the tug of his cock and felt myself being pulled away from the wall. I felt as if I were truly and completely owned by this dog. I wasn't his bitch. Bitches can pull back and move a little. I was far beyond that. I didn't know what I was. I was just a repetitive orgasm being filled by this dog as I was wheeled around. Also I realized that he was pulling differently. Usually he pulls back and up. Today he was pulling back, but also down toward my balls. It felt so good. It must be the added height. Yes, the wonderful added height. I was cumming again because of this pulling. I could feel every movement of his cock inside me. I felt a wonderful almost-but-not-quite painful tug inside me as he would walk around and I would be wheeled behind him. Somewhere in my bliss I made a mental note that I needed a way to put my feet up so my toes didn't drag along as he pulled me. We continued our progress along the floor for another 10 or 15 minutes before I felt his massive knot start to soften and slide in me a bit. In another moment he slid out with a pop. As he walked away I could feel the dog cum running out of my ass and down both thighs. There was no stopping it or closing my ass. I just rested there and enjoyed the sensation. I had came often.. 5.. 6 times? I could not remember. I only knew I was completely drained and spent. After a short rest, I raised my head to see if my key had melted it's way down to my reach. Suprisingly it was not only all the way down, but there was no ice at all on the string. I had been at this a lot longer than I thought. I began turning myself toward the string, but suddenly I felt Brutus push his tongue into my asshole. Part of me felt wonderful, but another part of me knew there was nothing left to give. I had came so hard and so often already that I had aches in my abdomen and groin. I wanted to keep turning, but Brutus was standing against my calf. Moving forward was easy. I just put my toes down and push. Going backward was harder, but by pulling with my toes I could achieve this. I had tried during my earlier tests. Turning was a different matter. I needed to put my toes down and turn my ankles to the side. This was difficult, but possible, during my test. This was impossible with my toes in a slick puddle of dog cum while a 100+ pound dog was standing against your calf. Also we play a lot just as friends so he assumed that my pushing was playing and pushed back as he licked. Now I said earlier that he was good at obeying orders while not involved in sex, but it's like when we are having sex he completely assumes alpha male and no order is going to be heeded. I tried several. Sit! Down! Back! GET! but nothing worked. I just felt him licking. And his cock had opened me so much that I knew I couldn't close my ass. This was common. Inflate a large ball in your ass and pull on it for a hour and it will be an hour or 2 at least before things go back to normal. The problem was I could feel myself getting hard again. There was a discomfort in having cum till I had no cum left, but a stirring caused from his tongue that was driving me toward another anyway. Since I knew I had no choice at all, I submitted and relaxed. He kept licking me for a long time. I must have had a quart of his cum inside even after so much had ran out and on the floor, and as it slowly leaked out, he lapped it out of me. As he licked, it inticed my bowels to push more to my ass. As they pushed more toward my ass, he licked it out. As he licked it out, more was pushed. Even in my spent condition, I felt the orgasm coming. I don't know how long he licked, but after a while I felt myself pulling my ass open so he could reach better and I felt him licking me very hard. His nose was pushing against my ass and his tongue was going way inside me and back out over and over. I felt him pushing me forward. I was vaguely aware of something stopping my forward motion about the same time that I came. My abdomen contracted and I hurt but felt good. It was certainly true that I came, but if anything really came out of me I'm sure it was mot much. I pushed my butt cheeks together as best I could and I felt him stop licking me. I suppose he decided to investigate the 1 or 2 drops of cum he had enticed from me. My back had been forced into a very steep arch for too long, my poor nuts were in double overtime trying to fill the cum defecit inside me, my ass was stretched and licked into total submission, and I was dying for a good comfirtable bed to sleep in for a day or 2. I decided to first push myself away and then try for the key again since maybe he would be preoccupied enough with licking up my cum to stay there. I pushed, but I could not move. I looked up and saw that he had pushed me against the wall during his frenzied licking. So, what do I do now? I'm not sure if I can cum again, but I don't want to find out. If I try to go backward so I can turn, will I'll get his attention? If I try to turn against the wall, would I even be able to? If I try that probably would get his attention. If I just stay here maybe he'll go lie down? As these questions filled my mind, I felt a familiar fuzzy pressure on my back. "NO!!", I thought and yelled at the same time. I was being mounted again. I was panicking but there was nothing I could do. Then i felt him poking just above my balls. It was sore there, I assume because I had came so much, but he was far from my ass. I had started out so angry about the height mistake I had made. Now I was singing myself little praises. Poke Poke Poke... not even close. I began to relax. I had to do everything I could to help him in last time. If I don't help this time, maybe he will give up. I knew we had already been locked for close to an hour and he normally went about 45 to 50 minutes. He must be tired. He tried to mount me 3 times, but he never got in. He came close the 3rd time and I decided I had to do something. As he jumped off the 3rd time and began to lick again... tingles.. the extasy that tongue could give me mow even spent as I am. I finally managed to get myself turned around and I started moving toward the wall. The fact that he kept jumping on me to mount, then going back to licking scared me a bit, but it did allow me chances to move. I started toward the key. He licked me for a little while, but I had nothing left to give and kept pushing. Then he mounted me. He was still missing the target, but he was pushing me along. Then he jumped off and began licking me again. I was almost there. Another 5 feet and I would get to the wall, then a turn and the key would be in my hands.I pushed with my toes geting sore. 4 feet. Then he mounted me again. He was missing me and doing my rolling for me. We banged against the wall. As we hit, I felt his body slide up and his cock hit the mark. "No!" I thought and tried as hard as i could to push my butt cheeks together and clamp my asshole. He was a little in, but not more than 3 or 4 inches. If I could just keep the knot out. Jab jab.. I felt him go in deeper. More of his cock slid in. I felt him begin to shoot his hot precum into me. I also felt his barely swollen knot against my cheeks. I was trying as hard as I could, but I was in the perfect position for him and he was laying on my back and shoving using his weight. Also I was well lubricated from all the licking and from the previous fucking. Still I was trying. I knew I could not handle being fucked that way twice. All of me was sore or aching. jab jab jab... I felt his knot slide between my cheeks and hit the outside of my poor ass. jab jab jab... he wasn't in but he was swelling. This might work. I was holding my butt cheeks together tightly. I felt more cum and I felt him swell more. jab jab jab... I felt his expanding knot against my ass. I know if he will swell a little more it will not fit. jab jab POP OW!. The final 2 thrusts had gotten his knot tightly against my ass and partly in and the third had forced that knot through the hole. Once he got in I started wiggling trying to shake him off, but all the little movement I had only succeeded in helping him plant his cock deeper. Once he was in me, I knew his knot wasn't even a fourth of the way swelled, but it had definitely hurt. Now I was at his mercy. My invention worked very very well. He was swelling and cumming in me. I felt him swelling to his full size. It felt like he swelled a lot more than normal, but that might be just because I was swelled inside from the last time. He swelled to his huge state, his long cock went into me deeply and he began filling my poor belly with cum again, and I could feel the squirting and throbbing again. The problem was that I had nothing left to give. This was not a mutual pleasure. This was me being fucked... well and hard... and I was just the toy used to get him off. I hurt. My belly still had a lot of cum from the last time still in it and more was being added. My ass was sore and tired and was being again stretched as far as it would go. My back was arched so far that my ass was almost straight up and it was getting tired very fast. I had cum so often that I didn't think I could cum again if i wanted. I just laid there for a while. I felt the throbbing so familiar and desired. I felt the cum being forced into my already too full and swollen abdomen. I was in his control and he was winning. I didn't want him deeper, but I found myself spreading my poor asscheeks and bucking as much as I could trying to get him deeper. I didn't want to feel any more cum inside, but I found myself relaxing and enjoying every squirt. And I didn't, couldn't cum again, but I felt my cock getting hard and knew something inside was responding to the blissful throbbing despite me.I desperately wanted to touch my cock. I needed to stroke it as this throbbing and squirting continued. Then he hopped off me and landed on his paws on my left (ow), then turned and put his leg over my ass (ouch), then spun himself inside me (ow please yes/no stop/keep turning), then he walked to the middle of the room pulling me along(ow oh oh yes). It was more than i could stand. I was his toy. I was his warm hole to put his cock in. I was beyond everything except the feeling. Every time he squirted his cum into the lake in my bowels, he made me want more. Every time he pulled that cock against my ass, he pulled me from my mind and into a world of extasy. Every time his strong heart pulsed blood through that steel hard cock and against the insides of me he pushed me a little closer to orgasm.Then I felt him completely stop moving except for the throbbing. I felt him squirting inside me, but much less and slower. I was still getting built up for an orgasm which I was still not sure possible, but the slowness was different. It was different enough that I noticed it. I looked around at him and saw him standing perfectly straight and not doing anything but breathing. "You're tired too, eh?" I said, "Don't stop now". He didn't seem to respond to me. "Brutus" I said, but he still didn't look at me. I was torn. My body was building up to the orgasm. There was no stopping it. It belonged to his cock and I was just along for the ride. My mind, on the other hand, was concerned about his motionless unresponsive stance. I did not have to wait very long to find out what was happening. As I was looking back at him, I saw him slightly raise his head, then he pulled against my ass pretty hard, then he made a sound somewhere between a grown and a howl and I felt him begin squirting deep long squirts of cum into me. It felt almost more like he was peeing than cuming, but he was completely involved in it. I felt my abdomen swell. The added pressure he was putting inside me along with his huge cock was incredible. I felt like I would burst like a balloon. Every squirt caused his cock to jerk against the inside of my swollen and highly sensitized ass. This was all I needed. My entire body needed that orgasm. Every fiber craved it. It came from deep inside me. It was almost... almost... almost.... yes.. yes... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHH Ahhhhh Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh. I was a living breathing cock impaled orgasm. Every fiber of me came. I came so hard that I think my spine might have shot out of my cock and then went back in.I don't know how long I came. The logical part of me knows it was probably about 20 or 30 seconds. The 'me' floating in extasy remembers it more as lasting about 2 or 3 hours. I didn't pass out, but I did totally collapse mentally and physically. I just laid there feeling him overflowing in me and hopeing that he was enjoying his orgasm as much as I had enjoyed mine. Parts of me hurt. My entire cock, balls, and lower abdomen were beyond moving. But i was still floating too high in the afterglow to notice and to tired to care.Shortly after this I felt him deflate and pop out of me. Cum seemed to run out of me like a garden hose. He licked me for a little while, but I was truly unable to care. I think he was exhausted too. After a cursory cleaning, he walked to the corner, licked himself clean, and laid down. Somewhere I found the strength to spin my device around and got hold of the key. It took a minute or so to find the keyhole and get the cuff unlocked, but once it was open I reached under myself and undid the belt. My back at first rebelled, but eventually straightened. I opened the other belt around my chest, then got the other cuff and both legs. I felt a steady stream of cum run out of my ass as I stood. There was no controlling my ass. After being fucked once it was usually an hour or two before I returned to shape. After being fucked twice I had no idea how long it would take. It was like i was uncontrollably peeing from my ass. After a minute or two the flow went to a trickle and then stopped completely. I looked at Brutus. He was peacefully sleeping. Somewhere I found the strength to mop up the worst of it and put Brutus out for the night, and get in the shower. My ass was too sore and swollen to wash, so i just delicately spread my cheeks for the millionth time and let the water run over and in it for a while. Then I half walked half crawled to my bed and was asleep before I was even on the pillow.Randall This post has been edited by keldric on Jul 12 2005, 08:32 PM
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